Glamor gal likes to play with her lovebox

Glamor gal likes to play with her lovebox
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So there I was, lying in bed I looked over to my clock, 6:25AM.5 minutes until my alarm was set to try and rupture every eardrum nearby. Sighing to myself I thought "Another five minutes won't hurt" and locked my eyes shut.

25 minutes later I woke up to my dad yelling though the wall "Are you gunna get up or am i gunna have to get a bucket of cold water!" Now normally you would think this was a joke, though my dad was not a "nice" person.

he meant it. Knowing this I made extra sure to make a satisfying THUD as I rolled out of my bed . Not really understanding that I was 20 minutes late I looked toward alarm which was turned off, noticing that time, "What FUCKING BULLSHIT" I swore loudly. Which was met by an unnaturally-fast response of "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?" "Errr I said." I started, "That you were going to do the washing up for a week.I thought so." Ended my farther.

5 minutes of strange silence later I was out the door, bag on my back, soggy toast half-in-half-out my mouth and shoe laces dancing behind my heels. After quickly finishing off the "toast" I started to walk down my street towards the bus stop. My "street" is not really what you would think it is, its more of a country lane with only our house and hedgerow for scenery.


So there I was a trampy teen on his way to his first day at college. Now I was about half way down the lane I started to get that feeling of "Crap I've forgotten SOMETHING!" Thinking it would be nothing important I kept on strolling for about 5 more steps before stopping, turning and sprinting back to the house.

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With surprising speed I had the front door open and was bouncing up the stairs. I crashed into my room and picked up what i came for. "Well that was fast. my god, these college terms are getting shorter and shorter" called my mother.


"Nah mom, i just forgot" I lied and was out the door, for the second time this morning. Now as sad as it sounds I had never used a bus before in my life, 16 years and never once before have I needed to use a bus, I was really sad when my parents first told me that they wouldn't allow me to get a moped and that i'd have to use and PAY for the bus.

Though now it seemed to be really exciting and there it was.the bus. After having to, seemingly have a fit to get the bus drivers attention (following my dads advice) I soon was sat at the back at the bus think to myself about just how easy it was.

In my now smug mood and started to quietly sing "The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round." I heard a quiet giggling from the two people in front of me,obviously thinking they where laughing at me like I was an idiot I stopped and instead started to watch as the world dragged by.

After 5 minutes of this, I decided to try and find out more about the two people in front of me. Sounds strange I know but I was a scared little child taking his first steps into a slightly bigger- than before world.

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Annoyingly the bus stopped and the two rose and started down the bus, it was only as they turned to get off the bus, did I realized that, 1) They were both girls of my age or slightly older 2) This was my stop! After looking like a complete dumb ass hurrying down toward the door, I managed to see the girls walking off the other direction.

But thinking I had been creepy enough for today I started towards the college and the impending failure to find where to go. After wandering around the college for what seem like hours, and asking too many people if they knew where to go, i was here, Room 203.

Trying to seem as cool as I could, I grasp the door handle and entered the room.which was empty apart for the teacher who greeted me "Oh hello, come take a seat while we wait for the others." Feeling about taken aback that I was the first person to actually find the room, I took a seat at the back. The day began, more and more people arrived, apologized and took a seat, I met some people and spent the day mixing their names up and just generally being super paranoid and self conscious.

The day was full of "Hello my name is" and "This is what we are going to be doing." and my favorite "If there is a fire please re-frame from trying to escape via the windows.This is the third floor." The day went by and I had not thought about having to go home but soon enough that time came and I was waiting at what later turned out to be the wrong bus stop for hours before I saw the girls from before, i quickly hurried towards them whilst trying maintain some dignity and reached them and instead of saying "Hi, don't suppose you could take me to the bus stop" instead came out some high pitch squeak.of patheticness.


"Oh hi there" said the redhead "Weren't you that guy from the bus this morning?" "Indeed" I said trying to sound confident, and then I realized I had said Indeed.who says "indeed" in this kind of situation?

The blonde girl must have sensed I wasn't sure why i had said that and started to giggle to make me a bit more comfortable. "Are you lost or something" She asked.

