Sammy soft make love for elegent lady

Sammy soft make love for elegent lady
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This is part two; the first part can be reached by clicking on my name at the top which will take you to my story page. "I can't believe it, it wasn't a dream" Janice exclaimed in a voice that John could not read as relief or despair.


He prayed that it was relief; his wife had awoken to find herself in a naked embrace with a huge black man; and her husband was at the end of the bed masturbating. When all the sexual activity had taken place she had been under the influence of alcohol; and possibly distressed by a relative's funeral. "Will she now return to her usual sex hating self; and hate me for my deceit? If she does there is no way I can explain my out of this" John thought feeling both fear and excitement.

Janice sat up in the bed and was immediately drawn towards Jacobs cock as if hypnotised, so much so she began caressing and speaking to it. "Thank you for the fuck of my life you beautiful cunt stuffer; you have given me admission to a world I would never have found". "Janice I have been trying to take you there for a long time" John said while masturbating at the sight of his wife adoring a cock. "Yes you have done something right for once" replying with almost scorn.

It was a totally unfair remark as John had been responsible for all their major decisions not to mention being the major bread winner. However he had no intention of raising any objection to her comments; and risk ruining the occasion. "Welcome to the wonderful world of "Big Black Cock" said Jacob wearing a huge smile.

Janice lunged towards Jacob kissing him in a way that left no doubt that at that moment in time she adored him. John watched Jacob's hands move down the naked flesh of her back to maul her ass cheeks. The movements exposed her wet born again pussy to John bringing a huge sigh from him. He wanted his cock inside it more than anything in the world, but that was not what her cunt seemed to want. It seemed to be actively seeking out the huge cock that had already given her so much pleasure.

Janice was face down on top of Jacob; and with a leg on either side of his chest she was moving downwards. Jacob had said earlier that when she awakes she would be begging for more cock. He had been correct about everything so far; and seemed to be spot on once again as cock and cunt were about to collide.

Jacob's cock was fully erect with it's tip an inch or so from her wet pussy lips. He held her hips as she positioned herself to receive it; then at the worst possible time "Bang, Bang, Bang" somebody was banging on the door. Each set of eyes looked at the other two; "Just ignore it" John said and with a facial expression that was urging them to start fucking. Then Bang, Bang, Bang again followed by calls of "John, John" through the letterbox.

He recognised the voice at once; it was his boss he would have to answer the door. After quickly putting on his dressing gown he closed the bedroom door leaving his naked wife alone with Jacob's huge cock; rock hard and ready to fuck.

"John so sorry for this: I know it's your day off, but Claytons have just called saying they must have a plan copy to show clients by tonight. You are the only one I can trust or is capable; otherwise I would never have disturbed you". "Alright if you can prepare the papers I will be there as soon as I can" he replied unable to think clear and desperate to get rid of him. Claytons was their biggest client; he knew he had to go. When John returned to the bedroom they had changed their position; Janice was on her stomach with both of her hands wrapped around Jacob's cock.

Her legs were open and pointing towards Jacob's head; John could see that he had at least two fingers moving around inside her pussy. "I'm afraid I have to go to work for a few hours" he said almost apologetically.

"That's a damn shame my friend just as we were having so much fun". "I can still drop you off somewhere first Jacob". "You will do know such thing; Jacob is staying here until he clears up his business arrangements; we can't send him to a hotel when there is plenty of room here" his wife said in almost horror at the suggestion.

"Of course you can stay Jacob; I just thought you might have needed an early start". "Thank you for your concern my friend, but I am more than grateful to accept your offer; if I could stay here for a few days that would fit in with my plans perfectly". "That's settled then; you are a very welcome guest" Janice said in relief having no intention of letting Jacob slip away so easily.

John went for a quick shower before dressing for work knowing Jacob had no business commitments here, but he could hardly tell Janice that.

The couple were still naked and in each others arms when he told them he was about to go. Janice did not seem to care one little bit that as her hands continued to worship Jacob's body. "Right then you two; must go I will be back as quick as I can". "I will have Janice prepared for your return my friend" Jacob said with a smile as he took her ass cheeks into the palms of his hands; his wife managed a token "Bye". When he left for work he had to convince himself that it was not all a dream; the events of the last few hours had become an incredible Story.

After almost accepting that he would never have sex with his more than frigid wife again; he had seen her fuck, suck and worship a huge black cock. But that was not the only thing blowing his mind; he had just left her naked and in bed with him.

"I am driving to work with my wife still at home fucking"; he arrived in the car park with a huge erection. The only explanation he could come up with was that he must have somehow entered the "Sexual Twilight Zone". The work was considered very complicated by management, but it presented no problems to John whatsoever; despite his mind being almost totally focused on the events back home. He did not know if he was puzzled or amused when he thought "No one else here can do this job; and Jacob most certainly would not have a clue.

Yet it is my wife in bed being fucked while I do the work; who is the fortunate one"? He answered his own question when he had to go to the men's room to hand relief his overpowering lust. There was no doubt that John considered himself to be the lucky one with his brand new sex life before him. "Surgeons can give your wife a new breast job, but Jacob has given Janice a new cunt job; now that is skill" he smiled to himself.

Six hours later John arrived home; his insides were churning with nervous excitement at what he would find awaiting him. Downstairs was empty and he could only just hear voices upstairs. He poured a large drink to take up with him; strangely he felt he was now the visitor.

"John my friend; come up here we are waiting for you" Jacob's invitation acted as a relief and made him scurry upstairs. They were both still naked under the bed quilt with Janice resting her head on Jacobs's chest. There were snacks on the floor nearby and a bottle of brandy with a level nearer to the bottom than the top. Both smiled contentedly at John without speaking; so with a "Hi" he smiled just as contentedly back at them. Although desperate to know there was no way he was going to say "What you been up to"?

