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Busty lady with glasses gets twat fucked
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Teen Titan's Chronicles 4: Young Justice. Hi, I know I say this with a lot of my stuff, but sorry about the gaps between my writing. I haven't got much of a defence, except that I get easily distracted by other stuff and it takes me a while to get back to doing this. I did get halfway through another story in this series, however, my computer crashed and I lost everything.

I will be re-writing this story in the future, with some improvements. I have decided to put my The Big Bang Theory series on hold and keep going with my Teen Titan's Chronicles. If people want me to go back to The Big Bang Theory let me know and I'll have a crack at that.

Please note that my Teen Titans series is based on the comics rather than the show, and this storyline is set during the Teen Titan's storylines that occur just before Infinite Crisis. I'm mainly doing it like this because it provides me with the best range of characters and because I love this version of the story.

I realise that since the New 52 storyline has come in, a lot has changed, however, it appears that they have switched back again or something. Not going to lie, some of the more recent changes with DC have really confused me. At this point I don't think I'll do any stories involving the New 52 Teen Titans, they really haven't left me enough characters to do any decent stories with.

So far in this series we've had the two introductory stories and the Wonder Girl solo story (well solo except for Wonder Woman and an island full of lesbian Amazons). My plan is to mainly focus the story on the five younger members of the story, Super Boy and the versions of Wonder Girl, Robin, Kid Flash and Speedy that were active at this time.

This means that Star Fire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy aren't getting solo stories at this point, which will probably annoy the Teen Titan TV show fans. As a fellow fan let me apologise, and I assure you they get a lot of coverage in the group scenes, and if you still dislike this you can go watch an episode of Teen Titan's Go.

Can I also use this opportunity to express my disgust at Teen Titan's Go, it is terrible and rapes the cool, fun, original show that it's based on (and I think a lot of Super Hero rape/sex). Now, when I planned this series out years ago, I originally didn't plan a standalone Kid Flash story, mainly because I had trouble thinking of a good pairing to go with him. I know fans of the Teen Titan TV show will probably request a Kid Flash story with Jinx, to them I say no.

This is mainly because Kid Flash in Teen Titans and Young Justice is Wally West, while the Kid Flash in these stories is Bart Allen. In addition, in the comics Jinx is a bald, murderous crazy chick, and is completely different to Jinx from the TV show (who is probably a combination of Jinx and fellow villain Shimmer). I was also originally against a Kid Flash story with Artemis for the Young Justice fans, for the same reasons. Artemis in the comics was never associated with the Teen Titans and was mainly a Justice Society and Infinity Inc villain.

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However, after a lot of creative thinking I came up with a good storyline for the two of them that hopefully works. I hope you enjoy my new story.

A quick disclaimer I'm not a professional writer, just a talented amateur, so please don't expect graphic novel level writing. I'm deliberately changing key storylines and characters for my own needs and I apologise in advance if I miss details that other Comic Book fans will notice.

I'm setting it in an alternate universe (Earth 69), any changes to the cannon storyline and characters can be attributed to that. All characters are over 16 years old and are property of DC comics. I own no rights to the characters and I am making no money for my stories.

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Character Bio: Kid Flash-Bart Allen: The second hero to wear the mantle of Kid Flash, Bart is the grandson of the Silver Age Flash Barry Allen from the future. Originally operating under the mantle of Impulse, Bart is a founding member of Young Justice and current member of the Teen Titans. Originally, immature and impulsive, Bart had all the powers of the previous Flash's, but none of the responsibility.

However, following the deaths of two team mates and after being knee capped by Deathstroke, Bart found a new sense of responsibility and seriousness. After reading and memorising the entire contents of the San Francisco Library, Bart created a new costume and accepted his role as Kid Flash. This version of the character has appeared as Impulse and Kid Flash in Young Justice and as Impulse in Smallville.

Fans of Young Justice should note that this is a different Kid Flash to the one that has a relationship with Artemis. Please note that I will jump between calling this character Kid Flash and Bart throughout the story, so try not to get too confused by that.

Artemis-Artemis Crock: The daughter of the Golden Age Tigress and Sportsmaster, Artemis became a criminal much like her parents. Originally calling herself Tigress, she eventually changed her name to Artemis and joined the new Injustice Society, fighting against the Justice Society of America and Infinite Inc. At no point in her comic book history was she a member of Young Justice or any super hero team.

I have made some slight changes to Artemis' history to help fit her into my storylines. In my Universe, she never changed her name back to Tigress (this is mainly to please Young Justice fans), her age is closer to the Teen Titans (let's say 19) and I removed her longstanding romance with Icicle Jnr (which I did because, well you'll see).

In addition, to avoid confusion I won't be introducing Artemis the Amazon to my series. So far Artemis has only appeared in the Young Justice TV show. It's important to note as well that I'm basing Artemis' physical appearance on the comic book version of the character, so rather than being blond and dressed in green, she's actually got red hair, freckles and a different suit (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tigress_(DC_Comics)#/media/File:TigressCrock.jpg).

Central City, Earth 69: The sun was dawning on a new day for Bart Allen, the young speedster who wore the mantle of Kid Flash. It was Monday and Bart had only just left Titan's Tower on his way back home from what had turned out to be the best weekend of his life.

His superhero team had achieved two things, foil the plot of one of their key enemies, Deathstroke, and then have an extended orgy with the entire team. For Kid Flash this was a dream come true. He had long been forced to hide his boner from his team mates whenever he saw the scantily dressed female heroes and villains in action. Now, after some slight manipulation on his part, the entire team had given in to their hormones and had an orgy that had lasted Saturday night and the whole of Sunday.

Indeed, Bart himself had only stopped fucking several minutes before, and that was only because, as the fasted kid alive, it only took him a few minutes to make it back to his city and get to school on time. The other younger Titans, Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl and Speedy had left late on Sunday to return to their home cities.

Kid Flash on the other hand had chosen to stay with the older Titans who lived in Titan's Tower, Cyborg, Starfire, Beat Boy and Raven and continue with their fun. It was only after Raven, who he had been vigorously ass fucking for 20 minutes, pointed out that school started in half an hour, did he reluctantly leave, after blowing his load on her face of course.

He had waved goodbye to the other Titans still in the tower, although he doubted Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy had really payed any attention to him, engrossed as they were in their own sexual fun.

The best part about the weekend had been the pact that all the Titans now agreed to. Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Raven had already been fucking each other before without any of the other Titans noticing.

Boredom, sexual frustration and an evil contractor had conspired to build a secret sex dungeon that the older Titans had been utilising in an open sexual relationship. Once the younger Titans had become aware of this, again as a result of Kid Flashes impromptu orgy, they decided to join in. All 9 of the teens had agreed to fuck each other silly whenever they got the chance, either one on one or in a group.

Bart smiled wistfully as he considered all the fun that had happened over the weekend, especially the lesbian fun he had managed to initiate to start the whole episode. For the younger Titans, this sexual fun was mostly going to happen on the weekends, due to their responsibilities at home.

All 5 of them had schools, their own cities and responsible guardians who might not be too impressed with their newfound weekend antics (well maybe not all of them, see Chapter 3 and future chapters, spoilers).

The 4 older Titans were all living permanently at Titans Tower and could fuck as they liked without interference. Due to the distance between them now, Bart seriously doubted any of the Titans back in their home territories would get any action until the weekend, he was of course completely wrong. Bart sighed and continued running through the streets of the twin cities towards the home of Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, his legal guardian and mentor. He needed to grab a change of clothes and some food before school started in 5 minutes, easily enough time.

He might get in trouble with Jay for staying at the Tower late, but he could always make up a story about a mission or something. He gloomily thought of the day ahead as he ran over the bridge that connected Central City with Keystone City. No doubt he would get in trouble in school for not paying attention again, not that he needed it with an entire library stored in his head.

He brightened as he considered that after school he could sneak out and run quickly to the tower, maybe he would get some action tonight. He smiled as he raced past an armoured truck, the team really needed to discuss recruiting some additional members, he wondered wistfully if Star Girl, Super Girl or Power Girl were interested in joining, each of them had their own unique assets, especially Power Girl.

Focused as he was on his plans for the night, Bart was caught by surprise when an explosion took out the rear of the armoured truck he had just passed, causing the truck to swerve and hit the railings on the side of the road. Kid Flash's feet skidded as he tried to come to a stop, his momentum sending him nearly 50 metres down the road.

When he had slowed enough he started to run back to the truck, it was only then that he noticed the tall female figure armed with a small hand held crossbow that was walking towards the truck.

Since taking up the Kid Flash mantle, Bart had been studying the files that the Teen Titans and other teams, such as the Justice League, kept on the super villains they encountered.

As a result, he was able to quickly identify the tall, red haired beauty in front of him as Artemis Crock, who went by the rather unoriginal moniker of Artemis. As he ran towards her she looked up from the cab of the truck in surprise, which quickly turned to annoyance. "Damn" she cursed out loud, "of all the luck, I had to blow the truck while you were around". Kid Flash came to a halt "you should know better than to try to pull a job anywhere near Central or Keystone City, we have like 3 Flashes running around here".

