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Fhuta nasty slut fucked from behind perky tits doggystyle
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I apologize to both Marie Stopes and Robert Falcon Scott if they'd consider this libelous. A lot of these words are Marie's own, taken completely out of context, from her scandalous blockbuster pamphlet "Married Love" (a quite turgid and tame work by today's standards).

By their fruits you will know them. Maybe she should be co-author. -- The midshipman emerged from the impressive paneled doors. "The Captain will see you now mam." He held the door open and Marie stepped over the threshold.

'Cabin' hardly seemed like an apt description for the space, mused Marie; she'd rarely seen more impressively appointed apartments on land. Marie, or Dr Marie Carmichael Stopes D.Sc, B.Sc, if you were being formal, was visiting her old friend and collaborator Robert. That is, Captain Robert Falcon Scott RN, CVO and hero of the Antarctic, to also be formal. Robert was the flag captain (that is he drove the admiral around in his boat) of the dreadnought battleship HMS Victorious, one of the most powerful ships afloat with which Britain projected her power overseas.

The though of all that power at Robert's command quite turned Marie's head at times. It quite turned her on, though she didn't have that phrase in her vocabulary.

Robert was studying a document when Marie entered, he was scowling. He looked up and brightened somewhat as Marie entered "What ho, Marie" he greeted her. Marie noticed his sour demeanor. "Why so glum, sailor boy?" Robert let the appellation slide by, he'd have been furious if anyone but Marie had addressed him so.

"Kathleen is being really impossible. We had a flaming row, I think she's been seeing that cad Cannan." Both Robert and (Gilbert) Cannan were suitors to the lovely socialite Kathleen (Bruce). Marie didn't want her friend to be down like this, she though she might be able to cheer him up, and help both of them, but first she had business. She walked around his large desk and sat, not very demurely, upon it.

"I just wanted to see my Robert one last time, I'm off to Japan next week. I won't see you for years, longer if your next trip comes off." It was looking like Robert would captain another Antarctic polar expedition in the next few years. Marie had an interest in the outcome. "I just wanted to remind you how important those fossils are to me. The whole future of Gondwanaland hinges on this." Robert nodded in agreement. Marie was a renowned paleobotanist, and was championing the theory that all the continents used to be joined together forming a super continent, named Gondwanaland.

If fossils could be found in Antarctica, this would be strong evidence for the theory. Robert's bravery in trying to reach the pole turned her on, that Robert might help her prove this theory also turned her on.

She was turned on enough that she started something she might otherwise think unwise. "I also wanted to see 'Little Falcon' one more time." 'Little Falcon' was her pet name for Robert's penis. Robert quite understood where this was leading, she had his attention.


Marie continued, "My sexual tide is at flood. My menstruation started two weeks ago." Robert understood her, he'd had this discussion before and it usually ended well. Marie's intellectual curiosity led her to study the nascent science of sexology, her sexual energy sometimes got the better of her and this was her attempt to understand her motivations. Her theory was a woman's desire ebbed and flowed like the tides, but twice a month, just before her period and also mid cycle.

She'd been turned on before boarding the ship, Robert's impressive presence just fanned the fire. "I know man's desire is perpetual." Marie played with the lace of her dress, pulling it down from her shoulders, she then started working on her princess slip.

That also slipped of her shoulders, leaving her naked to the waist. Marie had dressed rather briefly that morning, not the usual five layers a society woman might wear, just the two,leaving off the corset and associated layers.

She considered she did not need a brassiere, especially today, her breasts were not large, and usually not unruly, especially mid cycle. Robert didn't need any other hint, he leaned forward and started nuzzling her breasts. He licked and sucked on her nipples, the tender fondling with his lips was working its magic on Marie; she had already been receptive, but now his lips, pressed against her bosom was making her ready for complete and satisfactory union.

"Do you want to remind me of the anatomy?" Robert was notably intelligent, for a naval officer, he knew the anatomy perfectly well, however he enjoyed her demonstrations. He'd noted she got really horny when she demonstrated it (though that word was not in his lexicon either).

Marie jumped up off of his desk, completed disrobing, her dress and slip ending up on the floor. Definitely one of the ecstasies of love was the unveiling of a woman thought Robert. Marie stood in just her drawers and hopped back on the desk, landing on Robert's blotter. The crotch of the drawers parted, such was the current fashion in underwear, to reveal her genitals. Marie expounded, "Here we see both the exterior and interior lips round the vagina, both are tumescent as is the clitoris.

