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White girl trying to take a big dick
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After hours of delay, Ben is able to book a flight on another airline that will fly south of the snowstorm and get him home to Louisville sometime after midnight. His original first class, a one-stop flight that would have gotten him home by eight o'clock is indefinitely delayed due to a snowstorm moving across the Great Lake States. The new flight is a direct flight traveling south of the storm with two stops.

That flight will get him home well after midnight. The heavy wet snow is just beginning to fall in Louisville when Ben walks out of the airport. He is totally exhausted from the trip and can't wait to get home and snuggle in his warm bed. The whole area is rapidly turning white with fresh snow, and the streets are getting dangerous to travel. It takes Ben an extra 40 minutes to navigate the icy streets home. He is glad to see Todd's jeep parked in front of the house. If Todd had waited until morning to come home, the roads would probably have been too dangerous to travel.

Todd would have been stuck at the college until the roads were cleared. Ben parks in the garage and enters the kitchen through the garage door. The first thing he notices he Todd's two suitcases in the laundry room. Next, he sees Todd's shoes, shirt, trousers, socks, and undershorts piled on the floor of the kitchen. They don't look wet or soiled, and he wonders why his son would just dump his clothes in the kitchen and then obviously continue on through the house in the nude.

That's something he will ask Todd about in the morning. Right now, he is so worn out from his trip, all he can think about is a good night's rest. Ben piles Todd's discarded clothes in the laundry room then heads towards his own bedroom.

He has to turn the hallway light on the find his way.

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When he enters his bedroom, it is partially illuminated by the light in the hallway. He can see that Marilyn is soundly sleeping in their bed and is glad she is asleep because he is too tired to engage in any kind of welcome home love-making. He turns the hallway light out then strips down to his boxer shorts and t-shirt. After slipping into bed, Ben detects the odor of scented candles and surmises Marilyn probably had a romantic event planned for his homecoming.

Within a matter of seconds, he is sound asleep. ===== Marilyn is the first to wake up. She lay beside Ben watching him sleep and recalling the incredible sex they had enjoyed the night before. She is delighted that Ben had followed her roleplay correctly.

It was one of the most magical love-making sessions they have ever had together. Before last night, Ben would usually start with kissing a bit, and then have sex missionary style until he climaxed.

Soon afterward he would roll over and fall asleep. Most of the time he was never concerned with her orgasm, but last night was unique. He was like a different person altogether. He surprised her by starting with nipple play that led to an immediate orgasm for her. He then skillfully fingered her to almost another orgasm before sliding down and using his tongue to push her over the edge to a second orgasm.

Ben usually skipped oral sex on her, but last night he outdid himself. His tongue had become a tantalizingly magical love instrument. Even his kisses were more passionate and more romantic than ever before.

When he did slide his cock into her, it seems to be harder and thicker than ever before. His remarkably thick cock stimulated every nerve in her vaginal walls. Something she doesn't remember ever happening in the past. She recalls having two more amazing orgasms before he flooded her pussy with more cum than usual. After that everything is a blank. She doesn't remember falling asleep. Ben wakes up a while later to find Marilyn watching him sleep.

She is smiling, and her eyes are filled with love. His first thought is; "WTF." He had expected her to be angry because he'd gotten home so late and didn't wake her as usual. He can't understand the happiness in her smile. "What?" He groans. "Thank you, Ben. Last night was the most wonderful, the most incredible love making session I have ever experienced in my entire life," she coos as she combs her fingers through his hair.

Here it comes, Ben thinks to himself. She's angry, but she is going to take the sarcasm approach instead of her usual angry remarks.

He'd had every intention of making love to her when he got home, but the flight delays and the itinerary changes made him so tired. He was honestly relieved to find her sleeping when he got back. He would never admit that to her, but it was a welcome relief to just go to sleep. "So, if that is supposed to be meant as sarcasm just keep it yourself!" Ben growls at Marilyn. "It's not my fault you were sound asleep when I finally got home." He turns away and covers his head with the blanket and groans.

