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Alice Marchant looked forward to today's visit as she travelled alongside Lord Holmes in his special carriage. Both the driver and the coachman had been told that there would be a bonus of a whole shilling each, if they did a good job.

It was a bright sunny day and the journey was much smoother than usual due the unique design of the carriage springs and to Alice's delight the interior was completely enclosed to prying eyes. On arrival at the orphanage in Hamstead, Richard helped Alice to step down from his carriage smiling as he admired her radiance. Realising that she was just as much flushed with lust, as he was made this occasion even more special for him.

Looking around for prying eyes just as if they were husband and wife, Alice took hold of Richard's arm as he escorted her into the building. The bursar and the matron almost fell over themselves to welcome their special guests and showed them into a small but comfortable office, where a very pretty young girl was nervously waiting to serve them with some welcome refreshment. Richard removed his pocket-handkerchief to dust down the chairs before they sat down, and then smiled as he watched the fumbled attempts of this poor child to serve them, which ended up with her spilling the refreshments all over the carpet.

"Watch what you are doing child! Or you'll get another whipping," the matron said abruptly, brandishing a dog whip that she had unhooked from her waist. As he watched the entertainment, Richard thought of all the times he had spent wandered the streets of London looking for young girls. All he had needed to do was to pass this matron a backhander and he could have watched her whipping any number of girls, like this one.

Annoyed that the girl hadn't learnt her lesson from the last time she spilt the refreshments, the matron dismissed the girl swiping her cruelly across her pert little bottom with the dog whip, which almost caused her to drop the tray. "We rarely have visitors who are Royalty," she told them.

Richard had enjoyed the spectacle, but waited for the young girl to leave before turning to his hosts. "Please remember, that we are here on a very private matter. You must never tell anyone." "Oh yes.

We understand. Don't we Maud?" the bursar said, shaking with his nervousness. "Oh, of course, of course." the matron told them. "We were told that we could rely on you both," Alice confided. "Oh, you can, you can!" the bursar told them. "Discretion is out by-word, isn't it Maud?" "Oh yes.

Our by-word," she told them as she folded her arms across her amble bust and smiled. "Then perhaps we could inspect the children now?" Richard asked.

"What all of them?" Maud said in surprise, a touch of nervousness in her voice. "Didn't you receive my instruction, that ALL the children should be available for a thorough inspection?" Alice replied with a frustrated tone. "We didn't think you meant ALL the children," the bursar said; sweat beginning to build on his brow.

"We thought that you were only interested in the younger ones." Alice suspected that it was because the older children were being hired out to wealthy gentry. They would be in constant demand by both men and women alike and cruelly abused for hours as they desperately struggled to do as they were told and entertain them.

"Well that's not good enough, have ALL the children assembled in the main hall straight away." Richard said sharply. Alice struggled not to laugh, but waited until the couple had left to assemble the children, before having a little chuckle. "Are you always so pompous?" she asked him. Richard grinned; showing a mischievous side to his character, like that a little boy who liked to play games with others, using his name and position to get what he wanted.

Alice started to show distinct signs of lust now as she turned to Richard and whispered, "I'll do the inspections," acknowledging the return of a flushed and excited bursar.

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Richard smiled, as his passions had always been voyeuristic and he was very happy with this arrangement. "They are ALL being gathered in the hall now my Lord," the bursar said as he went to the door to check on their progress, worried that the children might not be what the couple were looking for. Hard times had hit this orphanage making it necessary to sell the children to make ends meet.

Amongst the corrupt establishments that Alice now started to trade with, this was a most satisfactory solution to their problems. "Please follow me," the bursar said as his guests rose to their feet and then followed him into the main hall. Children of all ages stood in three rows, not daring to look directly at the fine lady and gentleman, but stood nervously to attention as they had been told to do. "Are they clean?" Alice asked the matron in an abrupt tone as if to humiliate the children.

"Yes madam! They were thoroughly cleansed for your visit," she said, as if to emphasise the special preparations that had been taken for their special guests.

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"Good, in that case remove all your clothes, then line up girls on my left and boys on my right, facing each other!" Alice ordered them, with a very excited voice. "Quickly now! You heard the lady," the matron told the children. Alice watched as the children removed all their clothing, enjoying the obvious embarrassment that this caused them and was delighted to see numerous scares and welds all over their bodies.


She noticed how flushed Richard was as he watched and how rampant his cock had become, which caused the front of his trousers to bulge obscenely outwards.

