Beautiful Indian Girl Catch Fish

Beautiful Indian Girl Catch Fish
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Joan and I flew home the morning after she had fucked Ted. We were both excited about how it had turned out. That night in bed we relived it and had great sex. Living out our fantasy had changed our sex lives for the better. Over the next few weeks whenever we were horny, we'd talk about how to make it happen again. I had a business trip to New Orleans and we made plans for Joan to come along.

The plane trip was on a late Wednesday. I would work Thursday and Friday and then we would have some time to ourselves. Joan spent Thursday shopping, eating at a great restaurant and scouting for sex opportunities.

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She said she had heard a lot about Mardi Gras and all the wild things that happen there. While she was talking she got a little flushed and I asked her if it gave her any ideas. Joan said, "Well the idea of flashing her tits at many men was very exciting." That night we had hot sex at the hotel. I was talking about her flashing her tits and meeting some man and fucking him wildly.

Joan responded by grunting and talking dirty. "Look at my tits, look at my cunt, Ohhhh look at meee." We came explosively. We hugged each other, smiled and drifted off to sleep. Friday I worked all day and Joan continued scouting her next fuck. At dinner that night I asked how the scouting was going. Joan blushed and smiled and said "I found this club whose theme is Mardi Gras year round. Women flash there tits and get beads. You have to pay a membership fee of $100." I said it sounds like a bargain to me.

Joan did some small happy clapping. We went to the club late Friday night. It was in a very nice old New Orleans French Quarter style building.

The interior was luxurious. It had beautiful hardwood floors, chandeliers, Romeo balconies and it was furnished with antiques. The place was crowded with men and women.

New Orleans Jazz was being played. I noticed that most of the women were scantily clad. Joan was wearing a glittery T shirt with no sleeves, with a gaping hole at her underarms and a billowy very short skirt. As usual, she wore no underwear. We got drinks and chatted with some of the other people there. Joan flirted with every man we met. The band switched to dance music. Joan and I got up for a slow song.

We held each other tightly and I could feel some excitement building in Joan.

A man who introduced himself as Jack, asked Joan to dance. Joan leaned into him and pressed her braless breasts into his chest. He ran his hands down her back and brushed his hand along her breasts.

He said "They feel very nice." Joan blushed and said "They are." He asked if she were here for the competition. Joan said "I'm going to get more beads than anyone." Joan leaned more into him ground her cunt on his leg. She could feel his growing erection. After the dance she told me about Jack's erection and her naughty conduct with him. I hugged her and could feel her mounting excitement. She danced with Jack again and this time she put her leg between his and brushed his cock with her knee.

He groaned. Around midnight there was a buzz in the crowd and a few of the bartenders were on the Romeo balconies with strands of beads. One of them yelled out "Who's here for the bead completion?" Joan, of course, went to the front of the crowd. There must have been thirty women vying for attention. Dirty Jazz music started and the men on the balconies started yelling "Show me your tits." Joan immediately lifted her T shirt and flashed the entire crowd.

She was rewarded with some beads.


All the women were flashing their tits and prancing around. Joan looked at the completion and pulled her T shirt completely off. She looked magnificent. She got a lot more beads.

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The men in the room were yelling "Show me your tits." Joan's nipples were hard and flush with excitement. She pinched her nipples and they got even more engorged. A few of the other women took their T shirts off. The crowd was getting raucous. Joan did the other women one better. She lifted her skirt above her waist and flashed her bald cunt.

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I could see the arousal in her; there was moisture on her cunt lips and her labia was swollen and pouting. When the one remaining woman did the same thing, Joan simply reached down and pulled her skirt off.

She was showered with beads and the band played a victory song while Joan pranced around the room naked. Flush with excitement Joan came over to me and gave me a passionate tongue twisting kiss.

Jack, who was standing nearby, asked Joan to dance. She danced naked with Jack and humped his legs with her bare mound. When they came back to me, he had an obvious erection.

Joan whispered to me "Lets take him back to our hotel room." I pulled him aside and asked him if he wanted to come. He was so excited all he could do was nod happily.

