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Black men fucking old white
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It all began one Saturday morning. As my ritual goes, me and a good buddy always get breakfast at a local bar, they serve good food, have cheap drinks, and the bartenders are sassy. The only issue was that the night before and still going that morning their was a massive blizzard the blew in. In all honesty I should have never left my house, but being the creature of habit that I am, I hoped in my old ford shifted into four-wheel drive and barely made it through the three foot high drifts in my driveway.

The morning went by pretty typical a few drinks, some sassy remarks and a lot of laughs, it's a great way to end the work week. Then, she walked over to the bar, at the waitress's port, only a few seats down. A new waitress and her name was Mia.

Mia was in my mind perfect. 5'6", probably only 110 pounds, nice 32 C's on her chest and a bubble but to go with it. Black hair, but she had the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen, I actually got lost in them for sometime.

They where the type of eyes you could never say no to. And to tie it all together she had a smile the brightened even the darkest of nights. Truly a girl you would want to show off. The manager, Suzy, new me and my buddy well, and she saw my gaze of pure lust as I looked over to her. Suzy, being the sarcastic person she is, said "she aint gonna stab you, she's nice". A little laugh came out as my buddy pushed my shoulder egging me to go say hi. So I finished the last few sips of my beer and stood up.

As soon as I stood up though, she turned around and walked to the other end of the bar to one of her tables.

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I slouched my head down in disappointment and sat back down, my buddy laughing because that situation always happens to mer. Suzy said not to worry that she was a good worker and would most likely be working every Saturday, so I would meet her soon enough.

I paid my tab, and said goodbye to Suzy, and my buddy who gave me shit for leaving early. But seeing as I lived farther out of town than him, and the blizzard hadn't let up once, I knew it would be a rough ride home.

As I neared my driveway I could tell I would be having some trouble. The snowdrift that I barely made it through on my way out, was now twice the size.

But I live off of a narrow fast road with steep edges, so I didn't want to take chances leaving my truck on the side of the road. So with the four-wheel drive engaged I hit the gas and did my best work to plow threw the drift, but I got about halfway through it when my truck stopped dead.

Thankfully though I was at my house so I grabbed my avalanche shovel out of my toolbox and, my push shovel from my front step and I began to dig. It took my almost thirty minutes to dig my truck out and able to get to my front door.

As I went inside I let my dog out, which he took one step outside and quickly turned around to come in, seeing as though the temperature was -29 with wind chill.

I sat down on my desk to listen to my radio and tie some flys. There was some static on the radio but I was able to get my oldie's station to come through. And then the winter storm warning came buzzing threw. As I listened I learned that the temperature was going to drop another 30 degrees by nightfall with steady 45-50mph winds, and that unless in an emergency to stay indoors and keep warm.

Hearing that, I looked at my woodpile next to me. Their was enough their to get me threw the night, but I figured a few more loads wouldn't hurt seeing as though I would be burning a lot tonight. I called my buddy, the one from the bar, to make sure he got home ok.

He did and said that he was checking the radar and said we are snowed in till probably Monday. I asked him if he was going to be all right with food and heat, that I would come get him, but he declined my offer, saying he's got enough food and beer to keep him full and warm. I laughed and said sounds good, Ill talk to you when I can. After I hung up with him I looked at the clock and realized that it was now almost 6 at night. I looked outside and just shivered, at the whipping snow.

I put my dinner in the oven and looked at the dog. He stared back at me knowing he had to go outside. But dreading what was going to happen.

So I put my coat on, my gloves and my hat, and walked outside with him, because I knew he wouldn't leave the front step unless I was out their in this weather. With my encouraging words he ran off towards the road, which is where he always does his business, but then he starts barking. His barks are identifiable by their tones, and this one meant he needed me to see what he found immediately. As I trudged threw the now three feet deep snow everywhere was a glow of something by the road, hearing the dogs barking and seeing his tail wiping of the top of the snow I new something was their that shouldn't be.