"Hey times are tough" Artemis responded with a wicked smile that caused Bart's cock to twitch "besides, every city has a super hero guarding it these days, it's like you guys create new cities just to have a place to guard or something". "I'm sorry to hear that Miss" Bart said formally, walking towards the villain "but I'm afraid that you are under arrest". Artemis looked annoyed "seriously, for this" she said indicating the carnage she had caused "I made sure no one got hurt seriously, compared to some of the guys you tangle with this must rank as petty crime or something, can't you just give me a warning?" Kid Flash stopped, slightly bemused "it doesn't work like that" he said.

"How about a bribe" she said holding up a bag of cash that had fallen out the truck as it crashed "it'll be our little secret". Bart just glared at her, causing her to throw up her hands in surrender "fine, I'll come quietly, just let me bribe the driver and guards so that they don't press charges" she said, lobbing the bag towards the remains of the armoured truck.

Bart immediately ran after the bag as it flew from Artemis' hands. He jumped and grabbed it out of the air, skidding again on the road. He pulled the bag open and saw the small explosive device that was nestled among the money.

He raced towards the edge of the bridge and noted a clear area of water that he hurled the bomb into. He turned and ran back towards the armoured truck as a huge spout of water blossomed up from the river behind him, but Artemis had already disappeared. Glancing around he spotted her near the end of the bridge, sprinting at an impressive speed.

As he watched, he saw her attach an arrow to her crossbow and aim it at the roof of a nearby building. Realising she was about to use the arrow to ascend to the roof to make her escape. Bart ran forward at super speed as she fired the quarrel in the air, a cord connecting it to her crossbow and a reinforced section of her costume. As Bart ran faster, the world around him appeared to moving in extreme slow motion. This included the arrow that had flown from the crossbow, jumping as he ran he grabbed it out of the air.

Holding onto the arrow he ran around Artemis several times, winding the strong cord around her. Coming to a stop in front of her, he watched as she stumbled in mid run as the cord, suddenly tying her up, impeded her momentum. To her credit, Artemis kept her feet and didn't fall over. Glancing at the yellow clad hero now standing in front of her, she gasped in surprise "fuck, I didn't even see you move". She flexed at the cord tied around her, and noted that it was still attached to her crossbow and the reinforced section of the costume that would have allowed her to ascend in the air if her arrow had connected with her intended target.

Concern flew across her face for a second before she smiled with, a wicked gleam in her eyes "so do you tie up all the girls you meet, or just the hot ones in kinky costumes". Kid Flash was slightly taken aback by this and blushed slightly, thinking back to the kinky rope tricks he had gotten up to on the weekend with his team. Artemis laughed "aww I'm sorry, I hope I didn't embarrass you, I know how guys your age are embarrassed by sex, I'm sure you'll find a nice, law abiding girl one day".

Bart stood there, absolutely mortified that she had made that comment in public. He looked around hoping no one had heard this "what no, that's not why, I mean I have plenty of experience with, I mean you should have seen what I just, uuuh, you're under arrest" he blurted out. Artemis smiled slyly at him "hmm, interesting reaction, what did you just, uuuh?" Artemis laughed as she saw Bart's eyes flash in panic, she clearly had touched on something, she could see it on his face.

Kid Flash chose to ignore the question and moved forward "that's enough out of you, you're going away where you belong, with the rest of the scum". Artemis' eyes burned with anger as she responded "hey fuck you, don't compare me to those guys, you don't know me man". Kid Flash blinked in surprise and his mind jumped to the necessary file, without even realising it he started to blurt out details from the file "Artemis Crock, 19 years old, daughter of Sportsmaster and Tigress, former member of the Injustice Society, professional thief and super villain for the last three years, no fatalities or serious injuries to civilians and only minor injuries to law enforcement, approximately four million dollars stolen".

He paused, actually analysing what he said before continuing slowly, "Justice Society intel has suggested that Artemis only keeps the money she needs to continue her activities, the rest is anonymously given to various charities benefiting her old neighbourhood, connection to Injustice Society and other villain groups, likely a result of familiar responsibility. Artemis looked shocked "wow, I didn't realise you guys knew that about me" she stared hard at Kid Flash, "so what's this, on top of being cute you're a computer too?" she accused.

"Ahh no, just a good memory, sorry, I tend to blurt stuff like that out sometimes" he responded, before he stopped, concern on his face "shit, why am I telling you this?" "I'm easy to talk to" she said with a smile, "now are we going to sit around and talk all day or are we going to fight so I can get away?" Kid Flash smiled briefly, before frowning "we don't have to do this, you could come quietly, I'm sure you could get a deal or something".

Artemis gave a bitter laugh "what surrender without a fight, my parents would never let me live that down, no sorry we've got to fight sugar". She smiled at as Kid Flash looked disappointed at her answer "sorry to disappoint you, tell you what, feel free to cop a feel when we fight, I won't tell anyone after" she said with saucy wink.

"You're definitely an interesting villain" Bart said as his cock twitched in his pants. "You have no idea" she said as slashed the cord holding her with the knife she had hidden in her left hand, as the cords fell from her body, the crossbow still in her right hand rose up and fired. The first bolt whizzed towards Bart's head, followed by two more fired in quick succession. Bart moved faster than lighting, catching the first bolt in his hand, then the second then the third.

He stopped and looked at Artemis holding up all 3 bolts. "Is that the best you got?" he said causally, dropping the bolts to his side. Artemis pursed her lips in amusement and loaded another bolt into her crossbow "maybe I'm just testing you" she said. She fired a succession of bolts towards Kid Flash slowly manoeuvring herself towards the mouth of a nearby alley.

Bart stayed in front of her the entire time, making a point of catching every bolt and dropping it to his side. In truth, he could have ended this fight before she'd even fired her first round, but he was having too much fun at this point. "Do you know what the maximum speed of a bolt fired from a standard crossbow is?" he asked as he plucked another bolt out of the air "because I guarantee you that it's a hell of a lot slower than me". "I think you'll find that there is nothing standard about me or my equipment" she said smiling.

"Ha, well maybe you'll let me have a thorough inspection of your 'equipment', just to satisfy my curiosity". Artemis laughed "are hero's allowed to say stuff like that?" she asked. "Only the rebellious young heroes" he said "after a few years of doing this all we can talk about is truth, freedom and the American way". This caused Artemis to laugh again "you're actually pretty funny" she said, "and you didn't say no to my request for an inspection" he responded.

"But of course" she said and to Kid Flash's amazement she turned around, bent at the waist and gave him a view of her tight, firm ass. Bart gulped in surprise, not even his epic weekend of fucking prepared him for this behaviour from a notorious super villain. He was so shocked he didn't even notice Artemis load another arrow into her crossbow until she fired it over her shoulder at him.

He managed to catch it out of the air just before it hit him in the face. Smirking, he looked up at her and noticed that she had used that brief distraction to start sprinting as fast as she could. He laughed at her style and was about to give chase when the arrow he held directly in front of his face, exploded.

Bart fell to the street, cursing himself for his stupidity. He was on the same team as Speedy, he should know what a flash grenade on an arrow looks like. Even with his enhanced body, it took a few seconds for his eyes to readjust and the ringing in his ears to stop. Looking around, he saw that Artemis had disappeared again. Cursing, he ran down the alley she had been manoeuvring towards.

After running around in it for several seconds, he realised that she had tricked him again, the alley was a dead end and she must have deliberately shown interest in it to mislead him. Cursing again, he ran back to the main street and looked around, finding no trace of her.

He ran along the street, looking at the various exits she could have gone through but he couldn't see her anywhere. Desperately he searched the entrances to the various side streets and alleys again, looking for any clue he could find. He zoomed from entrance to entrance until he reached the last alley. There he noticed half a damp shoe print, just visible behind a large puddle in the middle of the narrow alley.

With no other clues to follow, Bart ran forward into a small side street that the alley led into. The side street was long and deserted, and mainly served as an access point for a number of derelict warehouses that were no longer in use. Bart ran the length of the street, until he came to a door that was slightly ajar. He entered the dark warehouse slowly and carefully. He pulled a small, but powerful torch that Robin had given him from his belt and held it up, illuminating the gloom in front of him.

He was forced to conduct his investigation without super speed, even with his torch, it would have been too risky to run through the pitch black warehouse. He walked further into the warehouse and stopped suddenly as a loud creak sound behind him. He spun around as fast as he could and gasped in amazement at the sight of a topless Artemis.

Artemis had unzipped part of her costume so that her large, freckle covered tits were bared. Bart looked at her breasts with undisguised lust, as he drank in the sight of her large round curves and her dark brown nipples.

He was so engrossed in the unexpected sight in front of him that he didn't even notice the dart that Artemis had thrown at him as he had turned. He realised that something was wrong when he felt a sharp pinch in his shoulder. He reluctantly looked away from the tantalising sight in front of him, and saw the dart protruding from his body. By then it was too late, as whatever the dart was covered in quickly spread through his body.

As he fell towards a darkening floor he heard Artemis chuckle "ha boys, sometimes it's just too easy". Kid Flash woke up on his back with a groan. His whole body felt numb, his head ached and he was unable to focus on his surroundings.

