Spank and Fuck Teens Tan Ass

Spank and Fuck Teens Tan Ass
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The Chauffeur (#17) The Fab Five By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 CHAPTER 1 As the car went from the road into the parking lot of the porn store, the bumps were so pronounced that I was jarred awake. Dakota announced, "Daddy, we're here!" I looked at the shop. Drab white, some spray graffiti on one side of the door and a board covering up an obviously broken window.

Dakota parked the car and we all got out. As we went inside, a guy from behind the counter shouted, "AMY!" He jumped down from the counter area to rush poor Amy.

She put on a forced smile and politely put her arms around him. I ask, "Amy darling, something we should know about you?" "Well, Dolph and I dated for a short time&hellip. a very short time," She said. Dakota decided to run blocker for Amy saying, "Hey Dolph. Back the fuck off.

This is my girlfriend and her kitty cat belongs to me. Got it? Or do I need to come up there and whoop your dumb cracker ass?" At first, Dolph frowned, but then he obviously began to get excited thinking about my little blond Dakota 'whooping his dumb cracker ass'.

I said to Dolph, "Hey, I'm in need of a couple of submission collars. Do you have any here or should we go somewhere else?" "Do you have any here?" I asked again. "Um, yeah. They're right over there against the back wall." He replied.

Amy chimed in, "Thank you Dolph." We went to the back wall. There we found about a hundred different collars. Thick back leather collars, to dainty pink ones, to a blue one that had the phrase 'I bow to my Master'. I grabbed that one immediately thinking that Sindee will wear this for me. Dakota asked, "Daddy, I know another secret." "Do tell, Daddy wants to know." "The protégé is not whom you're expecting it to be." She says with a devilish smile.

"Then whom is it?" "I promised that I wouldn't tell you." She replies. Dakota picks out the cute pink collar and picks up two dog leashes. Dakota is smiling and Amy is smiling. We go back to the front to pay for the items. Our creepy boy, Dolph is just smiling. I'm sure in his head he thinks that the collars are for Dakota and Amy. He probably thinks that he envisions himself being able to hold Amy's leash.

But truth be told, there would be no way in hell I would allow him to get any closer to her than the counter he was standing behind. Dakota pulls out her AMEX and pays for the stuff and we head back out to the car. I beat Amy to the back seat, yelling "Mine" as we get into the car. She puts on her pouty face and takes her seat up front next to Dakota. I reach over the seat and began massaging her shoulders.

As we head off, I ask my two ladies what they think of John. Dakota spoke first, "Daddy, he's becoming a mini-you. He is really trying to be a good boyfriend and maybe a good daddy to Diane. I see it in her eyes that she hopes it is John that created her baby. I also see the maturity you said you saw the other night at the hospital. John is really trying to emulate you." Amy joined in saying, "Man, that boy can fuck." Causing all three of us to laugh.

When we arrived at the house, I saw Tina's white BMW in the driveway. In my head, I began thinking that Tina was the 'protégé' and not Diane. As we got out of her car, Dakota began singing in my ear, "You're gonna be surprised." I went to put my key in the lock only to have the door open for me.

I step in and see two lovely women sitting on their knees in a submissive pose with their heads bowed. "Master, I bring you my protégé." Sindee says submissively. I take a moment, expecting to see either Diane or Tina. However, I was shocked to see Paula raise her head to look at me. Dakota was smiling and trying to stifle a laugh. I was completely stunned. This one I never saw coming. "Sindee, whom is this that you have brought me?" I ask. "Master, she doesn't have a name yet.

I explained to her that only you would give her a submissive name," Sindee says. "Hmm, how about Anabelle? I know that you like anal and I like ringing your bell.

What do you think Anabelle?" I ask. "Master, I love the name," She says to me bowing her head once again in a show of submission. Dakota reaches into the bag and hands Sindee the collar that has the saying on it.

Then she hands Anabelle the pink collar. Both women squeal with delight as Amy and Dakota put the collars on my new submissives. I attach a leash to each one. I hold on to the leash for Anabelle but hand the leash for Sindee over to Dakota. Dakota begins, "Get up Sindee.

Your tongue will be getting a work out for the next while and maybe, just maybe if your protégé takes good care of Daddy, he might just reward you with his cock." "Yes Ma'am," Sindee replies.

"Mistress. Yes Mistress," Dakota barks back at Sindee. "Yes, Mistress," She says, again bowing her head in submission. I reach into my own pants and pull out my cock which was aching to be released from its confines. "Anabelle, my cock has droplets on its head. Come lick them off, continue until I tell you otherwise," I say Anabelle, crawls on her hands and knees over to me and begins to lick the pre-cum droplets off the bulbous head of my cock.

"Swallow it, swallow all of it. I want to hear you gagging on my cock," I tell her in a demanding manner. She grabs the base of my manhood thrusting her mouth down on my cock.

I hear her gag over and over with copious amounts of saliva starting to drip from her mouth and chin onto the floor beneath her. I pull on the leash, causing her head to rise to look at me with complete submission in her eyes. "Yes, Master. What may I have the pleasure of doing for you?" Anabelle asks.

"Find me John and Diane," I say to her. "Gladly Master, I'll be right back," She says to me as she gets up and walks down the hall.

I hear a door open, some faint discussion followed by some footsteps coming back down the hallway. Anabelle kneels beside me with her head down looking at the floor.

"My darling Anabelle, I want you to suck John off until completion and he shoots all he has down your throat, while I give your ass a good fucking," I tell her. "Oh Master, that sounds delightful. John will shoot all he has into my mouth. I will swallow all of him. Because I know you are going to fuck my ass like the good little slut that I am for you," Anabelle says to me.

I just point towards John's rock-hard cock. She crawls on her hands and knees over to John and begins sucking on him. I walk over to her, spit down on her anal rosebud placing my still hard cock on her anal entrance. All at once, I push myself all the way into her. I see that Diane has taken up residency on the loveseat. She is fingering herself, moaning and expelling her own love juice being a voyeur in this equation. I begin my thrusting into her ass.

Her anal cavity is clamping around my cock. I just keep picking up the pace until it feels as if my thrusting is approaching Sasha-mode. I notice that I don't hear any gagging. John is clearly larger and longer than me, but I don't hear her gagging on his dick. I lean into her and whisper into her ear, "I don't hear any gagging. If you aren't gagging shortly, then I'm going to have him fuck your ass with that horse-cock that he has an there will be absolutely no lube," I tell her.

She moans knowing that I mean business. She pushes her face towards John's pelvis until her nose touches his crotch and she is gagging bountiful amounts of saliva. As she is gagging over and over, I hear John announce his orgasmic pinnacle, "FUCK ME PAULA. THIS FEELS SO WONDERFUL." I correct him, "her name is Anabelle.

She is my new submissive," I say to him. It really didn't matter, as John was shooting down her throat. She was trying desperately to swallow all of it. John grabbed her ears and thrust one more time, clearly shooting another couple of ropes of cum into her throat.

I pull back on the leash once again, gaining Anabelle's attention. "Yes Master?" She says. "I'm going to cum in your ass. You are to remain still and not make a sound. Do you understand?" I say to her. "Yes, Master. No noise what so ever. Am I allowed to cum if I don't make any noise?" She asks.

"You may indeed cum. As many times as, you want. You just may not make any noise. No moaning. No announcing your orgasm. Nothing," I say to Anabelle. "HERE I CUM ANABELLE. FUCK MEEEEEEEE!" I say as I shoot rope after rope into her bowels. I kept plunging my still hard cock in and out of her. She now has moved into a complete submission posture. Her head is on the floor facing sideways, her ass up against my pelvis and I'm ramming my cock into her as hard as I can. Yet, she doesn't make a sound.

Not a peep. I withdraw my cock from her ass and push it hard into her wet wanton pussy. I thrust it all the way until my pelvis was touching her pussy lips. I kept up my hard thrusting of her. I feel the walls of her womanhood grasping my cock as wave after wave of orgasmic rush blasts through her. I feel my balls begin to retract into me as I reach that wonderful place shooting my man seed into my new submissive.

"ANABELLE. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. THIS IS HEAVEN. TAKE ALL OF MY CUM INTO YOU. YOU'RE NOW MINE!" I say in an orgasmic release. I just keep thrusting until I feel myself begin to deflate.

I hear her exhale as I withdraw from her. I shout towards the bedroom, "Sindee. You are needed out here." I hear a door open and the patter of feet walking quickly down the hall.

"Yes Master. What may I do for you?" Sindee asks. I see Dakota still holding on to her leash. Sindee looks so beautiful wearing the collar. "Anabelle needs cleaning up. My cum is in both her ass and her sweet pussy," I say to her. Sindee gets behind Anabelle and begins licking the cum out of both her ass and her pussy, moaning the whole time she is licking. I move in behind Sindee putting my nearly hard cock at her sex entrance.

I push into her until my pelvis is hitting her ass. I begin thrusting in and out of her with rapid succession. Amy joins Diane on the loveseat, reaching over to begin playing with Diane's very wet pussy. I see three fingers of Amy's youthful hand go in and out of Diane. Then four with her thumb pressing hard onto Diane's clit. Diane reaches an orgasmic pinnacle of her own. "AMY, I FUCKING LOVE WHAT YOU DO TO MY SWOLLEN LITTLE PUSSY. YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM SO FUCKING HARD!" Diane announces.

John now recovered from Anabelle's blowjob put his hard cock into Amy. He begins thrusting into her rapidly. I see Diane whisper into John's ear. He smiles, withdrawing his cock from Amy's pussy. He picks her up and sits her down on his cock putting it in her ass.

Diane beckons me over to Amy saying, "Daddy, put your fat cock into Amy giving her the orgasmic release of having two fat cocks into her at once. My John in her ass and you in her pussy. Maybe the three of you will all cum together," Diane says giggling. Dakota adds, "I bet that will be as sexy as all fuck," Using John's word for fun.

I carefully push my cock into Amy. She loudly announces, "HOLY GAWD, IT'S TOO SMALL FOR BOTH OF YOU. I'M&hellip. I'M&hellip. I'M CUMMMMMMMIIIINGGG!" She says as I feel her very wet pussy grasping my cock as wave after wave rushes through her body. Suddenly, I feel John begin to orgasm into her which triggered my own orgasmic peak. John and I both say together, "FUCK MEEEEEEE".

Amy's pussy just kept putting out copious amounts of woman juice all over my manhood. I came again inside of her. As I uncoupled from Amy, I put my deflating cock into Sindee's mouth for her to clean me off.

I directed Anabelle to clean John's cock first then clean up Amy. She without hesitation, obliged. Sindee looked at me submissively and asked, "Did I do good Master? Were you surprised? I so wanted to surprise you since you have done so much for Diane, Marcus, and I." "Yes Jennifer, I was completely surprised. Sindee is done for the night, but not Anabelle," I say to her. I pick up Anabelle's leash and hand it to Jennifer.

"Go play with your new submissive. I give you my permission." She smiles a big smile. She gently jerks the leash causing Anabelle to stop cleaning Amy. She leans down into Anabelle's ear and whispering something that I could not hear, However, that made Anabelle smile her beautiful smile and get up and follow her new 'master' to a bedroom.

Remembering that Tina's car was out front, I asked where she was. "Being fucked by Marcus. She's in her bedroom with him." John says to me. I get up and walk down the hall to balls slapping and a bed squeaking. I crack the door open and see Marcus with Tina's legs over his shoulders and his cock buried into Tina as deep as he can get.

