Boy to boy gay porn fucked first time Ayden Kayden amp_ Shane

Boy to boy gay porn fucked first time Ayden  Kayden amp_ Shane
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This is a true story; it is the fourth story that I written about my sexual experiences as a boy, if you want some background, you may want to read my previous stories. Again, about me. I was born in Europe, when I was 3 years old my parents moved to a Latin American country where I was raised.

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Must of the population are dark skinned, not black, more like light to dark brown, I am white&hellip. like milk.


I was still 12 when this happened. A few days before Easter vacation my mother told me, "We are going to visit the Sanchez, they invited us to spend Easter week with them at their house". I wasn't trill about it, you see, the Sanchez had a son, his name was Javier and he was 5 years older than me, we have met when he and his parent came two years before to spend a weekend with us at our house and I didn't think that I would have fun with and older boy, I though we didn't have anything in common so I didn't like the idea that we were going to spend a whole week at their house, my mother seeing my expression on my face she went on to say, "Look, they have a pool and you are going to be fun, you'll see".

We left on a Friday and the trip took 5 hours, by the time we arrived it was already dark, I remember that it was very warm so that was something I liked since it had been raining for a few weeks in the Capital.

After we exchanged greetings with them they showed us our rooms, I was going to stay in Javier's room. We had slept together in my bed two years before when they spend that weekend with us so I didn't think anything of it when I realized that we were going to share his bed. During dinner I felt that what my mother had said to me about having fun wasn't going to happen, Javier looked older now that he was 17, he even had a mustache.

After dinner we hanged around the living room for a while and after that we all went to our rooms. I only remember that Javier and I went to sleep right away. The next morning I felt him getting up and saw him go into the bathroom, I hear the shower and when he came out I saw that he was completely naked, I could not help but to look at his cock, I must have stared at it for a few seconds and when I looked up at his face he seem to be grinning.

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After breakfast I changed into my Speedos and headed for the pool. We all spend the day by the pool, I went swimming and things went very normal, two families just having a good time. Javier and I didn't talked very much and when we started to play Volley ball he seem not to have very much patience since I wasn't very good at it, my body didn't help either, I was at the time kind of chubby, not fat but I definitely had a stomach and a big butt and since I was short it showed even more, even my grandmother used to make fun of my butt, she used to say, "You got our families butt".

That was our first day, eating and swimming, nothing special. That night however things changed completely. Again after dinner and hanging out for a while in the living room we all went to bed. After a busy day I went to sleep right away. I was on my side when I felt him, I woke up and right away I knew what was happening, his cock was hard and touching my butt.

I froze! He was moving his cock in a way that I could tell he was being very careful that I wouldn't wake up. That went on for a few minutes and then I started to get horny, the excitement mixed with fear made me did what eventually during that week I would experience.

I pushed my buns against his cock! Like saying, "Go ahead" but there was no response, he continued doing it the same way, by this time I was very horny and I must say, I wanted him to fuck me, so I pushed my buns against his cock really hard, he must have realized what I was doing and moved his face closer to me and whispered, "You want me to fuck you, don't you?" I was embarrassed but very horny and I whispered back, "Yes", then he whispered, "Have you been fucked before?" that embarrassed me even more but I whispered back, "Yes", he then whispered, "Look at me" and I turned my face and looked at him, it was dark but I could still see him and he whispered, "I want to be sure that you want me to fuck you, ask me" looking at him I asked, "What?" he whispered, "What do you want me to do to you?" then I understood the question, and even thought I was very embarrassed I did whispered, "I want you to fuck me" and with that he pulled down my briefs.


I felt his cock and it was already wet, he had applied saliva on it and he started to enter me, it hurt and I moved, his cock was bigger that the boys that had fuck me before, it was a lot fatter, he continued applying saliva and trying to enter me till he was in me, I had never been fucked in a bed and the experience really excited me, he had his hand on my stomach while fucking me, he was strong and his arms were very muscular, when it started to hurt again I whispered, "It hurt" he took it out and applied saliva and went in me again, he continued fucking me and although I was very horny and enjoying it at one point I had to tell him again "It hurt" a couple of more times, he just would take it out, applied saliva and put it back in me, then I felt his cock go in deeper and harder than before and then he came in me.