We brought Jack to the room. He grinned at Joan and said "Show me your tits." She pulled the T shirt off and caressed her breasts. Joan held out her arms and welcomed him with a wet sensual kiss. Then she took off her skirt. Jack said "I want to enjoy every minute of this." He stepped back admiring her beauty and perfect curves, then skimmed his hands down her body enjoying touching her skin. Joan's whole body glowed with arousal. I so love to watch her.

She sat down on the bed and started fingering herself while staring at Jack. Joan told us both to get undressed.

She said stroke your cocks for me. Jack's erection pointed straight up and his veins on his cock were red and hot. Joan kept finger fucking herself. Her eyes were fixed on Jack's cock.

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The scene was so erotic that blood rushed to my head and I was dizzy. Joan started to breathe heavily. Her eyes glossed over and her fingers plunged deeply into her cunt. Joan started talking dirty to Jack.

"Look at my cunt." "Watch me finger myself." "Would you like to suck my wet fingers?" She went "Unhhh, unhhh, and said "look at meeee" and she came on her fingers. She fell back on the bed, sighed and murmured "I've been so horny all night." Jack walked over to the bed, his cock was bobbing up and down.

He pulled Joan to the edge of the bed and buried his face in her sopping cunt. He put his hands under her ass and drank her in. Joan started pinching her nipples and held Jack's head to her cunt with clamped legs. I could hear Jack's slurping and muffled groans. Joan started humping his face and started talking dirty.

"Suck my cunt." "Smell my cunt." "Ohhh, Ahhh, look at meeee." Her eyes rolled back in her head and she had another orgasm. Jack pulled up, his face covered in her juices and rubbed his dripping cock all over her flush tits. I sat in the chair in a sexual haze. Joan took Jack's cock In her mouth and twirled her tongue around the sensitive head. Jack moaned.

Joan moaned and groaned with a full mouth of cock. Jack pulled out of her mouth and said "I have to fuck you now, get on your hands and knees." He got behind her and Joan reached around and put his cock in her still wet cunt. He started stroking in and out his cock glistening with her wetness.


Joan was stroking her clitoris. I couldn't stand just watching any more. I went over to the bed and got underneath Joan and started licking her cunt. Jack's cock was directly over my mouth and I would lick his shaft as it went in and out of Joan.

There were too many sensations for Jack. He groaned and pushed deeply into her. I could see the vein on his shaft pulsing as he came copiously in her cunt. Joan was still for a moment and then sat on my mouth. Her cunt was dripping Jack's cum. She clamped her knees together and ground on my face.

I felt a warm mouth on my cock. It was Jack. I was in sexual bliss. Joan looked down at Jack and said "Suck that cock you little cocksucker.

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Get it wet and hard for me." Joan began wildly riding my face and was groaning loudly. I could feel the tremors of another orgasm in her. I stuck my tongue in her ass and that put her over the top. "Unhhh, Ohhh, look at my cunt. Lick my cunt.

Lick my assss, don't stop, don't stop.

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Joan collapsed on me and I held her quivering body. She was still for a few moments while she was still coming. Joan wasn't done yet. She moved down my body leaving a trail of cum and her juices on me. Joan impaled herself on my cock. Jack was hard again from watching us. Joan said "Give me that cock Jack." She put it in her mouth and slobbered it.

She was riding my cock and swallowing Jack's cock down her throat. Joan rode my cock and ground herself on my pubic bone. I couldn't take any more stimulation and came copiously in her cunt. She came on my cock and Jack came in her mouth. She kissed me deeply sharing his cum. We all fell back on the bed completely sated and happy.

I held Joan and told her I loved my dirty girl. She trembled in happiness and sexual fulfillment. After a while Jack got up and got dressed.

He came over to Joan, gave her a passionate kiss and said he had never had a night like this. He was still panting and out of breath. The room smelled like sex. Joan and I cuddled and sighed. I said "Wow, what got into you tonight?" She smiled and said "Everyone I could get." We got up in the morning still happy and fully sexed.

We had to catch our plane. Joan asked "Are there any more business trips coming up?"