Tina reaches an orgasm, "FUCK ME MARCUS. YOU FEEL SO DAMN GOOD. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" I hear Marcus just groan as he empties himself into Tina. I close the door quietly and walk further down the hall. I reach my bedroom going inside and shutting the door behind me. CHAPTER 2 I decide to head into the shower. Once again, being alone the shower and shampoo only takes a few minutes.

As I was getting out of the shower, Jennifer and Paula appeared. Paula spoke first, "Master, will you take my collar off me? I tried to make you proud of me.

You know I will do anything you ever ask of me," She says looking down at the floor I put a single finger underneath her chin raising her face to look at me.

"Paula, you are a beautiful woman and I love being with you. Jennifer and you surprised the hell out of me tonight. I will remove your collar, but you need to remember that when you are Anabelle, you must have this on to signify my ownership in you," I say in a stern tone. "Yes, Master." I removed the collar handing it back to her. I also removed Sindee's collar, leaning into her and whispering, "You are forever my slut. I want my mark on you," I say with a devilish smile.

Jennifer replies, "I'm not sure that's a good idea. John will be really mad." "Whose body is it?" I ask "Mine, I mean yours, I mean……" Jennifer says all mixed up. "Jen. You can do this or not. It's certainly up to you. Look at the ink Dakota has, decide if you like it or not then make a choice.

I'll support your decision no matter which way you choose," I tell her. "Thank you, David. You seem to be able to reach into my soul and grant my deepest wishes," She says. From that, Amy and Jennifer push me back into the shower. It only takes Amy a few short strokes to get me hard again. Jennifer bends over, holding onto the water controls enticing me to come fuck her again. I oblige by putting my hard cock into her wet pussy.

I grab her hips as I thrust into her. I hear her moaning and feel her body splash my pelvis with her woman juice. "FUCK ME DAVID. I'M YOUR SLUT. MAKE ME DO WHATEVER YOU WANT ME TO DO.

OH GAWD, I'M CUMMING SO HARD&hellip.SO HARD!" She announces as her knees buckle underneath her. I wrap my arm around her waist holding her up as her womanhood continues to spasm on my cock. I gently let her down to the floor of the shower. Amy checks on her. I see Jennifer smile a wry little smile at Amy. "Oh Amy, he always fucks me so well. I think you need to make Daddy happy," Jennifer says. Wait, what? Daddy? When did that happen? Is she pregnant? Is she envious of Diane calling me Daddy?

Has she just decided on her own to call me that? What am I supposed to think? My head is swirling as Amy begins to devour my cock. She swallows all my manhood gagging on it as it reaches the back of her throat. "Oh, please Daddy, stop! My mouth and throat hurt so much from you and John using it," Amy says to me in a desperate tone. I stop immediately.

I pick her up to me and kiss her telling her how much I love her, and I never want to hurt her. She responds to my kisses. We finish the shower, washing our bodies. When we get out of the shower, both Jennifer and Amy proceeded to dry me off. "Daddy, which one of us gets to sleep with you tonight? I think it's my turn, Amy had you last night," Jennifer says. "Darling, I would love to have both of you, but Dakota has to have somewhere to sleep," I say trying to not have to make a choice.

"OK then, Jennifer gets you tonight. But I call Dibbs on him tomorrow night," Amy says. I lean in and kiss both of my women. They are so beautiful. I hear my phone buzzing. Before I finish drying off, Dakota brings my phone into me. "Hey Darling! What are you doing?" Jill asks "Um, getting some sex from Amy and Jennifer" I tell her.

"Nice! Don't wear them out too badly. They can't play if they're all wobbly-legged or if you punish their sweet little pussies with that wonderful cock of yours," Jill reminds me. "Absolutely!" Jennifer and Amy both kiss me as they head out of the bathroom. Jill and I chat about a couple of things before we say our goodbyes.

I go into my bedroom however, I hear Tina still getting pounded and announcing yet another orgasm. Looking at Dakota, I ask, "Still Marcus playing with Tina?" "No, now it's John. He's wearing out her delicious pussy. At this rate, poor Roger won't be getting any kitty tonight," She says smiling to me. "Well, that's his problem. I'm just happy to see the old Tina back among us," I say as I'm snuggling up to Jennifer.

She wiggles her ass at me as I put my arm around her waist. I lean into her kissing her neck telling her how erotic our playtime in the living room was to me. She just moaned a bit before I heard the deep sounds of peaceful sleep. It felt as if I had just closed my eyes when the alarm went off.

What was I thinking, this is too damn early to have to get up. However, I did get up and shuffled off to the bathroom for my morning rituals. When I returned from the bathroom, I saw my two sleeping partners still in their state of slumber. I went over to Dakota, kissing her and whispering in her ear to get up and get going. She kissed me back, sat up, and headed off to the bathroom. I just left my sleeping Jennifer all cuddled up in bed. As I was heading down the hall, I peeked in Tina's room to see Marcus and her all snuggled together, with Marcus snoring.

I quietly shut their door, stepped across the hall to Dakota's room. As expected, there was John, Diane, and Amy all interlocked in peaceful sleep. I just smiled to myself thinking about the day I had ahead of me. Putting the coffee pot on, I poured myself a glass of pineapple juice. Thinking about how hungry I was, I put two slices of bread in the toaster and pulled out the Smucker's Strawberry Jam.

When the toast popped, I pulled the two hot slices out of the toaster and popped a third slice into the appliance. In my head, I had made the choice to have one of my favorite meals that I enjoyed as a child……a toasted peanut butter and jelly double decker sandwich……Yum! I slathered both slices of toast with the jam waiting for the third slice to finish toasting.

When it popped, I put peanut butter (smooth type only) on one side of the toast, putting peanut butter side down on one of the slices covered in jam. Then I smeared peanut butter on the exposed toast before capping the sandwich off with the final slice of toast with jam. Reconsidering my juice, I put it back into the fridge.

I instead poured a glass of 2% milk, thinking that my doctor will be happier now that I have caved to his decree and moved from my favorite whole milk to the 2% variety. As I sat at the table munching on the sandwich and drinking the milk, my brain began its daily checklist on what I wanted to get accomplished. Because my mind was working on today's checklist of 'to dos' made me unaware that someone had crept up behind me. I felt the pair of lips kissing the back of my neck. I didn't want to move.

My mind was trying to guess who owned the lips. I felt a tongue lick from the base of my neck to my hairline and back down again. The pair of lips nibbled on my ear. I sniffed trying to determine the owner of the lips by a perfume scent. Nothing doing. I only smelled soap. DAKOTA! That must be it, she's just came out of the shower. "Good morning Daddy." I heard in a whisper in my ear. I spun around expecting to see my beautiful lithe blond goddess, however that is not whom I found.

It was Diane. I could barely blink before her lips were on top of mine. She straddled my lap, reaching down and finding my semi-erect cock through my shorts. "Daddy, may your darling daughter have some morning protein?" She says seductively as she stares into my eyes. "Darling, you know with me you can have anything you want." I say to her as she slides off my lap pulling my shorts down. Her lips wrap around my now erect cock. I just lean my head back and begin to enjoy her newly taught talent.

Yes, Jill did wonders as she taught Diane a much better technique on pleasing a man. I felt her tongue swirl around the underside of my thick head. Her tongue licked from my balls to the slit in the top of the helmet and back down. She gently put each of my balls into her mouth teasing them with her tongue. It wasn't long before I felt her entire mouth on my rigid manhood.

I began to quietly moan as she was pleasuring me orally.

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Another voice whispered in my ear, "Master, did you enjoy yourself last night? Anabelle and I played for quite the while after you went to bed. Did you hear me cumming over and over as she licked and sucked me until there was nothing left inside of me." "Mmmm" was all that my mind would grasp as I began to feel the impending orgasm. "Diane, baby, Daddy's about to cum in your mouth," I say to her warning of the impending explosion.

I barely got the words out of my mouth, when I erupted into her willing mouth. She pushed her head down on my cock taking my spewing head into her throat. Clearly, Diane was an excellent student.

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She had learned how to properly give a blowjob that would please any man, specifically me. Before Diane could even swallow my man juice, Jennifer had grasped the sides of Diane's head and put her mouth on Diane's mouth. They kissed for a few seconds only to show me that they both now held my cum in each their mouths. Jennifer held Diane's hand as they swallowed, together. "Damn, that was sexy." I said to them.

I glance at the microwave. Where did the time go? It's almost 7, Fred will be here any minute. I lean down and kiss both of my sexy women. Waiting in the front room, I ask Jennifer to quietly look around for other multi-story office buildings. I decide to call our initial purchase the 'Fab Five'. It has nothing to do with the Michigan Basketball team it was just referencing our fabulous first five real estate purchases. My brain drifted over to thinking about the gang taking the corporate jet and flying to Tampa in a work outing.

We would stay a long weekend with the gals sunning themselves at the beautiful beaches located there. As I see Fred pull up, I remind the girls to drive their cars to the Commune and for Tina to pick John up. Walking out to the car, I see Fred smiling as he is waiting with an open door for me. "Good Morning Fred," I said to him. "Good Morning Mr. Greene. Notice anything different about me?" I look him over.

"Not really Fred. What am I missing?" He opens the right-hand side of his jacket to show me he is now carrying a firearm. Roger had come through. Fred was truly part of the security of Jaxson's Inc. Seeing that made me remember what Jill and I had discussed in Vegas, having Chauffeurs that could double as security for the people they drive. CHAPTER 3 After I get in the car, I dial up Paula's cell phone inquiring about the armed Chauffeur plan.

I knew we had a wonderful night, so I just left the message realizing that at some point she would get back in touch with me. We arrived at the Commune rather quickly or so it seemed. My head was busy answering text messages from various department heads and supervisors. "Fred, does Paula have anything planned for you today?" "Yes, sir. She wants me to ride with a new lady chauffeur who just doesn't seem to understand that this is not a taxicab.

Most passengers do not want chit-chat. They want to be left alone and driven to their destination." Fred explains to me. "OK, let me help you with her then. Why don't you two pick me up? Use a town car and take me to the hospital to visit Jill. Say about 5? I'll stay on the phone the whole time chatting about things that she might normally overhear and let's see how she reacts. Do you think that might help her learn?" I ask "Absolutely!" Fred pulls into the large parking area of the Commune.

I get out carrying my bag and laptop with me. As I reach into my pocket, I find a note along with the keys. I put the new master key into the lock holding my breath for a moment, turning the key clockwise. I hear the click of the lock releasing. I exhale. The door is unlocked. I go inside. Before I even have the chance to set my stuff down the young locksmith appears. "Mr. Greene, it's me, Miguel.

I'm here to finish the locks today." "C'mon in. Do you need me for anything right now or do you know where you left off?" I ask. "Sir, I know where I left off. If I counted properly, I should have new locks on every door you wanted. All of them keyed to your master key. By the way sir, I want to thank you for pushing me to go introduce myself with the three ladies by the pool. I'm supposed to meet Belinda for drinks Thursday night," He tells me.

"Why don't you two join my crew for a concert on Thursday?" "You mean the Metallica Concert? I didn't take you for a metalhead, sir." Miguel says. "While I really love Metallica, I'm actually interested in seeing the opening act. The Menace tribute band. I hear that they are quite good and put on a wonderful show. My recording studio guy tells me that the real Menace is up in Cleveland being introduced into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame." "Miguel, why don't you talk to Belinda and see if she would be interested in going to the concert.

