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Kim was about to say something when Rachel's stressed and emotional voice carried down to us from upstairs "Why, Petrov? Why, what is wrong?.I don't understand? Why?" There was a long pause and Rachel's voice changed to surprise and then shock. "What!.But, Petrov!.Why?!.Petrov, they'll kill me!" Kim and I looked at each other, each eyeing the same unspoken question. Rachel was almost in tears now.

"Please, Petrov! Don't…………please!.Nooooooooooooo! And then all we heard was Rachel sobbing. We looked at each other for a fast second and then we jumped up from the couch, and burst in on Rachel who was sitting on her bed, crying into her hands.

"Rachel! What is it?" asked Kim excitedly. Rachel did not answer. She just sat there, sobbing. "Rach?" I asked softly "I'm so fucking stupid!" Rachel erupted at us "You're not stupid." Kim countered "What's wrong?" "I knew better!

I knew better right from the start! But, did I listen to that little voice in my head? No!" continued Rachel, building a little anger, and little fervor into her voice. "Rachel, what did you mean when you said 'they'll kill' you?" I asked "Oh, and they will, too!" Rachel said a little psychotically Kim looked at me, worried. "Who is going to kill you?" asked Kim "Who do you think? The goddamn Russian Mafia, that's who!" she said more animated.

"Rach, you're not making any sense. Why would the Russian mafia want to kill you? But, even before the question was out of my mouth the word "Petrov" popped into my head.


Rachel looked at me for a second; like I was a very slow child that she was tired of teaching math to. "Petrov is one of those guys and he did something very stupid, and I'm now going to have to pay for it" said Rachel getting even more excited. "Fuck, Rachel! Will you just tell us what the fuck is going on?" yelled Kim exasperated. Kim's outburst acted like a slap to the face. Rachel got wide eyed for a second and then she relaxed.

Rachel took a deep breath and while looking at her bare feet, she started to tell her story. "Petrov is like an accountant for the Russian mob. He's the one who launders the money, invests it, and keeps track of it. So most it goes through his hands at some point. I didn't know this when we met, eight months ago" That stung. We weren't divorced yet and she had already found someone else. Rachel knew what she had just said and she interrupted her narrative to look up at me. "I'm sorry, Ron.

We both knew the marriage wasn't working back then.

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When I met Petrov, that was the final straw and I got a lawyer." Her apology was hollow to my ears. I had not been screwing around on her. I had trusted her all the way to the end. I felt my anger start to rise. "If it's any consolation, I didn't sleep with him until after the divorce was final." That didn't make me feel better.

For some reason it made me feel even worse. She had enough respect for me to not give her body to her new flame, but still hated me enough to drag the divorce out for six months, fighting over what amounted to pennies. I was officially pissed off, and I got up.

"Fuck, Rachel! So, why the hell didn't you just sign the goddamn papers and be done with it? Why the fuck did you have to drag it out so long?' I yelled at her She just started to cry again.

Kim shot me a glare. I was still mad as hell and needed to vent some of this anger. "I need some air! I'm going for a drive!" I said angrily as I got up and left the room.


Kim caught me in the hall. "Ron, wait!" she called "Please don't be mad at me!" she said That helped to dissipate my anger some. At least I knew Kim was thinking of my feelings "I'm not mad at you; just your bitch sister.

I'll be back in awhile." I turned to go, but she pulled me back, and kissed me softly, tenderly. I felt more of my anger slip away.

"I love you." She said "I love you, too" I said reluctantly. Not because I didn't think it was true, but because I was still pissed and wanted to hold on to the remaining anger. It was comforting and affirming. I turned and walked down the stairs and out the front door. I got in my little Toyota and drove off. My anger morphed into disappointment and self-pity. Tasha was right.

I am dense.

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How could I not notice that Rachel had fallen for someone else? I wonder if she was lying about not fucking him until after the divorce. Did it matter? What about Kim and me? I think I love her, but how the hell do you really know? I know I enjoy being around her. And, Jesus is she good in bed. That thought brought a smile to my face. Not only was she good, but she was willing. That was something I could get used to. I hated all of the begging and cajoling I had to do with Rachel.

