Soapy asian fetish slut fucks loser

Soapy asian fetish slut fucks loser
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Little Jenny was sitting in her room reading a magazine when she heard the door slam shut. as soon as she heard that she immediately took her post in her dad's office where all the best porn was kept. Jenny was a slutty girl but no one knew about it and every time she was alone in the house she would sneak into her father's office and masturbate.

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Today was no different story. Jenny sat down and looked at her father's history. "hmm daddy's been pretty dirty lately!" she thought to herself as she watched a busty whore Scream in pleasure as her macho boyfriend banged her against the wall.

Jenny felt her premature nipples stiffen and she felt her sweet pink pussy moisten.

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Jenny reached down into her jeans and slid her finger into her panties. they were wet with lust for the same treatment as that whore. she felt her throbbing clit and =moaned a little as peasure washed over her. she had brought her mom's vibrator into the office when she came down so she put it to good use.

she slid off her tight jeans and victoria secret panties and inserted the vibrator into her hungry cunt. she rubbed her clit as she madly pushed the vibrator into her. she felt her hand get wet as her sweet juices seep out of her pussy.

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she started groaning and then she was bucking on the vibrator in her hand and screamed as an orgasm wonderfully moved its way through her. just as her climax was ending she heard the door open and someone walked in Jenny looked up and saw her father numb with shock. but she also saw a large buldge in his pants. jenny was nervous but somehow (judging by the huge buldge in his pant) jenny could tell he wasn't unhappy.

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JEnny walked over t her father and unzipped his pants. she slid out his 8 inch dick and licked the head. a bit of pre cum seeped out and she sucked it happily up. god, her father tasted good! She felt his dick swell and swell as she pushed it deeper and deeper into her mouth. afetr a few more seconds of jenny sucking on her fatherls succulent rod she felt hot sputs of cum shoot into her mouth. as she swallowed her father's wonderful seed she looked up and he was grinning.


he saw my sitff nipples and began to fondle them. as soon as he did that i moaned softly. he moved his fingers down my body and onto my inner thigh. he felt up to my throbbing clit and i gasped in happiness.

he rubbed my clit and then moved his fingers up to my slit and began finger fucking me. "you gave me my orgasm now im gonna make YOU cum baby!" Jenny's dad said. Jenny's dad moved jenny onto the office chair and spread her legs. he inserted his dick into her pussy and began to slowly push. he was banging her when she started moaning. this caused him to feel intense pleasure and he started licking his daughter's breats.

she was moaning and groaning, at last her father was giving her the pleasure she had been longing for. her pussy was gripping his dick tightly and she started pushing her hips into his pelvis and screaming as she had an intense wonderful orgasm. the stimulation of his daughter's sexy body fucking him caused jenny's dad to shoot hot loads of cum inot her sweet pussy. both of them fell down exhausted after that bout of lovemaking.

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Jenny looked over to her father and saw him panting. jenny knew this would have to happen again, but when? she heard the front door open and close as her mother and brother entered the house.

Jenny and her father got up adn wiped themselves off. adn hugged. they got dressed and lef the room.


As Jenny and her father left the room they jenny's mom and brother. Jenny's mom gave them a look and raised her eyebrows. behind her mom's back jenny saw her brother give her dad a thumns up. Jenny rolled her eyes and stalked up to her room. when jenny got up to her room she sighed and felt happiness at what had justhappenned. The next day Jenny was really horny but her computer was broken and her mom was home so she couldn't go on her dad's computer.jenny walked into her parent's rrom to watch some porn on demand whn she saw her mother lying asleep with no clothes on legs spread and her sweet pussy in plain view.

her mom's pusy was was kind of hairy but desirable nonetheless.jenny saw her mom's eyes flytter open and she looked at jenny. "hey mom", Jenny said. "hey sweetie", Jenny's mom diane said.


Diane stretched and her pussy lips spread ever so slightly. Jenny was extremely turned on at this point and need to investigate this pussy.

Jenny laye ddown at the end of the bed and turned on the T.V. Jenny Then moved to her mother's thigh and layed there as if she wasn't intending upon anything dirty.


then Jenny slowly moved her hand up to her mother's pussy. Jenny slowly inserted her finger into her mother's pussy lips and began to tickle her clit. Her mother moaned lustfully. "mm eat me Jenny!' Her mother whispered as she turned some payper view porn on the T.V. Jenny Inserted her tongue into her mother's wet slit and scked on her clit. she felt her mother's clit throbbing and pulsing and juices flowed onto her face.

Jenny lovingly slurped up all the jucies and felt her mother push Jennys Head into her throbbing crotch as she maoned as an ernormous orgasm worked through her.

after she was finished Jenny Sat up and looked at her mom. "oh no, we're not finished yet!"