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Cutie With Brown Hair Sucks And Fucks Cock
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It became apparent that the numerous shocks from the defibrillator had impacted upon the Musculusemendo in my system. The very nature of the drug was that it wrapped itself around muscle tissue and essentially artificially fed the muscle what it needed to grow and repair itself.

Without going in to too much detail - part of the drug is a live bacteria that is attracted to muscular tissue (amongst other things). This is what helps the drug attach to the muscle. The bacteria mutated under the repetitive shocks conducted by the water content within the drugs make up. This eventually led to the bacteria exploding on the muscle surface, 'infecting' the muscle with a chemical cocktail that led to the massive growth and mass that everyone was witnessing.

I was sitting up in my bed surrounded by 5 or 6 doctors and surgeons. The testing I had gone through in the space of 2 days was extensive. My muscle density was 12 times that of a normal male my age. My pectorals were in theory capable of stopping a .45 caliber bullet fired from 10 metres away. The power I could generate with my new muscle mass was also impressive. A theoretical test on my quadriceps showed that they were able to produce as much as 67 000 lbf (or around 305kN) of upwards thrust in a split second - that's almost the same power as a single Airbus A380 engine.

The muscle and by proxy my skin healed at a rate that was off current medical sciences charts. They cut a piece of my forearm (which was only able to be done under surgical conditions with a combination of acid and tungsten steel cutting tools) and the wound healed with no trace of a scar within 20 minutes. My 6 foot 2 frame had grown to 6 foot 7. My body fat was currently sitting at 0%. My vision, which was starting to get to the point I was needing glasses, was now 20/20. My resting heart beat which was 57bpm was now 12bpm - but instead of moving 70 odd mililitres per beat it was shifting almost 2 litres of highly oxygenated blood.

"It appears you have undergone an incredible physiological change Mr. Davidson," said an Asian man wearing a white coat. No shit Sherlock. Another graying gentleman added, "Your muscle development is like nothing we have ever seen.

It is simply extraordinary." "Obviously Mr. Davidson this will require much more testing," said a studious looking woman furiously writing notes. I sighed, "What I'd really like is to go to home.can I go home yet?" "Mr. Davidson," piped up the older Asian doctor, "I'm afraid you won't be heading home for quite a while. There are quite a few people interested in speaking with you." I rolled my head back, "Well can someone get me something to eat then, I'm starving." One of the downsides to my newly acquired condition was calorie intake.

My 'before incident' calorie intake was around 2500 - 3200 calories a day. Over the past few days, through trial and error, we had worked out that to get by I needed a basic calorie intake of 16 to 18 thousand calories.

If I was to do anything physical, say a 5 mile run - it would be closer to 25 to 30 thousand. My breakfast this morning had been 12 rashers of bacon, 10 sausages, a dozen hash browns, a 2 litre bottle of coke, toast, beans and a protein shake that was approximately 5 thousand calories. Even 1/10th of this would usually make me sick. But I only had that familiar feeling that I would have normally got when eating a large 'normal' breakfast.

It was all necessary though. The 'crash' that I would experience if I didn't have these mountains of food was debilitating. Something I was really struggling with was my new found clumsiness. I was crushing things, smashing glasses and cups, all accidental.

I couldn't control the forces I was able to generate. Even my most delicate touch was like a jackhammer. I was like the Hulk.but without the rage. Or green skin.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had restrictions on the number of visitors I was allowed to see me.

I nominated Emma and Becky as well as Robert. That was pretty much it. I would have liked to have included Sarah as well but that was purely a sexual desire more than actual company. Mandee was still one the nurses on my team. Somehow our nocturnal fun had been looked over (or was being 'put up with) in the wake of the amazing things happening to me.

We still chatted throughout the day and during night shifts I occasionally bought her to orgasm with my fingers, although she did mention that they felt hard, like iron, inside her. I had to concentrate when I was fingering her g-spot. If my attention waived for just a moment I could hurt her. She was always a good sport though, once she had cum she would always wank me off or attempt a blowjob.

