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Lads military men nude and penis show army gay man Explosions
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Marrie was excited, today she would do it. It was a Friday afternoon and it has been raining the whole day, but now the rain was getting weaker.

It was perfect she thought, her parent where gone over the weekend, leaving the house to her alone. She was 18 years old, but her perants still saw her as a little girl and were sceptical on leaving her alone, but on the other hand they trusted her enough, also it would be just one weekend.

She was one of these nice girls that are good in school and never do anything she wasn't supposed to. She did not yet have much to do with boys, not like she didn't want to, but she didn't dare to actually talk to them, besides the boys in here class where all stupid anyway.

Why the boys did not hit on her, was because was not pretty enough, or at least she thought so by herself. In reality the boys where frightened to flirt with her. Marrie was a stunning young lady, her brown hair reached her shoulder, framing her marvelous face.

She was of average height, had a slim figure and her breast were already well developed, not the biggest but each a good hand full. But as girl usually at her age Marrie was not satisfied with her body. For several months now Marrie wanted to do what she was about to try, but never had a good opportunity or the guts to actually do it.

After her parents left, she waited an hour in chase they had forgotten anything, occasionally playing with her pussy. The thought about what she was about to do made her horny. After one hour passed she started with her plans. She went to her room and stripped down, naked standing before a mirror she took a small hand sized flashlight, which did not work anymore, that she used as dildo for quite some time now and rubbed it between her legs.

The cold metal on her soft skin excited her, lubing the shaft of the flashlight with her juices. This brought her to the edge of orgasm but she stopped just in time, she didn't want to come already.

The Flashlight now glistening with her pussy juice, she got on her knees and started working the flashlight into her butt.

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As the shaft entered her, it hurt a little, but she kept pushing, as the thicker end with the bulb in it reached her asshole. She pulled the flashlight out a little and pushed it in again. Like this she fucked her ass for a few strokes, then she pushed the flashlight all the way in, so that only the thick part with the bulb in it stayed outside. Marrie got up and began to collect the things she would need, all completely nude and with a flashlight up her ass.

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She took a long rope from the garage, three cloth pins, a pack of tissues and a plastic box with several holes at the top that she herself had punched into it. She put everything in a backpack, then she got dressed. No socks, no bra, she chose white panties, a tight white top and a pair of black leggings, at last she put on her grey rainjacket, which she left open in front.

She looked at her in the mirror and could see her nipples through the white top. Marrie was ready now, she put on her old sneakers and put her keys into her backpack and left the house for a walk in the woods. The house she lived in, was real close to the forest. It was spring and already everything was green. She walked for ten minutes on a small path into the forest, she was pleased that nobody seemed to be outside in the rain especially not in the forest, even after the rain had gotten weaker.

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The air smelled from the rain and the light was a bit dim through the clouds and leaves of the tall trees. It was a little fresh but not really cold, but cold enough to make her nipples hard and stick out.

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Marries crotch was burning in anticipation and with every step she could feel the flashlight moving in her ass, which made her even more horny. After she thought she was deep enough in the forest, she took a few steps from the path into the undergrowth, behind some bushes she put her backpack down and pulled her panties and leggings to her ankles and her top over her breasts.

She got the rope from the backpack and took both ends in one hand, so that the rope was doubled. She now wound the rope multiple time around the base of her right breast and then around her left one, binding them so that they became firmer and pointier.


It hurt a little but Marrie loved it, the rough rope cutting into her flesh, making her tits even more sensitive. She put the rope over her shoulders on either side of her neck, under her jacket. She grabbed both ends behind her back and pulled them between her ass cheeks, over the flashlight, pushing it even deeper into her. At the front, she spread her pussy lips with one hand and pulled the rope in-between her inner and outer pussylips, so that her clit was between both ends of the rope.

At last she pulled the rope up in-front of her pulling it tight and knotted it to the rope in the middle of her bound tits. The rope between her legs did not really hurt but it was unpleasant. Satisfied with her work, she fetched the cloth-pins from her bag and put one on each nipple, what hurt really bad because her nipples were, with all the blood in them, even more sensitive than normal.

