Horny angel was supposed to study but she got horny instead

Horny angel was supposed to study  but she got horny instead
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===================================================================== What I didn't know was that I had a small audience watching our performance. From just inside the door leading to the Swan Chiaia stared in awe at the lewd act Kenneth and her sister but she could turn her eyes away from it. Part of her was jealous of her sister because she wanted to feel that cock entering her virginity.

She started feeling this way since seeing him naked earlier today, and now seeing how big it was when it hardened had her body reacting in strange and wonderful ways. Chiaia found her hands fondling over her firm breast and running down her body rubbing her clit through her clothes. Her heart quickened with the couples pace as if it was her that monster cock was pounding into her. The world seems to fall away and only the couple having sex seemed to matter.

Any other thoughts she had were lost to her. Wahanly was taking a break from repairing the Swan and her mechanoid when she heard strange sounds coming from outside. As she investigated she looked into her ranger finder and saw Kenneth and Mexiah having sex in the cage he was in.

The blanket forgotten on the floor as Mexiah sat on top of Kenneth and his cock was ramming in and out of her. This was the first time Wahanly had seen anything like this. Her body was reaching in such a way she could control herself. She felt her pussy began to dampen and her whole body became flushed. Her breathing was shallower and the only thing she wondered was how Mexiah could take some much of his hard cock inside of her.

Queen Lasharra had been watching the whole scene up fold in front of her from the beginning. She had been secretly watching Kenneth since he was his capture. When she first saw him she had never seen such a tall, strong, and handsome man. She was intrigued about everything about him. She knew that there wasn't anyone like him and that made him all the more desirable to her. Now, seeing him fucking Mexiah like he was she too wanted to feel that.

She secretly vowed that no matter what Kenneth would be hers. Standing in the shadows of the queen's chambers Mahya watch the monitor as well remembering that hard cock inside her mouth feeling it swell and cum. She knew then this young man would be an exciting lover should love to take to her bedroom.


The things she would love to teach him made her pulse quicken as she saw Mexiah body shake violently through one orgasm after another.

She also knew that she would have to watch the queen closely from now on. She could tell Kenneth was starting to have an effect on the young queen. As I laid there trying to catch my breath, I felt my cock was still being milked by Mexiah's tight little pussy as it was trapped deep inside of her.

I pulled up on her body trying to free my cock from her vagina. I wiggled my hips until I hear the wet plopping sounds of my cock being freed from its confines. "Are you alright Mexiah?" I asked her. When she didn't respond I gave her a gentle shake. "Miss Mexiah, are you alright?" "Hmm? Oh Goddess, what have you done to me, my sweet little brother? My pussy is still quivering but it fills so empty now that you're not in me." Mexiah asked me as she looked into my eyes with a mischievous smile.

"Just what the hell is going on out here Mexiah?" Chiaia screamed as she ran up to the cage.


This startled me as I saw the rage in Chiaia eyes while she was coming towards us. Mexiah start laughing and said "Oh you should know what is going on Chiaia.


You have been watching long enough at the doorway to get a good HARD look." Mexiah emphasis hard by sitting up on my lap and reaching behind him to grab my still swollen cock in her hand and rubbed it between her ass cheeks as she looked at Chiaia. "But, if you want your big sister to show you again maybe you should get undressed and join me for a little one on one lesson." Mexiah teased Chiaia.

Chiaia face went totally red and the shock in her eyes at what she said froze Chiaia in place. Mexiah stood up and started walking towards her sister. It was when she bent down to step out of the cage when I noticed a rather thick glob of my cum dip from her pussy and started running down her thigh.

"Damn it Chiaia look what you've done. Kenneth's cum is escaping and dripping down my leg. I hope you are happy now?" Mexiah said to her sister and she spread her legs and showed Chiaia the cum trail.

That was so sexy to see but it got even better when she reached between her legs and used two of her finger to scoop up the glob of cum and then she sucked the cum off her fingers. Then she reach down for a second scoop of cum and this time offered it to Chiaia as she stood there staring wide eyed at her sister. "What's wrong Chiaia would you like a taste of his yummy cum as well?" Mexiah said as she stuck her hand out to Chiaia. "Ew, gross Mexiah I don't want that anywhere near me.

Besides what were you going out here in the first place?" Chiaia said as she backed away from Mexiah's hand. "He looked cold out here, and very lonely." Mexiah answered her. "But why are you naked out here in the first place?" Chiaia fired a question back. "Oh? You don't know sharing your body heat is the best way to warm somebody up." Mexiah said with a wink.