Since my 'transformation' I had grown.everywhere. My 8 inch cock now pushed closer to 11 inches. It was thicker and less sensitive. The first time I wanked after the 'change' it took me a good while to cum.

But when I did cum the sensations were beyond intense. The power of my muscle spasms sent mind blowing ripples through my body. When Mandee gave me my first blowjob she struggled with my increased size. He mouth could only accommodate the head and first 2 inches.

She worked it as much as she could, relying on licking and using both hands to pump my thick shaft. When I came the spurts of cum hit the ceiling in my room.

There was no more or no less than usual - it's just that it traveled a lot faster and further. It became clear a week after my change why I had restricted visitors. After breakfast one morning I heard footsteps, regimental footsteps, echoing along the wards hallways.

A few seconds later 3 men from the military stopped outside the nurses station and I clearly heard them ask for Mr. Michael Davidson. The duty nurse, bless her, told them that information on a patient in her care was confidential and that she would need to have written permission to pass patient information on to them.

While I loved the fact she was fearlessly doing her job it was ridiculous to try and keep me secret from them. I was the only 6 foot 7 beast in the ward.

I was definitely the only one with a special reinforced bed and 7 empty plates that hadn't yet been cleared away from breakfast. The men said something about orders from some high up ranking person who no doubt sat in a very large office with leather chairs and Cuban cigars but she wouldn't budge.

Then from down one of the hallways I heard an urgent voice, "Miss Conway.Miss Conway I'll deal with these men." The nurse turned as a man in an expensive suit breathlessly reached the 3 ramrod straight military men. "I'm sorry General Sampson. I'm Glenn Twyford, I spoke to you on the phone this morning." "Mr. Twyford," he held his hand out to shake hands, "Please let nurse Conway know that we are to have uninterrupted access to Mr.

Davidson." "Of course.of course. Miss Conway, thank you for your professionalism but I'll see these gentlemen through." Nurse Conway seemed far from impressed with being dismissed. But she smiled and sat back down to no doubt go on the instant messenger system and have a bit of a gossip. Mr. Twyford escorted the men to my rooms door, "And this is Mr. Davidson's room." He was about to walk through until one of the men gently but forcibly motioned him to stand aside.

The 3 men filled my room and closed the door on the frustrated Mr. Twyford who was in mid-sentence explaining that perhaps he should be present. "Mr. Davidson, I am General Dwight D Douglas, this is Major General Steven Parks and Second Lieutenant James Proctor." General Douglas was a tall man of about 60 years.

He bristled with importance and spoke with a deep rasping voice. Major General Parks was shorter than the General and had a distinctive American/Japanese look about him. The Second Lieutenant was a bull of a man. All muscle and experience. His angular face was broken up by a long ragged scar that emerged from his hairline, down his left cheek and stopped at his jaw. He must have been 6 foot 4 or 5. "Mr. Davidson we are here to assess you as a possible threat to national security." I almost fell out of the bed, "I'm sorry what?" "Mr., Davidson - we need to talk." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My talk to the emotionless General Douglas was confusing and unexpected.

The Government were unsure on what my 'abilities' would mean to the country.

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A good 2 or 3 hours was spent grilling me as to my political leanings, my sympathies to fringe groups, my religious beliefs and societal preferences. He made reference to me being a danger if I was to become weaponized, not only domestically but internationally as well. There was talk of super soldiers, special force units, search and rescue. Basically every base was covered, over and over again. During the 'informal meeting' I ate. In total 4 spit roasted chickens, 2 pizzas, 4 tubs of ice cream, 6 litres of cola, 3 protein shakes, numerous chocolate and granola bars and about 5 or 6 bags of assorted fruit.

