Teen boy masturbating and playing with butt

Teen boy masturbating and playing with butt
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Part 3 Well the week flew by and we dropped of our daughter at her friends for the weekend.

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Toni spent the afternoon getting ready for the evening dressed to the 10's around 10 pm Lynn showed up with a bottle of rum and we sat down all relaxed and had a drink. the conversation was easy and time flew by then the woman started to talk sexual and the hints where flying around when suddenly Toni turn to me and said it's your turn to dance for us and went to the stereo and selected the music I was to dance to. Now the mood has changed they had me dancing like a stripper and were hopping and hollering then Lynn produce some dollars and wanted to put them in my underwear they were the bikini type but she said I would have to give her a lap dance to earn them .Now that I had did my strip tease for them leaving only my under ware they could see my major bulge in them as a matter of fact I was so hard that you could see my cock from the top because of the tent that had grown.

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As I begin my lap dance for Lynn I am rubbing my hardness all over her body face anywhere I could get to then I had her get up and I started teasing her touching her breasts ,pinching her nipples and nibbling on her ear she was like putty in my hand and started to moan and groan ,then Toni said what about me I need attention too I said where are your dollars she is just getting what she paid for we all laughed and she went to her purse and only had a 10 she said will this do and I proceeded to tease her the same way but when I got to her face she reached in and pulled out my cock and started sucking on it this changed the whole scenario Then Lynn came over and they shared my cock I do not remember how or when it happened but we were all naked and upstairs in the bedroom I was licking pussy and fingering another and they were still taking turns sucking me off before I exploded Toni slid down and sat on my hard on while Lynn just started to lick her pussy and my cock as I was fucking her then I told Lynn to sit on my face and she was coming almost immediately it was such a rush to have two young pussies trying to get the best of my attention.

I ended up fucking both of them Toni never being with a woman before only touched Lynn's pussy and licked my ass when I fucked her but she did diddle Lynn's tits and sucked on them for awhile.

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We stayed calm after this for awhile just doing our weekly shopping thing and coming home fucking as Toni would tell me stories about her fantasies with all the men that got her attention while we fucked.

She told me that there was one guy who actually rubbed her bare pussy when she bent down with her back to him after a few times and when she turned around he was walking away I guess he was afraid she would call someone or something. As I said before we put an ad in the swinger's magazine well we finally started to get responses in the mail, all had pictures as requested and a little story about them and their desires along with a self address stamped envelope for our response.

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Remember this is before the age of so many cell phones so we used snail mail and responded to all sending I sorry but not interested to the ones that we did not want to meet and we got a few we were interested a guy from New Jersey and a couple for our state about an hour away we sent a reply with our contact info and phone number asked for discretion and to have them ask only for me so our daughter would not get suspect.

We mailed them and waited for the response, that was all we could do.

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In the mean time we watched our videos we made several times and got excited for what our new ones would be like. Now Toni was used to be out in public without any undergarments.

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She asked me if I could help her shave her pubic area after seeing how sexy Lynn's pussy was so I laid her down and trimmed first because as I said before she had never done this so she had a forest down there as she would say anyway ,after I was done trimming I took my electric beard trimmer and carved out a heart nice and neat and trimmed her lips so they were bare to the touch turned her over and shaved her ass so she was clean then I had the tub set up for her to relax but decided I need to taste my work at which time I found she was soaked she definitely had come the vibrations from the shaver but I was so into my work not wanting to mess it up that I never even noticed after she cam again I allowed her to take a relaxing soak in the tub I brought her some wine and a towel for her to lay down more comfortable turned on some music and left her to her thoughts .After about a half hour I came into the bathroom to check on her and found her wildly masturbating she was just so horny from me shaving her and excited about the next step.

I pulled her from the tub dripping brought her to the bed and we fucked with so much passion we kept changing positions who was on top ,it was a night to remember that's for sure. We waited for our first response it was from Joe in New Jersey.

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