Marilyn is at first puzzled at his remark but then can see he is not faking his reaction. It takes a minute to sink in, but the sudden realization of what may have caused his angry reply strikes her in the gut.

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Her face flushes red, and she feels a sudden rush of nausea as she jumps out of bed and races to the shower. Her head is throbbing, and she gasps for air as the hot water cascades over her sexually sated body. She is wondering; if that wasn't Ben, then who in the hell had invaded her bedroom last night.

Who had taken her to sexual plateaus never before reached? Who delivered the mind-blowing sex? Marilyn feels a sudden wave of guilt for the thoughts that follow.

Whoever he was, she is ashamedly thinking, is more than welcome to come back anytime. She quietly admonishes herself for entertaining that thought and gets out of the shower. Marilyn returns to the bedroom after her showering and finds Ben is still sound asleep and lightly snoring. She puts on a terrycloth robe and hurriedly collects the scented candles, and other sex paraphernalia used the night before.

Marilyn stuffs them in a pillowcase and hides them in the back of her closet. Still baffled, she makes her way to the kitchen for a much-needed cup of coffee. She doesn't see the roleplay instructions on the table.

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Someone removed them during the night. Apparently not her husband. She rushes to the back door to see if her note was still taped to the door. The note is also gone. On her way back to the kitchen she sees Todd's suitcase in the laundry room. "Oh my God, no! "she mumbles under her breath.

"It couldn't have been Todd. Oh, dear God please tell me it wasn't my son, Todd." Marilyn undergoes a sudden flash of panic as she races upstairs to her son's room. The note from the back door and the roleplay instructions are lying on Todd's desk. It's true. Todd had been her mystery lover from the night before. She feels sick to her stomach. When she turns to look at her son, he is sleeping on his back in the middle of his bed. He is nude and has a morning woody that would put most men to shame.

Marilyn's eyes lock onto her son's erect cock and all the exciting memories from the night before come flooding back. She tells herself she should have known by the hardness and thickness it was not Ben's cock. She also feels she should have known that it wasn't Ben because he had never satisfied her with his tongue before. In fact, he rarely, if ever went down on her without her insisting. She had been so enthralled in the moment and the pleasures of last night that she didn't question any of the visible signs pointing out it was someone other than Ben delivering the fantastic sex.

Her head feels like it is going to explode. She needs to call her daughter, Amy. She rushes back down to the kitchen and nervously punches Amy's number into her cell phone. Amy answers on the first ring and says, "Mom, I have been waiting for your call. Was it as wonderful as we thought it would be?" "Better than we could have ever imagined!", Marilyn excitedly replies. She doesn't know why she is so excited inside.

Considering the apparent mix-up, she should be terribly distraught, but strangely she feels her panties become very moist as a chill travel up her spine.

"So, I assume by your excitement that he didn't just give you a quick fuck and then fall to sleep this time. Tell me all the delicious details. Did he follow the suggestions on our instruction sheet?

Did he get creative with his love-making? Did he finally eat your pussy until you exploded with a magnificent orgasm? Did he experiment with anal? Did he&hellip.?" "Wait a minute, Amy." Her Mother interrupts her in mid-sentence. "Slow down and ask me one question at a time, but before you do just let me say that last night was totally marvelous. However, it wasn't without a few surprises." "What do you mean? Surprises?" "Well in answer to your first question; YES, he did follow the instruction sheet we carefully crafted.

I think he tried to implement every suggestion we listed. And the answer to your second question is a definite YES. He was very creative. He even did things that were not on our list. And I am also pleased to report he used his magnificent tongue to deliver the most exquisite climax ever. I have no complaints about his performance.

None whatsoever!" "Well…if he did all of that the way we planned, what was the surprise?" Marilyn hesitates a moment before blurting out, "It wasn't your father that came to my room last night and roleplayed the scenario we so painstakingly put together." Amy gasps and then screams, "Oh my God, Mom, what are you saying?" "I'm saying that for some unexplained reason your brother came to my room and made the most intense love to me that I have experienced in my entire life.

