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Big dick gays israel photo In a different move  Tim let the spear
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I was at home unlocking the door, entering my apartment when my cell buzzed, i reach in my pocket to get it and check who it was at this hour, Jessy.

Message said: "Sorry :( i owe you, next time you can pick a movie. Maybe choose one with more action, so I dont fall asleep" I smiled at the message and undressed myself prepared for bed, i brushed my teeth and went to the toillete pulling my dick out and aiming with my sleepy eyes, one hand typing to Jess the other holding my dick, i wrote to her: "Dont worry, i fell asleep too, and i thought u didnt like action movies.

All that blood and shooting.

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" "Well i dont, but im that nice for my big brother" her reply made me smile. "Go to sleep, silly boy" i teased her like old times when she had her hair short and wear my shirts to school and acted like she was my lil brother.

That was a phase before puberty hit her.


"Good night Mikey" "Good night Jessy" **** Alarm woke me up at 8.30, i did my morning routine, jogging around the block, 10 minutes, straight to the shower, light breakfast, go to work.

Opened the bookshop at 9am, and posted an ad on a few websites, looking for an employee. I placed a printed version of the ad on my window. There were no special qualifications needed: Female, organised, hardworker, willing to learn, etc. My bookshop was working for a full year now and it was on perfect location, lots of tourists, close to airport and the main bus station, so i was able to earn very well from it.

Also, as i mentioned earlier, i loved books; so selling them and often meeting likeminded people was a dream job for me. But what i neede was rest, and since i was earning extremely well i decided to find a person to work with me, employee that will work with me in shifts. Day started nicely, selled few books, few souvenirs, all the while reading a book, and i loved my life.

Around 11am i took a break and went to eat sth.

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When i came back, as i walked closer to the bookshop i noticed a female in front of it waiting. Tight jeans, nice ass, blondie-ish, light brown hair, high heels, great posture. . as i approached her close only then have i realised it was Jessy when she turned around and smiled saying hi, i smiled back said hi and asked "what are you doing here? Arent you supposed to be in school?" "I had a talk with mom and dad this morning, and it went pretty well, as a matter of fact. * she spins around * what do you think?

Am i female enough for your lil company?" She looked at me over her shoulder as she waited an answer. i laughed at her for a moment, then stepped closer quickly and going for a hug laughing and smiling at her. I unlocked the door and as a gentleman allowed her to enter. I took off the ad from the window and Jessy aplauded to herself and ran into me jumping into my arms hugging me tightly with her hands and legs while i laughed.

made us both happy. I kissed her cheek and hold her legs so we dont fall. She let go off me in a minute, and said "So, Boss, what will be my first assignment?" I laughed again telling her to make herself comfortable.

She gave me her jacket and i put it on the chair. We had small talk i asked her to make us some coffee and watch as i served a few customers. She did as i told her watching from a side as i sold a book to an old lady.

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She picked up quickly it was no science and we enjoyed working together. Around 2pm phone rang, mom. i remembered last night i still couldnt believe it mom has that in her. : "Hey baby, hows work? Have you fired anyone today?" She joked knowing Jessy csn hear her.

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"Not yet, mom; but. " i paused for a moment mom giggled on the other side as i grinned at Jessy who waited to hear what ill say ". i asked for a female hoping to attract more male customers. This one is buttoned up to the fullest, i actually think she cant breath properly in that shirt.

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Tho she has real nice ass." Jessy stabbed me with her sharp look as Mom started laughin now on the other side realizing im teasing Jessy then i asked mom hows she and dad and hows buisness still a bit afraid jess might throw something at me mom talked: "Its fine baby as usual, more than fine, dad found few new workers, he complains all the time saying they aint close as good as you but thats just him.

He finished recently new project and for this one he is trying some new ideas. " mom was still talking but i got distracted by Jessy who acted angry she stepped quickly closer and stood in a 3 feet distance in front of me. i thought shell punch me or sth so i smiled and backed up.

but she didnt swing, instead she stepped closer again 2 feet distance and looked me in the eyes with her serious face. mom still talking, my smile steadily fading and my eyes following my sisters actiions.she raised her hands up to her neck, unbuttoned the top buttom on her shirt, slowly, looking me in the eyes.then another one.

and another one. as my smile dissapeared my sisters cleaveage slowly but surely appeared in front of me. mom was talking but i wasnt listening at all no. i was pretty much speechless as Jessy lowered her hands and asked me, with, to me, yet unknown confidence in her voice "Is this better, boss?

