Barbi Pussy Is Made for Black Cocks

Barbi Pussy Is Made for Black Cocks
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My girlfriend and I had been seeing each other for about 2 months or so, she was 19 while I was just a year over her. Lately she had started to show interest in sex, and by the way she talked, you wouldn't think that she was a virgin. We would talk every night, and it got so frequent I would often find myself craving for her at all hours just so I could hear her voice.

One day, she calls me and says that she's "ready" for her first time. Overly excited as I was, I told her when she wanted to meet up.

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We agreed to have a night time rendezvous at my house, when she arrived, I was barely able to contain myself, but I was able to keep from ripping her clothes off the second she stepped through my door. I was already starting to get hard. I held her close as we made our way to the bedroom and asked her "Are you really ready to do this?" like a gentleman. She replied with a brief, yet shy nod and smiled as she began to undress.

I follow suit and lose my clothes as I near the bed. She laid herself out across my bed with her legs aimed at me.


I slowly climbed on top of her and held her body under mine, slowly beginning to kiss her from her neck down to her stomach. She let out a sexy little moan as I licked a circle around her nipple and whispered to me "Be gentle." I take my head down to her pussy and started to lick her clit, teasing her by slowly tracing her pussy with my tongue.

She didn't seem to even really need any foreplay, her pussy was already feverish and wet like she came here completely intent in making me her first sexual lover. I take my dick into my hand and start to rub it up and down her pussy, her hips moving up and down like her body already knows what to do. I start to put my dick in and her body pulls away from me.


I ask "What's wrong baby?" and she replies with a quiet "I'm scared…" I comfort her and tell her that I promise to be gentle and put a hand on her hip to keep her from pulling away. Once again I aim my dick and begin to plunge into her beautiful pink pussy. She lets out a tiny cry as I tear her hymen, but I can feel her wanting to pull away from me, "She's shaking." I think to myself. I completely thrust my dick into her and she looks at me with teary eyes.

Her eyes tell me to stop for a minute…but against my will, I begin to start thrusting in and out of her. She lets out a few cries "It hurts, please stop" but my hips don't listen to her cries as my mind starts to go blank.

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All I can remember telling her is that the pain will stop soon… I take a look at my prick, bloodied with her sweet innocence…and I break the promise I made her…I begin to pulse my hips back and forth faster and faster. She no longer lets out low cries, she begins to twist her face in pain. Still, my hips don't bother to stop, I thrust harder and harder, deeper and deeper. "She's crying." I tell myself…but I no longer really care. Melting around my dick is my girls' virgin pussy…and I just let instincts take over.

I keep her under me, slapping my balls against her ass, fucking her as hard as I can, listening to her "No!


Baby please stop! It hurts!" but it just makes me want to fuck harder.

I have already lost control of myself to the ecstasy I feel. Pounding her violently, I feel her cum. She lets out a moan through her tears. "I think she's starting to get into it" I think to myself so I look her dead in the eyes, but all I see are the backs of her hands.

She's sobbing, through her cries I hear "please let this end…" I don't want to. I feel myself raping her, and I like it. I fuck her, and fuck her, and fuck her…finally dropping the biggest load of hot semen deep inside her. I pull my dick out of her and start to come back to my senses. She's gone quiet and has tears running down her cheeks. I bring my face close to hers and lean in for a kiss…she turns away.

I tell her "Baby I'm sorry." But I can see how deeply I hurt her. With a shaky voice she asks me "why baby, I thought you loved me." All I could do was stare at her.

She tries to push me off of her but I resist, I cracked a sinister little smirk and said "You aren't going anywhere." I feel my dick begin to get hard again and I start to kiss her neck, but I've lost all tenderness. I begin to bite her, and bite her hard, she lets out a whine saying "Please stop baby!" but I don't relent. I make my way to her supple breasts which I had neglected the first fucking, and began to lick, pinch, suck, bite, tug, pull, and squeeze her nipples.

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My mouth and hands have minds of their own. I take one hand and shove it between her legs, feeling her still feverish, still soaking wet pussy. I push my fingers inside and start thrusting them in and out, going from one finger, to two, to three.

She lets out a yelp once again exclaiming that it hurt. I zone back out.

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I push her knees to her chest and force myself inside her once again, not allowing her nightmare to stop.

Not even seeking her pleasure, I rape her violently, grabbing at her breast with a cum stained set of fingers. She finally tries to push me off with a scared look on her face. With my body weight behind me, I put a hand at her throat.


I'm finally tired of her whimpering. Slowly I feel her arms that are braced against me begin to go limp.

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She's out. I fucked her again and again that night, falling asleep on top of her. When I woke up I found a note on my night stand that read: "Baby, I don't know what came over you, but you broke my heart.

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You promised me that you were going to be gentle, but you broke your promise to me. Because I love you, and I want us to work out, I'm not going to tell anyone about last night, but I don't know how I'm going to explain the bruises on my neck.

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Baby, I don't think I want to see you anytime soon. You scare me…it's like you're someone else. I'll call you when I want to talk. I love you baby…" I laugh hysterically as I fall asleep, crying. It's now been 3 weeks and I still haven't heard from her…I don't think I can undo the scares I left on her…fuck.