I suppose I was going to see where the relationship went and just play it by ear. Then my thoughts drifted back to Rachel. The Russian mob? How the devil did she get involved with a Russian gangster? Where do you even meet one of those? And kill her? What did she mean by that? She couldn't have meant literally 'kill her', could she?

I supposed I should go back and hear the rest of her story. I glanced at my watch. I had been gone about 45 minutes. I made my way back to Kim and Rachel's house and pulled into the same spot in their driveway that I had vacated an hour ago.

As I walked up porch stairs I heard a female voice from inside yell "Help! Help us! Please!" I bounded up the short flight of stairs, flung the door open, expecting to see a fire or something.

What I did see stopped me cold. Rachel, still in her robe, was sitting in a dining room chair. Her hands were behind the chair, like she was restrained. Her robe was open allowing her breasts to spill out. But, what sent me into a panic was Kim. She was in another chair, naked.

She was turned profile, so I could see that she was tied up. Her arms were behind the chair, tied to the spokes of the back. Each of her tanned and toned legs was tied to a chair leg, and she was gagged. "Ron! Thank God! He went out the back!" exclaimed Rachel I glanced through the kitchen and saw the back door open and dashed over.

I looked out and I saw nothing except the backyard. The gate leading to the front was closed. I listened for sounds of footsteps or for a car roaring off, but all I heard were the neighbor kids playing in their pool. I slammed the door shut and locked it. I ran to the front door and locked it, too. "Your Dad's gun?!" I shouted. "Don't worry about him! He's gone! Untie us!" said Rachel. I was no where near as sure that whoever, and I thought I had an idea who, was gone. Maybe, I'm not as dense as they thought.

"Mmmm! Mmmmm!" I heard Kim through her gag and my heart broke. I went over to Kim, and noticed for the first time that she was bleeding. There was a small cut on her right breast. Blood had trickled out, and dried. I pulled her gag down. "You're hurt!

I'm calling an ambulance!" I said excitedly "No! I'm fine!" Kim said near hysterics "Just untie me! Hold me!" I got an arm free and she wrapped it around me, crying. As I worked on the other arm, I asked Rachel "Who was here and what did they want? "It was one of the guys I told you about. They are after the money." Rachel said calmly. "What fucking money?" I said angrily.

I got Kim's arm free and she pulled me into her and sobbed uncontrollably into my shoulder. I was not used to seeing the tough little Kim in tears, scared.

"T.the money that Petrov stole from the mob" Rachel said weakly and low. "What!" I thundered "Your boyfriend took money from the Russian mob?!" "Ya…yes." Rachel said, starting to cry. "Ww.we were g…g.going to get married and r.runaway together. You and Kim h.h.elping me m.move was going to b.be a diversion.

An…and now he is r.rrrunning away alone and leaving me ta…to deal with his 'friends'?" Rachel said as sobs choked off her words. Then she just started crying. I finished with the knot binding Kim's legs to the chair.

She got up and hugged me like she was afraid to let go. "Did he hurt you?" I asked meaning not just the blood, but her virtue as well.

"H.h.he was ab.bbout to, when he h.hheard you pull up." Kim said try to regain her composure. "I don't think he brought a gun and he was alone. So he ran out the back" she finished stronger. Kim was returning to as normal as a naked woman with a cut on her breast inflicted by a sociopath can get. She relaxed her grip. "So, are you OK?" I asked again. "Yeah. He cut me a little. He said he was going to&hellip.to torture me until Rachel told him were the money was." Kim said, stumbling over the words as she realized what could have happened.

"You have the money!" I said to Rachel incredulously "sniff&hellip.sniff…No&hellip.sniff&hellip.I told you Petrov took the money. I told him that, but he didn't believe me." Rachel replied still emotional. "Can you get me loose, Ron?" said Rachel pathetically.