When the children had done as they were told, she stepped forward abruptly to start her inspections. Alice decided to inspect the girls first, in order to give the boy's cocks plenty of time to get aroused. She chose as her first victim, the young girl who had served them refreshments, a nervous but attractive child of about 12 years old. Stepping around the back of her to admire her shapely bottom and thighs, Alice was pleased to see that many of the whip marks still remained.

Alice was also pleased to see that most of the children had whip marks on their bottoms and thighs and started to form a much higher opinion of this sadistic woman. It was becoming clear to Alice, that the matron also shared her passions for inflicting severe abuse and punishments on these unfortunate children. Moving around to the front of the girl, Alice was delighted to see that the child's nipples were starting to harden, whether from fear or the coldness of the hall it didn't matter and that her budding breasts were also scared from a recent whipping.

Fine hairs had also started to grow around her cunt and she blushed hotly as Alice stroked them gently for a few moments, until she felt the girl lean into her probing figures. Alice tightened her grip as she watched the girl's eyes widen in surprise and pain, her mouth letting out a gasp. "I'm going to enjoy pulling these out, one by one," Alice told her softly, twisting the curls to make the girl rise on her toes and gasp again. No hygiene sessions at St Saviour's were ever finished until all the hairs are pulled out one by one from around the child's genitals and anuses and sealed with hot wax to discourage further growth.

Alice then placed her finger between the girl's legs prying open her labia to find it hot and wet, the entrance to her cunt opening to her touch. At the same time, she brought her hand sharply down on her already bruised bottom and began to spank her in a slow but firm rhythm, until the girl started to struggle delightfully.


"Well, well," Alice sneered. "Like pain as well do you?" she asked. A long stiff finger invaded the girl's cunt and brought the girl onto her toes again, gasping for breath and begging her new mistress for release. Alice laughed and released her, moving on down the line and telling her over her shoulder to go stand by the door.

All the girls went through this same ordeal, one after the other and when she had finished inspecting them the hall echoed to their screams. They stamped their feet and shook uncontrollably, as they struggled to contain the severe pain and the frustration of not being allowed any sexual release. By the time Alice had finished inspecting the girls and had moved over to the boys, she noted with delight that most of them now sported rampant cocks nicely aroused by this very erotic entertainment.

Choosing a handsome boy of about 13 years old to start her inspections, Alice was delighted to see that several whip marks remained across his bottom and thighs as well.

Whip marks were just as prominent on the other boy's bodies and there were signs of bruising all around their genitals, which was a delight to behold for Alice. Moving around to the front of this Adonis, Alice reached out to draw her fingers over the shaft of his cock, and then run her nails along its underside, watching his expression, as his well-endowed penis jerked uncontrollably. A hairy bush of curls enveloped his cock and balls and Alice thought of the pain he would suffer, as she pulled these hairs out one by one.

Releasing her hand from his cock, she took hold of his balls and squeezed them hard causing him to bend double, offering his handsome bottom to her.

Lifting her hand above her shoulder, she started to spank him in the same way as she had the girl whilst also digging her nails deep into the shaft immediately behind the head of his cock, his body jerking uncontrollably as he cried out. Placing her finger at the entrance to his anus, she suddenly pushed it all the way in whilst continuing her rough masturbation of his penis.

"Let it go now!" she told him.

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As his cock spurted his seed across the high polished floor, Alice glanced over to Richard who was watching the procedure with a smile and to the matron who was clearly livid that he could disgrace himself so publicly. "Clean it up!" Alice spat. The boy dropped down to quickly press his tongue to the bare wooden floor and lick up the long trails of seed his cock had produced. "Go stand with the girl's when you've finished," she told him as she moved on to the next boy, who was now trembling in his oversized shoes.

When Alice had finished her inspections there were 6 girls and 4 boys standing nervously by the door, not knowing what was going to happen or why so many had been chosen.

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Richard noticed the relief on the faces of the bursar and the matron that so many children had been chosen. "Why you have ten children there!" the bursar said, trying to make light of it. "Don't worry!" Richard laughed. "We aim to give you two shillings for each one as long as you arrange for their transportation to St Saviour's," he smiled. "Two shillings each," the bursar said with a smile, his fingers counting as he rapidly did his sums.

The total would come to a nearly a whole guinea. He glanced over to the matron who beamed excitingly as she nodded her head for him to agree. "All right, but make it a whole guinea!" he told them, thrusting his sweaty hand forward to handshake the agreement. The delivery of the ten children was arranged for the next day, when they would be introduced to even harsher routines at St Saviour's their new home. Jeremy Jones and Greta Foulds were late for their appointment and now had to hurry along the long cinder path to the workhouse at Deptford.

