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Game show of sex the swinger spiel show
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I woke up without the assistance of an alarm with the faint whistle of my phone going off telling me I had a text. I bounded up smiling hard it must be Brooke, glancing down I looked at the messages there was one from her and two from Josh.

Brooke: Morning stud! I barely slept last night must be new school jitters. I almost forgot that she was new to the area and probably didn't know anyone at school, but everyone was going to be giving her attention thank god I had already planted my feet in her life and was her boyfriend. I did wonder though she agreed to go out with me pretty quickly I hope she actually liked me and wasn't just going out with me because she didn't know anyone.

Me: You too babe, I'm going to hop in the shower I'll text you after.

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I continued to read my messages both were from last night about an hour after he had dropped me off I was basically comatose at that point. Josh: Ashley called me last night man… Josh: She started to talk super dirty to me man. Do you think she's just a slut or that she really likes me for some reason I mean we talked a while before the cop came and ruined our fun, but I don't know man!

Me: I'll think about it and talk to you at school over lunch bro k?

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I went over to my computer and checked my messages on Facebook. I didn't really use it that much since I thought it was another even gayer version of Myspace, but everyone used it I didn't want to feel left out. I had one message from a day ago from Christi Lu : Hey dude, it's been a while since we hung out and I just got a new piercing I know you will love [Image] (It was a close up of her mouth open big plump lips that drew attention to themselves all on their own and her toungue was sticking out with a little pick ball in the middle showing off her piercing.) I want to hang out after school today that should be fine right my parents won't be home either hmu!

Christi was Korean with short jet black hair she had really plump lips and a pretty face with green eyes. She was about five foot four without the assistance of heels, but she almost always wore them anyways. Christi had an ass though that guys dream about nice and fat, but totally toned and delicious.

She had pretty small tits, but they were firm and looked good on her tight gymnast body. We fucked around more than a few times last year, but it had been a few months since I even heard from her I thought she was done with me. I mean we never had sex and she never introduced me to her parents or anything it was just a casual kind of thing to her. The most we ever did was orally play with each other she loved giving long sloppy blowjobs, but insisted that I eat her out first which I didn't mind at all she actually smelled good and there was a sweet taste to her pussy.

She's the only girl I've ever actually gone down on I had fingered a couple other girls and when I smelled my finger later the fishy odor most of the time, it was too much to bare an there was no way I was putting my face down there.

Christi would never let me fuck her I presumed and was happy with just fooling around, which I wasn't going to complain about. Christi was the commanding type that knew she looked good and had power over guys, but she wasn't exactly slutty or anything she just liked the attention.

She usually dressed provocatively enough to make guys turn their heads as she sauntered down the hallways at school being more of a tease then anything I still don't know why I was lucky enough to have even got to see her naked let alone fool around with her. I even saw her dress up like one of those anime cartoons a few times, which I admit even I would drool at trying not to get caught admiring.

I started contemplating though I just started a relationship with Brooke, was I really willing to cheat on her already I really liked her and I thought there was something special growing between us. I didn't reply to Christi I was just going to think it over at school and maybe talk to Josh about it, but he might end up telling Ashley I was going to have to think about this at school.

I took a shower and headed down stairs. No one was in the kitchen except for my brother Alex who grunted at me as I entered the room saying "It's so early who the fuck thought there should be a seven a.m.? I didn't even know there was a seven a.m.!" I noticed his family guy reference and chuckled a little bit. "Where's mom and dad?" I said "They left a note on the fridge that they will be home sometime late tonight and left some money for dinner!" Alex mumbled and pointed at it before walking out to go catch the bus.

I scanned over the note this was getting more regular them going to the casino seemed to be happening every other week now, but that might turn out to be a good thing now that I had a girlfriend, but I would have to get my younger brother occupied with something else so I could have the house to myself.

I opened the fridge after eating my breakfast and looked through my assorted collection of colognes, which I have about seventy and sprayed a summer citrusy pair of them on me. If you're wondering why I kept them in the fridge I read in a GQ that it keeps them from the heat which can destroy the fragrance. What was I going to do about Christi though I knew I would bump into her at school, I just hoped I would have enough time to think about it before I said anything to her.

