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Harry Potter groaned as he reached beneath the covers for the second time that night, For the past few weeks since he had gotten back from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he had been unbearably horny.

Day after day he had felt an almost overpowering urge to cum, it was all he could do to find the time and space to hid away and relief himself with his hand. It wasn't just that, he suspected that magic was in play as his normal six-inch member had grown by a few inches and thickening, he also noted that his balls had gotten bigger and heavier and he had been producing larger amounts of sperm, even after masturbating a few times a day.

He knew about puberty having gone few it in his second year, but this was something else. Part of him was scared another part was proud of his size and stamina.

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He stroked himself until he could feel his impending orgasm, he pictured her in his head, his crush for the past few years, bushy brown hair sprawled around her head as she lay bag and spread her legs, begging him to cum on her face as she pinched her nipples and slipped a finger in her soaking folds. He grunted as he came, a dozen thick strands of cum erupting from his cock as he gripped the wad of tissues in his hand, The Dursleys had attributed their rise in toilet roll consumption to Dudley's diet and didn't suspect that it was Harry's increased libido that was the culprit.

He cleaned himself up, wishing he could use magic to make the job easier collecting the tissues, pulling up his pyjama bottoms and exiting his room, he entered the bathroom and disposed of them down the toilet, he flushed and considered the mirror, his green eyes looking deep into his own, even his eyes looked different, they seemed to blaze with a deep heat.

Harry shook his head and left for his bedroom, The owl was perched next to his open window, a letter in his beak, Harry frowned at the unfamiliar bird and took the letter, with a quiet hoot it left, its wings buffeting the air as it flew away, Hedwig watched curiously as Harry opened the letter. ---- Dear Harry, Sirius told me about your letter to him, He wanted to speak to you himself but he knows the risk is too great, I have word that your friend Ron will be inviting you to the Quidditch World Cup next week, I will meet with you the Sunday night before you leave to discuss this matter in full.

For now, keep doing what you are doing, otherwise it will only get worse. Remus Lupin ---- Harry felt perplexed, Lupin? He hadn't spoken to Lupin since he had left last year. He has sent the letter to Sirius last week describing the changes in his body and mood, Sirius was the only male role figure that he could talk to, He smiled at the thought of asking Uncle Vernon about it.

[i]"Uncle Vernon, can I ask you something?" "What do you want boy! Can't you see I'm busy!" "Sorry, it's just that over the course of a month I grew a nine-inch dick and can hit the ceiling with my cum is this normal?"[/i] The thought almost made him laugh, although it had been rather awkward to clean up after that little scenario. Looking back at the letter he re-read about the World Cup, Ron had told him that he would invite Harry, he had at least that to look forward to.

He decided that he would deal with the letter in the morning, he was exhausted.

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His orgasms had been intense things of late and doing it several times in one night tended to tire him out. He climbed into bed and pushing the letter under his pillow fell into a deep sleep. He awoke to the sound of knocking on his door, he looked at his alarm and realised he had slept through it, he got up and opened the door.

It was his Uncle Vernon, in his hand a multi-coloured letter, he looked livid. "You!" he half shouted walking into the room "So!" He said accusingly, Harry was nonplussed, he had no idea what he had done or what had worked his uncle up so much.


"This just arrived!" said Uncle Vernon as he brandished the letter at Harry "A Letter about you" Harry raised his eyebrows and his eyes tracked the letter, which was full of what he realised were postage stamps, every inch apart from a small area for the Dursleys address was covered in different coloured stamps.

He handed Harry a piece of purple writing paper and watched as Harry read the letter. ---- Dear Mr and Mrs Dursley, We have never been introduced, but I am sure you have heard a great deal from Harry about my son Ron. As Harry, might have told you, the final of the Quidditch World Cup takes place this Monday night, and my husband, Arthur, has just managed to get prime tickets through his connections at the Department of Magical Games and Sports.

I do hope you will allow us to take Harry to the match, as this really is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. Britain hasn't hosted the cup for thirty years, and tickets are extremely hard to come by.

We would of course be glad to have Harry stay for the remainder of the summer holidays, and to see him safely onto the train back to school. It would be best for Harry to send us your answer as quickly as possible in the normal way, because the Muggle postman has never delivered to our house, and I am not sure he even knows where it is. Hoping to see Harry soon, Yours sincerely, Molly Weasley P.S. I do hope we've put enough stamps on. ---- As Harry read the last line he looked back at the envelope in Vernon's hand, he fought back a laugh, he looked up at his Uncles face and answered coolly.