I had kind of felt boys coming in me at times but this was different I mean I really felt it. We didn't say anything after that, it took me a while to go to sleep again and my butt was reminding me of the fuck he gave me. The thought came across that this was just the second night and that there were several more nights of that vacation. The next morning when I awoke he was gone, I took a shower and went down the stairs and into the kitchen were my mom and his were cooking breakfast, I didn't see him at first but when I did, I didn't look at him in the eye, while having breakfast I looked at him a couple of times but he was looking elsewhere.

After breakfast we went and hanged out by the pool and after a while we went swimming. As the day progressed he and I exchanged a couple of words.

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Then our parents left to visit a mutual friend and he and I stayed at the house. It was mid-day, we were by the pool talking small talk and at one time I felt the "ice" was broken, then he got up and said, "Come" I followed him inside the house not knowing was he was up to, he closed the door behind me and pointed to the stairs and as I started to take the first step in a swift move he lowered my Speedos, I, feeling some what shameful smiled at him, he went on to take them completely of and at that point I thought that I was going to get fucked again and then I felt it "Ouch" I cried, he spanked me and placing his hand on my back he kind of pushed me up the stairs, I started to walk up the stairs completely naked, he was near me with my Speedos in his hand and he spanked me again, I didn't know how to react, he spanked me a third time, we got to his room and he closed the door, by now I knew I was going to get fucked, I was wrong.

He told me to sit on the edge of the bed and he stood in front of me and immediately took of his bathing suit, his cock was already hard, before I could even think about what was happening he grabbed my head with his left hand and he held his cock with his right hand, by then I have never seen a cock that big, it must have been 6 to 7 inches long and thick. At that moment I knew what he wanted, that has never had happened to me, I had never sucked a cock, at first I resisted and pulled my head back but he was not going to be denied, he hold my head stronger than before and said with a very assertive tone, "Suck me", although I was afraid I opened my mouth and he placed his cock inside, he started to move his cock inside and out of my mouth, it didn't taste bad and I was just standing still with him using my mouth, he was in control, then he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock and now I was grabbing his cock and socking him, I could only take two or three inches inside my mouth, although it was overwhelming I was experiencing something new and I liked it, I sucked his cock for at least five minutes and then he grabbed my head with both hands and then I felt it, he was coming in my mouth!

I almost chocked, I was trying to swallow what I could but some was dripping down my chin, I could not believe he was coming in my mouth. He tried to enter my mouth deep and I gagged, I didn't like that. When he finished he pulled up his bathing suit and I went into the bathroom, I still had his seed running down my chin, I washed up and when I came out of the bathroom, he was gone. I walked downstairs and I looked out to the pool area, he was lying on his back on a lounge chair, I was embarrassed and I just went to the living room and turned the TV on.

I stayed there till our parents came back. He hardly talked to me all morning and when we "broke the ice" he came in my mouth. That night when we went to his room for the night I didn't think anything was going to happen but as soon as he turned off the lights he turned me around sideways and pulled my briefs down and with out saying anything he started to fuck me, this time it didn't hurt as the night before and I got very horny, maybe as horny as I have ever been.

He fucked me for about ten minutes; I know that during that night I was going to get fucked by him any time he wanted to. You may think he was using me but I certainly was enjoying it, when he came I knew that I had enjoyed the experience and that I wanted more and it didn't matter how we got along during the day. Javier used me during that week many times, he came in my mouth one more time and he fucked me every night.

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After the second night it didn't hurt at all when he fucked me, my ass muscles were already loose. I had other experiences for the next two years but I would never forget that Easter week vacation.

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After that I never saw him again, his parents came to see us at the Capital a couple of years later but he was away in some university. NOTE: I would like feedback from people (men and women) that had similar experiences so email please email me if you wish, I would like very much to hear from you.