Zwei barebacked Homosexuell Männer ficken

Zwei barebacked Homosexuell Männer ficken
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It was a couple of months later before Sarah and Deadeye could meet again. They decided to meet in a small hotel again. Deadeye made the reservations at a hotel on the edge of a nearby town near a new mall.

Deadeye made the usual preparations. He gathered the lube, a small rope, a couple of butt plugs, some handcuffs, a small riding crop, a vibrating egg, and an enema bag and tube.

He told Sarah to make sure to obtain and bring a version of the private school uniform that was used in her area if she didn't already have one.


He was planning on making use of that. It was about 12:30 when Sarah arrived and knocked on the door, so Deadeye asked her to go to lunch first. He wanted them to relax and get something to eat before they began.

They had a decent lunch and talked amicably for about an hour and then headed up to the room. On the elevator, Deadeye said to her "I hope you enjoyed your lunch, because the minute you step across that threshold into the room, you are my slave." "Yes" Sarah replied. She smiled and continued "I've been waiting for this for a long time. I couldn't get anyone else to come along, but I'm glad you didn't either, because I want to belong to you and you alone." "Thank you, my perfect little slave." Deadeye responded with a grin.

As soon as they got into the hotel room, he ordered her to strip. He took out the handcuffs and slapped them on her with her hands behind her. "Get on your knees." he ordered. She obeyed instantly. He pulled out his dick and pointed it at her mouth. She opened it, but he just stood there while she looked expectantly at that satisfying piece of meat that she so wanted to suck. She looked up at him pleadingly. "What have you done to deserve this?" he asked.

"Nothing, master." she responded, lowering her gaze to the floor. "That's right, you cock-teasing cum slut. You think you can kneel there with your perfect little mouth, and your pleading eyes, and those yummy tits and that fantastic ass and get me to immediately cum in your mouth?" Dennis said mockingly. "I think you need to be taught a lesson first." He stood her back up and led her into the bathroom where he had the enema bag hanging.

She saw it and her eyes widened. This was new.

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Deadeye sat her on the toilet seat. She jerked up slightly.

With the porcelain lid closed, it felt very cold to her warm ass. Deadeye filled the enema bag and hung it back up. He looked at Sarah and said "Okay, bitch, we need to clean out that ass if you want me to put my dick in there, so stand up." He helped her stand, turned her around, raised the toilet seat lid and sat her down facing the tank.


He pushed her roughly up against the tank and lid, the cold porcelain again coming into contact with her body, this time her stomach, tits and very sensitive nipples.

Once she was up against the tank, Deadeye pushed on her lower back so that she arched it a little and pushed her ass out. This exposed her asshole much better. He loved it. "Don't move" he ordered as he went back into the other room. Sarah sat quietly waiting for her master's return.

Suddenly there was a bright flash and Sarah realized that Deadeye was taking pictures of her. She turned her face just in time to see him bend over to get a photo from the floor looking up at her exposed asshole and pussy.

She felt so exposed in this position, but her pussy started getting wetter. She was enjoying both the domination and having pictures taken of her in this position. Deadeye then grabbed the enema nozzle and put some lube on it.

He didn't bother warming up the nozzle. He just bent over, spread her cheeks open even more with his left hand and worked the nozzle into her ass. It was quite a sight. He could see that her pussy lips were slightly spread and glistening in excitement. Her pussy lips and ass were so smooth and clean of all hair, she must have just shaved. He looked at how soft and inviting that asshole looked and couldn't wait to get his dick in that tight little hole.

Sarah moaned and squirmed upon insertion. Dennis got the nozzle all the way in and leaned over to say to Sarah, "You will now have your bowels filled and you will hold it in until I say so, got it?" "Yes, master" she answered meekly.

Deadeye opened the clamp and the warm water started flowing into her bowels. "Oooohhhh" came from Sarah's mouth and her eyes widened. The water was filling up her tiny little body quickly.