I had forgotten she was tied up. I eased out of Kim's hold on me. "Get dressed, sweetie, while I undo your sister. Everything will be all right." I turned and walked the few paces to Rachel, marveling at how even at her worst she looked spectacular.

Her bare breasts heaving under the stain of her breathing did nothing to detract from that. I walked behind her and saw hand cuffs. "Shit! Rachel, I don't have a handcuff key." "I think he left it on the table" said Kim helpfully I glanced over at the table and I spotted a tiny key almost instantly. I used it and clicked the cuffs off of Rachel's delicate wrists and she hugged me tightly. "Why do these people think you know where the money is at?" I asked Rachel She shrugged.

"I guess because they know we were going to be married. They figure he must have told me." Rachel started calmly, but then got more animated. "But, I swear Petrov has it. I told the guy that was here, Ivan, that Petrov had it, but he said he didn't believe me.

He said he was going to cut Kim into pieces and make me watch." At that she started crying again, and I held her tighter, breathing out an exasperated sigh. "Rachel do these people know anything about me?" I asked. That might sound like a cowardly question, but I was really concerned about the girls' safety.

"sniff…P.petrov knows we were m.married, but I doubt any of his friends know who your are. W…why" "Because we need to get you two out of here before he comes back with friends. Pack your bags, quick, and we will go over to my place, to think" I said The girls did not argue.

They barely said a word. In thirty tense minutes, both ladies were dressed, walking down the porch, and throwing their bags into my trunk. Rachel had two bags, Kim only one. Rachel always did like her clothes. The drive to my little house took another 30 minutes, and we all felt a little safer the farther we got away from Rachel and Kim's home. The sense of urgency was heavy in the air, and we quickly got the car unloaded. Rachel insisted that she carry one of her bags, instead of allowing me to grab both.

Once inside we, all at once, let out a sigh of relief. The timing was almost comical. "Now what?" asked Kim "We call the police, that's what." I answered like the answer was completely obvious.

"Yeah, what the hell can they do? Said Rachel sarcastically "Draw a little line around my dead body, when they find it?" "You can tell them what you know and they can protect you" I replied "That's the point. I don't know anything." Rachel said exasperated. "I know Petrov's name, a little about what he did, that he took the money, and that he is gone.

That's it. I don't even know any of his friend's names. But the Russians probably think I know too much and won't hesitate to kill me now. Ivan probably would have done that today, if you hadn't come back when you did." I thought about that for a minute. It made a little sense, but what were we against the Russian mob? "I still think it is best to let the police handle this. They're the experts." I affirmed "What can they do, Ron? What can they, do!

Rachel nearly screamed. "They can't guard me 24/7 forever. Eventually they will pull back and I'll be dead! Is that what you want?" "Rachel!" said Kim shocked "You know Ron doesn't want that!" I didn't, but I was getting pissed at Rachel again.

What the hell did she want me to do? Then Kim added her voice to this conversation. "Rachel needs to disappear." "How?" I asked skeptically "Let's take her up to Miner's Lake and hide her in Uncle Jack's cabin.

He doesn't use it anymore." She responded enthusiastically. We had all been up to Uncle Jack's cabin by Miner's Lake way out in the middle of no where. It's so deep into the mountains that there is no cell phone service.

It has one road, which closes with the first fall snow, and nothing around for miles. It is a great place to get away from it all. It did not sound like a bad idea. Then I thought of something.

"What about you, Kim? They know who you are, and where you live. They probably know where you work, or at least will find out." "I could stay with you?" she said with a touch of seduction in her voice. I did like that idea. The thought of having Kim's tight, willing body around made me forget, for just a second, why she would be staying. "What about me?" Rachel said breaking my mood with her condescending tone, again.

"I can't stay in that godforsaken cabin forever." Rachel complained "You have to help fake my death." I sat their stunned and pissed. What the hell was she talking about; faking her death? This wasn't a movie or a Kathy Reichs novel. This was real life, with cops, and forensics and the Russian Mafia. I'm just a glorified go-fer at the morgue, and Kim waits tables.