I don't want you to screw-up a first date." I tell him. "Yes sir, I will. I need to get started or I'll be here all night." Miguel picks up his box of stuff and heads down the hall. I plug my laptop and cell phone in and take my seat at my homemade desk. I work for a while making calls, sending out emails, directing workmen when finally, John, Tina, Dakota, Amy arrive.

John immediately goes to the glass door looking out on the pool where the ladies were sunning themselves the last time he was here. "No such luck yet John," I say smiling to him. "Huh? What are you talking about?" John says with a big cheesy grin. I just smile and shake my head. "Tina, I would like you to check on the unoccupied pool house. Please make sure it is clean and stocked with the usual stuff like towels, cleaning supplies, linen&hellip. stuff like that.

Make notes of anything you believe that house is missing." "Amy, I would like you to walk the entire house looking for a place for me to have a large office, large enough for both Jill and I to operate from." "John, I'm expecting appliance deliveries today.

Please direct them to set up laundry rooms, kitchens, and any other places that I have forgotten about.

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I would like to start stocking this house with food and necessary supplies." "Dakota, I would like you to order some beds for some of the many bedrooms.

Nothing smaller than a queen-size bed. Good quality. Also, order what you want for your bedroom." I see a big smile spread across her face. She knows for sure that she is getting the room that she wanted. As the gang scatters, I head out to see my tenants in the pool house. Knocking on the door, I'm a bit surprised when Domonoque/Carol answers the door&hellip. without attire.

What could I possibly do other than smile? "Carol, right?" "Yes! You are smart and sexy. What can I do for you?" She asks. "I would like to speak to your friend Ms.

Whitehead. Can you get in touch with her?" "Sure. What would you like me to say?" "I would like to talk to her. I have an idea&hellip. well, more like a proposal for her. Hey, while I'm thinking about it, what are you and your sister doing Thursday night?" "We don't have any plans, why?" "Would you and your sister like to go to the concert at the Staples Center?

Show is 8pm. You two plus your dates could be my group's guest." "Wow, that is really nice of you, but we don't have dates." "C'mon&hellip. you expect me to believe that two gorgeous women such as you and your sister don't have dates?" "Well, we seem to find all the wrong sort.

It seems like the guys we usually start dating either get all weird when they find out what we do for a living, or they begin to 'urge' us to bring other actresses' home for them to play with. We don't seem to find decent guys. You don't know of any guys a horny set of sisters could date, do you?" Carol says to me. "Um, yes I believe that I do. Oh, your friend Belinda and my guy Miguel apparently have a 'date' Thursday night.

I've told Miguel to check with Belinda about going to the concert with us." "Yes, we know about her date. She's been acting like a teenager since he asked her out. But I thought they were just meeting for drinks and maybe dinner?" Carol tells me. "I told Miguel to check with her about joining my crew for the concert. I'm hoping that they'll both join.

I think it could be a fun first date for them." I tell her. She just smiles at me. I'm sure she sees the tent forming in my shorts. She steps forward reaching up touching my cheek with one hand and grasping my cock through my shorts with the other. I feel her fingers slip inside of the waistband of my shorts. She pulls me inside the doorway, flipping the door closed behind me.

Before I'm able to say anything, her lips are on mine. I feel her hot breath gently blowing in my ear. "Follow me baby," She says seductively taking my hand and leading me through the living room towards the hallway.

In just a few steps down the hallway, she pulls me into a room. There on a large bed is her sister laying naked on top of the comforter. My cock is fully erect seeing both C&C ladies naked. Carol pulls me over to the bed. Not a word is spoken as Corey's beautiful lips find their way around the head of my cock.

Carol pushes me back onto the bed. Corey's wonderful tongue is working its magic on my rock-hard cock. As I try to tilt my head up to watch this wonderful site, Carol crawls up putting her glistening wet pussy over my mouth, lowering her sex onto my waiting tongue.

I begin my oral assault on her. I lick her slit from ass to clit and back again. She begins moaning loudly, almost as if I were now in a porn. As Carol is grinding her twat on my face, I feel a new set of lips on my manhood. Trying to tilt my head to see whom the new lips belong to, Carol only pushes my head down on the bed as she starts grinding her pelvis on my face harder. As I continue to lick Carol, her pussy is getting wetter by the second. I hear moaning coming from above me as she continues to grind her womanhood on my face.

My tongue is probing as deeply as it can reach. I feel the bed begin rocking in a motion as if someone is being fucked. Back and forth the bed rocks, although I can't see anything, I can certainly feel the new pair of lips struggling to keep on task of licking and sucking my cock. In my head, it feels as if someone is fucking the person who is orally assaulting me. Without any warning, my face is covered in wonderful tasting woman cum. I lick, suck, and lap every drop I can get into my willing mouth.

After a short while, my facial partner rolls off me trying to regain her senses. I'm finally able to see what is going on at my waist. To my surprise, Belinda is sucking me, which explains why it feels so wonderful. However, what I see behind her is Corey wearing a strap on harness with a large rubber dildo attached. She is plunging it in and out of Belinda. I see Belinda's eyes beginning to roll to the back of her head in an orgasmic rush.

I hear her moaning profusely trying to stay on task of my blowjob as she is getting fucked from behind. Carol grasps Belinda's head forcing my cock out of her mouth. She kisses Belinda erotically before whispering something that I could not hear into Belinda's ear. Belinda's large smile appears on her face, almost as if she is anticipating doing something wicked. I see her reach back and remove the large rubber dildo from her pussy.

She crawls up the bed towards my face. She throws a leg over my face putting her womanhood, that is now dripping from her continued orgasmic peaks, within inches of my waiting tongue. As she lowers herself down onto my face, I feel my manhood being swallowed up by someone's pussy.

After just a moment or two, I could tell that it must be Corey now fucking me since I feel the straps from the harness she is still wearing. Two women are now moaning as they both are riding different parts of my body. As Corey is riding my hard cock, I feel her lean forward towards my chest. Without warning, I feel the area that my cock fills in Corey get small and tight.


I feel something else rubbing on my cock. It feels as if there is another cock in Corey's ass. The other cock is on a different stroke than I am. As my cock plunges into Corey, the other invader is retreating. As I'm withdrawing, the other invader is pushing deeper into her. I try not to focus on that tremendously erotic feeling of me and another cock penetrating Corey. Instead, I try to focus on moving Belinda from just moaning to orgasming. I put my tongue deeper into Belinda.

I taste her delicious woman juice. I'm licking and slurping all that I can reach. Belinda begins to orgasm. I feel her body spasm and twitch. Her pussy is filling with delicious woman cum. I lick and suck trying to get to every drop. I feel her thighs squeeze tightly on either side of my head.

Stroke your cock for my perfect feet

Breathing becomes a bit of a challenge as my air passage is being restricted. My own body is telling me that there is an impending orgasm of my own. I try to say something however my verbal warning is muted by Belinda's orgasming pussy. I hear her moaning loudly and forcing her wet spasming womanhood down harder and harder on my willing mouth.

Just as I'm about to erupt into Corey, Belinda relaxes her grip on my head with her thighs. "I'M CUMMING," I announce. Just as I feel the orgasmic release of my own man juice into Corey, the other invader is pushed as deep as it can get and stays there while I fill Corey's velvety smooth pussy with my man seed.

I feel her womanhood orgasming simultaneously. Her pussy becomes one wet sloppy mess. I shoot rope after rope into my new partner. The other invader in Corey is withdrawn only to be replaced by someone's tongue. The tongue licks my balls, licks all around Corey's twat sucking the cum out of her. I tilt my head up to see Carol as the tongue licking and sucking all that my cock has dumped into Corey.

Just the thought of twins playing with me brings my cock to explode a second time into Corey. She is now moaning as she feels my cock thrusting into her, spasming a second time, filling her sloppy pussy. Carol is still trying to lick and suck as much orgasmic juice as she can get into her willing mouth. As my second orgasm subsides, the twins curl up next to me cooing in my ear. "Darling, that was delicious. No direction, just you willingly letting us have our way with you," Carol says to me seductively.

Corey adds, "When can we get you again? This was fun." "Ladies, I'm pretty much available during non-work hours. However, you may have some competition for my time. I have several women who like to play as well as a bisexual wife who loves to play and share." I explain. Belinda asks, "Can I be included in the play too?" "Of course, my dear.

I just don't want to screwup anything between Miguel and you. " "Then let me ask, are any of you ladies bisexual or are you all straight?" "We're all bisexual. We love sex. Its just that the guys we date get all weird when they find out what we do for a living.

The ones' that don't get weird, well, they have all these porn fantasies that are…well&hellip. quite boring. They always see themselves as some Don Juan, when in fact they're more like Tiny Tim or Johnny Quick Dick," Belinda explains as the three of the ladies laugh at her explanation about Tim and Johnny. "I'm sorry ladies, I've got to get back to work before my crew misses me. Be ready Thursday night, I'll have a car come pick you three up," I tell them before kissing each one and getting out of bed putting my clothes back on.

I leave the bedroom to the happy chatter of three happy women. As I leave the pool house, John sees me and comes out to chat with me poolside.

"Sir, should I even ask?" John begins "They're as good as you imagine. I've invited them to the concert Thursday night, so relax. I'm sure you'll get your wish then, but you need to be a good boyfriend to Diane. Don't make her feel unwanted," I say to him. He nods his head indicating that he understands. I ask how the appliance deliveries are going. He tells me what has been delivered has so far been easy installs. We head inside to discover that Jennifer and Diane have both arrived.

John, trying to be the good boyfriend kisses Diane and gives her a big hug. Jennifer walks me over to my chair and laptop to chat with me. "Do you have another site for us to discuss buying?" "No, Diane and I decided that we needed to come see you boys hoping to get some playtime in the new home." "Did you bring anything special to wear?" I ask "No, Master.

I was not a good slut. I was only thinking of you fucking me. I'll leave since I'm disappointing you," She says with sadness in her voice. I put one finger under her chin raising her face up to look at me. "Jennifer, you will be Jennifer. Sindee will not make an appearance right now, fair enough?" Before I could do anything else, her lips were on mine.

Her tongue was pushing forcefully into my mouth. Our tongues intertwined. I reached behind her head grasping a handful of hair pushing her head farther towards my own. I felt her hands trying to remove my shirt. Once it hit the floor, her hands began tweaking my nipples. Her mouth moved from my own down my neck to my chest. She licked and sucked my chest, biting a bit on my nipples. Her hand quickly found my cock. She was unzipping my pants as there was a knock at the front door.

Jennifer stood up quickly. I stuffed my cock back into my shorts and zipped up, putting on my tee shirt quickly.

As I was sliding my tee shirt back on, I remembered the note in my pocket. I pulled it out and began to unfold it to read it. Jennifer reached the front door to find another delivery set of guys with more appliances.

I summoned John, who was nowhere in sight. He came running back to the living room with his shirt off. The delivery guys just stood there staring at Jennifer. John stepped to the front door taking over the delivery. Jennifer gave him a quick peck on the cheek turning back towards me. I stood up from my 'desk' summoning Jennifer over to me. She quickly moved over and gave me a wonderful delicious kiss as a couple of the delivery guys were moving appliances into the home.

