Adelle liebt ihre Muschi von ihrem Masseur massiert zu werden

Adelle liebt ihre Muschi von ihrem Masseur massiert zu werden
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Previous: The Girl Scout-1; The Girl Scout-2 Daddy; The Girl Scout -3 The Tool Man Please stop this. No NO NO. NO more Please. Why are you doing this.

Stop and I will do what you want. You don't have to force me. Let me show what I can do. PLEASE PLEASE AHHHHH Please please ple. Every part of Lisa's young teen body ached as she was jerked and twisted, tied to the wooden saw horse. Her arms felt like they were being pulled out of their sockets and her tattered Girl Scout clothes hung like rags on her body.

Lisa's young body was bruised and scraped. There were cuts and sign of her terrible abuse all over.

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Her eyes were rolling back in her head. AHHHHHH. The terrible pain in her arms. The ropes cut deep into her wrists and ankles. The constant pounding she was taking was too much. Delirium. The room was spinning. The shouting was fading. The pain was subsiding.

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Her head fell down and her body slumped. Unconscious again she was escaping the awful attack.

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She could see her Dad. He reached out to her. Dad, Dad. Lisa. The sweet smell of her mother's cooking. Boots crunching in the winter snow.

Buster looking out the window at the squirrels. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Lisa screamed.

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Everything was real again. AHHHHHHHHHHH. BAM BAM BAM the cock was slamming into her. Deep inside. Pain was everywhere. Men were yelling at her. The cold beer drained down her face.

Tyrone grabbed her head and shook her. Get back here. Another bottle of beer was dumped over her head. The beer mixed with the cum and urine giving off that putrid smell of a dirty washroom. The dark room. Terrible smells. Driving pain inside. Screaming noises. The cold on her face. Every sense, sight, hearing, touch, feeling was being assaulted.


Her mind could not process it all. Here, have a drink. HA HA. Tyrone pushed a bottle of beer in her mouth. Unable to swallow Lisa gagged and spit out the beer.


What ghetto beer not good enough for our little white girl. He bent over and kissed her. HMMMMM. Sweet mouth. Sweet little pouty mouth. Sweating and grunting Bubba rammed his cock inside Lisa the little Dago bitch. Tied hand and foot to a saw horse in an old garage the men were laughing and screaming at her.

Bubba the tool man had shot her with a high powered staple gun and now he was screwing her as hard as he could. The saw horse was moving around on the floor as Bubba pounded her harder and harder. There she hung on the wooden horse her body exposed, open for all to see, touch and use. Dats it, fuck her Bubba. Pound dat pussy. Hump her man. The guys joked and laughed. Stupid little Bitch. Like that black cock. Tyrone grabbed her hair looking her in the face. Gonna get sum of this next.

Tyrone gave Bubba a brother's hand shake. Take a turn Bro. Tyrone is more than a Bro he is Bubbas actual brother. Tyrone took Bubba's place, put his hands on her ass and teased her pussy with his cock. Then he rammed his dick inside the pathetic white bitch. Oh Yea, feels good. Dats it, all the way in. He pushed in deep probing her cunt with his cock. Bubba smiled seeing his brother Ty fucking the white teen. As they exchanged looks they knew what no one else knew. This was not their first time, not their first rape.

Dats it Ty, fuckin right. Just like the old days Bro. Man dis feels good. HMMMM Yea, dats it. FUCKING TAG TEAM MF FUCKING GANGBANG Always a brotherly competition Ty was banging the Bitch as hard as he could. The guys wondered if the White Girl could take it. Tag Team fuck by two big black hulks.

They picked up the chant. TAG TEAM. TAG TEAM.

TAG TEAM. TAG TEAM. I can't stand it. No more. Pllease. Bubba grabbed her hair while his brother fucked her.

Whoose better, me or my Bro. We both gonna fuck u and cum in yo cunt. Ty slapped her ass and Bubba slapped her face. Fuck my Bro bitch. I'll be back inside u for u know it. Useless trash, only good fo sum good black cock fucking.

Tyrone held on to the white ass. He remembered Molly's ass. Nice and white sweet southern ass. It cut like butter with his hunting knife. Good times not forgotten back in the Day. Looking down at Lisa's butt he took his Rough dirty finger nails and dragged them as hard as he could pulling off skin as he went. Poor Lisa screamed as blood streaked her once smooth virgin ass. Tyrone looked at the skin and blood on his fingers. He sucked it up.

He loved the taste. He remembered the taste of Molly's blood. Oh what a day that was. You always remember your first. The once pristine Girl Scout was just a fucked up piece of white rape meat. Bubba looked over at Ty. Watchin him fuckin the white bitch. It seemed like it was yesterday but so long ago on the Delta.

It was a different world then. The crying, the begging the whining brought back that day. They were just teens back then. Molly was hot piece of white trash. She had smiled at Bubba as their paths crossed going home. In those days if a white girl smiled at a black boy it meant one thing. They watched her walkin and swayin and teasin them. One day she walked in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ty squeezed Lisa's ass as hard as he could. He held his cock inside her. The throbbing started as filled her with his cum. OH Yea, AHHHHHHH It was Bubba's turn again. They were Tag Team Gang Banging. He pushed his cock inside Lisa.

He could feel hs brothers cum inside her. IM back, How dat feel. Like me better. He would cum now and their fluids would mix inside her. He was so hard. It felt so good. Everything was right as it should be.

Tag Team that Bitch. Brothers Gangbang. Fuck her Bubba. Rock dat ASS. Ty remembered the day back then well too. Bubba had gone first. They had Molly tied up standing against a stall in the old barn. It was a hot day in the old South. Bubba said he busted her. She did bleed real good. Ty remembered how Bubba was sweating in the hot southern air.

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He just kept screwin her. Ty thought it was strange. He didn't feel sorry for her. He was just so hot waiting his turn. He was almost afraid Bubba would kill Molly, he was fucking her so hard.

But he realized the white bitch Molly could take it. Then he heard her screaming. The bitch was getting off being raped. Just a piece of southern white trash. She howled for more. To Be Continued