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Desi mota Lund for desi gays
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Victoria stood with her arms folding looking out of her office two way window into the club.It was Friday night and the dance floor was packed.Victoria smiled it had taken so long to get this club up and running and it was now getting the reputation of being the place to be.The club had everything dancing and music a top class resturant private function rooms then there were the women and men her sex workers that meet the needs of the clients she had and was still getting.

word was getting out that club Inflictions had everything for a price. Victoria turned her head slightly as she heard a knock."Come in".She called and turned back to look back at the dance floor.

"Well hello beautiful.".James said as he locked the door behind him and walked to Victoria and wrapped his arms around her. "Hello James.".Victoria said. James nestled into her neck."You seem all tensed up want me to fix that for you?".He asked. Victoria just nodded her head seconds later James had her by the hair pulling her head back making her follow him to her desk.

James sat down in the chair."Pull your dress up and take your panties off and lay across my lap.".he ordered.Victoria did and laid across his lap James raised his hand and hit her ass hard then raised it again and hit her again.Victoria cried out and bit her lip James hit her again twice.James looked at the desk and seen her riding crop it was her trade mark since she opened the club walking around carrying it.James picked it up and gave Victoria three hard hits across the ass.Victoria cried out and tensed up.

"Get up and lay with your back on the desk your legs spread wide Victoria.".James ordered Victoria complied the riding crop landed hard on her mound.Victoria arched her back at the sting of the hit.James landed another one then hit both her tits one after the other.Victoria screamed out. "Now hold your cunt lips apart.".James said and Victoria reached down and did that James hit her again Victoria let go and and screamed."Now you get two more for letting your cunt go now hold it open".James said as he started rubbing the bulge in his pants.

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James hit Victoria cunt two more times Victoria arched her back as she came in a gush and let out a groan.James grinned and laid the riding crop down and undid his pants and kicked them to the side."Get those clothes off and get bent over and take my cock in your mouth.".He said Victoria undressed and took James in her mouth and began sucking James picked up the crop. "Reach behind and hold your ass cheeks apart.".he said Victoria reached behind and held her ass apart.

"You stop sucking i will hit you more understand,".he said and hit her right between her pulled apart ass cheeks.Four more blows struck Victoria each time she flinched the fourth blow she stopped sucking for a split second.James reefed her up by the hair."Told you not to stop didnt i.".he said and stepped away and landed to hard hits on Victoria,s tits."Now bent over." he said and hit Victoria across the ass six more times.Victoria screamed at the pain.James grinned and grabbed her forcing her over the desk."Hold you ass cheeks again.'.he said and looked at her ass it was so red and her ass hole as well.

James rammed into her ass Victoria screamed the pain was so bad but within in seconds she was moaning."Tell me what you want." James asked."Ohhhhh god fuck me hard.hit me again please hit me again.".Victoria begged. The riding crop landed on her back straight away a red welt appeared James landed another three on her back Victoria came again. James pulled out of her ass and sat on the seat and told Victoria to get on his cock as soon as she did James grabbed her tits and squeezed them so hard then slapped them hard a number of times he looked up at her bouncing hard on his cock.

"The pain does not stop until i cum.'.He said and grabbed a nipple in his teeth and bit down on it then stretched it out.Then he did the same to the other one Victoria was near in tears at the pain.then the slapping on her ass started again and James hit her back as well.this continued for the next ten minutes until finally James came in a explosion.

Victoria slumped forward James held her."You feel better now Beautiful?".he asked. Victoria moved her head a little."I feel alot better thats just what i needed.".She said softly her body starting to ache. Ruby watched her husband leave to go to work once the door shut Ruby headed off and showered then dressed and cleaned up the breakfast dishes.

Mid morning Ruby looked up from her computer. "Wonder who this could be.".She said softly and walked to the door and opened it. "Hey Ruby.put the jug on i want a cuppa.".Jess said and walked in making herself at home on the lounge.

Ruby smiled.'Hmm come in Jess".She said and grinned and walked out and put the jug on for coffee. "So Ruby how have things been.?'.Jess called out.

Ruby walked out a few moments later with two coffee,s and sat down and handed a coffee to Jess. "In one word boring.".Ruby said. "Ok explain".Jess said. "Its everything Jess iam bored.Scott is working long hours and when he gets home he is stilling working.and he is to tired for anything else the sex life if thats what you call it might as well not even happen its over in minutes.".Ruby said and put her coffee down on the coffee table.

"So what are you going to do about it.?'.Jess asked. Ruby shrugged her shoulders."I have to do something Jess i want something different some excitement and iam not getting that from Scott and i know he is working hard but i need something too.".Ruby said. Jess looked at Ruby and smiled."Ruby how much excitement do you want and are you up for something different.?".Jess asked. Ruby shrugged again."I need something Jess so yeah i suppose iam up for something different.".She said.

Jess put her coffee cup down and stood and walked to stand in front of Ruby and pushed her legs apart and step in between them. "Here is your some different Ruby.'.She said and lent down and kissed Ruby her hand going to Ruby,s thigh and rubbing it. Ruby pulled back a little her breathing now faster Jess lent down again and kissed her again this time pushing her tongue in. Ruby didnt pull back this time Jess moved her hand further up Ruby,s thigh Ruby respond by opening her legs a little wider.

