Fantastic blow job for hunk

Fantastic blow job for hunk
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It had been quite and exciting week around our house.

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I had shared some of the most thrilling sexual experiences of my life with my husband and my son, and I was planning on taking it further tonight. All I had to do was conjure the memory of the two most special guys in my life sucking each other off and I was ready to cream in my pants.

I was lying on my bed lightly stroking my pussy lips and waiting for my son Evan. I decided that instead of rolling around in the cramped space on my son's bedroom floor, we should spend this evening in our king size bed instead. My husband Don came out of the bathroom, fresh from his shower, and joined me on the bed. "What have you got there, babe?" he asked. "A very wet pussy." "Yum!" He went down for a taste and I snapped my legs shut before he could get there.

"No you don't," I smiled. "I don't want you to spoil your appetite." "Aw, you're saving all the good stuff for your son. I'm jealous." "Hon, you're not really are you?" I asked worried. This was one of the problems I anticipated and prayed wouldn't cause trouble between us.

"Jealous? Naw, I'm kidding with you." He kissed one of my nipples, and I was somewhat relieved. "I know we talked about it before," I said, "but that was when it was a fantasy.

Now that it's real, you have to be honest with me if you're having doubts or hurt feelings." "To be honest, I wasn't crazy about the idea at the start. I know you had an intuition that Evan might be gay, but I knew for sure that I certainly wasn't. But I trust you, and I want to make you happy, so I went along with your perverted little family affair." "You think it's perverted?" "Let me finish. And, yes, what we're doing is the textbook definition of perverted." He kissed my other nipple before going on.

"Listening in on Evan and you masturbating together that first night, then actually watching our son make love to you the next night, was more of a turn on than I ever expected. But, I never felt one iota of jealousy, or anything remotely like it." "It was the same for me watching you two making each other cum," I said dreamily.

"It's like we're all together in a way that we could never be with anyone else. There's no competition, or head games, and we can just be free to enjoy each other's bodies." "I want to enjoy your body right now, lady." Don climbed on top of me, kissing and nibbling my neck as he did. I giggled and tried to fight him off, but he was too strong (and I really didn't want to win this contest). He got in between my legs and plowed his hard-on right into my dripping pussy.

It was madly exciting to have him take me like that, so crazy with passion he absolutely had to have me right that moment.


Evan came into our room just as we got started. He was naked, his hair still damp from the shower. "Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad." He was as casual as could be despite the fact that he just walked in on his parents having sex. That made me feel good all over for some reason. "Hey, buddy, c'mon in," Don said without missing a beat. "Your Dad couldn't wait to put his cock in my pussy.

Do you want to watch us fuck?" "Sure, I haven't seen you guys do it yet. You look real sexy with your legs spread like that, Mom." "Thanks, honey. Why don't you get down behind your father where you can see?" Evan moved to the foot of the bed and situated himself. "Can you see all right?" I asked my son while my husband continued to thrust himself into me. "A little, but not really," Evan answered.

I raised my feet up into the air, and Don adjusted up and forward. "How's that, honey?" "Perfect." "Can you see Dad's cock going in and out of my pussy?" "Yeah, I can see everything." "Touch my pussy, baby.

I want you to feel me getting fucked." I felt him touch me and I was flying. He ran his fingers up one side of my pussy, then down and up the other side. He wrapped his thumb and forefinger around my husband's cock like a ring so Don was fucking through our son's fingers and into me.

It was inexplicably exhilarating. After a little while his hand moved and I didn't know what he was doing. Then Don moaned and got a goofy smile on his face. "Your son is playing with my balls," he informed me. "And he's damn good at it." He slowed down, wanting to make this last as much as I did. "Mom, I can see your butt, you know." "I know, honey.

I like showing myself off to you." "Can I touch it?" "Of course, darling." I felt his finger on my asshole. He circled it around, gathering some of the wetness leaking down from my pussy, then pressed his fingertip into me.

My husband was fucking me while my son played with my ass. I couldn't hold back any longer. "Oh, yes, I'm coming," I gasped. My husband and son worked together to bring me off in fine fashion.