"I have been busy preparing a new avenue of pleasure for you both to enjoy. I think we should show your husband now; don't you Janice". "Yes of course; I can't thank you enough for teaching me this". John was in awe as to what they were talking about, but very excited at the prospect of being shown. Jacob threw the bed cover back revealing their naked bodies; John had never seen Janice's pussy so red and puffed up. Jacob placing a hand either side of her waist turned her over, she turned her head to one side as he raised her ass up until she was resting on her knees.

Jacob smiled at John as he lightly smacked the cheeks and ran his middle fingers down her crack. "You need not worry about anal again my friend; after only a little perseverance your wife is now accomplished as I am about to demonstrate".

John was extremely aroused and could not strip quick enough to be in contact with his erection. He could not believe Janice was about to have anal with such a brute of a cock, but to be accomplished she must have already taken it. "John open her ass cheeks for me; then watch very closely at the miracle of huge cock being devoured by such a small hole".

John was only too glad to feel the soft flesh of her ass as he spread her cheeks; her ass hole was now more revealed than he had ever seen it before. It was just ironic that it was not to receive his own cock, but someone else's. However he did not want to miss this for the world; and his own turn would surely come soon. John and Jacob looked at each other with knowing smiles as the huge cock kissed the small hand stretched opening. Then with a seemingly effortless push forward the amazing sight of a huge cock disappearing in to Janice's ass happened before his very eyes.

John was flabbergasted; Janice was releasing long lustful moans as it penetrated her newly discovered fuck hole. As Janice gasped in appreciation John said "It's the most amazing thing I have ever seen; I can't believe she is enjoying it so much". With his cock firmly inside her he explained "It took a couple of hour's preparation; I have put a lot of lube up there. I went very slowly to begin with, but after enduring a little virgin pain; her ass was ready to take any cock in the world".

Looking at a Janice naked and listening to her pleas to be ass fucked had John furiously shaking his own cock. As his orgasm approached he urged Jacob "Give her what she wants; fuck her till she screams". Knowing John was just as desperate as Janice for the fucking to happen he teased them a while by taking both of Janice's breasts and twisting her nipples. John had to stop jerking because he did not want to cum before the fucking was finished.

When Janice pleaded "Please fuck me Jacob" he knew it was time to bring the teasing to an end. John knew something special was about to happen when Jacob re-positioned his body ever so slightly and brought his hands from her breasts to her hips. John squeezed his cock and prepared to jerk along to the ass fucking which was now imminent. Jacob announced "Let us all enjoy an orgasm; not just any orgasm, but a "Big Black Cock" orgasm"; and with that he pulled it almost all the way out before the first thrust of what looked to John to be a savage ass fucking.

But despite the hostility of it Janice was on a massive high. She shuddered as she came with delirious yells of "Don't stop, don't stop" pleas. John came with his cock pointed at Janice's screaming face; his cum exploded towards her mouth, eyes and nose. Although his orgasm had subsided the joined couple still had some serious fucking to do.

John was watching in disbelief; astounded that his wife was having multiple orgasms. During those few minutes of fucking he had seen her cum more times than he had in the previous ten years. "My black cock cum is ready for you" Jacob said becoming helpless as his orgasm took over his strong self will. He slowed down and seemed to jerk forcefully forward as each stream of cum shot from him up Janice's ass.

John observed Janice having a final orgasm as Jacob streamed his spunk into her. Johns cock was raging hard again; and he was more desperate than ever to fuck Janice's newly re-furbished holes.

When Jacob pulled out of Janice's over stretched ass it seemed to snap shut with a bang. Comparing the sizes; John could still not believe that the huge cock before him had just been up such a small circular hole. Seeing his bewilderment Jacob said "Which is the more powerful; my cock for forcing it's way in; or your wife's ass for accommodating it"?

While lustily groping her ass cheeks and forcing a hand between her legs he replied "I don't know Jacob, but I do know her holes are no longer cold and frigid; and I want to feel their new warmth with my cock". "John my friend I explained to your wife earlier today; while she is undergoing this treatment; it would be wise to use my cock only".

"Treatment, Jacob I appreciate how you have transformed Janice, but now that she is enjoying it so much surely this is time for me to fuck her". Janice interrupted "John please listen to Jacob he is an expert in these matters". Nodding in agreement with Janice's statement Jacob went on; "Yes I have seen it happen before; the female fuck muscles go through many changes during "Big Black Cock" medication.

Once these muscles have completed the total change; then and only then should a new cock be added". "But my cock is not a new cock" "It is only now that the treatment has started; in the past I have seen husbands who were not patient enough confuse the female fuck muscles by entering them too soon.

In no time at all the wives had lost their appetite for sex again; believe me it is a very exact science do it my way; and Janice will be craving your cock forever". John did not like the line of thinking, but thought it was best not to create any conflict at this stage of the events. "Of course we will do as you say Jacob, but there must be something I can take part in"?

"Certainly there is; put two fingers in her pussy; and Janice you can give your husband the best hand job of his life" he grinned. With John's two fingers inserted Janice gripped his hard erection and was immediately stroking John's cock in a perfect rhythm. Jacob pulled together both of her breasts using only one hand as his other wandered around her thighs.

"Can you feel the new life in Janice's pussy; can you tell how it is now reacting to the education it is receiving"? John was not sure if it was because he was almost cumming, but he could feel an enormous difference in her. "Jacob I can feel massive new energy inside her pussy; she is releasing it through her hand to my cock".

