Legal age teenager gets off with big one eyed monster

Legal age teenager gets off with big one eyed monster
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Enjoy the new story! Leave a comment and vote below! /// 1 year later: Maria groans and throws down another item of clothing. Nothing will fit her with her big belly.

All of her fancy maternity clothes are in the dirty laundry anyhow but they are leaving for dinner with Evelyn's workgroup in five minutes and she isn't dressed.

They rarely stay long. Just enough so Evelyn can keep up the Ice Queen persona she had developed for the business world. She blindly tosses another article of clothing much farther away when she hears a surprised 'oomph' noise in retaliation. Maria turns to see Evelyn pulling a skirt away from her face with a raised eyebrow. "I see that you're not ready." Evelyn says in a flat tone and gently folds the skirt before setting it on the dresser.

Maria glares at her lover and places her hands on her hips. "No, I am not. I have no clothes to wear. Everything makes me look like a beached whale! I can't go! Just leave! I'm not going, Evelyn!" Maria cries out in frustration and starts to walk away with tears in her eyes when Evelyn gently grabs her wrist. "Come here, love." Evelyn husks now that she realizes this is a hormonal mood swing and pulls the weeping woman to her chest.

Maria melts in the blonde's arms and slowly gathers herself enough to produce only sniffles. "You're beautiful. I'm not sure how many times I must say that to you before you realize that I mean it. We won't go. Let's get you changed into some pajamas. I will fix you anything you would like to eat and start a movie for you. Sound good?" Evelyn whispers into dark brown hair to receive a nod. She helps her wife into new clothes before leaving her with a movie on to go make them a quick dinner.

Maria knows she should have pushed herself to be a good wife and gone anyhow but her crazy hormonal mind had fought against her instincts. Thinking of her wife sort of flipped another switch in her so needlessly to say Evelyn was shocked when she walked into the bedroom to find her lover completely naked. "I'm positive I put clothes on you before I left." Evelyn breathes out and tries not to become too excited by her lover's naked body.

Their sex life had dropped dramatically once Maria started showing and recently it is a game of hot and cold. They will start to make out and grind against each other, take off their clothes even, only for Maria to utter the words stop because she didn't feel sexy despite her wife's words but Evelyn didn't push her. At this point, she hasn't had sex in four weeks, a little over a month. She's slowly going insane and reverting back to her old habits when she was with Terry without sex.

She would throw herself into her work instead but Maria hasn't noticed quite yet. "I know I've been difficult lately and I look-" Before Maria can finish her sentence Evelyn cuts in. "Beautiful. You look beautiful carrying our baby, Maria. I would never think of you any other way." She says sternly to get her words across and sets their plates down to sit next to her wife.

Maria's clit is throbbing for attention, even more so after the blonde's words. She moans softly and pushes her legs together to give herself some friction. Evelyn smirks and slides a hand onto the leg closest to her to gently pull it away from the other.

"Allow me." She growls hungrily and slides onto her stomach between two delicious thighs. Her mouth is watering. "A-Are you sure, Eve? I'm sure you're tired. Are you?" Maria whispers breathily and grabs at the blankets in preparation for what is to come. "Love, do me a favor. Don't speak unless you are screaming my name, will you?" Evelyn whispers and eagerly starts to eat her lover out.

Maria follows her lover's orders. Her fists pull at the sheets underneath her, her back arched in ecstasy, but she growls in annoyance when she can't see her wife giving her some of the best oral sex she's ever received. "Ugh! Stop! Just stop!" Maria cries out and makes Evelyn's heart drop in her chest. Here we go again. Evelyn raises her head, juices still on her lips and chin, with concerned eyes. "What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" She asks carefully and places gentle hands on her lover's thighs.

Maria frowns and shakes her head. "No, of course not. It is amazing Eve. I just…I want to watch you and I can't with this big belly in the way." Is that all? Evelyn thinks. She smirks and stands up. "I think I have an idea that could work." She pulls their full-length mirror over to the side of the bed before pulling Maria over so her legs dangle. "Watch me in the mirror." Evelyn whispers while getting down on her knees and spreading her lover wide. Maria gasps and smiles at the view.

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She never takes her eyes off of the blonde which only makes her more desperate for release. Soon she is bucking and grinding against Evelyn's eager mouth so close to her orgasm. Evelyn slides three fingers into the brunette and smirks against her wet folds when it earns her a feral growl of lust in return. Her fingers curl inside of the younger woman. What comes next surprises them both.

Maria suddenly releases a stream of fluid that coats the older woman's face and chest. She looks down at her blonde in utter shock but throws her head back in a deep moan when the fingers inside of her continue thrusting and lips encircle her clit once again.

She arches her back in orgasm and pulls at wet blonde hair until her body relaxes. "I didn't know I could squirt." Maria mumbles breathless and runs a hand through her hair. Evelyn stands and starts to strip out of her clothes with a smirk. "I am quite proud of myself. I made you squirt without trying. It is not an easy task to achieve even when you are looking for the right spot." She chuckles and lays down next to her lover to drag her hand over her slick skin. "How did it feel?" Evelyn asks curiously and subconsciously licks her lips.

Maria bites her bottom lip and turns onto her side to drape a hand across the blonde's chest. "Odd, actually. It didn't feel like I came. It felt like a…release of tension." She mumbles wistfully and mindlessly plays with the blonde's hair that had fallen down from her regal bun.

"Are you feeling any better now?" Evelyn asks and closes her eyes from the simple attention she is getting from her wife. Maria, of course, notices and leans in to place a gentle kiss on the older woman's sternum.

"Mhmm, much better. Thank you, baby." Maria husks and leans the blonde onto her back before climbing on top of the woman. "Are you sure? If you're tired I don't want you to wear yourself out, love." Evelyn whispers with an already breathy voice. Maria wordlessly reaches her hand down to the apex of strong legs to slide her fingers through the abundant wetness she finds there.

No more words exchanged between them as the brunette skillfully brings the other woman to orgasm, not once but twice. She knows Evelyn needed the stress release but would never ask her pregnant wife to have sex in the hormonal state she is in. Hell, she wouldn't have sex with herself either. Evelyn is so patient and good with her. The older woman doesn't think she sees her pulling away to work more but she does and her mind writes it off because it has other things to think about but her body aches for her at night when she is in bed alone.

When Evelyn's breathing comes back to normal she moves back onto her side and lays her head on her lover's shoulder in exhaustion. "You're pulling away to work more. I know you know that. It's because we don't have as much sex anymore.

But in my moment of clarity from my hormonal brain I want to tell you that I don't care what I am like you need to tell me you need your stress relieved. We can explore more ways than sex." Maria whispers casually and smirks at the goosebumps that erupt across tan skin.

