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Slutty tattooed emo dahlia sky threesome sex on the couch
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The Devil's Pact, The Hell Chronicles by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter Twelve: The King and Queen of Hell Mark Glassner The Abyss "Chasity, organize the guard and scout the plain," I commanded, staring out at the distant city of brass across the rocky, blasted lands of hell. The hot wind continued to blow, searing across my skin. It was annoying. The wind stopped as power leaked out of me. I blinked. *Did you just control the wind?* Mary whispered in my mind. *I think I did.* Karen smiled as she stared at me.

"Welcome to Hell, Master," she laughed. "It's shaped by powerful personalities. The fallen angels, the ones who became demons, were bitter and twisted. They hated the Creator for imprisoning them and were jealous of humans. They shaped Hell into a nightmare. It doesn't have to be that way." "But it's a prison," I said. "A place to punish those for being "bad." Shouldn't it be a nightmare?" "It's a place for those who rejected the Creator," Karen countered. "It's only bad because the denizens made it bad." "Interesting," Mary smiled.

She stretched, her lovely, perky breasts, dusted with freckles, jiggled, and then she stamped her foot down. The ground changed at her feet as our shared power trickled out into the fabric of Hell. Grass sprang up, thick and green rippling out to change the landscape from the blasted, terrible red into vibrant life.

"That's better," Mary smiled before taking Karen's hand. "Mistress," Karen blushed. The former nun's cheeks were lovely, her light-brown hair falling about her neck in waves of curls.

"We haven't touched in so long," Mary whispered. "Lilith stole you from us after barely a week." "She tricked you." "She'll pay," Mary vowed.

"When we find wherever she's hiding down here. She'll pay for stealing you from us and for letting you die so her vessel could be birthed." A tear trickled down Karen's face. "Thank you, Mistress." "That was beautiful," Tiffany said, wiping at a tear. Mary's mother stepped forward. "It's so good to see you again, Louise." "Karen," the slut corrected. "That was my name before I became a nun." Mary's mother hugged Karen tight and passionately kissing her. Both women had once been Sisters of Mary Magdalene and my enemies.

My cock stirred as I watched them. Tiffany was gorgeous, looking as young as her daughter still, her blonde hair falling in curls about her shoulders, her large breasts pressed against Karen's. "We'll need to catch up," Tiffany promised before glancing at us. "But I think my daughter and son-in-law want to play with you first." "They are my Masters," Karen laughed. "It's only right." Mary pulled Karen away from Tiffany, pushing the slut down on her knees where she belonged.

Karen seized my cock, stroking it to its full girth. Pleasure tumbled through me—I was so glad sex was still a thing in Hell. Then she engulfed my cock with her mouth. "Yes," I groaned, my back arching as my sex slave worked her mouth, giving me such wonderful pleasure.

"That's it. Oh, damn, that's good." Mary seized Karen's hair, shoving the sluts mouth farther down my cock. "Make my husband cum, slut. Put that mouth to good use." Around us, our sluts, maids, and family were falling upon each other. My son Silas pulled his two sister-wives to the ground, enjoying my daughter Andrea and Mary's daughter Delilah.

Another pair of my children, Marcelo and Calypso, rutted with passion while their daughter Liza masturbated next to them. Xiu and Korina enjoyed their reunion, and April, Violet, and Cindy formed a daisy chain. My mother and her wife Betty had conjured a double-headed dildo, pumping them in and out of each other while my sister Antsy pissed in the mouth of her wife, Via.

Mary's family had fallen into a gigantic orgy with their sex slaves. And the poor bodyguards spread out on the plain to scout. They were led by Chasity, Noel, and 51. A screen of male soldiers—a mix of Desiree and Alison's special forces and the SWAT officers—formed an inner perimeter with a few of the bodyguard squads. Karen worked her mouth with a fierce desire to pleasure me, wanting to make up for the last forty years she missed out on.


Mary pressed her naked body against me, her perky breast rubbing against my muscular side. I put my arm around her waist, sliding down to squeeze her plump ass.