Before he could utter another word his cum released itself over Janice's waist just above her small brown bush as he moaned in relief. "I have to say that was some orgasm you gave me there Janice; I can't wait to fuck you now". John then collapsed back on the bed knowing he must have some sleep; and when he awoke again it was totally dark and he was in bed alone. He put on some trousers and a tee shirt before going to see what was happening downstairs.

They were relaxing on the settee. Janice had her legs stretched out with her feet up on Jacob's knees; he was wearing only underpants and his wife her dressing gown. The brandy was completely empty along with a few beer cans; and empty food plates. "Hello my friend you must have really needed that sleep". "I certainly did; to say the last couple of days have been hectic would be the understatement of the century".

"Mmmm you are right honey, but most of the hectic parts have also been the best of the century" Janice said rubbing her foot into Jacob's crotch. "Can't argue with that; having you back as a horny slut is a dream come true; and I mean slut as a huge compliment".

"I think we can thank Jacob here for that; he has recycled our sex life which was just about in the trash bin" she added with a sigh of relief. "I like to think of you both now as very good friends; my reward is knowing that I have breathed new life into your wonderful pussy Janice; and you John will have a horny sexy woman that most men can only dream about".

"Watching Janice first crave; and then take your cock has been such an amazing sight; fuck I'm horny as hell again; Jacob do you think you could sit her on your knee and fuck her"?

"Well we were thinking about sleep ourselves honey; as you know we've been rather busy" "Oh come on you can manage it; then you can both have a good long sleep". "Of course how can I let you down my friend" Jacob said removing his underpants to reveal a dangling semi hard.

Janice smiled in appreciation and became naked when she removed her dressing gown before sitting on the edge of his knees. He then put his hands under the top of her legs and raised her up. When John saw Jacob's cock it had extended to it's enormous size again. He was hovering her pussy just above it's tip; when she secured it in both hands before holding it at her visibly dripping entrance.

John removed his trousers and began jerking to the sight of Janice slowly devouring the giant member inside her. She was circling her cunt carefully as she moved downwards with Jacob's hands acting as brakes until she could literally take no more. "How does it look from there John"? "Wonderful view now let me see you fuck".

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"Put your hands on my knees and push up and down Janice; let John see you fuck me". She did what he asked very slowly at first until she figured out what was required and increased the pace rapidly. John was becoming more and more aroused; he jerked faster and moved closer to watch the couple fucking. Jacob moved his fingers to her clit which instantly caused her to beg to be fucked harder. John thought it was incredible and was not sure if pain had accompanied her pleasure when she screamed out a gushing orgasm.

Still shaking his cock furiously John wanted to see Jacob orgasm and shoot up her before releasing his own load of cum. "Blast it up her Jacob send it deep inside" John gasped in lust. "I think I better do it this way so as not to hurt her" Jacob said as he put Janice face down into the settee before entering her doggy style. He then commenced to fuck her at full speed for about a minute; during which Janice Aaagghhed non stop. Then he showed his now customised style of stopping completely; before jerking forward roughly as each stream of sperm shot deep inside Janice's sloppy cunt.

In the excitement John never realised that he his cum had dispersed equally over Jacob's and his wife's thighs. After pulling out Jacob just smiled; gathered up the cum on two fingers; and pushed it up Janice's ass. The three of them then relaxed back on the settee with their arms stretched over each others shoulders as if they were the perfect team. "John do you think you could sleep in the single bed; me and Jacob really do need some sleep now".

"Yes that's fine; I don't think I could keep my promise of not fucking you yet if I sleep with you tonight". "Thank you for allowing me to sleep with your beautiful wife, but remember it is you who will be reaping the benefit soon".

John went in the single bed which was in the adjoining room listening for any movement coming from their bed. He was so curious to know if they really had fucked enough and were now asleep; or would they fuck again? How many times had they fucked while he had been at work; and asleep earlier? The thoughts created another erection, but he also had work in the morning. Then just as he was falling asleep; the sounds he wanted to hear; Janice's gentle moans.

Where they fucking and trying to keep it secret from him? The unmistakeable motion sounds of the bed became distinct; and Janice was becoming louder.

He then could sense Jacob had put his hand over her mouth, but the rapid bed movements could not be disguised. John had to jerk along knowing his wife now had a big black cock up her only feet away on the other side of the wall. After a couple of minutes of clear fucking sound John then recognised Jacob's grunting cumm noises. The defining noises of sleep soon followed; their fucking seemed to be finally over for the day.

John totally removed the underpants which had been around his knees and came hard into them. John felt totally relaxed the following morning when he looked in the bedroom and saw Janice's naked body sleeping across Jacob's chest.

He set off to work happy that she would be waking up to have more black cock medicine administered into her. "Soon I will be the one in charge of her daily dosage" he thought. Though he most certainly did not want to put an end to the pleasure of seeing her take other cocks; as he was finding it more enjoyable than any fuck he had ever had with her.

The next few days followed an almost identical pattern; with John arriving home from work to be greeted by a very contented couple who had spent the entire day having sex. John would quickly instigate another session in which he would watch them fuck; and receive a hand job from Janice.

It was then random endless sex until the early hours. He was deriving great pleasure from seeing his wife continuously take Jacob's huge cock up her ass, cunt and in her mouth.

He would masturbate himself every time Jacob and Janice so much as touched each other. There was something of a pattern beginning to emerge; when John orgasmed he would cumm over Janice's tits or stomach.

Jacob would then gather the sperm and finger it in to Janice's pussy or ass. "When will she be ready for me to fuck Jacob?" he asked just before one orgasm. "Very soon my friend; very soon" he answered. Janice and Jacob continued to share the double bed with John sleeping in the spare room. Upon arriving home one evening he was greeted by a smiling Janice wearing only a nighty. "I have something to show you John" she then raised her nighty up to her waist to reveal a freshly shaven pussy. "Isn't it wonderful; Jacob done it for us, I have thanked him; I hope you will too" she said moving closer to John.

