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Hot Amateur MILF Spielt Mit Spielzeug Auf Einem Kreuzfahrtschiff
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She She knelt in a large open space. She knelt in darkness, the black silk hood barring even the tiniest sliver of light from her eyes. She could sense that there were people nearby, but not so close that they could stir the air immediately around her. Cool air brushed across her bare skin and her nipples hardened in response. Shifting slightly she took sensory stock of her surroundings. Closing her eyes against the distracting blindness, she concentrated on the tactile.


The floor beneath her knees and feet felt smooth and hard, but not as inflexible as concrete. Moving slightly to bear all her weight on her left knee, she slid the right slowly back and forth, feeling for anything that might help her to identify her surroundings.

The surface beneath her was smooth as glass, but warm against her skin. As her weight shifted, it seemed to give slightly beneath her. Polished hardwood was her best guess. As her attention drifted further up her body, she pondered the texture and tightness of her bonds.

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Her wrists and ankles were bound with thick strips of soft, leather like material. The bonds on her ankles ran from heel to mid-calf, making her feel as though she wore some type of boot. The ones on her wrist were more restricting, extending past the elbow and nearly to the shoulder, effectively keeping her shoulders pulled back and her breasts thrust forward.

Until now, her fingers had been interlaced tightly behind her, a result of fear and nerves. She untangled them now and ran fingertips lightly over the bonds she could reach.

Tiny braids over thick, flat pieces of leather encased her arms, and she assumed her legs as well. Gingerly flexing her shoulders, she found she was unable to move them more than an inch. As she attempted to curl her shoulders in on themselves, she felt a tug between her fingers and feet and realized her arms were tethered to her legs.

She was literally, albeit elegantly, hog-tied in a kneeling position. Close to panic, breath hitching in her chest, she focused on the sounds around her.

There were muted whispers that were unintelligible to her covered ears. Soft music poured from speakers that seemed to surround her. An occasional giggle or deep chuckle led her to believe that her audience consisted of both genders.

Glasses clinked and utensils rattled. A fucking dinner party? she thought incredulously. Immediately following these thoughts, she began to notice the scents permeating the room around her. The smell of roasted meat was strongest and mated wonderfully with the scent of steamed vegetables. The sweet smell of gardenia was subtle but tantalizing.

It seemed to ebb and flow with the breeze, making her think a window must be open somewhere. As the scent of food caused her stomach to rumble and her mouth to water, she realized she had no idea when she had eaten last.

What day was it? How long had she been out? Again, she took stock of her body, noting the little things that can mark time. Her nails were still trimmed and neat and polished, which meant that her recent manicure had not had time to wear off. The chill of the air on her naked thighs and groin told her she'd been recently shaved, but she had no idea if she'd done it or someone else had.

Turning her head slightly she realized her shoulder length hair no longer brushed her shoulders and she could tell there was no ponytail or bun in her head.

Someone had cut her hair! The silk hood only covered the top part of her face from the nose up. It felt rather like a stocking cap and it was snug against her scalp with very little hair cushioning it. She wracked her brain, struggling to remember anything that might tell her what the hell was going on, but there was nothing. The last thing she remembered was getting off of work and heading to her car. Capturing her lower lip between her teeth, a nervous habit she'd had since childhood, she was startled by the puffiness of them.

Slowly she ran her tongue over plump lips that could not be hers. At this gesture, the room suddenly fell silent. Her mind balked at the impossibility of the situation. Struggling mightily to retain her composure, she focused on any other differences that could be discerned without sight. Running a mental inventory, she noticed two things: first, her body felt tighter, smaller; and second, her breasts felt heavier.

As these realizations dawned, the anxiety she'd been holding desperately in check broke free into full blown panic. "What have you done to me??" she screamed into the dark as she felt the first sting of tears that would have fallen much earlier had she an inkling of her fate.

He He leaned casually against the wall in a far corner of the vast room. Unhindered by any hood, he could watch the goings on throughout the room. He was pleased by the turn out. Glancing away from her for a moment, his gaze wondered over the gathering. Perhaps 40 people, both men and women had turned out in answer to his invitation. The former ballroom of his plantation home was pleasantly full.