I really did like Brooke, but I've never had a girl give me a blowjob like Christi did before she would spit on your cock and then gag on it a little letting the gooey saliva dribble off of her bottom lip as she slowly pulled away streaks of saliva just hanging from her mouth to my cock before slowly making love to it. She even loved playing with your cum after you shot into her mouth and would make little cooing noises as she licked it off her fingers and swallowed it whole.

The thoughts just swam in my head and she had a tongue piercing now I wonder what that felt like! I pulled out my phone and sent Brooke a text.

Me: hey honey you ready to get picked up A couple of minutes later… Brooke: well what do you think?

[Image sent] She had her hair all crimped up it looked wavy and hot. She was wearing a tight fitting shirt that said BEBE in sparkly letter on it and it showed off her perfectly flat stomach, which was sporting one little silver ring with a pink stone at the end of it drawing attention to her navel. The thing that puzzled me was that her eyes were blue now, she must have been wearing contacts. Me: Hot stuff I'm on my way! Brooke: hold your horses I still have figure out what to put on the bottom half of my body Me: Okay ill leave in like ten minutes then Brooke: someone's in a hurry to see me Me: nah I just don't want to be late for school.

Brooke: Awe I thought you were excited to see me ;( Me: you know I can't wait to see you sweet cheeks don't pout :P Brooke: you mean these sweet cheeks [Image sent] She had blue booty shorts on that had caught looking with a Chicago Cubs logo and they were down just a little bit, so you could see the crack of her ass.

Me: you just made extra points with me being a Cubs fan! To be honest I was I wanted to kiss her and hold her again forget about school I just wanted to spend time with her, but I was feeling horrible about having thought of Christi lathering up my cock with her mouth juices all morning.

I wondered if she was the type of girl that would want to be all public about our relationship when we got to school or not, well only one way to find out. I got to Brooke's house and rang the door bell even though the inside door was already open and I could see her mom in the kitchen.

I was actually kind of worried that her dad was going to come to the door I wasn't ready to meet him yet he looked like he could be really scary, if he wanted to be. Brooke's mom walked over to the door opening it and said "You must be Tommy I've heard so much about you Brooke wouldn't shut up this morning.

I'm Bethany Axley nice to meet you." I smiled at her mom as I proffered my hand to shake hers. She just put her arms around me she must be a hugger pulling me closer to her then I expected and pressed her large breasts against me before letting go.

My cock jumped a little bit I don't think she noticed. She was a beautiful woman and was especially bubbly in the morning chirping along "Well come in Brooke should be down in a minute." She was wearing a chiffon dress that hugged her curves well and her long golden blonde hair shimmered in the morning light.

I was still wiping my eyes not being a morning person at all. I sat on the couch next to a grand piano and her mother brought out some tea placing it in front of me giving me a once over before disappearing into the kitchen. I was surprised I didn't hear her father or get confronted with a nice to meet you if you hurt my daughter you won't have balls any more speech.

I knew I would be like that especially, if I had a daughter that looked like Brooke. I looked at the pictures all around and I noticed that he wasn't in any of them it was just Brooke and her mom in every last one, which they had a great deal of.


This made me curious did Brooke's father not live with them and who was it that I saw at the church? I would have to ask her about it later, but I thought better of it she would probably tell me about such things when she was ready and it was best not to pry.

Brooke came down the stairs and I almost dropped the tea in my lap. She looked smoking hot not that she didn't always look good, but you knew the difference between hot and pretty she was hot today. Her looks desired the attention she was getting from me right now without looking overly slutty. She had tiny jean short shorts on that hugged her hips and let her butt poke out just a little bit.

She was sticking out her chest and her breasts bounced as she walked down the stairs they lifted her shirt up revealing even more of her belly then before and she jumped over to me kissing me on cheek. "Ready to go?" She asked.

I was more then ready I giving her a playful slap on the rear watching her booty shake just enough to get me aroused even more. She giggled and stuck out her tongue all cute and said "Down boy!" Her mom yelled from the kitchen "Go to school you two or your going to be late!" We drove to school she held my hand in the car the whole ride there.

I called Josh and told him to meet us in the café before the bell rang for the first class. Brooke was acting like a lost little puppy when we got inside the school getting more than a few looks from guys as we walked inside the school she was still holding my hand.

