Misses wendy taylor taking care of dick

Misses wendy taylor taking care of dick
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Chapter The anger welling inside her, she took a step forward to confront her Master. A dribble of cum running down her leg, stopped her. 'If I walk into that room and confront him what good will it do. He can still control me to do whatever he wants. Put me in the passenger seat of my own body while he does the driving. If I stay silent, at least then I have some amount of control.

Maybe I can use this to my benefit.' She thought to herself. Quelching a giggle rising up out of her. 'That was the best damn orgasm I have ever had. Plus exploring a side I never knew about me, that was incredibly fun. She didn't want to stop just yet. This might be a good thing but I need to get into his office without him finding out.' Turning around she silently tip toed back up the stairs holding a great big smile on her face.

'This is going to be fun! Outfoxing the fox!' she thought to herself. Walking back into the room holding the tray of drinks, the men cheered her. Handing the drinks over she popped the cork on the champagne bottle. "Kreig, I want you to sit in that chair so you can get your surprise." She ordered. Getting down on all fours, she crawled to him with her ass stuck high in the air. Climbing up to his knees she took a large swig of champagne and set the bottle down at her side.

Grabbing his semi flaccid pecker she slipped it into her mouth full of the sparkling liquid. The bubbles forming around him along with the tongue massaging his member it wasn't long before he was back at full staff.

Bobbing up and down gently the liquid dribbled from her mouth, down her chin making its way between her tits to end up dripping off her labia just poking out from her slit.

His cock fully erect she swallowed. "Time to pick another hole big boy." She smiled at Kreig Taking another swig she moved in between Steve's legs to begin working on his now hard pole. Just as her lips reached his nut sack, Kreig sunk himself in one fluid move all the way into her well lubricated ass. Fucking her ass for a bit he pulled out, looking down at her well fucked shitter.

Grabbing the bottle, he stuck the neck into her anus. Glub, glub, glub. Into her bowels the sparkling liquid drained. Then replacing the bottle with his cock he plunged back in holding it there. A light burning feeling within her ass she felt the rush of alcohol going straight to her head.

The blood rich walls of her insides absorbing the alcohol instantly, she became pleasantly drunk. Her eyes fluttering fir a moment as her head swam in a drunken state.

Resuming her blowjob with Steve, she was having a bit of trouble holding the champagne in her mouth. Dribbling it out everywhere, she swallowed what was left. "I sheem ta be a liiitle drunk, hmm." She said holding onto his member smilling up at him. "Alright I want you to keep that champagne in your ass.

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We are going to have some fun. So all of us are going to fuck your pussy and cum up your ass so we can make you a special cock tail." "Your dirty."she smiled giggling. The alcohol definitely taking hold her eyes were mere slits as she swayed back and forth on her knees. Sticking his cock back in her he fucked her good only trying to reach his orgasm and not worried about her.

Every once and a while a little bit of the sparkling liquid squirting out as she tried to keep it in. Her pussy completly engulfing his cock, his balls rubbed up against her clit. Getting into it now, Malinda reached under to caress them.

Her eyes closed she started to moan once again. Grinding himself deep inside her canal he began to get that feeling. His scrotum still cupped in her hand he made several more strokes. Just as he felt it making its way up he pulled out sticking it straight in her butt hole. "Ohhhh fuck that feels goood." He said breathing out in a long breath.

Slowly her anal ring gripping tight stroking out every last bit. "John get over here your turn." "Hell yeah! This is way better than any porn movie." He laughed looking down to guide his member into her well used pussy.

As she was being fucked again, Scott came up to her face. Instinctively she opened her mouth to suck him. Grabbing her face with one hand he made her look him in the eyes. "If you don't want to do this you don't have to." He told her.

"Aren't you cute. That's so sweet."she slurred. "I don't mind, I'm clean. Master wants clean holes, i cleaned out all my holes. Spick and span." She smiled. Her smile turning into an expression of sexual build up as she felt another orgasm approaching.

"Ohh shit, don't stop! Please don't stop! Ooh harder." She moaned John grabbing her by the hips like he was sprinting the last few yards to the finish line. A bead of sweat traveled down his face hanging of his chin.

Slamming his pevis into her ass again and again she lost a bit of hold, her orgasm hitting her hard. Unable to hold on to muscle control anymore, her butt hole sprung a leak. A small stream shooting out hit John in the stomach. "Ohh yeah. I have just the thing to seal that hole." Pulling out he shoved it up in there sealing it tight. "Here it comes." Sliding it in and out adding more to the bubbly mix within her rectum.

