You cum for my feet jerk off instruction

You cum for my feet jerk off instruction
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The bell rang. My teachers name was Ella maya. She was so hot. She had massive breasts just popping out, I loved it when she bent down. You could see her ass. "Lewis, please stay behind the rest of you can go!" Every one rushed out. I didn't do anything wrong?


"Do you want some extra help? We can go to my house now if you want? I'll phone your parents?" Whoa. "Y-yes please" I said. She grinned. She then phoned my parents and we drove to her house. *help has finished.* "May I use your bathroom?" I asked. "Yes of course." I went up. But into a guest room. Oh no, wrong room. Just as I was about to get out, I saw a laptop, with her half naked, doing a cam thing! I went on it, it suddenly went private.

"Hello, there ;) " she said. Wow.

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"You're gorgeous!" I said. "Thanks, fancy coming over?" "Yes" "Are you willing to please me?" "Anything, can I be your sex slave, mistress?" She shook her boobs. " yes baby," She then gave me her address, "You are experienced, aren't you?" "Yes." "Come right away then!".

I suddenly logged off and pretended to go out of the bathroom downstairs. "Are your parents going to pick you up?" She said, her laptop shut. "Yes." I then dropped to the floor and kissed her feet.

" I'm sorry I was the one who talked to you mistress. Please, pleas can I be your sex slave?" She looked shocked then grinned. "Yes, kiss my feet five times" I did. "H,m, good boy." "Clean my heels, sweetie." I did so. She then got my head and pushed it into her massive breasts. "Ooh yeah" she said I clicked her pussy, it was wet.

"Keep licking" I did so. .

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" run me my shower" I did. I took off her clothes. And rubbed shower gel all over her. She grinned. "Suck my tits" I did. Wow.

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They were juicy. We went to her bed, she told me to kiss her ass. I did loads of times. Wow.

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