"What is that paper you're holding?" Jennifer asks me. "I don't really know. I found this note in my pants pocket earlier, just haven't had time to read it." "Why don't you read the note, I'll find the gals and we can all do lunch.

Then&hellip. maybe after lunch you'll give me dessert," She says with a devilish grin. "That sounds delicious." Jennifer heads down the hallway looking for the other ladies. I finish opening the note. It reads: David, I want you to know just how much you mean to me.

You've been so sweet to me, I can't thank you enough. You have changed my life for the better. That night I met you along with my crew at IHOP will forever be one of my favorite nights. If for no other reason, I met someone that has meant more to me than any other man has ever meant. You are a wonderful Daddy and quite frankly the best lover that I could have ever asked for. You've been patient with me, teaching me things that I never knew as well as helping me to mature into a woman.

Secretly, I do wish that you are the father of my baby. However, in my heart I believe that it belongs to John. I know that we haven't been dating all that long, but I've seen nothing. but positive things happen with him, all because of you! He really listens to you, trying hard to be the man you expect of him.

I can not thank you enough. I'm writing this to you because I get all emotional thinking about how you have affected all our lives. Your generosity, your passionate lovemaking, your patience, and your willingness to just be there for me or anyone else.

Everyone who hangs out with you and Jill all feel the same way. We envy Dakota for her ability to anticipate your needs and wants, as well as how clear it is that you love her with all your heart. At this point, I feel that I'm now just rambling on, so let me get to my question.

Will you please encourage John to propose to me? I told my mother that I'm pregnant. She became a lunatic, yelling and screaming at me telling me that "I've ruined my life".

I know she feels that way because she never had the chance to have a good man in her life. When she got pregnant, my 'biological' father stayed around just long enough for me to be born then hi-tailed it out of town with his mistress leaving Mom, Marcus (his son from a previous marriage) and me to fend for ourselves. Please understand David, I truly believe that John would make a wonderful husband and father. I do not want him asking to marry me just because you push him to do so.

You hold an enormous power over him, and he tries so very hard to learn and do the things that you teach him. We're both young enough to grow together and hopefully, become good parents and a wonderful family. David, if I haven't said it before, I LOVE YOU! You are now and will always be Daddy to me. I love you forever and a day. Diane XOXO CHAPTER 4 I just sat there staring at the letter.

Part of me wanted to go grab Diane and just hug and kiss her telling her how much that I do love her. But, part of me knew that this letter was trying to gently tell me that while she enjoys the playtime, she is looking for something more permanent in her life. She doesn't want to end up in the position that her mother was put in during her pregnancy.

Diane is now maturing into a woman, making good choices for herself and the baby. I sit there on my stupid lounge chair thinking about how to encourage John to propose without pushing him to do so. I need to chat with Jill. My better half is much more suited at woman's feelings than any guy.

Oh, we guys know how to woo and romance a woman, but to interpret the inner workings of her mind requires another woman to translate to us men. I gently fold the letter back up and put it in my wallet. I will forever value this letter. Clearly it was written from the heart, which is one of the many things that I love about Diane. As I stand up putting the letter in my wallet, Jennifer, Amy, Dakota, and Diane all appear.

I look around for Tina, but I don't see her. That's when I remember that I gave her the task of checking the second pool home. "Will someone check the other pool home? I think that Tina is out there. We can order lunch and either have one of you ladies go pick it up or we can have it delivered. Any ideas of what everyone would like for lunch?" No one said a word. It wasn't until I heard Jennifer laughing that made me look behind me through the glass doors at my tenants once again sunbathing nude.

I just began chuckling. John began walking towards the glass doors. "John, where are you going?" "Um&hellip.

nowhere in particular," He says. To distract him, I begin asking about the deliveries so far and what we are still expecting to arrive. Laughing out loud, Diane says, "I know what John wants for lunch." Everyone busted out laughing, even John. Amy opened the glass door and headed to the other pool house. She wasn't gone very long until Amy and Tina were walking around the pool back to the main home. Tina couldn't take her eyes off our sunbathing beauties.

"David, you didn't think there was enough of us willing to play with you that you bought a house with its own play group," Tina asked as she walked into the house. Everyone laughed at her comment. Dakota leaned over to me whispering in my ear, "You've already played with them haven't you Daddy?" I just nodded yes.

"Slut," she giggled before walking away. I chuckled to myself over her comment. "Tina, could you please find out what everyone wants for lunch?" Tina goes to my notepad and begins working the room asking for lunch ideas.

The room seemed to be happy with the sandwich/sub idea that we had yesterday once again. Amy and Jennifer both commented about how nice two of the kitchens looked with the new appliances. That made me think about how we need some food and drinks for the refrigerators and some meat/chicken for the freezers.

"Amy my dear, could you please do a favor for me? We need food, lots of food for the 2 fridges, the freezer, and liquor for the bar and some good beer for the small fridge in the TV room. After lunch have Tina take you to a grocery store and a liquor store. She's got a corporate AMEX to pay for it all." "Absolutely Daddy." She says smiling to me. "Jennifer, after lunch I think that you and Diane should head back to the office to get some work done today." I suggest. Tina places the call to Jimmy John's ordering everyone's lunch.

She gets a total and a pickup time. I urge everyone to go back to the jobs that I assigned them, except for Dakota. I felt that I needed to speak with her privately. "Dakota, darling, I need to have a chat with you, alone," I say to her. "Did I do something wrong, Daddy?" She asks. "No, I just want to talk," She takes my hand and walks me down to the black door room. We go inside shutting it behind us. "Dakota my darling, I just wanted to remind you that occasionally we both need to be a bit more careful about what we do and say in public.

When we went to breakfast the other day, you commented that the reason I drink pineapple juice is to make my own cum taste sweeter," I say to her. "Isn't that what you told me?" "Yes, it is. But what I'm saying is when we are in our play group it's fine to say those things, but in a restaurant not so much. We don't really know where the media might be or whom would recognize us. That's all I'm saying.

You've done nothing wrong, I just wanted you to be more aware when we are out in public," I explain to her. I lean in to kiss her. She wraps her arms around me and kisses me back. Our mouths part as we embrace in our loving kiss. She instinctively begins undoing my shorts pushing them down to my ankles.

Simultaneously, I lift her tee shirt and jean shorts off her. We're both naked in just a couple of moments. I still haven't put my finger on it yet, but Dakota only must be within arm's length of me and I want to be intimate with her. I pick up her lithe body as she wraps her legs around my waist. I position my hard cock at the entrance to her sex. I move my hands down to her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and lowering my darling onto my manhood, gently.

She is so wet, that she slides right down onto my cock impaling herself completely on my shaft. Using her arms that are around my neck, she pushes herself up and down on me. I feel her velvety smooth wet wanton pussy grasping my cock. While I'm holding her, I walk us over to the pool table. I gently lay her down on the edge of it. She lays back allowing me a delightful vision of her, naked with my rock-hard cock embedded balls-deep into her.

Indisches Mädchen von 2 Männer in Herberge gefickt

I begin thrusting. With each thrust into her I feel her spasming in orgasmic bliss. "OH DADDY, YOU ALWAYS FUCK ME SO WELL. I'M ALREADY CUMMING ALL OVER YOU. CUM FOR ME DADDY!" Although our time together hasn't been but a few minutes, she always seems to pull all that I have to give out of me.

"DADDY LOVES MY LITTLE GIRL! I'M GOING TO CUM IN YOU, NOW MY DARLING!" I say to her in an elevated tone. I empty my balls into Dakota. As I'm cumming in her, I feel her own womanhood clamp tightly around my cock, milking it for all its worth. We both moan in ecstasy together, declaring our love for one another again and again.

As we both begin to regain our senses, Dakota says to me, "Daddy, we should probably get a cover for this pool table before we have cum stains on the pretty felt. What do you think, Daddy?" "I think that you are absolutely right. Could you please take care of that for me," I ask of her. "Daddy, I'll do anything for you. You know that," she replies smiling at me with her beautiful smile.

"Yes, my Darling I do." I gently pick her up off the pool table and set her down on the floor. She walks over to her clothes bending over at the waist, wiggling her cute ass at me as she picks up her clothes and puts them back on. "Daddy, can you see your cum dripping out of me," She asks. "Yes, my Darling. Would you like me to lick it out of you? I don't want you to ruin good clothes because I can't keep my hands off you," I say to her.

"Not now, but I would like a good licking tonight," She replies. "Absolutely, once we come home from seeing Jill," I say. Dakota and I dress.

We leave the black door room. I head one way, Dakota heads another. Just before I reach the living room and my work stuff, I run into John. "Sir, may I talk to you privately for a minute?" He says to me. "Absolutely," I reply.

We head into a door marked as a bedroom with John's note on the door. Upon entering, I notice that the room is vacant. Not even once piece of furniture in the room making it look larger than it probably was. "What's up John?" "My Mom is after me to do the honorable thing with Diane," he says to me. "What do you think you should do?" "I don't know.

We're both young. I'm not sure that we are ready to be parents," he says to me with a definite note of seriousness in his voice. "Let's go this route then. What would you LIKE to do?" "Get married. But I'm worried that she would say no.

I mean, I know that I'm not the best-looking guy. I certainly screwed up college and now am in 'junior' college. How could she even think that I would be a good husband, but I'm sure that I can be. I really love being with her," He says with his heart clearly on his sleeve. "What would you do sir?" He asks. "Do just what I did. When I found the woman, who made me feel like I was a better man to be with her; who made me want to work hard at making her life better; who clearly inspires me to play as hard as I work……well my friend, I married her.

She had no idea it was coming. I was already thinking that Tina and I were headed nowhere. It turned out that Tina's timing of dumping me worked only to my favor. I took her to a jewelry shop with her thinking that I was looking for an engagement ring to try and get Tina back.

The whole time we were there she was scolding me about how Tina had just dumped me and that I was being stupid. She went on and on. I had her pick out 4 sets that she liked and had her try them on. She picked out the one that she liked the best. I told the salesman that I wanted that one. I asked for the ring to be put in one of those velvet boxes.

As he handed me the box, I purposely fumbled it letting it drop to the floor. I bent down on one knee to pick it up, opened the box and didn't say a word. I just stayed there holding my breath praying that she would say yes. And thanks be to God, she did," I explained to my protégé.

"Oh, my gawd, I had forgotten that you used to date Tina. That's the night we met you at IHOP," John says to me. "Since I know you work tomorrow, why don't you and I grab a quick dinner before I head to see Jill. Heck, I know she would love to see you," I say to him. "I would love to have dinner with you," John says to me. "OK, Fred will be here about 5.

Let's get stuff done then head off to dinner." Surprisingly, John puts his hand out to me. I shake it smiling the whole time. In my head, I see him truly becoming a good man. Just as we were leaving the room, I hear Amy announce that lunch was here.

John nearly knocked me down heading to the food. I think to myself that except for sex, his priority seems to be eating. CHAPTER 5 As we all sat around eating, Tina surprised us all with a boombox. She put on some music dancing around while holding her sandwich. It sure was good to see the old Tina smiling, laughing, and enjoying life. In my head, I believe that she is truly enjoying Roger.

He's a bit older, a bit wiser, and they seem to have hit it off quite well. John got up off the floor and taking Diane's hand, the two of them did their impersonation of some sort of Latin-style dance. However, John is as graceful with his dancing moves as a train is quiet. We all laughed, including John and Diane. Dakota came over to me holding her hand out asking me to dance.

