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CHAPTER 2 His wings dissapered as soon as he landed on the rooftop.He seemed to have gotten away this time.He hoped that batman would forget their encounter,but knowing the bat, that was a false hope to hold onto.The world's greatest detective had a mystery and wouldn't stop till he solved it or died trying,literally.It was only a matter of time.This he didn't need a comic book to know.

He walked over to the edge of the tall building and sat down looking on at the beautiful city lights and sometimes Staring up at the stars.He was afraid.Lets be honest with ourselves.If anybody had been here in mark's place,they probably would have used his powers on the joker in front of the news cameras,showing off their new found powers and going on some power trip, trying to create a harem of superchicks and challenge someone like Darkseid or Doomsday to awe the masses.and probably get killed in the process.Fucking Gary stu.Probably would be skewered by wonder woman just by looking at her tits.


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He just wanted to go home.But that door was shut to him.He was dead in that world.Dead and buried.Six feet deep and no question about it.In his world, the worst thing to happen was a terrorist attack or a tornado or hurricane happening or maybe even an Ebola outbreak.Here? Heroes and villains had it out on the daily and invasions were a yearly occurrence.He sighed in defeat.He was a goner.No money,no food,no home,no family or friends, no NOTHING.


But he had to survive.Many find a way home.Or at least do something.He couldn't just give up like that.His father would roll in his grave if he had seen him moping around.There was nothing more than to push forward.Yeah, he remembered that quote he had heard.Push forward, don't look back.Never look back.Even now he heard the whisper of those words. 'The enemy is one and you are also one.What is there to fear?Cast aside that fear.Look forward!Go forward!Never stand still.Retreat and you will age.Surrender and you will die.' He looked towards the bright starry sky of his new world and home,his fist clenched and his resolve firm.He would survive, no matter what.His training for survival began.

@@@@@@@@@@@@Wayne [email protected]@@@@@ Bruce Wayne,Barbara Gordon,Tim drake and Dick grayson along with Alfred pennyworth stood around the bat cave discussing the night's events.

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The joker was back in Arkham asylum and his thugs in jail though what dick jokingly called the 'Angel event' still bothered the present members of the bat clan. 'Could it be a Thanargarian,one of hawk girl's people?'Tim wondered aloud.Batman shook his head at this suggestion. 'Though he had wings,no known Thanargarian has the ability to heal injuries in seconds like a god.Also he didn't wear any Thanargarian armour.So it couldn't be.Also all my injuries dissapered within seconds,both internal and external,old and new.' Everyone grew quiet at this revelation.A being with such healing power seemed.divine.And to think he was just out there in Gotham.They had to find him.And fast.

'I'll start looking tomorrow near the old building projects.Dick can go with Tim and check the docks.Bruce,you know the city best,you can make your search there.'Barbara said.The group agreed and after some hot chocolate provided by Alfred,they departed home for the night.


Batman turned to the screen on his computer,several thoughts going through his head.He had to find the 'Angel'.He had to repay him for saving him this night.He hated being in debt to anybody.And there was something else he had not mentioned to his surrogate family/team.As the 'Angel' had healed him he had looked up from the bright white light and behind him Bruce had seen the Ghosts of his parents,Thomas and Martha Wayne. @@@@@@@@@@Some time [email protected]@@@@@@ 1 week.

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That's all it had taken. 1 week to learn his abilities and control and master them. 1 week to find a place to stay and a well paying job. 1 week to draw the attention of the whole world towards Gotham and himself.The one thing he was trying not to do. Sigh.Well why don't you just here the news report for yourself. Mark walked from the shower of his small, modest apartment and turned on the T.V to the Gotham news center channel 'The people of Gotham are calling them miracles.Others the works of the divine.Mysterious reports of whole wards of cancer patients,mentally and terminally ill patients and even the bodies in the morgue waking up to find their illness gone,mind's sane and lives restored.Many of the doctors and professionals in hospitals and treatment centers around the world and in Gotham are baffled by this phenomenon.' The camera cuts to the scene of a recently deceased father reuniting with his shocked yet happy daughter,son and wife after coming from the morgue.It cuts once more to an aged yet healthy looking old man who had been suffering from alzheimers talking to and recognising his happy son and grandchildren before returning to the reporter.

