Two handsome hunks with lots of sexy tattoos and piercings are having a great time fucking

Two handsome hunks with lots of sexy tattoos and piercings are having a great time fucking
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My name is Robert, his name is Owen. I would like to start off by saying that all of the background of this story is true and that the sex part is basically just a fantasy of mine. I'm actually in love with this person but he claims straight. It sucks so bad. Anyways, here it goes… It all started at Interlochen (Band Camp) 2009. I had noticed him at marching band practices before this but never really had the guts to just introduce myself to him.

Someone with such beauty can be quite intimidating. At Interlochen, day 2 I believe, we were walking in the same group of friends and we just happened to start talking. I could tell right at that moment that I would fall for him sooner or later or maybe I already was. Later was our night activity which happened to be the dance night.

I really don't like to dance because every time I do it, I feel like I'm just really bad at it and look stupid. But I saw him over by a group of friends and I couldn't help myself but to go over and give it a shot and boy was I in for a surprise.

I got up behind him and started to dance, mostly because he has the most perfectly shaped ass that is not too big, nor too small. And that's something people find weird about me having a thing for him because I am much larger than him.

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I am about 6'3, 165 pounds and he is only 5'6, about 110 pounds I guess. But back to the matter at hand. When he noticed me behind him he started to rub his ass on me to the music and honestly, I had to get out of their as soon as possible because I have one of the most noticeable dicks in the band, even soft.

I felt pretty weird about it for the rest of the night because over the next few days he showed me how much of an asshole he could be.

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Looking back, I can honestly take some of the blame for the way he treated me, but a lot of it was extremely unnecessary. Day-to-day it was just the same thing at school. I was pretty much the clingiest person you could imagine and eventually this really got to him.

He began to just act like I didn't even exist. Ignored my Facebook messages asking him what I was doing wrong, but he never responded. After many attempts to get him to speak to me, on Christmas Day he blocked me on Facebook so it would just end. And for several weeks it did. But after writing a Facebook note about it, he had to unblock me to view it. Realizing how wrongly he had treated me, he finally apologized and we started talking again on a regular basis. Note: I never fell out of love with him this entire time.

This is where things get weird and things happen that I never saw coming. After the U.S. lost to Canada in the gold medal hockey game I told him that I started to make jokes that I would get him a Team USA hoodie to replace his Canada hoodie because of my deep hatred for Canada.

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He didn't realize that I was actually going to get it for him. It was $30 but I honestly don't mind spending money on him at all. The day I brought it to school I didn't really say anything to him and as I do every day, I went to see him at lunch. Without saying anything, I sat my back pack down, opened it, winked at him, and pulled the hoodie out. He was very excited and put it on immediately.


He then said, "Could I thank you properly for this awesome present?" Without hesitation I said "Of course!" He took my hand and led me through the hall to the bathroom that nobody ever uses. We walk in and I say, "What are you going to do? Let me watch you pee?

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(haha)" Without saying anything still, he checks to make sure nobody else was in the bathroom. When satisfied, he turned around and looked at me. "Lock the door." So I did.

"What's going on?" I said. "As much as I'd like to give you a full explanation of how you make me feel and why I have done the things I did, I'd rather just show you." He came at me with the force of a bull and pushed me against the wall and put his mouth onto mine.

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I had to get my tongue into his mouth as soon as I could. It was almost like our tongues were fighting but I knew he was enjoying it. When making out, he kept his eyes open the entire time just looking at me.

I could feel something very hard in his pants while this was happening. Taking a break from his saliva, I asked "Can I see whatever that hard object is stabbing me in the leg?" He then proceeded to pull down his pants and I could see his red plaid boxers were already damp from pre cum.

I approached him, got down on my knees and grabbed his boxers with my mouth and pulled them down as far as I could, exposing his wet, cut, 6 ½ inch dick and proportionally sized balls. His balls looked very tasty so I went for those first, submerging his entire ball sack in my mouth and he let out a seemingly quiet moaning sound but it still got me that much harder.

After taking his balls out of my mouth I stuck my tongue on it and ran it from the bottom of his sack, up his shaft and onto the head. I wasted no time though, going all the way down on his perfectly shaped cock. I sucked hard and I could feel his cock still growing the more I went up and down.

He grabbed my hair and started to move my head up and down at the speed he pleased. I started to go very slow and I stuck my finger in his asshole and started to move it in and out.


He then yelled "Fuck yessssss!" as I could feel his load coming up. It shot out very fast and I could feel it hit the back of my throat and it was very warm. Then, with his cum still in my mouth, he got on his knees and asked me to cum in his mouth. I beat my dick as hard as I could and excreted my large amount of sperm into his mouth. He then got up and we started to make out sharing the cum we had from each other. We both then swallow what we had left and put our pants back on. "I love you Robert" he says looking at me directly in the eyes as he goes in for one last kiss before we make our departure for class.

"I love you too Owen" I saw as I slowly start to melt out of happiness. To the Readers: I know a large portion of this was background information but I will most likely write another story in the near future which will feature a lot more sexual related things.

This was sort of an introduction to what will come in the future. Please don't be too harsh. I just write what's in my heart and as far as the sex scenes, what's in my dick. :)