He must have seen the note taped on the back door and misconstrued it as being meant for him. Why we may never know." Amy clears her throat and says in a barely audible voice, "That may have been my fault he thought the note was meant for him." "What do you mean, your fault?" Her Mom abruptly asks. Amy haltingly replies, "It started as a prank and kind of got out of hand." "What the hell are you talking about, Amy? What kind of prank?" "Well…a lot of absurd things have happened over the last few months, and I used them to jerk Todd's chain a bit.

Just as a playful joke, mind you." "Such as," Marilyn suspiciously asks? "Like…do you remember when Todd walked into the kitchen and saw your naked butt as you dug around in a kitchen drawer?" "Yes…I remember it well. The whole episode was so embarrassing for me, and I never found time to explain the accident to Todd. I had no idea he would be up that early in the morning." "Well… every time something similar to that happened Todd would call me and tell me about it." "And you didn't think to tell me he called you?" "I know now that I should have, but I never dreamed it would go this far." "Okay…Go on." "I decided to have a little fun with Todd by leading him to believe that you were doing all of those things to tease him and see if you could arouse him sexually.

I think I may have said it looked like you wanted to have sex with him." "Oh my God, Amy! Why on earth would you do that to your little brother? And why in the hell would he believe you? I never flaunted myself in front of him." "Mom, you know how men are when it comes to sex. They don't think with their head as much as they do with their dick.

It takes very little to get their hormones to shift into overdrive." "I still don't understand how accidentally seeing my naked butt would translate into me wanting to have sex with him?" "That's where I played a big role. I knew Todd didn't see it as an accident. He didn't know what to think until he called me and I used his confusion to play the prank." "I don't understand how that one incident would lead to something like last night.

How would seeing my bare bottom for a brief moment make him think I wanted him in my bed?" "That's not the only thing that led up to last night's grand finale. He saw many more sexually stimulating things over some time and called me after each occurrence.

I used each of them to make him think you were enticing him to hit on you." "Amy, that was a callous thing to do to your brother." "I know, but at the time I found it amusing to hear the excitement in his voice when he talked about the possibility of actually having sex with his own mother. I have to admit my panties got wet listening to his fantasies about you." "Oh my, God, Amy, are you telling me my own son has been having sexual fantasies about me?" "Well, duh…Todd has been jerking off to those fantasies about fucking his Mom ever since he hit puberty!" "And you know this, how?" "Get real Mom…siblings talk to each other about a multitude of things they can't talk about with others.

Todd and I have always been close and can discuss just about anything with each other." "What other things did he see?" Marilyn asks. "You know…some of the roleplays you, and I put together to stimulate Dad's libido." "Yes&hellip. what about them?" "You were recently roleplaying as a French Maid and was straddling Dad's lap. Todd walked in just as you were rubbing your bare tits in Dad's face. You looked up at Todd and just smiled without saying anything.


I convince Todd that the smile was an invitation to him. I convinced him your smile was conveying the message that he could enjoy a similar delight with you if he wanted. All he had to do was ask." "Amy…how could you mislead your little brother like that?" The distress in her Mom's voice is obvious. "I smiled at him because he caught me off guard and I didn't know what to say. How could you do that to your own mother? Didn't you ever stop to think what the repercussions might be from a prank like you pulled?" "I thought it was funny at the time," Amy snickers.

"I saw it as just good clean fun, and I enjoyed the reactions I got from my poor naïve little brother. It was especially hilarious when he walked in during the Hooters Girl roleplay. Dad was banging you like crazy, doggy style while watching the football game. You looked back over your shoulder at Dad just as Todd entered the room and again just smiled. I still had him believing your smile was an open invitation for the two of you to get together later." "I told you before I smiled because I was embarrassed and didn't know what to say!" "I know that, but Todd didn't.

He was totally thinking with his dick." "Okay…I can see you had him believing I was lusting for him. I still don't understand why he would think the note taped to the back door was meant for him. It didn't have his name on it anywhere." "That's where it gets kind of vague.

