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Exciting blonde shellie in cam live show do cool on maletomale
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Chad sensed something was going on the moment Dominic stepped outside the door. He could have sworn he was sweating more than he should be, and he had honestly been concerned about Dominic hurting the girl in some way.

When he noticed him groping her in the back seat after the pick up, he had a feeling it might be sexual. Kyle had gone into the room after Dominic left and checked on her, and came out smiling.

To be sure, Chad peeked his head in at the end of the night and switched on the light to see the girl's hair messed up. She jumped awake and he realized he didn't have his mask on! He quickly turned the light out and shut the door, only to hear her cry for him to come back, cry that she was hungry.

He was still worried that she had seen his face, but something in him made him need to go back in. He quickly pulled on his mask from his back pocket and grabbed one of the pre-wrapped sandwiches and came into the room. Lilly was a mess. She was crying and looked like she had been for some time. Her Halloween makeup was smeared, the cat ears were on the ground completely destroyed.

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He knelt before her and she flinched. He felt a primitive feeling of protection and a deep sadness for the girl.


She was scared. Scared of the situation. Scared of him. He held out the sandwich and she simply stared at it. "It's okay, Lilly, I'm not going to hurt you.

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Did Do- did he hurt you?" He kicked himself over almost saying Dominic's name (which she already knew). A part of him felt compelled to tell her all three of their names, felt a strong sense of guilt that bordered on a self-destructive desire to set her free and give her the means to make him and his "cohorts" pay for what they did. He was able to suppress it. "You - you know my name?" She felt a pit in her stomach again.

It all clicked. They came after her, specifically. They probably planned everything and just waited for her to make a mistake.

Her leaving Lahna's was that mistake. Tears welled up in her eyes as the pit in her stomach turned to a deep pain. She hadn't eaten anything since she'd left the party, aside from chocolate drool and Dominic's cum. The chocolate bar that Dominic had tossed onto the floor, she had too much dignity to eat that.

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She took the sandwich and struggled with opening the wrapper. He took it back quickly and opened it for her, handing it back. He stood up and took a step back, giving her space.

Her throat felt destroyed after having a huge penis shoved into her mouth. She could hardly swallow. "Do-do you think I could have something to drink?" Chad nodded and left the room, going straight to the fridge. He grabbed one of Kyle's Mountain Dew cans, opened it, and hurried back into the room, quiet not to wake Kyle or Dom.

As soon as the bottle was in her hands, she lifted it to her mouth with her trembling hands and took a long swig. The cool, fizzy soda soothed her throat and Dom's taste was finally lessened.

She drank so fast her stomach hurt again, but she didn't care. Now, she could hardly bare to swallow the sandwich, but hardly was enough.

"Did he hurt you?" His voice came out, quivering. She looked at him but didn't say anything. She didn't need to.

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He already knew. His instinct to protect this girl returned and his arm extended and his fingers brushed against her cheek, before she instinctively pulled back. She scooted backwards towards the radiator, pressing against it. She saw the pain in his eyes, felt that he was hurt by her fear of him when he was showing he didn't want to hurt her.

This is my out. This is my only chance. "Please," she whined, her eyes welling up with tears. They weren't necessarily fake tears, but they were certainly forced and on command, "you have to let me go. I can't be here. I want to go home." He felt tears well up in his eyes. Here was this innocent child that he was an accomplice to the kidnapping of. The torture. The rape. He had already felt close to releasing her, and now she was looking up at him with those broken eyes and he couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

His eyes closed and he took a step back.

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The words in his mind did not match the words that were inevitably forced out of his mouth. "Let me go find the key to those cuffs." turned to "You'll be able to go home soon." "Let's get you out of here." turned to "Just keep quiet and do what they say and you won't get hurt." Her face looked absolutely dejected.

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She slumped against the radiator. He could only muster out "I'm sorry." He took her trash and avoided her eye contact. He turned to leave and as he got to the door, she sniffled. "Thanks for the soda, Chad." He froze for a second, his heart dropping as he replayed her words in his head. She knew his name. He felt panicked as he shut off the light and shut the door. She smiled for the first time in hours. ______________________________________________________________________________ She laid on the floor for hours.

Her plan failed and, in spite, she revealed that she knew his name. She briefly wondered whether or not she had jeopardized her chances at keeping Chad on her side.

What if he told Dominic or the leader? Would Dominic make her pay? She shuddered at the thought and the pain in her jaw returned. Suddenly, the light was on again. A masked face shoved itself inside the door and she froze, pretending to still be asleep. The man, who she could make out between her mostly-closed eyes to be Dominic, stepped inside.

He crossed the room towards her and angrily balled her hair in his fist and pulled her up onto her knees. He smacked her hard multiple times across the face. "Wake the fuck up, Rich Bitch!" Her eyes fluttered open and she whimpered out in pain.

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She was horrified that Chad had told him about her blurting out his name. "You ready for round two?" She tried to scream, but his hand covered her mouth.

Kyle had left him on watch duty after allowing him a short nap. Chad had been distant again, but this time it was almost noticeably different. Kyle seemed to think something had happened between the girl and Chad. He seemed troubled and that was when he went to sleep, telling Dom to keep an eye on her.

Dom would keep an eye on her, alright. As he covered her mouth, he planned what liberties he could take quietly. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her lower half towards himself. Her upper body slanted downwards and her arms bent unnaturally as the chains on her wrist pulled back. His fingers found the waist of her shorts. She whined against his hand. "Shut the fuck up, Rich Bitch. You keep making those fucking noises and I'll go get one of my boys to shove his cock down your throat to keep you quiet." She wondered if he meant that or if he was bluffing.

The way she saw it, he only did this last time because the other two were gone, and was only in here now because they were probably sleeping. Regardless, she found herself staying quiet. Besides, she wasn't sure Chad would even want to help her after she had scared him by saying his name.

Her shorts and her panties came down in a single tug. Her cunt was pushed outwards and her bare ass was dragged across the cold floor. His arm wrapped under her waist and she felt her cunt become more vulnerable. Her eyes fluttered around the room as she tried to focus on keeping quiet. She had a strong desire to scream out, but she felt the repercussions outweighed the slim possibility that she might get help elsewhere. Her eyes fell to Dom's waist as she heard his zipper come down.

His cock was already hard. In fact, it had been since before he came in. "I can't wait to feel your tight cunt around my cock. You better pray your cunt's been untouched your whole life, I want that tight virgin pussy." WIthout another word, the tip of his cock pressed against her bare clit.

She inhaled sharply. She hadn't purposefully touched her clit in her entire life. Of course, there had been times where she'd accidentally brushed against things and felt a little rush, but she had prided herself on self-control. But now, with the fat head of his hard cock pushing against her clit, she felt an insane pleasure and it horrified her. She felt his cock pressing inside of her and each inch, she lost each and every time she'd been proud of herself for not being what she thought of as depraved.

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She let out a groan and he squeezed harder on her mouth. Her groan turned to a moan as she felt herself being stretched. She realized this new feeling wasn't too bad - he was gently shoving himself inside of her… that stopped suddenly. When he found his limit - which was about half of his cock - he pulled back out to the tip before pushing himself inside her faster and harder.

She gasped as she felt a sharp pain in her cunt.


Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as he went faster, getting onto his knees to get a better position to fuck her.

She screamed against his hand again, pleading with him to stop. She couldn't take the pain as he pressed her head and neck against the radiator and fucked her hard. Her teeth clamped down on his hand.

When he pulled back, she let out a loud scream, "Chad, please help me!" They both froze.