"That's it, slut," Mary hissed. "Suck his cock. That's what you were born to do. You exist to please us." Karen moaned, sucking harder. "Work your mouth, slut," Korina panted as she humped and ground against her wife Xiu. "Pleasure Master!" I shuddered, loving the feel of my slut's tongue. Karen stared up at me with her gray eyes, full of lust.

Her hands found my balls, massaging them as my hips thrust forward, slamming my cock down her mouth. "Is she pleasing you?" Mary moaned in my ear, her tongue brushing my lobe. "Oh, yes," I groaned. "I'm gonna flood her mouth with cum." "That's my horny stallion," Mary giggled. "Then it's my turn to feel her mouth." "Naughty filly." "Always." Mary kissed me, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. I squeezed her plump asscheek, pulling her tighter as I fucked our sex slave's mouth.

Mary worked her tongue through my mouth, teasing me, her fingers stroking my muscles, leaving trails of fire. She was an amazing woman. My soul mate. My queen. I would be lost without her. My cum erupted from my cock, flooding Karen's hungry mouth. The slut groaned as my cum pumped into her. She shuddered, swallowing drop after drop, greedy for my taste. Her hands massaged my balls, working out every drop she could.

"That was amazing, Karen," I panted. "You still know how to please me." Karen had tears streaming down her cheeks. "I'm so happy, Master. Thank you for your cum. I missed it so much." I wiped her tear from her cheek with my tongue as Mary knelt. She seized Karen's cheeks, staring into her eyes before kissing her. Mary's tongue flicked out, cleaning up my cum as she pulled Karen down atop her, their naked bodies writhing together, Mary's emerald eyes closing as she savored the kiss.

"Put that mouth to use," I commanded. "Make my naughty filly cum hard." "Yes, Master." Karen began working her lips down Mary's neck and shoulders, heading for her perky breasts. Mary squirmed, licking her lips as Karen attacked her body. I stroked my cock, savoring the sight. I loved watching my wife writhe with another woman. "Oh, you wonderful slut," Mary moaned, arching her back as Karen nibbled and sucked at her nipples. "That's it. Work that slutty mouth! Mmm, I love it!" Karen played with each, dusky nipple before working lower, kissing and licking down Mary's flat stomach.

Karen giggled, caressing Mary's heart-shaped, fiery pubic hair on her pubic mound. The slut ran her cheeks between the curly hair before she moved lower. "That's it, whore!" Mary groaned as Karen licked up her slit. "Eat my pussy, slut." I fell to my knees behind Karen, giving her ass a smack. I remember the day after the Karen's attack when we beat and humiliated her. I smacked her ass again, harder, leaving a nice, red handprint on her flesh.

She moaned into Mary's pussy, licking harder. "I missed you, slut," I growled, spanking her ass again, loving that stinging smack. "Fuck her, Mark," moaned Mary. "Give the slut what she's dying for." Karen moaned yes between Mary's thighs, wiggling her glowing-red ass.

I couldn't say no to that. I ran my cock up and down her shaved slit, teasing her flesh, then fucked my sex slave's cunt. She was tight, squeezing down on me and shuddering in delight. She bucked as I drove into her. Karen's sheath rippled around me, the excited cunt cumming already. "Forty years without a cock has turned you into a firecracker, slut," I groaned, slamming in harder, loving her convulsing cunt. "Damn, work that pussy." "Ooh, yes, she's moaning into my pussy, Mark!" Mary groaned.

"That's it. Keep eating my pussy, slut. I'm gonna cream your face! You're gonna drink every drop of my honey!" "Yes, Mistress," Karen moaned, pushing her hips back into my thrusts. "Thank you! I've been waiting so long for this moment." My balls slapped her clit as I drove her face into Mary's cunt.

My wife groaned, her hips bucking into Karen's hungry mouth, her perky tits jiggling. My wife's moans added to the chorus of sex around us as our friends, family, and slaves celebrated reunions and their love for each other. The itch at the tip of my cock swelled as Mary writhed, her perky tits bouncing and waving as she came hard. Her juices splashed into Karen's face, the slut drinking them down.