The note was a bit generic and wasn't addressed to anyone in particular. It just said welcome home Sweetheart.

You do often call Todd Sweetheart, and he WAS just getting home from college. I can see how he might think it was for him." "He wasn't expected home at that time and why in the hell would he think I would welcome him home with a wild roll in the sack? I have never even hinted that I wanted to invite him to my bed. Those innocent smiles from me couldn't have been that inviting.

It just doesn't make sense to me." "It might make sense to him because the day he was getting ready to return to college, he walked into the kitchen, and you threw open your robe, exposing your tits and everything to him. He also told me you said that your body was his to do whatever he wanted. It shook him up so badly he fled to his bedroom without responding." "Yes…I remember the startled look on Todd's face. I didn't realize his father had left the kitchen. I was just trying to lay the groundwork with Ben to psych him up for the crazy uninhibited sex I had planned for him when he returned from his Sunday golf outing." "Well, …it worked marvelously on Todd.

He wanted to take you up on your offer but felt like a dork for running away. He called me after he got back to his dorm and wanted to know how he could possibly take you up on your offer of sex without looking like a fool." "My offer of sex?" Marilyn screams. "Oh my, God.

What offer of sex? I was expecting his father to be in the kitchen; not Todd. I was offering myself to Ben; not my son. My back was to the door, and I had no way of knowing Ben had left the room and Todd had entered." "I know, Mom. I should have put a stop to the whole stupid joke long before it reached the boiling point in Todd's hormone flooded brain. I began to worry he might naïvely walk up to you and say something like, "Yes, Mom, I DO want to have sex with you just as much as you want to have sex with me." Marilyn is running out of patience with Amy and says, "Just find a way to fix this with your brother before he approaches me wanting to do it again.

I don't know how I would handle that if he does." "What do you mean…you wouldn't know how to handle it?" "Just as I said, I have no idea how I would handle it if Todd asked to have sex with me again. I know it's wrong for a mother to do something like that with her own son.

Every fiber of my body is screaming it is wrong. But…&hellip." "But what, Mom?" "I would have never in a million years tried to seduce my own son, but it did happen thanks to you," Marilyn says with a deliberate sigh. "I found sex with your brother was so unexpectantly wonderful, so fulfilling, so exhilarating that I'm not sure I would now be able to turn him down.

I just pray to God I can continue to resist the growing temptation I have inside that's telling me to go to him and beg for more sexual splendor." "Oh my, God, Mom. Are you telling me my little brother was so good in bed you are fighting the temptation to ask for more?" "I don't want to, but believe me, that desire is in there screaming to come out." "Wow…if Todd is that good at ringing your bell, maybe I should find a way to get him into my bed!" "I wish it HAD been you he crawled in bed with.

That's not right either, but I think I could deal with that better than lusting for my own son." Amy is silently wishing it had been her also but keeps it to herself. "That's it!" Her Mom shouts. There is genuine excitement in Marilyn's voice, and she says, "Todd needs a distraction away from me. If you could get him thinking about sex with you, maybe he will forget about me.

Just anything to avoid him acting amorous toward me around your Dad. Besides, Amy, you are younger, have a much firmer body and probably more resilient in the bed than I could ever be. Find some way to get him fantasizing along those lines." "Mom…do you realize you are suggesting I try and seduce my brother?" Amy tries to sound shocked but finds the idea very appealing. Her panties get wet thinking about having her Mom's permission to come on to her brother.

She has been wanting to screw her brother ever since they started having oral sex in high school. "As scandalous as it may sound, it may be the only way we can save our family." "What about my other family? What would Jason and his parents think if he found I was sleeping with my little brother?

And what if I like sleeping with Todd as much as you apparently did? And what if I can't stop having sex with him either? What if I start having sex with Todd regularly and then begin to neglecting my own husband's needs?" "Okay…okay, I get the picture.