As I came closer I realized it was a car stuck in the ditch, right next to my driveway. I ran the best I could threw the snow to the driver door, I peered in side and could see a body, but when I yelled and banged on the glass they didn't move. Fearing of hypothermia for them I tried the door but it was wouldn't budge with all the snow around it. So I ran back to my house grabbed a blanket, ran to my truck grabbed my avalanche shovel, and I started to dig the door free.

It took my about ten minutes of straight digging to get the door to open. Once I had it open I realized it was a lady, I checked for a pulse, which she still had one but she was turning blue, getting deeper and deeper into hypothermia. So I unbuckled her seat belt and wrapped the blanket around her best I could while picking her up. She showed some sign of life when she felt the wind blow snow against us, as she hugged her body closer and leaned her head onto my shoulder.

I shut her car door, and trudged back to the house, the dog leading the way. I laid her down on the couch, right next to the fire place, and ran to my bedroom to grab all the blankets I owned I cover her as best I could and put a few more logs on the fire, turning it into a big blaze. The dog must have sensed the seriousness of the matter and curled up right next to her. Checking her vitals I new she was hypothermic but none of her body looked to be in danger, so I just decided I wouldn't try to wake her just yet.


Walking back to the front door I looked back at her and my dog. I spoke out to the dog that when she wakes up she is going to want her phone I bet so I was going back out to her car to get it. He just looked at me with the face of understanding and laid he head back down on her legs.

As I got back to her car the snow had already began to fill back up next to her door, but I was able to pull it open to get inside. After shutting off her lights and grabbing her keys I found her purse in the passenger seat and her phone on the floorboards. Grabbing them and looking around I didn't see anything else that she may deem important so I went back to my house.

Opening the door, let in a whoosh of cold air perking the dogs head up. As I shut the door and whispered to him, it's just me, I heard a moan coming from her. I threw my coat on the bench next to the door and ran to kneel beside her.


As she started to awaken, she turned and looked at me. This was the first time I actually was able to see her face, and in my amazement it was Mia, the cute waitress from the bar.

She asked where she was in the groggy tone people have when they first wake up. I told her my name and that she crashed her car in the ditch, and was suffering from hypothermia, but it wasn't bad and she would be all right, just needed some rest. She was remarkably calm for hearing what happened.

And just grunted thank you and drifted back to sleep. I heard my timer go off and realized that my dinner was still in the oven it was time to eat. I cut my self a peace of my homemade chicken potpie and poured a cup of coffee. I knew that Mia was going to be all right, and with the weather outside I wasn't going to be driving anywhere, so I poured a little bit of whiskey into the coffee.

I ate my meal, and drank my coffee, while watching Mia sleep.


I didn't mean to watch her sleep but she was just so perfect, and I also wanted to make sure she was comfortable and fighting back the hypothermia ok. I put my dishes in the sink and grabbed another plate and cup. I poured her some coffee and cut a small peace of the potpie and put it on the plate. As I walked over to her, my dog picked up his head and starting to lick his lips, thinking I was bringing it for him.

I looked at him and said no begging, this is not for you. With a look of disappointment her put his head back down. I pulled the coffee table over and placed her meal on it, then kneeling down next to her I spoke her name softly as I touched her shoulder.

With a gentle shake, she started to wake. When she opened her mysterious deep blue eyes I tolled her that she should eat something. With a light smile she said thanks, and sat up as I put more wood on the fire. She said that I looked really familiar, and I chuckled a little and told her about the morning when I was at the bar.

She smirked a little and said that I should've at least introduced myself to her, and that she wouldn't of bit me. We continued talking as she ate, quickly regaining her strength and the color coming back to her skin. I found out that she was new in town, to go to school at the local university for a nursing degree. I asked her what she was doing this far out of town, seeing as though only farmers and myself live out hear. She said that half the reason why she decided to come to this school because her fiancé is from hear, and his grandfather allows her to stay at his house free of rent.

I nodded my head, maybe showing a little sadness to hear that she had a fiancé, but I tried not to show it. I asked her if he would be worried that she is not home yet. She said no because he was actually out of town for the week, golfing in Arizona. Lucky him I said, and we both laughed. She finished her plate, and I asked her if he wanted more. She politely declined but said it was wonderful, then she asked me where the bathroom was.