At one end of the long room was a buffet table laden with a succulent feast. Reminiscent of secret societies of old, guests milled around the room in dark robes that did little to cover their nudity.

They spoke in hushed whispers and cast curious glances in his direction. The muted lighting in that end of the room did little to enlighten them to his intentions.

Ah well, they would understand soon enough. His gaze returned to the bound figure in the center of a large circle of bright light at this end of the ballroom. He watched intently as she struggled to silently orient herself. He admired her composure almost as much as her new body. He paused in his thoughts to wonder briefly how she would react to her new perfection. Would she believe him when he told her that very little artificial enhancement had been done?

He knew she likely would not. She'd struggled for so long with those extra pounds. She'd never believe that 4 weeks of strict diet and vigorous exercise could produce the toned body she now possessed. Her skin shone golden in the light. Would she believe that it was a natural product of daily outdoor activity and nightly moisturizing?

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She'd often mentioned the inability to tan more than a few shades and often bemoaned the freckles that accompanied any time in the sun. No, he worried, she was more likely to concentrate on the slightly larger size of her breasts and the fullness of her lips.

She would be angry with the new implants that now held her breasts higher on her chest. The collagen injections in her lips were barely noticeable to anyone who'd not known her before, but she would still take it as a rejection of her old mouth.

She would not understand he'd done these things only after much thought, and then only as a gift to her. Cutting her hair was a necessary evil that he'd hated even as he'd wielded the tiny shears. A slight frown creased his brow as he thought of what it was going to take to get her to accept this new role.

Suddenly agitated, he straightened from his slouched position against the wall and strode purposefully toward his curious guests. Motioning them to follow, he continued through open French doors that led to the foyer.

Once they'd assembled themselves in a loose circle around him, he asked someone in the back to shut the doors. He did not want her to hear his next words. She In the sudden silence following the seductive survey of her new lips, her outburst echoed loudly in the room.

When no one answered her, her heartbeat began to pound in her ears; her breath stopped for long moments before being forced from her tight chest. Panic threatened to overwhelm her. In response, she forced her mind away from her current situation and struggled once again, to recall anything from the moment she entered the dark parking lot at work. Her eyes move frantically behind closed lids as she relived the last moments she could remember.

They followed her thoughts as she recalled swiping her time card and grabbing her purse from her locker. Her mind vividly recreated the muted greens and browns of the corridor as she navigated the long walk to exit the building. She can see clearly the darkened expanse of the nearly empty parking lot; her car parked in the center of the black asphalt. She remembers approaching her tiny sedan, keys in hand, and&hellip.nothing.

God damn it! WHY can't she remember anything past that moment?? Her thoughts are suddenly interrupted by the sound of a mass exodus from the room.

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Straining to catch any sound, she is scared nearly senseless when she hears the soft click of closing doors. Why the thought of being left totally alone should be more frightening than being completely nude, bound, and clueless in some unknown place was beyond her understanding; yet the sound of that closing door pushed her closer to the edge of terror than anything that had happened so far.

Whimpering softly, she fought to control her fear. She hated being alone in the dark, hated it with a passion that bordered on the pathological. She'd never been raped. She'd never been beaten or robbed, at least not in the dark, and yet she was childlike in her absolute revulsion of total darkness without companionship. He He had a clear view of her bent body through the glass doors that now separated them.

He'd sensed the very moment she'd realized she was alone in the dark. He knew of her terror, could see it in the tensing of every muscle, could hear it in the silent scream that rounded her lips, and knew he would smell it in the pungent scent of her sweat were he near her.

This was the hardest part of his plan. He hated that he must break her to fully own her. As her Master, he could not let her know the depths of his feelings for her, but seeing her like this wounded him deeply. Even knowing that he would soon "rescue" her from her darkness did nothing to dispel the acrid taste this part of her training had left in his mouth. Turning to his guests, he spoke softly but succinctly. "I am sure you are all curious about tonight's festivities, as well as the prize in the other room.