"Looks like she did put enough stamps on then" He nodded towards the letter in his Uncles hand.

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"This is not funny boy! The Postman noticed it and he&hellip." Vernon Dursley trailed of as Harry fixed him with a look, he didn't know what urged him to do it but he had felt the sudden impulse to look deep in his uncle's eyes. He could see his uncle for a brief instant, sad and angry, prone to lash out at others for his own shortcomings, before he spoke.

"And the Postman laughed because it's funny, could you just relax for once and not take everything so seriously, think about it, in a few days I'll be gone and you won't need to deal with me for almost a year" The words came out of Harry's mouth but he didn't hear them, he thought them in his head and spoke them aloud but he just heard vague noises come out of his mouth instead of words.

"I. I…You're right, a simple misunderstanding" his Uncle gave a short laugh "You go to your World Cup, it's not a problem for us, I'll… see you downstairs boy…" And with a half-smile on his face Vernon Dursley left the room, Harry heard him clump down the stairs, chuckling to himself.

Harry stared after him and frowned to himself, did he just control his uncle? He hadn't meant to, he shrugged and turned around to see Pigwidgeon pelt into his room through his open window. With a deft lunge Harry caught the small bird before hit collided with his wardrobe and took the letter from him, He opened it and saw it was from Ron.

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He read the letter and smiled, He would be leaving Sunday afternoon and then he could finally speak to Lupin. Those last few days at Number 4 Privet drive were some of the strangest of Harry's life, Vernon Dursley had been downright pleasant, he had been relaxed and jovial.

He even took a sick day to treat Petunia to a day out. When Sunday came, Harry couldn't wait to leave, he just wanted some answers and he was starting to get more worried about his changes.

Harry stepped out of the fireplace after George or Fred and watched as they looking glumly at each other, he suspected they wanted to play a prank on Dudley, but he had been out with his friends, likely eating at the closest Fast Food Restaurant to escape from diet. Ron clapped him on the shoulder and there was a blur of brown and Hermione and hugged him hard and close, close enough that he could feel her breasts against his chest before releasing him and blushing slightly.

"It's good to see you again Harry" She said smiling broadly her hands rubbing against her jeans nervously. "It's good to see you too" Harry said, "Is Lupin here yet?" "Lupin? What do you mean?" Ron asked cutting across Hermione attempt to ask the same question. "He wants to speak with me about … Something" Harry said, deciding not to tell them about his changes, although Hermione's hug had caused his manhood to stir slightly, he changed the subject to quidditch and Ron was off, talking about the different teams and so on.

Hermione's eyes didn't leave Harry though and she shot him a questioning look before they walked into the kitchen, they all talked about the match and who they thought would win when there was a knocking at the door.

Arthur got up to open it and Remus Lupin walked in, he looked haggard, his face was gaunt and his cloths more patched than the last time Harry had set eyes on him, Harry got up and Lupin beckoned him over smiling faintly, Ron and Hermione stared at Harry and so did the rest of the Weasley family.

"I hope you don't mind, I just need to speak to Harry for a while, we will be back shortly" Harry followed Lupin outside feeling the stares of many pairs of eyes.

"Professor wha " Lupin cut him off. "I'm not a Professor anymore Harry, please call me Remus and not here, too many ears about, he walked out of the Burrows gate and held up his hand to Harry, Harry took it and suddenly with a loud Crack!

They were in a forest. Harry doubled over as the world spun, it took a minute for everything to settle before he turned to Lupin who look apologetic. "What was that!" Harry gasped "Where are we?" "I apologise, I should have asked if you have apparated before, where we are being not important, what is important is what's happening to you" Lupin led him to a pair of fallen trees, he sat on one and gestured for Harry to sit on the other.

"Now, this is going to sound strange, even for our world, but I am just going to tell it straight, I'll answer any questions I can at the end okay?" Harry nodded. "Your father was part of a noble line of wizards, who were stricken many generations ago by a curse, it appears that one of your ancestors was rather generous with his affections to a group of seven witches, he bedded all of them over the course of a few weeks, telling each one that he loved her and her alone, because of this the clan almost fell apart when they found out." "Have you heard of the phrase, Hell have no Fury like a woman scorned?" Lupin asked.

Harry nodded, not quite understanding what he was hearing. "Well imagine that sevenfold, which has always been a strong magical number, The witches cursed him and his lineage to need to&hellip.errr&hellip. well ejaculate at least seven times a day otherwise he will die." "The witches whilst clever with magic and powerful with their spells, perhaps overlooked the fact that masturbation was an option and so their curse was quite ineffective, however harnessing that much magic for a generational curse led to some side effects.