"Scott." It didn't take Scott long. With the scene in front him he had already been worked up. I mean,, I don't want to say 'A two pump chump' but hey if the shoe fits, cum in it. Finally Steve making his way in, he wasted no time priming his cock for the final topping to their cock tail mix. Looking down at her asshole, he could see it flexing as she struggled to keep it all in while being plowed from her next door. She had never in her life felt so dirty. Instead of being ashamed, she was thrilled at the taboo, the high of how far she could go.

Being drunk also helped. Looking over at the door she could see Master Tony peeking through the cracked open door, a big smile on his face. Steve's grunting interupted her thoughts for the moment as she felt her rectum being visited one last time to add the final ingredient. Pulling out he flopped back onto the floor. "Alright, ready." Kreig asked her holding an empty water pitcher from earlier. Putting in the middle of the floor he looked at her. "Alright lets see our creation." Moving ovet to the pitcher she fell over still drunk and unable to balance.

Scott and John helping her she squatted over the container. Pushing out, her anus opened up as a jet of champagne and cum sprayed out into the pitcher.

Just a little over a quarter full she sat there, here anus flexing open and closed as a string of cum drooled out. "Wow, now that is impressive! Look at all the cum floating around in there." Kreig said looking down into it. "Well she wasn't lying when she said she was clean. Other than our jiz floating around, it's still clear." Steve replied. Pouring the mix into a pint glass, they handed it to her. All of them grabbing there own drinks they raised their glasses in the air. "Cheers!" They all said simultaneously.

Chapter Stroking his pecker slowly while using her lips and tongue to suck around the head, she ran the fingers on her other hand up her owners chest into his graying hair under his white business shirt. Every now and then taking him deep into her throat, only stopped by her hand at the base.

Then coming back up with her hand trailing her lips, she would twist her hand close to the top. Never taking her eyes off of him and always smilling even with his thick cock in her mouth. "Ohhh Tamara you have to be the best cock-sucker in the world." He told her, parting her hair from her face. She made the point of smilling. Tucked underneath the desk she was comfortable on her knees taking care of her owner in his office chair.

Becoming a new member to the United States, it was her patriotic duty to take care of him. The office phone ringing he picked up. "Yes, yes, let him in." The door opening, a four star general stepped in.

"Jim. How are you?" "Good Mr. President, very good." "So tell me what you have so far." Waiting for him to stop speaking she bobbed her head up and down on him. Her lips and hand slick with spit and pre-cum it was hard to keep the slurping and smaking quiet. His legs straining out she new she was doing an excellent job on his presidential cock. She also knew she was not allowed to make him cum until he said so.

"I have good news on project Mensimperium. The kid made a break thru finally. He currently has a test subject that he is able to control completly. We will set up a presentation for next week." "Gooood, slow down Tamara." The president said moaning eyes wide trying to calm himself down before blowing his load all over Tamara's face. "Mr. President?" The General asked, unaware that the president was getting his dick sucked from under the desk.

"Ahh, that was too close Tamara. What did I tell you?" He said then wipping his hand down his face. "Sorry Sir." The girls voice came out from under the desk.

"Mr. President this is highly inapropriate. We are in the Oval Office Sir, this office holds only the highest standards for,," "Jim, do me a favor and shut the fuck up. Here, watch this before your mouth bites off more than it can preverbally chew." The president told him picking up a remote for the fifty-two inch tv monitor hanging off the wall.

Tamara resuming her duties. The tv coming on, the picture of a hotel room materialized.

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The sound of a door opening. A male and a female talking outside of the picture. The lady laughs. "I want to take every inch of you. You have made me wait to long, now I don't know if I can control myself." The womans voice cooed.

Coming into veiw a black woman with long hair down to the middle of her back, pulls one of the straps to her dress off her shoulder. Then the other, her dress falls to the ground.

Her huge bare titties with nipples sticking straight out, she brings her hands up to push them together. "Come here baby, my titties are all yours." Hands coming up, the General dressed in a hawian shirt, and kahki shorts comes into veiw. The general standing in front of the president's desk, his eyes go wide.


"You made your point!" He said in a low tone "No, no I don't think I have General." He said staring directly at him. "I have watched it a dozen times now. I think you need to know where we stand.

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Here let me fast forward to my favorite part." He told Jim grabbing the remote. The general lying on the bed, his raging hard on sticking straight up.

The woman climds up the bed pulling her panties off. A good eight inch cock sticks out from her as she positions his member at her gurl hole. Sinking down onto him she sighs as it fills her ass full.

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Her balls resting on his stomach. Leaning down she puts both hands on his chest as she grinds herself slowly on his cock. Picking up the phone again he taps at a button. "Lesslie, yes cancel my two-thirty and nobody is to interupt me until I say so. If its an emergency, call." Mr. President ordered hanging up the phone. "Tamara, sweetheart. Why don't you go over to the General and let him try out those wonderful lips of yours. I think I would like to use your other end for a while." Getting out from the desk she walked over to him with a sultry swing of her hips.