I pointed down the hall and said first door on you right. She stood up, and with the glow of the fire she was stunning. I grabbed her plate and cup and brought them to the kitchen where I washed your plates. As I was putting the plates away, she came back into the kitchen and sat down on the stool at the island. I offered her more coffee and she nodded yes so I poured hers and then mine leaving a little bit of room in my for some more whiskey. She saw me grab the bottle and pushed her cup towards mine with a smirk saying, if you don't mind.

I smiled and said of course not, pouring some into hers. She leaned close and gave me a passionate kiss on the cheek, and said thanks for saving me tonight. I smiled, half in awe, saying no problem, any time. She then asked me if I think she would be able to get her car out. I kind of chuckled and told her how bad it is outside, and that the weather wasn't supposed to let up anytime soon. She looked a little let down, but I told her that she should be happy that she's out of her car, and she was more than welcome to stay hear, but seriously how far could she make it on foot in this weather.

She smiled and said thanks, and I replied with don't worry, my dog over there is a great cuddler, just don't let me steal the sheets from you. She laughed and beckoned him over as she patted his head.

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I looked at the time and realized it was about ten o'clock. Being tired, I tolled her what was mine is hers, and to help her self to anything. I only live in a one-bedroom cabin so I pointed to my door and said if she needed anything at all not to hesitate to ask.

She thanked me again and gave me a big hug squeezing her perfect breasts against me and giving me another kiss on the cheek as she let go. I went to bed holding my half hard cock thinking about her. Wanting to make a move, but remember that she had a fiancé. I didn't want to rub one out, because what if she walked in. that would make the rest of the weekend very awkward. So I slowly drifted off to sleep. I awoke about three hours later with Mia sitting next to me on my bed, she softly spoke that she couldn't sleep because she felt like she hadn't thanked me properly.

I looked at her asking, what do you mean. And she leaned in and kissed me passionately, this time not on the cheeks. When she pulled away from our kiss, she slid her hand down to my crotch where my cock was getting harder and harder by the second. I looked up at her and asked her about her fiancé.

She boldly replied that her fiancé would never frozen his ass off to help another being and that she was having that second thoughts about marrying him. She then slid under my pants and grabbed my now hard cock. She had an awe expression on her face saying that I was twice the size of her fiancé, and the she had never seen a cock that big except in a porno once. I laughed in pleasure, seeing as though I never thought of my dick to be big, but I guess she did as she started licking around the head and the pee hole.

Then with out hesitation she took the whole cock deep into the back of her throat. I was in pure ecstasy grunting my approval as the slurped up and down my hard cock.

I reached over and grabbed her perfect tits, feeling them softly in my hand. I felt her nipple threw he shirt and softly pinched it, which turned her on by the little shake of approval threw out her body. I slide my hand onto her back and down to her perfect round ass, giving it a little smack, which she whimpered in enjoyment as her mouth was around my shaft.

I could feel the heat coming off of her pussy, and as I moved my hand closer I could tell she was already wet. She then to all of my cock out of her mouth and stated to suck on my balls, while rubbing her hands up and down my cock. This damn near brought me to explode. She could tell that I was near and continued to jack me off, but put her mouth around my head and just worked it with her tongue.

Grabbing her perfect tits again, I shot string after string of my cum into her mouth, she swallowed it all, not wasting a single drop. She pulled her mouth off of my head with a loud sucking sound, making sure she didn't miss anything. I looked at her, and jokingly said that was one hell of a thank you. She laughed but said that it wasn't over yet.

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As she knelt up, and took off her shirt, reveling her perfect breasts with the best looking perky little nipples. I leaned up and kiss her and then threw her on her back, and said now it's your turn. Sliding down her body stopping to suck on her nipples I removed her pants, revealing this tight little pink lace thong. I slid down her body kissing her perfectly flat stomach on my way down.

Pulling the thong off I saw her gorgeous pink cunt, it was clean shaven and smoother than anything I have ever seen. As I kissed around it, teasing her slightly, I feel the heat of her clit, begging me to come lick her.

