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Pissing gay video and boy gay young movie pissing xxx Room For
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Thirty-Eight: Shamans Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. Sunday, September 29th, 2013 Mark Glassner Tacoma, WA Sunday passed in a haze of pain. I woke from the dream with Azrael back into the torment of my battered body. I hauled myself to my feet, ignoring the protest of my muscles, and staggered to the sink accompanied by the clank of my manacles. I bent down and greedily drank the cool water from the tap, bringing momentary relief to the stump of my tongue.

My stomach ached and rumbled. I hadn't eaten since breakfast yesterday, I realized. That seemed like a lifetime ago. I closed my eyes and remembered Mary napping naked on our bed as I quietly slipped out; she had been hugging a pillow, her auburn hair draped about her neck and shoulders.

She had looked so beautiful and peaceful; I would give anything and I mean anything to see my wife again. *Morning, Mary,* I sent to her. We were connected telepathically now by the Siyach spell. *How are you?* Mary sent back, her thoughts full of love and concern.

*I've been better.* I tried to keep the pain from bleeding into my sending.

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*Azrael visited me last night. She's teaching me to use my other powers.* *I have a plan, Mark,* she sent excitedly, and proceeded to explain. She was flying to France, to steal the Mother Superior's Gift, to become a Nun and exorcise Brandon. It was so risky, so desperate, but what choice did we have? Killing Brandon was out of the question.

He had to have tens of thousands of people under his power by now, all their life-forces bound to him. If he died, they would all die. I could not have so much blood on my hands—or on her hands.

When the soldiers came for me, my body was too sore to fight. Resigned to my fate, I let them drag me off, my manacles clinking.

The rest of the day was pain. Never-ending pain. The only thing that I could cling to as they beat me was my wife. My Mary. I pictured her smiling at me; I remembered how beautiful she looked while painting, the day we found out she was pregnant, and the cute way she bit her lip while thinking. I clung to the memory of how radiant she looked on our wedding day, marching down the aisle to me in her white dress set aflame by the setting sun. Mary helped me survive the day by constantly sending her love and encouragement.

She gave me hope.


Just knowing she was out there kept me sane. Sometime during the beatings, in the afternoon I thought, Mary sent, *I did it! The Gift is mine! Just hold out a little longer!* After the eternity of suffering, I was dragged back to the prison shower and my filth was hosed off me; then it was back to my cell.

The soldiers threw me roughly onto the hard, concrete floor, locked the cell door, then watched with uncaring eyes. I didn't have the strength to move; I just laid there, letting the cold seep into my burning muscles. Mary was on her way back, on her way to save me.

Hope filled me. My wife was coming, she was going to exorcise Brandon, and this nightmare would be over. I struggled to rise, but all my muscles protested the action and I collapsed back onto the concrete floor.

Not caring anymore, I stopped fighting my exhaustion and let unconsciousness take me. Azrael visited me in my dreams, to continue my training. Last night, I learned just how woeful I was at combat. Azrael had explained it: "The Gift gives you reflexes and strength, but your body needs to learn how to move, how to stand and balance, and that takes practice." So we spent last night training.

She taught me footwork, the most important part of fighting. If you can't stand properly, you'll be off-balance, get tripped up, and fall down or leave yourself open to your enemy's attack. I spent hours learning just how to hold the blade, then more hours swinging it in deadly arcs: cross-slashes, thrusts, overhand swings.

Finally, we sparred. Every time her blade struck my body, the pain taught me to pay more attention, to learn faster, to fight better. We fought and fought, never tiring, and I learned. My muscles absorbed the knowledge; I started moving with grace and purpose, not flailing about without any thought or care. Every movement of my body was deliberate, full of purpose—to defeat my opponent. After training for hours, for maybe even a full day, I finally asked Azrael when I would wake up.

"Time passes more slowly in the dream," she answered. "What seems like minutes in your mind is only seconds in the waking world." "Like Inception?" The Angel gave me a puzzled look, her scarlet eyebrows furrowing. "It's a movie. All about dreams." She just stared at me. "Never mind," I muttered, and we continued our sparring. We moved on to hand-to-hand fighting. She taught me a brutal mix of grappling, kicks, and punches. It wasn't like kung-fu in movies.

There were no flourishes, no dramatic arm waves or kicks; every single attack was designed to hurt your opponent. She taught me to go for the body's weak points: knees, groin, elbows, sides, throat, eyes. Break bones, dislocate joints, rupture vital organs, and do it as quickly as possible to end the fight before your enemy can defeat you. The dream seemed to last for days before I woke up this morning.

When Azrael appeared again to me this night, I asked her, "More sparring?" "Yes," she answered, her voice ringing bells. "But first, there are other Prayers to teach you." "Will they help me to escape?" "No, but you may find them useful one day," she answered. A look of disgust flitted across her face. "You've bound your Thralls with the Zimmah ritual, yes?" I nodded. "And? Most of them agreed to it willingly." I felt defensive beneath her judging gaze.

"I'm sure," she said with distaste. "The Ragily prayer is similar. It allows you to link a group of willing fighters to you. There is a limit on how many persons you can bond, unlike the Zimmah ritual. However, those you bind in this way gain certain advantages when fighting the supernatural." "Like what?" "The ability to hurt them.

Their weapons will be capable of harming spiritual flesh. Their reflexes will be sharper, they can take wounds that would fell lesser men. It also doesn't have such a.distasteful way of being cast." "You mean I wouldn't have to fuck my mother to bind them?" I asked with a laugh, and quickly swallowed it beneath her withering gaze. "Yes. It merely requires their pledge of fidelity and obedience." "How many could I have?" "That is a more complex answer," Azrael answered, tapping her chin in thought.

"A normal Priest could handle, say, thirty to fifty. Maybe a hundred with an exceptional Priest, such as King David and his Mighty Men. But you, well, you have bound the life-force of what, fifty or sixty humans to you. Plus, there are all those that worship you.

That is a lot of power, if you can harness it." I nodded. "What other prayers are there?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary Glassner Southern France I kept looking in the mirror on the passenger sun visor on the drive back to Toulouse. I barely looked different. Mark's transformation had been dramatic.

Of course, he had been twenty-seven when he received the Gift and more than a little overweight. Now he looked eighteen, and had the body of a Greek sculpture.

I was nineteen and already had a trim body. The Gift didn't seem to change me at all. It didn't even take a few pounds off my ass. Mark liked the plumpness, but I could stand to lose a pound or two off of it. I sighed, flipping up the visor; Maryam's words haunted me. The Devil was using us, not a big surprise, but what he was using us for to escape his prison was surprising, and terrifying. The Mother Superior's words were really sinking in.

Mark and I might be responsible for dooming the world. Sure we were unwitting pawns in the Devil's plans, but that didn't change the fact that we made our choice.

Learning the consequences of our selfish decisions left a bitter taste in my mouth. However, she said we could stop him, trap him. Somehow, we could beat the Devil. I chewed on my lip, thinking about that as we drove to Toulouse. I had no idea how to do it. I pushed that particular worry to the side; Brandon was the immediate problem.

I had the Gift. I could exorcise him now. I just needed to learn how to do it. Freed of her protection, Maryam was more than willing to answer my questions as she gazed up at me with lust.

"Only the Angel can teach you how to use the Prayers. They come in your dreams." She couldn't lie, not when I ordered her to answer, not without her Gift to shield her from my powers. I left her behind. I debated taking the former Nun with me, forcing her to be my slave and grovel before me. Part of me ached to see that beautiful, ancient woman degrade herself for my pleasure, to watch her dark eyes peer up from between my thighs as she worshiped my pussy.