I will answer your questions shortly. First off, let me welcome you back into my home and remind you all of the need for absolute discretion in this and all of our dealings. As you look around you tonight, you will realize that only a small portion of our normal gatherings is here tonight. You are the elite.

You are the select few that I trust completely. Tonight, we will put that trust to the test." "I am sure you were bemused by my request to forego our normal routine of pairing and playing, but I will reward your patience I promise. As you all know, I have been playing online with a single submissive for some time now. This has been the subject of much teasing and taunting. I have been quite open with the fact that this sub was special and with my disappointment that she was geographically unavailable to perform for me in person.

Recently, that situation changed. She was brought to me under nefarious circumstances, but I believe that once her training is complete she will agree to remain here with me, as my slave, until such a time that I no longer want her." Disbelieving chuckles and knowing giggles followed this last remark. "There are a few things that I will need to take care of before allowing you use of her, but if you will give me a few minutes more, I guarantee that this sub will fulfill your every fantasy.

She is the most willing subject I have ever run across. Her body was made for sex, not just in the way she looks but in her reactions to anything sexual. She is able to achieve orgasm multiple times and does not require touch to do so. She is the first sub that I have been able to train to cum on command&hellip.though I do not intend to share that command with you at this time. Be warned people, she is here for your enjoyment, but also for hers. If any of you should deign to abuse her in any way, you will pay dearly.

Are there any questions that remain?" he asked, his gaze moving slowly over the faces in the crowd. "When you say abuse, are you restricting us in the administration of pain?" This was asked by one of the female switches in the group. "No, but pain should be used only after she has become fully aroused.

She swears she does not do well with pain, but once aroused, she is able to orgasm through the administration of moderate pain. However, there will be no breaking of skin; no permanent scarring.

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Is that understood?" he asked ominously. "Are there any other restrictions we should be aware of?" this from one of the dominant males. "There are no more that I can think of at the moment, however there is some information that you need to be privy to in order to fully enjoy this night. As I've said, I have played extensively online with her.

She is very sexual, responding to almost anything sensual with abject and unquestionable arousal. In the four weeks that she has been with me, I have validated her online responses in every way I could think of. She is a truly sexual creature. She does however, have inhibitions; more, I would venture to say, than most people. I have done nothing to dissuade her from her shyness, as I find it incredibly arousing. I explain this to you so that you realize, you may have to push her, but do so with care." "Finally, she has no recollection of the last four weeks.

She has been fed a steady diet of amnesiacs in order to keep her from having any recollection of the last month. She has not seen her new body since the drugs have worn off. She has no idea of where she is. With this in mind, I will bid you to leave the blindfold in place. I realize there are those of us who normally command eye contact during our encounters, but that will not happen tonight.

She is to be left totally in the dark. I think you will find that she reacts more favorably to your attentions that way." Finishing his speech, he waited a moment in case there were any further concerns. When no one spoke, he turned and re-entered the ballroom, closing the doors behind him. She Nearly mindless with panic in the now-suffocating darkness, she barely registered the sound of a door opening, then closing softly.

She did notice it though and her body sagged in relief. "Please," she whispered desperately, "do not leave me again." She strained to catch the tiniest sign that someone was there, and had heard her plea. There was nothing but silence. "Please," she tried again, "I won't scream, I won't resist. Just please do not leave me here alone." The terror had ripped her previous composure to shreds.

She'd been reduced to a child again. She would do anything to avoid revisiting that clawing, mindless terror. Her ears finally picked up the faint sound of footsteps moving across the room; heavy strides with muffled footfalls meant it was likely a man. Turning her head toward the sound, she could not help the deep sigh of relief that flowed from her lips.

All thoughts of her predicament were forgotten, replaced by the absolute joy of no longer being alone. Some small part of her brain wondered if there was a name for such fear. What kind of person would be so relieved to place themselves in the hands of another just to avoid solitude in darkness? That small part of her brain, though, remained unheard and unheeded as she unconsciously leaned into the path of the approaching figure.