Luckily, his super-fast metabolism was at work and the effects of the drug were quickly wearing off. Despite this he was forced to lay on the floor oblivious to anything for nearly 30 seconds, a life time for Kid Flash. When he judged himself ready to move he attempted to sit up, but he barely raised himself from the ground and quickly fell back again.

As he made to move a second time his returning senses realised that something odd was happening. He could feel that, while the top part of his costume, including his mask were intact, his tight, spandex pants had been pulled down and the lower half of his body was now exposed in a big way. Bart suddenly realised that his cock was erect and was standing tall from his body.

With another jolt of realisation, he realised that the shaft of his dick was wet, while something moist and warm was covering the tip. Fear and panic coursed through him and with an almighty effort he sat up, ready to face whatever horror faced him.

However, it wasn't a monster or a hobo that was molesting him, it was Artemis, still topless, with her amazing, freckle covered tits hanging out in front of her. Her warm mouth was currently sucking on the tip of his cock and, as he watched she took the cock out of her mouth, gave Bart a sexy wink, then moved down and licked her long tongue along his shaft.

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Bart looked at her in utter surprise at the sexy, red haired super villain running her tongue all over his dick. He groaned in pleasure as her skilled tongue went to work on him and moaned as she moved her mouth up, along the side of his shaft and then bobbed down, taking three quarters of his dick deep into her mouth. Bart moaned loudly in pleasure while Artemis bobs skilfully up and down on his cock.

Finally, she stopped, with most of his dick still engulfed by her warm mouth.

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Her eyes flicked up towards him and she enjoyed the look of pleasure that was clearly expressed on his face. Ever so slowly, she moved her mouth up his shaft until only tip was in her mouth. She run her tongue over his tip several times, the appreciative sounds that Kid Flash made were making her horny and she loved the feel of control she had over the hero. Eventually, Artemis moved her mouth off his cock and started to jack it off with her hand, her saliva lubing up his shaft while she stared up at him with a smile.

Kid Flash returned the smile "fuck, that's incredible " he said as his head fell back and he stared at the ceiling with his eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure that Artemis was providing. "I'm glad you're enjoying it" she said, giving his shaft another lick, before she returned to her handjob "I always aim to please" she said with conviction. "That is very, very good to know" Bart said with another groan, before he looked down again seriously "but that does raise the question of why you're doing it?" Artemis' first response was to smile at him again and then drool down the length of his dick again, so she could continue her hand ministrations.

"Isn't obvious?" she said, an innocent look playing across her face, "I'm bribing you". She laughed at the blank look that passed across the masked face in front of her. "I'm giving you the best blowjob of your life, and in exchange you're going to let me go". Bart looked at her in amazement "I am? that's certainly an interesting escape plan". "Don't look at me like that, it's not like this is plan A or anything" she said, grasping his cock just a little too hard, causing him to grunt in surprise.

Kid Flash gasped in relief and pleasure as she loosened her grip and continued to stroke up and down his shaft "ok, but why did you need this, you had me knocked out after that dirty flashing trick, surely you could have gotten away". Artemis looked at him carefully, and decided to answer honestly "first of all, don't even think about complaining about that flashing trick, you loved it and we both know it" she said staring at the teen hero, who had a hard time denying it.

"Secondly, if I had to resort to flashing you to slow you down for 30 seconds, yes 30 seconds, turns out that's how long a dose of the most powerful sedative I have works on you" she said with annoyance "then what do you think my chances of getting away are?". For some reason, Bart felt the need to try and pump up her ego "I'm sure you could have gotten away, I was disorientated and you're pretty devious and quick".

She snorted "that's sweet hon, but we both know you're lying, I was unprepared for a speedster, which is clearly a stupid decision in this city". Bart was still confused though "but why give me a blowjob, surely this wasn't your only option?" Artemis looked at him for a long while in surprise before answering "your serious aren't you?" she said "although now I think about it, why would they spread stories like that around".

"What are you talking about?" Bart asked in growing confusion "what stories?" "Oh, it's just something I've heard other female villains talking about" she said with a smile "sometimes, when they get caught by a hero doing something non-lethal, they can get a free pass for a little something, something in return, if you get my meaning".

Bart grunted in pleasure as Artemis gave a particularly, emphatic stroke of his slick dick "I think I do" he responded weakly. Artemis smirked at his reaction before she continued "so I thought, why not give it a try, I don't particularly feel like spending tonight in jail, they're crowded, annoying to break out of, and you would be amazed how many gang leaders try to make you their bitch after they find out you're a 'super villain'" she said in annoyance.

"Seriously" Bart said in surprise "oh yeah, those dykes really get off on the idea, I've had to beat the crap out of them so many times but they just don't get the message". "No not that, I mean do you and your friends seriously believe a hero would let you go it you get them off?" Artemis shrugged "why not, the rumours pretty established, most of us wear pretty skanky costumes and you male heroes are still men".

"So" Bart asked hesitantly "have you.? you know before this". Artemis finished the question for him "have I fucked a super hero to get out of jail before? yeah fair question, no I have never fucked anyone to stay out of prison before". Bart sighed in relief, then froze as he released what he had done, why should he care if she had fucked another hero before, it's not like he cared, she was a villain.

"So why try it on me" he asked, trying to get to the root of the problem. "Another good question" said Artemis "and to be honest I really don't know, there was something about you that." she paused for a second "well let's just say you're cute and leave it at that" she finished.

Kid Flash noticed that her cheeks coloured a little as she said this, but he decided to continue with his questioning "and was that it?" he asked. "It was mainly that, plus I thought, hey he's young, he'll probably be so grateful for some action that he'll let me go no problem, clearly I was wrong".

Bart frowned at Artemis' last comment, "what does that mean?" he asked. "It means you clearly get enough action already" she said, another sly grin crossing her face. "Huh, I don't know what you're talking about" Bart responded, with a terrible poker face, his mind was racing back to the amazing weekend he had just had. Artemis gave a low, sexy giggle "dude, I know you fucked at least one person this morning" she responded.

Bart gawped at her in panic "How do you know that?" he responded, not realising that he was just confirming Artemis' suspicions. In response, Artemis tapped his dick "well I could make up some bullshit about observations and villainous knowhow, but really, the main reason I know is because this dick that I've been sucking on for the last few minutes, it tastes like ass".

Kid Flash's eyes looked at her in horror, as he remembered the anal session he had just finished with Raven less than 30 minutes ago. Artemis caught the look in his eyes and giggle again "I'm right, aren't I, you naughty boy, you ass fucked someone this morning". Bart responded in blind panic "I don't, I don't know what." he tried.

"Don't even try to deny it, I know what I'm talking about, trust me, I've been around the block a few times". She smiled "let me guess, you were ass fucking this person, hmm I'm going to say a girl, you probably not into guys, your loss by the way, and then since you look like your 16 or 17, you realised you were late for school, so you finished up and ran over here, only to intercept me, does that sound about right to you?" Kid Flash kept his face as blank as possible, which again let Artemis know she was right again.

"Ha" she laughed "and here us villains were thinking heroes were only getting vanilla missionary sex once a week from their wives". Bart tried to keep his mind organised, this girl seemed to know everything about him, it was infuriating, but, despite this, he found that he was starting to like this girl. It was a shame that she was a villain, he could see himself really falling for her, if she wasn't likely to sell him out to all her villainous friends. Bart chose to focus on something else, and started to think of a clever story to mislead Artemis, but before he could she drooled on his cock again, and started to wank him faster, causing him to groan in pleasure and frustration at the distraction.

Artemis smiled "ooh I'm sorry, did I distract you from coming up with some implausible BS to cover up what I worked out?" she asked with a grin "sorry, I'm afraid I'm not going to let that happen". Kid Flash groaned again "oh god, you're a spitfire, you're not going to let me get away with anything, are you?" he said with a smile. Artemis looked confused "a spitfire? Who the hell says something like that?" Bart shrugged "I hang out with a lot of old people, one of them said something like that to me once, and it stuck with me".

Artemis looked at him, a strange look in her eye "you're an odd hero," she said. "Let's just say I've had an interesting few days" he responded as Artemis's mouth moved down to his cock again. Artemis decided to stop teasing the hero and get down to business. She started to suck his dick with gusto, taking his shaft in her mouth and sucking like crazy. She moved her mouth up and down on his dick, going from the tip, all the way down to the base.

"Oh that's amazing babe" Kid Flash groaned, as Artemis worked her oral magic on him. Her warm mouth and throat felt amazing on his shaft, and her skilled tongue was constantly licking him in all the right places. Bart was groaning loudly at this point. Her amazing blowjob, her previous ministrations and the taboo nature of fucking a super villain, were causing Kid Flash to have one of the most intense orgasms of his life. His dick was engulfed by Artemis's wet, warm mouth and he was getting close to cumming.

He looked down at Artemis' cute face and decided to warn her "oh fuck babe, I'm going to cum". Artemis's only response was to take his dick even deeper down her throat, her lips were almost at the base. Bart's eyes nearly rolled back into his head at this "fuck, fuck, fuck, aww babe, seriously, I'm going to blow my load any second" he warned again.

