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Irm atilde_ chupando o c uacute_ do irm atilde_o casado
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Jim awoke to the feeling of Tom's chest pressed to his back and one of Tom's muscular arms draped over Jim's chest pulling Jim in close.

Seconds later Jim registered another feeling, Tom's pulsating erection was pressed between Jim's thighs; the two of them had slept naked in this position since their midnight encounter the previous night. The feeling of his older brothers meat firmly secured between his thighs was enough to bring Jim to full mast; Jim slowly stared to grind his thighs together sandwiching his brother's pulsating member.

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Tom was sound asleep when he was overcome with a pleasurable sensation, like someone kneading his groin, as the sensations continue to wash over him Tom's eyes fluttered open to see the back of his brother's head. In a flash all of last night's events rushed back to him. Overcome with love for his little brother Tom leaned forward and gently brushed his lips to the back of Jim's neck.

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Jim jumped 6 inches with the unexpected feeling of his brother's lips on his neck. "Jesus! You scared the hell out of me!" Jim exclaimed as he turned to face his brother. Tom smiled slyly at Jim and then threw back the covers and hopped out of bed, Tom's proud 7.5 inches stood tall for the whole world to see. Without bothering to look at the lustful look in his brother's eye Tom turned and headed for the door, flexing his tight ass as he walked, giving his brother a view at the rest of him.

Throwing caution to the wind because of their parents absence, Tom walked stark naked through the house to the kitchen, following his brothers lead Jim went into the kitchen and set out to make his cereal. All through breakfast the two were unusually quiet, without any advances from either brother, breakfast passed quickly and it wasn't long before Jim got up to wash his bowl. Jim stood at the sink with his feet slightly parted giving Tom a perfect view; Tom sat admiring his brothers athletic physique, Tom slowly rose from the table and walked behind his brother and pressed their bodies together and rested his chin on Jim's right shoulder.

For the second time that morning Jim was spooked at his brother's sudden presence and nearly jumped out of his skin as he felt his brother's firm pecks pressing into his back and Tom's chiseled chin on his shoulder. "For cripes sake, would you stop doing that?!" shouted a startled Jim.


Tom laughed and gently smacked his brother's ass, "Why don't you make me big boy." With the irrevocable challenge and the raging testosterone the two engaged in a battle for domination. Eventually Tom was declared winner as he pinned Jim face down on the carpet, from his vantage point Tom had the perfect sight of his brother's firm ass slightly sticking up from the floor.

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As a result of their roughhousing Jim and Tom were coated with a fine layer of sweat, the sight of his brother's glistening ass drove Tom crazy.

With a light thrust Tom's member slid in-between Jim's thighs resuming its earlier position, this time however Tom held the high ground, using his leverage to keep his brother down Tom began to slide in and out of his brother's thighs gently rubbing his brother's hefty balls with his shaft. The two seemed to be made for each other as they picked up the tempo they reached a near boiling point and suddenly Tom stopped and jumped up, Jim rolled over to look up at his brother in time to see Tom jerking his meat feverishly while looking down at Jim.

Mirroring his brother Jim wrapped his hand around his cock and started pumping too, in mere seconds Jim exploded shooting rope after rope of his thick seed all over his chest and stomach. "OHHHH OH MY GOD AHHH AH AHHHH!" As Tom watched his brother pound his flesh Tom picked up his tempo even more, as he watched his brother unleash and heard his brother's moans, it was enough to push Tom over the edge and he started spurting his steamy goo down onto his brother with shots landing on his brother's face, pecks, abs, and groin.

Looking down at his winded brother Tom stretched out a hand to pull Jim to his feet.

"Let's go shower, Mom and Dad's shower is big enough for both of us." Jim didn't need to be told twice, he started down the hall towards his parent's room. Tom walked up behind Jim and roughly grabbed his brother's ass squeezing it tight, "This is mine now!" Tom said with a smile.


