Hot brunette chick hope howell in high heels gets hammered by lex interracial and lexington

Hot brunette chick hope howell in high heels gets hammered by lex interracial and lexington
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I'm Mike and I'm 48 and I'm married to Kati who is only 27 - second marriages can be so much more fun. Although I was born in the US, I've never really settled and worked around the world. After my divorce I spent some time working, and playing, in Europe - generally working in the west and playing in the east - which is where I met Kati, working in a beach bar on the Black Sea coast.

I'd not say it was love at first sight - when we met, she was only 23 - so I had the cynical view that she just wanted my wallet and a green card - but I guess I was wrong. She is only 5ft 4in with great 34C tits and permanently shaved pussy, and I'm 6ft with a 7" perpetual hard-on (OK, perhaps I exaggerate a little .) - never a jock, always the geek - but never short of something sweet or horny nearby. We met, we married, we shagged - but even though she admitted to one threesome when she was a drunk teen - it was always just me and her - but she has just such a hot body I was determined to see her bouncing on at least one more cock.

I did manage to get her to dress like a slut once or twice when we went out to a club or late night movie - short skirts that show a little ass are always a great way to get guys to double-take - and their wives to tut and pull their men away.

I'm sure some thought I was with a hooker! Sex was always great after one of these nights out - even a BJ in a cab one time - but all still a little static for what I really wanted. And then one night we went to a new club in town and she asked if she should dress in her (as she calls it) whore gear! Of course I said Yes. We danced and drank until late and she flirted with a few single guys but she always came back to me. Kati said one of the guys had such a hard-on that she felt mean, so I suggested she give him a little more and I bought her a double vodka.

She scowled at me, downed the drink in one and went to pee. When she came back she seemed to stand a little taller and had a wicked smile. She put her hand in my pocket and whispered "OK, I've done it, my panties are in your pocket" downed the next vodka I got for her and went immediately to find herself a hard cock. They danced a little more and his hands got a little lower. She kept him to the edge of the dancefloor so I could watch without drawing too much attention to myself.

I could see a huge smile come across his face as he realised she wore no panties, and his hands got busy fondling her ass - she flashed a drunken smile to me and I hoped we were in for a good night. I was wrong. They went to sit in a dark booth nearby, they whispered and he undid his zipper. She started to put her hand inside his trousers and started to rub. They started to kiss and his fingers found her pussy and started to enter that sweetest of slits.

I could see from her face she was approaching ecstasy, but unfortunately so was he and only a few minutes later she pulls her hand out, with a little disappointment, because he had already cum all over her hand. He kissed her, did his trousers up and went back to his mates to tell them about his conquest, and she came back to me. "Is that what you wanted?", she whispered.

"It's a great first time, but we can do so much more now you've found out what a thrill it can be" I told her. "OK, we'll see" was all I got in reply. We went home, and for the next few weeks the sex was great but the conversation was a little … strange. Kati seemed a little distant and my mind was on my work a little too much than was good for either of us. --- One evening Kati said "OK, enough of this. You work too hard and I want some fun - I've booked a table at that Italian that we keep saying 'We must try sometime'.

Get a shower and get ready for a great night out. The cab is booked for an hour". My interest was peaked. She never took the lead on a night out. I had a shower, dressed smart casual and went downstairs. She was dressed in a stylish short summer dress, tight around her tits and flared below her waist, finishing above her knee, nice hair-style and a few classy pieces of jewellery I'd bought early in our relationship. I gave her a big kiss and felt her ass, but thought somehting was missing, so I rubbed my hand around just to see what she was wearing under the dress.

She guessed what I was doing and just announced "I'm not wearing any panties - I don't want anything to get in the way of our night out". Damn, this was going to be hot.

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We got the cab and arrived at the restaurant mid-evening when it was busy and were shown to a table in the corner by a goodlooking waiter who immediately took a shine to Kati. Quite dark and kinda romantic and a great place to find ourselves again - but she was definitely in charge tonight. We ordered some wine and food and settled in for the evening.

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Kati was a little twitchy, squirming on her seat as we were served each time by the same 'sexy' waiter. I asked her what was wrong and she quite casually explained "Every time he comes over I keep lifting my skirt to flash him my pussy but he never seems to notice. I'm so pissed off!" I laughed.


"You little slut. Do you want to have more fun than the nightclub and get fucked tonight".

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"Yep" was all I got in reply, and then a little shyly "You don't mind do you?" Hell no - the more the better - I'd been hoping for this since we got married, but I replied "No, of course not as long as it's what you want". I saw the waiter coming over to us so I said "Quick, lift your skirt and spread your legs". She did, and he saw everything she wanted him to see. Their eyes met and there was a filthy smile between them.

I loved it! After he left the table, she excused herself to the toilet and followed him towards the kitchen - she caught up to him and asked where to toilet was and apparently he showed her the way.

They were gone about 15 minutes and when she came back she had a huge grin on her face and a little cum in her hair! "So you got what you came for?" I asked. "Oh no, I just gave him a blow-job - we're giving him a lift home - He's Huge".

Uh-Oh - what pandora's box had I opened. "I know I've not seen many, but I didn't know they came in that size! And he's mean! When we got to the toilet he just told me to get on my knees and get his cock out. When I asked if he didn't want to fuck me he just said 'Later' and forced all his cock in my mouth and fucked it like it was a pussy".