Artemis smiled slightly around his cock and managed to grunt out an "uh-huh" as the floodgates broke and Kid Flash blew his wad deep into her mouth. Bart squirted out several blast of cum and Artemis took them all in her throat and mouth. When Kid Flash finished, she slowly, ever so slowly, withdrew his cock from her mouth. She looked at Kid Flash, winked sexily, and swallowed with an audible "mmmm".

Kid Flash fell back to the ground, completely drained, a bemused smile appeared on his face as he considered Artemis' sexy actions. "Fuck" he panted out "it's true what they say about female super villains, you really are naughty in every way".

Artemis laughed, laying her head on him near his crotch "not even close hero boy" she said "I'm a 'naughty girl', as you put it, because I'm a sexually liberated and horny teenager who knows what she likes".

"For which I am incredibly grateful for" Kid Flash interjected. "Darn straight" she responded with a laugh "but seriously, quite a few super villains are massive prudes, are in monogamous relationships or are so obsessed with their plots and schemes that they don't even bath, let alone have sex".

"Huh" Kid Flash responded "I can see the last point, and I have met villains in relationships, but I never realised the first one, I figured you guys would be fucking like rabbits all the time".

"I wish" Artemis responded wistfully "don't get me wrong, I've had some fun with a few of my fellow villains, but some are pretty conservative, thieves and murderers that they are". They lay on the ground for a few minutes. Bart mind was going crazy, he had no idea what to do or what to say, he had just gotten the best blow job of his life and it was from a hot super villain. He was also aware that he had made a deal with her to let her go, and he was unsure if he should. While Kid Flash's internal debate, Artemis asked a question that made Bart forget everything "so, I've got to know, who were you ass fucking this morning?" Kid Flash's eyes opened wide and he jerked up "why do you want to know that?" he asked in surprise.

Artemis shrugged "mostly idol curiosity" she said casually. Kid Flash's eyes narrowed "mostly?" he asked. "Well, maybe I want to know what type of girl you go for?" she responded, her face again colouring slightly. Kid Flash smiled for a second, "well naturally I go for girls who flash guys and suck them off in abandoned warehouses" he said with a laugh "I don't suppose you know any girls like that?" "I might know one" she said, laughing in response "but be careful, that type of girl can be pretty wild and have a weird sense of humour".

"Thanks for the warning" Bart responded with a smile. "My pleasure, you should know what you're getting into" she responded "now, are you going to answer the question?" Bart frowned and sat up a little more "come on, you know I can't" he responded. "Why?" Artemis responded. "I can't tell you the name of someone I slept with, it could compromise my secret identity, and you are a super villain babe" he responded.

"I know that" she responded "so just give me their code name, I'm hardly going to know identity of any of the other Teen Titans". Kid Flash froze in shock; his eyes went wide "how the hell do you know that?" he blurted in a loud voice.

He paused, then swore "fuck, why do I keep admitting stuff to you?" Artemis, who's head was still resting near Bart's crotch, and who hadn't moved during Bart's active reply responded with a slight smile "you don't have a villainous mind set, spend some time with me and I'll teach you too control that". Bart didn't laugh and kept looking at her, Artemis sighed "I know you spent the weekend at Titan's Tower, it makes sense that you were fucking someone there".


"I could have left" he responded, "wait, how do you know I was at the Tower?" Artemis suddenly looked shifty "uhh, well" he started, before shrugging again "oh fuck it, I'll let you know, but I didn't tell you this, understand?" Bart nodded "fine, fine, but seriously how?" Artemis looked around the warehouse quickly before answering "the Calculator (a somewhat obscure villain) has the outside of the Tower under observation, he lets us know who's there and when you leave and stuff".

"Well, when I say under observation, he taps into the media and those super hero fans who are always watching the Tower, it's surprisingly accurate". "Anyway" Artemis continued "I called him before I attacked the van, he told me the locations of all the heroes I might encounter, and he let me know you were still at Titan's Tower, you must have left right after I finished talking to him".

Bart frowned at annoyance as he heard this and then silently cursed his stupidity. Cyborg had warned him that someone like Calculator was probably watching the Tower, working out which heroes were there and which were gone, Artemis had been able to make an educated guess about his sexual partner based on that information alone.

As Kid Flash mulled this over, Artemis waited patiently, her naked upper body still lying near Bart. When it looked like Kid Flash had calmed down a little she asked again "so seriously, who was it? You've got some seriously attractive girls on that team, I would do a lot to have some private time with some of those hotties". Bart's annoyance disappeared in an instant as he heard this "wait, are you into girls?" he asked, his dick twitching at the thought of Artemis with his female team mates.

"Ooh, that got your attention" Artemis said as she saw Bart's manhood grow in front of her eyes "but I'm not going to answer that until you answer my question". Bart became guarded once more "I really shouldn't" he said. "Come on" she said "who am I going to tell? Hell, who would believe me?" Bart laughed, "that's true, but I'm still not going to say anything". Artemis smiled again "you darn heroes and your morals, ok, how about a deal, you answer my questions, and I'll answer anything you ask, that way we've both got dirt if the one of us decides to reveal secrets".

Kid Flash looked at her doubtfully, but Artemis cut him off before he could voice his doubts "don't even try to say no, and don't try to tell me there isn't anything you want to know about me". "A few things pop to mind" Bart said, "and I will answer all of them honestly" she whispered sexily at him. "Ok, but nothing about secret identities or anything" Bart warned, "the thought never crossed my mind" she responded, a picture of naked innocence. "Of course not" Bart responded sarcastically before he added "and another thing, you have to answer two questions first".

"Ooh, I like a man who takes charge" Artemis said, "alright ask away, I'm guessing your first question is the same as before?" "Yeah, why not" Bart said "are you into girls?" Artemis smiled and answered "yes". She then remained silent until Kid Flash asked "wait is that it?

Is that all the detail I get?" Artemis barely smiled "yes" she answered and then "who did you fuck in the ass this morning?" Bart looked at her in surprise "wait, I get 2 questions, that's what we agreed".

Artemis nodded "that is what we agreed, and I answered both your questions, well 3 technically" she responded, the hints of a smirk on her face.

"Wait, what? Oh" Bart stopped and groaned "oh no, you're going to be pedantic about what a question is and what I actually ask for, just like a fucking genie". Artemis shrugged "it's not my problem if you ask random questions or don't request detail, I only agreed to answer you honestly" she said "now you know how the game is played, answer my question".

Bart rolled his eyes, but decided to play along "fine, I was fucking Raven in the ass this morning". Artemis jerked up in surprise "Raven? You're kidding me, wow I thought it would have been Starfire or Wonder Girl, but Raven, damn that takes balls, all the villains joke about her sucking out your soul with her." "I'm just going to jump in and say that its nothing like that" Bart responded "and that's all the free information you're getting from me".

He paused then asked "before, when you were sucking my dick, you indicated that you've sucked dick after it's been in someone's ass, my question is, in what situations have you done that before?" Artemis, who had settled back down near Bart's crotch smiled "now you're getting the game, alright, during previous group sexual encounters, you know threesomes, foursomes and moresomes, I have sucked dicks and strapons after they have been in someone's ass.

This has happened during guy on guy encounters, girl on girl encounters and guy on girl encounters, however, I have only ever done this during group settings" she responded. Kid Flash coughed in amazement and looked at her face, he remembered a book he had read about facial movements and lying and as far as he could tell she was telling the truth "damn" he said "this is a good game". "I know right, and now it's my turn" Artemis said "ok, is your relationship with Raven serious or did you just hook up casually?" Bart answered quickly eager for his next question "it was casual, the two of us do not have a serious or romantic relationship" he said, just noticing the quick look of relief that crossed Artemis' face.

"My turn again" said Bart as he replayed all his conversations with Artemis in quick succession before smiling "huh, now I think I already know the answer to this, but let's give it a try". "Have you ever been fucked in the ass" he asked. Artemis froze, a look of surprise on her face "how the hell did you know that?" she asked.

"That counts as a question" Bart said gleefully, but before I answer it, you have to answer mine". Artemis glared up at him, but she could hardly complain, indeed she was a little impressed that he had tricked her.

"Fine, you devil" she responded "no I have never been fucked in my ass" she admitted. "I have had fingers, and an occasionally butt plug, but I have never had a dick or a toy or anything I would consider serious enough to constitute a fucking before" she answered "now tell me how you guessed that".

"It was a lucky guess I made after you said you had only done ass to mouth in a group setting rather than you just doing something one on one, now I get another question". Artemis sighed "fine, I guess I can't complain, considering I set down the ground rules, go ahead, what dirty secret do you want to know now".

"It's a bit of a follow up from the last question" Kid Flash responded "why haven't you tried anal?" Artemis rolled her eyes and sighed melodramatically "boys and their anal obsessions, why do so many guys get hard at the mere suggestion that they could fuck a chick's ass?" she asked, she saw Kid Flash open his mouth to reply and she cut him off "that was a rhetorical question, I don't need you to answer it".

"In answer to your question though, I am planning to have anal sex in the future, like I said before, I've had some smaller stuff in my butt before, and I really enjoyed the experience, but I want to save the proper deflowering for a special person or a special occasion".