Karen's pussy squeezed down on my cock as she slurped every drop of my wife's juices. "That's it, slut," I panted, slapping her ass. "Work that cunt. Make your master cum!" "Do it!" Mary hissed. "Make him cream your hole. He needs to be pleased! He needs to feel your cunt massage him until he erupts." Karen squeezed down again and again. I shuddered, the itch swelling at the tip of my cock. And then I erupted.

My cum basted her cunt. Karen shuddered, her head throwing back. "Yes! I've missed this so much, Master! Thank you!" she howled as she came. "Thank you for your cum!" I grunted, shuddering as I pumped load after load into her pussy.

My pleasure hit that intense peak, and then it died and I pulled out, my cum dripping out of her pink hole. My granddaughter Liza moved in, burying her face into Karen's snatch to lick up my cum. "Good girl," I smiled, running my hands through her dark brown hair. I glanced out at the plain, our bodyguards distance speck as they moved.

I glanced around, wondering who I should fuck next. My granddaughter did have a cute ass. She was Desiree's granddaughter as well, so that wasn't surprising.

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"Grandpa!" she gasped as I buried into her asshole, my cock lubed by Karen's cunt. "Karen," Mary panted. "Yes," Mistress," Karen answered. "Find a way for Mark and I to interact with the real world. Lucifer and other demons could be summoned. We need to learn how. Speak with Sam." "Yes, Mistress," Karen gasped, standing up and looking for our Vizier.

Nearby Sam fucked her wife Candy, ramming the thick dick she could conjure in and out of Candy's ass. Karen stumbled off as Mary crawled up to Liza's face, stroking her cheeks.

"Is your grandpa fucking you good?" "Yes, Grandma," Liza grinned. "He always does." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Samurai Brandon poured his power into his soldiers.

They ran far faster than they normally could, howling like a ravenous, disorganized pack of hounds snapping at our heels. All the discipline I had given them was gone. Brandon possessed none, so his powerful army was reduced to a frenzied mob. But that mob wanted to tear us apart. Orihime trembled in my arms across the front of my saddle while Chisato and Hikaru clung behind me.

My nightmare charged across the blasted rocks. I urged it to run faster, but that horde was gaining. I couldn't let Brandon to get his hands on my concubines. They didn't deserve torment in Hell.

They were only here because they loved me so much they accepted the Zimmah bond, tying our souls together for eternity. My punishment was theirs. My fate theirs. So I had to escape Brandon. "We accepted this," Orihime whispered. "Do not feel guilty, my Lord." "We were willing to face torment to be with you forever, my Love," Hikaru whispered. "Always," Chisato added. Such amazing women they were. "We cannot escape," I finally admitted.

"We must fight and break them." "Yes, my Lord," Chisato whispered. "You have trained us all these years, we will not disappoint you." "You never have," I answered. "I love you all." "We know," Orihime smiled.

"That's why we bonded with you," Hikaru answered. I reigned in the nightmare, my women and I slipping off. They summoned their armor and their weapons, wielding nasty naginatas, long spears with curved blades at the end.

I stood at the center, ready to draw my katana. The roar of Brandon's forces as they ran us down was immense, washing over us like a physical wave. My heart beat faster as I drew in deep, calming breaths. I found my center. I accepted what was coming.

I would meet it without flinching. Gunfire erupted. Hammering, automatic retorts roared behind me. A wall of bullets slammed into the front of Brandon's forces. The lead soldiers disintegrated into bloody mist. Such force was unleashed, soaring over us, lighting up the air with streaks of light.

I turned and looked over my head. A woman in shining, silvery armor stood there. She wielded a sword as black as night that seemed to drink in the very reality of Hell. A force of women flanked her. Each one was dressed in short, navy-blue dresses, their blouses half-undone to reveal their almost exposed breasts.

Gold collars encircled their throats. "The Bodyguard?" I whispered. I hadn't seen them since the day I died after losing my duel against Mark. "The Living God's forces," Orihime gasped. "What are they doing in Hell?" "Saving us," Chisato cheered.