I'm sorry, Amy. I wasn't thinking when I suggested that solution. I wasn't really expecting you actually to sleep with your brother. I was just grasping at straws. I'm looking for a distraction. Would you consider telephone sex with your brother? You know, maybe give him some fantasies to think about when he masturbates.

I just don't want our family destroyed because of this stupid situation. If everything ends up going to hell, then you have to shoulder most of the responsibility." "I know. Let me give the phone sex some thought, Mom. I'll call you back if I come up with something." Amy knows the phone sex won't work because she and Todd have been doing that with each other for years.

Ever since she graduated high school and left for college. It's still something they enjoy occasionally. It helps her when Jason puts in long hours at the law firm. Marilyn hangs up the phone and starts frying bacon. The aroma apparently makes its way up to Todd's room because within minutes he stumbles into the kitchen.

His eyes are still blurry with sleep, and his heart is beating with anticipation. He doesn't know what to say to his mother. He is not even sure if he is expected to say anything. This is the first time he has ever awaken in the same house with someone whom he'd had sex with the night before.

As Todd tries to decide, his Mom casually greets him with the usual motherly kiss on his cheek and asks him what he would like for breakfast. Todd wisely figures she doesn't want to discuss it at this time and orders scrambled eggs and toast with his bacon. He moves over to the stove and pours himself a cup of coffee. His boxer shorts are tented more than usual for just a morning woody.

He wonders to himself if it really matters if his Mom notices the bulge or not.

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This is another first for him. He sits down and positions the tablecloth to hide his erection. His Mom does see his erection and is profoundly tempted to take his hard cock and suck it as for down her throat as possible.

She fights off the awkward temptation and calmly places his breakfast in front of him before moving to the laundry room to wash his dirty clothes. Todd is suddenly aware he needs to talk to Amy and ask her how he should handle the awkward morning after sex. After eating breakfast, he quietly returns to the privacy of his bedroom and calls Amy. "Hello Todd, I've been expecting your call." "You were? Why?" "I know about last night." "You do?" Todd is stunned to hear her disclosure.

"How could you possibly know about last night? "I just spoke with Mom, and she told me everything." "She did? Why on earth would Mom share something so private?" "It was all my fault it happened. I kind of went overboard with a prank that got completely out of hand." "What the hell are you talking about, Amy?" Amy takes a deep breath and says, "All those times you had sexually revealing encounters with Mom were nothing more than stupid accidents. I used your teenage naïveté to make you think she wanted to have sex with you.

I saw it as a harmless joke at the time, never thinking what it was doing to your raging teenage hormones. I am so sorry, and I promised Mom that I would make it right." Todd takes a long moment and lets Amy's numbing remarks sink into his befuddled mind. He sounds somewhat lost when he says, "Make right?" The bewilderment is soon replaced by hurt and anger which quickly turns into resentment and is evident in Todd's reply.

"How are you going to make it right? Mom and I have done something that can never be undone. How could you do this to us? How will I ever be able to face Mom again?" Before Amy can reply to Todd's angry retort, he disconnects the call.

The dull sound of the dial tone echoes in Amy's ear as she searches her head for a solution. And like magic, the perfect solution pops into her head.

She quickly calls her Mom back. There is a forlorn tone to her mother's voice when she answers the phone. "Mom, I am coming to spend the next three weeks with you. And when I leave, I think I will have solved the problem with Todd." "Three weeks?

What is Jason going to say about you leaving him alone for the next three weeks?" "I dropped Jason at the airport early this morning. He is going to be in New York for a month working on a very complicated Corporate merger that is worth millions of dollars to his law firm. It may lead to a full partnership for him. He is not going to have much time other than work on that merger. I would be surprised if he even calls me at all during that time." "When will you be here?" "I have already booked a flight that leaves in two hours.

I should be landing in Louisville in about three and a half hours." "Do you want me to pick you up at the airport?" "No…have Todd pick me up." ========= Amy was packed and on her way to the airport within forty-five minutes. Meanwhile, Todd is busy in his room surfing the internet. He is still mad at his sister for making him seem like a fool in front of his mother.

