Guy gets his cock processed by german

Guy gets his cock processed by german
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This is an improved sequel of slave has an happy ending so don't pass any type of "ratings" or "comments" before atleast reading its ending it is a real story inspired from a historical event which lead to a revolution which abolished use of a torturus device named breast ripper., i used pesonification as aliena in this.,please read slave market before.

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Medieval revolution.thanks so lets begin i hope you'll enjoy it more than 1st.,ok finally starting., .then they took me to mongolia because they came to know that im aliena the princess of the kingdom they conquered.,all my body was fully ruined all body wounded full of blood my tits were on the verge of breaking due to pulling my poor body from breasts behind a horse and i was not in state of having energy to utter even a word.some maids came and lifted me to some guest room of the pavillion where they treated my wounds,fed me good food for few months and after recovery i was made to exercise daily and now things seemed to change for good as clean and good clothes were given to me to wear all was good time by time an year passed mixed of worse and good time or say events since all started and i turned 20 suddenly an tragedy struck i was taken to town center of mongolian market were the maids tied my body to a stone pole i was feared of thousands of people staring at me i was feeling humiliated and feared of the future.,then a man came and smiled at me giving devilish looks shouted see.

This is the fate of a rival princess in our country.!!!!!!!! Then he came towards my helpless body and tore the whole clothing on me i could feel my nakedness i braced myself for certain pain that was just moments away.,he kicked hard with his metal shoe in my rectum.i cried in pain and powerlessnes.then he kicked several times on my poor tits which lead to a continous leakage of breast milk from my nipples the whole crowd was laughing on me so in disgrace i closed my eyes thinking that this man has complete control on my body and he know's how to use it.,all the stage was filled with my milk and its flow was showing no signs of stoppage.i was laying defacting on stage for all to see.suddenly two soldiers came and started squeezing my breast milk roughly showing no mercy in collecting my breast into a large bucket after my milk got over they left and boiled my breast milk to burning hot and returned to me i was confused about what are the doing suddenly they poured the burning liquid on my bare breasts i screamed in pain my screams was so intense that some people fainted on the spot.,for an hour or two soldiers sealed my mouth and broke my rectum and ass's seals by using a heated metal rods then they left and the man which was torturing me since start said to me that if i resisted him he will rip my tits with an iron nail by hanging my body to the spears by inserting my breasts (tits) to the metal for causing sweare pain listening to this i was frightened enough to commit succide if set free then suddenly he grabbed my tits tightly and began pulling them roughly on other side i could feel his cock pushed angainst my virgin pussy.i felt his hand becoming more tight and forcing my pussy to his hard cock so to save myself i began to struggle hoping to get away from this cruel man.he said stay still or i will tear your soft tits fucking you can be continued later too and if i get bored your tits will embrace the floor understood.i got frightened and prepared my body for pain my body was suffering pain more and more he was becoming harsh and harsh then he extracted his cock from my body and moved to my tits and sucked them till they bled these tortures were repeated again and again day after a day one day when i was about to die he freed me from the rope and taken my body in his lap and apologized me for cruel ness and kissed my face and we hugged and kissed each other for hours i became aroused and falled in love with him and told him in pain "i love yyooouuuu.,he became confused he immediately covered my body with clothes and ordered his men to slay all crowd who even had a sight at my body after this we got married and after that day he invaded every slave market and set all slaves free to live thier life and my husbands remarkable work was taken as inspiration for many revolutions in favour of females and there was a wave of revolutions after it and all kind hearted men and women continued to struggle even if it was a small and slow start in the endless darkness of that time and what about me i became his wife the princess of mongolia and live a happy and a romantic life with him we have 2 daughters.i died soon due to tortures inflicted on me in past but we can no doubt call my death a worthy sacrifice for human society so please dont forget me im one of the wife of great Subotai Khan.,i hope you liked it.

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