The women advanced down the hill like a small tide. There were only twenty of them, but their automatic rifles seemed to spit out an endless supply of bullets. The blonde woman in silver armor, looking as fierce as a Valkyrie, strode past us as she led her soldiers. The enemy melted by the thousands before them, leaving bullet-riddled, still-living corpses writhing on the ground. These women were drawing on such power.

It dwarfed the strength Brandon has accumulated, and he ruled half of Hell. How powerful had Mark grown? And what was he doing in Hell? Had someone managed to kill him? How? I knew Mark had vanquished almost every greater demon. When they died, they plummeted back into hell.

Molech, Lucifer, Lilith, Ashtoreth, Dagon, Chemosh, Milcom, Tammuz, Marduk, Hadad, Asherah, and Baal-zebub had been accounted for. Only Astarte was missing, hiding somewhere in Hell, unless she managed to escape Mark's forces on Earth. "Mark has all the Greater Demon's powers," Hikaru whispered.

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"That is why his women are so powerful, my Lord." "Those greater demons had millennium to concentrate power. And now Mark has it all." Orihime shuddered. "No wonder he defeated you, my Lord. He had already defeated Molech." "I was the lesser man," I admitted. It didn't gall me anymore. Decades serving Brandon had worn down my pride. "Well, well, well," a black-haired Bodyguard said, walking up to me as the remnants of Brandon's forces fled.

The number 27 was stamped on her choker. "The Samurai." "You were at the duel?" I asked. "You led his guard that day." "I did," 27 nodded. "And I see your concubines are still with you." "Always, Madam 27," Hikaru said, inclining her head. "Who is he?" the blonde woman in silver armor asked. "He's a Warlock Mark dueled and killed in Japan," 27 answered. "Is Mark in Hell?" I asked. "Yes, he is," the blonde answered.

"I am Chasity, leader of Mark's bodyguards." A black woman, the number 51 stamped on her choker, shifted nearby, her lips tightening. "I have information on the city and the forces that defend it," I said. "I offer my knowledge in exchange for service in your God's army." Chasity stepped up, the negative blade in her hand. Oblivion dwelt in that blade. As she walked, it cut through the reality of Hell, leaving a disturbance behind.

I swallowed, controlling my fear as she stepped closer. My concubines backed up, moving behind me. "I only require that my women will be unmolested," I said. "They are mine alone." "Master probably won't have a problem with that." "Since when," a sandy-blonde haired woman snorted. She didn't wear a choker. "You know he's changed, Noel," Chasity smiled. Noel sighed, walking up to Chasity. "Yeah, maybe. Let's go lead this samurai back and see what Mark and Mary want to do with him." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary Glassner Xiu moaned as I pounded her ass with the thick, ribbed dildo.

She screamed and gasped, savoring the pain as I fucked her hard. I loved pounding Xiu's ass without lube. I loved the way she moaned gasped for joy. She loved every second of it. Mark had April bouncing on his cock, the young woman's bushy-brown hair swaying about her shoulders as she rode Mark. Andrea, April and Mark's Daughter, sat on Mark's mouth, groaning as her father ate her pussy out and her mouth sucked on her tits.

Such a lovely sight. A wave of sadness washed over me. I missed Chase so much. "Oh, fuck, Mistress," Xiu grunted. "I'm gonna cum!

Oh, yes! It hurts so much!" The Chinese slut pushed her ass back into the thrusts as she trembled, cumming hard. I grunted, loving the pressure on my clit. She writhed and shuddered against me.

I groaned, loving every second of her bliss. Then my orgasm burst through me. My back arched, my breasts bouncing, as I came. My auburn hair tossed about my shoulders as I gasped and moaned my pleasure into the night. I shuddered in delight. Juices flooded down my thighs as my pussy clenched. "Yes, you fucking whore," I panted.

"Mmm, that's what I needed." I thrust one more time as my the waves of pleasure washed through me. "Thank you, Mistress," panted Xiu. "Master, Mistress," Chasity announced. I looked up to see our blonde warrior returning, wearing her silver armor and carrying the scariest blade I had ever seen. It was blacker than night, sucking up Hell.