She tried to fit the third cloth-pin onto her clit but could not succeed because of the rope, so she just tossed the last cloth-pin back into the bag. Marrie pulled her leggings and panties up again and her top over her enlarged breasts and her clamped nipples. Through the fabric of her clothe the outline of the rope was visible.

She got back on the path and walked a couple of minutes, looking on the ground to find what she was here for. The rope tortured her pussy and clit, pressing the flashlight with force into her ass. The whole time she touched and rubbed her tits and pussy through her cloth, she was dripping wet now. After some time, Marrie could not tell how long it was, so excited was she, she found what she was looking for. There on the side of the path was a big brown slug.

Marrie crouched beside it to study it for a few moments. She was always fascinated with slugs and snails, they were so slimy and gross, which was exactly the reason she wanted them in her panties. She touched the slug with one finger and felled its slimy surface, after one deep breath to calm her a bit down, she took the slug with two fingers off the ground.

Standing up, Marrie looked around to make sure she really was alone. After she was certain, she took one hand and stretched her panties and leggings in front of her, so she could see her shaved pussy with the rope coming up vanishing under her top. She held the slug over the opening and with some overcoming, she could not even watch, she dropped the slug into her panties and let go of both her leggings and her panties, trapping the slug in her panties, pressing its slimy body against her teen pussy.

Marrie squirmed, she could feel the cold slimy slug moving on her right pussy lip. It was so gross but so hot the same time she thought. For one minute she just stood there, legs apart feeling the slug move over her pussy.

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She was so aroused, but she had to move on thinking she would love to find more slugs. She didn't need to go far, a few meters away she found two slugs on the ground. Marrie was excited, she stood there for a moment thinking what to do with them now. Finally she decided, because there were two, she should put them on her tits.

She picked them up and put them right beside her clamped nipples. She started to walk again, searching for slugs. A little beside the path she found a group of five a little smaller slugs, she put all of them into her panties. She could now see the slugs in her leggings, there was a lump over her pussy.


After two more steppes, Marrie had to stop because she orgasmed right on the spot. The movement of all the slugs around her tortured pussy had pushed her over the edge. After serveral minutes Marrie walked on, finding more slugs and putting them into her panties, a few she even put between her ass cheeks, feeling the slime with every step between her bums.

Moaning with every step, she kept on. She also added a few on her breasts, letting them crawl on her cleavage. She wanted the slugs all over her, but her pussy was getting the most attention. She loved the slimy feeling on her pussy, knowing all these dirty creatures crawling around her most intimate parts.

She was a worthless slug slut. It was getting late, so Marrie began going back in a loop back to the direction of her house. She picked every slug that she saw up and put it into her panties. On a fallen tree she sat down for a few minutes, careful not to crush any slugs. Reluctantly she slid her hand into her panties, past all the slugs and started masturbating. She even put one finger inside her pussy past the ropes, shuffling some of the slime into her. It didn't take her long to come, she was in a constant state of arousal.

After the orgasm subsided, she realised that her nipples really hurt, after what had to be at least an hour being clamped. Carefully she took them of but had to bite her lips not to scream as her sore nipples where freed from the pressure. It hurt like hell.

To ease the pain a little Marrie pushed two big slugs directly over her nipples, cooling them a bit. As she got near the edge of the forest, she stopped, all the slugs had to go from her panties, because there were so many they could be seen through her leggings and Marrie didn't want to risk meeting somebody like this, it would be embarrassing.

So she fetched the plastic box from here backpack and opened the lid.

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Carefully she placed one slug after another from here body into the box. She counted 26 slugs, before she closed the lid and put the box with slugs into her backpack.


Her panties, were soaked with slime and her pussy juices, Marrie stripped from the waist down and crouched. She forced the ropes over her pussy to the side and started pushing her filthy panties into her pussy. As all of the fabric was inside her and only a little white could be see between her lips, she put the ropes back in place and put on her leggings and shoes again. Feeling her pussy full with her slimy panties, she walked home, knowing her parents were gone for another two days and she had a box of slugs she would have a lot fun with.