Horny asian toys own snatch while giving wet fellatio

Horny asian toys own snatch while giving wet fellatio
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Madison When I first saw Madison I couldn't believe it. She was about 5' 4", She had darkened skin, (I had a feeling she was part Mexican) caramel brown hair, a perfect round face, cute, brown, puppy dog eyes, about C cup breasts, a nice, fit figure, and gorgeous legs.

As my friend brought her over from across the room I was lost in her slender figure. "Brent, this is Madison, Madison, this is Brent," said Greg, my closest friend. "Hello," said Madison in a smooth voice. She stuck her hand out to shake mine. "Nice to meet you." I said trying to sound sincere. I could tell Madison was checking me out and she had every right to. I'm 6 foot, with lightly tanned skin, dark brown hair, and I was physically fit. As we sat down at our table, a waiter came by and took our drink orders.

We started general conversation. We discussed our jobs, our relationship status, our family, and anything else that seemed fit. I found out that she worked at the same company I did and that she had a business trip planned to California, as did I. She was single. So many thoughts were pouring into my brain. I imagined Madison and I together. Almost as soon as she said she was single I butted in with "Would you like to dance?" She blushed and answered "I'd love to." A slow song was playing.

As we started dancing a simple swaying with hands on each others hips and shoulders, she began talking. "Brent, since we're both going to California, would you like to ask the boss if we could be partners? I'd love to get more aquatinted with you." I was speechless. I couldn't believe that she had wanted to go with me, let alone become business partners! I agreed and over the next few years our relationship had grown exceptionally well.

Two Years Later We became very close friends. We knew everything about each other. She was like my best friend. She was always there for me. I felt comfortable with her. Ever since 1 year after out meeting we started dating. I found out she was a big tease. She knew I was interested in sex, however, instead of giving me an answer, she loved to torture me. When I was sitting in a chair, she would get on top and pretend to be riding my cock, or when I bent over she'd whistle. I'd get turned on from it but I couldn't tell what she thought of it.

One day I was talking to her and she said that she had been assigned to go to Washington for business. Since we were now partners, wherever she went, I went. She gave me the date and told me to be ready. Then she came up close to me and whispered in my ear in a sensual voice. "Don't be late." Then she grabbed my ass. Was this it? Was this the sign I'd been looking for? "I won't." I assured her. I went home because the trip was tomorrow.

I had to pack. I went into my bedroom and searched my apartment and started gathering what I needed. I packed 4 outfits, (Sometimes these trips drag on) shampoo, conditioner, just mainly the normal stuff. Then when I was about to close my suitcase I tossed 10 condoms and a tube of KY Lubricant on top. I closed my suitcase and placed it by the door and went to sleep. I awoke early the next morning. I called Madison to make sure she was up.

"Are you still going?" I asked her after we said "Hello" to each other. "Yes, I'm getting dressed now." Out of curiosity I was forced to ask "What was that little grab you gave me?" She answered shortly. "You'll see," and hung up. I got dressed, grabbed my suitcase, and walked out the front door. I climbed into my 2006 Honda Civic and pulled out, headed to Madison's apartment. When I arrived, I was greeted with a warm smile from a very anxious Madison.

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She placed her things in my trunk and climbed into the passenger seat. "Good morning," said Madison. I gave her a kiss on the cheek. "What's up?" I asked. "Nothing much, just a bit of this, a bit of that, you know how it goes." "Yeah," I chuckled "you know we're going to have to get a motel for the night right?" I asked. Her eyes lit up. "Yes, I know." "Okay." We didn't say much other than general conversation to each other on the way there.

As it grew dark I stopped at a gas station and got a cup of coffee. While I was paying I heard 3 clicks like you would hear if you used a change machine.

After the clicks, Madison rushed out of the bathroom, to the car. She popped open my trunk and do something with her suitcase. My curiosity was too much so I made sure no one was looking and I headed into the Women's' Bathroom. I saw a machine on a wall.


There was huge lettering on the front. "75 Cents For 3 Condoms!!!" My heartbeat increased ten-fold and my brain flooded with thoughts. I knew she had to buy them for me. I rushed out for the car and checked the time. It read 10:42. I drove for about 2 more hours and I asked Madison if she was tired. I could tell she wasn't. "Yeah, I'm getting there," she stretched "but if you want to keep driving go ahead." "No," I said "I think I'll pull over." I drove until I saw a hotel.