"That is a very interesting thing to know" Bart said, trying to keep his face as straight as possible while his mind whirled. Artemis responded with a hard nudge to his ribs "yeah, those schemes you're working up in your head to get my anal cherry aren't going to work, that's happening when I want, and only when I want it" (spoiler alert, Artemis is totally losing her anal cherry in a future volume, and you'll be surprised who to).

Kid Flash looked guilty for a second, but decided it wasn't even worth trying to lie, despite only meeting Artemis a short while ago, he knew for a certainty that she saw right through him and would know if he was lying. Artemis, apparently saw the uncertainty in his eyes, so she decided to distract him with another question "ok, next question, what is the naughtiest thing you have ever done with you super speed".

Kid Flash smiled in fond memory at some of the fun things he had used his powers for over the years, but his mind kept focusing on the events from the previous weekend and he was uncertain that he wanted to tell her about what had happened. While his initial concerns were for his privacy and the privacy of his team mates, he decided that the main reason he was uncertain was because he did not know if Artemis would be amused or repulsed by his actions. Bart decided to roll the dice and tell her what had happened, she seemed like the sort of person who might find it funny "Hmmm, I think it would have to be the time that I used my super speed to make one hot girl extremely horny while talking to another girl to try and initiate a hot lesbian session (see Teen Titan's Chronicles One)".

Artemis kept her face still for a while, causing Bart to worry, but before he could say anything she burst out laughing "that is an awesome use of a super power, man sometimes I wish I could do amazing shit like that, I would abuse the shit out of that to get some dick and pussy" she said. "So, you're not disgusted or anything?" Kid Flash asked in surprise. "Of course not, I love pranks and shit, especially sexy ones like that.

Hell, I'd be personally offended if you don't use your powers to do some shit like that to me in the future" she replied. "Wow, you really are a special type of lady" Bart said. "Flatterer" she responded cheekily, "now tell me, how did that naughty incident work out for you and the ladies? Did you open their eyes to the joys of the feminine form?". "It was complicated" Bart responded, launching into an abridged version of what had happened over the weekend.

The two teens continued to lie in the warehouse, asking intimate questions of each other, until they knew quite a few things about each other. Most of the questions they asked were sexual in nature, and the two shared several amusing stories, with Bart usually having to keep the identities of the other participants secret, however, not all of the questions were about sex. As Artemis finished recounting an amusing story about a being tricked by her villainous team mate Icicle into fucking a female security guard during a heist, Bart asked a serious question "so are you happy being a villain?" Artemis sat up a little and looked Bart in the eye "well that's a more serious question than I was hoping you'd ask, but I can't say I wasn't expecting it".

"Sorry" Bart said, "you don't have to answer it if you." "No" Artemis interrupted "truth be told, I don't know what I really want, like you said before, my parents pressured me to become this, and now that I'm a villain I don't know if I can get out". She sighed and lay back down, her head once again resting near Kid Flash's junk "I mean, I've done a lot of bad stuff, and I didn't stop some of my friends from doing even worse stuff, at this point I've probably done too much bad to reform like some other villains have".

"I'm sorry" Bart said, "don't be, none of it is your fault" Artemis responded. She shook her head and smiled "anyway, enough of this, let's get back to the fun questions, then I've got to skedaddle, I'm a wanted woman". Kid Flash laughed, "well don't worry babe, I hear that a certain lucky super hero is hot on your tail". Artemis smiled "alright smartass, well it's my question now" she said, think for a second then asked with a cheeky grin "so why do you keep calling me babe?".

Kid Flash coughed in surprise "oh, you noticed that?" he asked. "Of course" Artemis responded "I'm an observant person, and for the record I'm not saying I hate it, I'm just curious why you keep using it, like is it a cultural thing for you, do you call all girls babe?" Bart's face coloured a little, but he decided to be bold and tell the truth "honestly, I call you babe because I like you".

To Bart's surprise, Artemis' face coloured to "oh, cool" she said "that's great, I mean, because I may, you know like you".

She coughed in embarrassment and put her hand to her face "oh shit it's like I'm back in high school". Playing along, Bart launched into a childish mantra "you like Kid Flash, you like Kid Flash" he chanted with a laugh. Artemis groaned and aimed a punch at his chest, holding back at the last second "yeah I guess I do, even though we only met this morning, there's something about you that, something I can't put my finger on that makes me think that, well." she trailed off.

Bart glanced down at her and smiled "I know what you mean, and I don't quite know why either, maybe we hooked up in a previous life or an alternate universe or something, hell right now we could be a couple of college kids hooking up in a dorm room or something". Artemis laughed "hell of an imagination you've got there Flash boy", then she fell silent in contemplation.

"What is it" asked Kid Flash. Artemis sighed "nothing, it's just, you know this can't happen don't you" she responded. Bart looked down at her "yeah, I was afraid you were going to say that". Artemis tried to explain "look, I like you, I mean I really like you, but you're a hero, I'm a villain, we both know that's not going to end well". "You don't know that" Bart said. "The fuck I don't" Artemis responded "everyone knows this kind of shit ends badly, I can think of a couple of examples in our business that I could use, hell any person of the street that's read a comic would probably back me up".

"Well maybe we'll be the exception" Bart responded to a sceptical Artemis "maybe it won't end badly, besides, as I was saying before, you don't have to be a villain".

"And I told you, it's too late for me" Artemis said, trying to shut down the conversation "and besides it's too much of a risk for both of us, and not just for us, what about your team and your family, they could become targets".

"Firstly, I would love to see anyone try to go after my team or my family" he said with a smile "and I don't think it's too late for you".

"Why not?" Artemis asked. "Because" Bart responded "you just tried to sacrifice your own happiness because it could endanger people you've never met".

Artemis smiled "well I don't want you to be hurt". She sighed again "look, just let it go, please" she asked. Bart relented "fine, so now what?" he asked. Artemis sat up and made a grab for her discarded top "I guess I should get going" she said. As she made to get up, she felt Kid Flash's fingers close around her arm "you're not going anywhere" he said with a smile.

Artemis raised an eyebrow "oh really, and why's that?" she asked. "Because, I still need to lick your pussy till you cum, and then I need to fuck you into a coma" he responded with a hungry smile. "Hmm, those are some big words" Artemis replied with a smile, dropping her top "I hope you can back them up". With a smile, Kid Flash disappeared in a blur of movement. Artemis barely had time to react before he was back, standing in front of her naked, but still wearing his mask.

With a gasp she looked down at herself and released that the bottom half of her costume had disappeared, leaving her completely naked. Kid Flash admired the sight of Artemis' bare, shaved pussy and her tight, muscular ass before he lent forward and kissed her. Artemis melted into the intense oral assault with a grunt, still slightly surprised at the speed of events.

She was even more surprised when Kid Flash abruptly broke off his kiss, moved one of his legs behind her legs and gentle pushed her back. Artemis fell in a rush, but instead of the hard concrete floor she was expecting, she landed on a thick mattress that had materialised behind her. "Where the hell did that come from?" she asked, "before I undressed us I ran down to that mattress store down the block and took one off the floor".

"Well thanks for that, it's certainly classier to fuck on a stolen mattress, rather than on the floor of an abandoned warehouse". "Hey, I know how to romance girls" Kid Flash said with a smile "and it's not stolen, I left some cash behind". "Always the hero" Artemis said with a smile. Kid Flash climbed down on the mattress, his knees landing either side of Artemis' body.

He grabbed both her wrists with his hands and held them above her head, pushing them into the mattress. He leaned down and kissed the now trapped super villain. The passionate kiss between the two teenagers lasted for a minute, before Bart finally disengaged. He started kissing all around Artemis' face and neck, making sure to continually connect with her ruby red lips. He started focusing on the side of her neck, causing her to gasp in pleasure at the intense feelings "ooh, that's nice" she moaned.

Bart soon moved down to her breasts, and with obvious relish he kissed, licked and sucked the freckled mounds. He started to focus on Artemis' nipples, licking, nibbling and sucking on one at a time, while his hands move and manipulated the others. He kept his attention on Artemis' boobs for a few minutes, occasionally moving up to kiss Artemis' mouth and neck. He planned to continue longer but Artemis finally had enough.

"Will you stop teasing me already and go to work on my pussy, I've been fucking wet and horny since you tied me up this morning" she moaned "hurry up and do something about that or I'm likely to commit my first murder". "Well we can't have that" Bart said with a smile. He moved down and spread Artemis' legs wide open so that her pussy was clearly visible to him for the first time. Bart's dick twitched as he drank in the site of her completely naked, Artemis hadn't been lying, her pussy was wet and was practically begging for a cock.

Artemis quickly confirmed this "hurry up and get your dick into me, I need to get fucked so bad". "All in good time" Kid Flash responded, kneeling down in front of Artemis' spread legs.

He moved his head in close to her sex and opened his mouth. His tongue ran quickly over Artemis' soft, outer folds, causing her to moan in happiness. He quickly started a coordinated assault with his tongue, exploring Artemis' folds and licking deep into her honey pot. His continued this for another length of time, occasionally interrupting his wide and deep explorations to lick and suck at Artemis' clit.