It's been quite a while since I have seriously danced with anyone. I got hoots and admonishments from the gang for leaving a lady hanging. Reluctantly, I got up and put my arm around her waist and began to slow dance as Tina had changed stations. My eyes never left Dakota's eyes as we danced.

I had both of my arms around her. She had both of her arms around my neck. The song only lasted a couple of minutes, but at the end of the dance everyone clapped. Dakota 'curtsied' and I bowed as if we were both performers on a stage. Unexpectedly, Dakota leaped up onto me, wrapping her legs around me.

John yelled his favorite word, "Fuck". To which Dakota replied, "We already did that John." Everyone, including John and Diane bust out laughing.

As I stood there holding my beautiful Dakota, I noticed over her shoulder that our pool guests were back outside sunning themselves but watching us intently. I put Dakota back down, leaned in and kissed her, before going back to finish my lunch. For the better part of an hour, we all joked, we laughed, we generally just had a good time.

It was nice to have everyone relaxing and enjoying everyone else's company. Miguel came in from the pool houses.

"All finished sir. Here's the rest of the keys. I've put all keys on individual rings that go together. I also labeled each ring using the hand-written labels that are on all the doors," He says to me. He's holding the bill and offers it to me. "That's all? I actually expected it to be quite a bit more," I say as I hand him my AMEX.

He pulls out his cell phone, inserts this small white thing at the top, swipes my card, waits a couple of minutes and hands the card back to me.

He turns his phone around for me to sign the screen, which I do. I reach into my pocket, pulling out a $100 bill fold it in half and hand the bill and the phone to Miguel.

He seems surprised that I gave him a tip. "Miguel, I'm going to have a really large job for you in a week or two. Are you able to do commercial work as well as residential?" I ask. He tells me that he certainly does commercial work, which makes me smile knowing that I will have him change the locks on the Kraft building and as we empty the other district offices, we will use him to change those locks as well. "Remember, tomorrow night. You Belinda and the ladies are joining us for the concert." I remind him.

He acknowledges and head out to his truck. I direct Tina and Amy to head to the grocery store for supplies. They are both finished with lunch and head out to Tina's white car.

My phone buzzes. It's Jennifer. "OH, MY GAWD, David, the flowers are beautiful! You sure do know how to make a girl feel special. When do I get to see and play with you again?" She asks with excitement in her voice. "Tomorrow night. I'm putting another night together at the Staples Center.

Be at the house about 5, bring Diane please," I say to her. She hands the phone to Diane. "DADDY, they are so beautiful! I agree with my boss, you do know how to make a girl all wet with excitement. I'm looking forward to putting my hands and mouth on you soon so drink your pineapple juice.

I love you my dear sweet Daddy," she says to me before hanging up. I think about her note but decide to talk to her privately not over the phone where John might hear.

John was busy with another appliance delivery. This time there was also two stainless steel BBQs. I wanted one by each pool, which John took care of. He was smiling at the thought of getting out by the pool where my tenants might be, but unfortunately, they had gone back inside.

While John was outside with the delivery guys, Dakota found me and took me by the hand and lead me to a large room that had a pocket door to another large room. "Daddy, how about this for you and Jill as your offices?" "It's perfect. But didn't I assign this task to Amy," I say to her. "Would you like me to order some office furniture for both rooms?" She asks. "Yes, my Darling. However, please include at least two large leather couches in each room and maybe a leather loveseat as well.

Also, neither Jill nor I like desks that have drawers, they only become junk drawers, so order two desks that have no drawers. In addition, at least 2 file cabinets per room, with key locks. I would like 2 full sized fridges, no freezers though," I tell her. "Will you and Jill be playing with your assistants in here?" She asks with a devilish smile. "As often as possible," I say as I find myself unsnapping my shorts. Dakota smiles kneeling and grasping my nearly erect cock. She licks the underside, swirling her tongue around the head, playing with my balls as her mouth envelopes my cock.

I comb my fingers through her hair as she is slobbering all over my manhood. A low guttural moan escapes me. One of her hands works its way around to my ass. She begins lightly caressing my ass crack. My cock stiffens even more as her playing with my ass excites me further. I push my cock forward into her mouth as deep as I can get.

I hear her begin to gag on me and tears fill her eyes as I continue to thrust myself deeper into her accepting mouth. "OH BABY, YOU DO THAT SO WELL, DADDY'S ABOUT TO CUM FOR YOU," I say to her trying to hold off the impending orgasm.

She pushed herself further down on my cock gagging hard as my dick hits the back of her throat. "OH BABY, HERE I CUMMMMMM!" I say just as I begin my orgasmic explosion into her mouth.

I shoot rope after rope with her gobbling up all I shoot. She never breaks eye contact as I'm cumming in her wonderful mouth. In my orgasm brain she is so unbelievably beautiful. Her eyes are so telling, telling me that she indeed loves me. And, I love her. As I finally finish dumping my body's contents into her mouth, she cleans me up before I begin to withdraw from her mouth. I reach down to my Darling and lift her up.

I wrap my arms around her, pulling her into me holding her tightly. I whisper in her ear, "Darling, I love you so very much." She smiles at me as she puts her arms around my neck and steps up on her tippy toes to kiss me. As our tongues intertwine, I could taste myself as her tongue and my own wrestle in an erotic kiss between two lovers. After we kiss for several minutes, we hear John calling for me.

I put my pants back on and Dakota adjusts herself. We head out of the offices and head down the hallway towards John's voice. "Sir, Amy and Tina texted me that they are on their way back. Apparently, the grocery store doesn't take AMEX, nor does the attached liquor store.

They are coming back with nothing and their pretty frustrated," he tells me. "John, is everything done for today?" I ask. "Yes, sir. We have no more deliveries set for today. You are expecting a whole lot of beds tomorrow," he reminds me. "Since it's nearly 5pm. Where would you like to go for dinner?" I ask. "How about Red Lobster? They have an all you can eat shrimp special going on right now and I like shrimp," John tells me.

I think to myself, what food does he not like. I agree to our dinner location. I kiss Dakota and tell her that I'll see her at home after we visit with Jill. She kisses me whispers in my ear that she loves me. She picks up her assistant's notebook and heads out.

As I watch her car leave, Tina's car pulls in the front. I hear two car doors slam and see to very agitated women come stomping into the house. They both are going about 90 miles a minute all worked up doing all this shopping and then they don't take AMEX. I just let them vent. After several minutes of them venting, I just smile and walk over to Tina first, putting my arms around her and kissing her passionately. As we break from the kiss, I step back and do the same to Amy.

I let both know that I'll address with the bank tomorrow to issue a VISA for each of us, just in cases such as this. They both smile. I ask Tina if she would mind taking Amy to the house.

She asks about John. I let her know that him and I are grabbing dinner out before we head over to see Jill. Each of the ladies kiss me and even kiss John, which surprised him before they left.

There was a knock at the back-glass doors. Without even looking I could tell it was one of my tenants by John's face. I turned around to see Belinda. I opened the door and asked what she needed. "Well, you sir," was her reply. "Me?" "Well you and the handsome young man behind you. The girls are horny watching all your fun with your gang.

We were wondering if we could entice you two to play with us for a bit. Allison is heading over, and we thought we could get you to hang around until she gets here," Belinda explained. John had moved by the glass door looking at me in anticipation of having some fun with the ladies. I just gave a nod, which John took as a 'go' sign.

He leaned in and kissed Belinda, who really wasn't expecting that. I chuckled and told her that he's a passionate young man. She chuckled. She pushed John back and told him to head over to the pool house, which he gladly did. Belinda came into the house with a look on her face of predator.

She walked right up to me and whispered in my ear, "What does it take to get you all to myself? The girls will take care of your boy. I want some time with you." "All you have to do is ask. Here or at the pool house?" "Anywhere you want," Belinda says to me with a gleam of lust in her eyes. "How about the pool house then. Your friend Allison will show up there," I say. She takes my hand leading me out of the Commune to the pool house. Without even knocking we walk right in.

Of course, the first thing I see is John balls deep into Carol while Corey is riding her sisters willing face. John had the biggest, stupidest smile on his face as he is pounding away as Carol's pussy.

Corey is moaning and writhing on her sister's tongue. I just stop and watch for a moment. Belinda takes my hand, puts a finger under my chin turning my face to look at her. She steps up on her toes to kiss me. Our tongues jostle for dominance, the interaction between two new lovers who haven't established each other's rhythms. John announces his first orgasmic peak, "FUCK MEEEEEEEE!" Barely a moment later, Carol stiffens up announcing her orgasm into her sister's womanhood.

Belinda grasped my hand and led me down the hall to a bedroom. I followed her beautiful swaying ass into the room. Before she turns around, I wrap my arms around her from behind. I lean down and begin to kiss her neck. I lick from the shoulders up to her earlobe, taking a small nibble and back down to the shoulders.

A moan leaves her lips. She reaches behind herself trying to find my cock through my shorts. "Undress me please," Belinda says to me. I pull on the string that has corralled her beautiful chest. A quick tug of the string and it releases its captors. I pull the second string, the one around her neck allowing the bikini top to fall to the floor at her feet.

I pull on both strings on each hip causing her bikini bottom to fall to the floor as well. There she stands completely naked. I put my arms back around her and go back to kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. As I'm nibbling on her earlobe, I see her close her eyes and begin breathing a bit heavier.

She has a gentle continual moan as I keep licking and nibbling on her. In the distance, I hear John's balls slapping someone as he is doing what he loves to do, fuck. I begin to caress Belinda's overly endowed chest. I gently play with her nipples, I caress them making little circles with my fingers around her areolas.

I press my body a bit more into her from behind. "OH GAWD, YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM BEFORE WE EVEN FUCK," Belinda says to me. I move my right hand down her front to her belly button, where I find a piece of jewelry. I gently tug on it, trying to be careful and not hurt her.

I whisper in her ear how sexy she is. She just moans as a reply. Without warning, I scoop her up honeymoon style and carry her over to the nicely made bed. I gently set her down on it. I just look at her with carnal intentions in my eyes as I remove my own clothes. She is laying there looking at me with erotic anticipation. I grab both of her ankles, gently turning her so that I may put my face between her thighs.

I lift her legs so that each ankle is positioned over my shoulders. I gently kneel licking the inside of her thighs. She really starts moaning and reaching for my hair. She grabs my hair with both of her hands, taking control of my head. I lean forward putting my mouth on her very wet pussy. I begin my oral assault on her womanhood. I lick slowly and deliberately from clit, down her slit, to her anal rosebud.

This elicited a small yelp from her. I just kept my slow assault on her slit, up and down repeatedly. I could feel the heat emanating from her as I licked and sucked her woman juice that her delicious pussy was creating. At some point, I began nibbling on her clit as I saw that it had emerged from its hiding place in her hood.

As I nibbled on her clit, I felt her stiffen and suddenly my face was covered with her juices. I kept licking and sucking as much of her wetness as I could get into my mouth. She was moaning loudly. I felt her knees squeeze my head as she came over and over. With each orgasm, I thrust my tongue into her like a piston. She began to wiggle that gorgeous ass as I continued my oral assault on her.

