Hot young teen gay boy cumshots Brett Styles Goes for Bareback Style

Hot young teen gay boy cumshots Brett Styles Goes for Bareback Style
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Hi my name is Johnny and this is my story. Summers here are hot and boring. It's a small town and not even a pool to swim in and cool off. My story starts on Thursday. The neigbor, Mr. Green was busy loading supplies into his suv. He was being helped by several other guys. Voolers and blankets and fishing poles and more for what looked like a fishing trip. Mr.


Green saw me and waved so I waved back. Then he stopped came over and asked if my mom was home and I said sure and went to get her. I continued to sit outside and gthey went in the house for a few minutes and then the door opend and Mr.

green want bacck home and I hear my mom calling. I slowly wander in and find her in the kitchen. She turns to me and asks "Johnny do want to go on a camping and fishing trip for a few weks. It's in the mountains and there is a lake with a dock and everytghing.

Mr. Green invited you to go if you wanted. Apparently one of the other dads has a son your age who is going and you can keep each other company. We have lived next door to Mr. Green for ever it seems. My parents know him and have been to bbq's etc. over the years. There permission on this was a no brainer and I said sure. I then went to pack. A couple hours later there was a knock and Mr. Green was there to get me and off we would go. I climbed in the back seat with another man and the third man got in the front with Mr.

green and off we went. The drive was boring and took about 3 hours I guuess. We finally got there. The car was unloaded and we room assignments made etc.


It was just us until tomorrow supposedly when the dad and son would arrive or so I was told anyway. Someone suggest a swim so everyone changed and headed out.

After a while I got bored and went back to the cabin by myself. I was looking for something to do when I came accross a magazine. This was an adult magazine with pictures of men. They were naked and had big cocks on them.

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Now this was one of the first ever nude magazines I had ever seen so was looking at it and keeping and eye out so no one would see me with it. Unfortantly that didn't happen. I failed to hear them come up and was surprised when the door opened. The magazine went flying and I tried to act normal but was totally red faced. Someone picked it up, mr. Green I think, and said what do we have here flipping through it.

I squeked out that I had found it in the pile of magazines. All three men had big smiles on there faces while shaking there heads saying "what are we going to do now?" One of the men went in the kitchen and I saw him run some water and such but could not see anything else. Mr Greenn and the other man each sat down beside me.

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Then someone sxaid you know there is nothing wrong with a little sex education now and then. Did youu like the magazine? I was afraid to speak buut then shook my head and squeked out that there was no girls in it. They all just smiled at that with the 3rd man coming in and setting down a tray that was covered.

Thats when Mr. green said new rule in the house. Everyone will be naked from now on.

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He turned to me as he stands up and gets naked saying "Lets go shuck em off." Then the threat: Or do I need to call your parents abouut this? I thought I would die right then.

I stood up turned away and goot naked. As I tuurned around I covered my self. My hand though was pulled away. I had startedd jacking off a few months back and loved the white cum that came out. I was still pretty small and there was no hair to see really though it was cominng in. Mr Green grabbed my cock and copped a feel. MMm Nice one Johnnie.

The man who made the tray reached under it and pulled out a piece of rubber tubbing stepped towards me and wqrapped it around my upper arm. Then the cover is lifted and I see several syringes for shots. Each man grabbed one and the one who put the bannd on sat down on the coffee table in front of me and said "I need youu to hold very still. This is just going to take a moment. This will feel really good and we each have one too." I start to say something about not wanting a shot but was told don't worry followed by we can call your parents.

So I sat there and held still.

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They did say they all were taking one too and I would so die if they told my mom and dad I was loooking at a magazine with all men. The man puts a pillow on his lap then lays my arm on it. He says this will be just like any other shot I have gotten and not to worry. I see him poke it in my arm and then he pulls it back a littl and I see my my blood in it.