She feels a deep sigh come from the blonde before she continues with a few more sentiments. "I'm here, Eve. I want to take care of you too." Maria forces the tears away and pulls her wife closer. Here come the hormones. Evelyn swiftly wraps her in a hug with a soft smile on her face. "I will Maria. I will tell you exactly when I need you. I promise." Evelyn whispers soothingly and waits a few minutes before continuing.

"How about we take a nice hot bath? What do you think?" The older blonde asks with a smirk knowing all too well that the young brunette has loved taking a bath together since the first time they tried. Maria eagerly walks into the bathroom to start the tub while Evelyn walks downstairs to put the food in the fridge. By the time she is back in the bathroom the tub is filled and Maria is already settling in by herself. Evelyn easily slides in behind her to hold her close, rubbing her hands over the woman's protruding belly whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

Their baby boy Charlie is born on January 27th. Many family members and friends help them take care of the little boy but instead of being intimate they decide to sleep because as parents of a newborn, hours of sleep is very few. When Charlie is nearly a year old they reluctantly send him to Maria's parent's house for the weekend per request of the grandmother and grandfather. Maria sits down on the couch and mindlessly looks around the room.

She had spent the whole day cleaning after Charlie had left to distract herself but it only made her more upset. His toys were neatly tucked away and all his little baby dishes were cleaned.

Evelyn has been working while she has been cleaning so she decided to go visit her wife in the little office nook of their house.

She knocks softly and opens the door to simply stand in the doorway without a word. Evelyn glances up for a second before double taking and looking back up again. Her wife is either angry, but from the lack of furrowed eyebrows, she doesn't believe that is it, or she is upset yet she's not sure why? Evelyn curls a finger at the brunette to entice her forward while scooting her chair back away from the desk.

She has been working to distract herself from missing Charlie because she never thought she would love someone more than Maria but she was proven wrong when he was born. She hates missing him. Maria walks into the study and stops in front of her lover. She has her arms crossed and isn't as close as Evelyn would like so the blonde reaches out to gently caress her hip. She now realizes what could be wrong "I miss him too." Evelyn whispers and pulls the brunette closer by her now uncrossed arms.

Maria smiles softly and climbs onto the blonde's lap with her knees on either side of the woman's hips. "I don't know what to do with myself. There is a hole that needs to be filled by my baby." Maria admits softly and rests her forehead against the older woman's.

Evelyn smiles and runs her fingers across her wife's back to occasionally dip underneath her shirt to feel her skin. "We have the whole weekend to ourselves. I propose that we use it to reconnect.

We have very little time alone now that we have Charlie and I love our son, I do, but I also love making love to my wife." Evelyn husks and smiles when her lover throws her head back in laughter. "Is that your plan then? You just want to fuck me all weekend?" Maria gets that sparkle in her eyes and a devious little smirk that has Evelyn's heart thumping just that much harder in her chest. "Every single second of every minute of every hour of the day for this entire weekend, my love." Evelyn whispers as she turns her chair back to the desk and blindly pushes the papers to the floor along with plenty of other things.

Maria smirks but gasps in utter surprise when the blonde picks her up to sit her down on the desktop. "What do you think? Still up to fucking each other's brains out?" Evelyn asks as her hands grab the hem of the young woman's pants.

"As long as you can keep up." Maria teases and lifts her hips to allow the blonde to pull down her pants. Evelyn's eyes narrow at the challenge and she jerks Maria's fine ass to the very edge of the desk resulting in a squeal. "I wouldn't worry about me, honey. I would be thinking about yourself right now." She whispers and eagerly brings her mouth down to swipe her tongue against the woman's sex. Maria lets out a light laugh mixed with a moan while tangling her fingers in soft blonde hair.

"Fuck you." Maria chuckles and gasps when two fingers slide inside of her. They haven't had sex in a long time, but it feels like they never stopped. Evelyn doesn't retort back instead she lowers her head to the brunette's wet cunt with hot bedroom sex eyes. Maria helplessly watches the blonde's head move between her legs and feels that tongue and those fingers inside of her and on her. God, it's driving her crazy.

She takes no longer than a minute for Maria to cum so powerfully that she falls back on the desk. Her head hangs off, her hands desperately tries to find purchase on the smooth surface, and her thighs squeeze the blonde's head.

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Evelyn gently pries those delicious legs from her head to smirk at her wife who looks utterly surprised by her orgasm. "Come on, love. Let's get you in a bed so I can blow your mind again." Evelyn husks and graciously carries her wife to their bedroom.

They only come up for air when they take a shower, eat, and use the bathroom. Even then, they find a way to be between each other's legs. On Sunday morning the couple cleans the house of all their naughty activities before Charlie gets home. Finally, they share a very long make-out session on the couch which of course eventually ends up with both hands of the women down the other's pants.

Maria laughs softly at the blonde's smile and runs her fingers through her beautiful blonde hair. "I love you so much." Maria husks lustfully and takes control of the blonde's face to lead her lips just a hair's width away from her own. "So, god damn much." Maria growls in desire and sinks her teeth into a juicy bottom lip. Evelyn groans and smiles as teeth release her lip.

"We need to make more time for us. I don't want us to drift apart ever again. You hear me? Those late night drinks at the office with Claire might need to be cut short so you can come home and kiss your wife for a few hours." Evelyn whispers with a smirk and teases her fingers over the brunette's collarbone. Evelyn isn't fond of the late night drinks knowing how handsy her wife's friend gets when she's drunk from being at one of the office parties where Claire had been all over another girl.

Maria chuckles and grabs her blonde's ass. "Aw, my poor baby, so jealous." Maria teases and brings her lips to suck at the woman's earlobe. Evelyn frowns for a second before she moans from her wife's fingers digging into her.

"I will come home early every night if you promise to let me have one night a week with Claire for drinks at the office." Maria says softly and leans back to brush blonde hair out of her eyes. Evelyn sighs gently and shyly looks down at the blonde's slightly open button down shirt to graze her fingertips down to the connection of the two halves. "You don't need my permission baby. I just…I worry about other people." She whispers and leans down to place a chaste kiss on the brunette's sternum.

"You're hot, Maria. You would have people falling at your feet if I wasn't here." Maria smiles at her lover and pulls her into a deep, slow, heavy kiss that leaves them both breathless. "Thank God you are here. I can't imagine anyone with me beside you. I would never cheat-" Maria explains and wraps her arms securely around the only waist she wants to hold.

Evelyn swiftly cuts the brunette off. "Maria, please. I know you would never. Just promise me that if someone tries to make a move on you- and someone will trust me, then you'll tell me?" She asks shyly and looks up into Maria's eyes. Maria smiles softly and moves her hands back into blonde locks. "I will tell you the very second it happens but in no way are you allowed to react in a possessive and jealous way.