I reckoned about 12 000 calories - but man was I still hungry! Once the 'intense' part of the questioning finished I got the kind of good news. Obviously due to the sensitivity of my condition the defense forces were taking over the role of my care. This is when the fun began. They essentially gave me unlimited funds to move my life into a compound where I could be monitored 24/7.

I was presented with a folder that contained about 20 different properties owned or leased by the military for various reasons. It was agreed that I would move into the old Hunt Mansion slightly outside the city. The large pool, 12 bedrooms, multi car garage, 48 acres, movie theatre and cliff top views kind of swayed it for me. I demanded that Becky and Emma could move in as well.

Becky and I would share the main living quarters and Emma would take up residence in the pool house. And by pool house I mean the 3 bedroom faux Italian villa that had direct access to the pool. They were very keen to keep me happy so also agreed (if it was OK with her) that Mandee would become my live in nurse in case any medical emergencies occurred. Mandee took all of about 3 seconds to say yes. Some good was going to come out of this. When the defense department get involved with proceedings things happen very fast.

The General left and the following morning I was ushered out of my room, down the corridor, out a back entrance and into a large SUV. I was told that Becky and Emma were already there and that Mandee would be arriving later on tonight after her last shift. As the car turned onto one of the main roads I wound the window down and for the first time in months I was able to feel the wind on my face.

I smelt car exhaust fumes, thrilled in the sounds of car horns, watched as people freely moved around streets and shops. Even in the back of the armored SUV I felt released.


My body no longer ached. My hunger was ever present but it wasn't accompanying a sense of frustration any more. We carried on out past the residential settlements, leaving the city and industrial districts behind us. Soon the houses became more and more sparse. Driveways lengthened until the only proof that a house was there was due to the letterbox at the beginning of a long track leading into the now thickening forest.

The car started its climb into the hills that surrounded the city. In the space of 5 minutes I was looking down across the plains below. The city spread out before me, its epicentre a congregation of tall buildings. The surrounding districts a network of crisscrossing roads and picket fences. We slowed and turned off the main road.

The drive was sealed with 2 massive cast iron gates.

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The driver spoke into a reception intercom and a few seconds later the huge gates swung outwards with a silence that belied their mass. The driveway was flanked on each side by huge conifer hedges at least 15-20 feet tall. After about 40 metres they ended and I could see the wide open expanses of the mansions grounds. The lawns and shrubs were finely manicured. The trees large and well appointed. The driveway took a right hand bend up and over a small rise.

And there it was. Hunt Mansion - built in 1949 by Charles Richard Hunt for his family. He had made billions in mining and oil and rather grotesquely flourished during the 2nd World War due to his numerous factories and engineering services. He had died in 1988 at the grand old age of 97. In his later years he had given away much of his fortune to charity and projects around the country. His last great gesture had been to give away - yes - give away Hunt Mansion to the Military as a half-way house to allow PTSD sufferers a place to rest and recuperate.

This had infuriated his children and grandchildren who were all hoping to inherit or at least profit from the estate. The media had a field day with the resulting court battle.

The children were, rightly so, painted as money grabbing opportunists. The fact that none of them had even visited their Father for the last 10 years of his life was damning enough. But the recorded telephone conference call that was released by a media organization where one of the children was heard to say 'I wish he'd just die so we can get our money' which in turn was replied by another with 'I know.may some rat poison would speed things along' sealed their fate.

The last known whereabouts for the children was also big news in this part of the world. The oldest had passed away due to a short illness. The middle child was in rehab due to a long-term drug and alcohol issue and was now homeless somewhere in the city and the youngest had married a rich older man but unknowingly signed a pre-nup agreement which meant when he passed away she was left with pretty much nothing. The mansion served its time as a retreat for over 20 years. But cut backs and the upkeep eventually meant that the facility closed and the men and women were placed in a gated community within the city limits.

The defense forces took control of the property outright in 2010 - during that time it was used to house foreign visitors that needed extra security (the estate boosts a garrison of 40 well trained security guards and excellent surveillance and detection systems), special case guests (usually high profile witnesses in large court cases), recent level 1 defections and their families and also long term 'reassignments' which is what my situation fell into.