And what was this "you have to help" crap? "Rachel, I don't even know what to say to that" I said shaking my head. "We could pull it off, Ron" Kim joined in "You could get a body that hasn't been claimed, we put it in Rachel's car and burn it. It would work. I know it would!" "First, I can't just waltz out of the morgue with a body. Someone will notice both me walking out with it, and that the goddamn thing is missing.

Second, we don't have tons of unclaimed people just hanging around. We would need one that at least resembles Rachel's body type and age. No one will believe a 250 lb black woman is Rachel, even if it is burnt. Third, they identify bodies with dental records, DNA, and fingerprints.

How would we 'fake' all of that?" I said out of breath and becoming annoyed with the both of them, now "We could cut off the hands and head" said Rachel "That would take care of the fingerprints and dental records, plus it makes it seem like the mob did it." "Tasha's mom works at Rachel's dentist, as the receptionist.

Maybe we could get her to help!" said Kim "You two are crazy!" I nearly shouted "What about the DNA? They will compare that to either something from Rachel, like her hairbrush, or take your DNA to see if the body is a relative of yours" That should shoot down this abomination of a plan, I thought.

I thought wrong. "We make sure they have to use my DNA" started Kim "and then you switch the samples that are taken at the lab with those we will take from Rachel." Said Kim a bit smugly "This is nuts!" I did yell this time. "Now I have to steal a body, that's a felony; then I have to switch DNA evidence, another felony, and then what?

Do I need to confess to torching Rachel's car?" I was getting close to losing it. I was scared and mad. Both of the ladies could see that. Rachel knew me pretty well, and it wasn't like I was being subtle any how. "Pleeasssse, Ron." cooed Kim "You don't want Rachel to get killed, do you?" I was silent.

She was playing on my emotions. "I'll be very grateful." Said Kim in a voice making it clear how and in what way her gratitude would be paid. Dammit! I have always been a sucker for a pretty face. This time it could get me locked up or killed. If I gave in I stood a good chance of at least going to jail. If I didn't, I think I would lose Kim, and Rachel might be killed. What a fucking choice.

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My head was screaming at me to tell them 'No way.'" I thought of one thing that might turn Rachel off of this plan. "And how grateful would you be, Rachel? You fucked me over in the divorce and made me miserable for five years with your constant whining about money and never wanting to have sex. Now you want to make a felon out of me. I thought I was through paying for your mistakes when we signed those fucking papers." Now she would get pissed and tell me to forget the whole thing.

I had used this tactic on her before and it almost always worked. She started to tear up. "I'm sorry, Ron. You're right. I have no reason to ask you to put your life on the line for my mistakes.

Kim and I will be all right" she said holding back the tears Fuck! Kim was involved, too. How could I have forgotten that? "Ron, Rachel is right. We will think of something. This is our problem." Said Kim sympathetically. Check mate.

I am so stupid. I am so fucked. "I'll do it." I said biting off my words. "I'll do whatever I can to help. But, dammit, nothing gets done without my OK, and we are going to need some help.

Help I don't have a clue from who to ask." I continued angrily. "Oh, Ron! Thank You!" said Rachel She rushed into my arms, hugged me tightly, and then to my surprise, kissed me, inviting me into her mouth. I didn't kiss her back. She pulled back, embarrassed. "I'm sorry, Kim! I forgot myself" she said sheepishly "I'll share" said Kim "I'll bet Ron would love a two girl fantasy.

It's the least we could do for him, don't you think?" My eyes got big and I could not speak. "I'm not in to that, Kim" said Rachel "Rachel!" Kim said like Rachel had just cursed in church.

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"Ron is risking his life for you! How can you not give him whatever he wants?" Where the fuck did that come from? I thought Kim was jealous of her sister. I figured I had better not even look in Rachel's direction unless I had to, or risk Kim getting mad.

"Kim, were sisters and I'm not a lesbian." Rachel said like that settled it I was starting to get very aroused. If I was smart, I would just shut up and see where this led. But, I tempted fate by opening my mouth. "Rachel, I'm not a felon, either.

