Amazing twinks Aiden Summers is a very kinky boy and naughty studs

Amazing twinks Aiden Summers is a very kinky boy  and naughty studs
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Me too, I heard a voice from the doorway of my room. I looked over and saw Billie standing there. Mom smiled and said, ?Oh, yeah, Billie?s here too.? They both smiled and started laughing. Mom said Billie had set up a camera and were recording everything in the other room. Billie wasn?t wearing anything and said she was ready for her turn. Now I had just had the best sex of my life but, being 18 and having mom suck my dick clean had just made it grow harder.

Billie got up on the bed and mom slid off and said she was going to leave us alone. Billie reached down and grabbed my dick and said, ?Oh, I see it?s getting hard again, 18 year old boys are great.? She started stroking it and then she lowered her head down and started sucking it, it jumped to attention and was ready to go.

Billie swung her butt around and straddled my face lowering her pussy right onto my mouth. Her pussy was wet, probably from watching mom and me. I started licking her pussy lips and they parted easily. I put my thumb on her clit and started rubbing. It wasn?t long before she was cumming all over my face. I drove my tongue into her pussy hole and locked my lips around it to make a vacuum of her pussy.

It must have done the job as she was grinding her pussy into my face. All this time she had been sucking my dick and it was getting harder. When she had it as hard as she wanted it she slid off me, stood on the floor and bent over the bed.

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I got behind her and slid my dick in slowly and then pulling it back so just the tip of the head was in her. I did this a few times and then, without warning I slammed my cock all the way in. I felt it hit the top of her pussy and my balls hit her clit. She screamed and wiggled her ass. I did this for about twenty more times as fast and as hard as I could.

I felt her body tense and then the juices started flowing. She was a cummer as was wet in no time. I slid my hand down in front of her and got as much pussy juice as I could in my hand. I brought the juice back around and rubbed it around her butt hole. With my dick still in her pussy I slid my middle finger into her butt hole and started moving it around. I started to move my dick in and out and then bent my finger so I could feel my cock with it.

I pushed my finger against my cock and started rubbing and she started moaning and cumming.

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My dick was soaking with pussy juice and her butt hole was getting wet from all her juices. I slid my dick out and did something else I always wanted to do. I lined my dick up with her butt hole and slid it inside. She said it hurt and slowed down but kept pushing. Once it was all the way in I stayed still for a minute and started sliding back out.

I reached down, got more pussy juice and rubbed it on my dick as I slid it out. This time when I pushed it back in she moaned and I felt her pussy twitch and more juice. She started yelling to fuck her asshole hard and I did. I fucked it like it was a pussy and slammed my dick all the way in. I could feel my balls hitting her clit every time I drove my dick in.

I knew I was going to cum soon and she must have felt it too. She started yelling to fill he ass with my cum and then I shot a hot load in her asshole and then another and another. Her butt hole was so tight nothing leaked out. My dick started to soften and I slid out of her.

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She stayed right where she was, bent over the bed. Then I saw the cum start to drip from her butt hole. I stood watching it. Then I felt a hand on my back pushing me to the side. It was my mom and after she moved me aside she knelt down and started licking Billie?s pussy.

As she did the cum dripped on to her tongue and she licked and sucked every drop. Mom was on her hands and knees licking Billie?s pussy and her butt was in the air. The site of this made my dick start to grow hard again.

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There was some cum leaking out the end of my cock and I rubbed it against mom?s tight ass hole. Then I rubbed my dick between her pussy lips and they were wet. Soon she came on my dick and I slid back up to her tight little hole. I slid the tip in and she moaned. She reached back, coated her hand with more juice and rubbed it on my dick.

I slid the rest of the way in and gave her a moment to get used to my cock in her ass. I started pumping in and out, getting faster and faster. Billie had gotten up and left the room. Then I heard a noise, a vibrating noise. Billie had gotten one of my mom?s vibrators and was inserting into mom?s pussy. She drove the dildo it her pussy and I could feel the dildo sliding in and out in rhythm with my thrusts.

Billie was playing with herself and that was all it took. I shot a load in my mom?s ass that I thought would blow her head off. Mom screamed with joy and that pushed Billie over the edge as well.


We all collapsed on the bed, spent. The next morning I got a surprise wake up. It was my best friend George. He had a key so he always let himself in. He was shaking me to wake me.


When I woke up he was standing there wide eyed but saying nothing. I crawled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. When I got out he said, ?What the fuck happened?? I laughed and said just that. Remember I told you I had the camera set-up in the bathroom. Well, mom knew and she and Billie gave me a show and later it turned into what you saw.

I did both of them a couple of times. Then I started telling him how I had done them both in the butt and he wouldn?t believe me. Then I remembered Billie had the whole thing on tape. I said come on I?ll prove it. I took him into my mom?s room where the other computer was set up to tape what happened in my room.


I found the movie and we sat on the bed. I started playing it for him and he couldn?t believe it. He was watching me do my mom when I noticed the bulge in his pants.

Now George and I had jacked-off together a couple of times but nothing else had happened. So, since I was getting hard watching the movie, I slid my cock out of my sweats and started stroking it.


George followed suit and did the same. Soon we were both pounding hard. I stopped. George kept going with his eyes clued to the screen, I bent over and slid his dick in my mouth and started sucking. At first he kinda stopped but there was too much going on. On the screen mom was licking Billie?s pussy and I was fucking mom in the ass.

George relaxed and let it happen. I was sucking my first cock and it tasted good. Then I felt his cock get harder, the tip of his dick got hotter and he started humping my face; I knew he was going to blow. I wrapped my mouth around his dick, licked the tip and that was all it took.

He shot load after load and I tried to take it all but it was too much. Some of his cum leaked out and on to his balls. He reached down, scooped some up and licked it. Not bad he said. Without taking his dick out of my mouth, it was starting to get hard again, I moved myself so my dick was in line with his mouth and he started licking. Soon he had it in his mouth and we were going at it. Then he stopped sucking and I heard him say, ?Here?s some gel, I want you to do me in the ass like you did your mom and Billie.?

I couldn?t believe it but I didn?t say anything.

I got up, he bent over the bed. I applied gel to his asshole and slide my finger inside to get him ready.

I put gel on my dick and got up behind him. I placed my dick at his asshole and pushed. He said it hurt but I continued to push. Again once I was all the way in I waited. I reached around and started stroking his dick. Then I started to pumping, and stroking his dick and soon he was yelling to shot in his ass. I felt my dick get harder and then I felt the wet, vibrating dildo slide into my ass. It was too much and I exploded hot cum into George?s ass. George shot his load all over the bed.

When we both recovered we saw mom and Billie standing there with big smiles on their faces. Billie had the dildo in her hand. She looked at me and said, "Now, all the holes have been used, and I'm ready for some more teen cock." I knew it was going to be the best Saturday ever.