The way she would howl in pleasure as I fucked her from behind with a strap-on cock—or a real cock. I remembered the intense pleasure I experienced that afternoon Lilith transformed my clit into a dick. Shifting in my seat, I flushed and pushed that fantasy down. In the end, I let Maryam go. It just felt wrong to keep her after hearing Mom's story about the abuses she suffered at the hands of her Warlock.

I just couldn't bring myself to force anyone to act like that. Well, not permanently, anyways. So I forbade her from ever speaking about our meeting, and told her to live her life.

After an hour, we reached the airport at Toulouse and boarded my plane. I sent everyone to coach; I needed to sleep, to dream. I desperately needed to learn how to exorcise a Warlock. From what my mom has told me, it's quite the pleasant experience being taught by an Angel. The Ecstasy she called it. As the 747 leveled off at its cruising altitude, heading west for North America, I struggled to sleep in the plush, first-class seat.

I had been up for over twenty-four hours, but I just couldn't sleep. The harder I tried, the harder sleep eluded me. I leaned the first-class chair back as far as possible, had all the lights in the cabin turned off, and wore ear plugs to try and drown out the engines.

But nothing would work. I was too damned stressed to relax. And trying to sleep just made it worse. I grew irritable, snapping at my guards, screaming wordlessly at the ceiling, and sobbing my frustration into a small, airline pillow.

Please! I silently begged. Just let me sleep! After trying for hours, I felt defeated. I slumped against the window, staring listlessly out at the Atlantic ocean below, an endless sheet of midnight obscured by the occasional cloud. I let my mind drift, and I started pondering Karen's half-heard message from the summoning yesterday.

"Brandon has." Karen had said, then Sam's scream had drowned her out and all I caught was the last part. ".other." Brandon has.other. What could be in that missing gap. It was only a word or two. Something that rhymed with other? Mother, another, brother. Brandon has.other. What did it mean? What was Karen trying to warn me about? What did it matter if Brandon has a brother? Or has a mother? I started rhyming 'other' in my head: aother, bother, cother, dother, eother.

I frowned at eother. Most of those weren't even words. Fother? Gother? Maybe it was smother? Brandon has smother? No, that didn't make any sense. Brandon has.other. Brandon has brother? I frowned. Brother. Was there something to that? Was there a spell that required a brother? It was getting harder to think.

I was so exhausted, my mind felt like mush, battered by stress and fear until my brain was runny porridge. I felt like there was a spell that required a brother. What was it? I yawned, struggling to force my brain to work. Brother.brother.rother.er. The next thing I knew I was standing in a vast emptiness, a black darker than night. I saw Mark, a golden sword in his hand, and gold armor covering his body. He was fighting a woman with scarlet hair and bronze skin.

The woman also had a golden sword that flashed with rubies as she swung it at my husband. I blinked. This can't be happening. I was on a plane, right? Flying over the Atlantic. No, I'm dreaming. Relief swept through me; I had finally fallen asleep.

Something teased at my thoughts, a single word—Brother. Why was brother so important? I bit my lip, straining to remember. It had something to do with a spell. "Mary?" Dream-Mark asked. There was a look of surprise on his face and I lost my train of thought. The woman turned, mirroring his look of surprise. "Two Shamans," she whispered, her voice soft chimes.

Dream-Mark ran to me, swept me up in his arms and kissed me. Everything all the stress and the fear and the guilt melted away and there was only Mark, his lips, and his love overwhelming me.

I poured my heart and soul into the kiss. I didn't care that it was only a dream. It felt so real. So wonderful. I was breathless and giggling with joy when Dream-Mark broke his kiss.

I pressed my face into his muscular chest. His armor had vanished sometime during our kiss. Well, it was a dream and strange things are bound to happen. "You're actually in my dreams," Dream-Mark whispered in awe. "No, you're in my dreams," I giggled. "I mean, I'm the one dreaming." Dream-Mark laughed, turning to the bronze woman.

"It is her, right, Azrael?" "Yes," she said. "This is.surprising." I glanced at the Angel as she studied us, eying me, then peering intently at Mark. "Yes, I see it now. You two are soulmates. Many Pacts and spells have bound the pair of you so tight, nothing can ever part you. It is how you came here without being summoned. Your desire to be trained was so strong that you were drawn to Mark's soul, pulled along by the chains that bind you together." I smiled.

Soulmates, that sounded lovely, but that wasn't why I was here. "Yes, I need to learn how to perform the exorcism." Azrael cocked her head as she considered me. "You have received the Gift from Maryam." Her red eyes turned flinty, a low, angry clang filled her ringing voice.

"No, you stole her Gift." "I needed it," I replied, lifting my chin. Who was this woman to judge my actions. I returned her flinty stare. "It's the only way to stop Brandon. We can't kill him, all the people under his control are bound to him and they'll die. Exorcising him is the only way, and I can't wait for a Nun to take her sweet time doing it! So stop the condescending lecture and train me!" "I will train you," Azrael sighed. "It is my Providence." She reached out, taking my hand.

Pleasure coursed through me, just like when Lilith would touch me, and I gasped as an orgasm rippled pleasantly through my body. "I must lie with you," Azrael continued. "Only while we delight in each other's pleasure, can I teach you." "Wait, why do you two get to fuck?" Mark asked.

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"You just swung swords at me?" "Her powers involve sex, yours involves force. I trained you with force. Mary must be trained in more pleasant ways." "And the first time you appeared in my dreams and fucked me?" Mark demanded.

"That was for my pleasure," Azrael answered. "Why else would I bother with you humans?" She turned to me. "Lie down." I eagerly lay down and the emptiness turned soft, becoming more comfortable than any bed. Azrael floated over me and her tunic vanished into gold smoke, revealing her lush body. Her hanging breasts silkily brushed down my body as she floated closer and closer to me; her hips lowered and I spread my legs. I gasped as her pussy rubbed against my cunt, a powerful orgasm exploding through me.

She kissed me, and my entire body became pleasure as she slowly started moving her hips, tribbing our drenched pussies together. When our clits kissed, my third orgasm crashed through me. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" I gasped. "Oh, that feels amazing!" "Most of the basic Priestess prayers require the Mark of Qayin to anchor the prayer," the Angel explained, continuing her slow, delicious trib. "It is drawn with the fluids of your womanhood on the forehead of the person you are wishing to affect." "Okay!" I moaned, writhing beneath Azrael as her pussy ground against mine.

Her nipples were diamonds rubbing against my breasts, leaving trails of ecstasy. "It is drawn like this," her finger tracing a circle with a diagonal line slashing through it on my forehead. "Once you've drawn the Mark, a variety of Prayers can be used, including the Shalak prayer. The exorcism." Azrael kissed my lips. She tasted of ambrosia and I was lost to the pleasure of her body pressing against mine. "Umm, you taste delicious," she purred, grinding her clit through my pussy slit, moving it up to bump sweetly against my hard pearl.

"Oh my God!" I moaned as my fourth orgasm swept through me. "You're driving me wild, Azrael." "To exorcise a Warlock, you need to bring him or her to orgasm," Azrael continued, grinding her angelic cunt just a little harder into me and I gasped.

"Before he cums, or as he cums, you must draw the Mark of Qayin on his forehead.

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Then, when he cums, you utter, Shalak. You can draw the Mark at the same time you cast the prayer, or you can draw it beforehand.

But, it will not work without the Mark." "Okay!" I moaned. "Keep fucking me with your cunt! Oh fuck! Shit, you're driving me wild! Oh my God! Keep fucking me!" Another orgasm exploded through me, my toes curling, my fingers raking her bronze back. Azrael kept grinding on me. "The other Prayers only affect Thralls." "What about the ones used on Mark's sister and my friend, Alice?" "You shouldn't need those," Azrael answered.

