Una rica cogida con un dotado torreon

Una rica cogida con un dotado torreon
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He smiled at me across our English class. We knew each other, but we weren't really 'friends.' I glanced back and allowed a soft smile to pass my lips. "Choose partners for the next project," our sexy teacher, Mr. John said. He was 23, and looked WAY too young to be a High School English teacher.

His chisled features. Strong jaw, that was barely covered in a fine, cleanly shaven bit of hair strewn across his chin. His black hair, it looked so fine, I wanted to just run my fingers through it.

I imagined what he looked like under those clothes. Once, he wore a clingy shirt and his sexy tan body.

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Oh my god, that body. That six pack. I almost got hard right then and there. I couldn't even begin to imaging what it looked like. Based on the size of his hands, he was huge under those khaki pants. Kevin stood from his seat and wandered toward me.

He was the closest thing to a friend I had in this class and he sat in the desk next to me.

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"Elliott," he said, "want to work on the project together?" It was a project we had to do about our book. "Sure," I said coolly, we talked for a while until the class ended. I gave him my number and he's coming over to my house after school around 6:00.

To be honest. I've had a crush on him for a while and he flirts with me sometimes. Well, maybe he doesn't flirt with me, but I like to think he does.

I took a shower when I got home from diving practice. He came around 5:45 and I had no choice, I had to answer the door in my lack of clothing. I was only wearing a pair of shorts when he came.

I wouldn't consider myself 'ripped,' but I had some muscle under my geeky, nerdy exterior. He seemed to like how I looked.

I was strong enough for Kevin to notice and check me out a little.

Not blatantly, just slightly, enough for me to see his eyes wandering over me. "I'll be right back," I told him, "I'm gonna go put on a shirt." I saw as his eyes slightly turn to disappointment.

"I'll be here." I ran upstairs to put on a shirt. I thought about if I saw him right, 'was he really disappointed that I'm putting on a shirt?' I threw on my favorite t-shirt and went back downstairs.

He was sitting in the family room when I got down there. His book was out and he had a cute smile on his face. I went over to him and started talking to him, we laughed a little bit while we talked. We decided after about an hour of work to watch a movie.

We chose to watch a horror movie, namely 'House At The End Of The Street,' I guessed that it would scare him, and if not, I'd pretend to be scared and maybe he'd hold me.

I was right and at one suspenseful part before she got attacked, he clung to me. He smelled of chocolate, my favorite. If I could've, I would've just eaten him right then and there. His blond hair was a little frazzled and he had a slight 5 o'clock shadow. His piercing blue eyes scanned over me. Unsure if he was just avoiding the scary movie on the screen or if he saw something in me, I looked at him. His bright, but deep blue eyes looked into my puddles of brown as the movie played in the background.

The scary scene ended and it switched to a more romantic scene. The boy and girl on the screen began to get intimate and I felt as his hand wandered onto my shoulder.

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He pulled me in softly and kissed me, ever so gently, on the lips. His soft pink lips felt magnificent against mine. It felt right to kiss him, so I slowly, gentlykissed him back.

"Are you gay, too," he mumbled against my lips. I nodded as best I could and raveled my hand through his soft hair, holding him to me as we kissed. I felt as his lips curled into a smile and he mumbled in what could be considered as more of a moan type sound. "Good, because I've liked you for years." I smirked against him. I increased the passion of the kiss, knocking him over onto the couch, me on top, wanting to take control of the situation. I wandered my hands over him, feeling his muscular biceps and tugging his shirt, begging for it's removal.

He peeled away from the kiss for a few paces, allowing me to remove his shirt and for him to remove mine. We dropped our shirts to the side of the couch and kissed once again. My hands wandered over his exposed eight pack as he and I kissed more. He began to scratch behind my ear, it caused me to shake, grinding more against him with every shake. I felt as his cock slowly grew and hardened. 'Dinnertime.' I found myself thinking as I thought about the fact that his might be the first meat I'll be having since I first became a vegetarian last year.

I stopped kissing his lips as I move slightly to the side and bbegin to kiss his jaw. I lick and nibble steadily up his jaw to his ear.

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I get to his ear and begin nibbling and sucking on the lobe. I licked and nibbled my way back down his jaw, stopping occasionally to kiss his gentle, pale skin.


I stopped to the side of his lips for a kiss. Then I continued downward. Licking down the line between his abs, sucking at parts, giving him sbarely but still dark hickeys. I raised my head back up to kiss his soft lips when I reached the top of his jeans while going down.