Got it, baby?" She asks and notices the little grumble from the blonde before she receives a nod. Before she can say any more there is a knock on the front door as it opens. They both gasp and scramble to stand up and collect themselves. Sara walks in and her eyes widen at them both. "Oh, well, our son was right Paul." Sara chuckles and holds the door open for her husband and grandson.

"Did you have any doubts with these two?" Paul mumbles and sends his wife a smile. He remembers the countless times that his daughter and her wife have snuck off for a little quickie session thinking no one noticed. He walks over to the two women and hands his grandson over to his mothers. Maria smells his little baby head and hugs him close while Evelyn kisses his cheeks until he laughs.

He has bleach blonde hair, rosy cheeks, and bright hazel eyes. So far he has the personality of his brunette mother which is how he manages to completely win over his grandparents and other mother. Evelyn sighs when Maria hands her Charlie to hug her parents. She revels in the way he clings to her shirt and buries his head in her shoulder as he yawns.

"Is my big boy tired? Are you ready for your nap, Charlie?" The little boy simply yawns again and nods his head before closing his eyes. Maria places a kiss on his forehead and another to her wife's cheek. "Could you put him down for me, Eve?" She asks and Evelyn swiftly nods her head while holding her baby close to carry him upstairs.

Maria sits her parents down in the kitchen and grabs a drink for herself and them. They talk about Charlie and their weekend and share photos of the little boy. Evelyn comes back down and sits next to Maria. "I missed him so much. I could barely come back down here he was holding onto me so tightly." Evelyn smiles brightly and leans her head on the brunette's shoulder.

Maria smiles and her heart aches to cuddle with her son but he needs his sleep, or he will be cranky and they do not need that. She loves him but not enough to purposefully make him cranky. She places a kiss to the top of her wife's head and wraps an arm around her shoulders.

"Thank you both so much for watching Charlie. We really appreciate it." Evelyn says with a smile and slides her free hand into the brunette's. Sara smiles at her daughter and her daughter-in-law that is becoming more like family every day. "It's our pleasure. We love him so much. We hate that we don't see him as much as we want to." Sara says sadly and frowns. Maria glances down at Evelyn who nods her head encouragingly.

"We were thinking the same thing as well. Which is why we were looking at houses near you. Evelyn and I want Charlie to have as much interaction with his grandparents as he can…What do you think?" Maria asks with a smile. Paul immediately shows his joy while Sara emits her gasp of shock before she smiles in happiness.

They talk about the visit and houses until Sara gives in to leave for the long trip home tomorrow. They're staying in a hotel despite their daughter's request for them to stay in the guest house in the back.

Evelyn sits on the couch with a sigh and gives her wife a small smile. "I think they're excited." Evelyn chuckles and pulls Maria down into her lap. The brunette smiles and kisses her wife softly. "Are you sure about this, Eve? Your company…it's your baby. I can work anywhere in the city but you-" Maria whispers still insecure about her wife dropping half of her business to move a few states away.

"My company is still in my hands Maria. I'll make a trip out to the company building once a month to make sure it's running smoothly at the source but everything else can be done from home. Besides, I have a real baby now and he needs me." Evelyn reassures her lover for the third time and smiles brightly. "Now, let's think about this.

We're going to have a playroom for Charlie on the first floor. A massive kitchen so you can cook your amazing meals. A huge backyard at the pleasure of our son. I'll have a small office and you a little studio. Charlie will have his big boy room and then we'll have a guest room. We will have our grown-up bedroom- of course." Evelyn husks and sends the brunette a wink.

"You think we're going to find a house that fits us that perfectly in the suburbs?" Maria asks in amusement and turns to straddle her lover. Evelyn bites her lip and shakes her head. "No, I planned out our finances and we can build our own house. I found the perfect piece of land only 10 minutes from your parents.

We can take as long as we want to build so we don't have to move down until Charlie is ready for kindergarten. We have a few years. What do you think?" Evelyn asks hopefully and smiles when her wife's lips crush against her own.

"Why are you so fucking amazing?" Maria husks and eagerly slides her hand into the blonde's pants to make sure her utter excitement is well communicated. 5 years later: "Maria!" Evelyn calls out with a massive smile on her face and blindly holds out her hand to the brunette. A soft hand slides into her own and raises to then be kissed by a gentle pair of lips. "Do you like it? What do you think? We can always change-" Evelyn asks nervously as they stand in front of their new house.

It was finished a week ago and all the furniture was moved in just yesterday. They finally arrived today to see the final look of the house and Evelyn was eager to know her wife's thoughts. Maria cups the blonde's cheek and kisses her to shut her wife up. "Baby, I am in love with this house. Maybe even more than I'm in love with you." She teases and smiles when other woman rolls her eyes.

Charlie, their now six-year-old son, sprints out of the house to jump into Maria's arms. "What do you think CH? Do you like the new house?" Maria asks and smiles when the boy eagerly nods his head and squirms to the ground to run off again. Evelyn sighs and puts a hand on her hip. "I told you I don't like you calling him that. It's silly," Evelyn grumbles and walks into the house with Maria following, "He has a beautiful name.

Charlie. His name is Charlie, Maria. It is already shortened from Charles. I don't understand why you insist on calling him CH." She leans against the kitchen counter and sips from her hot mug of coffee. Maria smirks and pins her wife against the counter shamelessly. "CH, Charles Howell, is our baby boy. No matter how you say his name he is our son, but he likes being call CH. He thinks it sounds cool. I'm sure he'll grow out of it eventually. Relax." Maria explains and drops her head down to kiss a strong collarbone.

"I suppose you think a little kiss on my shoulder is going to solve everything?" Evelyn says haughtily and lets her head fall back to expose her neck.

She despises the nickname her wife and son love so much but they love it, so she will let it be but not without a little fight. Maria smiles and brings her lips up to nibble at the sensitive skin just below her wife's ear.

"I think tonight you will get many, many kisses in a much more pleasurable place, my beautiful wife." Maria charms her wife so well that their first night in the new house is spent making love with a newly bought fan turned on high.

Maria fits in well with her new job. She is the boss for a change which she finds is challenging yet also perfect for her personality. Her wife of 6 years has surely rubbed off on her making her become strong in her business life. Evelyn works from home much to her pleasure. In the beginning, she didn't think she would like it, but it works for her after many years of sitting in an office screaming at her employees.

It helps that she has a miniature Evelyn Howell sitting in her old office to deal with the tough stuff and screaming. Her trip to the company is coming up at the end of the first month at the new house and she is excited yet nervous to leave. She has gotten so used to having Charlie and Maria around her so often that a few days without them will probably feel like an eternity.

On the other hand, she wants to see how her company is doing as well as the young woman who is partially running it says it is.