"Delicious Janice, really sexy, such a clear view; yes thank you Jacob for yet more restoration of her pussy". "Touch it John; run your fingers down her lips, feel the shaved areas; your wife now has the perfect pussy to see, feel and fuck".

"I can't wait to fuck it" he replied revelling in the fact that his hand was now caressing between her eagerly open legs. As they stood two of John's fingers made their entrance into her wet fuck hole, Janice's hand unzipped his fly and grasped his stiff cock before saying; "John, Jacob has a little fetish he would like us both to take part in, something which arouses him".

With his fingers inside her new pussy; and his cock being fondled John just gasped "Of course he has brought our sex back to life; just name it". While jerking him faster and bucking her cunt to his fingers she explained "Jacob would like to see you lick his cum out of me while you are wearing a pair of my panties". Unable to even think about it he moaned out "Yes, yes of course" as Janice's hand pumped his cum to the surface; shooting out over her waist. Jacob then pulled Janice backwards before once more finger gathering John's cum; he then bent Janice over his knee and raised her nighty.

The position she was in made her look like a naughty schoolgirl who was about to be smacked. Instead of smacking the cheeks however he parted them before depositing his cum filled fingers in her ass. John sat on the settee next to them feeling happy, but only just starting to think about what he had promised to do. "I knew you wouldn't mind Jacob's request darling; he didn't like to ask in case it offended you, but it will be such a turn on for us all".

"Jacob "No" is not a word that has been used since you arrived; and I hope it stays that way" John stated assuredly. "Everyone has their own thing I certainly do; lots of people would think I am very strange if they knew how much I loved watching my wife being fucked.

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I have never tasted even my own cum before, but I know it doesn't harm you; hell mankind would of disappeared before the dinosaurs. "Thank you my friend; I am glad you understand. I don't know why I love this thing so much, but it just arouses me to new heights". "Jacob I didn't think it was possible for you to perform any better, but if you can reach even higher heights Janice is certainly going to benefit; and ultimately I will be fucking a super horny cum slut".

The rest of the evening was spent lazing around listening to light music, eating snacks, drinking beer and brandy. The atmosphere was a completely chilled out one; with Janice continually asking if her pussy looked better for being shaved. She would reveal it every time she asked for their opinion; and they would both kiss or grasp at it before saying "Yes".

There was no more fucking before bedtime; because it seemed the next fuck would have to include Jacob's fetish. Eventually Janice said "Mmm I am really horny now; it's super sexy when you know we can all please each other; lets go upstairs and be disgusting" she pouted. John and Jacob concurred with lusty smiles accompanying the hands which ran up her nighty to the top; and between her legs. As soon as they were upstairs in the bedroom Janice produced a pair of silk golden coloured panties; and handed them to John.

"These are the ones Jacob would like you to wear; he picked them out earlier today". "I like them; though I thought I would be putting my hands down them; and not my legs" he joked. "Thank you for doing this my friend; it will make my work with you both even more enjoyable". Janice fondled with Johns cock through his underpants as she explained exactly what Jacob wanted.

"Honey if you can go in to your room first; Jacob will then fuck me and fill my pussy with cum. You will be called; come in wearing only the panties; then lay with your head between my legs and completely lick me out; putting your tongue in as deep as you can".

As John looked ponderous while thinking about the instructions Jacob added "You do not have to do this if you think it is too difficult". "Difficult?" what could be difficult about licking a sexy womans cunt out"? The three of them hugged each other until John added "Another new experience; fuck her hard Jacob"; then gripping Janice's hand "Honey I want to hear you cum loud and long; now get on with it".

He left to enter what was now called "His Room" and removed his underpants; it was only a matter of moments before he could hear Janice's sighs. John revelled in the thought that she no longer had any inhibitions. He recognised the moans which told him she was being handled and kissed.

Then followed THAT gasp; John knew the huge cock had entered her cunt. John found it to be lust personified listening to the sounds; he realised he was now wearing the panties and could not remember putting them on. "Oh yes fuck me" He listened to Janice scream in pleasure; as every audible bed movement sound indicated another fast and powerful stroke by Jacob's cock. He was grasping his own cock, but wanted to save his orgasm and cum for Janice's naked fucked body.

Then he heard the horniest sound of his life as Janice yelled out her cumming. It was a sound that went straight to his groin as if multiple orgasms were ready to escape.

Some of his cum he could not contain; despite no longer touching himself. She had always howled in delight at Jacob's poundings, but this seemed to be her loudest yet.

John could not decide if it only seemed so because he was not in the room with them; or if it was in fact the best fuck she had received so far.

"Uugghhh, uugghh several times; now it was Jacob's familiar trademark sound that he could hear. John knew that his wife was now full of Jacob's spunk; and despite his earlier uncertainty; he could now not wait to get at her. Lots of seemingly "coming down from a high" sounds followed before it momentarily became silent.

"John can you come here please my pussy need cleaning out" John entered the room to see Janice naked with her legs spread wide apart; Jacob was also naked and standing next to the bed. He did not feel at all anxious about wearing ladies panties; because he could not take his eyes off Janice's freshly fucked cunt. Jacob's cock became stiff again at the sight of John wearing panties; and ready to retrieve cum from the pussy he had just filled.

"There is lots in me John; don't miss any; every last drop is precious" she said gasping to John invitingly. John's tongue was immediately swirling around inside her saturated gaping hole. He was intoxicated by the realisation that he was licking out his wife's pussy moments after being fucked and filled by another's cock. "You look good in those panties John; can you taste my cum; is it sweet?" Jacob asked as he jerked his solid cock at the new situation. John was so grateful that he was having uninterrupted time on his wife's pussy, as Jacob usually stepped in.