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The SUV pulled up to the front entrance. It was like pulling up to a swanky hotel. The front door was set at the end of columned entrance way. I had finished all of the 'snacks' in the car so was feeling a little low on energy. I knew I had about 20 minutes until the dreaded 'crash' happened. I walked through the front door and into luxury. Marble, oak, mahogany, a grand staircase, chandeliers and high vaulted ceilings.

A kinf faced middle aged man came up and introduced himself, "Hello Mr. Davidson, I am Tennison and I will be your butler for your stay.

Anything you need please just ask." "Well Tennison, please show me where I can get some food," I asked.


"Of course Mr. Davidson, we have been briefed on your requirements. Miss Rebecca and Miss Emma are waiting for you in the dining room. Please follow me" He strode forward with an element of pomp in his gate. Our shoes clicked and clacked on the highly polished floors. We passed alongside the staircase and walked through a large arch way.

Passing through the arch the house opened out into a large open plan lounge, conservatory and courtyard. The sun shone through into the tastefully decorated lounge, the thick furnishings exuded comfort and wealth. Tennison carried on towards another arch way. This one led into the dining room. Perhaps just calling it a dining room was not doing it justice. It was huge. Floor to ceiling windows that could be opened for el fresco dining if needed. The table was huge, It would have easily seated 15 people each side and 3 at each end.

At one end there was a large fireplace and a swinging door that staff could enter through to bring forth food. The table, at one end, was stacked with food - potato salad, cold cuts of meat, soda, breads, fruit, shakes and deserts. But the greatest things of all were Becky and Emma sitting in the chairs picking at the food. Both of them lept to their feet and ran at me. They simultaneously launched themselves at me and engulfed me in hugs. My new found strength meant that I easily held them both.

I lifted them up of their feet.

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My self-taught 'careful touch' was working. I felt the power in my arms and modified it so that the girls wouldn't be hurt. "Oh my God it's so good to see you." Emma squealed.

"Oh Micky I can't believe you're finally here." Becky whispered. ""It is so nice to be here.although less of the squealing. Remember- super hearing and all that." "Oh sorry Micky.

I keep forgetting," Smiled Emma. I felt my eyesight shift unnaturally and the rushing of blood in my ears. My 'crash' was almost upon me. "Girl's - I really need to eat." They both jumped down and escorted me to the chair. The folk in charge must have done an excellent job in letting them know everything about my new 'issues'. No sooner had a sat down I began to eat. I buttered huge chunks of bread, layering them with cold meat, salad and dressings.

5 minutes in a young man came in and asked me if I would like something from the kitchen. He could offer me anything - I decided that a couple of chili burgers should do, plus some chili fries and onion rings.

He smile and left. 10 minutes later he arrived back with a tray full of burgers, cheeseburgers, bacon burgers, chili burgers, chicken burgers - well you get the idea.

I carried on eating until I felt my 'crash' disappear. With the ravenous hunger gone I could concentrate on the girls. I asked them how things had been since they arrived here and then sat back and enjoyed their excitement.

They quietly waxed lyrical about the amazing pool, and the view and the huge bedrooms. They laughed with each other about the fact that they had already christened 3 of the rooms in the pool house and the pool itself. They were both looking forward to Mandee getting here. They had chosen the car that they were going to class as their own (a red Chevy Camaro which surprised me as there were some rather special sports cars in the garage). An hour later my vast calorie intake had revived me.

I could once again feel the immense power flowing through my body. It was almost like my body was pulsing. I was listening to what the girls were saying but I was mostly staring at Becky.


She was dressed in a light cotton dress with bare feet. He majestic breasts were straining at the bodice, her hair was tied back in the lazy ponytail. Emma was talking about how she was going to defer her studies until all of this had resolved itself. I caught Becky's eye and motioned for her to come over to me.