It was a large and imposing building, standing well back from the river and designed to house up to 150 paupers. On arrival at this workhouse, men women and children are separated, which means that the section where the children are kept is isolated and well away from any interfering adults. The master had agreed that the matron could show them around the children's quarters but it became clear that they both wanted to see different aspects of the children's routines.

The way that they were punished held Greta's fascination and she asked to visit the schoolroom, whilst the medical facilities interested Jeremy and he had asked to visit the infirmary.

However, time was not on their side so they had to settle for visiting just the dormitories where they were told that many children would be waiting for them to inspect. Although a fine sunny day outside, the children were freezing and they huddled together to keep warm.

After a tour of the children's quarters the matron showed them to the boy's dormitory, which was above the schoolroom on the first floor. After examining the boy's reactions to having their cocks and balls roughly manipulated and their bottoms endlessly poked and prodded, Jeremy and Greta selected three handsome young boys to take back to St Saviour's.

The matron then led them to the girl's dormitory, which was up a steep flight of stairs on the second floor. As they were looking around Greta spotted a group of three girls huddled together. Pulling on Jeremy's sleeve to draw his attention, she moved closer to get a better look. An older girl cuddled two younger ones as they sat on a bed with a torn blanket over them desperately trying to keep warm. They looked up nervously at the two adults approached, softly whimpering as they prepared themselves for more rough handling, which they had become used to in this god-forsaken place.

It turned out that these children were sisters and had been orphaned recently after a tragic accident claimed their parent's lives. Doctor Stevens made the girl's stand up and lift their ragged little dresses so he could judge the state they were in. He concluded that they were a little on the thin side and would require feeding up, but apart from that they were would do very nicely indeed.

All three girls had attractive little bottoms and thighs, which were covered with dozens of marks from recent abuse and punishments. It was rumoured that both the matron and the schoolmistress were very sadistic with these orphans and this delighted Miss Foulds, as she now observed evidence of their splendid work first hand. From his examinations, Jeremy concluded that all three sisters had plumb little cunts; the older one also had nicely developing breasts with cute little nipples that stuck out like bullets from the cold and damp atmosphere.

Jeremy nodded to Greta who stepped closer to the youngsters, offering them a new home in soft tones, so no other children in the dormitory would hear her and crowd around for the same opportunity.

It took some time to convince them, but Greta reached out to tenderly touch them, telling them how pretty they would look again, the fancy clothes they'd wear and the rich people that would want to come and play with them. After a while the older girl smiled and nodded her approval, the younger ones following her as they held onto the hands of their new guardians. The price of one guinea duly paid, the sisters were loaded into the waiting carriage, alongside five other children, the three boys and two girls who had been chosen earlier.

The driver was well paid for his services and delighted in hearing the muffled screams of the children as Jeremy and Greta repeatedly and cruelly fondled and abused their quarry during the journey back to St Saviour's their new home.

David Smith set out alone in his carriage for the long trip to a little village on the Hertfordshire border, a full day's journey there and back and many miles from the centre of London. His driver had been in his service for many years and had been sworn to secrecy about the many trips David Smith made, looking for children to ravish under the cover of the carriage's enclosed compartment.

The loss of his daughters had made him very frustrated, making his trips more frequent and recently, he had also become less concerned about the sex of the children he picked up. In the sanctuary of the darken compartment he would rape and abuse them, their piecing screams completely unheard by anyone other then his driver and himself in the openness of the countryside. After what had been a very long and bumpy ride David was pleased to get out of his carriage when they reaching the village.

He walked towards the village green where Alice had told him an old woman would be waiting for him. He was to look for a quaint little cottage with a thatched roof and crooked chimney pots next to the duck pond. "You looking for something mister," asked a voice from a window of the pretty little cottage. David looked around him before looking at the old hag who'd spoken then shrugged his shoulders. "Alice Marchant sent me to collect a package," he told her.

"Come round the back," she told him smiling as she disappearing from the open window. He followed the narrow path around the back of the cottage, where the old woman was waiting by the backdoor with two children standing in front of her, a boy and a girl of about the same age.

David's excitement was now evident as he looked at these adorable children who he guessed were about 11 years old. They had pale complexions and their large dark eyes spoke to him of their complete fear.

"How much?" he asked. A sly look came across her face as she weighed him up judging him by his clothes and manner. "A guinea to you Mr Smith, but you has to take them both, I am not going to be left with just the one," she warned him.

David had always preferred girls but lately he had acquired a taste for boys as well, so when Alice instructed him to bring back any children the woman offered, he was delighted to take them both.

When he had paid the woman, the children were practically thrown at him, neither of them speaking as he guided them through the village, his head lowered against the prying eyes of the villagers, back to the safety of his enclosed carriage.