Ashley ran up with little blue ribbons in her hair dressed very conservatively compared to yesterday. She was wearing a plain purple sundress her arm stuck out pulling Brooke with her into the bathroom as they started girl talk chatting before saying over her shoulder, "Later gators!" I noticed Josh right behind her looking tired and confused. Josh spoke in a grumbly tired voice, "Man that chick wanted to talk to me on the phone all night and this morning she was just all chipper and everything she doesn't sleep I swear I know I only got a couple of hours of sleep myself.

Your girl looked pretty smoking hot today though I must admit!" Maybe I had Ashley pegged wrongly as a slut, but who knows it was only day two. Josh gestured me to follow him into the café leaving the girls behind I read his t-shirt, which said : "want to know how to keep an idiot busy?

(read other side)."It said the same thing on both sides if you don't get it the shirt was ment for you! He was beginning to get a little more animated as more life came into his voice, "Dude Ash is so hot man I don't want to fuck it up, but I feel like she doesn't want us to be serious or anything along those lines.

At first I just thought she was kind of a slut but when I picked her up from her house this morning she acted like nothing happened yesterday and just gave me a hug when I went in for a kiss." I quickly spoke without thinking, "I don't think you have anything to worry about she seems to be into you man I mean she had you pick her up and talked to you most of the night maybe she is just feeling you out to see what type of guy you are, but man women have always been a mystery to me.

Don't worry though man I mean she did suck you off last night." He coughed at that looking around to see if anyone was listening in before replying, "Yeah, you're right man I guess I don't have anything to worry about." The bell rang time to go to gym class.

What a particularly shitty way to start the day, but at least it would wake me up hopefully I didn't sweat a lot and have to go through the rest of the day smelling bad. Brooke texted me before I walked to gym class the announcements already started playing on the T.V. Brooke: Sowwies I didn't kiss you before we disappeared Ashley wanted to talk to me about something private. This school is so huge I'm super lost could you help me find my class? Me: Sure! But make sure that the teachers don't catch you on your phone or you'll lose it for sure.

Where are you trying to go? Brooke: The gym how do I get there? I almost jumped what seriously I was going to be in gym class with her! I texted her a couple more times and explained how to get to where I was and waited in the hall for her. She finally got there I saw her looking around still like a lost puppy.

I yelled down the hall wavying, "over here babe!" She looked up from her class schedule and smiled and rushed over to me giving me a big hug before saying "Thanks for helping me I hope your not far from your own class. So where do I go from here?" I pointed down the hallway where the girls locker room was and said, "walk all the way down the hall and you'll enter the gym." She kissed me hard and I grabbed her arm and walked her to the gym.

She just looked up at me confused.

Brooke looked up at me and sounded kind of worried, "aren't you going to be late for your own class? Shouldn't you get going I can get there Tommy!" I just smiled without saying anything and kept walking with her hand in mine. I walked over to the bleachers and plopped myself down Brooke followed still looking confused, so I whispered over to her, "I'm in this class too. By the way you look really hot with those blue contacts, but I think your beautiful hazelnut eyes are better." She just started glowing before noticing that Mr.

Shaffer was giving us both looks, "You two are late!" He said loud enough for about all hundred students to hear. I piped up "She didn't know where the gym was I was just helping her find it she's a new student." He didn't really seem to care waving us to sit down his eyes following Brooke's ass for a moment before looking back up to the TV announcements.

I heard someone make a cat call whistle from the back, I spun around and saw Bob Bilken dressed differently then his normal t-shirt and jeans. He had on a blue polo shirt and a white blazer jacket his hair slicked back like an Italian. He was looking down at us and hungrily eye fucking Brooke noticeably she flushed red a little bit his gaze never leaving her. I whispered to her, "that's Officer pig fucker's kid hon." He didn't hear me and I don't think she did either still looking at each other, but I could tell he didn't like me talking to her let alone sitting next to her.

The morning announcements finished on the TV I never understood how people could be so damn chipper when it was so early and on a Monday, but I guess that's why Starbucks is so rich. Bob had stopped looking over at us and was already sitting next to his cronies laughing about something.

Mr. Shaffer basically spent the whole period talking about what this class would be about and hold long we had to get changed before and after class. He also mentioned what was acceptable to wear and that we would be using the new Olympic sized swimming pool this year during class so we should be prepared to have clothes for that as well. It was a pretty boring lecture that even he didn't seem to care about he let us go about ten minutes before the bell rang. I walked with Brooke showing her around the school for a while, so she wouldn't be so lost.