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She stands at the door with her suitcase anxiously waiting for Maria to return with a gift she didn't know she would be receiving. Charlie sits at her feet playing with a toy car and rams it into the wall just as Maria comes back downstairs. "Here you go. Open it." Maria says excitedly. She is going to miss Evelyn for the few days she will be gone and took the similar admission from the blonde to heart and decided to get the woman a gift. Evelyn takes the small box and swiftly opens it to reveal a gold bangle about a centimeter in width.

Her jaw drops, and her wife gently takes the bangle from her to flip it to the inside to silently show her the words inscribed there. We had a love too big for only two, so we brought a third into our world -M.

Evelyn's heart clenches at the words. She had told Maria those exact same words after she gave birth to Charlie. It was something her father used to say to her mother and it was something she always dreamt of saying to her wife after having a child together. She brings her lover's lips to her own by a gentle hand on the back of her neck. They melt into the kiss like it was the first time all over again. "Ew!" Charlie giggles and runs off down the hallway.

Maria pulls away from her wife's lips with a small laugh but stays pressed against her for her own pleasure. Evelyn smiles and rests her forehead against the brunette's. "You are truly amazing. What would I do without you?" Evelyn husks and tightly wraps the woman in her arms. Maria smiles wider and reluctantly takes one of the blonde's arms from her waist to slide the bangle onto a delicate wrist.

"Hmmm, probably be yelling at a few employees at your office. But, no worries, you have me to prevent that." Maria teases and kisses her lover again. "You should get going or you'll miss your flight." She whispers sadly and cups her wife's cheeks. "I'm going to Skype you every night until I am back home, okay?" Evelyn checks as she looks at Maria expectantly for a verbal answer instead of a head shake.

"Yes, Evelyn. My, God, I do love it when you're so desperate to see me," she sends the blonde a wink before turning her head slightly, "Charlie, come say goodbye to Mom!" Charlie tears around the corner and easily jumps into his mother's arms to bury his face in her blonde hair. "Does you have to leaves, mommy?" Charlie mumbles with a frown and plays with the new bangle on her wrist. Evelyn smiles and kisses his temple. "Oh, my boy, I do.

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Do you know what we'll do when I get back?" He looks at her in excitement and shakes his head. She leans in to whisper in his ear as if it is a secret. "We are going to go to the park, eat ice cream, and watch Ninja Turtles." Charlie squeals in excitement and runs off when his mother lets him down.

Evelyn sighs softly and places a chaste kiss on her wife's lips before leaving to get into the taxi cab waiting outside. Evelyn arrives at her office in the late afternoon. The rush of controlling an office full of people consumes her easily. The company is doing spectacular, yet she still has a lot of work to do.

Her mini-me works seamlessly in the office with a strong voice bossing around pitiful workers trying their best. She works the entire day late into the night. When she finally returns to her hotel she sees a text from her wife nearly 45 minutes ago. Hey baby, it's getting late and I have no doubt you are working hard. Remember to sleep. If you see this within the next hour feel free to skype me but otherwise, I will be fast asleep in our bed with Charlie.

He misses you already & so do I. I love you. She smiles and pulls out her laptop to video chat her wife, hoping she can catch her awake.

Her smile only widens when the call is accepted, and the beautiful vision of her wife appears on her screen. The brunette is laying down with her hair up in a messy bun and reading glasses resting on her nose. "I was hoping I would be able to see you by the end of the night." Maria smiles and watches her wife undress from her work clothes.

"I know. I'm sorry for calling so late. Did I wake you or Charlie?" Evelyn asks carefully and pulls on the young woman's old t-shirt she had stolen for her trip. Maria shakes her head and angles the computer camera to show the blonde their deep sleeping son.

"There could be fireworks outside the window and he wouldn't wake up and I was reading one of my novels because it has proven more difficult than I thought to sleep without you." She admits and turns the camera back to herself with a smile. Evelyn lays down in bed on her side with her laptop next to her and a smirk on her face.

"Our boy is a very deep sleeper. You were reading one of your novels, were you?" She asks with a chuckle when her wife blushes. Maria has become very interested in old-fashioned lesbian love novels. One night her lover read a little snippet of the story to her and it was quite erotic. It lead them to very passionate sex with amusing dirty words quoted from the book.

"I miss you in more ways than one Evelyn. That shouldn't be a surprise." Maria chuckles and glances to the side before moving around. "What are you doing over there?" Evelyn asks in amusement and smiles when she recognizes the guest room walls.

"I miss you. It could be fun if we did a little something over Skype, wouldn't it? I'm desperately horny." Maria husks and almost whines as she lays back on the guest bed. She's missing her blonde so much. "Undress." Evelyn eagerly moves around so she is sitting back against the headboard with the laptop between her thighs.

Her lover is sitting just as she is except she is completely naked with a frown on her face. "Hey, you're not naked." Maria pouts and crosses her arms. Evelyn smirks and seductively drags her hand up her thigh. "You have to convince me how much you want me before I undress for you." She husks and uses her other hand to graze over her breast. Maria licks her lips in utter lust and her eyes light up.

"Check the very small pocket inside of your suitcase." She instructs and smirks when her wife sends her a precarious look. Once she is back in bed the blonde is laughing softly while she gets into position. "You little minx! You had this planned from the beginning, haven't you?" Evelyn asks with a smirk after grabbing the item from her suitcase.

Now she holds one of her favorite vibrators. She swiftly takes off her shirt and panties for the brunette to finally see her naked. "I honestly didn't think this is where we would end up. Maybe a hot phone call but this is better, don't you think?" Maria asks and slowly cups her breasts. "Mhmm, y-yeah. I can already feel how wet I am, and I haven't even touched myself yet." Evelyn whispers and starts touching her own breasts to copy her wife's hands.

For a long, while all they do is tease each other with a few words here and many touches there but neither woman's hand moves to the apex between their thighs. They are both panting in obvious desire to physically touch the other, but this will have to do. Evelyn finally slides her hand down to rest just above her slit. "I want to cum. Are you going to help me?" Evelyn husks and lets out a moan when her fingers slide into her wetness and graze her clit.

Maria eagerly copies her lover's movements and can only nod in response. Evelyn turns on the vibrator and gently presses it to her clit, jerking in response anyhow.

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Their moans and whimpers sound gently from the speaks of their devices as they bring themselves up and up to climax. "Oh, God. I'm going to cum." Maria husks and writhes against the bed. Evelyn is close as well and arches into the vibrator mercilessly sending shock waves of pleasure through her body.

The simultaneous orgasm surprises them both. When they recover they look at the screens with wide eyes. "Did we…together? From two states away?" Maria asks with a smirk and brings the screen closer. Evelyn smiles and carries the laptop into the bathroom with her. "Yes, we did. I'm sure you're very proud." She rolls her eyes and set the laptop down on the sink facing the shower.

"I am extremely proud, Eve. Are you taking a shower?" Maria asks with a smile and starts to dress. Evelyn stops before getting in the cubicle and leans over the laptop to look at her wife reluctantly putting clothes back on.