As they approached the carriage the driver congratulated him on his acquisition and David bundled the children inside unceremoniously and sat opposite them as the carriage was driven away at speed down the unmade and bumpy country lane. David now had a chance to study the children much more closely as the carriage wound its way through the country lanes and through the dark and eyrie forests on its way back to London from rural Hertfordshire. The children stared back without expression, the same facial features and the similar ages suggesting that they were in fact twins.

Perhaps a little thin and under-nourished, they were however very attractive and they promised to be a delightful and entertaining distraction on the way home.

"Have you got names?" he asked them. Neither child spoke or moved other than to sit back on the leather seats as they were thrown off during the ride. This was most entertaining as the children were never really able to sit still properly and kept bumping themselves on the floor of the carriage as they slipped off the seats. As the journey progressed, the silence of the children irritated him and he tried looking out of the window at the beautiful countryside but this was so boring.

After a few miles he started to get increasingly annoyed at the way that children just watched him and had made no attempt to answer his question. He would have punished his daughters most severely for being this disrespectful and felt that it was high time that these children learnt a few painful lessons themselves now.

" Don't you know that it is rude not to answer your elders?" he told them. The same large dark eyes continued staring at him. "Stop it." he told them. "Look outside or something," he spat. There was silence again for a few more miles until they entered a large forest and the girl started to cry. Her brother cuddled her and David knew that this was to right time to have some fun with them.

"Right! Enough is enough!" he said banging on the roof of the carriage for the driver to stop.

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They were miles from anywhere in a forest clearing. He stepped out and bundled the children out after him and threw them to the floor. "I'll teach to make fun of me!" he said, breathing heavily with lust as he half carried and half dragged them towards one of the fallen trees.


"I'm going to wipe that look of your faces!" he told them straightening up to remove his belt from his britches. It was a broad belt, made of good polished leather. He could hold the buckle in his palm and wrap the belt partially around his hand to leave a good length for use. It was a method that worked very well and he had used this belt many times to punish his daughters with. His favourite position, when he had the opportunity was to have them on their backs in the knees to chest position.

The advantage of this position was that he could enjoy watching the way their genitals and anuses reacted, during the thrashing he would administer with his belt, to their widely parted bottoms and thighs. Remembering the enjoyable times he had with his pretty daughters now increased his excitement and he picked the boy up off the ground and pushed him roughly towards a waiting tree, which lay on the forest floor as thick as a horses back.

"I'll teach you!" he told the lad. He was going to thrash the boy, then enjoy himself with his pretty sister afterwards. He boy squirmed and whimpered, as one large hand held him tight up against the tree and the other quickly pulled his britches down and then off, baring his lovely tight little bottom.

"A belting for you boy, to show your sister what's going to happen to her if she doesn't do as I tell her." Gripping the boy about the neck he made him straddle the trunk. This position fully exposed his anus and squashed his handsome cock and balls up against the tree trunk in a most painful and unforgiving way. Swinging the belt over his head, he brought it down with force across his cute rounded little bottom and the boy screamed. David grinned as he watched the boy struggle to twist his bottom out of the belt's reach, not waiting for the weld to develop before delivering another even harder stroke across the same bottom cheek.

"Yes, got a voice now, haven't you boy!" he sneered as he swung the belt yet again across his tight little bottom. The lad howled and fought to escape, but David only gripped him tighter and continued to thrash him, not satisfied until his bottom was covered with welds and was a livid red colour. Only a few feet away, his sister watched as her brother's bare bottom was being thrashed with a horrific fascination.

She held her hand over her mouth as she cried fretfully, trying to imagine the pain that the belt would inflict to her sensitive little bottom. With terrible precision, David thrashed this little boy's bottom in a way he would never dare do with his own daughters.

The reason being that his wife was always there to stop him hurting his daughters. However, with these children and the boys and girls he picked up, there was no one to care what happened to them and he took full advantage of this.

Letting the boy go, David stood back and watched as he rubbed his bottom, his face contorted from his uncontrolled crying. The boy stood facing his audience with his cock fully erect and sore from the bark's friction. His balls wobbled comically from side to side as he frantically tried to rub the pain from his bruised and stinging bottom. David imagined, that if he hadn't got the sister to service him today he would have enjoyed ravishing this little boy.

He would masturbate his cock and then roughly squeeze his balls, as he fucked him deep in his cute little bottom with long slow thrusts. Turning to the girl he was pleased to see the fear in her tear stained face, as she begged him with her large eyes not to hurt her. This only served to inflame his sadistic lust and he grabbed her by her hair and dragged her over to very same trunk.

