Superb gay sex and irrumation

Superb gay sex and irrumation
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Chapter 2 I suppose I was still coming to terms with what had happened. My world as I knew it had literally ended, I had traveled back through time to 2015, a relatively basic age.

My super computer had identified 3 life companions for me to keep me sane and had abducted them for me. I had then essentially raped one of them.

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Moral dilemmas? Yup. I sat in the control room and stared out back down onto the planet called Earth. There was such potential there. I had all the knowledge I could possibly need. I could steer humanity on a different course, couldn't I?

I consulted computer. 'Can I change the future, here now in this time.' I asked 'Of course you can.

But, I would not advise it.' Computer replied. 'Why? Apart from the obvious?' I enquired Computer then gave me a crash course in the space time continuum. It appeared to be a lost cause. Too much damage to do. The one positive thing though was I could do what I wanted, it seemed, and not do too much damage at all. I would have to target specific incidents, with huge potential for disaster. I decided to sleep on it. Waking up, I was horny.

I had a taste of sex yesterday when I basically raped Joanna and I needed more. I instructed Computer to bring Chloe in here to me, washed and dressed in her white panties and top. A minute late Chloe appeared. She looked bewildered, looking out of the screen at the Earth and space.


I let her look and moved up behind her. Chloe's ass looked amazing, sitting on top of her shapely legs. I felt my cock twitch just staring at her ass. Chloe broke me out of my reverie. 'This is all so amazing. I want to be a part of this. I want to see more. What do I have to do?' That shocked me. Was it going to be easy? I decided to be truthful with her.

I sent a thought to computer to take off all soothing that was working on her. 'Chloe, let me be honest with you. You can indeed stay up here in the stars and have the most incredible adventures.

But, it will be on my terms. I have complete power over you.' 'Yeah right!' Chloe interrupted. Time for a demonstration I thought to my self. I thought about what I wanted Chloe to do, to feel and unleashed it on her. Chloe was sent flying round the room, tumbling head over heels in a random pattern. I hung her upside down and then laid her flat on the ceiling. 'This next bit might be a bit scary Chloe' I said to her. I wrapped her in a protective bubble and then sent her out into space. Computer confirmed that she had 5 minutes of oxygen in the bubble.

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I kept Chloe close to the ship and then let her drift away, waving out the window at her as I did. Computer relayed her thought to me. She was terrified. Good. I brought her back in a minute later and Chloe collapsed to the floor gasping. 'Now Chloe, have I made my point?' I asked. Chloe nodded. 'My power also applies to your mind.' I said and did a quick play with her emotions and thoughts, worming my way inside, seeing exactly what she was thinking.

'I believe you.' Chloe said. 'I'll do anything you ask, just let me stay here.' 'Start sucking then.' I commanded.

Chloe crawled over to where I stood and immediately took my cock into her mouth. I had already stripped my clothes off, with computers help. I was instantly hard as her soft, wet mouth enveloped my cock. Chloe moved her head quickly up and down my shaft, taking me into the back of her mouth and then easing off, sucking all the time. Her tongue ran round the underside of my shaft.

She was talented but seemed unable to deep throat me yet. That would change later, I thought to myself. I lifted Chloe up off the floor, her clothes disappearing as I commanded computer to remove them.

I leaned forward to kiss her, my tongue meeting hers as our bodies met. I could feel her large breasts against my chest. Her nipples were hard, digging into my skin. I reached down with one hand in between our bodies, my fingers moving over the top of her pussy. Her slit was wet and I allowed one finger to ease in between her pussy lips and traverse the length of her wet slit. Chloe moaned into my mouth. Her hand found my cock and her fingers wrapped round the shaft as she proceeded to gently wank me as we kissed.

I rubbed her clit with my wet digit, bringing renewed passion to her kissing. It was time. I lifted Chloe with my mind and impaled her down onto my rock hard cock.

Chloe's leg automatically wrapped around me, her hands holding onto my head as we continued to kiss, our tongues exploring each others mouths. I decided to cheat a bit this first time we fucked. I got Computer to heighten the sensitivity of all her nerve endings in her pussy, ass and tits. Chloe screamed loudly as I plowed into her with each stroke, my cock penetrating her deeply with the position we were in, me lifting her and slamming her down onto the full length of my cock.