"Yes, would you like me to keep the camera on or turn it off?" She questions in amusement when her wife yawns and walks back into the dark bedroom. Maria sighs and lays back down in bed next to her sprawled out sleeping son. "As wonderful as that would be I should get some sleep and so should you. My brother and his new 'serious' girlfriend are coming over with my parents for dinner.

I can only imagine the mess it will be," Maria frowns and cuddles into the blankets, "Noah gets so passionate about pushing every woman he likes into the family.

Of course, they leave him within a week after that. It's on purpose." Maria ends strongly and closes her eyes. Evelyn smirks and leans a little closer to the laptop. "I think so too, love. Call me in the morning. I love you. Get some rest." Evelyn doesn't turn off the camera to shower even though the brunette is already fast asleep. Evelyn swiftly gets exhausted by her day in the business. She forgot how much effort she must put in to make a day good at the office. Her heart aches for her lover and son who had called her in the morning.

Charlie was heartbroken that his other mother wasn't back yet. She decides last minute to take a plane back home at the end of the day. She arrives at the house and uses her key to get in the front door. She immediately hears yelling coming from the living room and a kid's cartoon coming from the playroom.

She walks into the playroom first and kneels next to Charlie to tap on his shoulder. "Mommy!" Charlie screeches and jumps into her arms. She smiles and holds him close for a long time before the yelling outside gets loud again. "Alright, big boy. I'm going to go see Momma, uncle Noah, and your grandparents." She smiles as he swiftly starts playing with a toy car while watching some cartoon he is infatuated for the time being. Evelyn slowly walks into the lounge room to spot her wife sitting on the sofa next to an unknown woman and Sara.

Noah and Paul are standing face to face both with an aggressive stance toward each other. From what the brunette had said about Noah last night she can only assume the fight is about the woman sitting on the couch. She clears her throat softly and smiles weakly when everyone looks at her.

"Hi, everyone." Evelyn greets and smiles genuinely when Maria quickly stands up to wrap her in a tight hug. "You didn't tell me you would be coming back early!" Maria admonishes the blonde and lightly hits her on the shoulder before bringing her down into a kiss. Evelyn smiles against her lips and pulls her wife in closer.

"Missed you too much." She husks and kisses her harder before backing off because she doesn't want to jump the woman in front of her family. "Even after last night?" Maria whispers into her ear with a smile and leans back to see Evelyn's smirk. "Especially after last night." Evelyn answers earnestly and sends her wife a wink. "These are for you, my lovely wife." She whispers lovingly and hands the brunette the bouquet of flowers she had brought home with her.

Maria smiles and takes them into her hands before giving her wife one more kiss. "Hold on. You two women are married and brought a child into your home under your insane lesbian beliefs?" Everyone in the room turns to Noah's new girlfriend with narrowed eyes.

Maria rolls her eyes and glances to Noah who raises his hands as a sign for his sister to do her worst. Her death glare comes back to the dumb redhead and she rests her hands on her hips. "It is 2017. It shouldn't be a surprise that women marry women and have a baby.

Leave my house and never come back or I swear to God I will release my wife on you. Trust me, she loves to prey on young women." Maria smirks at the utter horror on the redhead's face as she scrambles to leave the house. Evelyn raises an eyebrow at her wife. "Trust me, she loves to prey on young women?

Seriously Maria? Why am I the womanizer?" Evelyn questions in amusement and pulls her wife toward her. The brunette smiles and grasps her chin between her thumb and pointer finger. "You womanized me for quite some time. Over ten years if I remember correctly." Maria chuckles and kisses her wife whom simply rolls her eyes.

"You've only been married for 7 years, Maria- been together only 1 before that. Right? Paul, am I right?" Sara asks in confusion and starts to count on her fingers. Evelyn's eyes widen slightly when she looks at her wife. Noah sits down on the couch and scratches the back of his neck avoiding eye contact.

"You know what, I- um, I'm not sure." Maria chuckles nervously and smiles softly. Sara raises her eyebrows and lays a gentle hand on her daughter's shoulder.

"Honey, is there something you haven't told us?" She asks curiously spotting her daughter's nervousness from a mile away. Maria glances to Evelyn who shrugs, and she takes a breath.

"There is a little more to our story than you know…and you're not going to like it," Maria drains her wine glass before setting it down and looking at her curious parents, "As you know, I use to work for Evelyn's husband.

Well…I met her while I was working there. We started seeing each other a little over two years before we became official." Maria says softly and takes her wife's hand when the blonde sits down.

Sara's eyes widen and she leans back on the couch while Paul chuckles and glances to Noah who of course, has always known. "You had an affair for two years? Jesus, you two continue to surprise me. What happened that made you decide to start a relationship?" Sara asks in concern and leans forward in interest. She is not fond of what her daughter has done but she can't change it now.

It was over ten years ago. Maria smirks and leans back in her seat. "Sounds like a question for you honey." Maria smirks and sends a wink to her wife. Evelyn sighs and looks to her mother-in-law. "Maria became uncomfortable being my side woman and I was uncomfortable for how I felt about her. She didn't think I would give up my business for our relationship- she was right," Evelyn rolls her eyes at her wife's smug smile, "so we ended our affair.

But only, what? A little over a month? We saw each other again and realized our connection was too great." Noah scoffs and looks at his sister. "You mean the sex was too great." Noah smirks when his sister punches him on the shoulder and Evelyn blushes. "There is absolutely no question about that." Evelyn whispers into her wine glass before she takes a sip.

Smiling when the brunette looks at her with narrowed eyes but a smile on her face. "What happened with your husband Evelyn?" Sara asks quickly to change the topic. "We got divorced quickly after that. He only bothered us a few times once he found out who I was with. He was not very happy, to say the least." Evelyn shrugs and slides her hand into Maria's unconsciously looking for comfort.

Maria notices the need even if the blonde doesn't and moves closer to rest her head on her shoulder. The concern on her parent's faces are clear and Maria smiles lovingly at them. "Terry is very far from our lives mom. The last we heard he met a very young woman a few years back, stole a lot of money from his business because it was about to go bankrupt, then fled the country. We're okay." Maria tells them and gently trails her fingers over her woman's arm.

The subject changes again and before she knows it her eyes are just barely drifting closed. Something touches her cheek and she opens her eyes to see her mom patting her knee.

"We love you, honey.

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Get some rest. We'll talk more another day, okay?" Maria hums softly and accepts a smile from her brother and a kiss on the cheek from her father before they leave. Evelyn leans over her to kiss her lips lightly. "Come get in bed, love. You're going to get a backache sleeping on the couch." Evelyn leads the brunette into their bed once stripping her of her clothes. Exhaustion hits her very hard and she slides into bed as well.