She had no right to make him think his mother wanted to have sex with him. He hates her for doing it, but at the same time, he also loves her for creating the situation that had led to the most beautiful sex he'd ever experienced.

However, because of her prank, he can't bring himself to talk with his sister or face his Mom. Therefore, he hides away in his bedroom. Todd just happens to be viewing a porn site that features incestuous mother/son stories with picture illustrations. His computer screen is filled with a shapely blonde woman that looks amazingly like his mother.

She is nude on a bed with her back resting against the headboard. Her legs are splayed, and she tweaks her nipples as a young man has his face buried between her legs. Todd has the sound down extremely low but can still hear the young son slurping away on his mother's pussy.

Todd is wearing only his boxer shorts, and his erect cock is protruding through the opening in front. He is visualizing the previous night and can still taste his Mom's juices flooding his mouth. Todd is feverishly masturbating and is just about to have the most fantastic orgasm when his mother knocks faintly on his bedroom door. Todd panics and shouts, "I'm not dressed. Don't come in!" He is just barely able to squeeze off the orgasm before it exploded. "Todd, Honey&hellip. it's me, Mom." She says softly.

"Can I come in a minute? "Give me a minute, Mom." He quickly shuts down his computer and is just about to tell her to come in when he remembers his hard cock is still outside his boxers for the world to See. He quickly tucks it in and covers the bulge with a sweatshirt.

"Okay, come on in Mom." Marilyn cautiously opens his bedroom door as if she is afraid it was booby trapped. She steps inside, and they both silently stare at each other for what seems like a very long moment. The awkwardness in the room is so thick you could stir it. Todd thinks about how close he just came to being discovered by his Mom watching a mother/son porn clip and blushes a bright red.

At the same time, his Mom thinks about how naughty the forbidden sex between them had been, and she too blushes red. "Your sister is coming for a short visit," she finally stammers. "She will be landing in about an hour. Will you pick her up at the airport?" His mother turns and is almost out the door before he answers, "Sure, Mom…I will get dressed and leave right away." The door closes, and his Mom is halfway down the hall and never hears his reply.


========= When Amy disembarks the plane in Louisville, the first person she sees in the crowd is Todd. She can see fire and daggers coming from his eyes.

Amy knows this is not going to be a happy reunion. On the flight to Louisville, she had composed an explanation. She was expecting Todd to explode and unload on her, but he merely asks her how much luggage she has with her.

On the ride home, the chill inside the car is colder than the winter weather outside. Amy receives a much warmer welcome from her mother and father. While Amy and her parents talk and catch up, Todd disappears upstairs only to return a short time later carrying an overnight bag. "Are you heading out someplace, Todd," his father asks?

"I'm going to spend a few nights with friends," he answers over his shoulder as he exits the front door. "I'll see you guys sometime next week." Todd is gone before anyone can question him further. Amy and Marilyn both know precisely what had triggered the reaction in Todd, but remain silent.

His Dad is at a total loss understanding what had just happened. Ben looks first to Amy and then to Marilyn for an explanation. They both just shrug their shoulders and change the subject.

Ben carries Amy's luggage upstairs to her old bedroom. The evening meal is pleasant even though Todd is not in attendance. There is still a bit of puzzlement on Ben's face. However, it is good having Amy to fill the void created by Todd's absence. Marilyn should feel happy inside because of her daughter's visit, but she's not.

She is terribly conflicted and can feel the anger building inside her. Marilyn is angry at Amy for the foolish prank involving Todd. She is mad at Ben for not getting home in time to join her in the most creative roleplay of all time and his inability to be proactive in bed.

She is angry at Todd for leaving shortly after Amy's arrival. Most of all, she is mad at herself. She is mad that she didn't realize it wasn't her husband delivering the best sex of her life last night.

She is angry that she enjoyed the sex with her son so much. She is mad because she knows it was wrong but secretly wants it to happen again. She is angry because she is wrongfully channeling most of that anger toward Ben, but can't make herself stop.