"Not with your other powers." She was kissing me again, her tongue snaking into my mouth. I bucked beneath her as I came again. Her every touch just seemed to inflame my lusts, driving me to stronger and stronger orgasms. This was Ecstasy, pure, never-ending pleasure. Then we were rolling over and I was on top. It was my turn to fuck her, and I ground my pussy hard against her angelic cunt. Another set of hands touched my ass, a hard cock prodded my pussy, then slid inside me.

"Oh, Mark!" I gasped as my husband started fucking me. "Fuck me hard!

Your naughty filly needs to be ridden badly!" Mark pounded me, driving my pussy against Azrael. "I miss you so much!" Mark groaned and I could feel his cum shooting inside me. It felt wonderful as I shared this amazing pleasure with my husband, my soulmate.

We were lost together in the Ecstasy. There was only the intense pleasure we shared. Just flesh pressing against flesh, driving each other to new heights of passion. For an eternity we swam through a sea of pleasure. There were no thoughts, no distractions. We weren't even individuals, just sensations trapped in flesh.

And for the briefest instant, it was only Mark and I, so close I could not tell where I began and Mark ended. Our souls touched, merged, and I felt the purity of Mark's love for me. One instant of perfect joy. When I returned to myself, I lay on my side, cradled in Mark's strong arms. He pressed against my back, spooning against me. I didn't want this dream to end. I just wanted to stay in his arms forever, safe and sound. I snuggled back against my husband and stroked his arm. Mark nuzzled my neck, his lips gentle.

I smiled and sighed happily. Then I realized he was trembling and I heard a muffled sob. I rolled over; his face red and tears streamed down. I stroked his cheek and he crushed me tightly to his chest.

"What is it?" I asked him gently. "I'm afraid to wake up, Mare." There was so much pain in his blue eyes. "I don't know how much more I can take." "I'm coming for you," I told him.

"You just need to hold out a little longer, Mark." I bit my lip, fighting back my tears. "I need you to be strong for me, Mark. If you fall apart, I'm going to lose it. I'm barely holding it together." I felt Mark tense. He swallowed, closed his eyes, and took a few, deep breaths, before I felt the tension bleed from him.

"Thank you," he whispered. He brushed my cheek and captured my lips with a kiss and held me until we had to wake. We drew strength from each other. Neither one of us was strong enough to face this problem.

Together, however, we could overcome anything, accomplish anything. Together we would defeat Brandon. Mark woke first. I was alone. I wanted to cry. They were going to start beating him again. He just needed to last a little while longer and it would be over.

I stood up, looking around the emptiness. Azrael was still here, I realized with a start, standing a discreet distance away. I walked over to her, the emptiness turning firm once again beneath my feet. I had more to learn from the Angel and planted myself squarely before her. "My mom told me about the Cathar prayer.

Can you teach it to me?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Emi, the Dimme Seattle, WA "Go swiftly, my daughters," Mother commanded Di and myself.

My twin sister and I were kneeling before her, staring up at her radiant beauty. She had a lush body and silvery hair and the most beautiful face in all the world. She was Lilith, Mother of Monster.

Lilith of the Empty Womb and the Black Moon, and we loved her with all our hearts. "Kill the false Gods Brandon Fitzsimmons and Mark Glassner!" Mother's face burned with anger as she said the hated name. Mark Glassner. My hands itched to touch him, to kill him and watch as he falls lifeless to the ground. Di and I would become Mother's favorites then. She would love us more than all her other children; our reward would be her touch, the Ecstasy.

I glanced at my sister, remembering our fumbling experiments this afternoon as we entered puberty. If Mother's touch felt half as good as Di's mouth felt on my pussy, I would kill a hundred men for her. A thousand! "We will not fail you, Mother," I promised. "I know you won't, Emi," Mother answered, her fingers electric as she caressed my face, delight erupting in my nethers for a brief moment as she gave me a taste of the Ecstasy.

I shuddered; I would kill a million men for Mother. "Go!" she commanded. Di and I rose and went ethereal. We were Dimme, more spirit than beings. At will our spirit bodies would take over, allowing us to skirt the Veil between the Mortal World and the Abyss. We could be seen, appearing translucent, or we could pass unseen.

While we walked the border, we were no longer bound to the Mortal World and could pass through objects, like the wall of this warehouse. We traveled south, speeding over the miles. South to the City of Tacoma. It would take us all night and into Monday to cross the distance, but we do not tire. We do not fail. Our Mother's enemies would be dead at our hands. We are Dimme. We do not fail. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Monday, September 30th, 2013 Mary Glassner Seattle, WA "Everyone take your seats, we're beginning our approach," Joslyn's voice crackled over the 747's PA.

"We'll be on the ground by 12:17 PM." I swallowed and hoped she would be careful. I used the Cathar prayer to cloak the plane with invisibility. The US Airspace was still closed by Brandon, and it was tense as we flew across the country, but apparently we did not even show up on radar.

Still, I was terrified that some plane was going to blunder into us. *We're landing, Mark* I sent. *Just hold on a little longer!* *Hurry, Mare!* There was so much pain and misery in his sending, I had to bite my lip to keep from being overwhelmed.

He was on his third straight day of beatings. He couldn't last much longer. I gripped the armrest as we dropped lower and lower, my heart hammering in my chest with a sudden rush of nerves. We were invisible, no-one could see us landing. Please, please let no-one drive out onto the runway.

I looked out the window and watched as the ground seemed to rush up at us. The flaps were coming down, the airplane was slowing. And then the jarring impact and the sudden, roaring deceleration as we touched down at Boeing Field in southern Seattle. Mark and I had a private hanger at Boeing field, and Joslyn and Lynda maneuvered our plane safely towards it. No-one was about, luckily. The hanger belonged to Cargo-Air, owned by a billionaire we knew.

Brandon shouldn't know about this. Hopefully. I glanced out the porthole window and didn't see any soldiers guarding the airport. Guarding our hanger. Our maintenance crews were waiting, opening the huge doors. They were all worshipers that volunteered to be bound to Mark with the Zimmah spell. I could see them staring around apprehensively. They could hear the plane's engines, but not see it. Once we were safely in the hanger, and the doors closed, I released the prayer.

A stair truck was maneuvered to the side of the airplane, and I walked down it to an awaiting SUV. I got into the black suburban alone. I wasn't going to let any more of my followers get captured. If the plan worked, Brandon's power would be broken. If it failed, it wouldn't matter how many bodyguards I took. We were hopelessly outnumbered by the US Military. "Good luck, ma'am," 47, the second-in-command of the bodyguards, wished me. I pulled off my silver locket and my wedding band and handed it to her through the rolled-down window.

The only thing I wore was my bronze amulet that protected me from bullets. "Keep these safe for me." I fought back tears as I handed over my two most prized possessions; if this went badly, I didn't want Brandon to get his hands on them. "Absolutely," she answered, then bent through the open window of the SUV and kissed me on the lips. "For luck." My bodyguards and other servants all watched me depart in silence. I used a keycard to get out of the airport and got onto I-5 heading south.

There was almost no traffic. It was noon on a Monday and the freeway was disturbingly deserted. I sped south and in thirty minutes I drove through the City of Fife approaching Tacoma. There was a roadblock set up at the Port of Tacoma exit. Three Humvees and a Stryker blocked the highway. There were a dozen soldiers in desert camo manning a barbwire barricade set up in front of the vehicles. Two large machine-guns on tripods anchored the barricade on either side, pointing right at my SUV.

I slowed to a stop fifty feet away. I could see their auras, black fringed with red. Thralls immune to my power. Taking a deep breath, I turned off the SUV as the soldiers approached with their weapons pointed at me, barking loud commands.

