Backbend ebony slave pussy whipped

Backbend ebony slave pussy whipped
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Fbailey story number 425 The Finger Lie Detector My wife just started calling it 'the finger' after I used it on her a few times. It was my 'lie detector' finger.


I would have her strip naked and get on all fours then stick my middle finger up her ass. I would then ask her questions and I knew every time she was lying to me. I was remarkably accurate too. When our daughter became a teenager and wanted to start dating and going to parties my wife looked at me and said, "The finger." Donna knew exactly what that meant from submitting to it herself a few times when it was demanded necessary.

However, that was a few years ago and before she matured and started developing. So if Donna wanted to go out she had to prove to us that she was telling us the truth. Reluctantly she agreed to 'the finger.' Donna went into her bedroom for quite a while before coming to my bedroom. She was completely naked and she was almost fully developed. I knew that every boy in her school wanted a piece of that.

At almost fifteen years old she had a pretty good set of jugs started, taking after her well built mother for sure. Her pussy hair had been trimmed along the edges, with my razor no doubt. She got up on my bed, facing the headboard, and stood there like a dog.

I moistened my middle finger in her pussy, which startled her. Then I slowly slipped my middle finger into her tight little asshole. My wife told her to relax her butt and that it would feel better. Once I had it all the way in I started asking her questions that I knew the answer to, like what is your name and what is your birth date.

Then I asked her bra size. I was surprised when she told me that it was 34-B but that she really needed a C. That was correct. I asked if she was still a virgin, yes she was, and that was correct. Then I asked where the party was, who would be there, and if there would be drinking or drugs.

She failed the last question so I removed my finger, pushed her to the bed, and started spanking her ass for lying to me. She cried and went to her room for the night. Seeing Donna naked had aroused me, but fingering her ass and then beating it was even better. My wife knew and offered me sex much earlier that day.

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I took her up on it and we did it on the couch in the living room knowing that Donna would not come out of her bedroom. It certainly was exciting and I cum in her pretty good. My wife just grabbed her clothes and headed toward our bathroom.

She came running back and said that Donna had gone to the party anyway. I got dressed and headed out in my car. I parked a block from the house where the party was being held.

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I snuck around in the bushes and spied on the party. I didn't see any adults there as I had expected. I did catch a glimpse of Donna being taken upstairs by an older boy. I waited for them to get up to the top before I knocked on the front door. A strange kid that obviously didn't live there invited me in and offered me a beer. I took it, opened it, and drank it down in what appeared to be one gulp impressing the hell out of that kid.

He handed me another one and told me that Donna had gone up to 'Ronnie's Pleasure Palace' which is what he calls his bedroom. I walked up the stairs and down the hallway. I had to smile when I saw the sign on his door that said 'Ronnie's Pleasure Palace.' I tried the doorknob and found the room locked. I gave it some thought before I stepped back and threw my shoulder into it.

The intense thud and the splintering wood startled them both. Ronnie and Donna stood there in horror with their pants and their panties down around their ankles. Her back was too him as he was going to enter her from behind. No fucking way in hell. I said, "She's only fourteen you asshole." I picked up his cell phone and said, "I'm calling the police. You better call your parents right now." I picked Donna up with her clothes still around her ankles and threw her over my shoulder in the Fireman's Carry.

I walked her down the stairs, past her so called friends, and out to the car. I then drove her right to the hospital, demanded that a rape kit be taken, and the police notified. In the car I used his cell phone to call the police and report an underage drinking party. While I was at it I called the fire department about a gas leak in the basement and the ambulance service about a girl that had fallen down the stars and may have broken her ankle.

I even called the local television station and told them that I had seen an escaped lion from the zoo in my backyard giving them his address. I figured that he could never get too much attention and publicity over this. I did manage to get him arrested for attempted rape on a minor. My daughter got worse…she got me mad. For the next year Donna could do nothing. She was dropped off at school and picked up.

She could not participate in anything that took place outside of normal school hours. I would not let her attend detention either.

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Her window and door were wired for sound. I even went so far as to have a GPS chip inserted into her shoulder so that I could find her anywhere. After she turned sixteen I told her that she could attend school dances that were properly chaperoned. It involved 'the finger.' She declined for a month or two but finally she wanted to go to a dance. When she reported to my bedroom naked she had certainly turned into a woman. She was as big as my wife and built just the same. As she got on the bed like a dog I told her that I had improved my 'finger' technique since the last time and that she now needed to get on her back.

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I had her lift her knees so that I could slip my finger into her pussy to get it lubricated and then slip it into her asshole. Next my thumb went into her pussy and I clamped my finger and thumb together inside her. I had her lower her legs to the bed but keeping them spread wide. I played with her closest nipple until it got hard and then I held it between my other thumb and index finger.

In that position I could see her face, her big beautiful breasts, and her well trimmed pussy. The questioning started out with her name and birth date then her bra size.

She was a 36-DD and she could wear her mother's sexy bras now. Wow and to think that Donna was still growing. I asked her about boys, the dance, and chaperones. Once I was convinced I said that she could go but that I would give her 'the finger' test when she got home. I told her that just because she had permission to go that it didn't mean that she could fool around or get out of line.

Donna said, "Mom, you need to take care of his problem. Dad enjoys fingering me way too much." My wife smiled and started removing her clothes right then. Donna stuck around until her mother was naked and then she lined up her nipples with her mother's nipples and kissed her on the lips. Donna said, "After he is done fucking you I want you to come directly to my room." When we were alone I asked, "What was that all about?" My wife said, "Can I just say that our daughter is blackmailing me?" I smiled and replied "Yes" then I got naked and fucked the hell out of her.

