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Hot real teen amateur lesbians
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Hi this is Lisa I am a shemale. Now I am going to tell you how it happened. I was the only son of my mom. she was divorced.

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She loved me a lot. I am little shy so I do not have any friends. My mom has one friend Marry when ever mom finds time we used visit her house or she visits our. My aunt is so sexy I have always dreamed of fucking her any one feels the same after seeing her.


Coming to the story one day mom has asked me give a parcel to her. I have travelled half the distance and it started to rain lightly I thought I would make it to her home without any problem but due traffic i could not and I was completely drenched in rain when I reached aunts house.

I rang the bell and aunt has come and then she gave me a towel to dry. I thought rain would stop soon and I can go home back. But it did not happen it rained even heavily. Aunt has insisted me stay over for night.


So I said ok, then she took me into her bedroom and asked me to remove my clothes I said whatif I remove these what should I wear she said you can wear my dress. I said NObut she forced me and undressed me and now I am on my underware she asked me to remove that also otherwise I would catch cold and with no other choice I removed she saw my dick and smiled naughtily and opened her wardrobe and handed some of her panties and asked me try I did and a pink one fitted me exactly then she handed me a white chemise to ware as it was late evening I wore them she saw me smiled.she asked me to wait outside and changed her dress she too wore a pink chemise.

I was able too see rack so clearly and at the same time the touch of the dress and panties was making my dick hard they so smooth and light I struggled a lot hide my cock. Later we talked and had dinner and went to bed.

both of us slept on the same bed.

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After some time aunt has gone into sleep but I was not able to sleep. I was not able to control myself her smell is make me arouse more I went to bathroom to masturbate and came back and slept I checked if she was asleep and slowly placed my hands on her boobs and then squeezed them slowly they were so soft but she got sense and turned to side I took my hand back I could not control so I made a plan for the next day to fuck her anyway.

Next day by the time I was up she woke up and it was still raining outside she asked me to get ready and she would prepare breakfast. so I got ready and had my food. later we went into hall and started watching some movies I told my aunt I am getting bored she asked what shall we do then I said lets play cards she said ok and brought cards to play before the star the game I said her that losers should do what ever winner says what ever it might be she said ok and we started the game actually I was good at the game so I thought I would win and I shall ask aunt what ever I want and and then I could fuck her but bad luck she has won and my plan has gone into vain and now I had to do whatever she says.

She took into into her room and asked me to undress completely I said what she said losers do whatever winner says so I did as she said then took some out her clothes and checked the size and finalised a dress she made me ware that and took her make up kit and started applying the lipstick and other things just like girls do.

I tried to stop her but no luck she was so strong finally she made me look like a girl and made me stand infront of the mirror slowly I saw into the mirror and I saw beautiful girl looking back at me I was shocked. aunt saw me and said look how cute you are my dear and called me Lisa did you like it I looked around and asked aunt whom you are asking she said you Lisa I said what she replied Lisa suits you best.

she clicked some pics and then I was about to remove everything she stopped and said what are you doing I said what she said its not complete yet she made me sit on the bed and came near me and said so lisa tell me do you like boys I said no she said oh dear you should like them because their cock is so good I was shocked listening that she then lowered her pants and there was a 6 inch cock I was shocked she said come on now taste it you will like it and guided my mouth to her cock and put her cock in my mouth and made me suck her cock at first I did not like it but slowly I started liking it and sucked it more she then cummed in my mouth it was the first time I have ever tasted cum It was warm and nice but it was a lot and some dripped out of my mouth.

She asked me so how is it lisa I did not say a word she said dont worry you will like it slowly and gave me a deep smooch and made me lie on my back. I had a doubt if she was going to fuck my ass and she did the same she lowered my skirt and inserted her cock into my ass it pained a lot a she took it slowly as it was my first time after few min she turned and made lie on my back she lifted my legs and fucked my ass again but this time she fucked me real rough and hard and I started to moan ahhh ohhh mmmmmhhh aaaahhhh she cumed in my ass she came over my face and made me suck her dick again to make it ready for one more this time she fucked me in doggy real hard I was moaning ahhh aaaahhhh mmmmhhh ohhhhhh fuuuccck fuckkkk hardddd and asked her to cum in my mouth as I wanted her cum she said ok and did the same I was completely energy less she slept beside me I kissed her and said I liked it a lot she smiled and kissed me back.

In the evening I woke up and by that time she was in hall I went near her and hugged and her she kissed me and laughed. I asked her why did you dress me like a girl to have sex she told that she does not like having sex with guys and she hate them and told me her story and the reason why she has turned into an shemale. that we had sex again.

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next morning by the time I woke up my mom was there I was wearing girls dress that time she has seen me and called me near her while I was trying to hide. she took me in her hands and said look how cute you are lisa when I heard the name Lisa I turned my to look at my aunt she smiled .I understood that she has told mom everything.

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I got freshened and we had little chat and then I asked aunt for some fun she told ok and she called my mom and all of us three went into aunts room. I went on my knees to take her cock and mom and aunt started kissing each other pressing their boobs I took aunts cock in my mouth for some time then mom dropped to knees and sucked aunts and my dick in turns. later we made mom lie on bed both aunt and me drilled mom we did so hard she was shouting so loudly and after some time both of us changed our positions and fucked her rough and left our cum in her pussy and ass.

then I fucked moms pussy and aunt fucked my ass after some time momchanged her position and I fucked her ass and aunt mine mom asked us to cum on her face instead this time so both of us shot our cum on her face and she took some in her mouth.

we hade sex for three more times that day. After that incident I changed my sex for my aunt and me mom and aunt all three of us shifted to a new place to continue over lives with full of fun.