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Mature gay male sex perverts I connected Mike to the
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The crowd collectively moved as one in their white uniforms, their belts swinging from side to side. In the front of the room was their instructor, clad in the same white dress with a black belt around his waist.

His voice seemed to boom over his students' whispers and they grew into silence as he continued to explain their next move. Passersby watched the group's swift moves before idly continuing to the center's pool or gymnasium.

One in particular, a young woman, stopped and stared with interest. Her blue eyes were staring at the instructor's body, how his movements were so clean and precise. She noticed how his eyes seemed to be full of concentration and she admired his efforts. It was clear that she was admiring the body she could vaguely see underneath his white fabric, imaging the clothes pooled at the ground as he was walking towards her.

She needed a good, long, hot fuck and she now had her eyes set on him. Sweat layered on his body and dampened his dark blond, almost brown hair by the end of the class. He noticed the woman standing outside the room, watching him intently with her sparkling blue eyes. The black heels made her a decent five foot eight with her legs looking long and shapely.

His eyes aptly noted the nice swell of her ass in her skin tight jeans. "Hi," she chirped with her white teeth showing beneath her pink lips. He could see that her blond hair framed her face in swoops naturally. "I'm Anna. I couldn't help but notice how good you are. How long have you been in martial arts?" Anna's lips moved in a smirk as she saw his eyes looked her body over, the interest sparkling in his blue-green eyes.

His interest excited her and silently hoped that he would be able to see her nipples hardening under her thin bra. "Since I was about twelve. My name's John by the way," he replied with his deep voice. His hand stretched out to shake her small one and John gripped her a little longer than was necessary, but Anna didn't seem to mind.

The two began to walk, her heels slowly clicking along with them. Anna licked her lips often as she walked with John, her eyes catching his and holding their gaze until he found the will to look away.

He had stopped by the recreation center's locker room to get his change of clothes. Once he was in his jeans and loose dress shirt, John couldn't help but think of her slim legs wrapped around his waist as he rocked in and out of her. The thought stiffened him. He just couldn't resist a few tugs on his cock when he saw that he had the locker room to himself.

Sated with the little attention he had given himself, John sauntered out of the locker room and felt another twitch of his thick cock when he saw Anna bent over with her perfect ass stuck out in the air. His hands were aching to grab and maul her flesh with his fingers.

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It was bad enough that he had to hear her sexy voice, but not being able to touch her yet was a delicious torture he knew she enjoyed. The two casually walked together out of the front doors, their conversation picking up where it left off. John, being a gentleman, opened the door for her and gently let his hand slide down her back and over her full ass cheeks. Anna made no comment, but let her eyes glimpse down at his hand and smirked at him coyly.

John made it a plan to brush against her more often as he watched her hips sway seductively. It would have been hard not to follow such tantalizing hips. They flirted as the sun sank below the horizon. John asked his new friend inside and led her to the elevator once she accepted his offer. Her skin was so soft against his and he couldn't think of anything but how her naked body would feel to be pressed against his.

He knew that the bulge in his jeans was evident, but he cared little: all he wanted was to feel her skin against his own. John pulled Anna close to him in the empty elevator after pressing the button of his floor. Their bodies were pressed together as their breath mixed.

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Anna looked up into his eyes and saw the lust that she was after. She couldn't hide her smile as she teasingly.

John's hard cock grew harder against the restraint of his pants and brushed his lips against hers briefly. Soft music played as their lips smacked and sucked against each other, Anna's hands running up his chest to wrap around John's neck. John's strong hands closed around her waist and pulled her closer to his body, their hips consequently grinding against each other.

Anna pulled away with her tongue licking her lips devilishly. Her back hit against the cold metallic doors as John stepped closer to her, grinding his bulging hard on into her jean clad pussy.

His lips danced across her exposed neck as a hand entwined in her golden locks. Anna shivered at his touch and arched her back into him. He pulled away from her, the scent of her perfume leaving his sense of smell, and he led her to his door.

Keys jingled as he brought them out of his pocket and thrust them into the hole. Anna stood behind him with her hands deep in his pockets, her teeth grazing against the back of his neck. Anna pulled away from him long enough to let him walk inside the dark apartment and followed him in. She turned around to close the door completely and felt his warm breath cascading over her neck and down her back.

John grabbed her hand turned her back around to face him. He took both her hands and raised them above her head as his lips came crashing down on hers. The cologne he had worn that day seemed stronger and intoxicated her senses as she let his tongue in her mouth. She could feel the gentle suck on her lips as his tall body pressed into her shorter frame.

Instinctively, her leg wrapped itself around his waist and pulled him closer to her, their groins grinding once more. Keeping both her wrists trapped in his hand, John let his other hand slide up her raised thigh to her firm ass. The confines of his pants seemed strong as steel as his throbbing cock jumped in excitement as his hand grabbed a handful of her sweet ass.

His fingers massaged her flesh and he received a low, throaty moan from his lover. Pre-cum oozed out of his tip as his hand freed her from his grip.