Certain abilities manifested from their impressions of the man, they thought he was tireless in bed and in life, that he was constantly full of seed, they also believed him to be able to alter minds the way he so deftly talked himself into their beds.

These led to the male descendants of the curse having these abilities in some shape or form, there are limits however, to control one's mind, the person needs to want or at least think of the same thing, you could not command someone to kill themselves unless they wished in part to die, such as you could not command a woman to bed if she were not attracted to you. Your stamina is only increased if you keep orgasming daily, James did it at least seven times a day, he did do it less sometimes but he usually had to make up for it the next day, you will also become stronger, perhaps two or three times as strong as an average man.

Masturbation works well, but erm… I think James equated it to drinking half a glass of warm water when you could have a pint of cold butterbeer, actually engaging in .sex increases your powers much more than your own hand. As for your seed… well James told me that he could control its potency in a way… He had to really focus on impregnating your-" "OK THAT IT!" Harry shouted, getting angry "Is this a joke you and Sirius cooked up?" He yelled, "I told Sirius what's happening to me in confidence and he concocts this whole story of mind control and witches!" Lupin looked shocked, he stuttered but was interrupted by Harry again.

"DO YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?!" He shouted before lowering his voice dejectedly "I'm scared Remus, with everything that's going on with Voldemort, know I have to deal with this as well?" he gestured weakly to his groin.

Remus stood and placed a hand on Harry's shoulder, he looked pained. "I wish it could be your father explaining this to you Harry, I really do, there is so much more he didn't tell us, but I promise you on my magic that I am not lying to you." He sighed "I better take you back, we don't want everyone to worry" With that he took Harrys arm and apperated back to the Burrow, Harry felt to dizziness take him again but it was not as strong as before.

They walked in a contemplative silence back to the burrow, Lupin gave his thanks to the Weasleys and turned to whisper in Harry's ear. "If you ever need to talk about this, send a letter, I promise I will tell you as much as I can, I will try and find out anything I can about this curse I swear" and with that Lupin left.

Harry walked in and was met with the curious stares of the family and Hermione, he evaded their questions and helped Molly Weasley with setting up the table outside. That night Harry, Ron and Hermione were alone in Ron's Room, the posters of the Chudley Cannons covering almost every inch of it, Harry had been lost in thought for the entire evening and hadn't eaten much.

"Ok, Out with it!" Ron said, looking at Harry, " You haven't been yourself since you got back from your chat with Lupin, what did he say?" "It's… It's kind of hard to explain" Harry said, rubbing the back of his head, he purposefully avoided looking at Hermione, who was wearing her pyjamas which consisted of a top which was slightly too small for her growing chest and a pair of shorts which showed a lot of her toned legs.

He shook himself. "We are your friends Harry" Hermione said, leaning forward to put her hand on his knee consolingly, as she bent over Harry caught a glimpse of her breasts down her shirt, his cock started to harden and he averted his eyes hastily and fought down his rising libido.

"I know, it's just kind of private" Harry said, they looked at him expectedly and he sighed "I err well. err" He glanced at Hermione again and Ron noticed looked at her too and back to Harry. "Is it a guy thing Harry?" he said rather bluntly Hermione looked between them.

"A guy thing? What are you talking about? Harry can talk about these things in front of me!" she insisted.

"Hermione, he really can't" Ron told her, Harry meanwhile just sat awkwardly and looked between them. "Fine, well I'm going to bed, we have to be up really early tomorrow and we should all be asleep soon" she huffed and shooting Harry another quizzical look strode from the room. As soon as the door shut Ron looked at him. "Ok, can you tell me at least?" he asked "You just seem so down in the dumps mate" Harry sighed and falteringly began explaining about what was happening to him and the meeting with Lupin, Ron's face started of getting redder in embarrassment but then it seemed to be getting redder with increasing amusement.

Harry finished his story and looked at Ron, shocked to see him struggling to hold back a grin. "What!" Harry said feeling rather hurt that Ron, his best friend would laugh at him with his predicament.

"You, you get increased strength, stamina, Mind Powers, a bigger cock and you seem to think of yourself as stricken by a horrible curse!" Ron laughed "Mate, Dads told me about some of the curses the ministry has dealt with, there was a guy whose bloodline was cursed to be unable to walk, or some wizard who killed the wrong person was cursed to live every moment in unbelievable pain and being unable to end himself." "You don't understand, it's like being constantly thirsty and being unable to drink, it's like having my stomach twisting in hunger and seeing food just out of my reach" Harry protested.