Cautiously I stepped out, my hands over my head. The soldiers leered at my naked body, and I held my head up proudly, staring boldly at the soldiers. "I am Mary Glassner. Take me to Brandon." I paused, then, pretending to be under Brandon's powers, cooed, "I'm ready to be his concubine." The sergeant commanding the road block, older than the fresh-faced soldiers, grabbed my arm and marched me to a Humvee.

He placed me in the back, then he and another soldier hopped in, started the vehicle and turned it around, and started driving towards Tacoma. *I'm almost there, Mark,* I sent, trying to keep my fear out of the thought.

All I got back was a feeling of pain. I tried to keep the panic out of my heart. Please be okay, Mark! It took only ten or so minutes to reach the Courthouse. Instead of taking me inside the Courthouse, they took me to the County Jail next door. My heart started hammering in fear. Did something go wrong? Why weren't they taking me to Brandon? According to the news, the Courthouse was his headquarters. I tried to appear calm as they walked me into the jail.

The first security gate had been blown open and I saw bullet casings littering the floor and blood staining the walls. The soldiers led me deeper and we had to be buzzed through more security gates that were still intact. I was unnerved to see all the jail cells empty and I wondered what happened to the inmates. The last security gate I passed through opened onto the exercise yard at the center of the jail. A mass of women huddled in the middle of the yard.

They looked numb with terror. I scanned their faces, hoping to recognize any of the bodyguards, or Violet and Leah. I thought I saw Leah, our chauffeur, huddled with 51 and 27. I didn't see any of the other bodyguards or Violet. 51 glanced at me, despair flickering across her ebony face. At the other end of the yard, Brandon sat on a raised chair, like a throne, surrounded by a group of naked women that fawned over him. I knew from watching the news that Desiree was one of them.

I looked for her, and saw her kneeling on Brandon's right. She seemed a willing servant of his and I wasn't sure how that was possible.


Did Brandon find a way to break the Zimmah bond? Or did he just break her? Then my eyes fell on Mark. I almost didn't recognize him. His entire body was a bruise, mottled from head to foot with dark purples, that faded to browns and sickly yellows.

His face was swollen and he bled from numerous cuts on his brow. One of his blue eyes found mine, the other swollen shut. He was manacled hand and foot to a post and lay sprawled on the concrete ground. My heart broke and I had to fight off my tears. Now was not the time, I needed to be strong. The soldiers pushed their way through the women huddled in the center, leading me to Brandon.

He had grown younger and fitter since he had captured Mark. How had he done that? Did he make a second Pact with the Devil? Brandon called it a miracle when he allowed himself to be interviewed last night, more proof of his Divinity.

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But that wasn't possible. No, I bet he made a Pact with another demon. "Ahh, Mary Glassner, you have finally succumbed to my charms, right?" Brandon smiled. "How could I not?" I asked, trying to sound as enchanted with him as possible. He needed to believe I was under his power. "You are a God, and I am helpless before your masculinity.

I love you! Let me be your concubine!" I could feel his gaze roam my naked body as I knelt before him; I felt dirty as I let the pig's eyes feast on me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Mark, and I drew strength from him.

I could endure this humiliation, I could endure anything, to save him. *I love you, be strong!* I fiercely sent to my husband and I saw him stir. Brandon stood up, unbuckling his pants. His cock was hard, the tip an angry red. "Show me just how much you love me!" I can endure anything for Mark!

I crawled to him, trying not to wince as my knees scraped on the concrete. Mark had experienced far more pain in the last three days; I could endure a scraped knee. I reached the pig, his cock waving in front of me. His dick was almost as long as Mark's, but lacked my husband's girth.

I grasped it with one hand, slowly stroking it, suppressing a disgusted shudder. "I would love to feel your cock inside my naughty pussy," I purred. Brandon laughed, "Your wife is quite the slut, eh Mark! It's not surprising, she's finally seen a real cock. Why don't you suck me off first, whore!" "Gladly," I lied, then opened my mouth and sucked his cock into my lips.

I would give him the best blowjob I could. The faster he came, the faster I could exorcise him. He pulled it out of my mouth. "Whose cock is bigger?" "Yours, my Lord!" I cooed. "I can't wait to feel it in my naughty cunt!" He shoved it roughly back into my mouth, and I swirled my tongue around his cock, before sliding my lips all the way down his shaft. I relaxed my esophagus and deep-throated him, my hands gently cupping his balls. It took all my self-control not to bite down on his cock and crush his nuts between my fingers.

I slid my mouth back up, sucking hard, then bobbed a few times, rubbing his cock against the inside of my cheeks. "Ahh, fuck, she's a pro at sucking cock!" Brandon moaned. "I hope you're watching your beautiful wife be my whore, Mark!" I could hear Mark's chains rattling, straining. *He'll pay for every word once he's exorcised!* I sent to Mark.

*Be strong!* I bobbed faster and faster, hoping Brandon would come soon so I could get his disgusting cock out of my mouth. Then he gripped my head hard, and started fucking my face. His cock shoved down my throat. I relaxed, fighting off my instinct to try and break free.

I had to keep up this degrading charade until he was exorcised. "Fucking whore!" Brandon groaned. "Damn your mouth feels great! I'm gonna flood your lips with my cum and you're gonna drink it down like the good little slut you are!" His cum disgustingly splashed into my mouth.

I couldn't exorcise with a mouth full of his dick, so I tried to pull away, but his grip was too strong. I felt ill as his salty cum filled my mouth. His grip never relented and I was forced to swallow his large load. He moaned above me, calling me 'whore' and 'slut'. Finally, he finished, pulling out of my lips and I coughed. I looked up at him, forcing myself to lick the cum off my lips as sexily as possible.

"Thank you, my Lord. I bet my cunt would feel even better on your big, magnificent cock!" His blow caught me by surprise. I lay sprawled on the ground, my face burning with pain. I shook my head, blood dripping from my broken nose. What happened? I saw Brandon drawing back his leg to kick my stomach and fear poured through me. He was trying to hurt my baby. I threw myself away, his foot catching my side and I tumbled across the ground, the skin of my hip scraping on the rough concrete.

"Did you think I was stupid enough to let you fuck me!" Brandon roared. "I know you have the Gift!" "How!" I coughed. "Mowdah," Brandon answered. The spell that let a Warlock see a person's aura. Mine was bronze now. The aura of a Shaman. "But you don't have a sister," I gasped in a nasally voice as blood poured from my broken nose. "I have a brother," Brandon answered, a look of distaste appearing on his face.

I felt so stupid. The Mowdah ritual required a sibling's sexual juices. Mark and I used our sisters'; we didn't have a choice, neither of us had a brother. How could I forget that you could also use a brother. Karen's warning rang in my mind.

Brandon has.other!" she had shouted. Sam's scream had drowned out the middle of Karen's warning. Brandon has a brother! She was trying to warn me that my plan was going to fail. I fought off my panic and glanced at Mark.

I saw him concentrating. He was healing himself, but it would take time and it would be obvious. I swallowed; I needed to distract Brandon and everyone else. I had to buy Mark time to heal himself. It was the only chance we had.

"I hope you didn't wish for that small cock!" I taunted. "I barely felt it in my mouth." Brandon sent another kick at me and I shouted, "Owr!" Blinding light erupted between us and Brandon stumbled, his kick missing me. "Fucking cunt!" Brandon roared, blinking his eyes. "Desiree told me she had to fake her orgasms when you fucked her!" I continued to taunt him, scrambling up to my feet. "She couldn't feel your tiny dick inside her! But she never has to fake it with Mark! He has a huge cock!" The bruises were fading on Mark's naked body, the swelling on his face slowly going down, and I could see both of his eyes.

