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I was just finishing up dinner when my boyfriend walked thru the door. He said honey I'm home…and I brought company! Seconds later I heard the door shut and a young pretty teenager bounced into the kitchen introducing herself as Stephanie. I wasn't expecting anyone else so I hardly had anything on. When I looked up I noticed I was getting checked out by both of them.

I didn't want to interrupt but I broke the silence by telling Stephanie she could have the spare room next door to our room, and that she should go set her bags down and change into something sexy. My boyfriend walked over to me and instantly put his finger up my pussy. He grinned and slyly said I knew you'd like her. She's all ours for the next 2 months.

I could hardly believe the girl from the pictures I masturbated to my was at my house! She came back out to the living room wearing almost exactly the same thing as me.

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We both had on black mini shorts, white tight tank tops, and bare feet. I motioned for her to come sit next to me on the couch, by patting and rubbing the seat next to me. My boyfriend was already sucking on my toes, and rubbing his erection. While Stephanie was changing, we had decided that there would be no secrets, no hiding our sex life. If she was going to be staying with us, she too will be quite active.

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She came right over to me, sat with her legs crossed, just so I could see right up her shorts. I knew from her pictures she kept her pussy fully shaved, but seeing it, just inches from my face, was so hot. I became intensely aroused and my pussy instantly started dripping.

I found it hard to control myself, I was so turned on.


She had to know that what she was doing, teasing and flaunting, was going to get her tight little pussy and ass into a threesome her first night. Maybe that's what she wanted?

Or was I too eager? I looked over at my boyfriend for reassurance. He must be seeing what I saw. When my eyes met his, he nodded, and rose to his feet. Ok ladies, he said, now that we are all together I wanted to take this opportunity to go over the rules and what I expect from my sluttly girls.

First I am the king of this castle and what I say goes. I want your pussy kept bald and ready to fuck, or be licked. Steph, your clothes will be laid out each morning by me, your new daddy, or your new step mommy. They will be laid out at the foot of our bed and ready for you every morning by 9am. Be sure to take your outfit, and not your mommy's. You are allowed anywhere in the house you desire, but when you are called, you are expected to come immediately.

There will be no back talk, and serious punishments for not listening or disobedience.


Stephanie dear, do you remember what we talked about in the car? She nodded her head yes and smiled. He then asked her if she had read and signed the contract. Again, she nodded yes.

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Good girl he said, now go get it and give it to mommy. And Steph, he said as she was walking away, I want to see you crawl across the room to your mommy. As I watched her crawl on all fours towards me, I started to touch myself.

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My pussy had been wet since she had arrived and now I was about to have her lick it. When she reached the couch I was lounging on she got up onto her knees and handed me some papers. I glanced down at what I was holding, and Sex Slave Contract was in black letters at the top of the page.

Did you sign it little girl, I asked her. She nodded her head yes, and I motioned her attention to my pussy.and she got back on her hands and knees and crawled where she was told.

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She licked my upper thigh, sending chills down my legs. I felt my panties being pulled down and quickly replaced with soft lips and a wet tougne.

Her tougne searched and flicked until she found my clit. Good girl, oh my god, good girl, I started moaning.

Make her cum! Be a good little slave girl and make mommy cum! I heard my boyfriend giving commands and it turned me on even more. Within minutes I was cumming all over her face, in her mouth, and dripping onto the couch. When my orgasm finally came to an end, I slowly sat up and saw my boyfriend ramming his cock in and out of her mouth, deep down her throat.

She was moaning and fingering herself, and seemed to really be enjoying the face fucking she was getting. Are you ready for my cum, you slutty little slave girl? I heard my boyfriend say, as he pulled her hair and forced his cock further down her throat. She nodded yes, and now had both her hands wrapped around his legs supporting her body as he started cumming.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot cum on her face and down her chest. She started licking her lips then opened her mouth and begged for him to finish there. She begged and moaned until he gave her the last of his cum.

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After she'd gotten the last of it, he told her what a good giving little slave she was being. Yes, I said, you were such a good little slut girl.


Did you like it I asked, and she nodded her head yes. I asked her what was her favorite part of the night was, and she looked at me and smiled. Is the night already over, she asked. Because if so, I guess I would say it's a tie, between licking your cum, and daddy's.

Wow. She is going to be a perfect slave for us.

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My boyfriend composed himself and ordered his slut and slave to the bedroom, and to change into the matching outfits on the bed. The night was still young, I smiled and wondered what was next.