Straight amateur hunk turns gay

Straight amateur hunk turns gay
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Gay and Roberto were now happily married. They decided they wanted to have a lovely young sex slave to fuck, because they were both rather ugly and didn't want to fuck eachother.

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They were sitting in Roberto's basement room. They had gotten a new bed to make room for Gay. It took comfort and luxury to new heights.

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They fell in love with the look and feel of its plush, blended silk cover quilted with the new TEMPUR-HD®. This reformulated, higher density version of the proprietary TEMPUR® material provided unmatched pressure-relieving comfort and body-conforming support.

The new premium, matching platform foundation, which they chose in high-profile (low profile was also available), completed the luxurious mattress set - a truly grand sleep experience. TEMPUR-HD, a higher density formula of our proprietary TEMPUR material, created a luxurious, deep sleep experience. More TEMPUR cells across the sleep surface conformed to every curve and angle of Gay and Roberto's large bodies with exacting precision, providing even more support, greater pressure relief and unsurpassed durability.

The Frigidaire brand Refrigerator whirred softly in the corner. Alas, their original food chunk had been finished off, but Gay had made a new one out of Chris Crocker. Mmm mmm good! Fido lay in the corner on a Petsmart brand pet bed. Roberto ate a peanut-flavored Cliff bar for breakfast (he had decided to expand his nutritional horizons), then he and Gay got into their steel-armored Hummer. Roberto had mounted a mini-gun turret on top and welded huge metal plates to the body.

The windows had been replaced with tinted, bullet-proof glass. Vroom Vroom!

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The wheels on the hummer go 'round and 'round, all around the town! Gay was driving (she had a driver's license) and Robby (Gay's nickname for Roberto) was in the back, holding a tranquilizer dart gun. Soon, they passed the local high school.

Some bitchy cheerleaders were practicing, and they were pretty hot. Roberto could see their panties when they jumped and this made him stiff as a solid 4130 cromoly rod.

The captain of the team was the hottest and also the bitchiest, rudest, and most deserving of ill fate, so Roberto tranqued her and dragger her into the car. Then Gay took out her crowbar and bashed the shit out of all the other cheerleaders. Bones were cracking, blood pouring everywhere, people shrieking in agony, internal organs flying every which way, intestines unraveling, eyeballs squishing and people dying.

Amidst all the destruction stood Gay, waving her crowbar around and hitting everything in sight.

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She wrapped it all up in a tarp and threw it in the back of the truck. Lifetime supply of lunch! Splattered with blood, Gay and Roberto drove home and dragged the stuff down to the basement. "More decorations?" asked Hank and Jane simultaneously. "Yeah," said Roberto.

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"Man," said Hank. "You two sure take Halloween seriously". "Yeah," said Roberto. Once the cheerleader had woken up, Gay pressed a huge vibrator to panties under her uniform skirt and they got all wet. Then she yanked them off and shoved them in the girl's mouth and duct-taped it. "mmph hmmd fghh" said the girl angrily. Gay took off the girl's clothes and tied her up in a provocative BDSM position.


The Roberto whipped her with a cat-o-nine tails. It lefts nine red streaks on her skin each blow, and she shrieked through her tape/panties. She was bleeding from the wounds. Then Roberto started eating out of her pussy. Soon she had her first orgasm of the day. "Woof" said Fido. he had caught a mouse. This gave Roberto an idea. He took the mouse and put it into the girl's cunt, then sewed it shut with Gay's sewing kit.

The girl started shrieking and crying. Gay and Roberto laughed and Roberto took a shit on her. This shut the bitch up. After a few hours (Gay and Roberto made sweet, sweet love to pass the time) the mouse in the girl's cutn had gotten hungry. "Hmm" said the mouse, whose name was Lemmiwinks.

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"I'm quite ravenous, yet there's no food in sight. In fact, all I can see is this yummy-looking clit" so he ate the clit. Then he drank the blood that poured out from where the clit was to wash it all down.

For desert, he knawed on her clitoral hood. The next day, Lemmiwinks was hungry yet again, so he crawled down her vagina and into her uterus, where he began eating the walls. After a few hours he had knawed so much that he was able to come out of the uterus through a newly-created hole in the sidewalls. Meanwhile, Gay and Robby had been fedding the girl so she'd stay alive.

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She was almost dead from internal bleeding nd had passed out from the pain of a mouse devouring her entrails a few times, so Roberto always jump-started her heart with an electric shock when that happened. Lemmiwinks started to eat her intestines, then entered the large intestine. He crawled through the passages but didn't realize he could get out through her asshole, so he went up.

Soon he had reached her stomach. He gnawed through and into the stomache, releasing acids throughout her body. The acid began to eat way at her lower organs, while Lemmiwinks devoured her heart and lungs. She was dead by now. Then he traveled upwards into her cranium and ate her brain. Finally he had eaten so much that he exploded. Gay bashed the body open with her crowbar and crushed the body into yet another chunk.


This one was the best of them all because it also had rat guts and rat shit. She shoved this into the fridge, which was starting to burst at the seams.

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It smelled like Jeffrey Dahmer's refrigerator. THE END