What was that thing? My skin crawled. It was oblivion. Death. "The Samurai," Mark said, rising up. In the center of the ring of bodyguards Chasity and Noel led was a man in Japanese armor, lacquered red, and three Japanese beauties dressed like sexy geisha, wearing short kimonos that were transparent, their lovely breasts showing off beneath the thin fabric.

"You're the man my husband dueled in Japan all those years ago." I had been in my third trimester with Chase, too pregnant to travel. Mark had barely returned from that trip before I went into labor.

The Samurai knelt, his women prostrating behind him. "I offer you my services to defeat the God-King who rules most of hell." "God-King?" Mark asked with a groan. "You mean that mother-fucker Brandon?" "I do, Living God," the Samurai answered.

I went cold. Pain and fear rose inside me. I spat, my mouth remembering the taste of Brandon's cum when my plan to free Mark backfired spectacularly. We had barely survived and defeated Brandon that day. "Brandon!" Desiree growled. She had been raped and brutalized by Brandon. A sharp knife appeared in Alison's hand. "I can't wait to see him again." "I can deliver the city to you," the Samurai promised.

"I was his general until today. He tried to kill me and seize my women. Your bodyguards saved me from his forces. I wish to repay this debt." "Any conditions?" Mark asked, striding forward.

"My women are mine. Only I may touch them." "Fine," Mark shrugged. "Tell us about Brandon's defenses," I said, striding up. "Yes, Living Goddess," the Samurai answered. A smile played across his lips for a moment and his back straightened.

Pride seemed to feel the man again. "I pledge myself to your service from now until the end of time." I felt his soul chain to us, adding a drop of power to the vast sea Mark and I possessed.

Then the Samurai began to talk, telling us everything about Brandon and his disgusting queen, Emi, a dangerous, murderous warlock Desiree had executed many years ago. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brandon Fitzsimmons Lilith's screams filled my ears as I fucked her ass hard.

The former Goddess was still beautiful despite the red lashes marking her back. I pounded her harder, grunting in delight as her tight bowels massaged my cock. "That's it," purred my wife, her small breasts heaving as she ground her pussy into Lilith's mouth. "Keep licking and I won't carve your flesh." Emi held a sharp knife in her hand, tracing it along Lilith's spine.

Lilith's ass clenched on my cock as fear gripped the slut. I savored it, my balls slapping into her ass as I raped her harder. The Samurai may have escaped for now, but my forces were hunting him down. Where could he go? I would soon rule all hell. Every beautiful woman that died and was cast into the abyss would be mine to fuck, rape, or torture. I shuddered at the power I possessed. "That's it. Keep licking just like that, whore," Emi moaned, shuddering in delight.

"I will see you flayed and salt rubbed upon your flesh if you don't pleasure me." Lilith licked harder, slurping loud, her ass becoming a vice on my cock. I closed my eyes, my orgasm filling me. "Great God-King," a man called out. "We are under attack!" My eyes snapped open. "What?" I demanded.

I had been so close to my orgasm. "If this is some mistake or your pathetic attempt at humor, you will suffer for ten thousand years." The soldier paled, trembling in his armor. "No, my Lord.

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An army attacks. The force you sent after the Samurai were routed." "What is this?" Emi demanded. "Is it the Ghost?" The man shook his head. "It's the Living God." I blinked in disbelief. "What the fuck are you saying?

Are you claiming Mark Glassner is in Hell and assaulting us?" The man nodded his head. "We are being attacked by an army of women dressed like sexy cops." I ripped my cock from Lilith's ass, striding to the balcony. "Justice has finally delivered the insolent Mark to us," my wife purred as she caught up, bloodlust burning in her slanted eyes. "We shall enjoy his punishment for eons." A smile crossed my lips. "You're right." This woman was made for me. "And I shall personally attend to your ex-wife," Emi added.