But, that's what you want me to become. And all so we can get you out of the mess you have made. If Kim is willing, I don't see what your problem is." Rachel was silent.

She was mulling things over. I was thinking of Rachel and Kim kissing each other, removing each others clothes, and then exploring their naked bodies with tongues and hands.

I was starting to like this idea and so was my hardening cock. "All right!" Rachel said defeated "What do you want me to do?' Kim looked at me and raised her eyebrows, letting me know that I was in charge. I was definitely in love with this girl. I walked over to Kim, looked at Rachel and said. "I want you to do this with Kim" I kissed Kim softly, once, twice, and then a little more hungrily, but staying in control.

Kim's lips were soft, inviting, and I felt her run her hands along my back and hips. Mine slipped under her blouse to feel the heat of skin on skin. We kissed slowly, gradually becoming deeper, our tongues caressing and probing, seeking to entice and arouse. I felt my hand travel around to Kim's front and gently cup her breast, over her bra. I could feel her areola under the thin garment and I wanted to rip it from her body. I didn't.

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I just gently squeezed her firm breast, as I continued to kiss her warm, wet mouth. Kim moaned into my mouth as I felt her nipple tighten under my palm.

My other hand dropped to her shapely behind, and I began to rub it, in slow circles. I kissed Kim deeper, harder, and then I remembered Rachel. I pulled away from Kim, who grudgingly released me.

When I looked at Rachel I expected to see disgust. She looked enchanted. I nudged Kim to her sister, and found a chair to watch.

Kim's two steps to her sister seemed to take a full minute, and I gathered in both ladies. Kim had begun to flush with desire. She had a carnal look in her eyes that told me she wanted more. Rachel looked eager. She licked her lips nervously, as Kim moved in slowly to kiss her. The first kiss was gentle, and held for half a beat. They pulled apart and looked into each other's eyes, and a nervous smile appeared on Rachel's face.

Kim looked hungry and leaned in to kiss her sister again. Rachel met her, and opened her mouth to accept Kim's tongue. Their kisses were tender and loving; gentle, but passionate. Quickly the enjoyment pushed away Rachel's inhibitions and I saw her begin to caress her sister's hip and bottom.

Her hand slipped up underneath Kim's blouse and she gently rubbed her back. Kim began to kiss Rachel's neck and to nibble softly on her ear.

"Oooooooooooh" Rachel moaned with her first hint of pleasure. Kim kissed down Rachel's neck until she came to her blouse. Kim, undeterred, began to unbutton the garment. Rachel stood there with her eyes closed, head back slightly, feeling her blouse being undone, and her own hands on Kim's arms. Rachel's blouse fell to the ground. Kim paused as her sister reached behind herself to unhook her bra and allowed it to fall at her feet.

Rachel smiled nervously as Kim leaned back in and they kissed again, more passionately; more hungrily. Kim broke the kiss, and with both hands on Rachel's hips, she slowly circled behind her sister, like a cat stalking it's prey. Rachel closed her eyes and felt Kim's hands slide gently across her flat stomach and then behind to Rachel's back. Kim kissed her sister's nape and her hands traced Rachel's curves up, slowly up, and then in and under Rachel's upturned breasts. I saw Rachel swallow and then Kim gently cupped Rachel's delicious breasts and began to softly squeeze them.

"Ohhhhhh, Kim" Rachel moaned Kim kissed her neck as her hands moved slowly up and covered her sister's now heaving breasts. She squeezed them gently again, earning another moan from Rachel.

I watched in a combination of disbelief and discomfort as my cock had grown to it's full measure and was straining to burst out. This kind of thing just does not happen outside of Penthouse Forum or XNXX. Kim saw me looking at them and grinned slyly. Her hand retraced down Rachel's luscious body, to her waistband. Her destination was clear. She unbuttoned her sister's jeans, and began to ease them down Rachel's hips. Rachel stood there; not helping, but not resisting either.

I watched as pants and panties were taken down revealing Rachel's trimmed blonde hair, full hips, and shapely legs. Kim watched me and I shifted my cock into a more comfortable position as I swallowed hard with my own anticipation.