As the sound of footsteps stopped mere inches from her, she waited breathlessly. Would he heed her pleas to stay? Did he realize that she would do anything he asked in order to keep him near?

Thinking quickly, she sifted through the little things she knew about him. He hadn't killed her…yet. He'd taken pains to make her into his image of the perfect woman, which meant he had some use for her. As she'd done inventory on her body, she sensed no injury or soreness, her bonds were restrictive but not painful. He wanted her for something, wanted something from her. Relaxing tense muscles, she tried to adopt the submissive demeanor she'd so recently learned from her online Master.

She tried to tell him without words that she could be what he wanted. As soon as she'd relaxed her posture, the air stirred around her. She could suddenly feel his breath in her ear. Like a lover's touch it stirred something deep within her, and yet his words, when finally whispered, served only to heighten her anxiety and confusion.

"Master," she breathed, in both disbelief and elation. How could this be? Her thoughts raced, tripping one over the other, in a rush to try and understand this new twist in an already unbelievable story line. He As he leaned forward to bring his mouth next to her ear, he inhaled the scent of her.

There was fear, yes, but unanticipated was the sweet smell of arousal as well. He doubted she was even aware of this fact. In the last four weeks he'd kept her in such a constant state of sexual arousal that her mind had been forced to accept it as a natural state.

Arousal was now a constant for her, so much so that it often went unnoticed in its mildest forms. Anxious to ease her fears and bring the arousal to the forefront of her mind, he whispered softly, "It's ok, pet, I'm here now.

I'm very proud of your control so far. Will you continue to please me?" He watched as she reacted to his voice and to the sudden knowledge that it was her online Master who held her captive.

There was a moment when her body tensed in surprise, but the surprise soon turned to obvious arousal. Her breathing quickened, her posture straightened, and her shoulders relaxed back into the bonds thrusting her hardened nipples proudly forward. Even her tightly bound legs appeared to spread slightly wider as if offering up her treasure for his notice. Slowly, he moved one hand to rest lightly between her splayed thighs, a single finger testing the wetness of her cunt.

Pleased by the slickness of it, he leaned forward to seal his lips to hers in a kiss that was both vicious and gentle at once. Sliding his finger deep inside her pussy, he broke the kiss to speak the command that would bring her to orgasm, "You are mine, pet." He smiled in appreciation at the tight clenching of her vaginal walls around his finger as the climax overtook her. Her soft moans seemed to caress the erection he now sported.

Oh yes, he thought, she was made for this; made for me. Quickly withdrawing his finger, he placed it at her lips and waited until she obeyed his unspoken command. As she drew his finger into her hot mouth and began to clean her juices from it, he gave the first instructions of the night. "My dear pet, I have company over.

They've all come to meet you. I've bragged to them over and over about what an outstanding submissive you are. You won't make a liar out of me will you?" He knew how these words would affect her; knew that she lived to please him. The very thought of her total submission to him was an aphrodisiac like no other. "I will do my very best to make you proud, Master", she spoke with barely a tremor in her voice.

He knew that some would never understand her need to be dominated. He knew that there were women here tonight who would look at her in sympathy and perhaps even disgust. They would think she was a disgrace to their feminist ways. Looking at her now though, the need to protect her and take care of her was overwhelming. In this way, he knew what they did not; that she, in her submission, wielded far more power than they ever could.

She At his words, her body relaxed and she noticed the first stirrings of arousal. When he finally touched her, she felt her body ready itself. This was how it had been for them almost from the beginning. It had amazed her that with a single post, a man she'd never met could arouse her so fiercely.

Over time, he had been able to bring her to orgasm without ever allowing her to touch herself. For nearly a year now, she'd been submitting herself to his will via the internet, and daydreaming of the time when she could willingly place herself into his hands in real life. Now that the time had come, she was afraid. Not afraid for herself, she'd been too far gone for that. No, she was afraid of disappointing him, of losing him when she had come to need him so desperately. He'd come into her life at a time when she'd been disillusioned with just about everything and given her a reason to continue to search for the happiness that had eluded her for most of her life.