Maria groans softly and pulls the blonde toward her to cuddle their naked bodies together. "Missed you." She slurs sleepily and places a gentle kiss on her lover's shoulder. Evelyn starts to slip into sleep as well and nods her head. "Mmm, sleep M'ia." Evelyn slurs back and nuzzles into her wife's embrace. Maria wakes up from a deep sleep slowly.

She's so warm. Fingertips very lightly graze her shoulder blades and spine. She opens her eyes and lifts her head to smile lazily at her wife. Evelyn smiles back and lifts her head just enough to kiss the brunette's forehead for a few seconds. She releases a contented sigh when she relaxes back against the bed and runs her fingers through soft locks of hair.

"I hated waking up without you." Evelyn admits and pulls Maria in for a soft, chaste kiss. She closes her eyes when a tender hand cups her jaw and a thumb brushes over her cheekbone. "I hated not being able to touch you." Maria admits as well and smiles when the blonde opens her eyes. "Don't waste any more time not getting what you want." Evelyn husks and pulls the brunette completely on top of her with hands immediately finding her wife's ass.

Maria chuckles and kisses her wife so passionately it takes their breath away in seconds. "Jesus fucking Christ." Evelyn groans out and shifts her hips to roll over onto her lover who is smiling very widely. "You're so hot when you say things like that." Maria tells the other woman and wraps her legs around her hips and grinds against hot skin. Evelyn smirks and releases a lustful groan from the woman grinding on her. "Like what?" Evelyn questions and very greedily cups both of those gorgeous breasts in her hands with her thumbs brushing over taught nipples.

Maria moans and arches into her wife's hands. "Anything you think is a cuss word you never say outside of the bedroom. Only in here do you ever say 'fuck' or 'goddamn'- plenty more go along with those as well. I love it. I love being the only one who hears the unashamed side of you." Maria whispers and lets out a high-pitched moan from her nipples being pinched by deft fingers. Pleasure shoots straight to her core and she can't help but grab her lover's hips to begin rubbing herself against the woman to relieve the throbbing between her thighs.

Evelyn moans at the move and reluctantly tears herself away from the brunette's breasts to pull away from the other woman's hands and legs. "I wanted to take this slow. Really treasure your body because I've been without you for so long.

But you are infuriatingly sexy, and I can't control myself around you." Evelyn growls while she maneuvers onto her stomach between her wife's thighs, the covers now over her head. Maria smiles softly before it is wiped off her face by a moan. Evelyn runs her tongue up the length of the wet slit before then playing with the sensitive nub just barely to tease her wife. She wraps her arms around Maria's thighs and pulls her closer before sucking deliciously on her clit.

Maria nearly screams at the sensation and bucks her hips against her lover's mouth. "Mommy!


Momma! Wake up!" Charlie screams as he runs down the hall to their room. Maria gasps and instinctively closes her legs trapping her wife between them. Evelyn tries to pull away, but her wife has very strong thighs. Fucking yoga, Evelyn thinks. Charlie rushes into the room to jump straight onto the bed. The blonde swiftly pushes the woman's legs apart and wipes her mouth before crawling above the sheets, making sure to keep their naked bodies covered from their son.

"Mommy, why were you under the covers?" Charlie questions and sits back against the pillows. Maria is of no help to Evelyn because she is turning beet red from trying not to laugh and embarrassment.

"I, um…I was helping Momma look at a something on her leg. She's fine. Charlie, I thought we discussed knocking on every door before you walk in?" Evelyn swiftly tells him the best lie she can think of and admonishes him for not knocking. Charlie frowns and plays with the corner of a pillowcase.

"I'm sorry Mommy. I was excited to see you." Shit, how can I argue with that? Evelyn thinks and releases a soft sigh. She smiles widely and ignores her wife's hand now running up and down her sides, of course, trying to be calming but it is eliciting another reaction instead. "I'm excited to see you too. Go get dressed in play clothes then sit in the kitchen. We will eat breakfast then go to the park. How does that sound?" Charlie doesn't exactly answer but jumps off the bed at a run instead.

Evelyn looks to her wife whom is no longer holding back her amusement and she can't help but follow in her footsteps. "I forgot that he is old enough to reach the doorknob." Evelyn whimpers and rests her forehead on her lover's chest. Fingers slide through her hair and massage her scalp with very fluid motions. "Yes, and he always forgets to knock." Maria sighs and pulls the blonde up to kiss her again. Evelyn pulls away with a soft groan and gets out of bed. "Woah, wait- what are you doing?" Maria frowns and sits up the blanket falling around her waist as she does.

Evelyn starts to get dressed for the day and sends her wife a pointed look. "Getting dressed, as you should be before Charlie comes running back in." She points out and walks into the bathroom. Maria smirks and slips out of bed to stand in the bathroom doorway looking at her wife who glances at her once before looking at her with her full attention.

She licks her lips and glances down at her own naked body. "We both know you can get me off quickly." Maria husks and takes a step forward to kiss her lover's neck. Evelyn smirks and turns her head just enough to place a soft yet lingering kiss on Maria's lips. "This is what you get for laughing instead of helping me when Charlie barged in." She husks and gently nudges her wife away to continue doing her makeup.

Maria huffs softly and turns away to get dressed as well. They all head out to the nearby park after a large pancake breakfast. Maria watches her son run around the park with the other kids. She and Evelyn talk with the other mothers at the park. It's not their favorite thing to do yet it is a necessity when they come to the park.

The town is one of those towns that gossip 24/7so they are required to make small talk to avoid rumors of their family. It took the town a while to become use to their openly gay relationship. After Sara and Paul's obvious fight for their daughter and wife's family to be accepted the town grew accustomed to them.

In no time it is lunch and they are luring their little boy away to eat. Maria smirks when Charlie begs to leave for ice cream the second he finishes lunch. They drive to the nearest ice cream shop to get the ice cream Evelyn promised her son.

He very eagerly finishes his ice cream and plays with the other kids on the small playground next to the shop. Maria slides her hand into Evelyn's and clears her throat so the blonde will look at her.

Evelyn smiles and squeezes her wife's hand. "You have a little…" Evelyn gestures to her own lips and smiles when the brunette licks her lips trying to find the lingering ice cream. "Here, let me." She husks and cups her wife's chin to bring her forward, swiftly kissing her lover with gentle lips.

"Mmm, thank you, baby." Maria whispers and slides her free hand onto her wife's thigh. Their unfinished business from this morning hits them both full force with lust. But they can't do anything about it right now. Later. They look into the other's eyes in understanding before leaning in for another soft kiss as a promise for more. They let Charlie play for as long as he wants. Of course, he doesn't waver in excitement one bit. They stay at the shop until it is time to start getting dinner ready.