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My hand sneaked down his body to the button of his dark grey skinny jeans. His hardening cock practically caused his zipper to burst at the seams.

I undid the button then slid my hand slightly to the YKK zipper and lowered it. I expected him to stop me, but he didn't. He smiled and nodded as I wiggled his jeans off of him. His boxers were a light shade of blue that complimented his skin tone and eye color well.

His eyes became so big, blue, and pouty as he reached for my black knee-length shorts, wanting to lower them. He unbuttoned them, but I stopped him. I rubbed his cock gently through his boxers as it grew more. I bowed my head and held the edges of his boxers as I lowered them, revealing his 8.5 inch cock, small in comparison to mine.

I licked my lips as I saw his pre-cum dribble out of the head. 'Meat,' my brain moaned happily as I bent down slightly.

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I kissed the side of it, then I licked a ring around the shaft of his cock. My hand began to wrap around it, starting at the tip, using the oozing pre-cum to moisten the cock. I licked my lips again as I moved closer to him taking only the head into my mouth and sucking lightly, tasting the salty pre-cum I've been craving since he came over.

I slowly started to suck harder. I removed it from my mouth with a small 'pop' and began slowly licking his cock up and down.

From the head to the balls and back and forth until his entire cock was covered in a thin layer of my saliva. I wrapped my lips around the head again, re-tasting the sticky pre-cum. My lips curled into a smile, loving his taste. I slowly took in his cock. Millimeter by millimeter; teasing him as he groaned deeply. I took the first four and a half inches in with ease, slowly working my way up.

I got to five and a half inches in, until it touched the back of my throat and I gagged. I lifted my hand up and wrapped it around the remaining three inches of his cock. I jerked him off as I bobbed my head up and down, up and down on his long, thick, hard cock.

I looked up at him as I bobbed faster and jerked harder. I feel his cock tremble a bit as he moans out. I moaned against his cock as I rammed it into the back of my throat with every thrust. I began to slowly swallow, deepthroating the cock in my mouth. I used my throat to massage it. "Fuck, Elliott," he groaned in a sexy, deep mumble, "I'm so close!" I continued to bob my head up and down quickly while deepthroating.

I extended my hand and softly played with his balls. He cums abundantly down my throat. I welcomingly swallowed every drop.

I removed his cock from my mouth and licked back up and down, cleaning him off. I hadn't noticed as my 10 inches had hardened while sucking him.

I moved my hand slightly and put a finger in his ass. He gasped at the sudden entry of my finger in his ass, but quickly relaxed. He kissed me again, as if giving me permission to do more if that's what I want. I kissed him back then I gently flipped him over, getting a nice view of his tight, pale ass.

I allowed my cock to rub against his ass and I smirked. His cock started to grow again. I used my pre-cum to lubricate my cock, then I collected some of his and lubricated his ass with it.

I took my time, slowly entering the head into his ass hole. He yelled out in pain for a second when I first entered, but he was okay.

He reached out and took hold of the arm rest of the couch. He squeezed the couch feeling pain until the tips of his fingers turned white. "Fuck, you're so tight," I groaned as I slowly sunk my 10 inches into him. I was passed the head and was about an inch farther into him. He yelled out, partially in pain, partially in extasy as my 2 inch wide cock dug its way into him. "Farther," he moaned, begging. I smirked and did as he begged, sinking my thick, hard cock into him, already almost 5 inches in.

I felt as he started to slightly lean back, onto my cock. I resisted my urge to moan as his tight ass engulfed my cock to 7 inches.

I spanked his ass roughly, turning it red at my touch. My cock sank even farther into him. I knocked us over so he was practically sitting on me, allowing the gravity to pull him onto me.

I pulled out of him, from the 9 inches in, back to 6, then without another thought I slammed into him, forcing all 10 inches in. He wiggled slightly, massaging my cock.

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I pulled out and pushed back in in a slow, steady rhythm. "Kevin," I groaned as the white, hot, sticky fluid flowed from the head of my cock into him. "Fuck, Ellll," he moaned, losing his ability to speak as he felt my juices enter him and released some of his own.

He pulled off of me and turned around. He smiled at me and kissed me softly. One soft, sweaty, sexy kiss. "I love you, Elliott." I smiled and kissed him gently, softly running my pale hand through his light blond hair. "I love you, too, Kevin."