He however was satisfying his own lust; and became the first of the trio to cum. He surprised Janice by the ferocity he used when he grabbed her hair to force his cock in her mouth, she soon adjusted however happily trying to swallow it all. "Don't swallow hold it in your mouth" he told Janice as it began running down her chin. "Quickly John kiss her and swap cum". Raising his head from her pussy John did as he was told; and they began exchanging Jacob's fluids between mouths.

Jacob clearly loved this action and directed first Janice by saying "Pull his cock from his panties and jerk him off" then John "Hold the last mouthful and spit it on her tits; then shoot yours on top of it".

As John kneeled up to shoot over her breasts; Jacob started finger fucking Janice; which she absolutely relished. In a matter of moments both had reached their climax; resulting in Janice having very sticky tits and cunt. She did not have time to savour the moment however; because Jacobs's fingers scooped up the liquids and lubed her ass with them. He flipped her over on to her knees with a clear indication that he was about to anally fuck her.

Speaking in an excited state he ordered "John kneel down beside Janice so I can see your panties" Once in position Jacob roughly rammed his cock in to Janice; there was no gentle introduction of his cock head. It was a violent fucking brought to an end by Jacob's rapid orgasm, it left the three of them gasping as they stretched out on the bed. The next two days Jacob's fetish became the highlight of the sex; as John continued to sleep alone. He seemed to be no nearer to fucking Janice; and began to think that his own desires were being taken away by Jacobs.

His wife was now totally happy with whatever Jacob decided; seemingly mesmerised by him. There was no more fucking downstairs; but Janice would constantly suck and kiss Jacob's cock as they sat around almost naked.

John still loved watching her do this; and being anally fucked, but he wanted Jacob to fuck her pussy which he had not seen him do for a couple of days. Next day at work John was waiting for some important work papers to arrive so he decided to have a look at the "Third Party" website.

He had not been on the internet since the day he made contact with Jacob. After entering a chat room he read through a discussion which had taken place half an hour or so earlier. It had been started by a woman called Candize; and she was asking another woman who she clearly knew; if she had seen anything of the giant. She gave the date when she had last seen him; and it was the same day that Jacob had arrived in town.

He quickly checked her profile discovering it was indeed Jacob she was talking about. To prove it there was a picture with the caption "Me sucking the giants cock".

There was no mistaking Jacobs's huge grin; or more so his huger cock, he immediately sent a message to Candize hoping she would still be around. "Hi you say you know where Jacob is" Much to his delight the message had been answered within a minute. After only a brief discussion John discovered that she only lived twelve miles away; so they agreed to meet after his work. The rendezvous was in a bus station cafe; driving there the thought that Jacob may soon be leaving excited him.

Now his wife was transformed it would be like fucking a completely new woman; a nymphomaniac at that. They met at the doorway where she towered three or four inches above him; reminding John of a fabled Amazon tribe member.

He had looked at a few profile pictures of her on the site, but they had not done her justice. His first thought was "What is Jacob up to if he has a woman like this waiting for him?"There was no embarrassment during the open conversation because Candize knew exactly what was going on.

"So you brought Jacob in to fuck your wife am I right?" "Exactly right, but I had no idea he was leaving you behind to do it".

"Oh he's not leaving me behind; we have our own places, but I suppose you could say we are some sort of an item; we always end up back together again" she smiled. "So you don't mind him fucking other women". "Hell no we all get sick of fucking the same person; Jacob has fucked literally hundreds or thousands of women, and quite a few men".

"Men?" he uttered with a look on his face which suggested he had just been told the biggest secret on the planet. "Sure, has he not had you yet?" she asked with an open eyed stare. "No that is certainly not on the agenda". "It soon will be, Jacob will be able to talk you into anything when he has his dick up your wife".

"You certainly know how things work Candize; and to tell you the truth he has already talked me into wearing Janice's panties". She smiled knowingly saying "You might enjoy seeing your wife's ass being stretched, but will you enjoy feeling it happen to your own? He already has you wearing the panties; so you can bet your life that is the next thing on the agenda".

"So have I been part of his plans all along; I see what a greenhorn I am now". "Jacob is an expert he will get your wife to ask if he can fuck you; are you capable of turning her down when she is about to cum with his cock pounding her." "Candize, what should I do?" he asked almost helpless. "Well he has been freeloading off you long enough I will sort it out, will a few hundred expenses be alright?" "Expenses are no problem, but are you sure he won't be mad with me; he's a big man I wouldn't like to see him angry; and Janice won't be over the moon either".

"Don't worry leave it all to me I know exactly what the two of them need; and with your help it should be easy. Now knowing Jacob as I do I am right in saying he will still be sleeping soundly at say seven thirty in the morning, but will your wife be the same?" John nodded adding "Janice will be wherever Jake is; she sticks to him like a magnet".

"Well for this exercise that is the ideal situation; I will have them just where I want them". "Wait" said John with more than a little trepidation; "You are not going to harm them physically in any way are you?" "No not at all" she laughed; "If I was drove to murder by Jacob sleeping with other women I would have killed him a long, long time ago".

"Sorry Candize just a little paranoid; but still a little worried about you controlling Jacob so easily". She then opened her purse and produced a small coloured adult faced looking doll which she held up. "This is the weapon I can overpower him with; he thinks it has mystic powers and is terrified whenever he sees it". "That, but what is it?" puzzled John "Nothing more than what it looks, but Jacob doesn't know that.