I just needed to keep Brandon focused on me. I backed away as the pig squinted, his vision starting to come back. With a grunting roar, he lunged at me and tripped, falling forward. Desiree had grabbed his legs, holding him tight. Brandon hit the concrete hard and spat a bloody tooth out. He glared at Desiree, and kicked my slut hard in the face. Crying out in pain, she let go. Brandon was on his feet, rounding on Desiree.

"I thought you knew your place, cunt!" he screamed at the Latina woman, kicking her hard in the stomach. "That's mi Reina!" she shouted, defiance burning in her dark eyes as she clutched her stomach. I moved to help her, but a hand grabbed me from behind.

One of the soldiers; his grip crushing-iron as he squeezed my shoulder. Wincing in pain, I reached back, touched his hand, and screamed a single word: "Maveth!" The soldier fell to the ground, screaming in horror. It was the last thing Azrael taught me before I woke up this morning. Because Azrael was the Angel of Death, she gifted a unique prayer to Shamans.

A male Shaman could conjure the dead. A female Shaman could show a person just what awaited them in death; for a Thrall bound with the Zimmah spell, that meant sharing his Warlock's torment in Hell. I stepped back from the soldier, unnerved by the terror in his hoarse screaming. Would Mark and I experience that same horror when we died? Surely we are not as evil as Brandon? We do not deserve the same punishment that awaits his vile soul.

I looked up at Brandon and he licked his lips nervously. He doesn't know what I just did. The Maveth prayer wasn't in the Magicks of the Witch of Endor. "Anyone who touches me shall receive the same fate!" I warned, staring at Brandon with all the anger and contempt I could muster. Other soldiers eyed me warily. "Grab her!" Brandon screamed, an edge of hysteria in his voice. A smug feeling bubbled through me. He was scared of me. Good. I touched the first soldier who lunged at me, spoke the word, and he fell to the ground in horror.

Three more grabbed me. They were all touching my bare skin. It was enough and they fell screaming. A gun cracked; I was enveloped in blue as my amulet deflected a shot. I turned to see the soldier who fired and saw 51 and 27 leap on him; the two captured bodyguards wrestling him to the ground. Elation surged in me. Brandon's soldiers were in disarray, and Mark was healing.

Everything was swinging into our favor. "What is going on here!" a voice boomed like an erupting volcano. I whirled about to see a tall, hulking man entering the exercise yard. Only he wasn't a man. His eyes glowed like coals, and his skin was black and cracked like cooling lava.

The air stank of rotten eggs as the demon strode across the yard. The women huddled in the center of the yard scrambled to get out of his way, pushing and shoving each other in their terror to escape him. "Molech, I have your next sacrifice!" Brandon bellowed. "Mary Sullivan!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mark Glassner Tacoma, WA Panic seized my heart as Molech strode forward.

I had been watching my wife with pride. When her plan fell apart, she didn't panic and started stalling for time so I could heal myself. She was amazing as she taunted Brandon and fended off his soldiers, and for a moment she seemed to have the upper hand—until Molech arrived like a crashing avalanche. The hulking monstrosity strode closer and closer to my wife. I knew what happened to the women he took; their screams never stopped filling the prison.

I concentrated, willing myself to heal faster, trying to fight down my terror for my wife as Molech strode across the yard. Mary turned to flee as the demon approached her, sending a soldier who tried to grab her screaming to the ground with a single word. Heal faster! I could feel my tongue starting to regrow, expanding and filling up my mouth. Faster, oh please, faster! Faster! Molech approached Brandon, who watched with a smirk as Mary was backed into a corner, fear shining in her eyes.

Suddenly, Molech's arm lashed out and seized at nothing, and a woman materialized out of thin air, pale-white and naked. Her hair was whiter than snow, the very absence of any color. Molech had her by the arm, but she did not scream even as her flesh sizzled, and smoke curled greasily out of Molech's clenched fist. Instead, the woman thrust her hand at Molech and there was a flash of shadows; Molech released her, steam hissing from an ugly fissure in his chest.

The woman vanished. "What was that?" Brandon gaped where the woman disappeared. "Dimme," Molech rumbled. "One of Lilith's spawn. It is an assassin that walks the borders of life and death." The demon fixed his burning coals on Brandon. "I have not gotten all the sacrifices due me yet, so you cannot die." Molech's fist lashed out and the Dimme appeared as she was sent sprawling to the ground, her face a bloody ruin.

The Dimme hissed at Molech and disappeared, leaving behind pale, pink blood. Mary was forgotten as Brandon called his soldiers to surround him. Molech circled slowly, peering about, a grimace on his basalt face. Behind Molech, the Dimme appeared and struck him in the back with shadows.

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Roaring in pain, Molech swung around, but the Dimme ducked. A second Dimme materialized behind Brandon, hand lunging at his unprotected back. A soldier saw her and threw himself in front of her blow. Shadows flashed and the soldier fell lifeless to the floor; the Dimme vanished as the other soldiers opened fire at her.

My tongue was whole. I was healed. "Tsalmaveth!" Energy flowed out of me and mists, billowing white, filled the exercise yard. The soldiers guarding Brandon grew more bewildered and started firing wildly as the fog seemed to draw together, forming into fifteen figures—the dead I summoned, creating their bodies out of white vapors.

In front of me, one of those figures grew swiftly out of the swirling vapors. Its body filled out and a nimbus of silvery light sprang up around it. Squinting up at the spirit I saw blue eyes, blonde hair, and a smile. "Look at all the trouble you get into without me, Master," Chasity grinned. Clad in silver armor, she held a silver 9mm in her hand. She looked like a Valkyrie, fierce and beautiful. Aiming her gun, she shot off the manacles binding my hands and feet, then held out her hand, her grip strong as ice, cold as death, as she helped me to my feet.

I looked around and saw the other ghosts I summoned: Karen standing before Mary, 25's pouty lips curled into a snarl as she fired her gun at a group of soldiers, 63's auburn hair flowing like flames behind her as she sprinted across the exercise yard towards Mary. All thirteen of the bodyguards who died for us had been summoned, protecting us even in death.

My legs felt rubbery as I took my first step. I was so weak. I hadn't eaten in days, barely drank water enough to survive, and I could feel the energy flowing out of me, maintaining the summons.

I grit my teeth, pushed my exhaustion to the side, and summoned my Celestial Gold sword and armor, and strode into the fight, Chasity at my side. Molech had to be stopped.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary Glassner I heard Mark's voice over Molech's roar as I huddled in the corner. For the moment I was being ignored and I struggled to think. Brandon was surrounded by his soldiers; maybe I could hug the wall, make my way to the corner as everyone was distracted by the Dimme.

Then I noticed a thick, white mist spring up. I watched in amazement as the mists swirled before me and a figure coalesced, resolving into Karen dressed in glowing, silver armor. "Mistress," she said with a smile. "How may I serve?" I looked around; other figures appeared out of the mist. All were of the bodyguards that died. The six last June and the seven who died on Saturday.

I saw Chasity helping Mark to his feet, and I smiled. It was good to see her again; she looked so beautiful in her armor, so fierce. I once overheard Alison speaking to her wife about Chasity. "She's watching over us," Alison had said, "Like a Valkyrie, ready to swoop in and help us. Just like in that old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. The barbarian movie." Alison was right, she's a Valkyrie here to save us. 63 ran up beside Karen, followed by porcelain-faced 32. Behind them, I could see that Mark was charging at the demon, Chasity at his side.