"She will howl as my knives chastise her for rejecting your greatness." We reached the balcony of our palace, overlooking our brass city. By bending the fabric of Hell, I could see farther than a human, my vision leaping to the approaching force.

It was a small army, maybe a thousand of Mark's slutty bodyguards mixed with a few oddities—a group of women dressed in kimonos wielding katanas, a squadron of SWAT officers, and a platoon of special forces led by my wife and Alison. And at the center of a large group of women dressed like sexy maids, and a few sexy stewardesses, was Mark, his whore wife Mary, and their sluts. My cock tingled. I would get to enjoy Mary fully again.

Last time I only had her mouth. "I will rape her while you watch, Mark," I promised, stroking my dick. "I will—" A great wave of will washed out from Mark and Mary, rippling as it warped the fabric of Hell. It struck the thick walls of brass that encircled Dis, the metal ringing like a gong. And then the walls vanished.

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I gaped at the strength of Mark and Mary's will. They affected my domain. My city. They overcame my power. "Oh, no," Emi gasped, staggering next to me. "How does he have such strength?" "We have to flee," I gasped to my wife, fear gripping my heart.

We couldn't fight that power. There was no way. My wife gaped at the missing wall. "Come on," I yelled at her while I backed away. "But Justice is on my side," Emi whispered. Fuck her. I turned to flee. My wife could be his prisoner. I was saving myself. The air warped before me, Mark's will transforming my palace.

The fabric of Hell's reality twisted and then it sprang back. Alison and Desiree appeared out of the distortion with their cadre of grim soldiers, all pointing weapons at me. I gathered my own will, the vast sea of power I had accumulated over forty years.

I wouldn't lose again. I was powerful. I was the God-King of Hell. I unleashed my power. Alison brushed my attack aside like she was swatting an annoying gnat. My jaw dropped as she marched up to me, Desiree at her side. My wife looked as beautiful as the day I had captured her in Tacoma, only her eyes were hard and full of hatred.

Alison's eyes were equally hard, boring into me. "Please, Desiree," I gasped as I backed away. "Mercy. I surrender." "You didn't show me mercy," Desiree breathed, a baton appearing in her hand. She swung it. The pain exploded in my knee as I collapsed. "You never cared as you beat me and raped me." The baton landed right on my cock. I screamed in agony. The blows fell over and over, smashing into my body while Alison smirked above.

I tried to protect my body, curling up into a ball, but she kept beating me. Bones broke, my skin raptured. I should have died. But there was no escape from pain in Hell. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alison de la Fuente I savored watching my wife beat Brandon's body into a howling mass of pulpy, bloody flesh. Blood splattered my wife as she worked, screaming out her rage. We had spent years hunting down Warlocks, using them as surrogates for this monster. And now she finally has her revenge.

I glanced at the gaping, Japanese woman. She was vaguely familiar. A warlock Desiree had killed decades ago. The woman watched in stunned horror at the ruined form of Brandon.

She would be Emi, Brandon's queen, a vile woman. Up the steps to the palace, Master and Mistress walked arm in arm, followed by a train of the sluts and maids. Bodyguards rushed ahead, led by Chasity in her silver armor. It was so wonderful to see her again. "I present Brandon and his queen, Master," I purred when they reached the top of the stairs.

Master's blue eyes flicked to the bloody heap. "Desiree was eager to have a reunion with her ex." "She earned it," Master grinned and Mistress nodded her approval. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mark Glassner In the throne room of Dis, Mary and I fashioned a pair of thrones—comfortable thrones—for us to sit upon. I reached out, holding my wife's hand as our friends, family, and servants filled the hall.

The bodyguards dragged in the prisoners we had taken and liberated. Brandon had been healed back to his bulbous, fat self. He knelt broken in chains staring at the floor. His wife tried to sit more regally. Lilith lay on her side, sobbing, broken and fearful of our punishment. Lucifer had been found in the bowels of the palace, a burned, broken husk of the powerful demon I had once made a Pact with. Other demons we had defeated in the world above were also located: Milcom, Dagon, Chemosh, Ashtoreth, and more.