Kim smiled again, knowing she was driving me mad with lust. As Rachel stepped out of her shoes and clothes, naked and aroused I knew it was time to join my fantasy. "Rachel, dear" I said softly, but firmly "Lie on the couch and pleasure yourself" To my amazement, Rachel walked over to couch, turning to show me her perfect ass, which I knew I would take tonight.

I took Kim into my arms, roughly. Their foreplay had been mine, and I needed to feel Kim's firm, nubile body; to taste her lips, and to strip her bare for my own pleasure. We kissed deeply as my hands pawed at her body. They roamed aggressively of their own accord, finding her full ass, and firm tits. As I squeezed them, I was aroused to new heights and annoyed at the clothes preventing me from taking her body.

I ripped the front of Kim's blouse open and pulled her in tight. I quickly unfastened her bra. They were on the floor in seconds and I mauled Kim's pouting breasts and I kissed her deeply again. I broke our embrace and took a breast into my mouth. Her areola tightened and I chewed softly on the knot. "Ohhhhhhh. Yes!" Kim groaned out. Kim unfastened her own pants and began to pull them down, and I relented long enough to allow her to strip herself and display her body for my pleasure.

As she stepped out of her clothes I took a glance at Rachel. Rachel was slowly rubbing her pussy, something I had never seen before.

She was looking at Kim and I as if she would die if her gaze strayed. Kim came to me, that hungry look back in her eye. I stopped her, with a gentle palm to her chest. She looked at me eagerly; needing to know what she should do to please me.

"Go eat your sister's pussy" I commanded. I expected some sort of argument. I got none. Just a couple of quick, hungry kisses as a parting gesture; then she turned and descended between Rachel's legs. "Kim!" Rachel said startled, but not offended. I had eaten Rachel half a dozen times, trying to get her aroused or in the mood. She never seemed to want it or like it. I thought it was me. Kim gave me no reason to change my mind as Rachel began to squirm and moan. "Ohhhhhhhhh. God, Kim! That feels so good" Kim was kneeling on floor with her head buried in Rachel's pussy.

"Kim, my dear. I need your ass up in the air, so I can fuck that tight pussy of yours." Kim got up and walked to the side of the couch and bent over the arm, offering me whatever I wanted to take. Rachel eagerly scootched over to get her pussy within Kim's tongue reach. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh" I heard Rachel moan again as Kim renewed licking her already wet cunt.

Kim's love hole was glistening and swollen with her own lust.

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I wanted to taste it; so I kneeled down and licked her top to bottom, dragging my nose through her wet lips. "Kim, dear. Don't forget this." I said as I stabbed my tongue into her sphincter, earning me a shocked intake of breath from Kim.

"Kimmy! What are you doing?" I heard Rachel exclaim in shock. I knew exactly what she was doing, as I was working Kim's little hole the same way. I was trying to plunge my tongue deep inside her; urging her to deliver the message my silent message to Rachel. 'He's going to fuck your ass." He is going to fuck your ass' My cock was screaming for it's release and I stood up. I felt Kim tense. She did not know what part of her I would take. She was afraid of the pain, but I knew neither of them would deny me anything tonight.

Kim's little rosebud was safe from me, at least for now. I drove my cock hard into her slick pussy and she gasped in shock "Awwwwwww!" "Make your sister cum, Kim!" I said as I began to slowly pump Kim's tight box. It-felt-so-good! She was tense when I pierced her and that only added to my pleasure as her pussy enveloped my organ and milked it, trying to strangle the love juice from it.

Kim was using her mouth and fingers and Rachel began to voice her pleasure. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Kim! Ohhhh! Fuck!" I pumped faster, praying I would have the will power to stop before I drove over the edge. The feeling was intoxicating. Alluring. It grabbed me and tried to pull me towards the abyss. I pulled completely out of Kim in one selfish motion, leaving poor Kim frustrated. Her sister was not, and erupted into an orgasmic cry I had heard infrequently. "Yesssssssss! I'm cumming!" Rachel screamed and she pushed Kim's face into her pussy, forcing pleasure into her clenching tunnel.

