Passionate chick got nailed like never before and liked it

Passionate chick got nailed like never before and liked it
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My wife and I went away for our anniversary last week. While we were driving, my wife brought up a movie that we had seen last year on cable. I don't remember the name of it. It was just a goofy low budge movie on the Cable Free-bee's selection. In the movie, a girl tells about her dog licking her.


She thought there was no big deal because the dog was her pet. She said that she often the dog lick her pussy and that it felt so good. Her mother caught her and the next day the dog mysteriously "ran away".

My wife told me that the thought of the girl getting licked out by the dog was sexy. We got onto another subject and that was all of that. My wife and I love sex and anything sexual.

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We are in our mid 40's and are always doing it. Our religion does not permit sexual activity with other people, although we often share our fantasies with each other about which of our friends we would like to fuck, and who we would swap with if we could.

You know - the normal hyper sexual stuff. Yesterday was Mother's Day. After our family had been to the in-laws house for lunch, our kids decided to stay for a movie with the grandparents.

My wife and I went home. We love being outside. We have a very nice back yard that is surrounded by trees and bushes and makes a great place for us to engage in another of our fantasies that is to be practicing nudists. We also have a 5 year old Yellow Lab named Ruby. We were both on our backyard swing.

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I was laying down reading a book. My wife was sitting with my legs draped over her lap as she read a book too. Ruby the dog was so happy that someone was outside with her that she kept coming over to us, sniffing our fingers and begging to be petted.

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My wife unzipped my shorts and began fondling my cock while we read. After 30 minutes of this she pulled my cock toward our dog who sniffed at it and gave the head a little lick. My wife gave a slight moan and began jerking my cock off a little faster. I pretended not to notice and kept reading my book and my erection became stronger. Over the next 10 or 15 minutes my wife kept enticing the dog to lick my cock.

My wife finally got so hot about it that she put down her book and stood up and took off her underwear from under her dress. She sat on my cock an we fucked like teenagers. All the while our dog stayed close by getting her nose near our crotches and licking my wife's thigh and ass cheek.

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This made my wife moan her slutty moan. I told my wife that I wanted to sit up on the swing and for her to sit on my cock facing me. This exposed her ass and my crotch to Ruby to dog.

It took a few minutes before Ruby got the jist of what was going on. At first she would sniff around "down there" as we fucked. Soon enough Ruby was licking my wifes ass checks and my legs. This kept th excitment up for both of us.

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My wife is a natural squirter. Yes, folks women really do squirt and it is not pee. I reached down and pulled my cock out of my wife's pussy and it rested up against her ass hole. I then diddled her clit which made her squirt. Ruby the dog was soon licking at her wetness on the ground and the cushion of the yard swing.

She then found her way to the tip of my cock and my wife's ass hole. This drove my wife over the edge and it made her squirt more.

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At this point, I wanted to see the dog licking my wife's pussy, wondering what the dog would do when a full gush of girly-cum came out, and I wanted to see the look on my wife's face as she was being licked out by the dog. I told my wife to sit normally next to me and spread her legs. My wife has a gorgeous pussy.

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She keeps is waxed with the exception of a narrow strip of hair just over her clit that is about 2 inches.

As my wife sat down and looked at me with a "Now what?/let's fuck!" look in her eyes, I called the dog over and it took no time at all for the dog to zero in on my wife's pussy.

The dog licked her clit and her ass hole. The dog's long tongue went deep inside my wife's pussy and she began to gush girly-cum all over. This just made the dog lap at my wife's pussy more feverishly. My wife's orgasms were visible.


I could see her cunt muscles and ass hole sphincter clenching every 2 seconds. We stayed this way for about 5 minutes; my wife moaning and the dog licking her pussy. We then decided to go into our house and fuck. The dog stayed outside licking up the puddles that my wife left behind. While we were fucking my wife told me how good it felt and that it was the closest thing we have done to a threesome and that it turned her on so much to see the dog lick my cock.

I asked her what made her entice the dog to lick my cock, and she told me that she wanted to see my reaction. If I said yes, then she knew that I would let the dog lick her too.

I'm glad it ended up the way it did. The whole event was very sexy and I am looking forward to it happening again. While I will not let the dog lick my cock with out my wife there, I am pretty sure that my wife has just discovered a whole new reason to play with the dog outside while the kids are at school.