They all were broken, beaten husks abused for decades. "Brandon and Emi," I declared. "I have heard reports of your torments and cruelties. You took delight in torturing your fellow prisoners." "What we found in your dungeons sickened us. An eternity of torment is too good for you," Mary spat. "Even that pitiful existence is not enough punishment. You do not deserve to exist." Chasity strode up, wielding Annihilation, the blade of oblivion. It was a foul thing capable of destroying a soul completely.

The sword brought a finality. Brandon blubbered hard as he stared at the blade. "Please.

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I can serve you. I can help you. You will need my advice. Please!" "The prisoners are condemned to oblivion," I declared, staring at Brandon. "The fate of all those who will commit cruelties in Hell. The twisted, terrible practice of torture shall end." The sword swung, the fabric of Hell screaming in my mind as minute parts of it were annihilated. The blade connected with Brandon's neck and the man vanished, the air rushing in to fill the void where he once knelt.

The annihilation had happened so fast it was like Brandon had never even existed. "This isn't Justice," Emi cried out, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Please! This isn't the Justice I was promised." Chasity swung.

"Mer—" Emi vanished. Chasity worked through the captured greater demons, annihilating them one by one as they plead and cowered. Proud Lucifer, who had burned so bright the day Mary and I had killed him, sobbed like a pathetic child.

Last was Lilith. She looked up at me, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I.I'm sorry," she whispered. "I.I did such terrible things. It was so wrong of me to seize such power.

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I.I just want to return to my husband. My Ghost. Please, Mark." Husband? What had happened to Lilith down here? I raised my hand. There was actual guilt and remorse in her eyes. I should condemn her to oblivion for stabbing Mary in the belly and for unleashing Wormwood on the world. But was I actually any better?

I killed Lilith knowing I would unleash Lucifer and the other demons upon the world. So many died because of me. "You have our pardon," Mary said, reaching out to touch my wrist. "Thank you," Lilith cried. I turned to the next prisoners. It was still so strange to see Chantelle and Lana again. It had been so hard to watch as we hung them for following Lilith. They were hurt, their flesh cut by Emi and Brandon's tortures. The pair clung to each other, staring at us in disbelief.

Mary healed them. "Do we have to condemn you again?" I asked Lana and Chantelle as I stood with my wife before them. "We did care for the pair of you. We loved all our sluts." "What do you want from us, Mark?" Chantelle asked. "The Samurai said you led Lilith's faction." "We did," Lana whispered. "Swear to follow us, and we shall restore your domain. You and Lilith's children and followers may live there in peace under our rule." Chantelle glanced at her wife. "I think we can live with that." I smiled at them, then kissed their foreheads.

They didn't flinch as their souls were chained to ours. It was a start. Maybe in a thousand years they would come around and rejoin their proper place as a slut. I returned to my throne, my wife joining me, and set about ruling hell. We had a lot of work to do. It was such a mess. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Ghost "Ghost, it's Lilith," Maryanne reported.

My women and I hid in the cave, all of us invisible. The fight against Brandon's forces had been brutal. I didn't feel any guilt for fleeing and saving my women. They were too important. I couldn't let Brandon ruin them. "What are you sayin'?" I asked, staring at the mouth of the cave where Maryanne's voice came from. My women were all Ghosts now.

We had spent the days since the rout in one massive, invisible orgy. It was a lot of fun never quite knowing who I was fucking. "Lilith's returned, Ghost," Maryanne answered and the silver-haired beauty appeared, falling to her knees.

"I'm finally free to return," Lilith sobbed. "I missed you. I don't have to pretend to be the goddess anymore." "Well, ain't you a sight for sore eyes," I marveled, striding up.

"I never reckoned to see your purtee face again, 'specially not after Brandon won. I take it you escaped capture?" Lilith shook her head. "Mark and Mary arrived. They destroyed Brandon and freed me.

Freed everyone. The Mayor and his wives are returning to rule their domain, and Chantalle and Lana are free to rule my daughters." Lilith let out a sob. "And, if you'll serve Mark, you can have it all back as well.