She stood up and walked the short distance over to me. She leaned down and whisper in my ear, "Can I show you the bedroom?" I stood up which stopped Emma in her tracks, "Emma, I'm really sorry. But I really need to be alone with Becky for a bit. Shall we meet down here at dinner time?" She smiled and got up, "Of course, sorry, we'll have catch up time later." I turned to Becky, "Lead on good lady." She took my hand and walked back out through the archways and through to the large staircase.

We walked up to the first floor and down a short hallway to a large door. She opened it and revealed the Master Bedroom. To call it a bedroom was like calling a luxury cruise liner a bit of a boat. It was huge. The door opened out into a reception area. There were hooks and spaces for shoes. There were billowy robes hanging and slippers lined up on the floor. From there we walked into the 'lounge' of the room.

A huge corner sofa dominated the sunken lounge. The sofa looked out the huge French doors that led to a large private balcony.

The view was stunning. It took in the breathtaking ranges that surrounded the city and the city itself. The sun was streaming in warming the room. Past the sunken lounge there were 5 or 6 steps that lead up to the bedroom. The bed was enormous with a modern looking canopy and a huge window looking straight out over the city a few miles in the distance.

You could see the end of the swimming pool which had been modified into the new fad of an infinity pool. I could see another door leading to an enormous bathroom but I wasn't given a chance to see in there.

I turned to see Becky's dress fall to the fall. Her breasts were free to stand proudly with their youth. She quickly pulled her panties down and walked towards me. "Too much sneaking around and trying to steal little moments, "she said in a breathy whisper, "I want you take your time and fuck me for as long as you can." Just before she reached me she lay down backwards onto the bed.

She propped herself up, drew her legs up and spread them open. I could see her beautiful pussy, puffy and already open and wet. "Be inside me Micky, I'm ready for you." I took off my shirt, trousers and boxers. I was already rock hard. I stared at her face when I dropped my boxers. Her eyes widened at the newly attained size of my cock. She inserted her fingers inside her pussy, "Yep, I think I'm wet enough to take that." I walked over to the edge of the bed.

The energy rushing through my body felt like electricity. I took hold of her behind her knees and moved her a little closer to the edge. She was almost weightless due to my strength. The bed was high so I didn't need to stoop much to line my cock up at her entrance. I placed the head up against the warmth of her lips. I couldn't see how she would be able to take me inside her. I spread her legs a little more as she reach between her legs and took hold of my rod.

She traced the head up and down her slit, the head became slippery with her juices. She directed me to her hole and let me know she was ready to accept me. I pushed forward a little, giving her time to stretch around my girth. After a little bit of sensitive prodding I felt my head enter her. She let out a gasp and put her hand up to her mouth. I stopped pushing. "No - no.keep going Micky, I'm fine." I slowing started to thrust, slowly, always remembering my 'sensitive touching' training.

She was stretching now. With each thrust I could feel more give. Soon I was half way inside her. I was slipping easily in and out. Her initial discomfort was now behind her. Three quarters the way in. I could feel her hips starting to meet my thrusts. Her breathing was becoming shallower. Finally she opened her eyes. They were wet with tears but that was then, this was now.

She spread her legs even wider and then almost impossibly I felt our groins bump signaling that I was completely inside her.

Becky had taken my full 11 inches. I back away a little a started to thrust with more pace. Her cunt was now slippery with her juices. Her breathing had now erupted in to moans of pleasure. My body was alive with energy. As I thrust inside her I felt that everything was moving in slow motion. I could feel every atom of air around my body touching me. Every surface pinged with intense pleasure. I looked down to see Becky writhing in pure pleasure as my cock plunged into her.

Her legs curled around my body drawing me in, causing me to enter her even deeper. I had endless stamina. It was like my body needed this, it needed to be worked out. It had been fed now it needed to release. Still event proceeded in slow motion went, it was like my mind wanted to make sure I didn't miss a thing.