My grandmother was recognised as something of an expert in the spiritual world. I decided to tell him that she had visited me from the grave one night and bestowed me with some of her powers. Long story, but suffice to say if I am near him I can control him". "So can you tell me what and when you have in mind?" he asked still apprehensive. "We can do it In the morning let's not dwell on it; can you pick me up here to be at your place by seven thirty"? "Sure that will be no problem; anything else you want me to do"?

"No just don't say a word; oh and remember this will be the last night for the three of you" and with a wink added "Make the most of it". John left feeling aroused not only by the prospect of the night's sex ahead, but also with the thought that Janice would soon be opening her legs for him.

He stopped on the way home to buy brandy, wine and beer. Like Candize had hinted; he intended to make the most of the last night threesome. He arrived home to find Janice wearing a micro mini skirt, and a tight top which emphasised her breasts, and naked waistline.

Jacob wearing shorts and tee shirt smiled in acknowledgement of John's return. His smile became even bigger when John presented him with a bottle of his favourite brandy. "Love your new clothes honey" John smiled. "I went into town especially to buy them; Jacob told me how much he loves skimpy clothes; and I didn't have any". "So glad you talked with her about it Jacob; they really show what a sexy body she has". "Could not agree with you more my friend; Janice is a special lady".

John thought about the other special lady who would soon be calling for a moment, but that could wait. He had already decided that as this would be the last night; he would ply Jacob with brandy then urge him to fuck Janice in the pussy.

"If I could see her being fucked while still wearing her new mini it would be a great experience" he thought. The three of them settled down for the evening with Janice and Jacob on the settee; and John on a large comfy chair. Surrounded by drinks and buffet food they chatted idly; mainly about how sexy Janice now was. It was not too long before Janice had pulled the front of Jacob's shorts down and was kissing the end of his cock.


During this Jacob continued talking to John with his hand up Janice's skirt caressing her ass. "Soon she will be ready for you to fuck my friend; it will make the waiting so sweet". "I am really looking forward to it Jacob: pleasing her pussy is very important to me".

Janice was oblivious to what they were saying as her mouth made love to the current object of her desire; a huge black cock. Looking down at her Jacob seemed so content and said; "You probably have no idea how happy it makes me to see people enjoying my body; I feel blessed to have this gift". John thought now would be a good time to bring up the subject of watching him fuck Janice's pussy again. "Jacob why not fuck Janice in her new mini skirt; let me see you hammer her pussy.

I have only seen it lately after you have fucked it and filled it with cum; and although that is really hot; I am desperate to see you pound it again".

"John I hope I am not upsetting you with my fetish; there is just something I love about you walking in with panties on after I have fucked her; it is the only thing I ask for". "No of course not Jacob I love listening to you fucking Janice then licking her clean; it's just that I love to see her being cunt fucked also; I suppose I am just greedy" he laughed. "I will be wearing the panties tonight for certain; I wouldn't miss it for the world". "Then of course my friend; her skirt is certainly one that deserves to be worn for a fucking.

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No rush let's enjoy the drink and food for a while; then perhaps you should finger and lick her pussy ready for me". Those words brought a huge smile to John's face as Jacob usually liked to take care of all the foreplay. For a moment he thought to himself "If Jacob was willing to share the actual cock fucking I would not bother going to collect Candize tomorrow".

A couple of hours later the three of them were very much more drunk than sober; and Janice had manoeuvred herself into a position that clearly exposed her bald pussy to John.

He nodded to Jacob then nodded towards her pussy; Jacob smiled and winked at him indicating he should now prepare her for cock. John moved on to the settee and his hands moved directly to the top of her legs. Jacob stood up and pulled Janice's head to the end of the settee before kneeling on the floor and kissing her. John was eager and soon had two fingers feeling around inside her; he was amazed by her wetness; and thought "This is definitely a new cunt; nothing like her old one". She was not objecting saying "You are hurting me or I don't like that"; she was even opening her legs wider to help him.

For the first time ever he seemed to have found her "G spot"; she seemed to be bucking up to his hand. He decided now was the time to find her clit without resistance; his tongue had no trouble locating it. After only a small time of working his mouth on it she began moaning; he looked up to discover Jacob was kissing her lips and nipples.

"It must have been Jacob making her moan" he thought, but carried on until to his great delight Janice suddenly said "Mmm John that is nice; I have never enjoyed it so much".

Her movements and moaning seemed to becoming uncontrollable and John thought he was about to bring her to an oral orgasm. Jacob seemed desperate to prevent John from making her cum when he quickly moved between her legs almost knocking John out of the way.

"She is ready to be fucked" he forced it up with one push and almost instantly fucked her to orgasm. She screamed in relief; her pleasure was further expressed by a gush of liquid bursting from her soaking Jacob's cock and balls. Jacob himself had not cum, but he finger scooped John's cum when he shot it over her tits. Then using only one hand he raised both her legs in the air by the ankles; before shoving the cum inside her ass hole with his other hand.

The rest of the evening was spent drinking more brandy and beer before they decided it was time for bed and Jacob's pleasure. As usual John had a huge erection caused by listening to the fucking; it was clearly visible inside the panties he was wearing when he entered the bedroom.

John was soon licking out her sloppy cunt; Jacob became rougher than ever with his cock movements causing Janice to cough and splutter when he released it from her mouth.

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It was only momentarily however before she readily again swapped cum with John for Jacob's pleasure. However this time Jacob's hand slid inside the panties and down the back of John's ass firmly gripping his cheeks.

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It was obviously a sign of things to come; though it did not prevent John from enjoying his hand job from Janice; or be thrilled by the sight of him power fucking Janice's ass. "We are both early" John told Candize greeting her with a smile. He was feeling very nervous, but she seemed relaxed and confident.