Jess,s fingers reached Ruby,s panties. Ruby moaned a little as Jess began running her finger tips up and down her panties.'Lets go to your bedroom.".Jess said softly and took Ruby,s hand and lead her to the bedroom."Get undress Ruby".Jess said and started undressing until both were standing there naked Jess stepped to Ruby and kissed her deeply as her hand went down between Ruby,s legs and slipped a finger inside her Ruby moaned and opened her legs wider Jess began fingering her harder and faster it did not take Ruby long to cum over Jess,s fingers.Ruby looked at Jess.'I want you to do more to me Jess".Ruby said softly.

Jess smiled and told Ruby to lay on the bed and then got between her legs and started working her with her tongue.Ruby arched her back and let out a yell."Ohh god.'.She said as Jess then began sucking her and slipping in two fingers.'Oh god Jess iam going to cum again.ohh god jessssss.'.Ruby panted as she cum again with more force then before. "Fuck Ruby how long has it been since you came like that.'.Jess asked moving up the bed to Ruby,s face.

"A life time ago".Ruby said in short breaths Jess lifted herself up and wriggled over Ruby,s mouth and lowered herself down.

"Work my cunt with your tongue Ruby make me cum over your face.".Jess grinned.Ruby nodded and started licking and sucking at one stage Ruby pulled Jess down harder in her mouth.Jess groaned."Thats it Ruby.'.She said and started rocking back and forwards on Ruby,s mouth a few moments later Jess came filling Ruby,s mouth.Jess wriggled back sitting on Ruby,s hips and reached up and played with Ruby,s tit,s. "Ruby you know what i do for a living so i have a proposal for you.since i have worked there for a few years i can bring you to work while iam so we are crystal clear Ruby you will be able to fuck other men clients but you wont get paid its just for one shift i can arrange it.but it has to be a Friday or a Saturday night thats when alot of randoms come in.

So what do you say you want one night to fuck your brains out with a few men.?'.Jess asked. Ruby stared at Jess totally stunned for a few moments then stunned herself even more with her answer.

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"Yes i want to do that Jess.".Ruby said then smiled. Jess nodded.'Ok i will arrange it for next Friday time to make you cum again.".Jess said and stood turning herself around so they were now in the 69 position.For then next hour Jess made Ruby cum three more times before she finally got off the bed and dressed. "We will be doing that again Ruby.but i need to go talk as soon as i have arranged this for you.".Jess said and lent down and gave Ruby a lingering kiss.

Ruby smiled."Thanks Jess and thanks for everything you just did with me.".She said and headed to the shower. It was not until the following Wednesday that Jess got a chance to see Victoria for a few minutes. "Thanks for seeing me.I have a friend who wants some excitement in her life so i said i would ask if she could work here for one shift.".Jess asked.

Victoria thought for a moment."You have known her for awhile.?'.She asked Jess nodded.'Yes about 12 months she lives in the same apartments as me her name is Ruby she is twenty five and very pretty with a nice body.".Jess said with a smirk.

Victoria ignored the smirk."Alright i will agree to this Jess but she is to understand she cant pick and choose the men whoever is next she has to go with no questions asked.'.Victoria stated. "yes she will be told.and thanks.".Jess said and left the office and called Ruby. "Hey well its arranged this Friday night and Ruby you have to take whoever is next you cant pick and choose.".Jess said.

"Alright i understand Jess.what time.?'.Ruby asked. "Be ready at 7pm that will give me time to show you around and show you were to change which by the way clothes are supplied ok have to go hun.".Jess said and hung up.

The next two days could not go fast enough for Ruby she had already told Scott Jess had invited her out on a girl,s night out which had worked out well Scott told her he would not be home to late anyway business meeting he had to be at.


At 7pm right on the dot Jess knocked on the door."Ready".She asked.Ruby nodded and stepped out into the hallway. they arrived at the club about twenty minutes later Jess taking her through a side entry. "Ok i will show you were some of the rooms are they are all numbered Tash already knows your only here for this shift so she will keep you to these rooms.".Jess said and showed Ruby the rooms then took her to meet Tash. "When the client has left you go and shower then come here to Tash and she will tell you if another client is available.' Jess said then took Ruby up to the change room which was massive and racks and racks off clothes.

'Ok find something sexy to wear and lets get your night started.".Jess said with a laugh.Ruby was so nervous as she looked for a outfit finally settling on a red see through two piece the top only done up by a ribbon.

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Jess smiled when she seen her."Very nice ok we need to go my shift is about to start.".Jess said and lead Ruby back down to Tash. "Ok Tash we are ready.'.Jess said. Tash nodded.'Good we have three waiting.".She said and walked into the waitingroom and pointed to two men to follow her. 'Alright Jess this Tom he is your client and Ruby this is Matt he is your,s".She said and gave the girls their room numbers. Ruby looked at Jess then lead Matt to the room closing the door behind her softly.

Matt looked at her and grinned and undid the ribbon on her top letting it fall open and put his hand to her tit and squeezed it gently.