"Ma'am, your orders?" 32 asked fiercely, gleaming in her silver armor. "Capture Brandon!" I commanded. Brandon's guards were wild-eyed, shooting at the apparitions. Their bullets didn't affect the silver-clad bodyguards; they were already dead. 32 and 63 fired their ghostly 9mm at the soldiers, striking their bulky body armor and sending them reeling, while Karen placed herself between me and the firefight.

Behind Brandon, I could see Mark, Chasity, and more of the bodyguards fighting Molech and the two Dimme. Mark was clad in his golden armor, like a Greek hero, his sword flashing in the sunlight. He looked so powerful, so heroic, and I felt a momentary heat in my pussy. A naked 51, looking exhausted and gaunt, slid up to me, a captured M16 in her hand.

"Ma'am," she calmly greeted, knelt down, and carefully started firing at Brandon's guards. The ghosts of Karen, 32, and 63 advanced. "Retreat!" Brandon cried out in fear as another one of his soldiers was struck down by the ghosts.

Brandon was propelled along at the center of ten or so soldiers, who rushed towards the security gate that led into the prison. There was a metallic buzz and the gates opened. Crap, he was trying to escape, Mark would have to take care of Molech on his own. We ran after him as the gate started closing.

32 pulled ahead and threw herself into the doorway and caught the gate before it could shut. There was the grinding protest of metal as 32 stopped the mechanism long enough for 51 and myself to slip through. We turned a corner and saw Brandon passing through a second security gate. 32 raced forward, but the gate clanged shut before she could reach it.

"Dammit!" I snarled, then glanced at 32. "Can you go through walls?" "Of course, ma'am," she smiled, excitement twinkling in her almond-shaped eyes. I remembered her from the first tryouts, her name was Sally.

She died on Saturday. "Take the control room, trap Brandon, and open a way for us!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mark Glassner I caught a glimpse of Mary chasing after Brandon with Karen, two other ghosts, and 51.

Hoping she would be fine, I turned my attention back to Molech. The demon had conjured a flaming sword and swung it about in deadly arcs. The ghosts were attacking him from all sides, but Molech was holding us at bay with his sword. Those strange, colorless women, the Dimme, were constantly popping in and out of thin air.

They attacked Molech, me, and the ghosts. Chasity suddenly tackled me and we both went down as Molech's blade roared overhead, the heat painful on the exposed skin of my face. We rolled on the concrete and I slowly got back on my feet. Maintaining the summoning was draining me fast. I wasn't sure I could last much longer. I just had to hold on somehow; Molech was too strong, too fast, for me to fight on my own. He moved like quicksilver, despite his bulk, flowing about the battlefield and driving all our attacks back.

Molech's sword flickered at me in a cutting arc and I just got my blade up to parry it. The demon knew how to fight. It took all my skill just to keep his blade from finding my flesh, let alone attacking back. Three of the bodyguards swiped at him and he turned and flowed away from me. The ghosts had to transform their guns into swords. The small bullets just didn't seem to do anything to the bulky demon. 22 leapt at the demon, her black hair streaming behind her. Molech whirled, turned her blade with his sword, and his riposte cleaved through her, breaking the spell that summoned her and sending her spirit back to the Abyss.

22's unsummoning lessened the strain on me, but not by much. I was flagging and Molech sensed it. I raised my sword in time to catch his next blow, the force sliding me back a foot. The demon hammered at me with lightning-quick blows that I barely blocked with an upraised sword, each one sending a painful vibration up my arms.

Chasity slid in, swinging her silver blade at the demon, and he was forced to leap back. "Fuck," I cursed, sweat pouring down my face, into my eyes. The summoning was about to fail, I couldn't hold it much longer. I wiped at my brow and suddenly one of the Dimme was in front of me. Her arm shot forward and shadows flashed as she hit my breastplate. Pain exploded through me and I was sent flying back. I could feel the cracks in my armor from the blow as I landed heavily on my back.

The Dimme vanished then reappeared standing above me, her arm striking at my head. I knew her blow would kill me if she touched my unprotected face.

Behind the Dimme, Chasity was swinging her sword at the monster's head, racing to kill the Dimme before she could kill me. Everything seemed to slow down as my energy failed.

The summoning spell was about to end and I struggled to hold on to it, but I was too weak and it was beginning to slip away from me. I just needed it to last one more second, just long enough for Chasity's blade to kill the monster before her hand could strike my face and kill me. Just one more second. I was spent, out of gas. I couldn't hold on any longer, the chains linking the ghosts to me slipping out of my soul's grasp.

This was it. I was dead. I let Mary down, everyone down. The Dimme's pale hand drew closer and closer, shadows gathering black around it. No! I can't give up! I had to keep fighting! For Mary! For our unborn child! I dug deep into myself, reaching into the depths of my soul, desperate to find something, anything, that could extend the summonings. I touched something hard, metal. I found a chain manacled to my soul. No, not one chain, there were dozens and dozens of chains.

I grasped one. It belonged to Violet, her life-force tied to me through the Zimmah spell. I could feel the power of her life-force, and I drew on it, fueling the summoning. Then I grasped all the chains and drew on all their energy: Alison, Desiree, Lillian, Xiu, Jessica, Mary's dad and her sisters, the bodyguards, our other servants. More power than I could have ever dreamed of rushed into me.

I had my one second. Hell, I had a lot more than just one. Chasity's blade sliced through the Dimme and it fell lifeless atop me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary Glassner "So," I said to Karen as we waited for 32 to open the security gate, "how's.um.being dead." I flushed, why did you ask that, it must be a painful subject for her. "Oh, well, it's all right, I guess," Karen said. "We watch you and Master, or we make love with each other. There really isn't anything else to do while we wait." There was an awkward pause as neither of us knew what to say, and I wondered just how long it would take for 32 to open this damned gate before Brandon got too far away.

I glanced at the ghost, bit my lip, then asked the first question that popped into my head, "How can you block bullets and go through walls?" "We stand on the edge between life and death right now," Karen answered, "and we can control which side we are closer to. If we choose life, we can interact with your world, and if we slide closer to death, we can pass through walls." "Ahh, and the bullets don't hurt you because you're dead?" "Basically." "So, could something hurt you while you're summoned?" Karen shook her head.

"Not really. If an attack hits us that can effect spiritual beings, like Master's sword, our souls will only get sent back to the Abyss." Karen frowned. "Well, there is one thing, Mishbath." "What's that?" "Annihilation. A blade of negation forged by the demoness Asherah, that can permanently destroy a soul, wiping it from existence. Even torment in the Abyss is preferable to unbeing.

At least in Hell there can be companionship and hope of a better existence." "Wow," I whispered. "Brandon is trapped," 32's voice came over the jail's PA. "I've created a path to him. Just follow the open security gates." "Good job!" I shouted as the security gate blocking our pursuit buzzed open. Karen and 63 led the way and 51 brought up the rear. 32 emerged from the wall as we rushed past empty jail cells.

"This way!" she shouted. Gunfire erupted as 32 rounded the corner, bouncing harmlessly off her silver armor. The Korean ghost aimed her silvery 9mm and started firing calmly. Karen and 63 joined her, and the three ghosts fired at Brandon's men. I could hear the soldiers cry out in fear and pain and I felt bad for them.

They didn't ask for this. They were Brandon's slaves. "Just surrender, Brandon!" I shouted, hoping to spare any innocent lives I could.

"You're trapped!" "Fuck you cunt!" he screamed back, shrill with hysteria. "I am a God! I will not be defeated so easily! Not by a fucking woman!" I laughed, putting all the contempt I could into it. "Brandon, you were outclassed from the beginning." "Open the gate!" he bellowed. I heard a metallic ring, like someone just kicked the security gate. "I command you to open the goddamn fucking gate!" There was no more fire coming from Brandon's soldiers, so I stepped out around the corner.