Including me." "Well, well, well," I mused. "I reckon I could accept that proposal. What do you think?" "Take it, Ghost," Deidre purred. "It's a better offer than Mark gave us when we were alive." "So long as we can enjoy you, Ghost, I don't think the rest of us care one whit if Mark rules the rest of Hell," one of the twins called out. The rest of my women agreed.

"Well, alright," I grinned and grabbed Lilith. "I reckon you're mine again. Let's have ourselves a good ol' time." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chantelle Paquet-Holub I couldn't believe that we were back at the home we built in Hell.

Mark kept his word. We were free to rule our domain and live in peace. He wanted to change Hell, to make it a better place to live. I didn't have a problem with that. We would have to support Mark as he conquered Hell, not that he needed us. He swept aside Brandon's entire army in the space of minutes. Who had the power to stop him? No being outside of heaven had his power. I found Lana in our bedroom stretched out on our bed. She beckoned to me, tears burning in her eyes.

I crossed over to her, crawling onto her bed as she stared up at the ceiling. "Do you wonder if our daughter hates us?" I hadn't thought about Lily in decades. It was too painful to remember our daughter. She had only been an infant when I last saw her. "I don't know." "If only we had swallowed our pride and accepted Mark's amnesty, we could have raised her." Tears glistened in my wife's eyes.

"We could have been with her through all the joys and pains of life." "We were young and stupid," I said, cuddling up to her. Lana let out a hysterical laugh. "And now we serve him anyways." I nodded my head. "At least she had a good life with Thamina and Fiona. I'm sure they raised her well." Lana turned her head.

"Thank you." She leaned in and kissed me. This wasn't a bad way to spend eternity. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary Glassner The orgasm bled through me. Violet lifted her face from my pussy, licking her lips. I cuddled up to Mark as he groaned, his cum bursting into Cindy's pussy, the petite woman, forever a youthful woman, gasped and moaned before falling backwards and into her wife's arms. Violet and Cindy cuddled beside us, sharing a sweet kiss.

"It's good to be back home," Mark said. We had shaped the brass palace to resemble our mansion, banishing the disgusting brass city and replacing it with verdant fields. Hell was ours. It had only taken a few months to accomplish. We could have done it faster, but what was the rush? "Yes, good to be home," I smiled, kissing the King of Hell, as Mark was being called in the world above.

I was the Queen, or sometimes the Bitch, of Hell. The world had fallen apart after our deaths, our careful utopia crushed and lost to the brutality of men.

They had their free will back, and they exercised it as poorly as ever. And our poor daughter still wandered aimlessly, crushed by the guilt of our deaths.

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I ached to help her. The doors to our bedroom burst open. Karen and Sam walked in. Our Vizier had a triumphant look on her olive face. Candy followed them in, hunching her shoulders and keeping her eyes downcast. She was on thin ice for wanting to kill Chase the morning our daughter killed us. "We figured out a ritual to let a mortal summon you into the mortal world for a few minutes. It's a long enough amount of time to make a Pact.

It's similar to the spell you used to summon Lucifer." "Really?" Mark asked, bolting up. "Yes," Karen nodded. "Sam finally cracked it." "The rules are.bizarre," Sam said, shaking her head. "And Candy was instrumental in our work." Hope beat in my chest. We could finally start influencing the world. We could finally begin to save our daughter's soul. She didn't deserve to suffer.

We failed her. We hadn't been good enough parents. But that would change. "First, you'll need to speak in someone's dreams," Sam said.

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"I believe you have already chosen Isabella?" I nodded. Mark and I had spent days sifting through the futures and playing with probabilities. We had finally found a future that may work—it was so hard to be sure, free will was such a pain in the ass—but we just needed Isabella and a few others to make Pacts with us.

Sam explained the ritual.


Mark took my hand and we rose through the layers of Hell to the Shadows. We found Isabella sleeping in her room, pregnant with Mark's twins. We entered her dreams and spoke to her. She would be the first domino to fall, creating a chain of events that would cascade to Chase's happiness.

It would take time.

But Mark and I had eternity to wait. The End