"FUCK ME PLEASE BABY!" She said almost breathless. I felt her release the grasp she had on my hair. I gently licked and kissed my way up to her lips. Once there, I placed my lips on hers. Our tongues intertwined once again. I reached down and took hold of my cock, placing it at the entrance to her sex. I gently pushed in just the head. She let out a long moan as I stopped for a moment to allow her tight womanhood to adjust to its invader.

I felt her wrap her legs around my back, pulling me into her deeper. It didn't take long for me to be fully into her. She was moaning, writhing, and grasping the covers with her fists as I felt wave after wave of orgasm flow through her body. I began by giving her long slow rhythmic strokes. She whispered in my ear, "Baby I so love this." I kept my rhythmic thrusting in and out of her. I could feel her body continue to orgasm over and over. I slowly picked up my pace, causing her to orgasm again and again.

"Darling, you are so beautiful," I whisper in her ear. "Really? No one ever tells me that," Belinda says to me as I feel another orgasm roll through her body. I begin to feel my own orgasm quickly approaching. I get up on my knees, keeping my cock buried deep into my new lover. I take each leg from behind me and put the over my shoulders allowing me deeper penetration into Belinda. I push myself as deep into her as I can get, which elicits a long loud moan from her.

I say to her, "Cum for me darling. I want to feel us cum together." I begin to pick up my pace of thrusting into her sopping pussy. She begins moaning even louder as I'm approaching my own orgasm rather quickly.

Finally, just before I could hold out no longer, she hits her peak, "OH MOTHER OF GAWD, I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMING" This sent me over the edge as well. "OH BELINDA, I'M CUMMING SO HARD!" As I empty the contents of my balls into her, she hits another peak.

I feel her stiffen up and watch as her eyes roll to the back of her head. I anticipate her heading to the land of unconsciousness, but alas she doesn't. As we both begin to regain our senses, there is a soft knock on the bedroom door. "Belinda, Belinda&hellip.

It's me, Allison. May I come in?" I answer for her, "C'mon in." She hesitantly opens the door. "Are you two decent?" She asks. "OH YEAH!" Belinda says in a post-orgasmic state. "Hello, you must be Belinda's dear friend Allison," I say with a smile.

"Um, well since I told you that before I entered it wasn't a real leap to know who opened the door," She retorted. "OK, no, it wasn't. I'm David, David Greene. It's nice to meet you." "Are you the David on TV? The one who helped the FBI?" "Um, no. That was my do-gooder twin brother," I say to her as deadpanned as possible.

Yet, I couldn't stop my face from smiling. When Allison saw the smile, she grinned as well. Belinda invited her to join us. Allison seemed hesitant. I patted the mattress, tilting my head encouraging her to join us. She just stood there not sure what to do. "Look Allison, I don't bite&hellip. well not hard anyway," I said to her smiling again. She began taking off her tee shirt and unsnapping her jeans. In just a moment or two she was standing naked three feet away from the bed. "Well, we can't play with you that far away.

C'mon over here and join us in bed," I say to her. Belinda chimes in, "You won't be sorry. We'll have some fun." I hear both women in the living room reaching another orgasmic peak. Yep, my protégé is doing a fine job from what I could hear. As Allison gets into bed with us, I wrap my arms around her pulling her over my body to land in between Belinda and myself.

She looks surprised when she lands. Clearly, she wasn't expecting that. Belinda puts both of her hands on either side of her face and begins making-out with Allison.

I take the cue and move down to between her legs. Just like I did on Belinda, I began an oral assault on her womanhood. I started with nibbling on her clit directly. This caused a bit of a yelp out of her. I slid my body all the way down to rest between her legs. I took a moment to smell the heavenly scent emanating from her pussy. I felt the heat coming from her pelvis region as I licked her slit from top to bottom. As I'm working on her pussy, I see Belinda force one of her ample bosoms into Allison's open mouth.

She is licking on the areolas and sucking on her nipple. Belinda begins to moan. I stop licking for just a moment saying, "Damn, you two are gorgeous doing that. Very erotic." I just lean my head back down and attend to the matter at hand. As I taste more and more of her, I gently slide two fingers into her wet pussy. I curl them upwards causing friction on her G-spot. She begins so squirm. I hear her breathing become more and more shallow.

I feel the wetness growing on my hand as I keep working on her G-spot and keep nibbling on her clit. Then the unexpected happened.

Allison shot a steady stream of woman juice over my head like a fountain. I feel it hit me on my back. I quickly try to move my mouth over her orgasmic fountain. I swallowed as much as I could get into my mouth. Belinda says to both of us, "Fuck, that was sexy." With my mouth firmly on her pussy, I moan in agreement. I feel her body returning to normal.

I slide my body up to leave my hard cock at the entrance of her sex. I gently push myself into her, pausing for a moment after the head of my cock is inside of her. Belinda tells me that Allison prefers a gentle ass-fucking. I gladly oblige, removing my cock from her sloppy wet pussy and gently push it into her anal cavity. Allison is a beautiful woman. She stands about 5'8" tall, a big C cup or a small D cup, flat stomach, some definition to her arms, a shaved pussy, and a small tattoo that encircles her belly-button.

I slowly and gently push into her ass. She begins moaning almost instantly. I hear her breathing pattern change. I see her go back to kissing Belinda's mouth as if there was the food of life inside her lips. I reach my maximum depth to hear Allison moan a large orgasmic moan. I slowly begin thrusting in and out of her ass.

She is moaning louder and louder as I'm fucking her derriere. "David, she likes it hard. Can you do hard?" Belinda asks. I increase my thrusting immediately. I see Allison's eyes rolling to the back of her head, her breathing becoming shallower. I feel another amount of wetness hit my stomach as I'm fully fucking her in Sasha-mode. After several strokes, her fountain makes another appearance squirting all the way up my chest and under my chin. I push harder and harder into her.

I begin to sense my own orgasmic release quickly approaching. I warn her that I'm about to cum, but I don't think her brain is even comprehending what I'm saying. I hear my balls slapping on her ass as I keep thrusting into her as hard as I can. Two things happened next. I began to cum hard, very hard into her ass.

To me it felt as if I had been saving it up for days and not have just had an orgasm with Belinda a few minutes ago. But the other thing that happened, freaked Belinda out. Allison went unconscious. Belinda is calling her name, shaking her, truly freaking out. I didn't say a word, but I held my hand up as if to say, without speaking STOP! She paused for a moment.

I slapped her across the cheek. Before Belinda could even react to what I just did, Allison gulped a huge amount of air. Her eyes returned and she asked, "What just happened?" "Welcome to the club my dear," I say smiling. Belinda lays there completely stunned. "Um, David, baby, what just happened?" Belinda asked sheepishly.

"I fucked her unconscious. It's a running joke with my gang. I get women so wound up in orgasmic bliss and their body doesn't know what to do and it just gets overexcited and causes her to pass out cold." "Holy Fuck. That was scary, but incredibly sexy. Can you do that to me?" She asks. "Maybe another time. I should check on my protégé who is out with the C&C girls," I say to Belinda.

I kiss Belinda and whisper in her ear, "Keep your date with Miguel tomorrow night. Join my gang at the concert. I can assure you that you will really enjoy the after party as much or more than the concert itself." Next, I kiss Allison very passionately.

I whisper to her, "We need to talk business. Join us tomorrow night at the concert. I'll have a car coming to pick the ladies up. I really hope you will join us." I get up out of the bed. Leaving my two new lovers still in a dreamy state. I put my clothes back on and blow a kiss to each of the ladies as I exit the room.

I head down the hall back to the living room. There I see two completely satiated women laying on either side of my protégé. "John, I'm sorry but we need to go. It's almost 5 and Fred will be here in a minute to two." He reluctantly moves from between his two play partners, kissing each one before he gets dressed. We head back into the main house.

I pickup my phone and see that I have missed two phone calls. One from Jill, the other from Dr. Ronda. I call the doctor first. "Doc, hi it's David. I see that I missed your call," I say to her beginning to worry about something drastic has happened to Jill. "David, the flowers are so beautiful! I now owe you, don't I?" She says with a hint of devilishness in her voice.

"Then I'll be certain to collect," I say back.

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"If you hold on a moment, I'm almost to Jill's room. Oddly enough, she also got a gawdy bouquet of flowers from some guy. Hold on, here's Jill." As she hands the phone to Jill, I exhale knowing now that the calls that I missed only had to do with flowers and not something more drastic. "Hey Darling, so Ronda tells me that your boyfriend sent you a small vase of flowers," I say sarcastically.

"The hell he did. He sent me the most outrageously over the top bouquet of flowers that I have ever seen. When I see that guy, I'm going to have to thank him properly," She says with a big smile clearly in her voice. "Well, I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that bastard," I say to her trying to be comical. She thanks me repeatedly for the flowers.

I explain to her that John and I were heading to Red Lobster for an all you can eat shrimp night then to see her. She tells me not to hurry.

I roll my eyes, not that she can see them but say to her that I don't foresee Red Lobster coming out on top of this deal with John being there. We both chuckle. I tell her that I love her and end the call. I see Fred pull up to the house. I lock the back door, put my laptop into my backpack and lock the front door before heading out to get in the car with John.

"Fred, where's the new female driver?" I ask him. "She quit last night. She said she could make more money being a restaurant manager at Applebee's," Fred says. I shrug my shoulders and get in the town car. I give Fred directions to head to Red Lobster first then to see Jill after that.

I invite Fred to join John and me, but he politely declines. It takes a few minutes to get to Red Lobster driving through go home traffic. I get a text from Belinda it reads: C&C sisters are still worn out. Your boy really put it to them.

They are still recovering. Allison is all wobbly-legged. I'm really missing you about now. The 4 of us will see you tomorrow night. Love B XXOO I hand the phone to John.

He reads the text and smiles a big smile. He gives me the phone back and sits back in his seat just looking out the window for the rest of the ride to dinner. He doesn't say a word, just sits there with a distant smile on his face. As Fred pulls into the RL parking lot, I see a group of people standing outside the main door. My heart sinks a bit thinking that it will take an hour to get a table, then with John's insatiable appetite another two hours to eat, leaving us only a half hour to see Jill.

"John are you sure you want this place. It looks busy," I say to him. "Let's see how long the wait is then decide," he says back to me. Fred lets us off at the door and we head inside. A young attractive lady comes out from behind the hostess stand rushes over to John throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him. "Um, John, who's your friend?" "Sir, this is Penelope. We dated for a while," he says to me, yet I felt that there was a 'but' to his introduction.

John whispers into her ear something that I could not hear. She goes back to the hostess stand and picks up two sets of silverware and two menus and walks us to the bar and seats us in a tiny table for two. She gives John another kiss on the cheek this time and heads back to the hostess stand. "We really don't need these menus, do we?" I ask "We're both getting the AYCE shrimp, right?" he asks me "Absolutely!" We take a moment to look at the choices.

John decides on the Hawaiian glazed shrimp and the grilled shrimp on wooden skewers. I choose the traditional fried shrimp and the shrimp scampi. It's been a couple of years since I've eaten at RL. In my head I'm debating whether I should show John Diane's note to me or not. I decide against it. A cute waitress comes over to the table apologizing for not getting to us sooner. I tell her no worries.

John orders his choice for the AYCE shrimp followed by my order. Becky, our waitress, thanks us for the order and heads off. John and I begin chatting about what we discussed earlier. He tells me that he is nervous about bringing a child into this world and Diane and him not being married. He tells me that Jennifer instilled in him that the proper thing to do as a gentleman was to look deep into your heart and decide if you could spend the rest of your life with this person.