Guilt filled my soul as I saw the soldiers lying dead and dying before Brandon. I shoved the guilt down. This was all Brandon's fault. The blood is on his hands, not mine. I advanced on Brandon as he pounded on the security gate, begging for it to open. He turned back and saw the three ghosts and me walking determinedly down the hallway. "Please!" he begged, sliding down the security gate. "Please, don't hurt me!" I backhanded him, hard. So hard my hand hurt. It was satisfying to see the blood flow from his broken nose.

"Restrain him," I coldly ordered. Karen grasped his legs and 63 grabbed his arms. He struggled, but the ghosts had preternatural strength and easily held the blubbering man down. "I just wanted the power," he sobbed. "Mercy, please!" "You are pathetic," I snarled. "You attacked us with soldiers, hunted down my husband, and beat him for three days straight. You wanted to give me to that monstrous demon you summoned! And you want mercy? Are you fucking kidding me, Brandon!" I kicked him in the side and he grunted.

The fucker deserved far more pain and suffering.


I wanted to beat him bloody, to let Brandon experience the pain he inflicted on my husband. I wanted him dead, but I couldn't kill him. Every Thrall under his control was bound to him. If he died, they died.

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"You're only alive because I do not want to be responsible for the tens of thousands of deaths that would result if I killed you.

Get him hard, 51." "Yes, ma'am," 51 answered, unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out. Her ebony hand stroked it a few times, then she bent down and sucked it into her mouth.

"Let me know when he's about to cum," I ordered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mark Glassner With my new found energy, I rushed at Molech. He whirled about, his sword swinging in a wide arc that unsummoned two more bodyguards as it passed through their ghostly bodies.

I parried the stroke, barely, and Chasity slid under his blade and swung at his knee. He pulled his leg back, but her blade managed to bite deep into his thigh.

Molech roared in fury, weeping molten blood. His injured leg slowed him, and the ghosts and I pressed the attack. His great, flaming sword was a red blur as he whipped it around in deadly arcs, but the wound on his leg slowed him. Ghostly blades and my golden sword slashed at the demon, and more molten blood gleamed as it flew through the air from a dozen shallow cuts, sizzling and smoking on the concrete.

Somehow, Molech was always able to move his bulk to avoid the worst of the blows. "I am Molech, God of the Ammonites, Lord of Brimstone!" the demon roared. "I am the Fiery Furnace that consumes the Prideful! Who are you, mortal, to think you can contend with a God!" "I am Mark Glassner!" I roared back. "And you are a God no longer. All those who worshiped you are dead. Who the fuck has even heard of the Ammonites? Or Molech?" Molech erupted wordlessly in anger.

Two of the ghosts leaped at the demon's back and he whirled, cleaving through them and leaving his back exposed to me. Seeing my opening, I rushed forward, my sword raised high. Just three steps and a swing and my blade would part the demon's head from his body. The first step—Molech began to turn, somehow sensing the attack, but he was slowed by all his wounds.

He couldn't stop me and triumph surged through me. I was going to take his head! I was going to win! The second step—out of the corner of my eye I saw a white figure materialize and threw myself to the side to avoid a shadowed hand of the last Dimme.

I hit the ground hard, my knee exploding in pain as I wrenched it on a metal stool bolted into the concrete. I looked around for the monster, but she had vanished again. Dammit, I was so close. I grabbed the stool, struggling to stand, but my knee wouldn't support my weight and I fell onto my back, "I think you are an insect," Molech growled as he marched towards me, triumph burning in his burning eyes.

01 and 78 jumped in front of the demon, trying to stop his advance, but he cut them down, the ghosts vanishing back into mist as they returned to the afterlife. "I shall crush you beneath my foot and then I will find your woman and she shall know the agony of my embrace." Molech was standing over me, reeking of sulfur; the air wavered about him, rippling from the heat of his body.

Between his legs was a fat, black cock, hardening with lust. Fear pounded through me; I couldn't let this monster anywhere near my Mary. His foot raised up and Chasity and the four remaining ghosts threw themselves at him. Chasity slammed into his raised leg, throwing off Molech's aim and his foot slammed down inches from my face. Molech's hand grasped Chasity's throat. She somehow managed to spit in his face and the ghostly liquid sizzled; Molech's fiery eyes bulged in rage. "I will find you, spirit." he growled.

"When you return to the Abyss, I shall track you down.

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Your suffering will be an eternity of torment for your meddling!" His fist squeezed and crushed her throat, and Chasity's form melted into white vapor. I swung my sword at Molech's leg, the gold blade flashing as it sliced through the air. It struck Molech's right leg, just above the knee. There was almost no resistance as I hit his molten flesh, cutting through the thick leg as easily as cutting a piece of tender steak.

Molech's roar of pain was satisfying as the figure stumbled forward. Only he had no right foot and I rolled out of the way as the demon crashed forward onto his hands and knee.

A pool of molten fire issued from his stump, melting the base of the metal stool. With a groan, the stool collapsed.

30 stood over me, a smile on her ghostly, Asian face as she hauled me to my feet. Molech struggled to rise, trying to use his stump for leverage, but he slipped, collapsing back onto his hands and knees as I stood over him. "Mercy," he suddenly begged. "I will be your most loyal servant. I can give you anything you want!" "Is the great Molech scared?" I taunted. "Who would have thought that the Lord of Brimstone was such a coward." A sneer appeared on Molech's features.

"Lucifer will rise free of the Abyss and you will burn in his radiance, Mortal!" I raised my sword. "No, wait!" His coal eyes burned yellow with fear. "You will need me to contend with Lucifer.

He will destroy you without my help." "You should not have threatened my wife, Molech." I swung my sword. Molech's protest was cut short as my blade parted his head from his body. It bounced once and rolled against a metal table, then his head and body fell apart into cooling coals. I felt power rush into me, a roaring fire that burned into my soul.

I felt more of the energy travel out of my body, out to Mary. Our souls were so connected, bound so tightly together that Molech's power rushed to her. Fire erupted on my sword, red flames dancing along the gold blade.

"You did it, Master," Desiree breathed. My Latina slut walked over to me her face bloody and bruised from Brandon's kicks and slipped her arms about me. I leaned on her, taking the weight off my injured knee. There were tears in her eyes. "I-I submitted to him," she cried. "I betrayed you, Master." I stroked her face. "You did what you had to, Desiree. When it counted, you protected Mary." Supported by Desiree, I limped off to find my wife. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary Glassner "I won't cum!" Brandon defiantly roared as 51's ebony hand pumped on his cock.

I laughed, "Your cock is so hard. You wished for sexual stamina, right?" He flushed. "Well, it will only be a matter of." I gasped, my eyes widening. Fiery energy rushed into me from Mark, filling my soul. I fell backwards as the power overwhelmed me.

"Mistress!" Karen cried out, kneeling next to me. Her ghostly hands were cold as she grasped me. "I'm fine," I told her, panting. What was that energy that just flowed into me? "Fire danced around you, Mistress," Karen said in awe. "Are you sure you're okay?" "Yeah," I answered, then thought to Mark, *What was that energy?* *Molech's dead,* Mark sent back; he sounded exhausted. *We have Brandon. Just follow the open security doors.* *You saved us, Mare!* Pride filled his thoughts and I flushed.

*No I didn't. My plan failed, Mark.* *You stalled long enough for me to heal. You were amazing!* I flushed even more. A minute later, Mark came limping around the corner, supported by Desiree and flanked by four ghosts. Behind Mark walked Leah and 27, who looked even worse than 51. I could only imagine the horrors they witnessed.