He'd been the first person to ever truly want to know her. He asked questions that polite people would never ask and refused to settle for politically correct answers. He'd listened to her darkest secrets and her most shameful musings, and had not thought her crazy.

He'd helped her find herself and for this, she loved him with a passion and a purity that she'd never known. There was no jealousy to taint her feelings for him. There was none of the frustration that often marred her previous relationships because he knew the real her and was neither disgusted nor intimidated by it. She knew none of family or friends would understand her all-consuming need to please him, or her willingness to forsake all that she was to do it.

That no longer mattered though because he was here and he was all she needed. Taking a deep breath, she spoke the words that would seal her fate, "I will do my very best to make you proud, Master." He Rising from his position beside her, he turned to the door and the waiting guests.

With a nod he beckoned them in. With a wave of his hand, he presented her for their pleasure. In total contrast to their usual gatherings, they formed a slow circle around his pet, content to study her from afar for the moment.


He was surprised by their hesitancy and awed by their deference to her. Had he overplayed her attributes? Had he allowed his feelings to color his instructions? There was not a single guest who had even removed their robe yet. Suddenly angry with himself and impatient to watch her perform, he quickly shed his own clothes and moved to stand in front of her.

With a quick tug, he released the tether that bound her arms to her feet and pulled her to the "kneel up" position by her hair. "Open for me, pet" he ordered brusquely. A quick swipe of her tongue across her lips and then she opened her luscious mouth to him. He shifted his hips to place the head of his cock on her open lips before slowly thrusting forward. She was accomplished at the oral arts and he knew she could take most of his length without batting an eye. It was the last inch or so that usually gave her trouble.

He moved slowly at first to give her time to adjust. When he felt the first spasm of her throat around the head of his cock, he began to withdraw. Though her stomach was empty and gagging her would likely have no unsavory results, he found it much more pleasurable to allow her time to adapt to his rhythm and eventually swallow him without gagging. The heat of her mouth and the rasp of her tongue drove him nearly to madness.

The light sucking she was so adept at was exactly what he craved. He'd not last long this round, but knew he would recover quickly. Eyes closed in ecstasy, he did not notice the others begin to disrobe. It was not until he felt the vibrations of tiny moans on his cock that he realized they too had begun to enjoy her. He quickened his pace, in a hurry now to finish so he could sit back and watch his sub perform.

She'd picked up on his sudden haste and changed the rhythm of her swallowing to match his new speed. Soon, he buried the head of his cock in her tight throat and let loose the first jets of thick, white cum.

Her throat muscles seem to milk the seed from his dick as she, unable to swallow around his twitching cock, began to gag around him. He pulled himself quickly from her mouth and spent the last few drops of cum onto her open lips. When her tongue darted quickly out to capture them, there were several aroused groans from his guests. Wiping his cock on her cheek, he moved away to allow the others access.

The dominants in the group moved quickly to take his place. The submissives either played with each other or moved in to assist the dominants. Two of them, one male and one female, moved with him to the back of the circle.

In unison, they knelt before him to assist in his recovery. He barely noticed them though as his attention became riveted to the sight before him. She was performing exactly as he knew she would. God, she was beautiful! She She'd heard them enter the room, but had no idea how many of them there were.

Now that she understood her Master's plan, she was less afraid. The remaining fear would be pushed down and ignored. She would not embarrass him. When the approaching footsteps stopped, surrounding her but not coming any closer, she was momentarily confused. Did they not want her? What were they waiting for? Long moments passed in near silence before she heard the rustle of clothing and then footsteps that approached her position.

Without warning, the tension on her shoulders was released and a hand tangled itself tightly in the material of the hood and her hair. She rose to her knees. Stifling the reflexive fear that threatened to rise within her, she waited for a command. When it came, she breathed a deep sigh of relief before opening her mouth to receive her Master.

