Hentai Dickgirl wird mit Mädchen in Orgie gefickt

Hentai Dickgirl wird mit Mädchen in Orgie gefickt
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So were do I begin?

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do I start out by saying I'm some macho college kid who get's girls all the time? should I introduce you to my first threesome?

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or even my first time with a older lady? No.


The stories I wish to tell you are not over the top, bullshit you might read somewhere else. I want you to feel, connect and try to place yourself were I was at these specific times.

This is a dairy of my sexual desires and encounters to the little ones, to the big one. Perverted or not I have a hunger and I will feed it. So for this first segment of my entry I will start of with something that might get your attention, Hope your alone.


Have you ever looked at someone and just had this.itch, overwhelming sensation like a fire burning inside to take this person and do what you please with them. The way they look is driving you mad but your hooked. From a young 18 year old boys point of view the little things are the best, each one adding up for your collection of what you need on this person, what stands out the most for you to start wanting to touch them, caress their body and get this person to notice you.

For this story let me tell you about when I really started to go into my. darker sides of things, in which some people might find disgusting but like i said before. I have this hunger and I will feed it, yes I will.

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For a couple of years I had been going round a friends house, chilling out and you know doing what guys do but what I was really there for was my friends sister. I did not like the idea at first, looking at my friends sister like this but dear god I could not control it. When I fell into this situations I was someone else, watching my body and this new soul continue in which I would not, well not be able to just yet.

On a hot summers day around in the evening me and my friend Ben were watching a movie in his room which he shares with his brother so sometimes it became crowded but when he was doing something else I would normally say "Oh just going to the toilet" in which I would hope to bump into his sister or better not I would find her.

I had done this on occasions were I would go and stand in the hallway looking around to see if anyone was upstairs, staring into her bedroom.

At the start when she was not there I would tread very lightly into her room, looking at her stuff, mostly her underwear and go through her draws. I would pick up a pair of her dirty underwear, open them up to were her pussy would normally rest and take a sniff, a long sniff and maybe even a lick to just indulge in her scent.

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When I found some of her Knickers or bra in the toilet from unclean clothes I would grab a pair, pull down my trousers and boxers and start using them around my cock, slowly masturbating with her panties wrapped round my cock, jesus I was horny! Always screaming for her inside when I was round her house.

As you can tell I was pretty much set on this girl so I think its best I describe this sexy bitch to you. Her name is Shay, average height for a girl, 19 at the time, 20 now. She had shoulder length blonde hair with highlights, not to bad of a face but what stood out to me the most, and got my dick standing every time was her boobs, ass and figure. Her boobs are 32 Double D which would just sit there plumb and perky with an ass that was so round she would be showing off her new thongs everyday.

On the good days she would be wearing a loose top and detail or her tits were easily visible. Some days you might even get a nipple erection or a nice long stare at her ass cheeks sneaking out of her jeans which was followed by this sexy thong. This girl was in my dreams for a long time but let me get back to the story.

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When I had left the room shay had left the bathroom almost at the same time, wrapping a towl round her hot, wet soaking body and strutted right past me! without a care.

she loved to tease. I watched her walk back into her room and shut the door slightly but not completely. My dick was already on a semi from nearly witnessing this girl naked.

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I had to get more, I need more. I went to her bedroom door and quickly opened it saying "Shay I was just wondering." and with that I saw it. Shay was sat on her bed, towl down by her knees now. The bath must of been hot because she was placing her head back, water just dripping down her chest on her thighs as she sat there, legs open cooling down.

Her nipples were hard from the sudden change in heat from hot to cold followed by her legs open, her pubic lining moist and dripping down her slit.

It was a perfect angle.

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At first I did not say a word but right away had to say" Oh my god I'm so sorry shay" to make it seem like an accident but she did not react like a girl embarrassed. She simply closed her legs and grabbed a bra to cover herself, Looked at me with a redish tint face and said "Don't worry about it" and gave me a nice cheeky smile.

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My dick was obviously showing through my pants because she started to grin. Comment if you want me to continue. These stories are 100% real but only a certain amount of people will like them but trust me it gets better.

I have so much to tell you all.