Wearing a long trench coat she looked absolutely stunning. She sat in the front seat next to John; when they set off she assured him everything would be fine. Then just as he was relaxing a little she sent him into a huge panic when she calmly announced; "I think you had better fuck me in front of your wife; it will break her out of the spell of Jacob; and bring her back to earth".

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John completely lost his mind; becoming unable to think clearly he missed a turn off and had to stop to regain his composure. Seeing how her words had affected him Candize calmed him down saying it was a joke to lighten the mood. John quickly pulled himself together; feeling foolish for allowing a woman to get him into a panic. It eventually actually acted as a spur and gave him the confidence to go ahead with the task at hand.

John led her quietly up the stairs and opened the bedroom door; where they found the couple naked on top of the bed. Candize held her finger up to her lips; and then stood on the bed placing one leg either side of Janice. She then carefully moved her until she was completely on her back; John looked on in total confusion. Candize then began knocking Janice's body with the side of her foot causing her to rub her eyes and begin to awaken.

Suddenly Janice looked up, but was clearly unable to understand what she was seeing; it was time for Candize to put her plan into operation. With Janice was now slowly realising it was not a dream; Candize yelled at her, "Honey I understand you enjoy Big Black Cock, well here is some more B.B.C. for you, she then opened her trench coat revealing herself to be completely naked underneath it.

This is Big Black Cunt; and with a powerful stream she began pissing; aiming at Janice's head and tits completely soaking her. "Jacob, Jacob" Janice screamed, but all Jacob could do was look on open mouthed as Candize held the doll towards him with a stretched out hand. Janice could only hold her hands to her face until the gush finally became a trickle.

"I hope you appreciate how I suffered by putting off having a piss this morning; just so I could save it all for you Janice". Then turning to a bemused Jacob said "You can now take your ass into the single bed; John and I were up early this morning we need it for a while.

Janice you can fetch some clean sheets; there's piss on these". Janice was about to say something, but Jacob quickly told her "Do as she says Janice". All through this John just watched in stunned silence; until he started taking in what Candize had said about needing the bed. When Jacob and Janice left the room; Candize completely removed her coat and turning to John said "What I said in the car; I meant it". It was his turn to become mesmerised; she was what he considered to be a stunning beauty; and here she was wanting him to fuck her.

"Take your clothes off" she said with a smile, but her words were firm making him obey instantly. Maybe it was nerves but after stripping he did not have a total erection, but as soon as she cupped it with her hand it shot up.

"Everyone stands to attention when I am in the room" she smiled pulling his hand to her breast. "Where are those sheets Janice?" she called as they waited naked standing against the wall.

Then Janice entered she had put on a dressing gown and was carrying sheets; "Make the bed please Janice"; she taunted. As she obeyed Candize lowered herself and took John's cock in her mouth; "Mmm your husbands cock sure tastes nice; you should try it sometime".

When the bed was made Candize pulled John on top of it with her. "I love a freshly made bed Janice; especially when you are going to fuck in it". Janice turned to go, "Not so fast girl; come back here. She went to the side of the bed wearing a blank look; "Take your robe off and lie on the bed next to me". Still with a completely blank look she did what Candize wanted. "Now John climb on top of me and enjoy the best fuck of your life; you can do anything you want to me.

All I ask of you is look into her eyes; and let her know that you are finally fucking a hot woman not a cold miserable bitch". John no longer thought that Janice was cold; quite the opposite in fact, but finding himself in this dream situation; he figured obeying without question was the way to go. Candize was clearly enjoying the power that Jacob usually held; and dominated the proceedings. She was dragging John's head from breast to breast; and engulfed his cock with one surge of her pussy.

"Am I good John, am I good, tell Janice how good I am". John had been looking at Janice continuously during the fucking; and despite the beauty of Candize he was longing to be inside his wife. He was on the point of orgasm; and looking in to her blank expression said with a gasp "Janice things can't get better than this" his hand wandered down and grasped her pussy as he cum shooting stream after stream up Candize's.

"You can go now Janice I want your husband to fuck me in private now" Two hours later her demands had finally worn John out; when his cock became limp she sat on his face until she achieved her final orgasm. They rested on the bed talking, joking and groping each other before falling asleep until late afternoon. John awoke first and spent some time admiring her naked beauty before deciding to wake her.

"I think we had better go and talk to Jacob and Janice; what do you think"? "I think you should stop worrying; I want Jacob to sweat a little" then with a lusty wink and smile; she took a handful of his cock and balls. Eventually they made their way downstairs to find Jacob and Janice dressed skimpily and sat together on the settee. John and Candize both took a seat as they all smiled a little awkwardly.

"So Jacob don't you think it's time you came back to me; though I can see why you would want to stay" looking at Janice. Wrapping his huge arm around Janice's shoulder he looked in to her eyes and sighed "Yes unfortunately all wonderful things must end; you are such a special lady".

"I know it's such a shame; I have had the time of my life" she replied almost in tears. Then with his copyright huge smile he added "Hey we have had a great time; and let us all depart as friends; John you brought us all together I hope you are not regretting it".

"Not for a minute I wouldn't have missed this for the world; and hopefully this is not a last goodbye". Jacob continued to direct the conversation "Candize I wish you could have spent more time here getting to know Janice; tell me you don't bear her any grudges" Standing upright with open arms the tall beauty walked towards Janice; and with a huge smile declared "Of course not; what would be the point" and the two women embraced.

"We have time for a drink before we go; Candize sit with Janice for a while and get to know each other, it will give John and I a chance to finally have some male talk; and as a bonus we will serve the drinks". With the mood pleasant once again John announced "That's a great idea; we have no brandy left, but there is plenty of wine and beer in the fridge".

Jacob followed John into the kitchen and once there stated; "John remember when we first met; you said you would pay me a hefty fee if I could make Janice cum. Well normally I would not ask for a thing, but due to the sudden end of our arrangement I will need something to tide me over". John smiled "Yes I remember the conversation well; even though it does seem such a long time ago now.