With her hands free, Anna let her hands slide up the back of his shirt, aware that both of his hands were grabbing her backside. Taking advantage of his hands being full of her, Anna propped both her legs around his waist, locking her ankles together behind him.

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John picked her up and pushed her harder against the door. His mouth detached from hers and traveled down her neck in a teasingly slow manner. Anna craned her neck in pleasure as John's lips clamped onto her skin and sucked eagerly, his tongue flickering across her wet neck.

Shaky breath after shaky breath, Anna moaned for him and arched her hips towards him. "Oh, John," she whimpered to his teeth nibbling at her ear. John smirked into her neck as her moans fed his lust. With skilled hands, Anna had worked John's shirt off his back and was now scratching her nails down his skin, every now and then a hand working its way into his hair. Her lips kissed and brushed against the skin of his hard shoulder as she let him work his lips over her skin.

With his chin, John moved her low-cut shirt off her breasts and was kissing down her chest, the cups of her bra falling down with her shirt. Soon, he had exposed her hard, pink nipples and wasted no time in bathing them with his tongue.

Anna bit her lip and moaned loudly as John's tongue quickly flicked over her tender nipples and circled her hard nubs. The smooth skin of her breast rippled up in arousal as he worked his mouth of her tips with vigor, his mouth switching to her other side to give her neglected breast the same treatment. After having both her nubs standing out hard and red, John placed another kiss over her lips.

He was faintly aware of her arms gripping his neck as he carried her to her bed blindly. The bed thudded against their weight as Anna landed on top of his lithe form, her hands swiftly unbuttoning his jeans as his hands went to work on undoing her pants. They worked their pants off and left them crowded around the outskirts of his bed. John's throbbing cock was dripping profusely as it popped out into the air between their heated bodies. His blue-green eyes watched her in anticipation as her lips lowered down to his cock.

Anna had enjoyed his tongue and now, he was going to enjoy hers. Her tongue went down to lick and suckle on his shaven balls, his sack quickly taking to her saliva. The feel of his smooth skin on her tongue moistened her already excited pussy further and she could feel the wetness soaking through her small panties.

John closed his eyes as Anna worked one hand on his length and her mouth worked his sack softly. Pre-cum was spouting from his slit and covering her pumping hand by the time her tongue slide up his thick, hard cock.

His hips thrust into her hand as she placed her lips around his purple bell. Her tongue on the surface of his undershaft drove John crazy as his body jerked. "Oooh Anna!" he called out in a rasp. He was close to blowing his load in her mouth.

Her tongue was gently sliding up and down the crown of his cock and circling his slit each time she moved up, her hand bobbing up with her head. She loved the taste of his salty cum and wanted to feel his hot semen flood her mouth; she wanted to swallow his load and make him last longer. "Fuck yeah baby, suck that cock Anna. Mmm damn that feels good," John muttered in ecstasy as he let her work his cock over.

His balls tightened in that familiar fashion and his heart pumped wildly as he felt close to release. "Oh shit Anna! Anna, I'm gonna cum!" Anna only nodded, her mouth never leaving his cock. Actually, her head bobbed down completely to his base.

He could feel his dick slide into her throat and he could hold back no longer; thick ropes of hot cum shot out from his cock head and down into her stomach. Cum covered the roof of her mouth as he muttered and shouted jibberish in his euphoria.

Though he had stopped coming in her mouth, John still felt her sucking and licking his cock. A faint slopping sound echoed from her wet slit as her fingers rubbed and pounded into her hole furiously. Hearing her wetness and feeling her warm mouth brought John's cock back to life. It took only a matter of seconds for Anna to slide her ruined panties off her hips and position herself above his bobbing cock.

Her wet folds split open as she sat down on his hard rod. They moaned together as her rippling walls enveloped him. As she began to slowly bounce, John removed her shirt and tossed it to the side somewhere. Her C cup tits bounced and jiggled in time with her movements as she slipped up and down on his throbbing cock, her clit rubbing gently against his skin as she ground into him. He moaned her name as she rode on his throbbing cock, his veins being stroked by her tight inner walls.

His hips thrust into her harder and harder as her skin slapped against him. Sweat rolled down their backs as her cunt convulsed around him, her juices dripping down his shaft and balls onto his bed sheets. Juices splashed against John's thighs as her wet, hot pussy began to throb harder and tighter than he had ever felt.

"Oh God John!! Oh fuck I'm coming on your cock! Oh, oh, oh!" Anna screamed as her cum squirted out from her hole. The tight spasms of her canal made John release his load deep inside her womb with a powerful thrust. Their lips crashed together as their tense bodies shook. The couple fell on the bed exhausted and wrapped themselves in each others' arms. Minutes passed by as their sweaty bodies stuck to each other. "Wanna take a shower?" John asked with a suggestive smile. Anna raised her head from her lover's chest with a smirk lighting up her face.

"Oh of course!" she giggled, her eyes sparkling with mischief. John was unable to respond to that sexy little smirk as she pulled on his bottom lip with her teeth.

John's warm hands rested on her lower back as he kept her face close to his. "I just love your lips," he whispered between sweet kisses.