As soon as the bag was empty, Deadeye said to Sarah, "Now tighten your ass up because I'm going to pull the nozzle out and I don't want you losing any of the water." Sarah just nodded so Deadeye removed the nozzle and looked closely at her ass. It was delicious. He put his hands around to her front onto her belly to feel how it was slightly distended with all the water in her. He then ran his hands up to her nipples and started rolling and pinching them. "Uuunggghhh!" Sarah moaned.

He could tell that it was going to be hard for her to hold it in. He helped her stand up and turned her around. He then started playing with her tits and pussy. He couldn't help but do a complete once over of her beautiful body.

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Her nipples, which are small and gloriously pink, were little pencil erasers, just waiting to be sucked and nibbled on. Her tits had a hint of freckles across the tops.


The rest of her skin was very pale with scattered freckles in a few other places. With her dark auburn hair, she was a perfect specimen for what he always wanted. He had always been attracted to auburn and red-haired women with pale skin and freckles. He really, really enjoyed being with Sarah. He sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and started massaging her clit. She was moaning and having a hard time holding her bowels.

He switched nipples and inserted two fingers into her pussy. She was squirming tremendously now.

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It was like watching water droplets dance in hot oil when testing to see if it was ready for cooking. He could feel she was close to cumming, but couldn't concentrate on both that and holding back her bowels both so he pulled his head up from her delicious tits and looked at her face.

Her eyes were closed, she was starting to sweat, small droplets running down her face. The top of her chest was also wet with sweat and she was starting to have mild tremors from working so hard. Deadeye finally said "Sit down and release your bowels." Sarah sat down and the water immediately began shooting into the toilet.

Deadeye furiously rubbed her clit with his right hand and her tits with her left and she began cumming. Some remains of the enema were still flowing out and she was cumming, too.

She was shaking and jerking hard as she came. "Ooohhh, m-m-my G-God!" she stammered several times as she vacated the last of her bowels and her orgasm shook her down to her toes, which were curling and spasming along with the rest of her body.

Finally, it was over and she almost collapsed forward onto her knees while sitting on the toilet, panting loudly and taking in very deep breaths. "Wipe yourself" Deadeye said when she seemed to be catching her breath. He handed her the toilet paper. Her hands were shaking as she took it and wiped herself off, although it was a little difficult with her hands still cuffed behind her.

Then Deadeye picked her up and carried her to the bed. She put her head on his chest and she felt like a dead weight she was so drained.

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She was so small it was like carrying a small child to bed. Deadeye put her on the bed and let her rest for a while. He turned on the TV and after about 20 minutes she looked up at Deadeye and said "Wow! That was so fantastic, master. Thank you." Deadeye smiled and said "We're just getting started, my little fuck slave." Sarah let her head drop back to the bed and said "Whew.

This is going to be a long day, isn't it master?" "Yes, my dear cum slut. We have miles to go before we sleep." Deadeye felt she had rested long enough, so he yanked her to her feet. He removed the handcuffs and pressed on her shoulders and forced her over the bed, bent over at the waist. Her gorgeous shaved pussy and beautiful asshole were on display again.

He grabbed the lube and a butt plug and slowly worked it into her ass. She moaned and pushed back against it, wanting her ass filled.

He got the butt plug past the wide part and her asshole closed around the narrow neck. He stood her up. "We're going out" he announced. "Put on your little plaid schoolgirl skirt that I asked you to bring with the white button down shirt.

But no underwear at all. I want you to look the part of the private school schoolgirl, with no morals." He grinned and patted her bare ass.

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She obeyed and was dressed quickly. The buttplug was making Sarah hot and horny, and having no panties on had its benefits and she starting rubbing her pussy. "No touching your pusssy!" he demanded.

Deadeye wanted to rub that pussy himself. Right now! But he wanted to play a little first. He checked her out. She looked fantastic in the private school girl outfit. She looked so young and innocent and the skirt was long enough to make her appear demure, but short enough that he was going to be able to show off her "wares". "Yes, master" she said, bowing her head. "Let's go" he said and he led her out of the room. He knew just where he was going to take her and how he was going to put her on display.

This was going to be fun.