"I can't believe I have to guard my own sister from the prisoner." Chiaia said as she grabbed Mexiah's arm and started dragging her back inside the Swan. Once they were back in the Swan Lady Mahya met them in the corridor and stopped them from going any further. She looked at Mexiah and then at Chiaia then back to Mexiah before saying "Miss Mexiah, if you would please come with me. I will find you clothes to wear and get you cleaned up. I can't have you running around naked and making a mess in these corridors after we worked so hard cleaning up this place." With that she took Mexiah's hand and led her down to a spare room and shut the door locking it.

"Miss Mexiah, I'm not sure how instructors do things in the Holy land's academy but here we try to maintain things with the upmost care." Mahya scolded Mexiah as she sat her on the edge of the chair in the room. "Besides, wasting all that beautiful cum by dripping it on the floors. I thought you of all people should know better than that." Mahya knelt in front of Mexiah and spread her legs over the arms of the chair she was sitting in and began licking the sides of her thighs lapping up the cum that had dripped out of her pussy.

Mexiah sat back and start to enjoy having the head maid lick the cum from her pussy. "You know Mahya, if you wanted him cum so badly you should have joined me out there this evening. When I left Kenneth he was still rock hard and I know we could have gotten even more cum out of him and shared it with each other." Mexiah told Mahya as the slurping sounds increased. "Oh, I didn't want to be too greedy my Lady.

I've already indulged in his cock once today with a belly full of his cum." Mahya retorted. Beside Chiaia wasn't your only audience member that enjoyed your little show and I still have a reputation to up hold around here. Mahya made her point clear by sucking in Mexiah's erect clit into her mouth and flicking it with her tongue as she push two finger into her slopping wet pussy.

This took her back to the days when she used to service the former queen after she was fucked by Lasharra's father. She mused to herself that's probably why Lasharra was an only child. With that thought in her mind she began to hum a tune into Mexiah's clit. Mahya used two of her fingers to fuck Mexiah's loosen pussy curling them slightly to rub the mushy part of her g-spot. This got Mexiah off faster than she ever thought was possible. Mahya was definitely no stranger in the ways of pleasing a woman.

Mahya continued her manipulation of Mexiah until her orgasm hit and then she pulled her fingers from Mexiah's pussy and drove her face and tongue into her pussy. Mahya sucked the cum mixed from Mexiah pussy like she was starving.

Mexiah felt Mahya's tongue working around her pussy sucking every last bit of nectar that she could offer Mahya. In the span of less than an hour she had two of the most mind blowing orgasms she has ever felt. I woke up to someone opening the cage door to see Doll standing there with a smug look on her face. She said "you really messed things up now haven't you Kenneth?' "Doll!

I thought I'd never get to see you again." I exclaimed. "Are you ready to go back Kenneth?" She asked me. "Well, I seem to have a bit of a problem Doll. I don't have any clothes on. All I have is this blanket." I told her. "Oh I don't mind that. It's not that I haven't had the pleasure of see you naked before now have I? But, if you insist I saw your clothes on a shelf just inside the room." Doll giggled. I guess this was her way her getting me back from catching me masturbating last night.

I folded the blanket on the floor of the cage and stepped out and got dressed. She led me to a hover bike hidden behind some bushes and we took off from the Swan unnoticed. We made our way back to the masked man's ship that was lying in wait for our return. We landed in the mechanoid holding bay and got off the bike.

We were immediately surrounded by his troops all of them pointing their guns at me. Lasharra watched as Kenneth and another rider took off in the hoover bike her guards discovered earlier. Everything was going according to her plan. She knew no one would just give up on such a powerful mechanoid pilot that easily. She sent word to have Chiaia, Mexiah, and Wahanly awoken and brought to her chambers so she could discuss the plans she and been working on.

If all went accordingly she would have her proof and then take proper actions against the people that had sent Kenneth and the other mechanoid pilots out to kill her. If she was even luckier, she would retake Kenneth alive and figure out a way to keep him by her side. Vanessa woke Chiaia and Wahanly up in their rooms but she couldn't find Mexiah anywhere.

She reported this back to the queen just as the girls arrived in the queen's chambers. Mexiah's disappearance put a dampener in Lasharra's plans. The lack of the extra mecha and pilot put them back at a disadvantage.

"Wahanly, we need you to start preparing that surprise we talked about earlier. Chiaia, I need you to follow in Wahanly's mechanoid and locate their position. With your sister gone we can't stage an attack but maybe we can turn the tables on them when they decide to attack us." Lasharra ordered the girls. Then she turned to the ship's communications pad and ordered the ship to go into defensive lock down and prepare for an attack.

She walked back to her chair and waited for the next move to be played by her enemies. Lasharra wasn't the only one watching the hover bike escape back to the waiting warship.

A hidden Scared Mechanoid watched it pass by before making a call to a nearby Dark Elf patrol ship on the pilgrimage route. She warned them of a uninvited guest in their airspace with hostile intent. "Why have you failed to finish Lasharra off? You are from another world and yet this is all you got?" the masked man asked me.

