Muscular hunk gets a blowjob and gets his asshole licked

Muscular hunk gets a blowjob and gets his asshole licked
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31 December 2016 I'd been preparing for the ritual for the last week, and I finally had acquired all my supplies and set up a space in the guest bedroom of my apartment. I had acquired a large vanity mirror through craigslist and put it against one wall of the guest bedroom, and on top of it I arranged my materials for the summoning.

I set several cones of incense alit in plates arranged around the room and let their intoxicating scent fill the room. I lit the black candles I had on the vanity and turned off the overhead light. With painstaking care I drew the demon's sigil on the mirror in chalk. I sat down in a chair in the middle of the room and faced the vanity. I took several deep breathes to calm my nerves before I recited the lengthy summoning text that I had found off the internet.

"I invoke you denizen of chaos… …and show thyself. …by the changing seas of glass I conjure thee!" The last words rang out loudly in the confined space, which almost instantly turned eerily quiet. I waited, tense, for some sign that it had worked. Flickering candles, thunder, demonic laughter…&hellip.nothing. What a waste of time. I thought to myself. I stood up, turned on the lights, blew out the candles, dumped the incense into a nearby ashtray, and went back to the kitchen.

I should have known that all that stuff I found on demon summoning on the internet was full of crap. Probably just a bunch of psych ward patients on those forums anyways. I turned on my playstation and went to Netflix, set it to play a documentary about the cocaine cartels, and grabbed a beer from the fridge. It was a pretty stupid idea anyways. At a certain point I had to come to grips with the fact that I just wasn't sexually attractive, at least not to the girls I was attracted to.

Sure, I could make them laugh, have them confide in me, be the person they trusted to give them the truth when they needed to hear it, but when it came to anything more than that it was always 'I love you like a brother.' Everyone's entitled to an opinion though, and I am definitely not a ten in the looks department.

I'm tall and I never had acne, but that's where the luck ends. Slow metabolism mixed with premature balding and a hairy chest and back doesn't exactly scream dream boat. Three beers later and the documentary was over. I got up from the couch to retrieve my laptop and resigned myself to another night of masturbating to porn. I pulled up and opened up several promising looking videos in separate tabs. Twenty minutes later and I came watching a girl who 'never does this kind of thing' getting creampied on a casting couch.

I discarded my used tissues in the bin next to the couch, closed out the browser and plugged the computer back in on my desk. With a big yawn I headed to my bedroom, ditched my clothes in my laundry basket, and crawled into bed in my boxers. Five minutes later I was out cold, I'd always been good at falling asleep quickly. I woke up with a start. There was a thick fog all around me, it was very warm, and I didn't actually seem to be standing on anything, just pitch blackness beneath my feet.


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WHAT IS THE NAME OF MY CONJURER? Oh shit. It had worked. I was actually talking with a demon. I cleared my throat and responded, "My name is -redacted. I would like to make a deal with you." VERY WELL. STATE YOUR DESIRES TO ME. "Well, I want to be desirable to women.

I'm tired of being rebuffed constantly. And, um, somewhat related I'd also like to be physically able to perform without any issues, if you know what I mean." A dry chuckle echoed from everywhere and nowhere at once. I SEE. WELL LUCKILY FOR YOU I HAVE GRANTED THIS ABILITY TO MANY HUMANS BEFORE YOU. THAT PART IS A TRIFLE. ARE YOU READY FOR MY TERMS?

"Yes, Sitri.

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I had been thinking about this for a long time, but still took a moment to consider before finally responding. "I accept. I, -redacted- pledge my will to you." EXCELLENT. I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING WHAT YOU ACCOMPLISH. NOW SLEEP, I WILL CALL FOR YOU AGAIN WHEN I HAVE NEED OF YOU. UNTIL THEN, GO FORTH AND REVEL IN YOUR NEWFOUND FACULTIES.

I woke with a start to my blaring alarm clock. It was a Saturday, but I had forgotten to turn it off the night before. "Man, what a weird dream," I muttered to myself. I figured since I was already up I might as well go for a jog. I had started jogging earlier that month as an attempt to shed some extra pounds. I pulled on a t-shirt and some shorts and was surprised to find that my shirt, which was one that usually fit well was getting rather baggy. I guess this jogging thing is finally paying off I thought.

With that I grabbed my phone and some earbuds and headed out the door. The weather was perfect and with my ego already boosted from the lost weight I started off at a moderate pace, planning a longer jog than normal. In my head I had it mapped out, I would leave my apartment block and head through the large park to the north, which connected to another neighborhood on the other end that was endless two story suburban homes with three car garages and perfectly manicured lawns, but lots of curving roads and interesting water features.