It was a Holiday Inn. I went in and got a room. I came back out, told her to get her suitcase and I popped the trunk. I took my suitcase and she followed me to our room. As we walked in the familiar scent of a hotel room filled my nostrils. I noticed there was only one bed. I looked at Madison who instantly said "I don't mind." I smiled. "I'm going to go take a shower," I said. "Okay, I'm going to change into my nightgown." I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, and checked it until it was the right temperature.

"Madison, can you bring me a towel please? There's none in here." I heard banging and searching noises.

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"Yeah, here they are. I guess the maid got lazy." She opened the door and handed me a towel. "Thanks." She walked off. I kept the door open. I used the big mirror to see Madison sit on the bed. I saw her look into the mirror also. I turned away so that she couldn't tell I'd been watching her. Knowing I had her watching eyes I stripped myself of my clothing and showed off my 8-inch hard-on. I stepped into the shower and left the shower curtain open a bit. I only took five minutes because I wasn't really washing, I was just getting my body hot from the water temperature.

I stepped outside of the shower, dried off, and walked out with a towel wrapped around me. I was still hard and you could tell because the towel accentuated it. I saw Madison's eyes get big.

"Like what you see?" I asked. She blushed and smiled. I dropped the towel and slid on some boxers. Madison was paying only slight attention. While still hard, I lied down upon the bed, flat so you could see my cock better. "Quit." I heard her say.

"Quit what?" I asked. "You know what! You know I want you so you've got to show off, just stop it." My eyes grew huge. "You want me?" "Yes!" "I want you.

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I thought you didn't want me." She looked deep into my eyes. "Well," laying a hand on my cock, "We want each other…" I leaned forward and kissed her hard. I pulled her out of her nightgown and I saw she was wearing only panties underneath. I reached up and caressed her breast with my hand. She climbed on top of me and pulled off my boxers. My cock was curved a little, so my cock head was on her back. She then stood up, pulled off her panties, and sat back down.

Her wet, dripping pussy was leaking all over my stomach. I took my hand off her breast and went down to her clit.

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I began rubbing it furiously. She moaned loudly. I reached over for my suitcase, which wasn't far from the bed, and got a condom out of it. I wrapped my cock in it and she got the idea. "I'm a virgin," she said.


My eyes got big again. "I'll be gentle." "I know how to do this, though." She got off of me, pulled off the condom and licked the bottom of my cock head. She then wrapped her lips around it and sucked hard. I felt more blood pulsate into my cock. She deepthroated my cock and licked furiously to get it nice and wet. She then started sucking and bobbing on it.

I moaned and put my hand on her head. She let off my cock and licked my balls. She took one in her mouth and gently sucked it. She went back to my cock and deepthroated it again. She let off and got back on top of me.

I tried to put the condom back on but she took it out of my hand and threw it. She then took my cock head and rubbed it against the opening of her slit. Her pussy juices flowed down my cock. She then put the head of my cock in. She yelped a little. As she slowly slid down my cock, I knew I was going to hit her hymen.

She looked at me and knew what I was waiting for. "I did that with a dildo a while back." I laughed. She kept going down on my cock, wincing and moaning until she was all the way down. She got off of me and told me to switch positions. I told her to lean her legs off the edge of the bed. She did so and opened them wide. I bent down and lightly tongued her pussy. Then, I stood up and put my cock back in her hot pussy. I pushed about 5 inches in and she moaned hard.

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I pushed all the way in and she moaned more. I began fucking her slowly but then picking up the pace. I fucked her and fingered her ass at the same time. She was breathing heavily with ecstasy and I pushed in her hard. Her breathing increased and turned into a moan then a scream of pleasure. I went in her again and I felt a flow of juices cover my cock, which brought me to the cumming point.

I fucked her fast until I was about to blow. "I want to taste it!" she yelled. I pulled out of her, put the head of my cock in her mouth and rubbed my shaft. I blew about 5 streams in her mouth. She tried to swallow it but it was too much and it went around her lips, leaked down her chin and onto her chest.

I licked up the cum that was on her and kissed her. I felt her tongue searching my mouth for the cum. She licked it out and swallowed it. She let out a satisfied moan.

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"We'll have to do this again sometime." "Definitely." We slept hard that day. The next day we drove to the meeting. It only lasted about 4 hours. We drove back to the same hotel and fucked again.

On the way back to our hometown she blew me twice. She loves the taste of my cum. I'll never forget Madison.