"Search him!" he shouted to the guards. The guards grabbed me by my arms and began checking my clothes and patting down my body I guess looking for some like of bug or weapons. I really didn't know what they were expecting to find until one of the guards turned my shirt collar over and said" he's wearing an Aho magik transmission circle!" This took everyone including me by surprise. Seeing that I had no idea what the hell that was but guessing from the transmission part it must have been some kind of tracking device.

The guard removed the clear disk from my shirt and crushed it. "I figured as much." The masked man said.

"Well, that was surprisingly fast, but it was long enough to gain some valuable insight." Lasharra said as she put the listening device back on the desk. "You're up Chiaia. Follow the plan as I directed." She ordered.

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"How did Queen Lasharra win you over? Did she tell you that you could have anything you wanted?" The man in the masked asked me.

"No, she didn't. I never said a word to them about anything." I explained to him. "Are you playing dumb then?" He asked. "I'm telling you I didn't say anything to them about you or me. I just recently got my clothes back before returning here with Doll.' I told him. "Either way it doesn't matter. I had planned for you to die here from the very beginning." He said smugly.

That realization hit me hard and fast. I guess I knew from the start I shouldn't have trusted anyone that wouldn't let me see his face. It was just as Chiaia said I was just a pawn in their coupe-de-ta. If they succeeded I would have be executed as a murderer of Lasharra and if I failed I couldn't tell them anything to trace it back to them.

The dream of going back home was a long shot but it was the only chance I had open to me. As the rage was building up inside of me I said to him "We had a deal though.

I help you out and you would send me back to my world." "Do you really believe we have the means to send you back?

Think about it." He retorted. Clinching my fist I ever so slightly shifted my weight to the ball of my feet and said "So you lied to me." He started drawing his sword and I attacked sending a hard thrust kick into his solar plexus. That sent him flying backwards to the ground gasping for air. The guards behind me start rushing me.

I caught the first guard in the throat with an open palm strike that dropped him instantly. Then next guard came at me swinging his sword in a downward arch which I sidestepped and as the sword hit the ground I spun towards him counter clock wise driving my elbow down in the back of his neck. I was about to bend down and grab his sword when I saw the other three guards rushing at me with their swords ready for a thrusting stab.

I took on the middle guard first feinting a sidestep again and as he tried to anticipate the move I adjusted my weight to the inside foot going low into a hard leg sweep that caught him in the knee cap breaking it instantly. The other two guards turn but it was too late, I ready had the middle guard's sword in my hands and slashed the left side guard's throat and using the momentum of the swing blocked the sword of the right side guard's sword and kicked him in the balls.

I then drove my sword into his chest. I needed to get off this ship but the guards behind me protecting the masked man block my way to the hover bike. I took off out of the hanger towards the front of the ship. I thought maybe I could find something on the top deck I could use to rappel off this ship like some rope or anything.

"Kill him already!" yelled the masked man to his guard as they took off after me. /this brought a laughter out of Doll. "What are you laughing at?" He yelled at Doll. "You want me to kill Kenneth?

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Surely you jest." She said at the end of her laughing. "How dare you mock me!" he said and turned to enter the mechanoid. Out on the top deck I couldn't find anything to use as I continued to move towards the bow of the ship. When I reached it the hanger doors opened and out stepped the blue mechanoid the mask man piloted. I was trapped with no other way out that I could see. "You dare humiliate me after everything I have done for you. You owe me your life after everything I have done for you." He said.

Just then, my vision began to blur up again like the previous night. I could feel the cold sweats breaking out all over my body and a chili running down my spine. I knew this was bad and getting worse by the second. Seeing me stagger on the bow the masked man laughed "Now this is very interesting, you seem to have gotten sick haven't you?

Well, I have just the cure for you. Your slow excruciating death!" Looking over the edge, the only option I could see was to jump and hope I could catch a lucky break and use the trees 40 feet below us to help slow my fall and keep myself from dying. Thinking back on it now I don't know if it was the fever talking or desperation but it I knew it was the only choice I had left. I got over the railing and took the plunge over the side. I don't know if you have ever fallen off something at a great height but the time I spent in free fallen seemed to take forever but then all the sudden these huge hands gently cradle around me and slow my decent before lifting my back closer to its mechanoid frame.

It was at that point the world went black. The green mechanoid with brown trim and with long silver hair belonged to Aura Shurifon. The daughter of King Shurifon, ruler of the Shurifon Empire. She was also the Pilgrimage Route Guards commander. After receiving the mysterious call earlier she deployed her mecha to investigate the claim of a unwelcome guest.

That was when she saw a man jump from the bow of the ship and without thinking saved him from the fall. When Aura secured the man that was in her mechanoid's hand she took off in the opposite direction to put some distance between her and the mysterious ship. "What's Aura doing here?" the masked man pondered, and began firing at her.