Artemis just laid back and groaned in happiness, her fingers idly stroking the top of Kid Flash's head. Bart was skilled and she could feel herself slowly, but surely building up to an orgasm. She decided that it was time for the superhero to step it up a notch "babe, I really need you to fuck me" she said "I need you to fill my tight pussy with your throbbing cock".

Kid Flash looked up at her with a smile "a tempting offer" he responded "I'm afraid that I might have to decline for the moment". Artemis looked at him in surprise "you what?" she asked indignantly. "Oh, I fully intend to fuck that pussy babe" he said with a wink "but first I've got to show you my party trick".

"Your party trick?" Artemis asked as Bart moved his head back towards he dripping snatch "I don't care about a party trick, now start fucking my pussy now or I'll leave you with massive blue.oh, uh, ooh my GOD". Artemis' half-hearted threat instantly ended as she felt Bart's magic tongue go to work. She thought that he had been pretty skilled at oral sex before, but now the soft wet tongue that was focused on her clit and pussy was vibrating at super speed. Artemis could only gasp at the pleasure of Bart's vibrating tongue, it was going with the same intensity as the most powerful sex toy she had experimented with (and she had experimented with a few), but it was still soft and wet like a tongue.

In addition, it was focused like a laser, going exactly where Bart wanted it to go. Bart didn't even try to tease her anymore, instead he focused his tongue on Artemis' clit and licked like crazy, his wet, soft tongue vibrating fast the entire time. Artemis never stood a chance, her body bucked and contorted for barely 30 seconds before she orgasmed with a scream of "oh fuckkk!!!".

Artemis squirmed on the mattress as she came hard, her body momentarily failing her as the intense pleasure washed over her. Kid Flash stopped his vibrating tongue and moved his face away from Artemis' pussy, a roguish smile playing across his lips "did you like that?" he asked. Artemis grunted in response and smiled at him. "That was amazing, if I knew you could do that, I would have flashed you months ago" she said.

"What can I say" Bart said "you give me an amazing blowjob, and I have to return the favour". "What a gentlemen" Artemis quipped back at him "and I reckon we're more than even at this point".

Bart nodded in agreement "I think that's fair to say" he said, looking down at his cock, which had hardened during the sexual excitement "but I've always been a generous man". Before Artemis could even consider the clear implications of Kid Flash's last words, there was a blur of movement and everything changed.

Artemis suddenly found herself repositioned on the mattress, kneeling face down. Her face was resting on a pillow while her exposed rump was pointing up into the air. The front of her body was supported by several plump cushions which had appeared out of nowhere. In addition to the change in her position, Artemis noticed that Kid Flash had also moved and was now standing behind her, his hard cock in his hand.

Artemis smiled at this "aww yeah babe, I like the way you think, I need that hard dick in my pussy, so bad". She turned her head forward again, and waited for the anticipate penetration of her cunt, which never came.

Instead, Bart kneeled behind her and spread her ass cheeks. Artemis was confused at this, and only released what Kid Flash intended when she felt his tongue lick over her sensitive ass hole. Artemis moaned loudly in pleasure as his tongue licked away at her rear entrance "ooh you naughty super hero" she said "that feels amazing, I always appreciate someone who's willing to give me a rim job".

"Then you're going to love me" Bart said with an evil smile. Without a moment's hesitation he started to move his tongue at super speed, vibrating it across Artemis' anus. "Oooh shit" Artemis moaned in absolute pleasure as she felt the tongue vibrate across her ass "fuck, fuck, fuck that is good".

Her fingers curled around the edge of the mattress in front of her as her moans got louder and louder. She had always loved getting rim jobs and a tongue in her ass always drove her crazy, a fact she had told Kid Flash earlier, but her ass had never experienced anything like this before. The intense pleasure from her super-powered rim job threatened to overwhelm her, she had never came from having her ass licked before, but she knew that was about to change.

Artemis' prediction came true rather quickly, as she felt Bart move one of his hands down her ass until it reached her wet pussy. Without any warning he worked 2 fingers into her cunt and started to finger fuck her hard. Artemis groaned and moaned even louder as she felt her body respond to the pleasure it was experiencing. Artemis didn't even try to hold back her orgasm.

She screamed out loudly "OOOH FUCK, I'm cumming babe, I'm cumming so hard, lick my ass, finger my pussy, I'm CUMMMMIINNGG". She spasmed hard and collapsed onto the pillows Kid Flash had placed in front of her, nearly all the strength gone from her body, her ass still raised up and spread open. After a few seconds she opened her eyes and groaned "holy crap, that was amazing, you are something else".

Bart moved his head away from her ass and smiled "that, that was nothing, just a little something I save for the special girls in my life, you know the crazy villains who do kinky sex acts in warehouse".

"You think I'm special" she said with a smile "I mean I understand the crazy comment, can't fault you there, but special, that's so sweet of you". Bart laughed in response "well what can I say, our first meeting was something I'll never forget". He looked down at his hard rod and smiled again "now what am I going to do with you now?" Artemis, slowly raised herself up with her arms, until she was on all fours again, her ass raised up into the air.

She looked back over her shoulder and smiled at Bart's rock hard cock. "Well I imagine we need to do something about that, so why don't you get over here and fuck my cunt, I think you earned it". Bart smiled and shuffled forward, but stopped when Artemis added "but keep that cock and your fingers away from my asshole". Bart tried to look innocent "what do you mean?" he asked.

Artemis looked over her shoulder again, a sly smile on her face "don't try to bullshit me, you think I don't know what you're trying to do, you want to be the first person to fuck my ass, that's the only reason why you gave me that rim job just then, you figured I'd be so grateful and horny that I'd let you stick your dick wherever you wanted".

"What? I'm offended that you could even suggest that" Bart replied. "Save it" said Artemis "I've been here before and I know what you're doing". Bart smiled in defeat "well you can't blame me for trying" he said. "I really can't" Artemis said "I know what it's like to take someone's ass cherry, and it was awesome" she finished with a smile".

Bart gulped, and his dick did the impossible and got even harder "you have got to tell me about that" he said. Artemis smiled again "I thought that might get your attention, let's just say that I've introduced a few people to the pleasures of anal sex".

"Where they super villains like you?" Bart asked shakily, his imagination running wild. "One or two, but most were normal people". "That sounds like some pretty hot girl on girl action there" Bart said with a croak, his hands moving forward involuntarily to stroke Artemis' ass. "Who said they were all girls" she said, an evil look on her face "some of my happiest customers were big tough men". Bart looked slightly uncomfortable, but he kept stroking Artemis' ass, the tips of his fingers reaching for her wet out lips "really, that's cool I suppose".

Artemis smiled again and decided to mess with Bart a little "I could take your butt cherry for you if you want, that seems fair since you're so determined to take mine". Bart coughed in surprise, but didn't recoil "wow, that's a, umm, tempting offer, but I think I'll pass, besides you're a little too late for that". "Oh really" Artemis said, looking back with naked curiosity and desire "you have to tell me how that happened".

"Let's just say there was a mechanical dildo and a bottomless chair and leave it at that" he said (see Teen Titan's Chronicles 2). "Now, are we going to talk, or are we going to fuck?" Without waiting for an answer, Bart moved in behind Artemis on his knees and grasped her around the waist.

Artemis stiffened in anticipation as she felt Kid Flash's hard rod prod at her pussy entrance. Her slit was wet following Kid Flash's intense oral assault on her pussy and arsehole and she soon felt the tip of his cock slowly enter her.

Bart paused with only the tip of his cock in her and asked "how bad do you need me to fuck you?" Artemis groaned at the feel of his dick in her pussy. Despite her two recent, epic, orgasms, she was still horny and was desperate for a good fucking. "Oh babe, I need your dick so much, I need to be fucked so hard, as hard and as fast as you fucking can. My tight pussy needs to cum again and I need your big cock in me so bad". Bart smiled as this and thrust quickly into her quivering cunt.

"Ok babe, but you're going to owe me one" he said, Artemis groaned loudly in response "ooh, no fucking problem" she said hoarsely. Bart held onto her middle and thrust back and forth into hard, and fast. He didn't try to tease her, instead he would move the top of his dick back to the entrance of her pussy and then would slam his entire shaft into her hard.

He kept doing this, as hard and fast as he could without going into super speed. His usual technique was to fuck a girl as fast as he could, using his super speed, it was a technique that had served him well a few times, and usually caused the girls to cum pretty quick.

However, over his epic fuck weekend with the rest of the Titans, he had been made aware of a flaw with this. On the first night of the Titan's orgy, he had fucked Speedy, the unpowered sidekick of Green Arrow like this multiple times. However, she had made him aware later in the night that this style was causing her a bit of discomfort in the aftermath until she was forced to her to rest her pussy for a while.

While the other Titans had respected this, and had instead focused on her mouth and ass (at the same time), Bart had decided to experiment slightly.

Fucking durable girls, such as Wonder Girl and Starfire, like this had been fine, their super human toughness had protected them, but a similar fuck with a likewise curious Raven, had quickly revealed that normal humans weren't able to withstand a super speed fucking, at least as far as Bart could tell (this is a slight change that I felt was necessary, will see how it goes).

Still, Bart still had a trick or two up his sleeve that he had found to be super effective. He could still fuck a person at a faster rate than a normal person, a fact that was greatly appreciated by his fellow Titans.