Amy and her mother clean the kitchen and then join Ben in the family room. After a couple of hours watching TV together, the family retires to their bedrooms. Amy is worn out from her trip and falls to sleep almost immediately. She had hoped she could have some private time with her brother, but he nixed that idea by running away. Ben is aware of Marilyn's abruptness toward him and confronts her.

"Okay, Marilyn what's bothering you?" "Nothing." "Don't give me that bullshit. I have been married to you long enough to recognize when you are giving me the cold shoulder." "Don't be ridiculous. I am not giving you the cold shoulder." "Yes, you are, and I demand to know the reason why!" "Oh&hellip. you demand, do you. Who in the hell are you to demand anything?" "I'm your husband, and I have always tried to do everything in my power to please you." "Ah!

That's a laugh." "What does that mean? I always do what you want me to. When have I not given you what you asked for?" "That's just it, Ben. I have to ask. I have to be the one to initiate our love-making. I'm the one who has to give you a blowjob, but you never voluntarily go down on me. Even if I ask you to go down, it's usually a quick lick, and then you shove your cock in me.

The next thing I know you have gratified yourself and is snoring in peaceful contentment." "If that's what you want right now then strip off that nightgown, and I will lick your pussy until you cum like crazy and then I will fuck until you have a dozen orgasms." "If that's what I want?" She screams.

The anger in her voice is unmistakable. Ben takes a step back and looks shocked. "If that's what I want?" She repeats in a louder voice.

She takes a step toward him and says, "Are you fucking kidding me? That's the same as me having to ask! Your generous offer is initiated by my complaint. I am still having to ask for your attention!" "Well, what do you want me to do?" "Just get out of my sight before one of us says something we will both regret later.

In fact, why don't you go sleep in Todd's room tonight? We need a night apart to sort this out." Ben reluctantly gathers his things and retreats to Todd's bedroom. He tries to be quiet but is mumbling to himself about how unappreciative his wife is about his work and the sacrifices he makes for his family. He strips nude and looks at himself in the bathroom mirror. Amy hears movement in Todd's room. There is a light shining under the door of their connecting Jack and Jill bathroom. Amy is excited that Todd did come back home for the night.

Ben peers into the mirror and mumbles to himself, "She is going to have to beg for this hard cock from now on. He turns out the light, crawls into bed and strokes his cock a few times before falling to sleep. Amy sees the light goes out in the bathroom and waits to see if Todd is going to come to her bed.

She can feel the wetness flood her panties. In fact, her panties are so wet she decides to remove them. She dips her finger into her wetness and brings her wet panties to her nose and breaths in her aroused aroma.

She is sure Todd will sneak into her bed soon. After thirty minutes Amy realizes Todd is not coming to her. He is probably still mad at her and will not make the first move. If she wants to experience his cock in her pussy, she is going to have to go to him. She knows it is risky given his actions earlier in the day and could lead to an embarrassing flare-up, but she is willing to risk it for the sake of the family.

There is also the added bonus of finally having his hard cock invade her drooling pussy. She slides out of bed and removes her nightgown. The images of Todd making love to their mother the night before is floating in her head. Her nipples are so hard they feel like they are going explode. He is lightly snoring as she moves through the darkness and under the covers with him. She is pleased to find him sleeping in the nude. She places her hand on his thigh and slowly moves up to stroke his limp cock.

She is disappointed he is not hard and ready for her, but she knows just what to do to bring it to life. It worked all through high school, and she is sure it will work now. Amy licks the salty precum from the tip of his cock before taking the mushroom shaped head into her hot wet mouth.

Within seconds his cock is like a steel bar. She is pleased to find she still has that effect on her brother. She takes him all the way to the back of her mouth and holds him there until her throat relaxes enough to allow him to slide another inch into her throat.

She begins a rhythmic flexing and releasing of her throat muscles while moving his cock slowly in and out. Todd used to tell her how much he loved it when she did that. It only takes a minute for her skillful mouth to receive the reward of his tasty cum.