The opportunity to thrash this child's adorable little bottom had proved far too erotic to miss and with a voice made deep from emotion, he order her to remove all her clothing. With the sound of the boy's crying in the background, David watched as the girl undressed, her fingers nervously undoing the buttons on her simple dress to make it fall and leave her naked.

Just as he had imagined, her cute little pubis was nicely bald and decorated with a light sprinkling of hairs around her vulva. "Straddle the trunk like your brother," he ordered the child, his cock aching to ejaculate its seed. The girl did as she was told and straddled the trunk, which exposed her anus and tight little cunt forcing her bottom wide apart.

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The look on her face as she turned her head to one side and pushed her little bottom out, both quickened his pulse and stirred the lust in his cock. Then a thought came to mind. The boy still stood to one side, crying fitfully, as he rubbed his burning bottom.

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"Come here boy!" David ordered. The boy's crying intensified as he did as he was told, his cock now rampant from seeing his sister fully exposed and David grinned, pushing the boy down on to his knees in front of him. " Now boy," he said, his voice quivering with passion, as he struggled to control his breathing. Undoing his britches, he pulled his shirttail aside and let his rampant and erect cock spring out in front of the boy. "If you don't want another beating, you will suck my cock," he panted, one hand holding his penis and the other behind the boy's head, guiding his mouth towards his manhood.

The boy made no sound and accepted the bloated penis into his mouth, licking it softly as he looked into his new master's eyes hoping for some small amount of praise. It didn't come and David thrust his cock even deep into the boy's mouth, sighing with delight as the young tongue sucked deliciously on his shaft. He remembered the girl and watched as she tried to turn her head to gaze at her brother, her eyes large and round as she trembled in fear.

"You've lost your chance girl to please me," he told her as he lifted the belt high over his shoulder. The feel of the boy's mouth sucking hard on his cock and the girl's obscene pose made him lurch excitedly. He then brought the belt down with as much force as could muster across her bottom, which left a delicious red mark to come to the surface.

The girl's screams were music to his ears and her struggles to free herself from the pain in her blisted bottom, matched that of his cock as it searched for the back of the boy's throat.

The belt was raised again over his shoulder and David brought it down again across the same part of her pert little bottom, wrapping it around her thigh to catch her unawares on her tender cunt.

Her screams rose to a new volume as she struggled, scrapping her pert little breasts and tender nipples against the rough bark. "Knees further apart," he ordered. The little girl shuffled her knees apart to straddle the tree trunk even further; stretching her anal muscles far beyond what she was normally used too. "More," David shouted, bring the belt down directly onto the child's anus to teach her a lesson. His hand still behind the lad's head keeping his cock deep inside his mouth, as he started to draw it back and forth in a slow rhythm.

The girl's thighs were now stretched as far apart as they would go, lifting her bottom high up into the air. Using her knees to grip the truck, much the same, as she would ride a pony bareback without stirrups, the little girl waited for the pain of the next stroke. David pushed the boy's head hard down on his rampant cock, not caring when the boy gagged, the bloated cock head filling the lad's throat completely.

In front of him the girl's position straddling the tree trunk was a sight to behold and his breathing started to increase.

A mist came across him, as he let the boy withdraw for air, only to jam his mouth over his cock again. As he did, he twisted the belt and brought it down sideways directly onto the little girl's cunt, making even the forest wildlife react to her piecing scream. As the girl writhed from the pain in her cunt, David was unable to control his lust and dropped his belt to grab hold of the boy's head, driving his cock in a steady rhythm, deep inside his throat until his cock exploded. Gagging, the boy was made to swallow every bit of David's seed as his sister feverously clawed at her burning cunt to numb the pain.

His lust completely satisfied, David ordered his driver to get the children back in the carriage, which he did with a smile on his face. One of the perks of his job was being able to watch and enjoy the abuse of all the children Mr Smith picked up, making it all the more special.

The trip back to St Saviour's their new home was a long and tiring one and the twins fidgeted uncontrollably, as the bumpy country roads tortured their sore little bottoms. He desperately wanted to rape them both, but Alice had made it clear to him that he could punish the children if they needed it, but under no circumstances was he to deflower the merchandise. "There would be plenty of opportunity for that tomorrow," he thought.

Later that evening, Alice Marchant reviewed the day's exploits with her fellow governors and declared the day a complete success.

They had purchased twenty children, eight boys and twelve girls, all for the bargain price of just three guineas. "St Saviour's will soon be back to normal!" Alice said, as she congratulated the governors on a good job well done. "Tomorrow," she smiled, we will introduce these poor children to the harsher realities of their new life here at St Saviour's."