I almost could sense that something was going to happen before it did. Because of this I was in perfect sync with Becky's body. She was screaming in pleasure now. I was making sure that my 'sensitive touching' was working at 100%. The power I was thrusting at meant that if I made one mistake I would hurt her.

But I didn't. Again in slow motion I watched as Becky drew her legs up towards her chest as my cock continued to pound into her cunt. Her arms thrust out to the sides and she gripped the bed sheets. Her sweat covered body glistened. I could see the sinew of her muscles tighten as her orgasm ripped through her. Her face was contorted in exquisite pleasure. Her nipples rock hard her cunt puffy and red. At the very moment her orgasm hit her everything came rushing back into focus.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.fuck yes Micky.fuck me with your cock.fuck my feels so fucken good." Her screams and words echoed through the room and no doubt the house. I didn't really care. All I could feel was the intense spasms of her insides and witness my beautiful Becky completely lose her shit. She calmed after the initial surge of the orgasm. I slowed my thrusts down until I was still inside her.

"You didn't cum baby?" she managed to get out breathlessly. "I didn't need to, that was amazing for me as well." She wrapped her arms around me, "But I like it when you cum inside me." "I know, but just think, you get to cum a few times before me now." And she did.

Our love making went on for another 2+ hours. The only reason we stopped was due to me feeling the first pangs of a 'crash'. Becky was a mess of sweat and tangled hair. We'd had 2 showers but 1 of those had been interrupted by a very soapy anal session. Becky's body amazed me the way it could accommodate my size. Her mouth and throat gave me new pleasures further enhancing her reputation as the greatest blow job exponent that has probably ever lived.

We finally got dressed. Even after over 2 hours of seeing her naked I still felt cheated that she had to cover up. She did agree to go without panties though. Walking down stairs it was obvious that our 'catch up' had been overheard. Tennison instructed us that dinner was being served and gave me a cheeky wink as I walked past.

I thought to myself that I was going to enjoy having Tennison around. We made our way through to the dining room and were greeted by a table only sparsely adorned with food. Tennison followed behind us, "Mr. Davidson, you will notice that we are not providing a banquet as such tonight. We have been instructed to begin your trials for a new smoothie that might just solve the problem of your dietary intake." From the swinging door at the far end of the dining room emerged one of the staff carrying a tall glass containing a reddish liquid.

"Mr. Davidson, this smoothie contains just over 12 000 calories," Tennison explained, "it has been modified so that the release of energy is gradual over a certain time. This dose will release 3000 calories an hour for 4 hours." I took the glass off the tray and sniffed its aroma, "Mmmm.strawberry." Tennison smiled, "yes - we can modify the taste to your liking." I drank the liquid down in one long drag out gulp.

It tasted OK but slightly 'chemically'. Almost immediately I felt my 'crash' symptoms calm down. I was still hungry but didn't have a ravenous beast screaming in my brain. Instead of gorging myself I was able to have a pleasant meal with Becky and Emma who had joined us shortly after we'd arrived at the table.

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We laughed about how this whole situation seemed like a dream that started as a nightmare. I heard properly the full story of how Emma and Becky had found out it was me lying in a crumpled heap by the front door.

I heard how both of them had gone through crippling guilt due to the fact that they were bringing each other to orgasm around the same time I was being assaulted 30 feet below them. Emma in particular had withdrawn from life for a good fortnight after the event. The girls had been there for one another though and had formed an even closer bond because of it. I listened to the story about how police we unable to identify the attackers. CCTV footage was useless - security lights shone directly into the lens of one camera and the other was found out to be just for show.

It wasn't even plugged into anything. Some figures were seen running away from the scene but they had been hooded - covered up like the cowards they were. The trail had gone cold - the case was unsolved. Emma and Becky continued to chat. I was away in my own thoughts. My dark and vicious thoughts. I knew who had attacked me.