Not wearing a stitch of clothing, she got back on her knees in front of Jim. With the black woman now thrusting herself down on him her eight inch hard on slaps him in the stomach every time, breasts bouncing up and down. Her head back she moans. Reaching down she begins stroking it. Jim grabbing her hips as he thrusts up to meet her hips. With the generals cock in hand she pulls his pants down further, his balls falling out she puts them in her hand.

Her lips and tongue going to work on the underside. Her owner coming up behind, grabs her hips and takes the cock plunge deep into her pool of pussy juice.

With out a second thought he just starts pistoning her as he stares at her perfectly shaped butthole.


Just begging to be opened, pounded on, and then gapping as a flow of white cum drips out if her. What a wonderful thought. "Sir?" The general asked between gasps.

Looking at him questioningly, "What?" "You just said 'What a wonderful thought." Smilling to himself at not realizing he had actually said that out loud he replied."Hmmph, so I did, soo I did. Hmmm look at that tight ass wiil ya.

Just grade A ass being begged to be fucked. Aren't you Tamara." "Mmph mm, yes Sir, oooh yes Sir, fuck me good mmphburb and my mouth Sir. I will take everything you can give me Sir." She moaned between slapping the Generals cock on her cheek and popping his head out of her mouth.

The black tgirl now on all fours getting fucked from behind. The veiw from the angle of the camera focused in. The cock thrusting in, indenting that black soft skin ass, and pulling out, the anal ring protruding slightly with a tight grip on his rock hard cock.


In, her ass cheeks glistening with lube as his meat slides past. Sucking with vigor she used both hands to rub balls, base and cock twisting up and down.

The sucking slurping from her mouth turning on the president even more as he watched.

Grabbing her hair he pulled back lightly on her maine. "Okay Tamara, I think I'm going to have to exercise your beautiful little asshole now." He said placing the head at her back enterance. "Yes Sir, fuck my shitter, fuck it mmmph hard.

OOh yes, stick it in my ass, stretch out my wonderful brown hole. Fuuuuck!!" She yelled out as he pushed open the door to her soft velvet rectum. Sinking it up to his balls, they rested on her wet pussy lips. Spreading her ass cheeks he looked down at the scene below to watch his cock slowly come out. That pink interior anus clinging to him as it slowly left her. Then sinking back in, deep, his balls resting on her taint and pussy lips.

Gripping the generals cock, now slimmy with the copious amounts leaking from out of his head hole and her spit. The squishing sound from her hands, and the slurping of her cheeks being sucked in. The General was on his way to blasting the inside of her cheeks. "Here it comes, the best part" the president said puffing almost out of breath. The black sissy ridding him from on top again had her hands on his shoulder driving her ass up and down onto him.

"Ohhh fuck Porscha your going to make me cum." He groaned mouth open as a drop of drool ran down his cheek. "Come with me baby, come in me deep inside. Ohh Jim I want you so deep." She leaned back grinding him back and forth as she used his cock to rub that spot deep in her.

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"Ooh shit! Right there, yes, oh fuck! Uh, uh! She grunted cock sticking straight up in the air. The tip exploding with a jet of hot white cum into the air splattering down in front. Jim's cock twitching inside her bowels, a splash of his jizm hit inside her. Another grind on his cock and she shot out another larger hot rope into the air, landing on Jims chest and face.

Jim pulling out slightly, shoved back in, unloading more into her with a grunt. Lifting up, she slammed back down. Another hot rope splashed up her chest, some just drooling down and around her huge black cock.

The both spent and a mess, moved around in each other slowly enjoying the feeling. That waz it, seeing that on thr screen. The General grabbed her head and eyes wide, face red, grunted. Firing his first load into her mouth.

Her hands going down, stroked for more, firing another shot. The president using her butthole to stroke the tip of his cock was already firing his cum into her ass, filling her up. The both of them cumming inside her on either end. His jizm seeping out of her mouth traveled down and around her hands as she kept stroking slowing down but getting every last drop out of him. Out of breath the president responded."Bravo Jim, that is quite a feat making that tranny have an anal orgasm.

Not that I would know, but word on the street is, that happens only rarely. Or so a past president told me." He puffed, pulling out of the girl still on all fours on the floor, cum rolling out of her ass and cum hanging off her chin. "Speaking with candor Mr. President. Fuck you." He told puffing out of breath as well. The President just smilling, laughing to himself. "By the way, where did you find her. She is amazing!" "She was a gift from an Arab prince." He said going back to his desk.