Evelyn and Maria cook dinner while Charlie rolls around cars in his playroom. They constantly flirt and touch as they move around the kitchen. It feels like when they first moved in together. It ends up with Maria pinned against the kitchen island grabbing Evelyn's hips roughly. "You are such a tease." Maria groans and tries to make her lips meet the blonde's, but the other woman keeps pulling away at the last second. "This is what you get for being such a bitch this morning." Evelyn says with a smirk that swiftly disappears when the brunette suddenly cups her cunt through her jeans.

"Eve." Maria growls in warning but before she can issue an empty yet intimidating threat the timer for the oven goes off, so Evelyn pulls away with a smile. They eat dinner together as a family with their little boy raging on about a cartoon he was watching before dinner. Eventually, they all move to the living room to watch the Ninja Turtle Movie Evelyn promised that they would watch.

A little over half way through it Charlie falls asleep on his mother. She gently carries Charlie up to his room while Maria cleans up downstairs. Maria is already in the bedroom when Evelyn comes in. "I think we need to talk." Maria says it playfully so not to alarm her wife and smirks when the blonde gently closes the door and locks it.

"Is that so? What would we need to talk about?" Evelyn asks with feigned curiosity and walks up to her wife sitting with crossed legs on the bed. "I think you underestimate my influence on you. We need to set that straight." Maria smiles and opens her legs before sticking her fingers in the blonde's waistband to pull her roughly between her thighs.

Evelyn holds in a gasp and catches herself on the brunette's shoulders. She looks down at the hands working on her jeans to pull them down and licks her lips. "I-I think you overestimate your influence on me." Evelyn stutters back and blushes in embarrassment at the hitch in her voice. "Are you sure about that?" Maria husks while she jerks down her lover's jeans and panties all the way down to her ankles.

She looks up at her wife, who is now biting her lip with closed eyes, and leans in to place a soft kiss just above the blonde's belly button. Evelyn shakes her head gently and bites her lip harder when a hand slides up her thigh.

Oh, those fingers are so close to her dripping center. Just a little farther. She groans softly and opens her eyes to look down at her lover when that tortuous hand pulls away. Maria stands with a smirk and gently runs her hands up the woman's body until cupping her flushed cheeks. "You are so incredibly beautiful when you're like this.

God, Eve, can I…um…I want to talk about something but I want to eat you out first." Maria growls in lust, her mind overcome with dirty thoughts so much that she can't relay words to her concerned wife who awkwardly nods her head.

Maria swiftly drops to her knees in front of the blonde, her back pressed against the bed. Evelyn wiggles one foot out of her jeans to raise her leg to rest her knee on the bed. "Fuck, yes." Maria husks before grabbing a handful of the blonde's ass to pull her in for a long lick.

Evelyn moans loudly and sways for just a second before getting her balance back. Her body trembles with every lick. She has waited too long to have her wife between her legs. Her trips to the company will have to be shorter. She lets herself relax into her wife's touch and releases a wanton moan of absolute arousal. Her hands swiftly pull off her shirt and bra to fling it on the floor. Fingers tangle in brunette hair and pull the woman deeper resulting in a moan that makes her shiver from the vibrations.

"Jesus Christ, Maria." Evelyn gasps when her wife easily thrusts two fingers deep inside of her. She knows she won't last long.

How could she with the treatment she is getting? Her hips buck and grind against her lover's mouth and fingers until she feels her inner walls tightening. "Oh…oh, baby, yes- oh! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Evelyn cries out and tenses so hard her body freezes while her lover continues to fuck her senseless. Maria slowly brings her wife down from her high quite proud of herself and swiftly helps the woman down onto her lap when her knees become too weak.

Evelyn rests her head on the brunette's collarbone with a soft whimper. "I missed everything about you- don't get me wrong. But your mouth," She raises her head and grabs the younger woman by the chin while bringing her lips closer, "this mouth is what I live for." She smiles into their next kiss and greedily drags her tongue across similar smiling lips to collect any left-over juices.

They kiss for a while longer until they're forced to pull back for air. "What did you want to ask me?" Evelyn questions and leans back on her wife's lap to look at her properly. Maria smirks and gently grabs the blonde's hips. "I was wondering how you felt about me…dominating you…" She husks and pulls her woman closer with a light tug.

Evelyn blushes and bites her lip, her eyes automatically turning a shade darker than they already are. "I never knew you would be comfortable with that?" She mutters and mindlessly drags her fingers over the brunette's clothed stomach. Ever since they reached a status of equality in their sexual life she has thought of giving all of the power to her wife but she didn't know if Maria would be up for it. Maria raises an eyebrow and lets a little smirk grace her lips.

"You've thought of it." She smiles and leans up to place a gentle kiss on her wife's lips. "And? What are your thoughts?" She asks excitedly because Evelyn doesn't blush but she is blushing right now which either means she's embarrassed or angry. She isn't angry. "Let's do it." Evelyn husks and brings her wife into a kiss for one last semblance of control before forfeiting her free will to her lover. "Stand." Maria whispers lustfully and stands with the other woman.

She grabs the blonde by the chin and kisses her softly. "I love you. If you are uncomfortable tell me to stop- ah, ah, ah I know you think it's unlikely but just nod your head if you understand my condition." She smiles when she receives a nod and pulls the blonde flush against her.

"Undress me." The blonde smiles excitedly and starts to move her hands but Maria stops her with a smirk. "With your teeth." She whispers and smiles even wider when her lover gulps. Evelyn bends down and uses her teeth to drag up the brunette's shirt then slowly moves it up with her hands to finally take it off.

Her work is slow but torturous to both women. When Maria is finally naked in all her glory the blonde starts to caress and kiss the woman before her. Suddenly a hand tangles in her hair and jerks her head back so the brunette is looking her in the eyes with a fierce glare. "I don't remember giving you permission to touch me." Maria growls and slowly walks them back toward the wall. Evelyn swallows roughly and gasps gently when her back hits the door. The brunette releases her hair and moves to cup her chin instead.

"I want you to get on your knees right now and put these lips to use. They're the only thing that touches me- no hands. Go ahead." Maria husks and moves both hands to press against the door behind the blonde. Evelyn holds back a whimper and gets onto her knees in the small space her wife is allowing her. Her clit is already throbbing and all she wants to do is touch her lover everywhere.

Yet she looks up at the woman while clutching her hands behind her back then leans forward to press a kiss to the brunette's clit. "May I use my tongue?" Evelyn husks after a few more kisses. Maria, who is extremely horny, nods her head and tangles her fingers in blonde hair. She licks her lips and closes her eyes. Jesus, her wife is simply just magnificent at eating pussy. "Make me cum as quick as you can.

I know you know how. Fuck me good, Evelyn and I might reward you." She whispers and opens her eyes to look down at the woman on her knees. Evelyn smirks against the cunt in front of her and eagerly puts ten times more effort into eating her wife's pussy. Maria gasps at the incredibly eager woman between her thighs and rests her forehead against the cool door.