I knew that Trevor had drafted in some mates to give me a kicking. I remembered their accents. I remembered my last vision of Trevor's hatred as his boot destroyed my face and tore skin off my skull. I remembered the story that Becky told me about him, his psychological hold over her, his filthy hands on her body.

I wanted to end him, to destroy him. "Micky?" Focus rushed back to me. "Do you want to go for a walk?" Becky said staring at me. "Yeah," "Sounds great," Emma clapped in excitement. I allowed Becky and Emma to walk ahead of me, they were holding hands and tenderly touching each other with a familiarity that only lovers can have. I was loving the feeling of the evening sunshine on my face.

The wind was light and warm. The back gardens were alive with the sound of birds and insects which due to my sensitive hearing were like a beautiful orchestra, the soprano of a crickets chirp, the tenor of birds song and the bass of a bees hum.

The heady scent of roses hung on the soft breeze. The calorie smoothie was working a treat. I could feel the raw energy pulsing through me. I was enlivened by the breeze on my face and the vitamin D from the sun. I stopped walking and removed my sandals. The grass was warm and soft on my feet.

I curled my toes and appreciated the sensation. I suddenly had a thought. What could my body do? It had proved itself sexually. Even Becky's most erotic ministrations couldn't defeat my bodies resolve.

Yes I had cum on to and in to her but I was always ready to go again. I touched my thighs and felt the solid slabs of muscle that now carried me. I looked up into the clear sky above me. In my mind I revisited the analogy of my strength - as powerful as a jet engine.I wonder?

I squatted a little. My thighs took the weight of my body. I lowered myself a little more and got ready to snap my legs into a standing jump. The millisecond after my brain decided to leap my muscles went into action. My large quads, helped by my calves and glutes launched me skywards.

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While a standing jump would usually give you a couple of feet lift, I exceeded that. I exceeded it by a long way. My brain was disorientated for the first few seconds. It had expected to release the power in my legs and then a few seconds later prepare for the landing. But I was still heading upwards. I looked down and saw the ground rushing away from me - 10 feet, 20 feet, 50 feet.

The grounds of the garden spread out before me. I could see the tops of the trees, roofing tiles from the mansion and two small figures moving slowly away from the house. It was quiet.

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Gravity eventually had its way with me. My velocity slowed until I experienced a brief moment of weightlessness. Then I started to fall. Not entirely unexpected but shocking to my primitive brain. No human likes the feeling of falling - particularly when you know you are definitely going to hit the ground below.

I felt myself tipping forward, my head leading the rest of my body in a painfully slow error of judgement The ground below approaching quickly, an instant moment of panic. Then it kicked in. I wasn't sure what 'it' was, but it worked. My body's core corrected the dangerous frontwards tilt.

My legs kicked out in defiance of the forces pulling me back to earth.

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My body straightened and then coiled in readiness for the impact of the earth. When I was a few metres from the ground my legs stretched out to meet it. At the merest touch of the grass on the soles of my feet my instinctual self performed a landing of savage beauty. My feet planted firmly into the soil.

My calves and thighs immediately tensed and allowed the force of my body to course through them. They bent and crouched under the weight but did their job and slowed me down. Whereas a mere mortals legs would fold and splinter, mine simply despersed the forces generated through my feet and into the ground beneath me.

I distinctly recall the ground sagging under me. I was creating my own crater. Now my torso was bending down with a natural response to deacceleration. My right arm shot downwards and with my balled up fist struck the ground giving me a 3rd outlet for the forces to escape into the ground.

A few seconds later I was standing upright staring into the sky from where I had just fallen. The whole event had taken about 10 seconds. I lowered my head and saw that Emma and Becky were still skipping ahead - unaware of the awesome power that had just unleashed itself behind them.

I stepped up the foot or so to the rim of my personal crater. My body was fine. No aches or tiredness. No bruising or cuts or shattered bones. My knuckles had dirt and grass stains but that's all. The birds continued to sing.

I smiled, planted my feet and crouched again.