As soon as my climax subsided, Don was cumming inside me. He grunted and rammed himself deep into me, then released. He pulled out and rested next to me to catch his breath. Before I realized it, Evan was lapping my pussy. He kissed and sucked my super sensitive clit, making me jump and chirp with painful pleasure. Then he surprised me by moving his lips lower and sucking his father's cum out of me. "Wow," Don chuckled, "that boy really loves my spunk.

Maybe I should bottle the stuff and put it on the market." I just lay there and basked in the sensation of Evan mouth on my pussy. When he had his fill he came up and gave me a kiss. He surprised me again by pushing his tongue past my lips.

Our first French kiss together.

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I could taste my juices, and his father's cum on his lips and tongue. God, what a turn on! Evan settled down on my other side, and I was nestled snug between my two men feeling all warm and cozy.

We snuggled like that for a while. Their hands roamed over my body lazily, tweaking a nipple, tickling my belly button, caressing my thigh.

I just soaked it all in. I got a little charge between the legs when I watched my husband reach across me and touch my son's penis. Don brushed his fingertips along the length of Evan's cock. He squeezed the head lightly, then fondled his balls. I smiled when I saw the spellbound look on my husband's face--he was like a little boy with a new toy. And Evan was certainly enjoying the attention. I was so happy my heart nearly ached with it. "Evan," I finally broke the comfortable silence.

"Remember that picture I showed you, the one I like to look at while I masturbate?" "The one with the lady who had two cocks in her mouth?" "That's the one. I was thinking I'd like to try that now. I want to suck on both your cocks at the same time." The guys liked the idea so I scooted down on the bed, and they each knelt on either side of my head.

They moved in closer and the tips of their cocks hovered just above my mouth. I gabbed onto them, one in each hand, and put Evan in my mouth first. I gave him a few long sucks, running my tongue all around him. I turned my head and mouthed my husband. His cock tasted like my pussy mixed with his own cum. I then drew them together right in front of my face.

Their penises touched. I rubbed them together, picturing their pee holes as two little mouths kissing. By their expressions I could tell they were loving the feeling of cock on cock. I ran my tongue up between them and a shiver spread over me. I angled their cocks downward and into my mouth. I started with them apart and played my tongue over their heads.

Two cocks in my mouth; I could now check off another of my fantasies. I brought them together and their penises mushed up against one another between my lips.

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I sucked on them as best as I could. I realized, as good as this was, the angle was all wrong. I really needed them standing in front of me if I wanted to be able to suck both their cocks properly. As it was, I could only get the ends of their cocks into my mouth, and maybe a little more. But I was more than happy with that, for now. I sucked and slurped those cocks as my husband pinched my nipples and Evan reached down and fingered my pussy.

"Okay, guys," I said after a good long time playing with them. "I want some cum. How about your fellas jerk off on me?" "Can I cum on your face, Mom?" "You read my mind, honey." I relaxed and watched them take hold of their hard shafts and begin stroking.

I tickled their balls for them as they masturbated. There's something about watching men jerking themselves off that absolutely captivates me. Their big hands, and the way they handle themselves so expertly, gets me going every time. There's also that element of vulnerability when their doing it--it's almost impossible to maintain a macho façade when you're playing with your own cock. My boys leaned forward on their own and touched their penises together as they whacked off over me.

I'd love to see them cumming on each other's cocks. Evan was the first to reach orgasm and he directed his burst of cum onto my face. I closed my eyes and let the warm liquid pumping out of my son's cock cover me, knowing how exciting it must be for him to see his own sperm all over his mother's face. When he was finished my husband bent down and sucked the last drops of semen off the end of his son's cock. He then straightened up and unloaded his own orgasm into my waiting mouth.

I ate my husband's cum and licked my lips. "Who's going to clean me up?" The two of them wasted no time in coming down to lick and suck up all the cum dripping down my cheeks. While they worked I slipped two fingers in my pussy and fucked myself to an almost instantaneous orgasm.

This was so much fun it should be illegal. Oh, wait, in some states it is! "You boys did a very nice job, but I think I could still use a rinse." I climbed out from between them and headed for the bathroom. "You two will be all right without me for a few minutes?" "It won't be easy," my husband kidded, "but we'll try to keep busy." I went into the master bath and cleaned the sheen of sperm and saliva off my face.

I gave my pussy a quick rinse. I looked in the mirror and noticed I was smiling again. I'd been doing an awful lot of that lately.