I still can't believe all this has happened; Jacob you have done a wonderful job and earned your money, tell me how much should I pay you"? "John do you think you could manage a thousand pounds; I am very short of money at the moment". John was expecting him to say much more; he already had to pay eight hundred to Candize for what turned out to be expenses with benefits so he was very happy.

"Jacob a thousand will be fine; and I will throw in two hundred extra which should pay for a few bottles of brandy. As for making her cum; I am just happy you did not charge me for every orgasm she had" he joked. They shook hands with a smile before taking the drinks into the chatting girls.

During the course of the evening they made sure they had each others numbers; and although there was no sex they were very familiar talking about it along with wandering hands.

The most interesting part for John was when Jacob told him "All Janice's holes are ready for you now; I have prepared them well; keep them well fucked". John managed to write out a cheque for Candize; and handed it to her unnoticed.

On receiving it she cheekily said "Thanks, but I did save your ass in more ways than one". With most of the drink gone the visitors decided it was time they should be also; as they disappeared in the taxi everything suddenly seemed so surreal.

John thought it was a strange silence with Janice suddenly becoming depressed; he went to hug her and she blurted out "Why did you have to spoil it; we were having such a nice time".

"Janice you knew it had to end sooner or later; we have had a great time, but we have to get on with things now". She was silent for a minute then mumbled "I am tired, I am going to bed; and I want to sleep alone".

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John slumped in the chair with a drink; and in total dejection thought "Surely she can't go back to her old ways so quickly; not after the last couple of weeks. She has had a huge black cock up her cunt and her ass; I have watched her suck it with cum dripping from her mouth; I am not allowing her to return to her frigid ways; I have been gasping to fuck her; and fuck her I am".

He then ran up the stairs shouting "Fuck you Janice I'm going to rape you if I have to". He kicked the door open and was amazed to find her stretched out on top of the bed wearing the sexiest underwear he had ever seen.

"What kept you?" she pouted. "Janice you look amazing; crotchless panties see through mini bra and stockings. So it was an act what you said down there about being tired and wanting to sleep alone, but you have never tricked me like that since our early days?" "I know, and of course it has taken something amazing to make me realise how miserable I must have been. The last two weeks have been my most exciting ever; and despite Jacob being the one who was fucking me; it was all down to you; I love you".

He launched himself on top of her and they embraced in their most passionate kiss ever. Acting on impulse John phoned work the next day and told them he was taking two weeks holiday immediately and they would have to manage without him. He then contacted the travel agent and asked if they had a last minute holiday going anywhere as long as it was sunny.

They caught a late flight to Cyprus that night; and spent almost the entire holiday fucking; both indoors and out. Their lives changed dramatically to the extent that after their own welfare; sex was the main priority. Although they did not try to contact Jacob again both of them agreed that a "Third Party" would add excitement now and again. John soon became an expert at arranging such things first vetting suitable candidates.

He never asked for a woman; as he never tired of the thrill he received when Janice cum or squirted with another cock inside her. The weekends were wonderful and they spent almost every one of them with a "Third Party" sharing their bed.

They were all different ages colours and sizes, but all were discreet and most importantly loved fucking Janice. Some returned time and time again; and it was a huge disappointment one weekend when someone had to cancel at the last minute through illness.

They were so frustrated that they took a huge chance and drove to a dogging site; which is a lonely country car park where basically strangers turn up to fuck; usually a large number of men to each women. They had read about it and seen it on videos, but they never knew what to really expect. Janice wore the mini skirt and top along with the new underwear; she was by far the most attractive of the three women there.

The regulars said she was the hottest that had ever been there. She had to bend over the bonnet/hood of the car; and allow anyone wearing a condom to fuck her. She took seventeen cocks that night in her pussy and three in her ass without seeing the face of any of them. When she was being fucked the rest of the men masturbated while watching and waiting their turn.

There are unwritten rules whereby no one is allowed to jump the queue or be disrespectful; which they all seemed to adhere to. They spent nine hours there with both of them enjoying every single fucking. She also gave one blow job, but declined to do anymore because she did not like the condom in her mouth. John refused to let her perform without one because of the safety reasons involved in swallowing a stranger's cum.

Driving home they both thought it very bizarre that despite all the fucking there was not a trace of cum in or on her ass and pussy. It had been a very horny night with Janice reaching numerous orgasms; and John jerking to cum at least six times.

Though on reflection it was a dangerous thing to do so they decided never again, but at least they had the memories of it to fuck to. One weekend they had a "Third Party" named James over to stay; after a thoroughly good night of fucking; John and James woke and left Janice sleeping. They were having coffee and discussing the online website; it turned out that James knew almost everything that happened there.

Then out of the blue he mentioned Jacob; John never said anything he just let him carry on talking. "There is a guy called Jacob who along with his wife is running a scam. He will answer couples who need his services, but after fucking the wife he never lets the poor husband anywhere near her pussy.

Also he plants himself in the house making it very hard to get rid of him. Soon the poor husband will do anything; that is when his wife will turn up. She will tell him that Jacob is gay will be building up to have his ass. He will then pay her a large amount of what she calls expenses to get rid of him; claiming she can control him with some sort of voodoo doll".

At once John burst out laughing leaving James looking very puzzled. "Oh fuck, I have got to tell Janice this" and he laughed all the way up to the bedroom. He relayed the whole story to Janice who listened intently before bursting out laughing again. "So what's so funny John" she amazed. "Well don't you see two thousand pound I paid him; and he is running a con. Two thousand pound for what he has done for us? We have fucking robbed him; now get those legs open".