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So I slowly licked my way between he lips. I licked her up and down then into circles and around her clit, she was moaning in pure enjoyment. I would flick the clit with my tongue every now and then and then would make her whole body jump. I moved away from the clit and licked my way inside of her sweet pussy. She now was super wet, so I reached one hand up and grabbed a tit, as my other one brought some fingers to her slit, and switched places with my tongue.

She started to moan louder, and breath faster, nearing an orgasm. So I stuck my tongue back down their around her clit, and with the twisting of my fingers she lost it. Her back arched shoving her tasty perfect cunt into my face, as I could feel the juices flowing all around he tight pussy. I didn't stop though and continued to finger fuck her pussy and like that clit, made her have multiple orgasms.

I pulled my fingers out of her and laid down next to her. She kissed me passionately again and grabbed my cock, which by now was rock hard again. She then sucked on it a few more times and sat on it. She was so tight that she couldn't get the head inside of her.

I rolled her on her back, at the edge of the bed, and stood up, massage the head of my dick around her slit, and clit, then slowly I parted the lips, and pushed my way in. inch by inch I was able to get half of my cock in her. She had the look of pain, but the look of enjoyment so I pulled out a little and then in, with much more force.

Slamming my nine inches of thick cock into her tight cunt. She screamed in pain, and pleasure. And I started to fuck her, slowly at first. Then he pussy, got used to the size of my cock in her, and was still tight but now accepting. So I picked up the pace, fucking her as hard as I could.

She was moaning pure pleasure as her perfect tits moved up and down. I slowed down and pulled out getting back on the bed. At this point she looked at me and said I was so big it was like she lost her virginity for the first time. I laughed and said well that's a compliment as she sat back on top of me, and was successful this time getting my cock in her. She bounced up and down on it, moaning as she let the cock slide deep inside her.

She stopped suddenly though and stood up. I was kind of shocked so I asked if everything was ok. She looked at me with that bright smile and gorgeous eyes, and she said if she could ask me a question. I was confused, but said ok I with a question mark sound in my voice.

She then asked if I had I been with many girls.

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Still confused I tolled her that when I lived back in the city I was kind of a player, and that when I moved out to the country I stopped being the asshole that slept around with girls and never cared, that I was trying to build roots in a sense. She still had that bright smile of her and then asked if I ever fucked any of those girls in the ass. I chuckled out loudly a little bit and said yes, a few times.

Her eyes got huge at this reply, and she asked me if I would fuck her perfect little ass. She said her fiancé thought it was degrading and nasty, but that she always wanted to try it. I laughed and said ok, but she should no that its going to hurt. She nodded her approval and I instructed her to get on her hands and knees. She did so and I rubbed her pussy some more.

She turned around and jokingly said that I already fucked her pussy, she wanted me to fuck her ass. I laughed but told her that I was using her pussy juices as lube, she let out a big "OOOO" and turned back around lowering her head and shoulders, making her ass stick up higher.

I took my now pussy drenched fingers and slowly worked my way into her virgin ass, one finger at a time. Slowly getting her ass used to having something inside it.

I was able to get three fingers in the good and moving in and out, which she seemed to like. So I stuck my cock back into her pussy, and fucked it a little more to get some of the juices on it.

Once I had enough, I took my fingers out and got behind her. I asked her if she was ready, and with a nervous but excited yes, I slowly pushed my dick inside her ass. She tensed up and winced in pain but I told her she had to relax. It took a little bit, but she finally was able to relax enough where I could get my whole cock inside her. I slowly moved in and out and soon she was enjoying it more that being in pain, and started to yell harder.

So I started to fuck her tight little ass as hard as I could. My balls smacking her pussy, making her moan louder and louder with every thrust. This brought me near to cumming. I told her I was about to cum, and she turned around pushing me back to get my dick out, as she started sucking my cock, taking all of her ass and pussy juices in her mouth.

As I unloaded all the cum I could into her wanted mouth.

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She massaged my balls making sure I gave her everything I could. When I was done, I laid down on the bed, exhausted, with her on my shoulder. Both smiling knowing that what we wanted had happened, that both of our fantasies had come true.