Her pants and moans ring out through their bedroom so loudly the brunette has to bite her lip every so often to hold back a particularly loud noise. "Good girl." Maria whispers and arches her back. Evelyn knows her wife is close from that arch and she knows she shouldn't touch with anything but her lips and tongue but she's desperate. Feeling Maria writhe against her when she reaches her climax is as close as Evelyn can get to nearly cumming without anything but skin touching her. She grabs Maria's ass and pulls her in to suck and flick the bundle of nerves to bring her wife over the edge.

Maria's body trembles in orgasm until the pleasure becomes too much and she has to jerk the blonde's head back. "Fuck." She growls and steps back to take in slow deep breaths while looking at her lover. It only irritates her more when the blonde looks smug instead of guilty. "Stand up and lay over the bed with your ass in the air- not a word out of you either." Maria hisses and glares at her lover.

That is when Evelyn realized that she should have kept her hands to herself. She does as she is told and bites her lip when her wife comes to stand behind her. Maria licks her lips and grabs the blonde's hips to pull her ass up even further.

"I thought I told you not to touch me? I said that, didn't I baby? You heard me say it?" Maria hesitantly sends a rough slap to the blonde's sweet ass. Evelyn gasps and closes her eyes.

"Yes." She breathes out and arches her back. "Then tell me why you grabbed my ass while eating me out." Maria growls and digs ten fingers into her wife's thrust ass before sending another rough smack.

Evelyn lets her forehead fall to the bed while she shakes her head. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. You are so hot Maria. I nearly cum every time you cum I couldn't help but grab onto you." Evelyn whispers hastily and pushes back into her wife.

Maria bites her lip and looks down in lust at her lover's beautiful ass. Her hand suddenly tangles in blonde locks to pull Evelyn flush against her body and brings her lips to the arch of her ear. "I want to watch you cum so much that you can't even speak. Get the realistic dildo and the blue vibrator. You have 5 seconds." Maria turns the blonde around and nudges her towards the closet to urge her on. Evelyn glances back to the brunette to see her very seriously counting down as if she was timing their son.

She just barely finds the vibrator and dildo and comes back to Maria in time for her to reach number four. "Lay down with your hands pinned underneath you then spread your legs." Maria instructs and takes the toys from her wife.

She watches with delight as the woman lays on the bed with her legs spread to show her the abundant amount of wetness between strong thighs. She climbs onto the bed between those thighs and lays down on her stomach to watch the show. "Now, be a good girl and let me please you." Maria whispers and brings the vibrator up to just the side of the blonde's wet pussy lips.

She doesn't turn it on just yet. She watches the blonde react to the small touch and smirks when the vibrator moves to slide up and down her slit. Evelyn moans and grabs at the sheets in fistfuls to hold herself back. Maria spots the effort to hold back and smiles. "You're going to cum so many times." Maria growls and bites her lip when the blonde whimpers. She turns the bottom of the vibrator until it clicks to the lowest setting then presses the vibrator to her wife's clit.

The blonde's hips jerk off the bed at the sensation with a moan ripping from her throat. Maria loses track of time. She simply watches her wife squirm and pant for breath, whispering soft words of comfort and lust. Evelyn slowly feels her mind start to go. She doesn't know what she's saying anymore, she doesn't think about anything but her wife, she can only grab at her soft bedsheets and writhe for her lover. Three orgasms. That is how many she receives from her brunette lover before giving in.

With a particularly rough push against her throbbing clit from the vibrator that is now on high power, she cries out and quickly reaches down to bring her wife's hand away. "Please, please. No more. I-I can't take it." Evelyn whimpers and swallows loudly when her wife's glare comes back into play. "On your knees with your chest on the bed." Maria growls but she's not mad, she's just too utterly turned on to think clearly. She can't imagine how Evelyn is feeling. She waits until her lover is in position before replacing the vibrator for the dildo and sliding underneath the blonde so her mouth is just below her dripping pussy.

"One more, my good girl." Maria muses softly and smiles when Evelyn moans in acceptance. Her mouth latches onto her clit to give it very gentle treatment while her hand brings the dildo to her wife's entrance. "Oh, God." Evelyn whispers and presses her face into the sheets to prevent a scream slipping from her lips. The dildo slides so easily inside of her from the moisture of her orgasms before that the squeezing from her muscles give her nothing but pleasure.

She's won't take long. Maria slowly pumps the dildo in and out of her lover slowly at first before building a steadier and faster rhythm. Evelyn cries out her euphoria into the bed and grinds her hips into the dildo and her wife's mouth. "Fuck…FUCK! YES! Maria- baby, I'm cumming. I'm cumming for you." Evelyn growls and cums so hard that she falls forward on the bed away from her lover's mouth and the dildo that slips right out of her. Maria swiftly moves out of the blonde's way and sets the toys aside before bringing a blanket over her wife.

"Rest for a few minutes Eve, then we'll get you in a nice hot bath." Maria husks and leaves Evelyn to run the bath and wrap herself in a robe.


Evelyn watches her lover prepare the bath and smiles. "Will you be joining me?" Evelyn asks softly and sits up wrapped in the blanket. Maria walks to her wife and kisses her lips softly. "If you want me too." She whispers and smiles when Evelyn eagerly nods her head and buries her face in her neck with her arms around her waist.

They stay in their embrace for a few minutes then Maria pulls away. She leads them to the bathtub and slides into the hot water first followed by Evelyn who leans back against her.

"What did you think about that?" Maria asks as she grabs the small bottle of shampoo off the shelf and pours some into her hand.

"I liked it. I…I didn't have to be in control of anything anymore. I trusted you to take care of me and you did. Multiple times." Evelyn ends with a little chuckle and closes her eyes as deft fingers start to massage her scalp.

Maria smiles and grabs a cup to scoop water and rinse the shampoo from her lover's hair. "I enjoyed it too. I understand why you were so upfront with your domination when we first got together. Everything else seems so uncontrollable until I have you at my side. Does that make sense?" Maria questions and runs the conditioner into wet blonde locks.

"Yes. It's how I felt about you. I'm glad we can talk like this. I want you to know that I was never like this with anyone else." Evelyn admits and turns her head to look at the brunette. Maria kisses her lightly and wraps her arm around her shoulders. "I know." She husks happily and kisses her wife deeper. They stay in the bath until the water turns cold then they retire to bed.

Their passion never falters. They still tease, dominate, and love each other like it was the first day they met. Charlie grows up acting much like Evelyn but with all the looks of his brunette mother.

It's what makes both women love him so passionately and unconditional. Maria eventually steps down from her position at the company to spend more time with her family. Charlie moves out for college to become a doctor. Evelyn gives all her attention to the love of her life just as Maria does to her.

They're forever in love. Forever in each other's arms. /// I hope the end of this new series was thoroughly enjoyed! Leave a vote and comment below!