No matter what, could not let Aura talk to Kenneth about everything that has happened. Aura scolded herself about getting involved specially without backup because while she had this man in her mechanoid's hand she couldn't defend herself against his attacks.

Her only other option was to try and escape to a safer location where she could put him down and fight back. Just then Chiaia met Aura in midflight as she saw the blast from the laser cannon and went to assist her.

She didn't know how but she knew that she had gotten involved in all this. Just as the blue mechanoid was about to use a finishing blow to Aura's mechanoid the strangers mechanoid fired a shoot across the blue mechanoid's front making him back off with just enough time for Chiaia to come in and assist Aura. "Chiaia Flan." Aura recognized the mecha that crossed her flight path. "Well if it isn't Aura Shurifon. What bring you out on such a lovely night like tonight?" Chiaia asked not wanting to involve Aura as much as possible.

Then she saw Kenneth in her mechanoid's hand and said "You go on ahead. The swan is just around the bend up ahead. I'll cover your escape." With that, she turned her mecha to engage the blue mechanoid that was attacker her. "Gladly and thank you." Auras told Chiaia, and resume her flight as instructed. With both mechanoids preoccupied the blue mechanoid hid in the trees as he told this might be more obstacles than I can handle.

When Chiaia couldn't locate the attacking mechanoid she followed Aura back to the Swan. When they landed on the Swan Aura took Kenneth under his arm and began walking to the front of the castle. She wasn't going to leave her without getting some answers, and she knew this man she was supporting was the key to it all.

As Aura approached the doors Angela asked her if she could take the man for her so she could wait outside for Queen Lasharra to come out and greet her. Aura refused Angela's request and continue to make her way to the doors. Chiaia finished exiting her mecha stood at the front of the doors and waited on Aura to reach her.

Stepping in front of Aura, Chiaia bowed and said "Since we are on a pilgrimage we have special right and I cannot allow you to enter Princess Shurifon.

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You have my up most apologies." "As the commander of the Pilgrimage Route Guard I need and will get some answers. I cannot and will not let this go." Aura told Chiaia.

"I will certainly explain the situation but first I ask that you surrender that man to me." Chiaia asked Aura matter-of-factly. "This man is my exclusive witness in my attack. Furthermore, I think he is the key for all that is happening so until I get some answers I will not be surrendering him to anyone.

Plus, I would prefer to hear this explanations from Queen Lasharra herself." Aura said coldly. As Aura approached Chiaia, Chiaia went to stop her but was halted by the queen when she said "Tis fine, she has our full permission to board." "Queen Lasharra Earth, please pardon my demeanor during this crisis." Aura addressed Lasharra.

"Of course, it would be highly impropriate to discuss these matters out in the open. Would you care for some tea inside while we talk?" Lasharra asked.

"Chiaia" Chiaia went to take Kenneth from Aura but was blocked by her saying "As the one who just save this man's life, I will keep him until I understand the situation better." "I heard Kenneth back." Mexiah said as she exited the front doors towards everyone.

"Mexiah, where have you been?" Chiaia asked. "Miss Mexiah what are you doing here?" Aura asked her. Ignoring the questions she hurried over to Kenneth to examine him. "Oh no." she said. "I'm sorry it's likely Aho sickness. I had to carry him with my mechanoid when I saved him." Aura told Mexiah.

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"No, it's worse than that. Look at that rash on his neck and the high fever. It's Rashinatory the altitude sickness." Mexiah explained. "Rashia what? Asked Chiaia. "He has to be from somewhere with a really high altitude to come down with that sickness. Rashinatory come from the Ena oceans." Wahanly explained. "So, you had it too Wahanly?" Asked Chiaia. "Oh no way, I'm fine. I had the vaccination for it before I left the Barrier Workshop." Wahanly told Chiaia.

"If this man has it he could die." "We got to do something fast he's burning up!" Mexiah told them. "Move him inside to one of the rooms and call Mr. Ulyte. He would know what to do for Kenneth." Lasharra ordered. After getting him into the bed Ulyte examined Kenneth and turned to Lasharra and said "At this stage he has about 6 hours before he will fall into a coma and all likely hood suffer from heart failure and die." "I know! I heard if the shot doesn't work there is a natural remedy you extract from the Triama herb." Wahanly told Ulyte.


"Well, Triama is rarely used as any kind of remedy so we don't carry any on board." Ulyte explained to Wahanly. "I'll go get some." Aura said as she walked out of the room. "I'll go help you Aura." Mexiah said. "We'll leave the Swan in your capable hands Chiaia." The two experienced mechanoid pilots left the ship to start their search of the Triama plant.

It was found in marsh, wetland by rivers and lakes plus being that the plant was not really in season was going to make finding it all the more difficult.