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Darkness surrounded the couple as their lips danced with each others, soft smacking sounds falling on their deft ears. The spread lay beneath them in a wrinkled heap, tossed and jostled from their movements, as she deepened the kiss by wrapping her arms around his neck. With her body shifting atop of his, Anna kept her lips locked with his searching ones. Her tongue slithered out from between her pink lips and snaked into his mouth, gently massaging his tongue.

John gave a sigh of content as he allowed her tongue to explore every nook and cranny of his mouth: her tongue entwining with his, the gentle brush of his lips against her searching muscle, the soft bumps of their teeth as they refused to separate. They lay, stacked on each other, attached at the lips as their passion spread from their mouths down their bodies. Nerves awaked in the rest of each of their bodies with an electric shock, excitement beginning to grow for the both of them.


As their kiss grew longer, so did John's cock. His length expanded against the soft skin of her folds still slick from the juices they last sprayed. The tender flesh of her slit prickled in excitement as his velvet skin brushed against her vulva, shivers running up her spine in a rush. John sat up, pushing Anna straight up on her knees.

His arms wrapped around her in a tight embrace as her limbs circled his torso desperately. Juices dripped from her quivering hole, the new mixing with the old cum now coating John's manhood. Feeling her wetness, he moaned into her sweet mouth and reached to cup the swell of her firm ass.

His hands immediately started to knead the flesh of her ass tenderly, her pleasure being breathed into his lungs with a throaty groan. Small pulses echoed from the depths of her veins and started to faintly mirror in her hardening clit. Anna whimpered softly as she dragged her nails down his strong back, her hands feeling the contours of his muscles.

Lust and passion danced with meaning, circling the two silhouettes and encasing them in a warm glow illuminated by the moonlight pouring in from the open window. The ambiance turned playful as Anna pulled away from his tasty lips and licked the hollow shell of his ear.

"Follow me," she rasped breathlessly into his ear, her teeth grazing his lobe as her stark body pranced down the hall.

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She rested against the cool stretch of the wall, her shoulder hunched to hide the curve of her breasts. John only noticed the flirtatious look radiating from her eyes as her upper teeth chewed at her full bottom lip. He got up to chase her and was rewarded with her run to the bathroom again.

Anna found the dimly lit bathroom and made her way to glass shower, her hand turning the warm water sprinkling over her sticky skin. Rivers parted around her hardened nipples and tapered down her thighs and pooled around her feet. Water went down the drain as John walked in the room with a towel around his waist and another in his hand, his other hand holding a lit candle. He placed the candle and towels on the counter and stepped into the waterfall, his body pressing Anna into the wall. Her back was set against the chilling tile as she looked up at his tall form.

With a magnetic pull, their lips clashed together and they tangled themselves in a ball of roaming arms. Droplets beaded along his back as her hands gripped at his shoulders, his hands resting on her hips. His nails dug into her creamy skin as her nails were planted in his back.

A hand slid up Anna's flat stomach to the swoop of her breast, cupping the curve as his fingers gently brushed back and forth on her nipple. She threw her head back in ecstasy. Her blue eyes were clenched tight in the candle light, not catching John's other hand reaching for the soap. Shock cut in momentarily with the intricate choreography passion and lust were performing within her body as her skin felt the unfamiliar texture of the soap.

Suds were slowly worked in circles around her breasts and slipped down her body. Anna pressed her soapy chest into John's body and rubbed the bubbles onto his skin, water rinsing all the bubbles down the drain.

Her hands took the bar from his grip and lathered it on his torso. As soon as a layer of bubbles were worked up on his skin, they were washed away by the water.

Having no more patience, and unable to ignore the strong throb in his cock, John took hold of her wrist and pulled her towards him. Anna dropped the bar of soap in a stupor and could only react to John's searching lips. Their tongues wrestled vigorously as they slid down the wall, Anna taking the top once more. John took hold of his painfully throbbing cock and centered it at her aching pussy.

Her inner walls swallowed his length as he slowly pushed himself through her tight hole, their bodies instantly moving in synch. A delicious rhythm built between them and hurried into a frenzy as John's teeth gently pulled and bit on her distended nipples.


"Oh yes John. That feels so good! Just like that baby! Oh, John…John," she moaned as she rode his hard pole, the hardness completely enveloped in her velvet sleeve.

Anna's pussy squeezed and stroked his shaft eagerly, desperately wanting his hot cum to fill her insides. The tip of his cock gently kissed the small opening of her womb as she took every inch of him in her depths, her breath hitching uncontrollably as her fingers sought to grab his short, dark blond locks.

His piercing blue-green eyes stayed locked on the luminescent glow of Anna's straw colored hair, the falling water making her silhouette remarkable. His breath hitched in his throat and his teeth bit down on her nub with the unexpected release of his load. White, hot, sticky cum painted the inside of her tunnel, her cervix coated with the liquid.

Feeling full of his cock and his cum, Anna's walls convulsed around his member and milked him for every drop. Her walls milked his shooting cock like expert hands as juice covered her sack once more before joining the water in the drain. The panting couple embraced each other on the shower floor as the candle light flickered in time with the splash of water, their lips tenderly brushing with loving care.