The good thing about the neighborhood, named Olive Grove, was that the main road was one big circle and came back to the park. All told it was about four miles and at my pace would take me an hour.

I got out of the apartments, and headed to the park. It was still pretty early at this point and the park was mostly empty, just a few other joggers and an elderly man fishing in one of the ponds. I jogged through and got to Olive Heights.


I continued along and started the circle. It was getting later in the morning and a few guys were out mowing their lawns. One house had a large window in their living room and I could see two kids sitting on the floor, eating breakfast and watching cartoons.

My pace was starting to slow a little bit as the fatigue from drinking too much beer and not enough water the night before set in. I was at the halfway point of the Olive Grove circle, so there wasn't anything I could do to shorten my run, but I decided to pause for a moment and catch my breath before starting the trek back. As I was standing I heard a voice but couldn't make out what it was saying. I unhooked my headphones from my ears and looked around for the source of the noise.

There was a woman standing on her porch, looking at me. "I'm sorry, were you talking to me?" I asked "Yes, I was asking if you would like some water. You seemed tired." She said.

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She had to have been early 30's but kept herself in shape, which was easy to see since she was wearing a grey tank top and white linen shorts. Her straight brown hair fell just past her shoulders and she was wearing silver heart necklace that had the pendant nestled right between her plump breasts.

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I've never been good with sizes but they looked like two softballs nestled in the cotton of her shirt, with the pink lace outline of a bra peeking out from her low collar. "Uhm, yeah. That would be lovely, thank you, Mrs&hellip." I replied. "You can call me Claire." "Claire, okay. My name is -redacted." "Well come in then, enjoy some air conditioning for a second." She turned and headed to her door, then looked over to her shoulder to make sure I was following.

I paused the music and stuffed my earbuds into my earbud and went up the short stairs onto the porch, following her into her entryway. "You can just leave your shoes in the entryway." She said and walked through a large living room with two armchairs and a large sofa arranged around on a large flatscreen, through a doorway into an immaculate kitchen with granite counter tops.

I quickly pulled my shoes off and followed. "You have a lovely house." I told her, trying to make small talk.

"I jog through here periodically but I've never seen the inside of any of these houses before." "Oh well thank you, I can't take too much credit though, we have a maid that comes on Thursdays. Did you want ice?" "Ice would be great." She opened a cabinet and reached up for a glass, exposing for the briefest moment the pink thong that was peeking out from the top of her shorts when her shirt rode up.

She filled the glass with ice and water and handed it to me. I downed the first half of the glass in two large gulps and then let out a sigh. Refreshing. Claire smiled at me then asked, "Well, if you've never been in before, how would you like a tour?" I was surprised at her offer but she sure was cute and it would mean a few more minutes before I had to jog home.

"A tour sounds great, I would hate to wake up anyone in the house though." Claire replied "Oh it's no worry, My husband is out of town on business and his kid only stays with us during the summer.

Follow me." Are you kidding me? There's no way that she's implying what I think she is. I'm sure she's just trying to be neighborly. She turned and headed out another doorway that led to an extravagant dining room with a hand carved wooden table and chairs.

There was a door here that led to the backyard with a small pool and hot tub. From here Claire headed upstairs and showed me the guest bedroom, her stepsons room, and finally the master bedroom. It was easily the most comfortable of all the rooms. A king sized poster bed rested against one wall, with a fainting sofa in front of it. Over on the other wall hung yet another flatscreen tv. Over on the other end of the room was a circular alcove with tall windows all the way across.

There were large cushions laid in a semi-circle on the floor around a large hookah. The perfect spot to read and smoke and watch the world scurry on beneath you. To the left of the alcove was a doorway which led to the master bath. The master bath itself was something to behold, all tile and marble with a bathtub that could easily fit three grown people or one small whale. I turned and addressed Claire "Well this is really lovely, Thank you for the tour, but I should probably get headed back to-" She put a finger to my lips "Shh, I don't normally do this kind of thing but there's something about you." Before I could respond she reached up and pulled me into a deep, lustful kiss.

It lasted for about fifteen seconds. She stepped back. I was speechless, my brain was short-circuiting, not being able to process it all at once. These kinds of things never happen to me. She leaned in and whispered "Y'know all that running seems to have made you awful sweaty, why don't you strip down and let me help clean you up?" My brain may not have been working but my dick was happy to take over, standing at attention as it was in my shorts.

Claire was already shimmying her shorts down her round ass and down to the floor. Next her hands grasped the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up and over her head in one motion which caused the two fleshy softballs to lift up and then bounce back down, now only restrained by the pink lace of her bra.