On instinct it seemed, she tightened her pouty lips around his shaft, sucking him lightly into her mouth. She flattened her tongue against the underside of him and tried to relax her throat muscles. He moved slowly and retreated at the first sign of her gag reflex. When he withdrew, she was disappointed. She wanted to take all of him; she wanted to be able to swallow his whole cock because she knew how much he liked that. She concentrated on his rhythm and with each thrust was able to take a little more of him before gagging.

She began to time it so that just as he hit the back of her throat she swallowed and delayed the gag reflex that sent him backwards and away from her. She was concentrating so hard on pleasing his cock that she missed the sounds of the others as they disrobed. She missed the whisper of bare feet as they approached her position at center stage. It was not until the first pair of lips fastened themselves to her aching breasts that she realized they were no longer alone. When the first tongue teased lightly across her clit, she moaned around his cock.

Suddenly the blow job was secondary to the sensations assailing her. Hands caressed and fingers probed while teeth nipped and tongues tasted. She had no idea how many people now touched her only that they seemed to be everywhere at once. As her arousal grew, her moans became constant, sending never-ending vibrations along her Master's shaft.

His pace picked up and she was forced to focus on him once more. When he thrust suddenly and deeply, and did not withdraw, she could no longer stop the reflexive spasms as her body tried to force his dick from her throat. The first wave of cum slid down her throat without her even noticing. When he withdrew and spewed his last drops of cum across her open lips, her cunt clenched in reaction to the vision her mind created.

She pictured how she must look, so wantonly accepting his seed on her lips then slipping her tongue out to capture it so quickly. She felt him move away from her and sensed others move quickly forward to take his place. Another cock, not quite as thick as her Master's, was placed on her lips. Without waiting for a command, she sucked him quickly inside her mouth. Someone was spreading oil over her cunt and ass and fingers probed the now-slick orifices.

Her mind reeled with the sensations that assaulted it. Never had she been so aroused. She pushed her hips back and forth, working to meet the thrusts of fingers and tongues. Soon, her moans elicited a climax from the cock she was currently sucking and he too withdrew to shoot his seed onto her face and hair. Without thought, she again opened her mouth and licked the cum from her lips.

A hand on the back of her head drew her down slowly. When her nose touched bare skin but her mouth met no cock, she darted her tongue forward to find the wet, warm pussy of a female. Greedily she began to lap at the juices that had already gathered in the folds of the smooth cunt.

After gathering all the juices she could reach, she wrapped her lips around the erect clit of the now-squirming woman. Sucking lightly at the little nub, she was soon rewarded with a new supply of pussy juices. She was in the midst of cleaning up this newest mess, when she felt a cock press against the entrance of her own weeping cunt. Pushing back to impale herself on it, she clenched her inner muscles tightly, gripping the cock as it slid smoothly into her.

Soon she was filled with cock. She buried her mouth once more in the cunt in front of her and began to tongue fuck it vigorously. She could hear moans rising from all around her and knew she was not the only one being enjoyed. She wondered if her Master would use her again. Then, all thought was gone as the cock that had been slowly fucking her pussy was withdrawn and placed against her tight asshole.

Unbidden words flowed from her lips, "Yes, please&hellip.fuck me there&hellip." He As the two submissives took turns sucking his cock, he watched the show before him.

He knew that some would call him crazy, maybe even sick, but the sight of her bent body being used so thoroughly aroused him beyond anything the dueling mouths on his cock could achieve. Her arousal and enjoyment were so obvious that it was impossible not to be excited by it.

He watched as she expertly sucked the cock that had followed his, and felt a stirring in his own groin. He watched as she eagerly lapped at the cunt in front of her and insane pride filled his heart. He knew the exact moment the cock inside her pussy moved to her ass. Her entire body tensed then flushed in pleasure. She was an ass slut he knew. He heard the plea as it left her lips and tensed, knowing the sadists in the group were waiting for just such a slip.

He doubted she even knew she had spoken, so deep in the sexual haze was she. The first lash of the crop sounded incredibly loud to his sensitive ears and his body jerked in response.