'Upon questioning the patients,most of them had this to say.' Recently deceased male lawyer:I know I had been dead.I remember the darkness during the surgery. Enveloping me and making me cold and numb.It was death.Then I woke up with other men and women in the morgue and the whole place was shaking and filled with a bright light, heading towards the wards.' Old recently crippled man:'I saw it!

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An angel I tell you.' 23 year old female who was a cancer patient:'He was dressed all in white robes.' 15 year old blind who could now see:'His wings were huge man! And they seemed to change every time ya looked at e'm.

One time there all white and glowing like silver next there black as night and seemed to have the stars of the galaxy in them.' The video returns to the reporter. (For the curious readers the kind of clothes Mark now wears as his costume are those of enzio auditoure from assassin's creed 3.Now just add angel wings.And the way he appears in a bright light is similar to the way angels appear in the Supernatural series) 'Even though 99% of most of the hospital is now healthy, disease free and amazingly alive and back from the dead,there was one exception.

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Karen steiner.The 23 year old recently widowed woman whose husband had fallen to heart cancer was also being ravaged by cancer.So why was she not helped? We asked the question from her fellow patient Jenny Smith who witnessed what happened and this is what she told us.

The camera goes to the image of a beautiful teenage brunette,around 17 in age as she begins to speak. 'The Angel had gone through every ward and then came to our.It seemed he was checking to see if everyone was Ok.He saw Karen calling for him, saying ' Please.Don't leave me.Don't, please.'The Angel seemed to hesitate but had walked to her bedside and held her hand so gently.His light sorrounded us both and I felt so much at peace,so happy.He then asked her what she wanted and she had said she wanted.she said she wanted to join her husband.' Jennifer wipes some stray tears before she continues.

'The Angel looked at her and asked if she wanted something else as well and she said she wished she could've danced with her husband in the snow like they did on their first honeymoon.And then he smiled.or it felt like he smiled cause you couldn't see his face with that white hood on.He took her hand and helped her get up.But it was her spirit that got up cause her body just lay on the bed,still.And then.and then we all went outside, me and all the patients and hospital staff on duty that is,cause we heard a heard the Angel singing.' (Reporter):Singing?


'YES, singing.It was beautiful voice.' (Reporter):And what did you all see when you went out? 'There was Mrs steiner and a handsome man dancing and it had started snowing and they were dancing in the snow like Mrs steiner had wanted and the Angel was sitting on one of the benches and looking on singing and even though no one else was there there seemed to be someone playing a guitar as he sang and their was a spotlight on them even though we couldn't find any.And then.' (The song being sang by Mark is Thinking out loud by Ed sheeran.Seeing as most singers of our universe aren't in this story's universe,nobody knows the song.) (Reporter,eagerly):And then?

'Then as the Angel stopped singing he waved his hands and Mr steiner vanished.A door appeared and the Angel took her hand and led her towards it and when it opened Mr steiner was waiting on the other side of it.She hugged the Angel,thanked him, waved goodbye to all of us and went with her husband.Abd that's all.We asked the Angel for his name and all he said was'Saint'.He then spread his wings and flew away.' Camera pans back to reporter.

'Though the account of one person or even a whole hospital may be denied, this creature went on to 6 more major hospitals,clinics and homes.Healing the sick and raising the recently dead.Many religious leaders are calling for nationwide prayers for the Angel to continue his work and also come forward to tell them God's will.We at GOC station will soon be having a live interview with the pope on his view of the Angel but first a question needs to be answered by our dear Jennifer on what she saw beyond the door that took Mrs steiner away.

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(Jennifer,smiling)':No words can describe it.No matter how long you saw it.Trust me.' Mark Saint switched off the T.V and turned to his breakfast.His work had drained him and he would need rest.His destiny,his fate,was just beginning. @@@@@@@@@Outer [email protected]@@ The justice league had just finished watching the same report and the team was quiet before the flash summed up their thoughts in his crude, sarcastic manner.

'Well boys and girls,seems shit just got real.We've got an Angel to find.' @@@@To be [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@ (For those who complained about short chapters, my apologies.Complains on lack of sex in the story are heard but will take some time as Mark hasn't interacted with any female heroes yet.My plans are three.Pair him with starfire or pair him with Donna troy or give him a harem of women willing to share him.Depends on your comments.Also suggestions in comments will all be considered and used in the story if good with credit going to you.Till nxt time.Also the story takes place in the New 52.) Next chapter-Mark's powers revealed,Angel captured by Amanda waller through deasthstroke and the league mounts a rescue.