In addition, Bart had found out that by controlling his own inertia he can control the length of his fuck sessions, lasting longer and finishing when he wanted.

He also spent the weekend perfecting a new sexual trick with his powers, it had proved a real winner with his team mates, and he planned to use it on Artemis soon. Bart kept pounding Artemis with long, fast strokes that rocked the red haired villainess. Artemis was moaning in heaven as Bart's dick continually entered and exited her pussy, filling her up for an instance before exiting her every so quickly.

She thought that she had been fucked hard and fast before, but her previous partners, men and women, had never been able to fuck her at the speed that Kid Flash was managing. Even with the intense movements behind her, Artemis was able to stay up on all fours, her hands gripping the mattress.

She could sense herself getting close, so she moved one of her hands back to her mound to land on her clit.

Artemis started to vigorously rub the pleasure centre between her legs and was soon rewarded with the starts of another intense orgasm. She cried out in pleasure as pussy contracted around Bart's plunging dick, and her front half collapsed slowly onto the mattress.

Bart smiled in satisfaction as he made Artemis cum, he always loved it when his partners had as much fun as he did, and he was especially eager to show Artemis a great time. He decided that it was time to unleash his secret weapon. As Artemis' head rested on the mattress, she quickly noted that Kid Flash had not even slowed down, his member was still penetrating her tight pussy with the same vigour and speed that it had before.

She knew she was in for a long fuck and could only groan and grunt as the satisfying feelings, confident that no matter what Kid Flash did, another intense orgasm was a long way off. However, her grunts turned into a shriek of surprised pleasure when Bart's cock started to vibrate inside her pussy. At first Artemis didn't understand what was happening, all she knew was that in addition to plunging in and out of her cunt, Bart's cock was also moving in a similar manner to her very best vibrator.

However, no vibrator she had ever used could compare to fleshy vibrating shaft that was plunging into her. Artemis found she had no control over her body, and a high pitched, continuous moan of pleasure escaped her mouth as she orgasmed for the fourth time that morning. The naked super villain spasmed on the mattress and continually moaned in pleasure as the sensations from her pussy flooded through the rest of her body. Deep down Artemis knew that she had found something special in the man she was fucking, he was incredible, and she decided to let him take complete control in this situation.

"Fuck, you are incredible babe" she moaned, her mouth barely able to form the words "use me, just fucking use me" she begged, and was rewarded by a more than willing Kid Flash increasing the speed of his strokes and vibrations. Artemis issued out another long and pleasure filled groan and the increased sensations, and yelled at her Superhero partner again "fuck, fuck, fuck, spank my ass babe, fucking spank my ass and fuck me faster" she begged.

Bart could hardly refuse and he brought his hand down on Artemis' heavenly cheeks and he once again increased his speed, causing Artemis to yell out her appreciation even louder. The intense sexual experience was also having an effect on Bart.

Usually his abilities would have allowed him to hold on for a little longer, but he knew that was unlikely to happen. He was going to cum very soon, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He decided to unload in Artemis' tight pussy and figured that he should make her cum again. He spanked her ass hard and yelled at her "rub your clit babe, I want you to rub your clit".

Artemis groggily obeyed, her hand reaching down her clit and she started to slowly rub it, causing her to groan even louder. Bart knew that she was going to cum again, and he couldn't wait to blow his load in her cunt. He still couldn't believe everything that had happened to him today. His mind was a blur off activity as his incredibly memory played back all the key events at light speed. While there were so many hot and incredible moments that had happened, his brain kept travelling back to one comment that Artemis had made.

An evil smile graced Bart's face for a fraction of a second, as a plan formed in his mind. Bart glanced down at Artemis' fingers, they were rubbing her clit quicker and quicker, and Bart could tell that she was nearing her orgasm. He knew that he wouldn't be able to hold on if Artemis came again, and he was proven right a few seconds later. Artemis' body rocked and shuddered again, and her cunt tightened and spasmed around his cock.

This time as Artemis cried out in pleasure at her high speed fucking in the dingy warehouse, Kid Flash also grunted in pleasure. He felt his cock start to twitch and he reacted as quickly as he could. He pulled out at super speed, causing Artemis to squeal at the end of her orgasm as she felt Bart's rod exit her pussy.

She also lost her balance at the sudden movements of Kid Flash and started to fall forwards. Bart moved as fast he could to the other end of the mattress, and was soon right in front of Artemis' face. Before Artemis even realised that Bart was in front of her, Bart had grabbed the back of her hair and levelled her face with his cock, blowing his load of cum all over her face. Artemis could only gasp in surprise when she felt Bart's hand on her hair, which caused her to catch a little cum in her mouth, but the rest splattered her face, giving her a nice, full facial.

Bart, satisfied with his handiwork, let her gently fall to the mattress. Artemis collapsed, utterly exhausted after her five intense orgasms.

Kid Flash sat down next her, his metabolism allowed him to recover at a much quicker rate than his partner, and he sat for a couple of seconds, admiring his handiwork.

He still could not believe that he had just fucked the red haired supervillain, his life had certainly become very interesting since the first team orgy. He smiled, it wasn't just the sex, there was something he generally liked about Artemis and he believed that in their brief time knowing each other they had formed a real connection, even if neither of them could admit it yet.

He only hoped that what he planned next would help strengthen their connection and didn't destroy it. Bart paused to psyche himself up, then leaned down and touched the exhausted Artemis' forehead. A small spark of electricity passed from his finger to her forehead, causing her to jolt awake, fully refreshed. "Wow" Artemis exclaimed in amazement "what the fuck was that". Bart smiled as he watched her jump to her feet "I transferred some of my speed into you, just enough to help you recover quickly, we can't afford to have you exhausted and confused for what happens next".

Artemis briefly considered what was going to happen next, she assumed that Kid Flash was going to let her escape, and that he wanted her energised so that the cops wouldn't catch her.

Bart smiled at Artemis again and stood up. There was a blur of activity as he moved, causing Artemis to blink in surprise. When she looked around again a second later she noted the changes that happened in the warehouse.

The mattress they had been fucking on was gone and both Kid Flash and Artemis were fully clothed again in their costumes. Artemis looked back to Bart and sighed, she had no idea what to say, she was starting to really like Bart and was uncertain about what could happen between them in the future.

She knew that she should leave though, maybe she could figure out what to say later "ok, well I'm going to leave now, ummmm, maybe we could do…" she started to say before Bart cut her off. "Hey, you remember how a little while ago you said that you liked sexy pranks and would be offended if I didn't use my speed to pull one off on you?" he asked. Artemis frowned at the unexpected change in conversation "yeah, but what has that got to do with&hellip." she started to respond before being cut off again.

"Careful what you wish for" Bart said with a smirk. Artemis realised what was about to happen, she opened her mouth in response "don't you fucking&hellip." but it was too late. Artemis felt another blur of movement and she found herself in a completely different location. "Dare" she finished abruptly as she adjusted to the rapid movement.

She looked around in shock as she realised she was in the lobby of the local police station, right in front of the main desk with Bart right next to her. What's more all her weapons had been removed and she was once again tied up with her own rope. Several shocked police reacted to the sudden appearance of the teen hero and villain and drew their weapons in surprise. Bart waved them away, the Flash symbol awarded him a certain amount of respect, and he prodded Artemis firmly in the back pushing her to the desk.

The officer on duty looked in amazement at the scene as Bart started to explain "officer, please arrest this lady, she's the one who robbed that armoured car this morning".

Artemis glared at Bart, who calmly continued "charge her with two counts of assault, one count of larceny, 3 counts of destruction of property…" "You little bastard" Artemis interrupted. Bart barely paused "one count of use of offensive language", earning another glare from Artemis. The desk clerk had been watching the scene in bemusement used the brief pause to ask a question "what's that on her face?" Artemis' face reddened in embarrassment as she realised her face was covered in cum, suddenly Bart's surprise facial made a lot more sense.

"You fucking arsehole" she whispered to the teen superhero standing next to her, as she realised he planned this out in advance. Bart ignored the whispered profanity and focused on keeping a straight face as he responded to the guard "that officer is the result of this villain's failed escape plan." "You see" Bart continued, "she used her tricks to get away from me and I had to spend some time hunting her down.

When I eventually found her, she was in a compromising position with a young college student who was sitting in the driver's seat of a car.

Apparently, the lady thought she could convince the young man to drive her out of town if she provided some, encouragement, cough, cough" Bart continued, exaggerating the coughing sounds.

"He apparently thought she was cosplaying and didn't realise what had happened to the armoured car and Artemis here decided to go along with it.

I guess she thought that any story she came up with would be more believable with a willing driver, rather than a hostage". "We'll unfortunately never know" Bart continued, enjoying the story he came up with "I came across the two of them just as Artemis finished administrating her bribe and whisked her right here".

Kid Flash turned to look at Artemis, his face a picture of innocence "who knows what had happened if I hadn't got there, she could have escaped". Artemis glared back at him "oh, you're so dead" she whispered. The duty officer slowly shut his wide mouth and then laughed loudly "wow, that's insane, I'm going to enjoy writing this report up and sharing it around the precinct".