He waited breathlessly to see how she would react. She The sting of the crop was so unexpected and her control was so tenuous that the intentionally light lash did little more than push her closer to the edge. She moaned loudly into the sex of the woman beneath her. She had no idea what had brought on this flogging, but knew better than to protest. Her Master had once told her that, for some, there was no need of a reason, it merely aroused them to see a sub's skin redden at their whim.

Her reaction to the crop seemed to open the doors for the dominants in the group. Suddenly their caressing became firmer, their teasing edgier, and her body was assailed with deeper, newer sensations. Her hard nipples were pinched and pulled, and the commands were spoken with more heat. Her body reacted as though programmed; her insides tensed and her muscles began to spasm in a single long orgasm that seemed to ebb and flow, rising with each new stab of near-pain and falling, only to rise again.

Hours seem to pass as she was taken in every position and every orifice. She was covered in sweat and seed and tiny welts. Her bonds had been released but the hood remained. Her body, exhausted, had been placed across the cushioned back of a couch, or perhaps a chair.

She now lay face down, listening absently to the sounds around her. There were continued sounds of sex; muted moans and low groans mingled with the soft sucking sounds of wet orifices being taken.

Her own sex throbbed in satisfaction, but her mind was occupied puzzling over the fact that her Master had not taken her again. Had he left the gathering after using her the first time? Had she disappointed him? She was soon pulled from her musings by the rustling of clothes.

The sounds of pleasure no longer permeated the room. The guests were dressing. She could hear muted goodnights and infrequently, a tiny burst of laughter. Her heart began to pound in her chest once more. Struggling to stay still, she prayed silently for her Master's return. She knew that if she was left alone again, she would disgrace him by ripping the hood from her eyes and running to find him. When the room was silent, she whispered softly into the dark, "Master, please let me know you are here.

I do not deserve this punishment." "While your performance was tepid at best, pet, I have no need to punish you tonight. I am here. I have been here the entire night." His hands lifted her gently from the furniture and untied the hood from her face.

As her eyes adjusted to the muted lighting in the room, she focused on his face. She'd seen it before in pictures but never in real life, and yet it was as familiar to her as her own.

As her vision cleared a sense of d? vu reigned. She'd stood here with him, like this, before. As her mind struggled to hold on to the flash of insight, her body swayed into his embrace. He He watched as the festivities began to wane.

His pet was exhausted and the others thoroughly spent. A few die-hard couples still played aimlessly about the room, but most were content to sit or lie, simply holding each other.

Until now, he'd been the only single person in the group. All of the others were either married or in committed relationships. Each of them was bisexual, though the majority of the play was heterosexual. He smiled at the thought that he was no longer single, then immediately frowned at the thought of keeping her against her will. He believed she would want to stay, but what if he was wrong? Would he be able to let her go? Would he be able to live with himself if he forced her to stay?

Shaking the troubling thoughts from his mind, he rose from the chair he now occupied, and silently signaled to the room that the party was over for now. As his guests rose and began to dress, he moved to the door so he could speak to each of them as they left. His eyes rarely left her though. He knew she would soon realize that people were leaving, and knew she would panic at the thought of being alone again. As the last guest exited and the door was closed behind them, he heard her speak softly to the now-empty room.

Moving quickly to stand near her, he answered in what he hoped was the voice of authority and strained patience.

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He could not allow her to be too sure of him yet. It amazed him how quickly the tension drained from her body at the sound of his voice. He really must get to the bottom of this fear of hers, but that could wait. He moved to lift her up to stand before him and gently removed the hood from her eyes. He watched her eyes squint in reaction to the sudden light and waited as she struggled to bring his face into focus. He wondered about the sudden confusion in her expression and caught her as she swayed sleepily into his arms.

Swinging her deftly up into his arms, he carried her to their bed. There would be time enough for discoveries and explanations tomorrow. He would make her choose and then he would decide his own course. For tonight though, he would treasure the feeling of finally having her in his arms without the benefit of the drugs.