Ruby put her hand down and rubbed the growing bulge in his pants.Matt lead her to the king size bed and asked her to undress as he did as well and sat on the edge of the bed.Ruby got to her knee,s and took the head of his cock in her mouth. 'Hmmm thats it suck it take it all in i want it down your throat.'.he said Ruby picked up the pace and took more of him in her mouth sucking on him as she did.

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He reached down and took both her tits in his hands and rubbed them and squeezed them Ruby worked his cock faster. 'Thats it a little more.ohh shit iam going to cum swallow it all.".he said and grabbed her tits harder as he came in her mouth. Ruby released his cock and looked up at him and swallowed then licked her lips. 'On the bed".He said Ruby got on the bed and laid down Matt pushed her legs apart and started licking her pussy Ruby moaned Matt licked harder then stopped and began sucking her now and then shoving his tongue into her hole.Ruby flinched a bit as Matt inserted a finger into her ass and started pulling it in and out as he kept licking her sucking on her pussy Ruby went stiff "Ohh god iam going to cum.'.She yelled Matt sucked harder as Ruby came Matt got nearly the whole lot in his now Matt was hard again and asked Ruby to suck his cock for a few minutes as she did her hand reached under him and took his balls in her fingers and gently played with them and gave them a squeeze.

"Turn around.".Matt said and entered Ruby from behind.Matt started off with slowly long strokes then started fucking her harder. he held her by the hips and forced her back so every bit of his 7 inch cock rammed inside her.Ruby moaned."Thats it Matt fuck me ohh god fuck me hard.".Ruby called out it took Matt ten minutes before he finally came blowing his load all over Ruby,s ass.

Ruby turned around and took Matt,s cock and started running her tongue up and down his shaft then putting her head further under to lick his balls and take them in her mouth.about ten minutes later Matt was hard again.he told Ruby to lay on her back as he put her legs over his shoulders and entered her again Matt pounded into her pussy so hard that it did not take Ruby long to come again about ten minutes later Ruby reached down and rubbed her clit hard and at almost the same time they both came together.

Ruby laid back breathing heavily and looked at Matt."Time is up.".She said and got up from the bed. Matt nodded.'I would like to see you again".he said Ruby raised a eyebrow."Only here for to-night".She said and redressed and walked from the room going back to the change rooms to shower and change clothes.

Victoria sat back watching the monitor and smiled just a little."Your a natural.'.She said and made a mental note to talk to Jess about her friend. By the end of Jess,s shift Ruby had let five men fuck her and she had loved every minute of it by the time she had changed into her normal clothes Jess put her arm around her shoulders.

"So you had a good time.?'.Jess asked. Ruby had the biggest smile."It was so good Jess to have five different men fuck me iam a little sore but its so worth it.'.


She smiled as they walked from the club and out to Jess,s car to head home.Ruby looked at the club as they pulled away then smiled at Jess.'Lets go home.".She said.

The following Tuesday Jess knocked on Victoria,a office door."Come in".Victoria called. Jess walked in a took a seat wondering why she had been called to the office. "Your friend Ruby tell her there is a job here if she wants it.'.Victoria said. Jess grinned."Well she had a great time i know that much.".Jess said with a grin. Victoria nodded."Well i watched her with her first two clients and one of them asked to see her again.".Victoria said and sat back in her chair.

Jess nodded."Well i will talk to her tomorrow and let you know.".Jess said. Victoria nodded.'Ok thanks.".She said.

The next morning Jess went to Ruby,s as soon as Ruby answered Jess was inside grinning. "Victoria wants you to work for her Ruby.".Jess said still smiling Ruby just stood there stunned then the biggest smile came to her face. "Damn but what will i tell Scott?".Ruby asked. Jess grinned."You work in the restaurant easy.".Jess said.

"Ok then iam in Jess i had so much fun and to be fucked by different guys was just amazing.".She said. Jess grabbed Ruby.'Get to your room and undress i want to taste your cunt again.".Jess said with a smirk. Ruby didnt have to be asked twice and walked to her bedroom removing clothes as she did.Ruby laid on the bed and spread her legs Jess was in between her legs in seconds licking her and then sucking.

"Hmm you taste so good.".Jess said and went back down shoving her tongue inside Ruby. Ruby came about a minute later with a loud cry of "ohhh my god.". Jess turned herself around Ruby grabbing Jess,s hips and pulling her cunt to her mouth Ruby lifted her hands and spread Jess and started licking her hard and sucking her clit.Jess rolled her hips and groaned Ruby went faster and sucked just a little harder moments later Jess sat upright as a shutter went through her seconds later she came Ruby kept licking making the sensation last a little longer.

"Ohh shit Ruby that was fantastic.'.Jess said in short breaths. The girls played for the next half hour on the bed then went and had a shower together where alot of giggling and fingering went on.

Finally Jess was dressed and looked at Ruby."Ring and make appointment to see Victoria tomorrow then you can start work.'. Jess said and kissed Ruby before leaving.Ruby walked straight to the phone and found the number for the club and made appointment if she could for the next day.Ruby hung up and smiled to herself the appointment was for 10am the next day.

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