Now trying to not seem any more pathetic I wasn't going to admit it in front of these two bombshells. "Nahh me. i'm a born navigator.but seriously where the bus stop for fuck sake" I said, happy that that came out not just another high pitch squeak. "Awwwwwh so you ARE lost!!" they said in unison causing me to blush and they leaned forward exposing their cleavages. "Errrrrr what? oh right yea you caught me" i said mentally kicking myself for the err what.

The girls giggled and turn around and started to walk toward the "right" bus stop.

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Mental pictures of their cleavages bouncing around my head constantly. "So does funny boy have a name?" asked the redhead. "Err yea I think so." I said without thinking. They both giggled at that and the blonde glanced back and smiled at me.

"Well when you figure it out let us know." said the blonde sarcastically "It's Ralph" I said hating my name with real passion at that moment. "Awwh cute, my names Louise and this is Emily." Said the redhead and again the blonde smiled at me, causing me to blush again. "OK so the ginger is Louise and the blondey is Emily" i said mockingly "OH you'r one to talk ginge" said Louise.

This would be a good time to describe myself as any, well i'm a small guy standing at 5ft2", skinny, pale and ginger.

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A lot of people called my a vampire in secondary school but they said it couldn't be true because my hair would burn a vampire. So i didn't have much going for me on the sexy side, but i always got on with girls. I had a lot of close friends during secondary school, many of whom where girls and guys who weren't the best lookers or one of the "cool kids" so i grew up on the slightly nerdier side.spending my days playing on CoD and other things, never really going out.just getting really.really.really good at CoD.

so obviously I was not uber fit, ill admit i could have gone to the gym more often but I just couldn't be ass'd. plain and simple. I was told by a lot of the girls I knew that I was a "still waters run deep" kinda guy. I'm not entirely sure what they meant but it seemed to be a good thing. So anyway here I was, waiting for the next bus in the rain with two smoking hot babes who seemed to be friendly. When one of them asked me for my number, now in my house the whole spending hours texting people on a small "demon box" was nearly out lawed.

I mean I had to sneak my phone out of the house this morning. After saying "okay but just give me your number first" fully knowing I didn't have a clue how to find my own number. We exchanged numbers. and chatted ideal chit-chat. I found out that Emily was doing a hair and beauty course at the college and Louise was doing Business, which was the same class as me. When i told Louise that I thought we were in the same class she laughed and told me she was in her second year, which made her 17.

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I actually felt my spirit sink a bit when I heard this, so I thought I might as well be rude and ask Emily how old she was. "I'm 16 cheeky" she said with a wink. After 10 minutes of good hearted banter the bus turned up and everyone clambered in.

I swear that the bus driver gave me a congratulations-wink when he saw the girls get on with me. "Well who's a stud?" said Emily as we sat down at the back, with me on the window next to Emily and Louise sat next to some old women two rows in front "Ima stud" I said not really realizing what I just said. We looked into each others eyes for a moment before burst into a fit of laughter, causing Louise to turn and look annoyed that she'd missed something funny and all the old folk turn around in annoyance to the noise.

I couldn't help myself after that, I took every chance I could to tickle, tease and mess around with Emily. Soon though we had to stop as my stop was approaching at a much faster pace than wanted.

I looked up and caught Emily's eyes. Sky blue and staring straight back at me, I swore I was in love, and what i did next surprises me, even in hind sight.

After looking into those deep eyes for what seemed an age, I pushed my sense off a cliff and leaned towards Emily, checking that no one was watching, especially Louise, with one eye I kept leaning until our lips met.

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I felt it like a bolt of electricity going though my body, though it only lasted a second as Emily pulled away with puzzlement in her eyes.

"Sorry" I said quickly knowing that I had just blown it with not just Emily but probably both the girls. "No, its err I have to go" she said. She pressed the stop button and the bus stopped. Emily stood and talked down the the bus, saying some to Louise quickly and got off the bus.

She didn't look at me as she passed the window. The rest of the bus ride went on dully, Louise didn't even come to sit with me, I knew id blown it.badly. The bus stopped at my stop, and as i was walking down to bus to leave i thought about saying bye to Louise but decided against it. But before i could end the thought i felt someone grab my arm and pull it down. "Why did u get on this bus" asked Louise calmly still with a vice grip on my arm.

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I didn't know how to play with situation, had Emily told her what i had done, did they hate me, what do i tell her? well the answer came to me from the bus driver impatiently coughing "Just a bus ride.honest"