"It's not out of your reach though is it" Ron countered "There are loads of girls at Hogwarts Harry, half of them would jump at the chance to be bedded by the Boy Who Lived" "It's just everything seems to happen to me" Harry muttered "I never seem to catch a break and be normal for once" "Count yourself lucky, being normal isn't as great as you think it is, chill out" he looked at his watch "We really should be getting to sleep now, Hermione was right we do have to be up early tomorrow" Soon afterwards Ron was asleep, snoring loudly into his pillow as Harry lay awake, his mind kept playing through the events of the day, before it caught onto the memory of Hermione in her tight pyjama shirt and the tops of her breasts as she leant towards him.

He felt the need rise up within him like a hungry beast, glancing at Ron he left his bed and made his way to the Weasleys bathroom. The bathroom was small barely fitting a bathtub, sink and toilet. He closed the door and tried locking the door, the lock was broken, he settled with closing the door and standing slightly behind it so if someone did walk in the door would hit him before opening more than a few inches.

He dropped his pyjama bottoms and gripped himself in his hand, he started stroking himself recalling the memory of Hermione's hug earlier and her tight shirt. Soon he felt himself getting close, he glanced at the mirror to the left of the door and jumped when he saw a brown eye watching him. The eye met his and a current ran through him.

He let go of himself as he pulled up his trousers and opened the door. Hermione stood there frozen in surprise, they stared at each other, Harry sporting a massive erection which tented the fabric of his pyjamas and Hermione in her tight shirt, her nipples poking out visible.

"I .I forgot to brush" Hermione stammered in a quiet voice, her eyes darting from Harry's to his hidden member. "Err… yeah sorry… you go on in" Harry muttered moving to the side of the doorway so she could enter, as she moved past him the narrow space caused her the brush against his still hard cock Harry let out a moan as his oversensitive tip slid across her hip.

He didn't know what came over him but he grabbed her and moved into the bathroom with her, she looked up at him startled and he kissed her hard.

She struggled in surprise for a brief second before relaxing into the kiss and returning it. They broke the kiss a few heartbeats later and looking into each other's eyes, the electric current Harry had felt just moments before returned and he kissed her again, this time slower and longer after a while when they had to breathe again they looked at each other. "Wow" Hermione said her hands resting on Harrys chest, she pushed away from him slightly, panting at the intensity of the kiss. Her eyes flickered down to his cock, staring at the size of it her hand drifted down of its own accord as if curious to what it felt like.

"Can I touch it?" Hermione whispered, she didn't wait for an answer before she placed a delicate finger on the tip and dragged it halfway down his shaft, Harry moaned quietly and his dick jumped. "Wow, it's so… big" She whispered, Harry closed the door and leant against it, it was almost as if by closing the door he had trapped the tension within and he felt it grow about them, making his dick harder.

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Hermione seemed to notice too, she looked up at him again, staring into his eyes, Harry felt the urge to speak. "You can take it out if you want…" his voice was low and quiet and he noticed the familiar sensation that had happened before, his voice didn't reach his ears but Hermione tugged at his waistband freeing his cock from its confinement, it sprung up and Hermione touched it again.

Harry groaned and she looked up, a small smile playing across her lips, she wrapped her hand around it and gave it a few short strokes, Harry's knees almost buckled, it was the first hand other than his own to touch him and it felt heavenly.

"Hermione&hellip." He whispered " Keep going&hellip.please" Hermione's hand started to move up and down, the rhythm was jerky and erratic at first but then she settled in a slow tempo, Harry could see her eyes keen and sharp, that familiar look when she was enraptured by books or an interesting subject. Harry's hands raised up and held onto her waist, he slid one up her side and brushed against her breast, Hermione breathed out heavily and her pace increased, Harry took this as permission and he caressed her breast through her shirt, it was soft and he felt her nipple hard in his palm, he rolled it slightly in his fingers and her hand squeezed harder on his cock.

He raised his other hand and played with her other breast, not quite believing that this was happening, she looked up at him her brown eyes full of desire, she let go of his cock, Harry almost whined in need before she reached for the hem of her shirt and raised it over her head, Harry stared at her breasts, she wasn't as pale as he remembered her, her smooth stomach was toned and her breasts were captivating.

As Hermione lay the shirt on the sink, she looked back at him and covered herself shyly, Harry took her arms and leaning in close kissed her, she kissed him back hard and he held her tight against him. He broke the kiss when he felt her hand back on his manhood, his hands rested on the small of her back and he slid them down, dipping his fingers into her shorts, she moaned slightly as his hands cupped her ass, she wasn't wearing panties and Harry gripped the soft flesh there hungrily.