When I came out of the bathroom, I found my son and husband lying on their sides in a kind of sixty-nine position sucking on each other's cock at the same time. They looked so cute like that.

They weren't going at it like crazy, but rather just contentedly suckling away on one another's manhood in peaceful bliss. I wanted to take a picture. I settled down on the bed and watched them for a little bit. I ran my fingernails along my husband's thigh and gazed lovingly at my son sucking his father's cock.

Evan paused and looked up at me with a satisfied grin. "We missed you, Mom," he joked. "Am I going to get to fuck your cunt again tonight?" He was getting very good about verbalizing his desires.

At least that part of my plan was working.


"I had something a little different in mind for tonight, honey." I noticed he was having a hard time concentrating with his dad sucking his cock. "I was thinking that I'd like you both to fuck me at the same time." "Wow, Mom, that would be awesome." "You could fuck me in the ass, while your father fucks my pussy. Want to give it a try?" "Sure thing!" It took us a minute to work out the logistics for this maneuver.

Don lay down on his back and I got on top of him. I slipped my pussy down onto his cock and settled it in nice and deep. "Okay, honey, now put some of that lube on my ass and work it in." I said to Evan. My son squirted the lubricating jelly into his hand and rubbed it on my back side. "Like this?" "That's perfect. Now put your finger in me like your did earlier." He eased his finger in and twirled it around.

"Now use two fingers, honey." Evan put his first two fingers in me and I could feel a little tightness. I relaxed and it only took a few seconds for me to get comfortable with it.

"Good, just push them in and out and get me nice and loosened up back there." Don and I had anal sex usually once or twice a month, so it didn't take long for him to get me ready. "Mom, did I ever tell you what a really hot ass you have?" "Thanks, honey, you're so sweet.

Are you ready to fuck that hot ass of mine, or what?" "I'm ready!" He stood up and straddled me, crouching down and positioning his well-lubed cock at the entrance of my wide open ass. "Take it nice and easy at first," Don advised him over my shoulder. "But once you get her warmed up, you can pound away at your Mom's ass as hard as your want.

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Trust me, she loves it." I smacked my husband on the shoulder, but I couldn't deny it. I loved getting fucked really hard in the ass. The tip of Evan's cock pressed up against my asshole. He rubbed it around, found the spot and pushed. His cock entered my ass, and I was on cloud nine. I remained motionless on my husband's cock, while my son's penis glided deeper inside my rear hole. Finally he penetrated me as far as he could and I reveled in the sensation of having both my holes filled at the same time.

I felt like the luckiest girl alive. "That feels so good, guys. Your cocks are inside me and it's amazing." They both started moving, slowly at first, trying to get a feel for how this was going to work.

"I can feel Dad's cock moving inside you, Mom." "Do you like it, honey?

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Do you like fucking your Mom in the ass?" "It's great, Mom. You want me to fuck you harder, like Dad said?" "Yes, fuck me nice and hard, baby." "And see if you can get down a little lower, buddy," Don requested. "That way our balls will rub together while we fuck your mom." Evan adjusted his angle and based on my husband's satisfied moan I'd say he got what he wanted. They both picked up the pace, while I found it best to remain still as they worked themselves in and out of me.

They experimented with thrusting together, then with one going in while the other pulled back. Everything they did felt wonderful to me. Evan's hands were grasping onto my hips, and I could feel his strong thighs against me.

He broke rhythm with his father and started going faster. It hurt so good. "Our son is fucking you in the ass," my husband whispered to me.

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"Your boy has his cock buried in your asshole, hon, and he's fucking you like crazy." "Yes! Fuck my ass with your cock, Evan. Fuck your mom's asshole!" "I'm cumming, Mom! I'm cumming in your ass!" "Me, too," Don groaned. "I'm about to cum in your cunt." "That's it, boys, fill me up.

Fuck me! Make me cum!" Incredibly, our orgasms all erupted within seconds of each other. It was a cacophony of screams, and moans, and grunts like I've never heard before. And I was probably the loudest. We collapsed atop one another and couldn't speak for a long while. I felt their cum oozing out of my ass and my pussy and dribbling down onto the bed covers, but I didn't care about the mess. I finally had a sense of what utter fulfillment truly meant.