Chloe screamed through two orgasms as they tore through her body. I did not let up the pace though. As Chloe was building towards her third orgasm, I pulled her off and moved her to bend over my command chair.

I pushed Chloe's head down into the seat, leaving her ass and pussy wriggling excitedly at me. I approached from behind and ran my cock along her wet slit, up to her asshole and back down again to her clit.

I was teasing her a s I did this several times. 'Oh, just put it in, fuck me, please fuck me.' Chloe begged. I thrust forward into her pussy, grabbing her hips and pounding into her cunt.

As I pistoned my cock into her depths, I brought my thumb up and pressed it against her tight anal ring. She was tight! I brought my thumb to my lips and coated it in my saliva and then returned it to her bum hole. I pressed it onto her anal ring again, increasing the pressure until it broke through and entered her rectum. Chloe went wild and spasmed as her third orgasm overtook her.

I did not let up though and added a finger into her ass as well. 'No, not my ass, no.' Chloe begged 'I've never had anything in there before. It hurts, please nooo.' Chloe continued to whine. I kept a hand on her back and withdrew my digits from her ass. I lined up my well lubricated cock with her asshole and pressed forward.

It took a huge amount of pressure before I felt her anal ring expand to accommodate my cock. I ease myself into her, ignoring Chloe's whimpering and struggles to get me off. I very gently pushed forward and began fucking her ass in short, gentle strokes. Chloe stopped her wriggling as she got used to my anal intrusion. I continued feeding my cock into her ass, each stroke in seeing her anus swallow more of my shaft as I inched inside her ass. Chloe had obviously gotten used to it as she even started pushing back against my cock now.

She whimpered. 'Oh my ass, it's on fire, oh, oh, oh, yes, it feels ok, yes, oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, oh, oh, yes it feels good!' Chloe's ass was sending me over the edge, as I rammed my cock home for the final time, her ass taking my whole shaft, I exploded into her anus. My cum boiled up out of my cock deep into her bowels, as I buried my cock deep and gave short thrusts with me up to my hilt in her asshole.

It was amazing, I shot what must have been rope after rope of thick cum deep into her rectum, allowing myself the pleasure of keeping my cock buried deep within her as I came hard. My perverted mind whirred. I summoned Melia in her sleep and lay her down on the floor next to us. I withdrew from Chloe, admiring the rapidly closing gape of her asshole, as her sphincter returned to its normal size.

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I instructed Chloe to squat over Melia's face. She did and I told her to let my cum run out onto Melia's face. As the first drop appeared out of her anal ring, I woke Melia. Melia's face was a picture, confusion, panic and a scared look. I took control of her mind and got her to open her mouth as my cum ran out of Chloe's asshole.


As this was happening I summoned Joanna, awake and held her body in position and told her to just watch. She stifled a scream as she appeared and saw what was going on. I noticed that her eyes did not move away though. As the flow of cum from Chloe's ass abated, I told Chloe to sit her ass onto Melia's mouth and let her eat her asshole. What a sight that was! Chloe moaned gently as Melia's tongue circled her sphincter, reaming her asshole.

I was in heaven! I'd just fucked Chloe up the ass, Melia was eating my cum out of her asshole and Joanna was watching it happen with an interested look on her face. I stepped up to Chloe and offered my cock to her mouth.

She opened up and engulfed my dick, tasting her own ass on it mixed with my cum, cleaning me up very nicely. Eventually though, Chloe had to get up. I helped her to her feet.

Chloe stood there, looking awkward. 'That was amazing but my ass really hurts now.' she informed us. 'In your room you will find some cream that will help it feel better. Joanna, go with her and rub it into her ass for her.' I commanded.

Joanna looked horrified but she nodded. I thought it and they both disappeared. That left me in the control room with Melia. Melia had gotten up from the floor and was sitting in my command chair. Her face was glistening with my cum. She had an odd look on her face. 'Melia, how are you feeling after that?' I asked her. 'I., I don't know. I should feel repulsed by it all but I kinda found it exciting in a different way.' She told me.

Interesting! Definite potential there. I delved into her mind for the first time. The overriding emotion was one of subservience! So Melia was naturally submissive! Excellent! 'Melia, stand up and come with me.' I told her as I sent commands to Computer. Immediately, Melia stood up and followed me as I walked out of the room and down a corridor. I was going to a room I had configured to be like a hot tub.