I massaged Kim's ass as my own sprint towards climax dropped quickly, leaving me very aroused and very anxious. "Switch, ladies. I have waited a long time for this." Rachel knew what was coming.

I could tell by the look on her face. She was scared, but unwilling to beg. She got up, and let Kim take her place. Rachel eased over to the couch arm, and was about to turn to bend over, when I stopped her. "First taste your sister on me." Rachel looked at me with mild shock, but dutifully got own her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Kim watched eagerly as her sister took me to the back of her throat with the first push. After just a handful of strokes I was ramping back up. Kim had begun to rub her own pussy, keeping her simmering and ready to dash to climax.

On the next slow inward slab to Rachel's throat, I whispered to her. "All of it. Take all of it" I felt myself touch the back of her throat. She adjusted slightly and then pushed herself on me.

I felt my cock breech her throat and I shivered with the pleasure. My cock begged me to fuck her throat. It pleaded with me for release.

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I would have my orgasm, but not here, with my balls on Rachel's chin. I wanted to fuck Rachel's tight, always forbidden, ass.


I pulled out quickly. "It's time, Rachel" Rachel got up and looked a plea of mercy at me. Seeing the lust and determination in my face, Rachel turned and slowly bent over couch arm. The sight of Ice Princess Rachel offering both her pussy and her tight back door thrilled me like nothing else ever had.

I had lusted to fuck Rachel's ass for years. Now she was offering me my dream. I could see she was very tense, knowing it would hurt. "Relax, Rachel. Relax, baby. I'll go slow and easy. You eat your sister and make her cum" She did relax a bit and Kim's first coo of pleasure told me Rachel was obeying. I knelt down and begin to tongue Rachel's already wet pussy, as I worked my salvia soaked thumb into her little hole.

It went in with more ease then I expected and thumb fucked her while flicking at her clit with my tongue. "Ohhhhhhhh, God! Rachel!" Kim said as Rachel continued to lick her to climax.

I removed my thumb and stabbed my tongue into Rachel's rear entrance. She tensed and then relaxed. I got Rachel's rosebud as wet as I could, and stood up, and touched her butt with the head of my cock.

She jumped. "Rachel, relax" I said soothingly. "I'll let you push back and control it" "Yes! Yes! Yes!" yelled Kim as she came Kim's climax left only my own, and I touched the head of my cock to Rachel's forbidden hole and waited. She eased herself back, and I saw the tip of my cock go in. It was tight. It was maddening not to just bury myself inside with one mighty thrust.

Rachel adjusted and pushed back a little harder and all at once I slipped in. A shiver rushed up my spine and Rachel let out a gasp. "Ah! It hurts. Wait a minute!" she said a little breathless. I paused an excruciating count of five, and then I could wait no more.

"Rachel, I have to have your ass. I've waited too long. Relax, baby" She could not relax under the circumstances, but I pushed in anyway. Slowly, just enough to beat back the urge to drive my cock to the hilt. I paused halfway. "Wait! It hurts!" said Rachel biting at her words. "Oh, Rachel. It feels so good. You are so tight! I have to. I have to." I told her And I began to push again. Once I started this time I could not stop and pushed steadily until I bottomed out with my balls resting on her pussy.

"Ohhhhh! God!" I groaned, and paused for a moment. Kim had worked her way out from underneath her sister. Rachel was too focused on her stretched asshole to worry about Kim. "Rub you pussy, Rach" Kim advised. Rachel did not seem able to move, so Kim reached underneath.

Rachel jumped and squeezed my cock even harder as Kim touched her pussy and began to stroke it. I ground my hips into Rachel's ass feeling her butt try to squeeze me apart, and then I began my assault. I pulled back, feeling the rings of her bowel squeeze my cock from all sides. When my head was about to reappear I reversed and sank steadily back into Rachel's ass again. "Owwwwww" Rachel said, but she did not seem to be in great pain.