She swishes it around in her mouth, and for some reason, his cum tastes sweeter than ever before. Ben wakes up from what has to be the most realistic wet dream of his life. His cock is still pumping hot sperm into the warm wetness when he realizes it is no dream. He is happy that Marilyn has come to him to make up. They had never been able to stay mad at each other for long. He is determined not to continue making past mistakes.

He quickly moves down to her crotch and shoves his face into her wet pussy without waiting to be asked. Ben starts applying every pussy eating technique he has ever heard about or witnessed on his favorite porn sites.

His actions pay off immediately as she responds to his tongue. Amy is thrilled Todd is awake, and she responds by flipping on her back and draping her legs over his shoulders.

She places her hand behind his head pushing his face deeper into her wetness. His tongue goes to work immediately hitting all the right places in her vagina. He inserts two fingers in her pussy and seeks out her g-spot while stimulating her clitoris with his lips and tongue. The effect is almost instantaneous. Amy puts her hand over her mouth to stifle the scream that accompanies her fantastic orgasm.

She squirts not once but twice as she floods his face with her juices. It's just like when they were in high school. Todd was always able to get her off with his amazing tongue. As soon as she partially recovers, Ben moves up and passionately kisses her. Their tongues dance in and out of each other mouth. Ben's cock is rock hard again, and he is pushing toward the slick lips of her vagina.

One gentle push and he is in all the way in to the opening of her cervix. He presses against her cervix a moment before beginning a slow recurrent thrust in and out, in and out. The sensation is so powerful they both break out in a chilling sweat. Ben takes note that Marilyn's vagina had never been so tight and welcoming. She anchors her heels behind his thighs and pull him deeper into her spasming pussy. Her vagina starts to squeeze and release around his cock methodically.

It is as though her pussy is sucking and milking all his strength from his body. Something he hadn't experienced in the past. Her full firm breast and hard nipples are digging into his chest like never before. Suddenly it hits him.

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The unusually tight pussy. The unusually firm breasts and hard protruding nipples. This is not Marilyn in his bed. If not, Marilyn he ponders; then who? "Amy?" "Daddy?" At that precise moment, Ben's sudden overpowering orgasm releases a burst of hot sperm into his daughter's pulsating pussy triggering a massive orgasm in her. Amy's pussy begins to spasm and irrepressibly starts to milk her Daddy's juices from deep inside his balls. They both squeeze each other firmly and tremble like crazy as their mutual orgasms take domination of their bodies.

Both are shivering and sweating profusely. It takes at least five minutes for them to come down from their orgasms. There is a combination of both guilt and exhilaration rushing through their minds. Both wonder what to do next. The decision is made when they both spontaneously come together in an intense kiss. Their tongues dance and twist in each other's mouth. It takes a while, but they both finally break from the kiss and come up for air. "Oh, Daddy, you don't know how often I have dreamed of this moment." Amy sighs and takes in another deep breath.

"I am ashamed to admit it Sweetheart, but I have wanted this for a long time myself. I watched you grow into a woman and wanted so badly to explore all the lustful promises your young body exhibited. I wanted to taste your nectar, to suck your nipples and to feel myself slide into your inner warmth. I have often found myself getting hard just thinking about your young nubile body. I was always so ashamed when that happened." "Don't be ashamed, Daddy.

I wanted the same thing. You couldn't begin to know how many times I wanted to kneel in front of you and take your cock into my mouth." Her Dad pulls her close and whispers in her ear, "Your Mother must never know about this moment. Promise me this will always be our secret." "I promise, Daddy." "It kills me to say this, Honey, but you must go back to your bed now, so your Mother doesn't find us together in the morning." "Daddy?" Amy pauses a moment then says, "Can we do this again sometimes?

Please promise me this is not a one-time deal." "I truly hope so.


I don't want it to be a one-time deal either." Amy gives her Dad another impassioned kiss then slips back to her bedroom.