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The clitoris is a small vestigial organ which corresponds morphologically to the man's penis, and which, like it, is extremely sensitive to touch-sensations. This little crest, which lies anteriorly between the inner lips round the vagina. As you can see it has erected itself showing the woman is really tumescent, that is, when she is ready for union and has been profoundly stirred, these parts are all flushed by the internal blood supply and to some extent are turgid.

There is a plentiful secretion of mucus, which lubricates the channel of the vagina." Marie's genitalia was on display three inches in front of Robert's nose, the scent reminded him of nothing so much as Lowestoft's fish docks.

In normal circumstances this would have been revolting, but he was already turned on enough it just drove him to new heights of passion.

He longed to just lean forward and lick her clitoris. He was intelligent enough to think this might help her in her dilemma. However when he did try that one time, she took mighty offense and slapped him.

He felt around the anatomy as she directed. Again when he'd tried to use his fingers to satisfy her she'd also taken offense. "Now for the male anatomy." She motioned for him to stand up, he did so. She undid his fly and released his tumescent penis. "The sex-organs of a man consist not only of the testicles which give rise to the living, moving, ciliated cells, the spermatozoa, and of the channel or tube in the center of the penis through which they pass and by means of which they are directed into the proper place for their deposition, the woman's vagina.

Associated with these primary and essential structures there are other tissues and glands which play subsidiary but yet very important parts. When stimulated, either by physical touch which acts through the nerves and muscles directly, or by the sight of a naked woman." Robert was definitely stimulated, though he so dearly wished that she would just move her hand a bit more.

He could be satisfied with that, his wildest dream though, was that she would perform fellatio on his penis, but both these ideas were off limits. When he had suggested such a thing, she'd first corrected his terminology then been mightily offended, slapping him once again. Robert mused that a beautiful woman's body, such as Marie's, had a supernal loveliness at which no words short of poetic rapture can even hint.

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Marie continued, interrupting Robert's rapture, "The penis thus increases greatly in size, and becomes stiff, turgid and erect. This specimen of an erect penis is unusually large. The average for the British male population is 5.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in circumference. This penis is well into the 85th percentile for both length and girth." Robert smiled to himself, he had scientific proof that he had a big one.

Not such a 'little' Falcon after all. "Now for the union." Marie announced and stood down from the desk. She indicated Robert should lie on the desk, he complied. With Robert laying on his back she said "I shall demonstrate the female superior position." She then climbed onto the desk. "It is usual in civilized societies for the man to lie above the woman as she reclines on her back.

Indeed a curious idea seems to exist that it is "immoral" or "humiliating" for the man if the position is reversed." The position gave Robert a small thrill of submission. "When rigid this organ is able to penetrate the female entrance.

In the tumescent woman the opening, already naturally expanded, is lubricated by a flow of mucus, and all the nerves and muscles are ready to react and easily draw in the man's entering organ." She sat on Robert's penis. "Both the traditional position and the female superior allow men and women, looking into each other's eyes, kissing tenderly on the mouth, with their arms round each other, meet face to face. And that position is symbolic of the coming together of the two who meet gladly." Marie leaned forward to practice what she was preaching, gazing into his eyes and kissing him tenderly.

She moved her nether regions to stimulate Robert, he appreciated her efforts. "It may take from ten to twenty minutes of actual physical union to consummate her feeling, while one, two or three minutes of actual union often satisfies a man who is ignorant of the art of controlling his reactions." Marie had ensured that Robert was not so ignorant.

He was using all the techniques that Marie had taught him so that he did not suffer such ejaculatio precox. "So that he may experience the added enjoyment of a mutual simultaneous orgasm." Marie was so insistent on the mutual orgasm being the ideal, she quite fetishized it.

Robert would have been quite happy to have come in his own time and helped Marie to her own orgasm in whatever manner was agreeable, it just wasn't agreeable to her. In an attempt to speed things up, Robert suggested, "You should do this on stage.

Imagine all the people you could educate with one performance." The thought of performing this act on stage with an audience turned Marie on greatly, something Robert had worked out previously. However, breathlessly, she said "Dougie would never allow it. I'm really going to have to talk to Aimée next time I see her." Dougie was Douglas Dawson the current Lord Chamberlain, whose job it was to censor stage productions, Aimée was his wife.