Artemis' face went even redder as Bart fought hard to control his smile "it sounds like a bestseller to me" he joked. He laughed along with the officer, dragging out his torture a little longer before he added "actually, could we keep that out of the report" he asked.

The officer looked surprised "why?" he asked. "I think we should protect them" Bart explained "I mean, can you imagine how embarrassed the poor kid must feel after getting blown by a super villain, that's the sort of thing people will never let you live down" he said, a knowing smile on his face as he glanced at Artemis's unimpressed face.

The officer laughed "ok, ok, I get that, fair enough I'll keep in out of the report for the young gentlemen's sake" he agreed. Artemis exhaled in relief and glared once more at Bart's calm, smug face.

Bart turned to her, flashed her a smile, and then turned back to the officer "well, I think it's time you booked her" he said untying Artemis in a flash and then snapping a pair of handcuffs onto her.

Bart leaned in close to her and said in a loud, exaggerated voice "I hope you learned your lesson here young lady". Artemis smiled sweetly and whispered her response "you know I will get you back for this, right?" A deep, wicked smile crossed Bart's lips "looking forward to watching you try" Bart responded.

He winked at her and then disappeared in a blur of motion, leaving Artemis alone in the middle of the police station. Artemis groaned as she contemplated her situation. Truth be told she though the prank was hilarious, and she had demanded that he use his speed to prank her at some point.


She just wished his prank would have involved some escape plan for her. A few hours later: It was night time and Artemis stretched out on her bed in her jail cell, contemplating the events of that day.

She was alone, surprisingly she had been given a cell all to herself, which seemed to be larger than the usual cells she was familiar with. Her room also seemed to be located in a low traffic area of the prison, and the usual iron bars motif was replaced by a large door with a small grill near the top. She had been keeping track ever since she had been place in there, but she had seen hardly any guards and no other prisoners.

In fact, there was barely any activity going on near her cell, although she could hear some action going on around the other side of the prison. She wasn't too concerned about this, preferring the privacy of her thoughts to reflect on the day's events. Even though she was deeply engrossed in her thoughts, Artemis was not surprised when a blur of red and yellow vibrated through the solid iron of the door and came to rest at the side of the room.

"You're pretty bold coming here after what you just pulled" Artemis said, not even trying to disguise the smile that crossed her face when Kid Flash appeared.

Bart also smiled when he saw her "what can I say babe, I'm a sucker for a pretty face and dirty mind". Artemis laughed at this and sat up on her bed staring at Bart "so what are you doing here?

I assume I have you to thank for the nice digs?" Bart moved to the bed and sat down next to her "you think this is nice?" he asked with a smirk. Artemis shrugged "compared to some of the dives I've been locked up in, this is a five-star resort, you probably don't know this, but privacy in prison is pretty damn rare".

Bart shrugged "all I know is that I had to call in a lot of favours to get his organised for you". Artemis smiled weakly "thank you for that, I appreciate that, I really do, but that does raise the obvious question of why? Why would you go out of your way to do this for me? And don't you dare say it's just because you want your supervillain fuck buddy to be comfortable". "Well I do want you to be comfortable" Bart said, his usual smile spread across his face.

This slipped as he became more serious "and you already know why I did it". Artemis sighed as Bart confirmed her suspicions "you did it because you like me, you felt some amazing connection between us and now you want to protect me and explore whatever this is". Bart smiled at her assessment "yep, pretty much, do you feel the same?" he asked casually. Artemis exhaled loudly and glared at him "of course I fucking do" she said aggressively "I really like you, but we both know that nothing can happen, I'm a villain, you're a hero, we're like a modern day Romeo and Juliet, except older and less idiotic".

"I know, that's why I organised this private cell for you" Bart said with a smile "it's the perfect solution to our problem for the moment. The guards have been instructed to leave you alone, except at a few pre-determined times, this area of the prison is pretty private, no prisoners are getting anywhere near your room and no one is going to hear shit.

This way we can explore our relationship in here, without any of your friends finding out, plus I can totally bust you out of here whenever I want so we can go on dates and shit". Artemis pursed her lips when she heard this, it did sound good "how did you organise that?" she asked.

Bart smiled "like I said, I used a lot of favours, pulled a shit load of strings, had a long talk with the warden and made it clear that important people wanted this to happen. I also went through all the prison's files and figured out which guards took bribes and stuff, you probably heard the commotion out front as they got fired.

It's cool though, I managed to organise some qualified replacements pretty quickly, everything should be fine pretty soon".

"I'm guessing that you never made it to school this arvo" Artemis chuckled as she realised how much work Bart would have had to do that afternoon.

Bart smiled at her "it was worth it for you babe" causing her to blush slightly. Artemis was tempted to accept his offer then and there, but there was still more she need to know "look, this all sounds like fun, a secret relationship while I'm in prison is fine, but what happens after that?

I'm not going to be in here forever, what happens when I'm released and my supervillain friends want me to help them, how am I going to explain that I'm dating a hero, how will you explain that you're dating a villain?" Artemis asked, a flash of anger in her voice. Bart responded calmly "you become a hero".

Artemis snorted loudly at this, but Bart continued "it's not so crazy, we both know that deep down you're no villain, you're just a victim of circumstances who has some outstanding skills". Artemis couldn't help but agree with this, her career as a super villain had been forced upon her by her family and their friends. She had never wanted to rob or hurt people, but that's what was expected of her, so she had gone along with it.

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Bart knew this so he continued with his speech "you won't be the first super villain who's tried to be a hero, and you won't be the last, all I'm asking you to do is to try out my way for a change". "Oh is that all" Artemis said sarcastically. "That is all" Bart responded seriously "all you need to do is prove that you're changing your ways and starting to become a hero. Once you do that, then you're out of this prison". Artemis paused when she heard this "just like that?" Artemis asked.

"Well, they might need a little more convincing, bit I'm sure we will figure something out pretty easily". Artemis nodded at this and considered her options, her brain was telling her to run and never see this young hero again, but she ignored it. There was something about Bart that cut through her concerns, and stuck a strong cord with her. She considered all her options, but deep down she knew what was going to happen next.

"Fuck, fine, let's give it a try" she responded. Bart looked overjoyed at this, but Artemis' quickly cut him off "but let me make it clear, at the moment, I'm only giving a relationship between us a try, we can look into this whole villain to hero thing later". Bart smiled as this and nodded his head in agreement "fine, I can live with that". Artemis relaxed on the bed, relieved that they had come to an understanding.

Bart smiled in happiness at her decision and gave her a big hug "oh thank fuck, I had no idea what I was going to do if you had said no". "I'm guessing you would have gone back to Titan's Tower and ass fucked Raven again" Artemis responded with a grin.

Bart laughed at this before a terrifying thought crossed his mind "ah" he said suddenly "I guess I should probably tell you, I'm fucking like all of the female Teen Titans every time I'm in that Tower, and I have very little intention to stop, is that cool?" he asked, fearing the answer.

Artemis burst out laughing "fuck, that's a pretty intense thing to lay down on a girl right after their first date". She laughed again before responding "look, I don't care who you fuck, as long as you fill me in on all, and I mean all, the juicy details". Bart looked relieved at this "however" Artemis continued "we can only do this if you don't mind when I fuck someone else, are you going to have a problem with that?" "I'd be a hypocrite if I did" Bart responded "that's not a no" Artemis replied.

Bart laughed at this "ok fine, you fuck whoever you want as well, just as long as you tell me your dirty stories as well". Artemis smiled at this victory and laughed out loud "awesome, this relationship is off to a great start".

Bart smiled, but again went serious "it is, but I think I needs to have a different type of start" he said. Artemis looked at him in confusion "what you mean". "I mean, I want you to trust me" Kid Flash responded as his hand moved up to his mask and uncovered his face. Artemis looked at him in shock at this momentous move, but Bart wasn't ready to stop "my name is Bart Allen, and I'm the fastest kid alive, and I think I'm falling in love with you".

Artemis couldn't contain herself at this point, she leaned forward and kissed Bart as hard as she could. When Artemis finally moved her head away from Bart, Artemis realised that for the first time in a long time, she was happy with one of her major life decisions.

She also knew that Bart would easily convince her to become a super hero, so she decided to cut him off and make another choice for her future "If we do this hero lark, babe, I'm going to need a new costume and persona".

Bart thought about for a few seconds, remembering some books he had absorbed on style and design 'hmm" he said critically, I think something in green would work well with you, although I do think that Artemis is a good name for a hero".

Artemis smiled one more time, and the two of them fell into another passionate embrace. As the scene faded to black, Artemis whispered softly into Bart's ear "I'm still going to get you back for that fucking prank". Bart's mouth twitched in amusement and excitement at whatever she had planned "babe" he responded "I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship".

End Thanks again for reading my story, I hope that you enjoyed it. It's hard to believe that it's been so long since I finished the third volume of the Teen Titan's Chronicles, at some points I honestly thought I would never write another addition to this series, especially after I lost a half finished copy of the next part of the series.

I'm hoping to start work on the next story in the Teen Titan's series right away, however, I have no idea when I'm going to get it finished. It could be in a couple of weeks or it could be another few years, I'm not the most consistent author and I do get distracted rather easily.

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