Long hair twink fuck dad gay porn movies He is a real beauty even

Long hair twink fuck dad gay porn movies He is a real beauty even
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I woke up to our phone ringing. Crappy way to wake up in the morning. I carefully and slowly got out of the bed so I didn't wake up Tracy or Katey. I got the phone and answered. "Hello?" I said. "Hey honey it's mom I just wanted to tell you to clean up the house and set up the guest bedroom becuase Rick and everyone are coming to stay with us while he is on buisness." Crap.

Rick is uncle Rick. And everyone is aunt Marion, Timmy, And "Lucy"! My name for her is Bitch.

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The crap is becuase when we were eight she pushed me off of a playground and broke my arm. I've hated her ever since. "Benjamin?" "Huh? Oh! Okay mom Love you. See you later." "Okay We'll be home tommorow morning after we pick up Sarah from the airport.


Love you to bye." Sarah is my sixteen year old sister. She's been gone about four years at a boarding school some hundred miles away. She was sent there after she got caught with some dirty magazines. I remember that day, it was actually pretty funny. I was listening from my room( my and her rooms are connected by one of those hallway bathrooms) as she was getting chewed out by our mom and dad.

"Where would you even get these?!" dad said. " One of my freinds gave them to me." I started trying to muffle my laughs as she failed to defend herself. When they broke the news to her that she'd be going to bording school, she didn't even cry. They told her to go throw the box of them away. She went out of the back door of the hallway I heard her open and close the dumster then opened the back door and came back in.

Mom and dad had already gone back into their room. But then Sarah came into my room, the box still in hand. My first thought was that she was trying to take me down with her. But then she dropped the box into my lap and said with a nervous smile "I don't want these to go to waste, and I know you'll take good care of them." Then she left to go pack. I remembered that I took one look at the cover of each magazine but didn't realy care for them.

When I got to the bottom of the box I remember that I got a little creeped out. There were several naked pictures of sarah, all in different poses, sometimes fingering herself. I looked at those pictures the longest. After that I put the box and its contents into the furthest corner of my closet and never touched the box again.

Now that I think about it, it's kind of wierd that a twelve year old girl would give her ten year old brother a box full of porno and naked pictures of herself. And what made it worse was that I didn't know if she meant to give me the pictures of herself or if she forgot they were in there. That bugged me the whole time the girls and I were cleaning. I thought about digging up the box, just to see Sarah's pictures.

Then I thought how that would make a pervert of sorts. She did take them when she was twelve after all. So I decided against it.

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After lunch about one o clock, the rest of the Gutierrez's showed up. We greeted everyone( Lucy had an mischievous smile, so I returned it with a scowl.) Tim is about fifteen and has an empty smile on his face. An obvious pot smoker look. After they got all their stuff moved into the guest room they settled I have to share my room with Tim and Lucy gets Sarah's room, then they'll share it when she gets here.

I left Tim to his stonery things, which included playing video games. I passed Lucy on the way to the backyard, I got a flash of pain in my arm and kept on going. I did my pool excersizes and then layed down on one of the pool chairs so I could dry off and rest as I lay in the sun. Tim came out and sat on the lawn chair next to me and started smoking a joint.

Should I care that my cousin is doing a drug? Probly. Do I?

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No. "You wanna hit?" He asked me. "No thanks I'm good." I told him. He finished up then went back inside. A while later at the begginig of sunset, the door opened again. I heard bare footsteps coming towards me.

when they got to me Lucy said "Hey fag." I opened my eyes with a scowl on my face and nearly jumped out of my chair. Lucy was naked with her hands on her hips. " What the hell are you doing?" I asked staring at her body. "Well I figure that I owe you an apology, and I don't want you to hate me anymore so I thought I should make a show of it. So here it is." She started off doing sexy poses. innocent looks. Stretches.

Between her nice B cup tits and her closely shaven blond snatch, I was very turned on. And my swimming trunks weren't doing a good job of hiding my growing buldge. "Apparently you don't like boys huh?" After she said that she busted up laughing.


I laughed silently at her cute laugh. She then started to do a seductive dance. Keeping as much eye contact as possible. Now it was dark and her green eyes were shinning against the moonlight. She slowed down her dance as she saw me looking at her like that.

I got up and said " Okay I should go." If I was to stay any longer I'd probly have to jump on her. "Wait don't go." She put her hand on my shoulder and I stopped. "What." But I already knew what she wanted. And I think it was a bad Idea to stay out here much longer. Everyone would wonder where we were. "I have an Idea." I can't believe I was helping her. "Okay jump in the pool." I said. "WHAT!? Your crazy." She did it anyways. Actually it was part of the plan but it was also some payback.

I got a smirk on my face.

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When she got out she said" It's fucking freezing." I threw her a towel. "Wear the towel like you just got out of the shower." She did as told then snuck into her room.

I went through my room and the hall bathroom into hers. I sat her down on a bed and opened her towel. I went onto my knees and thought, "This is another girl I get to add to the list of girls I've done this to." She watched intently as I lowered my head to her waist.

She let out a little whimper as I licked it. I pushed my toungue into her slowly. I moved it around a bit, giving her some more pleasure.

I pushed it in further and moved it around in circles. She had to bite her lip to keep her from making a lot of noise. By her little whimpers I could tell she enjoying it. The faster and harder I moved my toungue, the harder she breathed and whimpered.

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I pulled my toungue out and decided to finish her up by shoving two of my fingers in as far as I could without breaking her hymen. She almost blew our cover with her long moan. Her juices exploded onto my hand. After she came down from her orgasm I pulled my hand away from her and started to lick off the juices off of it.

Lucy saw me doing this and said "Eww, does that stuff even taste good?" I replied "Sure.

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It tastes nice." After Lucy got dressed and I got changed in my room, I went to eat dinner with the rest of my family. We mostly had some small talk about where we would be going to school and how our summer was so far. Of course we couldn't tell them that it was sort of crappy becuase of the bitch clic.

So instead we said that it was going alrite, which wasn't a complete lie, but we couldn't tell them what we were doing that made it good. After dinner I took a shower and went to lay down in bed becuase the day's events exausted me.

I almost fell asleep when Tracy came in and sat at the foot of my bed and said "So did you have fun?" "Oh god, did you see that?" "Well just the outside part, I wanted to see my plan go into action." So I now know that my sister is very dirty. "Well then I guess I should be thanking you." I said.

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"Your welcome, and by the way Lucy wanted me to tell you thanks for forgiving her." "Tell her thanks for going to you for advice on how to give an apology." We both started laughing and she said "Will do.

I guess I'll see you tommorow." At this she left my room.

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I fell asleep thinking of Lucy's dance. I thought she did pretty nice. ___________________________________-- Just in case most of you havn't figured it out yet I will not be writing anymore pokemon storys.

im sure most of you alredy dont care. that story honestly sucks. I tried to make it work but i realy just hate it. so there you have it. sorry this one came out late for those of you who give a damn. I alredy have the next chapter thought out and hopefully if I have time it will be out soon.