When I found the bottom of Rachel's ass for the second time, my will power vanished. I needed to cum. I had been as gentle as I could to Rachel's delicate orifice. I had to take her. The urge was too great, too powerful to resist any longer. I was no longer in control. I pulled back and drove back in. It went faster this time. Back, and drill. I pushed hard, feeling her ass yield to my will.

Back. Harder in. I grabbed Rachel's hips, using them as handles and pulled Rachel's tight ass to me. Harder, I pushed.

Again. Again. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" Rachel grunted each time I thrust in. The pleasure was all mine. Rachel was just enduring this assault. I picked up the tempo and worked myself into a staccato rhythm, with Rachel keeping timing.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! God! Hurry, Ron! It hurts" I did hurry, driving harder and faster with each new plunge. I built up and was approaching the edge. I could see Kim arm shake as she furiously rubbed her sister's pussy. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" Rachel continued, using the words to dissipate some of the pain. Then I exploded need into her bowel, locking my hips to her's as I did. My orgasm commanded that I push and I tried to stab my cock through Rachel.

My fingers were white with the exertion of gripping and pulling Rachel's hips into me. One spurt. Two. Three, as I emptied my load into Rachel's virgin ass and felt the pleasure erase all other thought. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh" I said lowly and in a quivering voice. I micro-thrusted involuntarily, trying to go deeper; trying to violate Rachel further.

The tsunami of pleasure washed over me, engulfed me, and drove away everything else. I was touched heaven for just a second, and then it was over. I took in a breath and relaxed my grip on Rachel's hips, seeing the finger marks, which quickly disappeared. I took in a couple more cleansing breaths, as reason returned, and I saw Kim smiling up at me.

Rachel was lying limp across the couch, completely spent with her own efforts. I felt myself start to soften, and I allowed my self to slip out of Rachel's distended ass. I watched in amazement as her hole remained open for a second, and then closed, as my cum began to ooze out. One more deep breath. "Wow. Are you OK, Rachel?" I asked with a little concern. She eased herself up and turned around. She had shed tears of pain, but was not crying. She was still trying to reclaim her own wits, as her glassy eyes testified.

"Are you OK?" I repeated. Rachel focused on me and then nodded normally. "Sorry, Rach.

Putting Things in White Ass

But, we will be doing that again. That was best sex I have ever had" I said. Realizing I might have just offended Kim, I looked over ready to apologize but she just grinned.

"Gives me something to shoot for" she said with a twinkle to her eye. We all took a shower together. It was a tight fit in my shower, but it was fun soaping and being soaped by two gorgeous women. It was truly a fantasy come true. But, as the water turned tepid, reality thumped my head, and I remembered what was expected of me for all this attention.

My stomach turned sour. We dried off and dressed. The girls were more animated; the shower refreshing and energizing them. I began to think seriously about what needed to be done and step one would be cold hearted bitch of a chore.

"Ladies, we need to think about this a bit. What is the first thing that we need to do?' I asked like I was a college professor giving a lecture. Kim chimed right in with correct answer.

"We need to get a dead body to be Rachel." "Right. Tomorrow is Monday and I go back to work. We don't have a lot of unclaimed bodies; Jane Does.

This could take awhile. But, as soon as I can tomorrow, I will sneak a peek; I will see what is there." I said "How do we get it out of the morgue once you find one?' Rachel asked. "Well, I can tell you that we can't just steal it. All John and Jane Does are kept for a year before they are released for burial or cremation.

That requires Dr. Syygo's signature. Bodies just don't go missing. The worst that happens is that we don't get the proper paperwork filled out, and have to chase someone down. But, Dr. Syygo always knows what, I mean who, we have in the morgue." "So how do we do it?" Kim asked with a touch of apprehension in her voice.

"The exact circumstances are going to depend on the body we decide on, but one thing is likely; we are probably going to have to trick Dr Syygo into signing a release. That's not going to be easy" I said with an air of certainty.

"It's settled then. Tomorrow Ron goes to work, and sees what we have to work with." said Kim as she snuggled into my chest, and I wrapped my arms around her. To be continued…&hellip.