I look uup and see Mr. Green and the third man doing the same thing. I look back and he is pushing the liquid into me now until it is all gone. I could read the numbers the way he held it and it looked like the clear stuff startedart 30 or 35 what ever that meant.

He pulls it out and places a finger over the spot and lifts my arm up. Then with his other hand he pulls the tubing off and What seems like forever then it hits me. I get all hot. I feel like I cant breath and I am coughing and coughing and coughing. It stops and I am feeling really strange and diffrent. I feel really hot. Touch is so sensitive to me. I hear ringing and my eyes seem to come unfocused. Yet I am scared and it feels really good though I have no understanding.

I am picked up and taken to a bedroom, it's Mr Green's and set on the bed. Several things happen. First some one comesup by may face and I feel something hitting my mouth.

I open up to say stop and ity's pushed in. its really big and he says lick my cock boi. Thjats it. He starts to slowly teach me to lick and trying to suck it. It's really big and doesn't really fit. Yet I keep trying.

While that is happening I feel my cock being playedd with and eventully realize someone is sucking on it. Also my legs are lifted up and I feel someone playing withy my butt. it feels really good and I mean really good. He must be using fingers on me because he is pushing something in and out. Through the fog I hear "He is really tight but I have 2 fingers in.

He pulls out and I wimper a little around the cock because he felt so good. I feelhim back playing again but now its is rougher and stings some. And I feel even more stuffed. He had pushed a tina shardin my butt and then had worked 3 fingers in and was pushing it as deep as he could get it. Soon the stinging went away and was feeling even better then ever.

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At this point the man in my mouth starts to groan and says get ready to swallow boi here it cums. He starts shooting hoot gooy salty stuff and I couugh some and though I try to swallow it still leaks out of my mouth.

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After he pulls his cock out he reaches over grabs it off my chin and lips with his fingers and then reaches down and pushes into my butt with those fingers. I heard someone asking if I liked it and I kind of shook my head yes. At that point all the fingers were gone and I felt someone step up between my legs and something was rubbed up and down accross my hole.

I was really liking the feel of it doing that and mumbled more but he stopped. Then I heard Mr Green say "Do you like that Johnny?

Do you nwant more?" I shook my head yes and he was told I had to say it. I mumbled more please and he said What? I focused really hard and said please play with my butt more.

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It feels so good. Mr Green then says back "Thats what I thought you saud. Time for you to become our official little slam slut boi. Time to loose that boi cherry. I feel him place his cockat my hole and I feel him pushing. It hurts and I want to stop him. I say no no stop it hurts.

He stops slightly backs off and then grabs my hips and pushes in with all his might. I yell and he just keeps going in deeper and deeper. Finally I feel his legs on my cheeks and his balls hitting me and he stops and holds.

It hurts buut since he is holding still I just feel stuffed like a big turd needs to come out or something. Several things.


Mr Green is almost 9 inches long and thicker then my wrist. Over 2 hours hhad past since I was given a shot. The man who gave me the shot was now trying the rubber tube on me again. I again feel the pinch and see the band pulled offf and I am again coughing. At this point Mr. Green starts moving inside my butt and I can't beleive how much i want it.

It hurts a little but in such a good way. He is fucking me hard and deep and fast and I want more. I have no words to describe what I understand now to be total lust. I don't know how long he fucked me but it was great.

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I hear him yelll here it comes and I am seeding tour poi pussy. Then he drives one more time in hard and deep and holds still. I feel myself actully clenching down on him. He starts too pull out and I feel so empty but only for a secomndd as the next man and then the next man each fuck me as well. It was 2 in the afternoon when we started I think and as we finish someone says it middnight lets get a break eat and drink and a shower. That was a week ago. I have been getting fucked and sucking there cocks when ever they want and they have been giving me the shots every 3-6 hours.

I am no longer shy little Johnnie. I am now boi pussy willing to do anything to get fucked and have cum in me. I will also do anything asked for meth as well. There is more to tell about when the dad and his son and there dog arrived the next day but thats another story.