He said that she told him over and over that once you become a parent you whole life revolves around raising the child properly no matter if you're married or not. I like Jennifer more and more as he tells me his upbringing and the things that his mom instilled into him. CHAPTER 7 As the first wave of the AYCE shrimp arrive, John immediately orders a second round of shrimp for both of us, before we have even had our first bite.

He tells me that this is the way to do it and avoid being here two to three hours. I ask John again, what he WANTS to do regarding Diane and the impending arrival of his baby, secretly hoping that it is his baby.

He shrugs his shoulders telling me he doesn't know what he wants.

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He does want to ask Diane to marry him, but he's sure that she'll turn him down and then he'll be crushed. I suggest that the best way to achieve what you want is to show you are dedicated to her. It's my belief that women must be able to trust you implicitly, no questions asked and if you ever break that trust there is no turning back.

John seems to be getting what I'm saying as he finishes plate number 11 of shrimp. "John are you close to being done because I have an idea before we go see Jill," I say to him. He says he can stop at this point. He's not full but he's ok with the amount of shrimp that he's had so far.

I ask for the check and tell John to let Fred know we will be out in a couple of minutes. I pay the bill and we head outside. The young lady at the hostess stand puts her arms around John again, kissing him and asking him to call her. He politely smiles and gives her a hug back and we go outside to get into the car. As John jumps into the car, I quietly tell Fred where I want to go before, we head to the hospital. He acknowledges and we head off to my destination. John is floored when we pull into Isaac's jewelry store.

John looks completely confused. I tell him that I wanted to look for something for Jill, which he seemed to buy my story. We go inside. The security guard, a huge man, who is armed says hello. I send John inside and stop to speak to the security guy. "Um, hello. I'm trying to build my company's security team. We're looking for people who already have a carry permit and have done security work before. May I ask two questions before I go inside?" "Yes, sir.

How may I help you?" The large guy answers. "Well, first may I ask how much you make per hour working here? Second, do you work for Isaac's Jewelry or for the security company?" I ask. "Um, I'm embarrassed to tell you that I make one of the top wages in the security industry. I make $12.35 per hour. To answer the other question, I work for the security company.

They send me where ever they need help to cover the holes in their coverage. However, they only let me work 28-30 hours per week to avoid giving me benefits such as medical, which I need for my son." I reach into my pocket pulling out my business card. I write Roger Johnson's name on it with Roger's direct cell phone number.

"Call this man TONIGHT! Tell him that I had you call him. You seem to be just the type of guy we can use in our security team. If Roger hires you, you'll get full time hours, benefits, and other things that we'll discuss in the future," I tell him stressing that he call Roger tonight. He thanks me and I head inside. I see John looking at the wedding sets. Just looking and not saying anything to the guy that is following him up and down the glass case.

I ask if Jacob is here. The salesman leaves to get Jacob. When Jacob comes out from the back, he greets me remembering my ambush of Jill, one of his favorite stories to tell prospective guys who are nervous about asking for his girlfriend's hand. John smiles when he hears Jacob validate my story. "John, what three sets do you like?" I ask. "Um, that one there, this one way down front and the one in the next case over." One by one, Jacob pulls each one out, letting John look it over.

After looking at all three, he seems smitten with the very first one. Big solitaire, classic cut diamond with four smaller diamonds in the wedding band. The set to John represents the merge of the two families. Diane, the solitaire diamond. Jennifer, Marcus, Diane's mom Nikki and John being the four smaller diamonds in the wedding band. I'm proud of his thinking. I tell Jacob that we'll take the set, but to please put the solitaire diamond in a separate box.

John stands there completely stunned. "Sir, I'm not asking for you to do this. I mean, I didn't chat with you about this for you to buy it for me," John says in a bit of a panic. "John, John don't worry about it. Two things can happen here. One, she says yes, and you will be the happiest that you have ever been. Two, she says no, and you return the rings." I hand Jacob my AMEX thinking to myself that tomorrow I need to call the bank and order up some Visa cards for my team to avoid another issue that Tina and Amy had today.

As Jacob rings up the sale, John paces back and forth like an expectant father, which he is, I think. Jacob puts the charge slip in front of me. I sign it and he hands John the small plastic bag with the two velvet boxes in the bag.

John sets the bag down on the glass counter and give me a sincere 'man hug'. We head out to the car where Fred is waiting. Off we go to see Jill. I tell him that he must bring the rings into the hospital, if he doesn't show Jill, she will kick his ever-loving ass when she gets out of the hospital. He laughs. I really didn't look at the receipt that I signed for his rings. I pull it back out and look at it. $5485 is what I spent.

I believe that it is a good investment in my protégé and Diane. When we pull into the hospital parking lot, Fred stops in front of the main entrance.

John and I get out and head inside. As we traverse the hallways towards Jill's room John is completely silent. I know he is stunned and now the pressure is on for him to figure out how to ask her.

I don't offer any suggestions. I believe that he needs to come up with a plan of his own to figure out the perfect way to ask Diane. When we get to Jill's room, she squeals with excitement seeing John, and of course me. She sees the bag and asks John what's going on. He explains that I sandbagged him and stopped at Isaac's Jewelry store. He opened the engagement ring and showed Jill. She squealed that woman squeal when they get so excited.

I even got a big kiss from Jill for helping John pick out the proper ring. We chat for about an hour, before I see Jill yawning. Dr. Ronda makes an appearance kissing me over and over. Jill teasingly says that she needs to not 'wear me out' and save some for her. Both women laugh.

I just smile. I know that tomorrow night will be one hell of a night and I wish that my Jill would be there. I offer Ronda to join us, but she declines saying that she has a date with a doctor as she doesn't see her and Marcus going anywhere. He's nice enough but he seems to not want any sort of long-term future, so she is moving on while they are still friendly.

I whisper in Ronda's ear that she should come to see me soon. She promises me that she will. I kiss her passionately. She grabs my ass as she turns and walks away. I kiss Jill. John kisses Jill, I tease him about flirting with my wife. He gets a bit embarrassed before Jill tells him that I'm just teasing him and it's perfectly fine.

She goes on to tell him that she has no issues with me playing if it is a two-way street. She gets to play as well. I could see John thinking that maybe him and Diane could reach this type of setup. I kiss Jill again before we leave. I tell John as we walk back to the car that I'm proud of him. He smiles and punches me in the arm.

We reach the main entrance just as the security guy is locking it up. He lets us out and Fred is waiting with the car. We get in and I tell him to head home, but first we need to drop John off at his home. Fred remembers where John lives and off, we head. John keeps opening the ring box staring at the ring. "David, when did you know you wanted to marry Jill?" "When I was standing in the ER with her the night of her accident.

They had her hopped up on pain medicine. She professed her love for me without even blinking. I found out she was pregnant, and she looked into my eyes with a look of fear that I was going to walk out on her. It didn't matter to me that the baby belonged to someone else. If I wanted to marry her, I knew that I had to accept it. They came together as a package deal," I said to him. "You mean the baby she just lost was NOT yours? All this time, I thought her pregnancy belonged to you," he said showing that he was completely shocked.

"No, I found out the exact same time she found out by the nurse in the ER. Jill wanted someone to stand there and hold her as the nurse told her she was pregnant. She bust out crying and all I could do was hold her," I explained to him. "WOW, I never knew," John said. "It was supposed to be that way. Had she kept the baby, she probably would have listed me as the father, or at least I think she would have. We never really talked about that, but it's a moot point now," I tell him.

We arrive at John's house. He invites me inside, which I try to politely decline, but he insists. As he opens the front door, I see a shocked and surprised Jennifer.

She comes running over to me practically knocking me over as she leaps into my arms. She is kissing me profusely all over my face, my lips, my ears, my neck pretty much anything she can put her lips on. "Um, David, I think my Mom is saying 'hi'," He says to me laughing the whole time. "Jennifer, if you pack a quick bag, you're welcome to come home with me tonight. Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow night.

We will all leave from the Commune about 5 for the show then go back to the Commune to spend the night. Our very first night there," I tell her. She tells me to hold on for just a minute and runs to her bedroom to put some stuff in an overnight bag. While she is in there, I tell John that he should show his Mom what he is planning. He agrees. Jennifer comes back down to the living room.

I tell her that John has something to show her. He pulls out the black velvet box from his pants pocket and hands it to his Mother. She hesitantly opens the box. Her eyes begin tearing up immediately. She can't produce any words. She grabs her son and hugs him so hard that I though she might break a rib of his. She kissed his cheek several times saying how proud she was of him. I suggested that since his Mother would be spending the night at my house, he might invite Diane over, but to put the ring away somewhere safe until he was ready to propose.

He asked his mother if he could put it in her jewelry box, which of course, she agreed. As I headed back out to the car, John thanked me for dinner and the ring. I gave him a wink and walked arm in arm with his Mother to the car. We got in and Jennifer couldn't keep her hands or mouth off me.

She kept saying that she wanted to thank me for the beautiful flowers and that no one had ever given her flowers so beautiful. While Jennifer is all curled up into me, I ask Fred how his nephews' first day went. "Spectacular, sir. Apparently, your assistant, Miss Dakota already asked them to join your group for tomorrow nights concert. Do you need two or three stretch limos tomorrow night?" Fred asks me. "Let's go with two. I think I have about 16 people coming that puts 8 per car.

Everyone is supposed to be at the Commune by 5pm. So, if you are there about 515-530pm, we will get to the Staples Center early enough to enjoy the suite," I tell Fred.

I text Jill wishing her sweet dreams and telling her that Jennifer is joining me at home tonight. She texts back to enjoy the night and thanks me for bringing John to see her tonight. I tell her that I love her which she says the same to me as we sign off. As I walk into the house, I see two very excited women waiting for me in sheer negligees. Amy wearing a light blue one, Dakota wearing a pink one. Neither of them had any panties, just the sheer top.

All I could do was smile. I had not anticipated Amy and Dakota waiting for me. It took Jennifer less than a minute for her to strip down to nothing.

Here I am standing looking at three gorgeous women all whom have set their eyes on me. I really didn't know why the ambush from Dakota and Amy, until I made it into the kitchen where I saw the big gawdy bouquets of flowers for each of them. Dakota pushes me down the hall and tells me to go take a shower. She also suggests to Jennifer that she should join me in the shower to make sure that I am clean and 'ready' to play. She smiles her beautiful smile and takes my hand walking me down to the bathroom.

Once inside, she begins taking my clothes off. I hear two young ladies giggling in the hall just outside of the bathroom door. Once I am naked, Jennifer takes my hand and leads me into the shower. She turns on the water, spinning me around slowly making sure that I am thoroughly wet before she takes a squirt of shampoo and tells me to lean down to her so she could wash my hair.

She does the hair wash slowly and sensually, kissing my face and lips while my eyes are closed. She tells me to keep my eyes closed as she is now going to soap up my body before she rinses out the shampoo from my hair. I obey. There is something very erotic when you feel a lover's hands caressing your body with soap and shampoo all the while having to keep your eyes closed.

She pushes me back. I am resting my back on the wall underneath the shower head. She begins soaping my body starting with my feet and legs. I lift each one as she directs, rinsing each off so I wouldn't slip on the shower floor.