I quickly (and clumsily) followed suite, dropping my shorts and ditching my shirt, still wearing my boxers but my hard-on quite obvious and barely contained by the thin material. "Mmmm, it's about to get really steamy in here." Said Claire as she bent over to turn on the faucet for the tub, causing a jet of hot water to flow out into the marble basin. I walked up behind her put my hands on her hips, settling my erection into the valley between her two firm cheeks.

She straightened back up and my hands traveled up her stomach to her chest, massaging a globe in each hand. We were now only separated by a few thin layers of fabric. I kissed her neck and continued to play with her tits as she moaned at my touch and ground her ass back into me, riding it up and down the length of my cock.

After a few more moments my hand reached around her back and undid the clasp on her bra, letting it fall the floor, exposing bare flesh to the wandering hands. With one hand I continued to massage and alternate between them, the other went back down her stomach then under the thin fabric of her panties. She was shaved completely smooth and already soaking wet when my fingers found the folds of her pussy. I inserted my middle finger inside her and commenced to finger fuck her which caused her breathing and her gyrations to increase in intensity and frequency.

Claire was getting close, her breath coming in short gasps with an occasional 'ohmigod' sprinkled in there for good measure. A few more seconds and she tensed up, a gush of warmth running over my hand and soaking any remaining dry fabric of her panties. She then relaxed and stepped away from me to turn around.

"Your turn," she said with a grin. She stepped forward and pressed her boobs against my chest, pulling me down for another deep kiss, this time her tongue reaching through and wrestling with mine. Her hand reached down and went under the elastic band of my boxers. Her soft hand wrapped around my firm cock and slowly began stroking it up and down. At this point the bathroom was completely full of steam, all I could see was Claire.

After a minute of stroking me she released her grip. "Wait here." She took few steps and disappeared into the steam, only to return shortly holding a gigantic fluffy towel. She carefully laid it out on the tile floor then laid down on it. Her thumbs hooked the fabric at her waist and pulled her panties down and off, tossing them towards the small pile of clothes that had accumulated.

She took her right hand and pointed a finger at me, beckoning me to join her. I shed my boxers and knelt down on the floor in front of her. I leaned down and kissed her again, savoring the sensation of her supple lips pressed against mine. She reached a hand up and guided my cock towards her opening. I felt my tip touch her wet slit and pressed forward. In one smooth motion I entered her soaking wet snatch all the way up to the hilt.

She gasped and dug her fingernails into my back, moaning into my mouth. I started into a rhythm sliding in and out, a slight groan escaped her lips every time I went back in.

For her part she was quite tight and excited, almost seeming to suck me back in every time I slid back. After what felt like an eternity but was probably only a few minutes she tensed up again and came again, this time not being able to contain herself and loudly crying out "Oh shit, oh shit, I'm cumming!" Her pussy walls clamped down on my member and for a second she seemed like she was going to pass out, then her muscles relaxed and she started taking gasping breaths.

After her orgasm subsided she detached herself then sat up. She turned around and spread herself out on all fours, doggy style. She looked over her shoulder and waggled her ass at me "Come and get it." She smirked. Not one to pass up an invitation like that I shuffled forward and put a hand on each side of her rump.

She reached a hand behind her and again guided my stiff prick to her pussy.

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I didn't waste any time starting slow, I plowed right into her and didn't let up. It felt amazing being balls deep in this woman with her ass slapping against my stomach with each thrust. I could feel my cum boiling away and knew that I couldn't last much longer. "Claire I don't want to be a spoil-sport but this is amazing and I don't think I can keep it up for much longer." Claire responded back in between gasps "Alright, I'm close too, and don't worry, I'm on the pill, I want you to cum inside me." Shortly after, I felt Claire tense up and I took that as my cue.

I unloaded inside of her, shot after shot of hot cum spraying deep into her. We both collapsed onto the floor to catch our breath. "I reckon the tub is almost full now." "Well good, now we both need a bath. Good thing there's room for both of us." I pushed myself up to my knees and turned off the faucet, then returned to Claire. We laid down for a bit longer, kissing calmly and rubbing our hands on each other's bodies.

The steam was dissipating and we decided to get up and get in the bath. As we stood Claire said "I really like your tattoo." I was taken aback and glanced over and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I've never gotten any tattoos, what the hell is that? I walked over and inspected it closely. There, clear as fresh ink on a new sheet of paper, was the sigil of Sitra etched on my right shoulder. "What are you doing -redacted-? Get over here." I tore myself away from the mirror and walked over.

Claire had settled into the tub and was motioning for me to come sit beside her. I stepped over and into the hot water, letting the warmth relax my sore leg muscles.

As soon as I had settled in Claire twisted around and straddled me, her arms around my neck. "I hope you recover quickly." She said, "Because I sure would like to have some more fun with you before you leave." I looked down at the sigil on my shoulder.

Yeah, somehow I don't think that should be a problem. Fin.