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As she told me this, she knew I was loving every minute of it. "How soon can we leave?" But she said we had to wait around 40 minutes until he finished. I couldn't wait for the show, but I guess I had to - so I satisfied myself by finger fucking her pussy under the table.

--- We left and the three of us hailed a cab. "So where can we drop you" already knowing the answer. "Your place" he replied and turned to Kati and kissed her with such passion I'm sure even the driver was turned on.

When we got home we all got out of the cab but I was delayed as I paid the driver. "Don't start 'til I get there" I called after them - not a chance I thought.


"I walked in the door and she was already on the couch with her legs around her neck and he was sucking on her clit. "You can sit there and watch if you like" the waiter (Marco apparently) barked at me and Kati just waved at the seat opposite and closed her eyes, threw her head back and screamed 'Fuck Me Now!" I suddenly worried about what I might be turning her in to but we were already in the middle of it so I guessed I may as well sit back and watch my wife - 21 years younger than me - fuck the stranger in my front room.

Then he dropped his trousers and I knew it would be a good show. Because he had stopped sucking her pussy, Kati was flicking her clit and seemed to forget we were there with her - and then he slapped his semi-hard cock across her face and instructed her to "Lube it up so I can fuck you like you begged me for earlier".

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Her eyes snapped open in shock and as she opened her mouth to speak he forced his 8" cock straight in. Now I knew what she meant when she said he was 'mean'. He turned to me and said "This is how it's done old man". I didn't know if I should admire or hate him! So I just sat back and enjoyed the show - loosening my pants a little so I could rub myself off - I guessed Kati would not be allowed to give me any attention for a while.

When Marco thought he was lubed enough he just pulled out of her mouth and drove his cock straight in to her pussy - nothing polite here - just cold hard sex. He went balls-deep in one swift thrust and I could see Kati start to cream around her pussy almost straight away.

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I dropped my pants and got my dick out in the open and started rubbing hard while he drive my wife wild. He looked at me and told me "You won't touch the sides with that thing after I'm done". It was then that I noticed the full girth of his cock and he really was stretching her more than I knew a white guy could. Kati was in heaven. She screamed out with her first orgasm within minutes as he pumped her pussy like a piston. He looked like he was having fun with her, just stood fucking a strangers wife like she was a $10 whore in her own home.

That really took some balls - and there they were slapping against my wifes ass so hard I thought they would burst. When he started biting her nipples, I knew he was right at home.

As she felt the pain shoot through her tits she had her second orgasm - it made every part of her quiver. Kati tightened her legs around his back and screamed at him to make her cum again or she'd bite his cock like he just bit her tit. He laughed and bit the other nipple hard this time and fucked her pussy harder.

"You Bastard. Make Me Cum". "Not like this" and he pulled his cock out and flipped her over and got ready to fuck her from behind". I could see her pussy was so stretched and he was probably right and my dick wouldn't touch the sides for a few weeks at least. He pressed his cock against her lips and they opened wide and seemed to drag his cock deep inside. I was still furiously rubbing my cock and was ready to blow any minute so I walked round to the back of the couch where her head was resting and offered her my cock to suck.

"No, that's not yours tonight. If you want her to cum and orgasm like you can't make her, then you do as I tell you - and right now - you don't get to cum". Kati shook her head and the raw animal passion in her eyes told me she wanted his cock more than my cum that night. I went to the bathroom and jacked off alone. My transition to a cuckold was completed with those few instruction from a waiter.

Where was this going? I heard Kati scream in passion so I rushed out to see what was happening. She was still there on the sofa but he'd flipped her over again and looked like he was ready to cum soon. I stood there with my cum covered limp dick in my hand as another orgasm ripped through her body.

I could see Marco's balls tense up and he squirted his first shot of cum deep inside. Later she told me he came so hard it felt like it would cut straight through her. As he carried on filling her, he pulled out and his last load fired up the length of her body and covered her chin and lips with those last few globs of cum.

Kati just lay there with a huge smile of pleasure across her face, and he just sat down beside her, obviously spent from the hours work. Watching all of this was starting to get me hard again - so soon - maybe I'm not so old after all. --- A few minute later cum started dripping out of her pussy and I just watched it pool on the couch, but then Marco had the great idea not to waste it!

Bastard! He pushed his fingers deep in her pussy, scooped come of his cum out and fed it to her, telling her to suck his fingers like they were his cock. The crazy slut did just as she was told and really got off on his taste. He did this a few times and then he saw my cock growing. "If you want her to suck that tonight then I want to see you both kiss".


OK, I thought - and then he took one last scoop of cum off the couch and dropped it on her lips and gave the simple instruction "Share!". The look she gave me showed that she was now his cum-slut - just one look and I she knew she wanted to make me taste his cum. She wanted to please him more than she wanted to please me. What the hell - I guess I started this, so if this was where it led then that was my own fault.

We kissed, and much to my disgust, it was hot, and sexy, and hot. We kissed like our lives depended on it. But then I remembered myself and pulled off her and fed her my cock.

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She lapped it up, but much to Marco's amusement, kissing her with his cum made me even harder. "If you want to fuck her, then clean out her pussy first". Well it was kinda hot so down I went on her and cleaned her up, sucking out his cum from her stretched pussy … --- Much more happened that night, and our holiday last year was out of this world - if you think it's worth it I'll write more.