She washed each leg slowly and sensually, touching me in long languid strokes working her way up to the junction between my thighs and my pelvis. Her antics with the soap made me unbelievably hard. My cock was aching for her touch, but alas, she avoided it. She knew what I wanted, yet she avoided the inevitable ending teasing and taunting me along the way. Jennifer has a delightful way about her. As she continued up my body to my stomach, my mind began to wander to a 'what if' scenario.

'What if' I had met Jennifer earlier? Would I be married to Jill? Jennifer is equally as beautiful as my wife, yet she has presented to me a decadent option with her that I have never ever encountered, Sindee. Now Sindee has recruited a second, Anabelle. My mind drifted miles away while Jennifer is taking her time to sensually wash my entire body, saving my pelvis for last.

While I was considering the 'what if' scenario, she grabbed my hips and turned me around to wash the back side of me. She washed my shoulders quickly; however, she took her time to sensually wash my derriere. She slid the soap covered fingers up and down my ass crack. Although she never slipped a finger into my anus, as I had anticipated, she did circle it several times just teasing me. She took the time to reach between my legs and wash my balls from the back side.

My cock ached like never before wanting such a release, yet none came. After she had rinsed all the soap off my back, she turned me back around.

My eyes were still closed having the shampoo still in my hair. She whispered in my ear, "Do you feel clean yet?" I was virtually unable to speak. She had gotten me so horny taking total control of my body. I just wanted to grab her and have my way with her.

I knew that she wouldn't object nor resist, yet I was loving being the center of her attention. I did grab her and pull her into me kissing her lips. She pushed me away, telling me that I would just have to wait as there were two other beautiful women waiting for a clean 'Daddy'. That word alone made me think again just how wonderful my life has become. Jill loves me. Dakota loves me and is carrying my child. Amy loves me. Jennifer/Sindee clearly loves me. Paula/Anabelle loves me.

Diane loves me and hopefully is carrying John's baby. How could any man envision a life quite as wonderful as mine has become?

Suddenly, I remember my new playmates, Belinda, Allison, and the C&C twins. Finally, Jennifer began soaping my cock as it ached for release. Her delicate fingers lightly stroked me with her soapy hands.

She was delicate and careful to ensure that I didn't get any relief, even by accident. I heard myself moaning as she soaped my manhood but telling me to stay sturdy and not cum. Finally, she aimed the showerhead at my crotch and rinsed me off.

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Then taking hold of my head, she thrust it under the shower to rinse off all the shampoo. After several minutes, she announced that I was all clean. She shut off the shower as I was wiping the water out of my eyes.

Jennifer looked so beautiful, all glistening wet as droplets of water rolled off her gorgeous body. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her into me for a passionate kiss. She responded in like manner. "Let's go play, you have some very horny women waiting for their Daddy," She said playfully in my ear. She continues on saying, "I left Sindee at home, just so you know that she won't be making an appearance tonight.

You'll just have to play with plain old Jennifer." "You are anything but plain or old. You are so beautiful, sexy, and make my heart flutter when I see you," I tell her. She kisses me again, pressing her body into mine. We get out of the shower drying each other off. I open the bathroom door expecting to see my two scantily clad beauties waiting for me, however that was not the case. They were in my bed already playing without me. I peek my head into the bedroom announcing, "Guess Daddy isn't needed.

Maybe I should go watch some TV instead," saying it with a big smile. Jennifer pushes me into the bedroom from behind. I walk over to the bed. My two lovelies stop their play, and each takes a hand pulling me into the bed. "Maybe I should send you flowers more often," I say to them.

"Daddy, this isn't about the flowers. It's about how well you take care of us. We all know that you love us. You are so generous.

You even share your gorgeous wife with us to play with. Daddy, we don't believe that there is another more wonderful Daddy on the planet," Amy says to me.

Dakota follows up with, "Daddy, you already know how I feel about you. I love you with all my heart and soul." She pulls my face into hers and kisses me hard and passionately. I feel hands caressing my balls from behind.

I know that it must be Jennifer as Amy and Dakota are right in front of me. My cock is aching for a release of some sort. I reach down and begin to stroke myself, however Amy wouldn't allow that. She slides her face down and engulfs my aching cock with her delicious mouth.


Jennifer is still massaging my balls from behind. I know that I'm not going to last very long with Amy's expert mouth, Jennifer's wonderful touch, and Dakota now sucking on my nipple.

I slowly begin thrusting my hips pushing my cock deeper into Amy's willing mouth. In only a few strokes, I feel the impending orgasm approach. I try to pull out of Amy's mouth telling her that I'm about to cum. She grabs my ass and pulls me deeper into her causing her to gag copious amounts of saliva.

There is so much saliva that I feel it dripping onto my balls and onto the bed below. As I begin to announce my orgasm, Dakota stops licking my nipple to pull my cock from Amy's mouth to her annoyance.

Dakota points my member at her face with her mouth wide open. I begin to shoot, hitting her mouth on my first two spurts. Amy scrambles up to get spurts three, four, and five. The whole time I'm cumming, Jennifer is still massaging my balls. She whispers into my ear, "I want some too, Daddy," in a very seductive tone.

That makes me shoot a couple more ropes that Dakota catches with her talented tongue. I say to my ladies, "Darlings, I want time with each one of you tonight. I want to play with us together, and separately. Who gets Daddy first?" The three girls look at each other.

Dakota says meekly, "Daddy, I would love for you to have me first." "Is that alright with the both of you," I say to Amy and Jennifer. Both nod in agreement. I take Dakota in my arms, turning her on her back.

I slide down to her moist woman folds and begin to lick and suck her womanly juices. She begins to moan as my tongue is assaulting her. I'm trying to lick every drop she has available to me in her pussy.

I feel her legs drape themselves over my shoulders and crossing behind my head. As I'm enjoying Dakota, I feel my other two lovers begin to enjoy each other. I think in my head that it is wonderful that all my ladies are free to play with each other. Harder and harder I press my face into her pussy. My tongue begins to piston in and out of her woman folds. She reaches her first large orgasm, "OH FUCK ME DADDY, YOU MAKE ME CUM SO HARD&hellip.SO FUCKING HARD." I feel her delicious womanhood splash my face with her sweet nectar.

I lap her juices up as fast as I can enjoying the sweet taste of my Darling Dakota. As she begins to regain her senses, I pull my face up and moving up to her face, kiss her deeply and passionately.

Our tongues intertwine, doing the dance that lovers know too well. Sated for a moment, I roll off her to take up with my shower partner. I whisper in her ear, "Are you ready for Daddy?" She stops licking Amy's womanhood to turn and face me saying, "Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. All you have to do is tell me what you want my dear." I kiss her hard. She excites me. My cock is now getting back to its full size, pointing up. I feel Amy get off the bed to enter at the foot of the bed to gain access to Dakota.

I begin to finger Jennifer's already wet pussy. I scooch forward on the bed between her legs to playfully spank her pussy slit with my hard cock. "Don't tease me Daddy, that's not fair," she says to me playfully. I push myself forward thrusting my rock-hard cock into her. She begins writhing on me from the beginning.

"Oh, my gawd David, you feel so fucking awesome in me," She says as her breathing gets a bit shallower. I keep pushing my manhood slowly in long measured strokes.

I know that Jennifer likes it fast and hard, but I felt not allowing me to cum during the erotic shower needed to be repaid in like manner. "C'mon Darling, please fuck me harder," She begged. I kept up my slow rhythmic fucking in long thrusts in and out of her. She began moaning, but not the moaning of someone who was fast approaching an orgasm. Instead, it was more of an enjoyable loving moan.

I was trying my best to not succumb to picking my pace of fucking. I wanted her to slow down and enjoy the ride. I quietly asked, "Are you enjoying Daddy?" "Oh, my gawd, yes! You are tormenting me so deliciously. Fuck me Daddy. I'm yours whenever you want me," She says in short breaths.

I feel her wet pussy milking my cock as if she was doing Kegel exercises. In one sudden move, I thrust into her as hard as I could, putting my entire length against her cervix. This sent her over the edge, "OH GAWD DAMN, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUUUUUUUMMMMMMM," She says in my ear loudly.

I feel her pussy clamping down harder on my cock. I keep thrusting into her each thrust putting my bulbous head against her cervix, which in turn made her cum repeatedly. After what I felt was a reasonable time for her to regain her senses, I rolled off Jennifer and set my sights on Amy. I know that Amy can go. She's probably the only one of the play group that can rival my darling Dakota's sexual prowess.

I ponder for a moment on how to attack her. "Clean Daddy's cock up, Jennifer came all over it," I demanded from her. Without saying a word, she moved her face down to my still hard cock engulfing the entire thing in one movement.

I felt her willing tongues licking all over the shaft and swallowing all she could get with her educated tongue. I began thrusting into her mouth, feeling myself touching the back causing her to gag a bit. After a couple of thrusts, I removed my cock from her mouth, pushing her backwards on the bed. I lifted her legs up by the ankles putting each one over the respective shoulder. However, what she was unprepared for was my choice of insertion. Without any warning, I thrust my manhood into her anal cavity.

Although I pushed in forcefully, I tried my best to not hurt her. Play is supposed to be fun not harsh and painful. Her eyes grew wide as she had anticipated me entering her vaginally, which clearly, I did not do. Instead, my cock was buried balls deep into her ass. She just moaned in delightful acceptance. I slowly thrust into her and out of her, stopping just before the head of my cock popped out of her ass. I heard Dakota say to Jennifer, "Oh fuck, that looks so sexy. Amy did not expect that from Daddy.

He so loves each of us." Jennifer just agrees in a moan. "Daddy, you're making me cum so hard& fucking hard&hellip. what do you do to me? No one has ever held this power over me. I so love you Daddy," She says to me with her heart in her eyes. Finally, I feel my own impending orgasm. "Daddy loves you so much. Here I cum my darling," I tell her as I push my cock as deep into her and erupt filling her bowels with my cum.

All I can do is just grunt filling her up. As I begin to regain my senses, I see tears flowing from Amy's eyes. For a moment, I was worried that I had hurt her. She wiped the tears from her face and said to me, "Daddy, I love you so much that it hurts. Will you make me pregnant too? I'm so in love with you that I want your baby as well," She says to me in a heartfelt manner.

I hear Jennifer say, "Fuck me, everyone wants to be pregnant. Am I missing out on something?" I just smile at Jennifer. We're both a bit older and have already gone through that part of our lives once before.

"Jennifer, would you like to join the Commune that I seem to be forming?" She just smiles, knowing that I'm being sarcastic. Although, as I watch her, I wonder if she is considering it. In my head at least, I've demonstrated how much I have helped John mature into the man we see now, not that party boy I met just a few months ago. However, I dismiss the thought as I know a pregnancy at her age would be considered 'risky'. I certainly did not want to cause any type of medical risk with her health.

I do love her, just as much as I do all my ladies&hellip. well except for Jill and Dakota. They hold the top spot in my heart and soul. We play together for a couple of more hours before everyone falls asleep with all of us being just one big entanglement. Dakota, of course, figured out a way to put most of her body on top of mine, resting her head gently on my chest. I do remember her delicate fingers swirling my chest hair before drifting off to sleep.

I love all the women in my life. Becoming a Chauffeur that day, certainly changed my life for the better forever! Please take a moment and leave a comment if you enjoyed this chapter. This chapter is the longest of the series to date with over 20,600 words&hellip. Again, thank you for your continued reading……PABLO DIABLO.