We shared each other schedules I actually had two more classes with her art and dance class, surprisingly enough since she was a sophomore while I was a Junior. Just then I saw Christi opening her locker wearing a very short plaid skirt and black tank top with red high heels her hair in pig tails with little green bows. She was obviously trying to draw as much attention to herself sucking on a lollipop just adding to that, which just made my mind swim into thoughts of that lollipop being my cock.

Brooke was looking at her too I noticed it was hard not to notice her I mean she was asking for attention! I quickly grabbed Brookes arm looked in both directions of the hall way no one else was around from the looks of it, so I pulled her into the boys bathroom this hallway didn't get a lot of traffic anyways there only being a couple of lockers and one tiny bathroom. I slammed the door and locked it I pushed her up against the door.

Brooke's mouth flung open as if in shock, "Wha. Wha. are you doing?" she shuddered. I started to kiss and suck on her neck making her giggle a little bit and she just grabbed my ass clentching it pretty hard with her manicured nails slightly pricking me, but it felt really good.

She kissed me back and stuck her tongue in my mouth swirling it around before putting her hand out and pushing me away. "What if we get caught!" She said.

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I just looked at her I wanted her so badly right now, but I really didn't care if we got caught plus this bathroom almost nobody ever used since it was far away from anything. "We won't." I said in a promising voice and just flashed my eyes at her.

She seemed to think about it for a minute and then started kissing me again. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it for the first time, oh my God if I thought that her butt had looked nice it felt even better cupped in my hand.

I put both my hands on the door as I pushed her with my body up against it her delicate hands feeling my chest slightly pinching one of my nipples as I kissed her until she pushed me away for a moment.

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"Are you serious about me Tommy?" She said breaking the passion with a serious tone in her voice. Without thinking I just quickly replied "Of course you've got to be the most beautiful girl I've ever met and there's something about you that makes me feel like I can just be myself when I'm with you." My mind then thought about Christi for a minute, but I pushed the thought out of my mind I had something real it wasn't just a fling with this girl I could have something real here.

She seemed to think about it for a minute before looking at me with questioning eyes and asking "Are you sure I don't just want to be another girl you hook up with I really like you. I mean you're always sweet and you didn't try anything with me last night even though I probably would have let you, so I feel like you're a really good guy." I just nodded my head as she read the look in my eyes with satisfaction and kissed me deeply her finger nails teasingly scratching me all the way down my chest before looping two fingers under my belt buckle.

She just innocently looked up at me and batted her eyes as she undid my buckle putting another finger on my lips before I could say anything. Confused and shocked at the same time my eyes went wide looking directly into her big blue eyes.

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She continued to undo my belt buckle and slowly unzipped my pants as they fell to the floor. Her mouth dropped open quickly like she was about to say something when she saw me standing there pants around my ankles. I was already hard with anticipation of whatever was going to happen and you could clearly see the bulge making my DKNY boxer briefs just looking like they were going to rip from being stretched like they were.

I'm not trying to be cocky or anything sorry about the pun, but I was pretty happy about my size I've got an Italian sausage down there that's thick and long and I was proud of it. "Wow uh that's… BIG!" She winked her eye at me before continuing. Using her nails to fondle my junk through the boxers and lightly scratched my nuts. Brooke delicately ran her finger nails under the waist band of my boxers with one hand and the other hand slightly slowly massaging my balls before putting both hands under the waist band and pulling them towards her to get a full view of my goods.

My heart was racing like crazy and my breathing had become a little labored the blood rushing like open flood gates to my groin. She bent down and got on her knees and licked kissed my stomach trailing her tongue down the outside of my boxers.

This was so freaking hot I swear I must have been dreaming. She parted her mouth and started sucking on the head of my cock through the boxer shorts gently nibbling a little bit and pulling the boxers with her teeth.

She started to get my boxers really wet with all the saliva that was coming out of her mouth. I swear I felt my boxers starting to rip a little bit, but I didn't care. Just then it felt like the moisture of her tongue was actually touching naked skin letting the head of my cock pokeing through a hole that was starting to form and Brooke just ripped at the hole with her teeth letting the head of my cock poke out fully and you could tell it was throbbing like crazy because it looked like it was being choked out by the material around it.