The suggestion did seem to have an effect though, "In the case of a penis this large it seems that the female might reach orgasm sooner, it would seem that five minutes should be sufficient. The man's mental and physical stimulation reaches a climax in sensory intoxication and in the ejaculation of see …" Marie fell silent, apart from inarticulate vocalizations.

Robert was ready for this and when she started spasming he also let his penis ejaculate into her vagina. Though his first hint that the time was ripening had been when she had shut up. Marie collapsed on top of Robert, quite gasping for breath. Robert was miles away enjoying the moment, he did not mind his burden. When she recovered sufficiently, Marie looked glum. "Oh Robert, I am an intelligent civilized Englishwoman. I should not let my base desires rule me like that." Technically, she was Scots, but had been brought up mostly in England; Robert thought better of mentioning this.

Her mood was not an unusual turn of events, she often felt guilty about their trysts. He'd worked out a way to help her and himself in the process. He looked at her sternly, as sternly as one could when a lady is leaking your semen out of her vagina onto your now flaccid penis. "This court martial finds you guilty of licentiousness and sentences you to 40 lashes." "I plead guilty and throw myself on the mercy of the court." "The prisoner will report to the main mast for execution of the sentence." She climbed down off of Robert and the desk and walked over to the wall.

There was ornate paneling around the room, it framed a pillar there. There was some structure behind the paneling, Robert had had a discreet ring attached at about seven feet high. He also grabbed some innocent looking line, (sailor speak for rope), which was handy and an old frayed bell rope. Both available for this very reason. Robert used the line to bind her wrists and threaded the other end through the ring.

He turned Marie to face the wall and tugged on the line. Marie's wrists were raised high above her head and she was stretched taught. She gasped at the rough treatment, but was otherwise silent.

Robert also quite enjoyed the silence as well as the other benefits of this. He belayed the line on a cleat, also deliberately installed. Robert took the bell rope and made ready to whip Marie.

He saw a few small scars where he'd been too enthusiastic previously. He'd paid hell for those, so wasn't about to mark her again.


He swung quite gingerly. "Ow! One. …, Two." She counted off the strokes. "Twenty one." She was humiliated, she was horny. The humiliation assuaged her conscience sufficiently she felt much lighter in her heart. She also felt a fire in her vagina. However, she barely got to twenty two before it was getting too much for Robert. He put down the rope, then reached around her to fondle her breasts. "Robert?" "Quiet woman.

I'm going to enjoy you, and you are too." Robert reached down and felt her labia and slipped a finger in her vagina. "Engorged labia and clitoris, copious mucus secretion. You are obviously enjoying this too." Faced with the evidence she was quiet. However, she had already known in her heart she was going to be submitting to whatever perversion Robert wanted. He slid her drawers down her legs. He lifted first one foot then the other to allow the drawers to be removed.

Robert slackened off the line, pulled her hips back and nudged her feet apart so that the line was taught again. Her pose was quite obscene. He fondled her breasts again and manually stimulated her labia and clitoris. She moaned softly. She longed for his penis to again invade her vagina, but also dreading the humiliation of being mounted like a farm beast. She soon got her wish, his penis was again tumescent, he pushed at her labia with it and it slipped inside. He thrust away, this time he wasn't caring about waiting for her, so he soon ejaculated into her vagina.

Marie slumped, held up by the ropes binding her, deprived of the full orgasm through the excessive speed of Robert's reactions, she railed internally against her position.

Robert's knees were none to pleased with the strain they'd been under and so now buckled under him. He sank to the floor behind Marie. "This time, my way." that was his thought, he spoke it also. He moved his head to her crotch and licked her labia. She attained the fullest delight in his work, but her conscience objected. She hadn't been punished sufficiently for her crimes.

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"No Robert, no." He looked up at her trying to decide his next course. "Finish the lashing first, I deserve it, add ten lashes so I can enjoy this." "Fair enough." he said, rising to his feet. He hauled on the line, stretching her taught again against the pillar. Marie gasped again, enjoying the rough treatment, it again assuaged her conscience. He lashed her softly, "Twenty three, harder." He lashed her harder and she continued counting. Marie was gasping and flushed, her back was bright red, but not bloodied, when she counted, "Fifty." Then she sighed heavily.

Her conscience was fully assuaged she felt free. Robert's penis was again tumescent. He gambled, "How many lashes do you need so you would fellate me?" Marie struggled with her conscience, but she was too aroused to win any such fight.