I peered, trying to see past everyone, hoping to see Violet. Where was she? Was our cute, teenage slut dead? Or did she escape? As I strained to spot Violet, a pale form appeared behind my husband.

"Mark!" I screamed in warning. "For Di!" the colorless Dimme screamed, her hand flashing with shadows. Mark started to turn, swinging his flaming sword. Shadow and sword flashed. Mark reeled back, slipping out of Desiree's grip and crashing hard to the ground. The Dimme toppled backward in a spray of pink blood, her throat opened from Mark's slash.

Karen and the other ghosts melted into mist and Mark's armor and sword disintegrated into golden motes. "No!" I shouted, racing to Mark. "Shit!" 51 gasped behind me. There was a meaty sound and a wet thud. I reached Mark, kneeling next to him. There was a blackened wound on his chest. His armor had stopped the worst of the Dimme's attack, but that wound was growing, shadowy tendrils inching across his body. I had to heal him, fast. "Tsa." My spell was cut short as a hand crushed my throat.

I was slammed onto my back, pinned by Brandon as he straddled my stomach, a mad look in his eyes. I couldn't breathe. My lungs burned. I clawed at his face, leaving red scratches. His grip tightened, iron crushing the life out of me.

No! I couldn't die! Not when we came so close to defeating him. Not when I was pregnant. I had to fight. For our unborn child! I started grasping at the fingers squeezing my throat, trying to pry them off.

Other women were leaping on Brandon, trying to force him off of me. 27 was thrown off, her head slamming into the concrete wall and she fell heavily to the floor. The world was starting to grow black, and it was getting harder and harder to think, to fight. I wanted to give up, to relax, to let that blissful darkness take me away from all of this pain.

My hand went limp. No, keep fighting, I weakly told myself. Our child would be named Chasity if it was a girl or Albert if it was a boy. I had to keep fighting for our child. I wanted to see him or her be born. To hold our child in my arms. I would not give up! I reached inside me, trying to find the strength to keep the darkness at bay.

I found something, glowing in my soul. The power that flowed into me from Mark. The fire of Molech. Brandon screamed, his hand released my throat as he stumbled back. I coughed, gasping lungfuls of the sweetest air I had ever tasted. Fire roared about my body, dancing harmlessly on my skin.

Desiree and 51 wrestled the screaming Brandon to the ground, his hands blackened ruins. I coughed, and turned to Mark. The black wound was growing, the shadows spreading, reaching for his heart. "Tsariy!" I screamed hoarsely as I touched him. Red light engulfed my husband, his body convulsing beneath my hand. When it passed, his blue eyes were shining up at me. His hand reached out and caressed my face.

I winced; my nose was broken and my face swollen from Brandon's blow. Mark whispered and my world turned scarlet. I could feel my nose straitening out, the swelling in my face vanishing; the pain in my throat and the bruises and scrapes on my side all melted away. "My filly!" Mark cried out, crushing me to him. I hugged him just as fiercely, my tears rolling down my cheeks. "My stallion!" Mark kissed me and everything seemed to stop.

My husband was safe and we were together again. I could feel his muscular chest pressing against me, his hands roaming my back, and I touched him everywhere, feeling his strong muscles.

My heart sang for joy and I could feel tears misting my eyes. I broke the kiss, and stared into his deep blue eyes and stroked his cheek. Then I bent over and whispered into his ear, "We've started something terrible. A darkness approaches. We have to take some responsibility and fight back, Mark." I couldn't say anymore.

Lucifer could be watching us right now. Only in a Matmown would it be safe to talk. I pressed my finger to his lips when he started to speak, shaking my head ever so slightly. There was confusion in his eyes, but also trust. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Debra Horne-Dannell "Something has happened, Forrest," I reported into my microphone, speaking with Forrest Murphy back in the Q13 Fox studios while I stared into the camera manned by Jarret.

The world had changed a moment ago. I felt like I had returned to myself. "Everything is different. It's like I'm waking up from a dream." Around me in the square before the Tacoma Courthouse, were US Soldiers who served the God Brandon Fitzsimmons. No, that couldn't be right? He could not be a God. Everywhere I looked, soldiers were shaking their heads, looking confused. A young soldier, no more than twenty, sat down and started sobbing into his hands.

"We felt it, too, Debra," Forrest replied through my earpiece. He was anchoring the news desk back at the Q13 Fox studio in Seattle. "Why did we ever believe Brandon was a God?" "He cast a spell," I realized. "Led us astray from our true Gods." It was all coming back to me.

My worship and love for Mark and Mary Glassner was suppressed by the false God's enchantment. I was free. It felt wonderful. "Our real Gods, Mark and Mary, are responsible," I continued reporting. A smile grew on my face. It was unprofessional, but I could not contain the joy I felt at being free. "I just know it!

The soldiers under Brandon's control seem to be freed as well. Many look dazed, sick even. Disgusted at what Brandon forced them to do. We have all heard the reports of the atrocities committed the last few days in Tacoma." "I just shot that man," sobbed the young soldier, staring at his hands.

"Oh, God, why did I do that?" The doors to the jail suddenly opened and two naked women, one Black and one Hispanic, walked out carrying M16s. I recognized the Black woman as 51, the chief bodyguard of my Gods. Then Desiree and a brunette walked out, dragging a manacled man. Brandon Fitzsimmons. And the last to walk out were my Gods.

They were naked, their arms entwined. An aura of fire danced about the pair. My breath caught in my throat; even naked, they were magnificent. Mark's chiseled body, as perfect a male specimen as you would find on any Greek statue, and Mary's womanly figure, as beautiful as any pin-up model. Power and majesty radiated out from the pair.

"I present the false god, Brandon Fitzsimmons!" Mark roared. Desiree kicked the back of his leg and the fat, balding man fell to his knees. Whatever illusion Brandon had used to make himself look young and fit had been broken. He stared blankly at the ground, utterly defeated.

"He enslaved you with his dark magic!" Mary shouted. "But we have freed you! Do not feel guilty for what you did under his control. Only Brandon bears responsibility for the murders and the rapes.

Only Brandon!" The soldiers around me looked up at Mark and Mary with hope and relief. The young man that had been sobbing near me gazed at them with such a worshipful expression. "It wasn't me," he whispered. "It wasn't me!" "Brandon Fitzsimmons is guilty of mass murder and rape!" Mary cried out. "He sacrificed over fifty women to the demon Molech!" Mark looked down at the defeated man. "For his crimes, I condemn him to death!" With Mark's sentence, 51 aimed her M16.

I felt a vicious surge of triumph in my heart as the M16 barked and Brandon fell lifeless to the ground. "A darkness approaches!" Mark bellowed. "Brandon was merely the first. Only Mary and I can protect you! Serve us, worship us, and we shall fight for you, protect you! We are the only hope for the world! We are your Gods, and we love you all!" The soldiers fell to their knees in worship.

It took me a moment to realize that I knelt with them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brandon Fitzsimmons The Abyss The gun barked.

I was falling, falling, falling into darkness. Then the darkness gave way to fire, to pain. To agony beyond anything I ever felt alive. I screamed and screamed as the flames danced on my skin, igniting every nerve. Around me thousands screamed, millions. I burned, my flesh sizzling, but I would not die, and the pain would not end.

My flesh was never consumed. My torment would be unceasing. "Welcome, Brandon," Lucifer taunted. A collar of molten-red metal encircled my neck, a chain leading off to the radiant figure floating before the thousands of tormented souls bound to him. "Did you enjoy your wishes?" He savored my torment, delighted in it, drank in my agony.

Malice and sadism dripped from every word he uttered. "I hope they were worth the price." To be continued.