Knowing that my daughter wanted her mother right after I had filled her with cum gave me so much excitement that I gave her more cum that I normally did. Before I let her go I told her that I wanted intimate details of her encounter afterwards.

I dressed and went down to start dinner so that Donna would have a good meal before going to the dance. Donna was wearing one of her mother's sexy robes but my wife was still naked. Donna's hair was up on her head in a beautiful bun and she had makeup on. I knew from experience that my women didn't wear their good dresses to the dinner table. I noticed that my wife was quiet and that her knees were never near one another.

After they ate they went back up to Donna's room to get finished dressing. Donna came down without her mother and said that she was ready to go. I looked at her and almost sent her back up to change when Donna said that her mother had approved of her outfit. She had on a very skimpy micro miniskirt that was well below her belly button and just barely covered her bright white panties, which showed on occasion.

She had on a red lacy bra from her mother's collection but she looked too big for it. That was covered by a sheer white blouse, also from her mother's collection. I took a few pictures of her before we left. I took her to the school dance and came right back. Then I went looking for my wife. I found her in our daughter's bedroom. She was still naked and she was very quiet. I sat on the bed next to her and put my arm around her.

My wife said, "I cheated on you a month ago and Donna caught me at it. Now I'm practically her slave." I just listened. She continued, "I'm sorry. You were out of town on business. Your boss stopped by with two of his business friends. He said that if I took care of them that you would get a promotion, and you did, remember? Well right after I had let them fuck me silly I came out of the bedroom all sweaty and with cum in my hair and running out of my pussy and asshole.

I had been sent to the kitchen for cold beers. Donna followed me down spanking my ass and tits every chance that she got. When I went back into my bedroom she gave me orders to leave the door ajar. She managed to get some pretty good video of me during round two. Now she wears my clothes, my makeup, and I give her extra allowance too. Then today she took another video of me after you fucked me.

It was so humiliating and degrading." I pulled her into my arms and gave her a very nice kiss. I said, "Thank you for the promotion. It has really helped us out financially. Has he come back?" My wife looked at me and said, "You aren't mad?" I said, "No, why should I be? You weren't a virgin when I met you and I have often wondered about you letting other men fuck you.

Can I see the videos?" My wife hugged me tightly smashing her big breasts into me. Then she said, "We need to videotape that little bitch tonight when you give her 'the finger' after the dance and I have some questions for you to ask her." I pulled the covers off the bed and had my wife get on the nice clean sheet.

I fucked her and thought about my boss and those two guys from Chicago fucking her for a full day. I thought about his cock in her ass while she had one in her pussy already and another one in her mouth.

I cum in her good then I had her let it drip all over Donna's bed, leaving a big gob on her pillow to sleep on. Then I waited for her call and tell me that the dance was over.

She didn't know it but I was just far enough away to be out of sight.

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I had seen the mass exodus from the building. I had seen her kissing that boy, the very boy that I had arrested. He had served six months in the County Jail and had to repeat his senior year of high school. I waited until he left before arriving to take her home. She looked very nervous as I drove home.

She was obviously hoping that I wouldn't ask her certain questions. She was in for a surprise. At home I took her right to my bedroom where her nude mother was holding our digital video camera. She looked even more nervous then. I told her to strip and she did putting on a pretty good show for me hoping that I would go easy on her. She got on her back, I got my finger and thumb in her, and then she tried to relax.

I said, "I saw you kissing that boy. How far did you let him go?" Donna replied, "All the way.


I gave him my virginity in the boy's bathroom tonight." I asked, "Were you two alone?" Donna replied, "No. After you had him arrested I had to make him look good in front of his friends. So I got naked and let him fuck my virgin cunt with my ass sitting on a dirty urinal." I then asked, "Who else got a piece of you?" She started crying, "All of them. I had to let them kiss me, play with my boobs, and suck my nipples. Then I had to suck their cocks and let them cum in me." I asked, "How many?" She replied, "Ten" and started crying again.

I asked, "So he shared you with ten of his friends. Then why to hell were you kissing him while I watched?" She said, "Because if I'm not his easy girlfriend he will make sure the whole school knows what I did tonight.

He has video." I knew right then why she had been so nervous when she saw our video camera. I told her not to move a muscle and left the two naked women in the room. I drove to asshole's house. He opened the door, looked at me, and said that his parents were not home.

I told him that I wanted that video of my daughter and that I wanted any copies. I also wanted the camera and his computer hard drive. He assured me that the video was still on the disc in the camera and that he had not had time to transfer it yet. However, he handed me his father's video camera and his laptop.

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He knew better than to cross me again. I got everything that I wanted and told him to find a new school because if he ever got within a country mile of my daughter again that I would cut his dick off and feed it to him. At home my wife and daughter were still in my bedroom waiting for me.

I told my wife to start videotaping and then I told them that I had the video, his camera, and his laptop. I told Donna that he would not be in school and that he was telling his friends to keep their mouths shut and to leave you alone…otherwise he would go back to jail again. I then demanded both videos that she had taken of her mother.

I had her lay in the gooey mess that we had left on her bed with her face in the big gob on her pillow as I spanked her good.

Then I fucked her from behind.


I figured that if Donna could let eleven boys fuck her in a dirty bathroom then I could certainly fuck her too. After that day we had a model daughter, not the kind that poses in magazines but the kind of daughter that other people wish were theirs. Donna did well in school and she never lied to us again. When she told us that she was planning on letting some kid at the dance fuck her up against a locker out in the hallway I just smiled and asked her to tell me the details when she got home.

Her mother on the other hand would ask to eat her pussy out when she came home. Donna joined her mother, my boss, and seven out of town businessmen one weekend to secure my next promotion. According to girls, the men had a very good time. I know that my promotion came with a good size bonus. The End The Finger Lie Detector 425