She tried to refuse, "I. ., I'm not a prostitute, …, or an American." She gave up the struggle, "Twenty." She felt a so righteous and instinctive horror of prostitutes, but her libido allowed her to emulate their actions, if her conscience could be sufficiently assuaged.

The comment about American's briefly whisked Robert back to his affair with the married American woman, he smiled. Then he lashed her some more, "One. Two, …" Eventually, "Twenty." Robert again slackened off the line turned her around and knelt before her. "No Robert." He was just about to be very exasperated with Marie, and was considering how hard, and where, to whip her.

"Let me down so I can fellate you. If I achieve orgasm first, I won't be able to." She knew if her lusts were satisfied first, she could never bring herself to enjoy such a perversion.


Robert understood her motivations, and let her down, but did not untie her wrists. He took her to the couch and sat down.

She knelt before him, her wrists tied, he held the other end of the line. Marie took his penis into her mouth and sighed.

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She enthusiastically nodded up and down stimulating Robert greatly. She let him out of her mouth, "If you untied me, I could also use my hands." Robert was worried that Marie's guilt might return at that, "Did I whip you enough to do that? "I think you did." Robert untied the line then tied it around both wrists with some slack between. Marie went back to her task with renewed vigor, both hands and her mouth. He mused that both Marie and a prostitute showed physical excitement and pleasure in the sexual act.

Robert gave thanks for Marie's confused morality, Marie on the other hand, tried not to think of the perversions she was performing, or of the perversions which Robert had promised would be visited on her. Marie was utterly humiliated by her current station, she was also utterly excited.

Kneeling before a powerful man was exciting, that the man was in uniform was exciting, that she was naked was exciting, that her back reminded her of Robert's dominance and love was exciting, that her vaginal canal was currently absorbing two ejaculations of Robert's secretions was exciting, but her current perversion was most exciting though. She though she should have nothing within but scorn and loathing for the act, but her body told otherwise.

She mused the man's desire is a surface need, quickly satisfied, colorless, and lacking beauty. Yet here she was satisfying it.

Robert luxuriated in his good fortune and the glory of the naked human body before him, until the transports of rapture found their ending in the explosive completion of the act. At once the tension of his whole system relaxed, and his muscles fell into gentle, easy attitudes of languorous content.

Marie swallowed his secretions, stayed on her knees, bowed her head and was quiet. Robert looked down at the submissive Marie, he thought in a few moments he could be sleeping like a child. She glanced up at him, silent pleading in her eyes. A promise was a promise though, Robert could not break his word, an Englishman, a gentleman, an officer, take your pick his honour wouldn't allow him to sleep as much as he wanted to. He stood up, then pulled Marie to her feet by the line around her wrists.

He sat her down on the couch, then lay her down, tied the line around the couch's legs and Marie's ankles, her legs spread, leaving her open to Robert's gaze. Robert knelt before her, her vagina was spontaneously opening and closing as though panting with longing. He knew this was a sign of a really ardent woman. He lowered his lips to her labia. He kissed them, he licked her them, his tangy taste was on her lips, but he did not mind it, despite being a typical self-opinionated male.

Marie lay helpless in the happiest possible expressions of human felicity, this peaceful, romantic dalliance inflamed her libido. The discipline of Robert's control ensured lasting delight in erotic feeling, she practiced self-indulgence to be allowed any relief to her desires. The fusion of joy and rapture was not purely physical.

The half swooning sense of flux which overtook her spirit in that moment at the apex of rapture swept into its tides the whole essence of her being, and as it were, the heat of the contact vaporized her consciousness so that it filled the whole of cosmic space.

Orgasm overtook Marie. That was obvious to Robert, so he untied her and held her gently until her wits returned. "I shall miss you Marie, are you sure you don't want to snatch me away from Kathleen?" She indicated otherwise. Though neither of them knew it, this was the last time they would see each other. Robert later perished in the polar expedition, famously beaten to the pole by the Norwegian Amundsen. Posthumously, he did bring back the evidence Marie needed to support the Gondwanaland theory.

Marie remembered their trysts with a mixture of ardor and shame. This benefitted her future second husband, Humphrey Roe, greatly though he never knew it, he did enjoy it. Marie's studies eventually gave rise to the pamphlet "Married Love", which Humphrey sponsored.

-- Note: There are a couple of factual errors in this, the ship was a pre-Dreadnought, I claim that was Marie's mistake. Also Robert may not have been Captain of the ship at this time, he left the Victorious a little while before Marie went to Japan.

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