She increased the pace on his dick, stroking him faster now almost her hand squeezed tight, almost painfully tight as he took his hand away and placed it between her legs. "Can I.?" Harry began but before he could finish the question she used her free hand to yank down her shorts, allowing them to pool at her feet, Harry looked at the sparse hairs between her legs, he could see that her lips looked puffy and swollen and knew from somewhere that she was aroused.

He slid a finger down her stomach and when he reached the top of her sex, rotated his hand and cupped her, she bucked and lost her rhythm for a few seconds, Harry was amazed at the heat coming from her and the wetness. He pulled his hand back rubbing against her pussy, his middle finger slightly raised as he felt her opening and slipped it inside, she moaned again, and her hand jerked him faster, Harry pushed his finger in deeper and curled it, following some instinct in his mind as Hermione gasped.

"Yes." she breathed, her hand moving faster as his finger reached deeper inside her before brushing against something, he realised it was her hymen and withdrew his finger somewhat, he pushed his palm against her clit and rotated his palm in a small circle as his finger rubbed at a spot inside her.

Hermione arched her back as she grew close, Harry sensing her impending orgasm, she looked Harry in the eyes and moaned, "Harry…I'm…I'm gonna cum" She bit back a moan as she came, her legs shaking as it rolled over her body, the sight over Hermione quivering with her orgasm drew Harry's from within him, with a great rush he came as well.

Thick jets of his cum spurted forth from his tip, coating Hermione's hand as she kept stroking him, the second and third spurts hit her stomach and chest, the fourth and fifth hitting her between her heaving breasts and the last catching her on the chin.

Harry was glad that he was leaning against the door as he suspected that if he wasn't he would have collapsed, Hermione had dropped onto the toilet and panted, Harry stared at her in awe. He had not expected anything of the sort to happen tonight, he had just been given a hand job by his best friend and crush, he himself had fingered her and made her cum. He noticed for the first time that she was covered in his cum, it rose from her stomach to her face in thick strands, she looked at him and drew a finger across one cheek, gathering his seed, seemingly without thinking she licked her finger her eyes widening as she tasted it.

"I thought it was meant to be salty?" she asked herself as she took another taste, Harry looked at her, his cock twitching as she grabbed some tissues to wipe her face. "That was…" Harry began but couldn't find the words, he trailed off and Hermione looked at him, suddenly shy again. "Sorry. I don't know what came over me" she said quietly "Everything was just so intense and I…" "Please don't apologise for that" Harry protested "it was wonderful" Hermione looked down at herself and noted with surprise the amount of cum on her, she looked up at him her eyes meeting his.

"You made a mess" she pointed out, using the tissues to clean herself, it took a minute and Harry watched mesmerised "This would be so much easier with magic" she huffed.

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"I know, I usually try catching it in a tissue" Harry said, talking without really thinking about it "at least you don't have to clean it of the ceiling" "The ceiling!" Hermione exclaimed then covered her mouth they waited for a few tense moments to see if she had awoken anyone "I've read about puberty and everything Harry, I don't think that's normal" "You're telling me" He hesitated a moment and the decided to tell Hermione what had been happening to him, he ducked his head as a thought popped into his head "I think I may have forced you…I'm sorry I didn't mea-" "You didn't force me to do anything Harry, from what you said to me you can only make people do something they already want to do, I wanted to touch you, I've had a crush on you since our first year" she said then realising what she had just admitted blushed a furious scarlet.

"I've had a crush on you too" Harry admitted he raised her chin and kissed her softly on the lips "and I hope that this isn't going to affect our friendship" "oh… no of course not" she said a note of sadness in her tone "is this just a one-off thing then?" tears pricked at the corners of her eyes. "You mean you want to do this again?" Harry asked shocked "as friends? Or something more?" he asked, his heart thudding in his chest. "Something more" she said and kissed him gently on the lips.

"You want to go out with me?" He asked surprised "like boyfriend and girlfriend?" Hermione rolled her eyes and nodded, Harry felt a happy surge within him and agreed, he kissed her again and fought back a yawn as he stepped back.

"We should really be going to sleep" he pointed out "We have to be up in a few hours, Tomorrow is going to be difficult" "Why?" Hermione asked raising her eyebrows. "I'm not going to have any time or space to myself, how am I going to … you know sort myself out" "Well, I'm sure we can sort something out, you said that someone else doing it for you is more effective?" she asked him crossing her arms "well then you and I are just going to have to find somewhere private.