"Ooooh… !" She cooed making her hungrily lick and suck at it making it throb like crazy now I thought my boxer shorts were literally going to rip all the way and make my cock spring out of them. Her hands ran there way up the back of my thighs to my ass gripping it hard and pulling me closer to her as her tongue just teased the shit out of my cock head and she kept nibbling at my boxers and pulling it with her teeth.

A small amount of pre cum came out which she lapped up quickly and slowly sucked the head so more and more of my dick was poking through, but it was not like any blowjob I've ever head it felt like my dick was being strangled by my underwear and teased with pleasure at the same time by her mouth.

*BLING BLONG DING DO DOO DA DEE DOO*! I almost jumped and saw a look of terror enter Brookes eyes. Holy shit the bell and people were getting out of classes now what the fuck! Brooke quickly detaching herself from my dick letting a single strand of saliva that was still on the head of my dick hang from her mouth before dropping on to her shirt. She just paused there for a moment and it was probably about the hottest thing I have ever seen looking at her face gasping open with shock and a long dribble of saliva slowly dangling from it connected to my dick.

I would have to keep a mental self shot of this forever and I smiled at her not even caring about the bell for the minute. She got up wiping the saliva from her mouth and shirt as I got my pants on with my cock still poking out of the hole there was nothing I could do about that, but we had to get out of here before people started filling the hallway. I went first checking to see if anyone was there and trying to make myself into some type of barrier so that no one would see her leave.


No one was in the hall way except for Christi still at her locker, but she must have heard me open the door because she was looking right at me with an eyebrow cocked. Her eyes directed at my pants noticing that I was pitching a tent I put my backpack in front of me I was going to have to get that to go away somehow or everyone would see.

Brooke came out after me and we both just went up the staircase at the end of the hall I was not going to even bother trying to deal with Christi the cat was out of the bag though and I could feel her eyes following us until we started up the stairs. We were briskly walking up the stairs as she was grasping my hand for dear life. "Did anyone see us Tommy? That was so close!" Brooke said. I didn't reply I just kept making my way up the stairs towards the floor my class was on.

"I don't know honey I don't think anyone saw thought I think we are alright by the way that was amazing." I said. She just smiled at me and said, "Yeah that was fun to bad we didn't have more time I've never done anything that spontaneous before. It was fun though almost getting caught." She grazed the bulge in my pants for a moment and then continued, "We are going to have to do something about that after school." I just grinned ear to ear and tried to adjust my shit, so that it wasn't noticeable that I had a hard on, which was pretty useless since my dick was caught in the hole not wanting to be moved.

Seconds later we both heard a loud *BOOM* come from one of the class rooms in the science hall and then the fire alarm went off. This was actually kind of good it would mean I would have time to compose myself. We both went back down stairs and everyone seemed to be running to go outside teachers shouting for everyone to get in order and not push each other to get through the doors.


We made it outside a sea of people murmuring about what could have possibly happened, I heard a few people saying there was a gas leak in the biology room that created an explosion. Fire trucks immediately filled the parking lot with ambulances as paramedics and firefighters ran into the school. I looked around the crowd trying to find Josh and noticed that Bob had his arm around Ashley and was talking to her excitedly.

I just pinched Brooke and pointed to where Ashley and Bob were and she just made this look that could spit daggers. Brooke just looked at me and said, "Well that's Ashley for you she's really more of a free spirit type I've never actually seen her have a boyfriend I think she just really enjoys the attention, but I do kind of feel bad for Josh it really seemed like he was into her." After about ten minutes we heard the dean on one of those loud air horns start to speak loudly, "School is done for the day there was a small explosion in the chemistry hall and a couple people were injured the buses will be arriving shortly to take you home, if you parked in the parking lot the police will be here shortly to direct you how to get out since the other half of the parking lot is filled with emergency vehicles.

We saw a couple of people being carried out on stretchers to the ambulances and my jaw dropped to see that Josh was on one of them. :::Chapter 3 End::: I hope you guys are enjoying sorry if the chapter was kind of short I just wanted to get a new chapter out, but I will try to get another chapter out as soon as I can.

Please vote/comment i enjoy reading and responding to ideas or anything else about the story that you liked or didn't like, so that i could make the future chapters better for everyone !