I found it very relaxing lying in the bubbly hot water. I had sent a message to Computer to have it ready for when I walked in the room.

I walked in and got straight into the tub. Bliss! Melia stood at the doorway and looked uncertain. 'Take your clothes off and join me.' I told her. Melia sheepishly stripped her white top off, revealing her small, pert boobs. Her hand tried to cover them but she saw the look of disapproval on my face and quickly put it down. Without being told again, she quickly pulled her white panties down and stepped into the tub. She sat on the opposite side from me, her feet resting on the seat beside me.

I smiled at her. I took one of her feet in both my hands and began rubbing and stroking it. Melia seemed to relax as I worked on her foot, massaging it gently. 'Shall we see what the other two are up to?' I said. Melia nodded. A screen appeared to the side of both of us showing the ladies room they were in. Chloe was lying on her front and Joanna was massaging her buttocks. As we watched, Chloe brought her knees up, keeping her top on the bed. This exposed her asshole for Joanna to rub the cream I had left them into.

Joanna very gingerly dipped her fingers into the cream and gently rubbed the white cream into Chloe's ass crack. Soon, Joanna dipped in again and smothered more cream right into Chloe's ass. Joanna's fingers were obviously doing a great job as Chloe was clearly enjoying it.

I was also enjoying it, as witnessed by my erect cock sticking out of the water. I commanded the screen to go. It vanished. Melia's eyes were dragged back to me.

She noticed the top of my cock sticking out of the water and her eyes went wide. I released her foot and stood up in the water. I went across to her and leaned over her, presenting my cock to her lips. I wanted to see what she would do with out commands. Melia opened her mouth. She did not take me in but rather just left her mouth open there. I pushed my hips forward so the tip of my cock entered her mouth. Melia's mouth closed around it. She was very uncertain about what to do.

I decided to go easy on her. I just gently rocked my hips back and forth so her mouth slid over the tip. It felt great and Melia soon got the idea and was bobbing her mouth up and down my shaft. I withdrew from her mouth and got her to stand up.

I wanted to look at her body. I started with her beautiful breasts. They were small, yet perfect. I spent a happy while sucking on her nipples, fondling her small globes to my hearts desire. Moving down over her flat stomach, I enjoyed looking at her smooth pussy nestling in between her closed legs. I pushed her legs open and stroked and rubbed around her pussy, getting her breathing heavily, obviously turning her on. I played with her protruding pussy lips, rubbing them between my fingers before finally inserting one finger deep into her cunt.

Melia gasped and groaned as I penetrated her for the first time. I fucked her slowly with one finger, whilst playing with her clit with my other hand. Melia was soon sopping wet and approaching orgasm. I pushed another finger into her pussy and Melia shook as a small orgasm overtook her body.

I was ready to fuck her now. I went back and sat down on the seat under the water. I beckoned Melia over. She straddled my legs and slowly lowered her pussy down towards my erect cock.

Melia reached down, grabbed my cock and guided it into her waiting pussy as she lowered herself down. Melia was very slow at getting her pussy accustomed to my girth and it was several blissful minutes of her gradually taking my entire length into her pussy before I was fully inside her. Melia had her eyes closed and her breathing was fast and heavy, with her pert boobs heaving up and down in time to her breathing.

What an erotic sight it was! I allowed Melia to dictate the pace, gradually building up speed, making the warm water splash all around us. I pulled Melia's body close towards me as she rode me, savoring the closeness of her body and its heat. Melia was having another orgasm, evidenced by her eyes fluttering, her pussy gripping my cock even tighter and the loud gasps that escaped her mouth.

I too was close. When Melia had finished her orgasm, I got her off and had her kneel on the seat in front of me.

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I made her open her mouth and suck me. 'Look me in the eyes as you suck my cock. Don't take your eyes off me. Open your mouth' I commanded. Melia did as she was bidden. I grabbed my cock and jerked a couple of times before I exploded my cum right into her mouth.

I shot a sizable load into her mouth, not as big as the first that morning though! Melia kept my cum in her mouth as I finished with a couple of feeble spurts, dribbling out my cock into her waiting mouth. 'You may swallow it all.' I said.

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Keeping her eyes on me, Melia closed her mouth and swallowed. It was such a sexy sight seeing her do that. I collapsed back into the warm water, gestured for Melia to come and join me. I put my arm round her and we both settled back against the side and closed out eyes.