Does it look good enough for me to keep my job, or. " Jessy teased me, she paused shortly as her hands reached for the next button and my heart pumped blood so hard to where it shouldnt " .do you need to see more?" She waited for my answer as i stared eyes wide open, mom stopped talking realizing i wasnt listening to her she heard Jessy and asked "Mike?

Are you there?


Is everything okay?" she sounded annoyed as I stared at Jessy and started stuttering as i tried to make my voice work. "Y-es. i m-mean." Jess unbuttoned another button her bra was starting to become visible, cleveage more open while on the other side mom reacted " oh thank God,dont freak me out like that." Than i burst "No, i meant no!! ." Jessy grinned at me while holding next button in her fingers she asked me "are you sure big brother? Does that mean my boss is happy with my skills?" Then i heard mom on the other side " What?

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No? Is something wrong? Are you two okay? Whats going on Michael?" Mom was becoming annoyed and angry, reasonable Jessy was teasing me with her finger caressing her lips sucking her middle one caressing her neck to her collar bone going lower. and lower. "Mom everything is fine, something came up ill call you back" i almost yelled at the phone, hang up on mom and looked at Jessy not knowing what to say or do then i heard her voice again being way to confident for my taste.

"Well, Boss? Hired? Fired? Employee of the month?" Another button pops up as her bra comes out, black and red, beautiful big enough handfull boobs hidden under that hot looking piece of fabric.

i step forward slowly, looking Jessy in the eyes, switching my look from her delicious cleveage to her eyes stepping even closer, seeing from where i stood her lungs working perfectly well under those beauties, she was tense, she waited my reaction and as i reached out for her hand we both turned green as sb entered the bookstore, Jessy quickly went behind me fixing herself as i covered for her, greeted the customer and offered him my help, as soon as he bought the book he wanted and closed the door Jessy started laughing out loud.

I dropped my ass in the chair hard and looked at her.

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she had her buttons up, not fully but enough for me to be able to think with the right head. "Jessy boy, you are such a pain in the ass" i tried to make a joke, and then phone rang again, i answered as Jessy locked the door and dropped her tight ass in my lap I talked to mom as Jessy still hugged and kissed me "Hello - Michael will you tell me whats going on over there? - Nothing mom, really, everything is fine.

Just some specific situation with some. people. " i paused trying not to make weird noises ". dont worry mom, some people are just pain in the ass - I know baby, tell me about it -mom, we are about to finish it here and close the store, see you at home - Yours or ours?" Mom teased me jokingly cause i recently moved as u already know, Jessie left a hickey on my neck while i tried to make sense to my words "Whats mine is yours, mom, and the other way around, hows that sound?


-Awww, baby. sounds about right, see you at home, love you, say Jessy i love her too" I looked Jessy in the eyes "She heard you mom, see you" she hang up and i lowered the phone on the desk, hugged Jessy around her waist lifted her up and put her next to the phone, stared directly at her cleveage making sure there is no doubt about what i was thinking about.

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i started playing with the buttons. unbuttoning her shirt, she didnt stop me, so i kept going. silently starea at them packed perfectly into the most gorgeous piece of fabric i have ever seen in my life. i stepped closer between Jessys legs she locked them behind me and while i looked at her bra and partially hidden boobs i whispered as if someone could hear me " they look gorgeous, Jessy" she smiled at me "i havent realized you are growing.

and in the best way" i added then she simply asked also whispering " You really mean that?" I nodded as i stared all along both of us breathing heavily "Mom has bigger." she added kind of sadly " Hey. trust me, these are wonderful" i said as i touched them barely feeling only her cups and i kissed her lips "thanks for showing them to me -anytime, boss, big brother" she replied quickly smiling again as i still looked her boobs and her bra "which is it, boss or big brother?" I asked her "whichever suits you, you can pick" she replies "-which one gets to see this whenever and wherever?" I asked lowering my head to her neck kissing gently her skin, lowering my lips to her cleveage and barely touching her left tit with my lips i kissed her, it was enough for her to moan out the answer and very loud "BOTHMMM." then i stopped, kissed her lips again saying quietly "then i can be both for you" i replied and suggested that we go home.

She wasnt happiest about it, and neither was I if im being honest, but this teasing game went a bit too far and i was a bit afraid i might lose, or win, not sure which would it be. also we knew it was the best idea, mom would probably be worried if we were late.