The two made it into their parent's walk-in shower with no further incidents and began heating the water. Moments after the water heated both brothers piled into the shower and began to soap up, with the water pouring down from both showerheads the two stood inches apart. It was Tom who broke the silence, "Jim, could you do my back?" With a nod from Jim, Tom turned around presenting his backside to Jim.

Jim grabbed the bottle of moisturizing body wash and started to dig deep into Tom's shoulders. Tom's knees almost buckled when his brother started giving him a deep tissue massage, the pleasure was immense. Jim slowly worked his way down Tom's muscular back exerting great care to thoroughly massage his brother's entire back, it wasn't long until Jim reached Tom's lower back, Jim proceeded lower and began massaging in earnest.

Tom was on cloud nine as Jim kneaded his ass cheeks together and spread them apart and ran his thumbs down Tom's crack gently poking in as they got to Tom's puckered hole before they moved on down and slipped between his legs and began massaging Tom's balls.


Just as Tom was about to explode for the second time this morning Jim spun him around and engulfed Tom's pulsating cock in one fell swoop. The combination of his massage and the sudden warmth encasing his cock and the contracting feeling of his brother's throat pushed Tom over the edge and sent shots of his hot seed into his brother's stomach. Toms slid down the side of the shower as his knees buckled; he was caught by the shower bench and sat in the throes of his shattering orgasm.

Jim watched his dazed brother with satisfaction, knowing he had brought tom great pleasure. Jim gazed at his naked and glistening brother for a few moments more and then started to take his own cock in hand to give himself some relief. Tom noticed his brother's movements and thought it was a poor way to repay his brother by making him satisfy himself, Tom stopped his brother and stood up, "I have something much better in mind." Tom said as he turned and braced himself on the shower bench.

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Jim looked on slightly confused until he realized what his brother had in mind. "Are you sure?" asked Jim. "Yes, I have wanted it all week!" Tom replied somewhat forcefully. Jim nodded and grabbed the lotion bottle off the shower rack, after applying a generous amount of lotion to his aching 7.2 inches; Jim took another handful and began to rub it into his brother's crack, eliciting several moans from Tom.

After applying all the lubrication Jim took hold of his rod and began running it up and down his brother's tight crack, gently pushing harder as he passed Tom's hole each time. After a few passes of this teasing Jim found Tom's hole and lined up to penetrate, with slight pressure Jim's cockhead penetrated Tom's anal ring.


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HOLY SHIT!" The pain quickly subsided and Tom's virgin hole became receptive to Jims throbbing prick, Jim applied more pressure shoving his well lubricated member balls deep into his brother.

A wave of euphoria unlike anything Jim had ever experienced washed over him combined with the steamy water pounding down on his shoulders Jim had to fight to prolong this experience. As Tom's hole contracted around Jim's tick shaft Jim held still for almost a full 30 seconds, once Jim regained control he began to slowly withdraw from his brothers ass until only Jim's cockhead remained buried in Tom's ass.

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Jim looked down at the sight of his dick in his brother's ass and the sight was so hot that it galvanized Jim into the hottest fuck session he had ever had. Jim grabbed Tom's hips and with a mighty thrust Jim pushed all the way back into his brother driving balls deep, after hearing the meaty smack of his groin on Tom's cheeks Jim quickly withdrew and slammed in again and again!

Quickly picking up tempo Jim trust over and over again. Jim withdrew all the way and looked down at his brother's gaping hole and in one strong push Jim penetrated and started fucking his brother with renewed gusto! With each slam of groin to ass Tom's moans got louder and louder "OH.



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GOD&hellip. FUCK!!!!" Jim slammed over and over into Tom's tight hole Jim could feel his orgasm coming and knew there would be no stopping it. With two final thrusts Jim went as deep into his brother's bowls at he could slamming as hard as he could, on his last thrust in Jim pressed his chest to his brothers back and wrapped his arms around Tom's chest holding him tight as Jim spurted rope after rope of his steamy goo into Tom's bowls, it seemed as if Jim came forever and the cum seemed to be in an unlimited supply.